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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  October 29, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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san francisco goes up by a run. and then reliever sergio romo closed out the tigers. the giants win their second world series in the last three years. >> a little football, shall we? the redskin in pittsburgh. the steelers jumped out to a 10- point lead. wash would get on the board. pittsburgh went to score five of the first six possessions to win 27-9. the skins killed themselves with an nfl season high 10 dropped passes. opped p the hurricane is affecting the presidential race. president barack obama is scrapping plans to campaign in three states and will instead attend only one rally this morning in florida. he will be back at the white house to monitor the campaign. mitt romney canceled three
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stops in virginia yesterday and an event scheduled in new hampshire for tomorrow. hurricane sandy is also causing some trouble with early voting. the lines stretched around some polling places ahead of the storm on saturday. look at the line there. fox 5's maureen umeh sat down with mark plotkin to talk about more on this. >> reporter: fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin joins us now to talk more about the impact of sandy on voting. >> i didn't know i was going to be the weather man. >> early voting being compromised because of this. how will this affect the race? >> you know that governor romney canceled a trip to virginia beach. that is a very pivotal area that republicans thought they would immediate to do well in and any visit there delayed or postponed obviously hurts a candidate. he is going to ohio. so is president obama. in terms of the eastern coast,
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north carolina really is going to go romney. i don't think it will be affected but the only real state is virginia. that one will be affected by the lack of presidential visits during this three-day or four- day period. >> with both candidates having to throw out the fourth quarter game book and faulkous the storm, such a tight race, can they afford to do that? >> they have to make adaptations. the president will try to look presidential, act presidential, show that he cares. the romney campaign has said they will send their volunteers out to help with relief efforts. they've suspended fundraising e- mails so everybody wants to get in the spirit of helping every american during this mini crisis. >> you hate to politicize something like this but does any candidate have the up are hand in this type after situation? >> i really don't think so. the only thing i read that kind of means something, if this had
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been closer to election day, al gore supposedly would have won florida if the weather was better. that is democrats seem to not turn out in as great numbers as republicans on election day. that is why they want to put out as many people as they can during early voting. >> but we know with this early voting and some early voting stations being closed down, maryland already shut down on monday, you know, can this have a can i goant impact or is it just too early to tell right now? >> i think it is too early. i could be brilliant, maureen, and say i know what is going to be the result. maryland, only four states did better for obama than maryland. it's lock. virginia might be pivotal and maybe with the benefit of hindsight, we could have said, if romney had spent more time in virginia, although they've both spent so much time here, by canceling one event in virginia beach, i don't think it is going to make a difference. >> all right. fox 5 political analyst mark
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plotkin, thank you and stay safe. >> thank you. >> all right. that is just -- that just shows you how strong the storm is expected to be if we are talking about next week. this is not by any means a stretch of the imagination. >> yeah, the real key here. this is uncharted territory. we really haven't ever seen a storm like this sort of make that left hook this late in the season. the wind field is so expansive, all the way from maine to the carolinas, they are getting tropical force wind. it is very powerful. don't be fooled. it doesn't mean it is not still on the way. it will get steadily worse during the course of the day. the wind will be gusting 55, 65, maybe even 70 miles per hour as the storm picks up as it starts to move inland. we are getting rain showers across the region. starting to get steady if not
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heavy out to the east, out towards anne arundel county. this is headed to the north and west. so i think even here along the immediate 95 corridor, we'll be getting moderate rains. let's take a look, another look here at our storm. here is sandy as we switch maps and just not losing a whole lot of intensity. the storm looking better late yesterday afternoon. tried to redevelop an eye. see the eye that tried to develop. to say the least, that is unusual. still looking at landfall sometime this evening in southern new jersey, perhaps delaware, delaware bay, something like that. maybe atlantic city right in there. we'll be in close enough proximity that we'll be unfortunately dealing with some extremely heavy rain and the
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wind around here for the next 24 hours or so. there is the path and again, look where it is tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m. with 70-mile per hour winds. northeast maryland, right up near philadelphia, that is extremely close to us and i'm afraid that parts of our region just off to the north and east are going to be deal with the hurricane wind later this afternoon and during the overnight tonight into early tomorrow. so again, if you haven't prepared your house, you're in the ready for it, you got loose items outside, lawn furniture, that kind of thing, deal with it now. it will be slamming around, perhaps into the sliding glass windows, later today. futurecast, there you go at 4:00. notice what is happening during the course of the day. futurecast wants to give us some snow. i don't think we'll see any of that around here. out to the west, they do have a blizzard warning for west
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virginia. they could get a couple of feet of snow by tuesday morning. that is the other big story we haven't gotten into yet. the forecast for today, there you go. wind gusting to 70 by later this evening. i know the not terribly windy at the moment. it will be later today. don't be fooled by the relatively calm nature. >> you were also saying how odd it is that we have this storm, the cold weather, the possible blizzard mixing it up. >> well, of course, that cold is what is going to help fuel the storm. this is why we call day hybrid storm. it is not a true tropical storm any longer. it is getting injected with this cold air which just helps energize. it is a very unusual weather pattern. >> look at the rain already coming down. there is a live picture there in fairfax. we hope a lot of folks are not out on the road at this point. we know some people are traveling this morning. what is the latest out there on the roadways? >> they have to be out here. that central personnel.
