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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  October 13, 2012 11:30pm-11:45pm EDT

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fox's steph has more. >> tony the tiger cub is making quite a splash at dave city's wild things. a private zoo rescue and rehab center in pasco county. you can interact with monkeys or swim with this six week old siberian cub. but critics wonder, just like alligator attractions that came under fire for their kid swim parties, are big cats and kids in pools an appropriate pairing? >> with any animal, there's a risk. you are in there with at least one of the trainers in the water with you. >> president and head trainer, randy stern says tigers are natural swimmers with webbing between their toes. there are no laws regulating swimming with tigers. >> they are very strong, but also well trained. that's why a lot don't let you interact because they don't have the staff or knowledge to do it. >> he has the only place in the
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u.s. you can do this. >> the tigers, by state law, like tony here, can only be with the public until they are 40-pounds. >> and that's with a leash. state law says it's okay for big cats 25-pounds or less to be handled with only a trainer's restraint, but a trainer must be present. and all wildlife shall be exhibited in a manner that prevents injuries to the public and to the animals. but swimming with tony is not cheap. you sign a general release and for $200, you can frolic for 30 minutes in the water on the lawn, or even help out with his bottle feeding. >> tony is a growing boy. he will eat four of these a day. he's only at eight pounds right now, but he'll wind up like his dad, well over a thousand pounds. >> you can swim with a 4-foot gator here, too. >> man versus gator. >> it's just ally, really. >> ali the alligator. her mouth is taped up and you can join her in the pool with a trainer. >> we don't take it to other
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places. we use our swimming facility here. >> okay. we are just talking about how weird that one was, but different strokes for different folks, right? videos tonight is far from over. the news edge at 11:00 11:00 starts right now. this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. >> and thank you for staying with us, the edge begins with the controversy over a cross. more than 100 people turned out today in maryland to fight a group that wants to change what is known as peace cross. a group of people who aren't religious say the cross doesn't belong on government owned land. fox 5's john hanrahan reports. >> it is known locally as the peace cross. in fact, this 40-foot tall concrete structure was built in the 1920s by the american legion as a memorial to the 49 men of prince georges county who died in the service of their country during world war
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i. the fact that it is a cross on government land bothers the american human association. >> this country is a diverse one. we have buddhists, we have hindus, we have always had some percentage of our population that were minority religion faith. so representing those who have fallen with a monument that is only representative of one faith is just not universal enough. >> the humanist sent a letter to the maryland national park and planning commission demanding that the cross be removed from the rest of the war memorial. >> u.s.a., don't let him tear down the cross. >> more than 120 people assembled to express their support for the structure. >> it is sacrifice and peace. >> kathy davis believes the war memorial should remain as it was designed. >> it was not put up there as a religious symbol. it was put up as a memorial. >> american legion commander
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believes the humanists are overly sensitive on the cross issue, which he argues is not always religious symbolism. >> the distinguished air cross, is that a religious metal? they have the cross hairs in the site because the word cross is there, is that a religious reference as well. >> set a two-week deadline to its response that the peace cross be removed. >> because this is giving us a chance to address this issue on its merit. >> the humanist will now prepare and file a lawsuit to get the cross portion of the memorial removed. army veteran, lindsey, doesn't like that idea. >> needs to turn it back to the american legion. we'll take care of it. >> a decision from the courts could take a year or two. in blatensberg, fox 5 news. >> the edge on maryland continues with a double shooting in ann arun dell county. it happened at a house party.
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the two victims were in front of a house on the 17 harks 17,000 block. that's when someone fired at them. 21-year-old matthew marrow died. another man whose name has not been released is expected to survive. to virginia now, the search is on for someone who robbed a donut shop. take a look at the surveillance video. the robbery happened a little after 11:00 thursday morning at the duncan donuts in duke street. police say the suspect pulled a gun and demanded the cash in the register, then took off in a small blue car going west on duke avenue. two volunteers from the komen three-day for the cure in d.c. were targeted by thieves. the bikes that they ride while cheering on walkers were stolen. ken and christian say someone must have pried bicycles from the roof of their car while it was parked at the holliday inn express thursday night. when christian posted the news on his facebook page, fellow volunteers stepped up to help.
