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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  October 31, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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new york and new jersey just beginning to see the scope of the recovery ahead. >> at least 22 dead in new york city alone. billions ever dollars in damage. it will be days before life even begins to return to normal there. fox 5 morning news continues now. straight up 6:00 on this halloween, wednesday, october 31st, 2012. taking a live look at reagan national airport today where, of course, the flights were pretty much at a stop for the last couple of days. things starting to get back to normal there this morning. good morning. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm a wisdom martin. >> before we get to weather, we want to talk about this. president barack obama will tour some of the hardest hit areas of new jersey today seeing the dam left behind by the superstorm firsthand. the storm is blamed for at least 55 deaths across 10 states. the white house and new york city mayor michael bloomberg have agreed now is not the
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right time for the president to visit new york as the city continues recovery efforts. new york's subway system remains closed today because of the extensive flooding. the new york stock exchange will be open, running on back- up generators. we are also sharing some new video this morning of rooftop rescues from new york's staten island. take a look at. this and nypd helicopter rescued five adults and a child yesterday. flood waters continue to keep some new york and new jersey residents trapped and the national guard is in hoboken, new jersey helping to rescue thousands ever people stuck in homes and apartment buildings there. people are still trying to deal with this as the storm is still around but north of us. >> the worst is over by far here. things are winding down. still some rain showers out there this morning. locally, we are still getting some rain but the very gusty wind are a thing of the past. so that is good news.
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let's get to the hd radar. let me show you the rain showers that continue for fall across the area. you can see there that we've got some rain owers that have reappeared here in the past hour off to the west and to the north. so could be a scattered shower in your forecast to start your day. but the trend will be i think just generally cloudy this afternoon with lighter winds and some cool temperatures. highs only expected to be in the mid-50s later today. the good news, i know we got trick or treaters. late this afternoon, maybe a little sunshine. and just kind of cool with temperatures falling back into the 40s here by dusk. temperature right now at reagan national, 43 degrees. 43 in leonardtown. 39 out in win chester. it is definitely chilly out there in gaithersburg. 39-degree. 39degrees. here is your forecast. temperature will be in the mid- 50s later this afternoon. it will be chilly.
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they will probably need a light jacket underneath the costume. >> thank you. good morning. we have got a lot going on. people back to work and already problems to report on the outer loop of the beltway approaching new hampshire avenue right there at the rigs road overpass is where i have the accident scene. couple of cars involved. one person being extracked from the one of the vehicles. traffic squeezing by single file to the left on the outer loop of the beltway. southbound 95, backed up as we'll from before 212 out of beltville head out towards the capital beltway. that is what we have working as far as accidents. we are still concerned with the storm damage and the problem that is causing out on the roads as well. jason smith has been sending us live video here from the scene along 410. that is the east-west highway and a portion of beach drive that remains shut down.
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rock creek parkway and beach drive in d.c. open. let me take that t. back inside. 395 across the 14th street bridge, we have reports of an incident tying up the ride shoulder. -- let mow take it bakken s ide -- back inside. -- let me take it back inside. 50, the early accident we had here has cleared. 175 remains blocked off between maryland 3 and gambrell. water street still under water near route 4. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. ime metro is open today. normal service resumes this morning. however, some bus routes could be affected by flooding and road closures so build some extra sometime into your trip. the federal government also open today although employees have the option for unscheduled leave or telework. there are some school delays this morning but most systems are open again today. some individual schools are closed because of power
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outages. you can check out the full list on also, we have it scrolling there on the bottom of your screen. >> along the potomac river, new fears of mored intoing as high tide is expected in just a few hours. >> areas in old town have already experienced somed intoing due to sandy. some businesses forced to shut down last night. melanie alnwick is live in alexandria with the latest. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are down to dry pavement for the most part here at king an upstreets in old town alexandria. just a few puddles left here. the flooding yesterday described pretty much as minor. there is still a coastal flood warning in effect for areas along the potomac, for d.c., for parts of fairfax county south of here and as well as across the river in prince george's county. that in effect until 2:00 p.m. friday. in montgomery county, the potomac river is expected to crest about 7 inches above flood stage sometime early this evening. here in old town town, all eyes
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are going to be on high tide this morning and also tomorrow morning. they are used to this in old town alexandria and while they certainly braced for the worsted intoing of historic proportions, the water really only came up a few teat submerging the lower part of king and union streets. once the wind and rain stopped, the businesses that could open did. there were plenty of onlookers waiting to so what sandy brought. businesses and residents in this low-lying area are used to this. they were well prepared with sandbags that the city distributioned in advance ever the storm. but it is not over yet. >> people come down and they go how are we dealing with the shops being flooded and what they do, they basically close opportunity, raise the furniture up off the floor and deal with t it's been doing this -- i've been here 55 years. it's been worse.
