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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  August 31, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the news and something terrible like this has happened to her. >> describe the teen as smart, outgoing, and ambitious. >> my heart goes out to her father. he has done so much for her in her life to try to make sure that she -- to make sure that she was brought up right and it's heartbreaking. >> investigators are convinced there's a nexus between the house and a motive. with that in mind, police recruits spent the morning searching the route that the killer took. >> the day of the murder, we searched trash cans, storm drains. we are searching more of those. we have information that suggests that the suspect in this case left on foot down in this direction. >> in the days after the murder, police said
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investigators had found nothing in amber's background that would suggest anyone would want to harm her. the police dig deeper. >> so many times when we get a lead on a case, somebody will say oh, i didn't think it mattered and it may not be, it may not seem significant to the person who sees it. when that is coupled with something we have, it can break the case. >> night amber stanley was killed, the gunman kicked up the front door, went up a flight of stairs and shot her multiple times. as many as three others inside the home heard the commotion and were able to escape through a window unharmed. >> amber stanley just begun her senior year at flowers high school. she had designs on attending harvard university before going to medical school. if you think you can help the police solve this case, there is a $25,000 reward. shawn. >> hope someone out there knows something. paul wagner, ank you. a news alert out of
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montgomery county where a virginia man is accused of praying on a 12-year-old girl. police say nathan met the victim online where she was pretending to be an adult. after several phone calls, the two met at a park near the bethesda home. some of her family members saw her getting out of his car and started to follow him. he pointed gun at him out of the window. police arrested him the next day. they found a gun, handcuffs, zip ties, rope, and a ski mask in his car. he is now charged with first- degree assault, kidnapping, and sexual solicitation. another news alert in college park where a gunman is under arrest after an attempted robbery. around 2:00 this afternoon, in the stairwell of the metro parking garage, two suspects held someone at gunpoint demanding a backpack. the suspects did not get away with it and cops caught up with one of the suspects, found a bb gun. they have not found the second guy. >> in d.c., the driver of a stolen car hit several other
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cars during a police chase today. that happened near south capital in southwest. u.s. park police were chasing the car when it flew through the intersection, crashing into several other vehicles, including a fire truck. no one was injured there. the driver of the stolen car got away. a pot left unattempted caused a fire. >> i dozed off to sleep. >> the house is on fire? >> yes. >> it happened on huntly square drive around 10:00 p.m. last night. firefighters rescued four people from a terrace level apartment. four firefighters burned while battling this blaze are out of the hospital tonight. another firefighter who shared his air mask with a woman is also out of the hospital. listen as he describes how he got trapped as well. >> i realize that we really couldn't remove her from the balcony, because the fire was coming out. i started talking to her.
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i told command that i was with the victim. i was going to share my air and protect and i needed help pulling the victim out. >> the fire damaged seven condominiums. 16 people are displaced. a water main break made a big mess of traffic. a 12-inch water main ruptured at the intersection. crews managed to shut off the valve, but not before it created a huge pond at the intersection. officials say repairs could take a few days. the intersection is expected to remain partially closed until the work is complete. well isaac has moved out of louisiana, but the damage may still not be done in the state. hundreds of homes are under water. thousands of people are still staying in shelters and power is out and about half the state. fox's nicole collins has the latest. >> isaac gone from louisiana, but its impact still lingers.
