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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 28, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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one on, two out. ball 1 low. unless young goes deep, the outfield, as deep as it is, the game could still be tied no matter what with a left-handed hitting dirks on deck. two out in the inning. the 1-0. fouled away. a ball and a strike. >> tim: that's why you play that no-doubles defense. you play deeper than you normally would, keeping everything in front of you and making that runner at first base, or making the tigers get two hits to beat you or to go ahead of you. >> joe: pence, belt and blanco for san francisco will be the hitters. here's the 1-1. that missed. ball 1.
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one on, two out. 2-1 pitch. that's foul and young broke his bat. so the count is 2-2. right off the end of it. >> tim: more firewood. >> joe: fire sounds good as the temperature has really dropped here in the last two innings. if you are just joining us, it is 11:00 in the east. miguel cabrera with a two-run shot. his first extra-base hit. his only extra-base hit in this world series and it put the tigers up by one. posey returned the favor with a two-run shots to put the giants up by one in the sixth, and delmon young, the man at the plate, tied it in the bottom of that sixth inning. 3-3 game with the giants
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leading three games to nothing and a check on garcia. 2-2 pitch. struck him out! what a job by jeremy affeldt! he gets around a leadoff walk and then walks right through the heart of the order. strikes out cabrera. strikes out fielder. gets delmon young. 3-3 into the ninth inning of game four. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> joe: andy dirks moves from right field to left. avisail garcia, who pinch-hit for berry, goes into the game in right. and sprinting in from the bullpen, as he always does, phil coke. he's on the mound trying to keep this tied. hunter pence, brandon belt, gregor blanco. a 3-3 game top of the ninth. the rain has almost stopped entirely. game four of the 2012
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world series. pence, strike 1. hunter has had better swings over the first ten games of this postseason he hit just .154. he doubled and scored his first time up tonight. started tonight hitting over .300 over his last five games. rally caps are on. the 0-1 pitch. strike 2. >> tim: if pence can get on for the giants, it would go a long way toward helping the giants score in this inning with two left-handers coming up. but as it was important for jeremy affeldt to get miguel cabrera out, the left-hander to the right-hander, the same for coke against pence. >> joe: here comes an 0-2. phil coke was part of the yankees when they won it all in '09. in that december he was mart of that big trade and he found himself a
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tiger. >> tim: that's what he is, too. this guy is a tiger. >> joe: here's his 1-2 pitch to pence. on the inside corner, one away! >> t: hunter pence had no chance on this pitch. inside corner. affeldt striking out three after the walk to garcia and now the first batter that coke faces, he strikes out. >> joe: re's brandon belt. this postseason phil coke now has gone nine innings, has not allowed a run. he's gone 2 for 2 in save chances and opponents are hitting
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right around .130 against him. >> tim: wow. >> joe: as you said, left-handed batters, this is the specialty of coke. he got a strikeout of hunter pence, and you can see laird trying to calm phil down a little bit after that high fastball missed. he may be overthrowing a bit. 2-0. right-handers now just two out of 15 against coke this postseason after hitting just under .400 against him during the regular season. here's the 2-0. belt fouls it back and he had a good swing. brandon with an rbi triple in the second. his only hit of this world series. may have chased ball 3.
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the 2-1. fouled back. another good swing, but the count is even. 2-2. >> tim: that was a good swing and a better pitch. it's down more than the 2-0 pitch. >> joe: the 2-2. in the dirt. checked his swing. full count. >> tim: after four fastballs, the breaking ball and belt laid off. >> joe: no doubt he held up. full count with blanco
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on deck. two out! our nikon replay. jeremy affeldt in the bottom of the eighth went right through the heart of the order for the tigers. after a leadoff walk he got cabrera, fielder and young. now phil coke is trying to match him. he struck out all six batters he's faced in this world series. here's blanco. strike 1. coke throwing hard, 95.
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gregor blanco is 1 for 3 tonight. one home run this postseason. five during the regular season. the tigers will have dirks, peralta and infante. in the bottom of the ninth inning. here comes the 0-1. one ball, one strike. >> tim: when you throw as hard as phil coke does against a left-handed batter, they become more low-ball hitters. blanco can pull the low pitch, not the high one. >> joe: the 1-1. strike 2. now coke can strike out
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the side, send his team flying off the field into the bottom of this ninth inning, trying to avoid a sweep. >> tim: if you are wondering how many home runs blanco has hit against left-handed pitching, three this year. >> joe: struck out the side! [cheers and applause] it takes a run to force game five. dirks, peralta and infante coming up bottom of the ninth, tied 3-3.