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and again, that is why we encourage to you make sure, do a car check, if you weren't able to do it over the weekend, do it this morning. make sure the wipers are working properly, both headlights working. a full tank of gas, definitely a benefit for you as well. allow extra time out there on the roads. we just saw the live picture from fairfax. this is what it looked like here at 395 at duke street. we can see the road spray kicking up behind the cars that are out there. it is very slippery on some of the roads especially like the georgetown pike, canal road, where we have a lot of leaves that have fallen over the weekend. this happens to be 95 both north and southbound. no problems reported here at this time. i got to tell you, i really think it is because the volume is working in our favor. tweet us with your pictures and any information you have about your neighborhood. well love to hear from you at wttg morning news.
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this happens to be southbound 270 coming in out of hyattstown. now, again, lauren demarco is reporting live from ocean city. we do know that, because of flooding, there is a portion of 50 that remains closed off between golf course road and philadelphia road. right now, route 90 is still open. we do have wind restrictions at the bay bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. keeping an eye on hurricane sandy this morning and the east coast gets ready for dangerous and potentially deadly conditions. >> fox 5's lauren demarco is live in ocean city which is already seeing lots of rain, wind and flooding. what is the latest out there? s >> reporter: certainly seeing a lot of the roads flooded. we are standing right at 16th and the boardwalk right here
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and you can see the ocean wall behind me. that has not been breached since it was built in 1985. there has not been a major breach of the wall. we are hoping that is the case. residents and employees are concerned about that. we've seen it come pretty close and actually a police officer did see one wave go over the wall. so we're watching out for that. earlier, we were able to get some video of the pier dune at worcester street. very heavy waves crashing at that point. there were some rumors around here that the pier had collapsed. we see it is still standing but the water taking a toll on it. we are seeing wind gusts of 40 miles per hour, about 55 degrees here. it is definitely cool and it has been raining since we arrived. about 4:00 p.m. yesterday, we saw flooded roads, everything below 17th street had mandatory evacuations. however, about 200 people did choose to stay in their homes.
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>> there have been some people that have chose ton stay within their homes. fortunately, we have that information and we know where they are that later on, if we have some response that is necessary, we at least identified what properties may be occupied. that is personal choice. it is maybe not the right decision. decision. >> reporter: certainly want to be careful, those folks who did stay here. that was advised against. and folks that are currently in the area, they were asked to stay indoors overnight. when we did walk down or drove down to that pier and then got out and walked around, very heavy winds. the water was coming up. at one point, it was up to my knees just standing there at the beach. once you get to first street is where the seawall as erected.
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hopefully that, does hold. high tide set for 8:19 in the morning. going to be particularly high because of the full moon. we will be crossing our fingers that the seawall does hold and the water does not come over it. the good news is we do still ave power. back to you. >> we'll see how much longer the power will stay on there. it is good they have it there right now. >> we continue to track sandy's march up the east coast. this is a live look now at fairfax, virginia. the rain is just really coming down, folks and this is just the beginning of it. this is not even the worst of it. we'll continue to keep you updated. time now is 4:37. 