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>> we continue to see the impact of the elevated water levels and continue to see localized flooding challenges because we have high water levels in rivers. >> some evacuees may be out of their homes for a few more days. many homes and businesses still without power. raising concerns about extreme heat. >> the national weather service does advise the heat index will be above 100. they caution the elderly, that several days of exposure can cause health problems. >> remnants of isaac pounding arkansas and missouri as the weather system moves northwest. some areas in louisiana, including new orleans, spared major damage. >> it was remarkable as a lifetime resident of louisiana to, again to the back end of a storm like this and actually walk on dry streets. >> those didn't fair as well, where at least two bodies were found in the flood water. >> a couple in their mid 40s
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and it does appear they drowned. >> republican presidential nominee, mitt romney, on the ground in louisiana. meeting with officials and taking in the damage. >> that was nicole collins reporting. let's take a look at where isaac is right now. gary is down in the weather center tracking the storm. what are you seeing? where is isaac now? >> moving north. it's going to make a turn around to the right or to the east over the next couple of days. it's moving faster, but let me show you. we have plenty of rain coming down. now look, this is rain coming down in places that desperately need the rain. so everything you're seeing up through missouri and illinois and hopefully into iowa there for the corn belt, this is going to be well received. they can get 6 to 8 inches of rain in places. let me show you the current conditions in terms of where the tropical depression isaac is right now. maximum winds 25 miles per hour. moving to the north and to the
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northeast at 15 miles per hour. there is the track over the next several days. you can see it is moving in our direction. that means unsettled conditions coming up for this holiday weekend and beyond. more on the forecast, laura. >> thanks. the rnc is over, the dnc kicks off in 72 hours. mitt romney accepted his party's nomination last night as the gop wrapped up its convention. on monday, the democrats will gather for their convention. both men are on the campaign trail. fox 5's tom fitzgerald is following the race. how much of a bounce did mitt get? >> today, shawn, it looks like not as much as they would have liked. traditionally, nominees like to see around a five point bounce coming out of conventions before they start to level out. they had romney trailing president obama by 2 points heading into the republican convention. today, they have romney up 2 points.
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keep in mind, that is in the margin of error, putting this race at a deadlock as democrats get ready to meet and both sides headed back out on the campaign trail today. >> for mitt romney, it was the biggest speech of his life. part biography, part resume. a half hour pitch to replace president obama with him. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> on friday before leaving florida, romney greeted supporters at a sendoff rally. >> it was a magnificent opportunity for us to share our message with the person people, thanks in large measure to the folks here in florida and now we really do need you to get out there and get your friends to vote. >> the president meanwhile headed to el paso, texas, to speak to troops which was billed as a noncampaign event to highlight the second anniversary to end u.s. combat
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in iraq. >> at the time i know some folks didn't believe me. they were skeptical. some thought the end of combat was just semantics, but i meant what i said. >> vice presidential candidates were also in action. in richmond, republican candidate, paul ryan, appeared with house gop leader, eric cantor of virginia. >> i don't want to bore you, but it bears repeating. if we stay on the same path, we'll get more of the same results. >> while vice president joe biden met with gm auto workers in ohio, taking on ryan's speech in which he talked about an auto plant shutting down in wisconsin. >> folks, let's look at the facts. what he didn't tell you is the plant in janesville closed when president bush was in office. he didn't tell you that. >> analysts are split on
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whether romney did enough to attract independent voters and open up a lead ahead of the democratic convention. >> i think the most important thing was frankly the sense of optimism and hope that he projected. >> the key will be when we look at all the polls after both the conventions are over. but for now, both campaigns seem to be sharing one plan to not waste any time in the six weeks left until the election. >> as you saw a little while ago, governor romney headed to louisiana to meet with bobby jindal. on monday when the democrats begin their convention, president obama will visit new orleans himself to see the damage from the storm. shawn. >> tom fitzgerald, thank you. >> the pentagon is now considering legal action against a retired navy seal who wrote a book about the raid that killed osama bin laden. a pentagon spokesperson says matt is in violation of nondisclosure agreements by failing to submit the book for
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a official security review before it was published. it hasn't been determined if the book revealed secrets. the book was scheduled to be released september 11, but the date has been moved up to next week. >> my worry from the beginning is, you know, it's a political season. this book is not political whatsoever. it doesn't bad mouth either party and we specifically chose september 11 to keep it out of the politics, you know. these crazies on either side of the aisle want to make it political, shame on them. >> the book is titled, no easy day. it is published under the pseudonym, mark owen. coming up, three people are dead after a gunman walks into a supermarket and opens fire. find out what police are learning about the suspect. and take a look at this man. he never, ever has to work again. if he doesn't want to. the winner of the third largest jackpot in power ball history comes forward. lindsey. >> it is cut i day in the
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nfl. including a runningback who has been on the comeback trail. we'll tell you who is in and who is out coming up. what's going on at nats park? >> it's a beautiful night for baseball. it's hot, but not as hot. edwin jackson was on fire. we'll gastro we'll go one on one. stick around as fox 5 continues. 