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>> joe: what's it going to be in the bottom of the ninth inning? a live shot of san francisco civic center where 10,000 people who love their giants are watching, wondering if they will be celebrating in the bay area a second championship since the team moved out west in '58. they won it in 2010. they lead three games to nothing as we play in the bottom of the ninth inning. tie game. andy dirks first up against affeldt. strike 1. he ties up dirks.
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>> tim: this is why jim leyland loves dirks hitting against left-handed pitching because he's short to the ball. he often hits the ball to left field against left-handers. hit .274 against them in the regular season. >> joe: casilla still up in the bullpen. two strikes with peralta, the right-handed hitter, on deck. so a battle of the bullpens. that's what we have gotten to here in game four. avila struck out the side in the eighth. phil coke struck out the side in the ninth. the 0-2. breaking ball stays up. ball 1.
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dirks now in battle mode with two strikes. we've seen affeldt talk to himself a lot while he's out there pitching. >> tim: a lot of hitters do that too pitching. this guy is tough on left-handers. fastball in tight, sweeping breaking ball away. >> joe: the 1-2. scooped up by posey. 2-2. bochy and righetti have a decision to make after dirks, once he ends the night. he hit eight home runs during the regular season. and he strikes out. that is four straight for affeldt! can't do it any better than jeremy affeldt. one out hire in the ninth. >> tim: after the walk to garcia, four straight
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strikeouts. that's that sweeping breaking ball we were talking about. tough on left-handers. watch dirks. >> joe: top home run hitter in this lineup. tied with delmon young this postseason. the guy at the plate is jhonny peralta. two in the alcs, and he went deep in game one. here's the 1-0. outside. 2-0. >> tim: only one hit for peralta in this world series. he's 1 for 14. that was that home run that joe was talking about. >> joe: he hit that off kontos, the right-hander. 2-0. high fly ball into left center. back is pagan, still going, and he makes the catch for out number 2! >> tim: that's why you
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play a no-double defense. you play the outfielders deeper than they would normally play. normally pagan would be trying to guard against the single. here he's guarding against an extra-base hit, and it takes him to the middle of the track to haul it in. >> joe: that ball was pounded, maybe that's why bruce bochy is out there right now. he's seen enough. >> joe: with infante coming up, that's going to be it for affeldt. he did a great job. went an inning and two-thirds, struck out four, leaves with the bases empty. but on this cold night with the wind blowing out to right, that ball died on the track. casilla coming in. two out. bottom of the ninth, tie game. [ male announcer ] did you know that mach3 can last two times longer than a disposable? ♪ mach3 has high definition blades
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>> joe: affeldt used all of his body language on this shot to deep center by peralta. if the wind helped those two shots out to right, you see the wind and the effect of it with the debris in the dugout swirling on that pitch. the crowd got a rise. the wind may have helped knock that ball down. it was pounded by peralta. casilla, strike 1. here's another good piece of the giants' bullpen, santiago casilla. third pitcher of the night. releaves affeldt and has the bases empty. two out. >> tim: the giants bullpen can left-right you much better than the detroit bullpen. once coke is out of the game, no more left-handers down there. >> joe: that's outside. a ball and a
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str and. >> joe: right now they have porcello, valverde, al alburquerque and joaquin benoit. looks like coke would go back out for the tenth if we go there. infante stays outside. 2-1. so often it's an unlikely source that comes up with a big swing or a big play in a game like this. infante one out of three tonight. here's the 2-1. oh, and that got him on the hand or wrist. >> tim: santiago casilla throws a very heavy ball, and it looked like it hit infante on the
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left hand. this fastball riding up-and-in. oh, boy. oh, man. we've heard of that hammock bone so many times. >> joe: let's listen. that's going to take infante right out of the game. >> tim: what it does is press that is left hand right against the wood. no place to go. that could be a big blow for the tigers. boy, oh, man. >> joe: so the tigers are going to need to find somebody to run. they have ramone santiago. danny worth is down there, and it will be worth. >> tim: santiago is not a fast runner.
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jim leyland has said that if santiago could run he would be a regular second baseman. he's that good. >> joe: defensively it will likely be santiago. but out of the game is infante, and that didn't look good. >> tim: jim leyland is hoping he doesn't have to worry about defense in the top of the tenth. >> joe: laird will be the hitter. he's 0 for 3 and 1 out of 19 this postseason. >> tim: pablo sandoval is still on the line at third base to protect against the extra-base hit. >> joe: left side and right to sandoval who gets the out at second, and we go to extra innings in game four. a hit batsman, casilla gets around it. and that sends game four into the tenth inning, tied at 3.