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making headlines, hurricane sandy bearing down on the east coast. >> fema has activated the fairfax county urban search and
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rescue team. melanie alnwick has the latest. >> reporter: members of fairfax county's urban search and rescue team have been all over the world responding to national disasters and earthquakes. they've been to turkey and japan and haiti. now, they are being activated just in case they are needed to deal with the aftereffects of sandy here on the east coast. yesterday, they packed up their belongings and hope any they got a good night's sleep and they will be reconvening this morning at their headquarters in chantilly where we are told they will mobilize in place until they get orders to where to go to respond for wherever they are needed. we are talking about 80 members of the squad as well as four search dogs will be part of the team that is mobilized. they are physicians. they are structural engineers. they are technical search experts, collapse experts, emergency planning and
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preparedness experts. exactly the sort of team you would need should the aftereffects of sandy get really, really bad. again, just advance planning on the part of federal emergency management agency to make sure they do have teams like this ready to go across the eastern seaboard. now, here in fairfax, we are live not far from where the urban search and rescue team's headquarters are. we'll check in with them in a little while later this morning. let them get a few hours of sleep. the 24 hour wal-mart is open. we've seen people coming in and out of the store. a few people here and there. the lights are on and i'm going to check in there in a little bit and let you know whether we can see any batteries and water left on the shelves. they also have a gas station. i notice they have a tanker truck that is parked outside so we might see some people coming up and topping off that last bit of a gas tank also as well throughout the morning. fairfax county itself definitely also getting
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prepared yesterday. they had people out checking the storm drains, clearing leaves, making sure that they had facilities management people checking on all the of the backup generators in county facilities that are needed. those crucial facilities, police department and fire department were also out preposition is people and supplies. fairfax county fire department's swift water rescue team also on high alert. they are out and stationed where they think they may need to be. it is all hands on deck for those emergency personnel for the duration of the storm and probably for several days after. >> all right. thank you so much. we'll check in with you later on. hurricane sandy causing a real mess for commuters. up next, we'll run down the situation with metro airports and amtrak. >> we'll get the latest on sandy from tucker as well. this is a live look at ocean city right now. you see the waves just kicking up out there. the rain really coming down at
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this hour. we'll be right back with more on hurricane sandy after this.
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. we continue to track the path of hurricane sandy. this is a live look outside right now at norfolk, virginia where they are experiencing some very hard rain like many
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parts of the area will be experiencing throughout the day. if it is not there yet, tucker barnes says it is on the way so get ready for it. meanwhile, in annapolis. >> let's take a look at that now. this is a live picture there. you can see it kind of there on the right, the streetlights kind of illuminating the road there. you can see the rain is starting to come down. it will only continue to come down harder. issues of flooding over there close to the bay as well, don't you think, tucker. >> not today. the winds are out of the north appear northwest. the water will get blown out of the bay today. tomorrow, the winds will shift and they will have a big problem with flooding in annapolis. >> look like everybody is in the path no matter what. >> not just locally. never mind what is going on in new york city and along the coastal areas of new jersey where they will have the direct landfall here maybe atlantic
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city, perhaps cape may, that part of the world, later today. they will be dealing with hurricane-force winds, no doubt about it. very serious and we all know that at this point. the worst yet to come. it will steadily get worse here during the course of the day. the first thing you notice will be the rain. they will pick up in intensity. for our friends off to the south, watching down across the lower eastern shore, you know what i'm talking about. you notice the yellow and red starting to appear. the red is heavy rain and the yellow is moderate rain. we are starting to see that break out on the east side here of the district, out into prince george's county, down into charles county in southern maryland, down towards st. mary's city. south and east here, cambridge, easton, notice these darker reds crossing the bay. that is headed in our direction here in town. the rain will steadily pick up. we have a floodwatch.