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new jersey police are
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investigating a deadly shooting inside a supermarket where an ex-marine opened fire on two coworkers before turning the gun on himself. fox's sharon crowley has the latest. >> ex-marine, terrance tyler left his job at 3:30 in the morning investigators say. and returned about a half an hour later with an assault rifle and a handgun and started shooting. >> he answered the store firing his weapon. two of the employees were shot and killed. the others were able to hide and escape. >> those who did not escape, 18-year-old christina, a graduate of old bridge high school and a college student, brian green. both were shot and killed by tyler before tyler turned the gun on himself. witnesses and workers describe a chaotic scene. >> he jumped in the building and started shooting. and at that point, he ran out to the back door.
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>> a police officer posted outside christina's old bridge home, said the family is too distraught and cannot talk about their daughter. what is so baffling to witnesses and police is why 23- year-old tyler would walk unprovoked into his workplace and fire more than 16 shots at his coworkers. >> it's horrible. i mean, i'm upset, you know, and i feel sorry for anybody that got hurt here. >> the assistant manager is being hailed as a hero to help usher people to safety. this as family members and friends are planning a vigil at old bridge high school where two of the dead went to school. fox 5 news. new details now in the colorado movie massacre. during a hearing, james holmes revealed holmes tried to reach a psychiatrist nine times before the mass shooting. the psychiatrist is the same
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doctor who holmes mailed a notebook to. prosecutors are trying to prove holmes did not send the notebook for use in therapy. accused of killing 12 people in july. his next hearing is scheduled for september 20. harvard university is dealing with the huge cheating scandal tonight. dozens of students now being investigated after school officials discovered they may have shared answers or plagerrized on a final exam. they are not releasing details about the class nor the students involved, but the investigation involved under graduate class that enrolled a minimum of 250 students and the possible cheating was discovered in roughly half of the exam. the winner of power ball's $337 million jackpot has finally been announced. donald lawson of lansing, michigan, has the winning ticket. the father of two says after he found out he won, he quit his job and he told several family members to retire. so what was his winning strategy? >> i tell you what, i walk
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into the station and usually there isn't anybody up there, but there's a long line. five, six people in front of me. so some above. i do have to credit. someone told me to pick my own numbers. i didn't really pick them, my hand just went. so that's what i did. then i waited in line to play them. >> lawson opted to take the lump sum payment. sounds nice, huh? he says he's not sure what he's going to do with the money, but he plans to travel and continue living a simple life. hope simple doesn't become complicated with all that money. >> it seems like that's what would happen. i don't know. i just dream. i'm dreaming what i would be doing. >> it's fun to dream. >> all right, let's talk about the forecast. another hot day out there today. >> yeah, it's fun to dream of a nice labor day weekend, too, gary. >> remember a few weeks ago we were talking about maybe we would turn the corner. trying to turn the corner from
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the hot stuff. >> we're back. >> we came right around the other corner and we made a complete circle. 96 out there right now. but it feels cooler with the humidity being on the low side today. that happens. it can go in reverse. let me show you. we haven't had a cloud in the sky. it's been so, so nice in terms of the cloud conditions. the sky conditions today. high pressure is built in and that's what took all the clouds away. that's what brought in the heat as well. now things are starting to change. you can look back to the west, there are the clouds, the showers, all that circulation around what is now tropical depression isaac. it is coming in our direction. looks like things get a little bit unsettled as we head into the weekend. temperature right now in the city, 96. quantico is 98. culpeper 93. dulles 94. and frederick sitting right now at 95 degrees. and look back out to the west. it's a little cooler for
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columbus. but that's because they have clouds and showers. chicago right now, south of the clouds and the rain from depression isaac, 91 in chicago. 94 in detroit. a lot of heat back out there. that's why it's been so, so hot. we are still hot at 7:00. 91. we are still warm at 9:00. temperatures in the upper 70s and a few clouds around by 8:00. humidity will start creeping back into the forecast overnight tonight. and again this holiday weekend looks unsettled. full forecast is coming up. >> all right, we'll look for the full forecast. thanks. all right, take a look at this dramatic viral video showing a tug of war between a crocodile and an elephant. the elephants are drinking water, minding their own business here when a crocodile, you can see jumps out of the water, bites the elephant's trunk and as you can imagine, the elephant not happy. appears he did manage to get away unharmed.
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let's see if we can see this again, dramatic video. >> ouch. that's got to hurt. thankfully the elephant got away. >> yeah. i mean, they both probably share the same watering hole. the crocodile is like, get out of the space. get a drink of water. >> well coming up tonight, an eyesore on the national mall is no more. and tourists visiting the area are thrilled. >> plus, a money suffering from leukemia set an ambitious goal. his attempt to bike ride across the country. anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel...