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>> joe: if necessary, tomorrow night foxtoberfest continues. it will be verlander and barry zito. it would be verlander's job to get this back to san francisco, as danny worth takes over defensively. infante has played second base throughout this postseason. we talked about the eight total second basemen the tigers used during the regular season. that position settle the down when the trade was
11:29 pm
made for infante in july. worth played second base 31 times. but the last time he played second base was august 5th. made one error during the regular season so we will keep an eye on that. phil coke takes over with theriot, and then joaquin arias in the on-deck circle for crawford. then angel pagan, the switch hitter. 3-3, tenth inning. giants trying to end it tonight. theriot trying to get it started. ball 1. phil coke struck out the side in the ninth. second inning of work and a little fly ball into right field. that's going to drop and the leadoff man is on for the giants here in the tenth. now brandon crawford will go back into the
11:30 pm
on-deck circle and arias is called back to the dugout. >> tim: you thought that bruce bochy would do that. his first game as the d.h. in his career and he gets a hit as the leadoff batter here in the tenth inning. crawford certainly up there to bunt, but if coke gets two strikes on him, you wonder what bruce bochy will put on then. will you let crawford hit or bunt again? we'll see. >> joe: trying to get the potential world series winning run into scoring position in the tenth. crawford watches coke step off. brandon crawford up there to bunt. >> tim: you know, there's no mystery in what he's going to do
11:31 pm
here. >> joe: and the bunt is perfect. coke makes the play at first. down to second, theriot. one out. >> tim: bunts it toward the first-base line. that is an excellent bunt, particularly since most left-handed pitchers fall to the third base side of the pitcher's mound. this is a blue print on how to do it. >> joe: brandon crawford had only two sacrifices during the regular season. here in game four in the tenth inning he drops down a beauty. down to second is theriot. it's angel pagan, who has been frustrated tonight and in this series. but the giants have found a different hero, it seems, every night, and pagan could be that
11:32 pm
guy tonight for san francisco. scutaro is on deck. breaking ball. pagan went around. strike 1. >> tim: now the outfield for the tigers have reverted to normal depth. no-doubles defense. they are trying to protect against the single now. >> joe: theriot can run. he's the runner at second. one out. good breaking ball from coke, who allowed the lead off hit. runner at second. one out. here's the 0-1. nicely picked by laird. >> tim: i was just thinking phil coke had a lot of wild pitches as a
11:33 pm
reliever. he had three. and that breaking ball in the dirt, from a catching standpoint, that puts an awful lot of pressure on laird. good play on the scoop. theriot, meanwhile, will be alert to go to third if the ball is in the dirt. >> joe: here's the 1-1. chopper to third. foul. strike 2. according to blanco, the clubhouse and the atmosphere is the same in spring training as it is during the world series. the look on the face of bruce bochy is the same, it seems, in spring training and july and the world series, whatever. >> tim: it all starts there. >> joe: he's as calm a guy and as good a
11:34 pm
manager as there is in the game. 1-2, the count. runner at second, one out. time called at the plate. pagan traded to the giants from the mets. a free agent to be. he's driven in six runs this postseason. none in the world series. two out! >> tim: excuse me, joe. the backswing hit gerald laird. if something happened to gerald laird, then alex avila could catch. there's the backswing, hit him right in the head. gerald appears to be
11:35 pm
okay. catchers have only used that helmet for about 20 years. it used to be a soft cap they wore under that mask and all sorts of dam was done until they started wearing that helmet. >> joe: so now scutaro. marco scutaro will step to the plate. if you are just joining us we are in of the tenth inning tied at three. giants lead this world series three games to nothing. a good game here in game four. cabrera hit a two-run shot for the lead in the third. buster posey a two-run shot for the lead in the sixth. it was delmon young who tied the game in the bottom of the sixth. both starters very good tonight. each bullpen very good. it's up to scutaro trying to give the giants the lead here in the tenth. strike 1. >> tim: garcia playing about as shallow as you
11:36 pm
dare against scutaro. >> joe: gio romo getting loose jst in case. 2 rbis in this world series. one hit tonight for scutaro. way outside to a hitter, coming into tonight, sitting -- hitting .714 with runners in scoring position this season. that's still the case. theriot led off with a hit. bunted to second. pagan struck out. now 19-1. 2.