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we are expecting rain totals here along the 95 corridor, expecting 4 to 6 inches. heavier rain down towards ocean city before this storm wraps up. the satellite signature here most impressive for a late october storm. there is your center of circulation. look at the eye redevelop late yesterday afternoon during the evening hours. that gives you a sense of how untense the storm is to be this far north and still be showing an eye. the storm still has plenty of convection. ments a hybrid. we are getting the cooler air starting to work in and we have the tropical features. it will be tracking off to the north and west eventually and make landfall it looks like southern new jersey, atlantic city, cape may, perhaps the bay of delaware later this evening. we think landfall will be 8:00, 9:00 tonight. things will gradually improve
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tomorrow. tomorrow will be no picnic. here is your tropical winds. let's talk about it. look at how expansive the tropical wind force field is. by 12 noon, they are starting to get in on the worst of the thins in ocean city. by 4:00 that wind field will start to cross the bay and we will get in on our worst winds after 6:00, 7:00 tonight. here we are at 9:00 and we are expecting steady wind approaching 55 to 60 miles per hour with occasional gusts particularly across the northern tier of the bay and north and east closer to that center of circulation, they could be hurricane-force winds. our trees and our community is not built for winds of 70 miles per hour. here we are at 11::00, just making its way in. it will be very slow to get on out of here. high wind warning goes in
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effect at 8:00. we'll have winds gusting later this afternoon at 65 miles per hour plus. that plus will be closer to the bay. current wind gusts, 29 in quantico. the real storm hasn't arrived yet. 23 in leonardtown. our maximum wind gust has been about 29. 54, there are your winds, gusting to 70 later today. rain heavy at times becoming very windy late this afternoon as the storm approaches the coast. there is your accu-weather seven-day. not a whole lot of improvement by tomorrow. by wednesday, a gradual warm- up. it will be very cool as well. overnight lows will get down into the upper 30s to about 40. let's do some traffic with julie wright. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. already we are fining a portion of beach drive already blocked off in preparation for what is expected to be standing water.
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beach drive blocked off between the d.c. maryland line and grosvenor. we do have to mark out some problems for you. just a heads up. no service on metro today because of sandy. we're in the quite sure when metro will reopen. we know today service has been suspended. let's take note for amtrak, no northeast service as well. you are finding limited transportation transportation out there on metro, on montgomery county, the bus lines. buses are not running today as well as on amtrak. we are keeping you as updated as we can with this information. winds restrictions in place for those traveling 50 out at the bay bridge. a portion of 50 already shut down between gulf coast and philadelphia due to standing water. route 90 remains open at this time. close in, we'll show you the roads. a lot of road spray kicking up in your face. no incidents to report so far. if you don't have to be out
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here on the roads, don't, stay home, hunker down and bundle up. lanes are open between college park and bethesda. heavy downpours of rain definitely going to cause problems with visibility. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. >> thank you. we continue to track sandy this morning. up next, we'll get a live report from annapolis, maryland. >> and parts of virginia are under water at this point. this is video from the hampton roads area. and we'll take a live look at fairfax, virginia as well where the rain is coming down extremely hard. lots of -- this is going to happen in lots of different areas. as tucker barnes said, it will get worse throughout the day. melanie alnwick is live in fairfax. she says there are gas stations that are open as well as a wal- mart there. if you haven't gotten your supplies, you still have time before it gets even worse. seven-hun stay with us. we'll be right back. pports...
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welcome back. right now, we are taking a live look here in ocean city, maryland where you can see the -- well being look at the waves. they are starting to kick up right now. tropical storm-force winds is what tucker is telling us right now. things are expected to deteriorate throughout the rest of the morning hours. you heard lauren mention earlier, lauren demarco is live out there for us, keeping an eye on things, she was talking about how they had mandatory evacuations but there were still people who did decide to stay behind. unfortunately, we were hearing from police at some point, they're going to evacuate -- or take the emergency responders off the roadways. so anyone that does decide to stay out there, you're kind of on your own at that point. 50-mile per hour winds sustained is what police say at that point that they would pull their emergency responders off the roads. so at that point, they would
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not be able to answer any calls for help. >> the mayor has already declared a state of emergency for the town of ocean city. they expect to have an update according to the web site at 9:00 this morning on the weather situation and they expect to also have a media briefing at 10:00 this morning at the public safety building in ocean city. that is according to their web site as well. they are putting out all the updates, safety updates and all the information that they have through social media and courtesy of their web sites. so if you have any power at this point, you can -- if you are watching online and you are able to get online, you can go to their web site and they will continue to update all the information. they've done the door to door evacuations. so just brace for what is coming next. >> we'll continue to follow hurricane sandy and the developments throughout the morning. stay with us. we'll be right back. right bac
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good morning. welcome to our special coverage of hurricane sandy this morning as we take a live look at virginia beach, virginia. there are folks down there watchth the storm for us this morning. you can see the rain really coming down and it continues to increase throughout the morning hours. we are tracking hurricane as she makes her way up the east coast this morning. here are the major headlines so far this morning. directly here in our area, metro has canceled all services for today. trains, buses and access transportation are all shut down. >> federal offices in the d.c. area are closed to the public and nearly all schools are closed today. you will see the closures scrolling across the screen throughout the newscast. newsc >> let's get r n


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