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but it'll beme so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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if you're a skins fan, today is a big day. the team making its final cut to get to the 53 roster limit. >> lindsey murphy is here with big names who will no longer be wearing the burgundy and gold. >> this is a tough day in the
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football world. the redskins made 23 cuts. those moves have to be complete by 9:00 tonight. many players, however, will get scooped up by another team. every redskins player will be watching their fell phone all day is not easy. and one guy who wasn't thought to be on the bubble is runningback, tim hightower who will be released. some thought he would be the team starter, but his return from acl surgery has been slow and will be limited. he only played in one preseason game this year. there are also rumors that the skins and dolphins are discussing a trade that would send anthony armstrong to miami for steve. armstrong would provide the dolphins with a deep threat that they are missing. this has not been made yet, but it is a possibility. >> news just came out that safety, jackson, is facing an indefinite suspension for violating the nfl's drug policy. this would be his third failed drug test. he was suspended twice and missed 20 games. he is trying to appeal the
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ruling. >> brian, eric cook, are also among the cuts. brandon banks did make the 53. robinson and desmond have yet to hear their fate, so stay tuned. these moves are going until 9:00 tonight. just one quick programming reminder. college football kicks off tomorrow on my 20 and fox 5. on my 20, faces off against north carolina at noon. tulsa and iowa state follow at 3:30 p.m. kickoff. and on fox 5 top ranked usc hosts hawaii at 7:30. shawn, i think tim high tower is the cut that many people are confused about. such a good guy. good for the locker room and working hard to get back on the football field. >> we send him our best. thank you very much. >> the unofficial end of summer. coming up, we'll check in with the mayor of ocean city to see how the popular tourist attraction is gearing up for the labor day weekend. >> lincoln memorial reflecting pool is reopened to the public and yes, this is legal.
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>> what a perfect day for it. >> also ahead tonight, simon cow el to the rescue. the x-factor judge jumps into action to save nine people on a sinking ship.
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today is a big day down on the national mall. quietly and without much fanfare, the national park service reopened the reflecting pool. fox 5's john hanrahan had a front row seat as the fence came down. >> morning tourists in washington had to struggle through fencing to see the famous reflecting pool that was an original part of the design of the lincoln memorial. crowds surrounded the pool in 1963 for the famous, i have a dream speech. for nearly two years, the old leaking reflecting pool has been torn up, reconstructed, and fenced off from the public.
5:31 pm
construction and cleanup crews put finishing touches on the reconstruction project. shortly after noon, scott stevenson of coreman construction started taking down the fencing. a few minutes later, the public was invited to come down and see the new reflecting pool. which instead of being filled with tap water is now filled with water taken from the nearby title basin and processed to make it cleaner. there were some problems in the rebuilding of the reflecting pool. what is now a field, there used to be buildings occupied by the u.s. navy. >> all those substructures and drains and inlets and storm drains and electrical duct banks were still in the ground. when you go to put foundations in, you run into those things that no one knows about. >> the project is now done and there are significant improvements here. what used to be a gravel path is now paveed. this is for wheelchair users. it goes from the lincoln
5:32 pm
memorial to the world war ii memorial. in fact, another improvement, see the curved walkway? that's a handy capped ramp that leads to the plaza of the lincoln memorial. visitors who got to experience the newly opened reflecting pool seemed to appreciate the access. >> i'm actually never been here before. so i was really excited that they have cut it down. it's awesome. wow. >> although waiting is forbidden, the park service spokesman says dipping your feet from the edge is okay. at the newly opened reflecting pool in washington. john hanrahan, fox 5 news. >> the last unofficial weekend of the summer is upon us. labor day weekend and that means many people will be heading to the beach. specifically ocean city maryland. joining me now live via skype is rick. thanks very much for being with us. taking time out of your very busy schedule to be with us
5:33 pm
tonight. >> nice to be with you. >> do you have any idea how many people you are expecting? i know it has begun. >> well, that's the good news. the weather looks like it is cooperating. we expect 250 to 285,000 people over the weekend. >> what is the traffic now as you have, from what you are hearing on the roads? i know it's tough getting down there for labor day weekend. >> well, it takes a little time for it to reach our area, but you know, we have seen the crowds start to build during the day today and a lot of people heed to the call to travel early, which a lot of people have done. we are expecting by tomorrow morning, we'll certainly wake up and say wow, where did everybody come from? >> are there still rooms available for those last minute planners? >> there are still rooms available. condominiums available. so if you go to our website, you'll be able to find some accommodations for the weekend. >> looks like the weather shouldn't be too much of an issue.