11:37 pm
on deck is sandoval. in the bullpen, benoit, as the tigers have to throw it all out there to try to force a game five tomorrow night. >> tim: sudden-death for detroit tonight.. >> joe: here's the 2-1. 3-1. switch hitter sandoval, as we said last time, has all of his home runs this postseason batting left-handed. the count 3-1. we will see if coke throws a strike here to scutaro. a good 2-3com binnation for the giants. here it is. line drive into center field and that's a base
11:38 pm
hit! here comes theriot! the throw! not in time! scutaro delivers and the giants lead, 4-3 in the tenth! the big two-out rbi hit for a guy who is called the blockbuster for the trade the giants made when they got scutaro from the rockies in jewel. >> tim: up and away, line drive in front of austin jackson, and the throw much too late. in fact, scutaro on at second base as the giants take the lead again. >> joe: now phil coke will work to sandoval. romo will get ready and try to wrap up the world series in the bottom of the tenth.
11:39 pm
sandoval grounds to third, fair ball. and the tag to end the inning. in the bottom of this tenth, the top of the order will bat for the tigers. down to their final three outs. the dugout for the giants love it. you think about what's going on in the civic center in san francisco, they have got to be going crazy! theriot pumped up of a scoring the go-ahead run. scutaro, the big rbi. back after this with the bottom of the tenth from your local fox station. 
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>> here's that play with theriot scoring the go-ahead run. first time ever as a d.h. in his big league career. when that happened the civic center in
11:42 pm
san francisco went crazy and so did the dugout for the giants. they are three outs away from their second world championship in the last three years. the tigers are trying to avoid a four-game sweep. they have the right guys coming up, jackson, garcia and miguel cabrera against romo, who has been so good this postseason. >> tim: one slider of a another to a right-handed batters. if you are a right-handed batter you look for the slider away. that's your best way of guessing location. >> joe: romo with two saves in this world series.
11:43 pm
it was brian wilson who was on the mound when the giants won it all in 2010. now it's romo. first to jackson. slider. strike 1. jackson tonight 0 for 3 with a walk and a run scored. the 0-1. outside. you saw don kelly, who is in the on-deck circle. he will bat for garcia. then miguel cabrera. larry baird, the president, ceo of the giants, his team three outs away. here comes the 1-1 from romo. that slider was hittable.
11:44 pm
jackson fouled it back and it's strike 2. >> tim: there's no setting up the hitter. everybody knows the slider is coming, including austin jackson. >> joe: last night romo got the save with the 1, 2, 3 ninth in a 2-0 game. broking the one-run lead tonight. struck him out! one away! >> tim: out of the strike zone away. the perfect 1-2 pitch by romo. >> joe: now don kelly will come off the bench. and bat for garcia. kelly one home run during the regular
11:45 pm
season. hit .186. and this is his first at-bat of the postseason. >> tim: because kelly is a left-handed batter, romo will go away from the slider and throw fastballs. >> joe: posey sets up away. strike 1. so here's a guy who has not had an at-bat the entire postseason, trying to get on in front of miguel cabrera. his teim down by 1 in this game and down three games to nothing to the giants. here comes the 0-1. over, but low. ball 1. the giants got the big two-out rbi hit from scutaro.
11:46 pm
here's the 1-1. checked his swing on ball 2. the wind still blowing out to right. the triple crown winner will get one more at-bat at least. here's the 2-1. strike 2. romo came away limping a bit after that last pitch. >> tim: yeah. buster posey was going to throw the ball back to him, and then he hesitated. romo limping around the mound. he finally has the ball, but may have tweaked something. i guess it better be more than a tweak in this situation in the world series.
11:47 pm
looks like his left leg. >> joe: here is the 2-2 pitch. two down! the strikeout to get don kelly. now the battle with miguel cabrera. two out, nobody on. back-to-back strikeouts. >> tim: after four sliders to get jackson, five sinkers to get kelly. and look who is up. >> joe: miguel cabrera. the first triple crown winner since '67, stands in the way of a celebration on the part of the giants. >> tim: the thing about cabrera, everybody knows he did it earlier. he has great power to right field. he can hit that slider out the other way. >> joe: first pitch. in for strike 1.
11:48 pm
sergio romo, who got the final out in the division series in cincinnati with the potential winning run at the plate. getting bruce and then rolen. trying to wrap up the world series. 1 ball, 1 strike. romo said after that he will never forget what it was like to allow his teammates to celebrate moving on to the nlcs. now he has a chance to save this game and win the world series. the 1-1. one strike away! >> tim: he's going to get it again.