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>> we are stuck here until thursday because of the storm. >> reporter: you know, all in all, not a bad place to be stuck. it is pretty qaipt here in old town. people can travel around except for the althougher part of king and union streets. i can see the gas lights are on there. -- it is pretty quaint here in old town. again, high tide expected to be around 10: 06 this morning here in alexandria. and then perhaps tomorrow is expected to be the worst of it. >> all right. thank you. meanwhile, utility companies in the d.c. region continue to make head way on those widespread power outages. at last check, dominion virginia has just under 21,000 people still in the dark. bge is now under 30,000 in anne arundel, howard, montgomery, calvert and prince george's county and pepco is down to under 1400. >> we want to share this political note with you as well. our maryland senate debate originally scheduled for 9:00 this morning has been canceled
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because of the storm aftermath. we apologize that we were not able to reschedule it before the election day. coming up next, remembering the life of a woman who helped change the image of the white house. >> but first, with just six days to go until the election, every action counts. we'll take a closer look at how the presidential candidates are responding to the superstorm. s
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when we think no one is looking. is what we do... mitt romney: believe that they are victims. anncr: mitt romney thought no one was looking when... he attacked forty-seven percent of americans. his companies shipped jobs overseas. his plan cuts millionaires' taxes, but raises yours. he'll voucherize medicare... and make catastrophic cuts to education. so remember what romney said... and what his plan would do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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early voting resumes today in maryland. voting centers will open at 8:00 a.m. and close at 9:00 p.m. today that is through friday. in the district, early voting resumes at 8:30:00 a.m. and that will run through saturday. there is no early voting in virginia though you can vote absentee if you meet specific qualifications. with just sick days to go until the election, president obama and republican challenger mitt romney are focusing on storm relief. yesterday at red cross
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headquarters in northwest d.c., president obama said local officials can call him personally at the white house if they get no response to for assistance from the federal government. she was the woman who helped turn the white house in the cultural and social icon it is today. letitia baldridge has died. she worked as jacqueline kennedy's social secretary and before that, they blazed trails, the first female executive at tiffany's and worked at embassies in rome and paris. she later made her mark as an etiquette expert. she said basic manners and kindness are more important than the rigid rules of formal etiquette. she passed away monday in bethesda at the age of 86.