5:34 pm
i know a few weekends have been less than ideal so far this summer. but it's been a successful summer so far for ocean city overall, wouldn't you say? >> actually, it's been a great summer and weather has cooperated. the last couple weekends, we've had rain and a little bit of rain once in a while. other than that, it has been a beautiful summer. today was one of the prettiest days you'll ever see and we're supposed to have great weather through the weekend. it might get iffy come monday, but it doesn't always happen either. >> you've had a pretty, we've seen a lot of your campaign ads on tv. has that helped with tourism in your city? >> well, i think it has. we are very aggressive with our advertising and reached out not to just our baltimore and washington, but above that, on into new york, new jersey, pennsylvania. we are seeing a will the lot of additional areas. once they come one time, they'll come back. >> mayor, thanks for being with us.
5:35 pm
have a good weekend. >> it will be a good weekend. >> a lot of people getting out of town this holiday weekend. >> coming up, how people all over the world are remembering princess diana 15 years after her tragic death. and good morning america host, robin roberts, dealing with a tragic loss of a family member after suffering another health setback. anncr:r: it'll start out as concrete and steel...
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but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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a sad day for good morning america host, robin roberts. her mother died last night. she made an emergency visit to mississippi yesterday for one last visit with her mom. abc says she made it just in time. 88-year-old lucy marion roberts was the first black woman to head mississippi's board of education. viewers will not see robin roberts on the air for a while. she just began a leave of absence to undergo treatment for a bone marrow disease. 15 years after her tragic death, the world is remembering
5:39 pm
princess diana. the princess of whales died in a car crash in 1997 while trying to escape the paparazzi in paris. she married prince charles in 1981 and they had two sons. they later divorced in 1996. there was no official ceremony in england to mark the day. people in france are coming together to reflect on princess diana's legacy. flowers, notes, cards being placed. crowds are passing by to pay their respects. the spot has long been visited by those wishing to place flowers in diana's memory. >> she really, you know, had impacted so many people's lives. she changed a lot of people's lives and she lives on today. >> be coming in 10, 15 years or more, you know. so she is so lovely that i'll keep coming. >> diana's partner also died in that crash. coming up tonight, an incredible feet from a man suffering from leukemia.
5:40 pm
wait until you hear how long it took him to bike ride across the country. >> plus, a last original american idol judge says it is time for a change. and will isaac spoil your plans this weekend? gary is back with your labor day forecast. he's made his choice.
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home cooking proved to be what the nats needed. they put up eight runs on the cardinals and tonight they are looking to do the same. fox 5's lindsey murphy has more. >> bryce harper hit his third home run in two days last night, giving him 15 on the year and the nationals got a gem of an outing from pitching, edwin jackson. dave ross caught up with him this afternoon. he has more from nats park. hey ross. >> lindsey, for the first time in a long time, a guy not named stephen strasburg was the talk. stephen did speak to the media an hour ago at his locker. he did not want to discuss the
5:44 pm
shutdown. but when asked if he is healthy, he's fine, rearing to go, can't wait for my next start. stephen will make two or three starts before he is shut down. last night, no shutting down, edwin jackson stole the show and i caught up with him moments ago. >> back 24 hours ago, when you go eight innings, what was that feeling like? >> it's good to come out and get a win regardless, you know, regardless of what i end up doing. regardless of my numbers. as long as we come out and get a win, that's what we need and that's the priority here. i was able to throw a good game. >> the focus is on the front end of the rotation. when you get the focus at other spots, it let everybody else know, don't forget about us. we have good arms back here, too. >> like i said, i mean, the tension can be on everybody else. everybody knows what we have. they know any given day, any one of us can go out and help the team get a win. some people like to be under
5:45 pm