11:49 pm
>> joe: cabrera and the tigers down to their final strike. wouldn't chase. ball 2. prince fielder on deck but all eyes on cabrera. off the end of the bat. a 2-2 count remains.
11:50 pm
giants trying to win their seventh world championship in franchise history, their second since moving to san francisco in '58. again the 2-2 pitch. got him looking! and the giants have won it all! [cheers and applause] >> joe: this team that was down two games to nothing, going on the road to cincinnati in the division series, they came back and won it. down three games to one to the cardinals, they won game five and won game six and seven to get here, and now it took four games to win the world series for the
11:51 pm
giants over the tigers! >> tim: all sliders to right-handed batters in the ninth inning except the last pitch to miguel cabrera. a fastball that fooled everybody, including the guy with the bat in his hand. >> joe: buster posey with a two-run shot in this game. bruce bochy has won his second world championship in the last three years! and this giants organization celebrates here in detroit, michigan and night after night it was somebody different, and bruce bochy at the controls. what a postseason. those fans in san francisco can celebrate. they were so great at&t park and this world
11:52 pm
series, as the game ends on the road and ends on a called third strike from sergio romo to the triple crown winner miguel cabrera. >> tim: you could see romo shake one time, and he threw the fastball. >> joe: romo, who told us during this postseason, he finally has the confidence to know he can do it. and that post-game celebration, post-save celebration for romo. right there. and he struck it there to allow his teammates to celebrate with him in the middle. it's over for the tigers and jim leyland. they swept the yankees to get here, but the giants swept them to win it all.
11:53 pm
the game-winning hit with two outs off the bat of marco scutaro, as pagan and the giants celebrate. what a postseason for a guy who turns 37 in two days. marco scutaro, who is standing by with erin andrews. >> what did you say, you got hit in the head? >> yeah. >> what happened? >> somebody just hit me from behind. i think it was lopez' bat. >> you told me when you guys got to the world series thateeling was priceless. what is it now that you have won one? >> i don't know what to say right now. we just won the world series champs. we are right now. and it is still priceless. >> you know, this was a team that had to fight back in the division series, the league series. what does it say that you just swept the
11:54 pm
tigers? >> that's what it makes so much special, the way we did it. we always against the wall and my team is just came through. first series, second series, and now we sweep the tigers. that's what i told my team, please, i don't want to be against the wall again. let's try to get rid of this quick. >> congratulations by the way. it was vogelsong that hit you. >> what's that? >> this was vogelsong, vogelsong hit you. go find him. >> thank you, erin. this will be a world series known for a team that was so loaded offensively. the tigers did not get a hit after the six little inning and had only five hits all night in game four. the pitching, the defense, the timely hitting of the giants. go ahead, kenny.
11:55 pm
[cheering] >> joe: we heard kenny for a moment. as you look at the reactions by the giants. brandon belt will have a ring. buster posey will have two. and now we will go down to ken rosenthal in the middle of all those bodies on the field. >> ken: thanks, joe. buster, you had such a difficult road to get here, division series, league championship series. how surprised are you that this is a sweep? >> well, we are just happy right now. tonight was a battle and i think tonight was a fitting way for us to end it. those guys played hard. they didn't stop. good feeling. >> ken: how important was it for you guys to close it out tonight, knowing how good they
11:56 pm
are, knowing verlander could pitch tomorrow? >> i think it's very important. we get verlander tomorrow, we know how good he is. fister and sanchez back home if it went that way. it was very big. >> your pitching dominated, going back to the nlcs. what made them so good down the stretch? >> they executed pitches. they had a game plan going on. give credit to our pitching coach, regular. they executed. they deserve the credit. >> thank you, kenny. that thoughtful, young catcher who will likely be the league mvp this year hit a big two-republic home run tonight. part of a 4-3 win in ten innings. it will be the giants here on the road in detroit who will hold that trophy high. we will come back with the trophy presentation and our postgame show on the other side of the break. what a postseason for the giants. what a world series,
11:57 pm
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things go downhill overnight. we'll have tropical storm force winds east of the city, 4 to 6 inches of rain expected in the next 48 hours, find out full details right after the game. m. every year, without raising taxes. leggett: and audits will ensure the money goes... where it's supposed to. more jobs, and millions for schools. baker: question seven will be good for our kids... our teachers, and our schools. leggett: keep maryland money in maryland. baker: please vote for question seven. leggett: vote for question seven.


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