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they contacted the district hardware and bike shop, which provided the brothers with loaner bikes free of charge. >> it was total surprise. but that's what the family is about. >> the hotel says the crime was caught on surveillance video and they have been sent to police. the controversial posters in some metro stops as of next week, they'll have some competition. the council for american islamic relations is putting up posters to counter the message. says show forgiveness, speak for justice, and avoid the ignorance. urge people to defeat jihad and call those not supporting israel savages. on monday, a coalition of religious groups will call on metro to donate proceeds to charity that supports human rights. a fox 5 health alert. a 15th person in maryland has
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come down with fungal meningitis linked to a pain killing medication that is at the center of an outbreak. around 14,000 patients have been injected with the steroid. of those, 15 people have died, including one in maryland and one in virginia. and 198 people are sickened across 23 states. healthcare providers are urging anyone who receive ed a steroid injection to watch for symptoms. if they develop, you are urged to seek immediate medical care. a north carolina toddler has died from an e. coli infection. health officials say the child got the infection at a county fair. 14 other children and six adults contracted it. the fair says it is adding hand washing stations and moving food vendors away from animals. a gorgeous day on tap for tomorrow, gwen. >> guess what? a rise in the temperatures. we'll have the details coming
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up. stay with us, we'll be right back after the break.  [ male announcer ] president obama says he's creating jobs,
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a great weekend so far. we have plenty of sunshine today and temperatures weren't too bad. a little on the cooler side. that's going to change. here's a look at our satellite radar composite. we have clouds strolling in and they will increase in coverage. so be expecting that in the overnight hours. our highs today, 50 degrees at reagan national airport. 58 at dulles and 59 at bwi. the temperatures didn't rise all that much. it is currently 52 at d.c. a cool 47 degrees at baltimore. we have 51 at fredericksburg. 49 degrees at dulles. 43 at martinsburg and 50 at hagerstown this hour. for tomorrow, we will be seeing some improvement in the temperatures and in the sky conditions as well. a temperature change headed our
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way, ridge of high pressure will move its way off the coast and we are going to warm up and see a mild day. we are headed into the low 70s for our daytime high tomorrow. we'll keep a close eye on this cold front. that's going to be our weather maker as we move through into monday. looks like it could set us up for an isolated storm or two. and tomorrow, as we see that ridge of high pressure moving in and this system starting to approach, we'll end up with a southerly wind flow and the winds will be fairly strong. gusty winds as we head into tomorrow. keeping our eye on the tropics, rafael is moving its way rmuda. it is expected to strengthen and as we take a look, it's going to become a category one hurricane by monday as it brhes its way just to the east of that island. and then it's going to push its way a little bit more toward the northeast and it will be moving and become back to a tropical storm before it becomes a low pressure system as it moves off the east coast.
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so right now, we don't see any threat to the u.s.a. coast, but definitely keep a close eye on that for you. here's a look at your day planner. no shortage of sunshine, a few high clouds. very pleasant, by the 5:00 hour, we'll be about 72 degrees. so here's a look at your fox 5accuweather seven-day forecast. where you will see on monday, a chance of seeing an isolated storm pop up and then we're back to sunshine. behind that cold front, a ridge of high pressure will build in. it will bring us cooler air and we'll see our temperatures starting to go a little bit closer to the 70-degree mark. by friday, a chance of showers. looks great for tomorrow. maurine. >> sure does, thank you, gwen. that does it for us. fox 5 news always on. keep it right here. sports xtra is two minutes away. have a great night. when i was younger and... financially stable. we were poor. the mgm casino in michigan. and it changed her life. clerk. way up. insurance... and i make great money. seven will create... twelve thousand jobs. to accountants... and construction workers. place to work with good pay... question seven.
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