the radar anyway. you can go and quietly do what you do. like i said, once you have the guys that we have in our rotation, we get lost in it. we have some young ones for real. with them being young, it makes it that much better. >> yes, they have. i'll tell you this, lindsey. this team 5 1/2 games up on the atlanta braves right now and it is almost september. they are not going anywhere. geo gonzalez on the hill. 7:05 against the st. louis cardinals. should be a good one. the crowd is in. a great night for baseball. let's go back to you. a beautiful air-conditioned studio, i might add. >> it is nice. i have been out there. we are both sweating it out. >> i can't see you. >> tomorrow is a big day on fox 5 for baseball. dave ross and i, join us for a nats special. live from nats park at 3:00 p.m. and then at 4:00 p.m., the nats host the cardinals right here on fox 5. all right, we must note
5:46 pm
that gary says dave ross was complaining out at the ball park. he gets to hang out and get paid. >> it is hot out there. >> it's a badge that has his name on it and it gets him into any baseball game the whole year. and he has the same thing for the redskins, too, that's what he gets paid to do and he's complaining about it. >> he's complaining about sitting in the hot sun. >> you want to trade places with him? >> absolutely. who wouldn't want to trade places with dave ross? >> i don't want to trade places with him. >> he has a fantasy life. on the radio, he's on television. he's a celebrity. everybody knows him and loves him. we are zoomed in for jefferson. big weekend going, of course, the unofficial end of the summer and it does look like it is going to be unsettled. shower storms coming back into the forecast. of course all because of isaac. now not so much tomorrow. i think we're going to have more clouds tomorrow. yes, we could have some showers or storms. but it definitely looks like
5:47 pm
it's going to be wetter for sunday and for labor day on monday, too. how about that beach forecast for this weekend? not too bad. it may be better out at the shore. i think clouds and sun with some late day showers and thunderstorms. water temperatures not bad. 80 degrees right now with temperatures ranging from the upper 70s to the lower to mid 80s. we've had worse holiday weekends out at the beach. 96 right now for the city. quantico 98 degrees. fredericksburg 93. in some cases today, the heat index, since it is dry. the humidity isn't too bad at all. the heat index has been lower than the actual temperature. so we have gotten at least a little bit of a break. that won't be the case for tomorrow, because the humidity is going to be coming right back. still warm at 7:00 this evening, 91 degrees. still warm at 9:00. 87 degrees. temperatures tonight, a little slower to fall than they have been the last few nights because this relative humidity will be creeping up through the
5:48 pm
evening. that doesn't mean it's going to be a bad evening out there. it's going to be pretty nice. i think you'll notice a little warmer tonight than it has been the last several nights. we are dry here. high pressure built up through the atmosphere. that kept all the clouds at bay and really brought in the hot stuff. but lurking back out to the west of us, the tropical depression now known as isaac. this is a lot of good rain for some dry parts of the country. this is major drought territory out here. so they are taking this. they are bringing on. bring on isaac, that's what they are talking about. 6 to 9 inches of rain over the next couple of days. this is future cast tomorrow at noon. we'll just have some clouds and sun here. we can track what's left of isaac coming back from west to east. by 6:00 tomorrow evening, a couple of showers or thunderstorms possible for us, but mainly most of the rain out to the west. as we take it into sunday, that's when sunday afternoon, sunday evening, a greater chance, a slightly better
5:49 pm
chance of getting more widespread showers and thunderstorms and look what happens as we head into monday, labor day. i hate to do it, but we are dry and we would like to have some rain. unfortunately, it will come in on our holiday. tonight, 75 degrees. winds out of the west at 5 miles per hour. we'll have a few clouds, patchy fog. and it wouldn't surprise me if tomorrow morning we don't wake up with a few showers out there. and then again late tomorrow afternoon. temperatures tomorrow up to 91 degrees. we'll have a couple showers and a couple thunderstorms late in the afternoon. and i think if i push the right button, we'll be able to get the new and improved acu weather, the fox 5acu weather seven-day forecast. there you go. you have time to look at all that and see it. 91 tomorrow. and then basically we just end up in the middle 80s or so and unsettled after that. all the way until next weekend. >> all right, looks a little
5:50 pm
unsettled. thanks, gary. >> now to the talk of the town on tmz. randy jackson out as a judge on american idol. tmz joins us live from l.a. it's always great to see you. randy is out, but will he be a part of the show? >> yes. what we have found out is that they are not going to keep him on the judge's panel, but they will make him a mentor. the problem is, they think that they need him there because he has been kind of the glue to keep everything together, but there are people who work on the show who are saying, they aren't sure that being a mentor is randy's strong suit. so there's some worry about that. as for the panel, what they are going to do, is definitely mariah carey. fox loves it because mariah doesn't want nikki there and there's going to be a lot of tension, which fox loves. exactly. we're being told that the third person is going to be keith