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a halloween hot spot gears up for celebrations tonight. >> take a look at this scene in puckiestown, maryland. a playground under water. we want to see your photos as well. we have seen some spectacular photos this morning. e-mail them to us. fox 5 morning news is back in a moment. ♪
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. it is easy to forget with all the attention on the superstorm but today is halloween. georgetown should be bustling like years past. the area is a hot spot for halloween. be advised though that their number of street closures starting at 4:00 this afternoon and lasts into the thursday morning hours. for a list of closures and parking restrictions, can you just go to and click on web links. >> those are creepy. road closures, i think we're expecting them right now
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anyway. it's just like oh, more roads closed. >> that >> that halloween down in georgetown is fun. things will gradually improve. i know we said that yesterday but with each passing day, thicks get a little bitter. i don't think we'll see a lot of sun today but maybe some peeks of sunshine by afternoon. i promise by tomorrow, we'll see more sun. things are headed in the right direction. there is your radar. still some light showers falling generally west of the city. much of this hasn't really been reaching the ground but probably enough to wet the roadways out to the west. so you get the idea here. much of the area is drying out at the moment and unlike yesterday when we had the showers kind of hanging out all day, i think today generally, we'll be talking about just clouds hanging out all day with even less wind than yesterday. so things are headed in the right direction. the center of circulation if it
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still officially had one would be up here just to the north of pennsylvania up into new york now. you can see still and incredible circulation a couple of days later as we still seeing rain showers and snow out to the west. still some rain up to the north and west up into pennsylvania and we are still drawing moisture off the ocean. we are just not done with the remnants of sandy at this hour. with we'll be dealing with a lot of clouds today. not expecting as much rain. cloud cover will hold temperatures back into the mid- 50s. so it will still be a cool one today. our average day tame high should be in the mid-60s for the last day of october. so temperatures will be running about 10-degree or so below what we consider to be normal this time year. currently, it is chilly. 43degrees in washington. 39 in gaithersburg. 43 this morning in leonardtown. 44 in annapolis. off to the west, winchester is 39-degree. so again, chilly start to the day. kids going out tonight. we should be fine for halloween. it will be cool but we're in
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the expecting any rain showers. mostly cloudy skies. we should have one more cloud in there. 55 today. winds south and west five to 10. still cool this time of year as mentioned. we are head in the right direction. it should be dry again for trick or treater going out during the evening hours. there is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. tomorrow look a lot brighter. partly sunny skies. highs in the mid- to upper 50s. right now, the weekend looks nice and dry with temperatures in the 50s. these temperatures for the next week trending a little below average. that is a look at weather. let's do some traffic and get the latest from julie who got busy again this morning. >> yeah, very busy out here on the roads. the crew in sky fox is with us. show us what you got. outer loop of the beltway before you reach new hampshire avenue at the rig road overpass. that is where we had the crash with only the left side of the roadway squeezing by. we are told from authorities that there is an ongoing investigation that will be in place until further notice. now, the outer loop of the beltway starting to slow leaving westbound. that also means travel
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southbound on i-95 is starting to back up well before 212 out of beltville headed down towards the capital beltway. if you can, bail out early, pick up 410. that could save you some time using that as the workaround. jason smith was down along beach drive. we have a portion of that still blocked off between 410 and knowles avenue. rock with a parkway, beach drive on the d.c. side of the roadway remains open at this time. we do need to work out some other problems. -- rockway parkway. there is a crash eastbound 29 at 286. left side of the roadway there is blockeddened. tree debris, we've got wires down as well georgetown pike at old dominion, that remains closed off until further notice. that i portion of 15 shut down between 50 and 704, harmony church road. if you come to an intersection
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where you find standing water, do not travel through it. do not drown, turn around. rn a there is that portion of 202 that remains blocked off at the marlboro pike. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we'll go live to fox business network in new york. the new york stock exchange is open for the first time this week. more on how it has been impacted by the superstorm. as we go to break, disney is buying lucas films in a deal worth $4 billion. that gives the house of mouse control over the star wars franchise. kind of an odd pairing but it is what it is. disney plans to release a new star wars movie in 2015. e in 2 . >> is mickey going to be in it? >> or donald or goofy with light sabers taking on darth vader. we are back in just a moment. ananncr: their ads, hopelessly untrue.