5:51 pm
urban. that deal is not signed yet, but it looks like it's going to be. and we're told that there's going to be a fourth judge and you're not going to like this. but the reason there's going to be a fourth judge is because there are people at idol who feel that there shouldn't be a three judge panel where the majority are women. >> are you serious? all right, we'll talk about that. if we had more time, i would have more comment on that. let's talk about randy's old american idol partner, simon cowell. tell us about this. >> kind of, sort of. he was on a huge yacht and the captain heard a may day sign. so simon said go over to this boat. they went over to the boat and it was a 35-foot boat that was sinking and simon said let's get everybody on board and the boat didn't sink. they plugged the hole. so the nine people were saved. shawn, it's great that you can
5:52 pm
be so ruche rich that you can tell your staff to go save the people. >> there you go. >> when you're rich, you can have other people do it for you. >> have a great weekend. we'll see you at 6:30. thank you. it's crazy. >> tlc's controversial reality show, here comes honey boo boo is taking over tv's nationwide. according to neilson ratings, it beat out fox news prime time coverage of mitt romney. honey boo boo drew in 2.9 million viewers and only 1.2 million tuned into fox news. of course if you combine the coverage of the rnc across all the networks, their numbers did top the reality show. what is it called? here comes boo boo? i have never heard of that show in my life. >> what is going on? >> i don't know. let's check in with brian.
5:53 pm
maybe he has something to say about that. >> i have heard of it, i haven't watched it. last night was a reality show. clint eastwood stole the stage. >> yes, he did. and lit it up. >> twitter was a buzz. >> coming up at 6:00, isaac gone from louisiana. impact still being felt. the cleanup continues. virginia earned its reputation as a battleground state in manassas. voters helped to elect barack obama president. then sent a republican to the governor's mansion. i'm bob taking the pulse of the electorate coming up on the news edge at 6:00. president clinton: this election to me is about which...
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income... people and go back to deregulation. that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
5:56 pm
if you're looking for inspiration, you'll find it right here. >> a story of a man making his way through a dark time. as beth parker reports, where this journey is taking him will
5:57 pm
amaze you. just a crime. >> dream. >> a dream that is now a reality. with just a folded up map and the open road in front of him, d.c. resident set off to ride his bike across the united states. a feet for anybody, even more stunning once you know that he has leukemia and just finished a round of chemotherapy. rerode through ohio and on to chicago, passed stunning views in montana. in just 35 days, he made it across the canadian border and on to vancouver. >> i think i told you, i didn't know if i should finish one day, let alone the whole ride. i'm here in vancouver with more than 3,000 miles on my legs. i'm really happy. >> along the way, he blogged and raised money for the leukemia and lymphoma society. >> thank you so much for the
5:58 pm
support. keep them coming. >> and they did. he wanted to raise $10,000, he raised $25,000. and he didn't just raise money, he raised hope. >> by luigi being able to go out there and do this and really say you're not in this alone is really inspirational. >> how many times i saw -- let's find an excuse here. because with everybody following me here, i cannot just say i'm sorry, i quit. >> he drew strength from friends and family, even from strangers. >> it leaves you with a lot of joy. that's the main thing that i take away from this. sort of the risks, the love from people that i barely know. >> he has had plenty of time to do some thinking. >> you have cancer, but at the same time, it's still you. it's up to you to define your life, to make your life as beautiful as you want. if you want it, you know, if you set your mind to it, you
5:59 pm
can do it. it's really up to you. this is what i learn every day riding my bike. >> he is flying home to d.c. back to work and chemotherapy. another mountain he will no doubt conquer. fox 5 news. >> incredible attitude. >> we wish him well. thanks so much for joining us, the news edge at 6:00 starts right now. this is fox 5 news edge at 6:00. >> today the romney, ryan campaign hit the road for the first time since mitt romney became the nominee. first up, visiting storm victims in the gulf coast hit by isaac. his running mate went to richmond to woo voters in virginia. the commonwealth could be crucial come november. fox 5's bob barnard is here with a look at what voters are thinking two months out. bob. >> reporter: we know some votes leaned left, others lean


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