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. welcome back. the full extent of the superstorm's impact on new york city is still being assessed. the new york stock exchange reopens later on this morning. lauren simonetti with fox business network there is live this morning with the business beat and good to see you. you are outside. we're glad to know you are okay. >> yes, am. thank you. this area, however is not okay at all, wisdom. i know you can't get a sense of how bad it is down here by my shot. the shot looks dark. you are thinking it is because it is so early in the morning. that has nothing to do with. it it is so dark because there are no lights down here whatsoever the only lights you see are light that is shining on me and the three flights lites in the background which are the iconic pillars of the new york stock exchange, red, white and blue. it will open for business after being shut down for two days. at 9:30:00 a.m., the bell will sound. there are no phone lines working in there. there are no internet
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connections working in there. the resilient new york trade hers are already showing up. we don't expect many of them already. they've said we'll come outside. ate quarter of new york's cell towers are down. they are going to hope to get a call, have them place the order on their electronic platforms and hopefully, it will be business as usual today but really, it is nothing like usual down here at all, wisdom. >> it is tough to see new york city like that. the question a lot of us have is we see the darkness behind you, the flooding everywhere, the transportation system down in many place and these people are still -- people are still trying to get around in new york city basically and these stock traders have to get to work. that is going to be difficult. >> the way you get around is you drive. because most bridges are open. some major tunnels are closed such as the brooklyn battery. and the queens midtown is closed as well. but most bridges are open.
6:27 am
most tunnels are open. the subway is completely shut down. every other train system shut down. the buses are running on a sunday schedule and it is free today. some people will just walk. i walked home yesterday. it took me about an hour but i did it. because the weather is not too bad. but that will be the hardest part. physically getting here today. it is really rough. there is a skeletal crew. this building is operating on two generators right now. it is the only lights down here that you see. there is about 12 security guards. they've been here from this weekend sleeping wherever they can, just really trying to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. >> thank you for getting us that information. best of luck sapped stay safe in new york city. >> to you too, over there. you want spoken to you this week. to you guys too. i know you are dealing with it as well. >> thank you very much -- best of luck and stay safe in new york city.
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>> we'll go live to new jersey where president obama will tour the hardest hit areas later on today. today. we're back in just a moment. 
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. we're one of the hardest hit places in the city -- one of the hardest hit places in the city. half of the city was flooded. at one point, the water was seven feet deep. the national guard arrived overnight to help people stranded by the storm. officials say they will be using high water vehicle to evacuate apartments and to deliver supplies. >> and just an incredible sight of destruction. this is a daylight view of the queens neighborhood that went up in flames during the superstorm. it is now believed that at least 100 homes in the brzezinskiy brzezinski -- in
6:32 am
the breezy point section were destroyed. the cause of the initial fire is still not known right now. president obama traveling to new jersey today to get an up- close look at the devastation there with governor chris christie. it is hard to tell what caused it. i mean, gosh, just look at that. >> it was certainly fanned by the winds. >> right. >> whether they figure it out or not, either way, a lot of people will need help out there. >> yeah, it is tough. around here, today will be another day for clean-up for for people that have trees in the yard, that kind of thing. trees will gradually improve around here. i know we have trick or treating later tonight. we should be just fine. going to be a little cool out there but not dealing with a lot of wind or rain. so that is good. let's get to the radar. got a couple of light showers out there to start your day but things have been gradually improving since yesterday and much more in the way of rain yesterday. in fact, it rained for much of the day here in washington. you can see just some scattered
6:33 am
showers out to the west, out west of hagerstown working down 81 and than a few light showers here south and west of town. can't rule out the possibility of an early shower but the trend will be to take rain out of the forecast and just kind of keep the clouds around today. maybe even a little sunshine later this afternoon. so officially, we are going mostly cloudy. there might be some peaks or spots of sunshine later. it is cool. 43 in washington. 40 this morning at dulles. 41 at bwi marshall. high temperatures later today will top out in the upper 40s to mid-50s. we'll go 55 in washington. but parts of the area may not get out of the upper 40s as the cloud cover will hold tough. so another cool one today. kids headed out to trick or treat, we should be fine. it will be cool temperatures. they'll be falling back into the 40s. a cool trick or treat this career but at least it will be dry. >> and dark -- a cool trick or treat least it will be dry. >> and darker than usual too. kids will need to make sure the kids are more reflective. >> you may not want to trick or
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treat. >> well, no, but if you are around in that area. i'm he not say having. >> i get your point. >> what are you going to be this year? >> i hadn't planned. we were aulabout sandy. i hadn't really thought about it. >> what did b. thank you. >> we'll talk about that in a minute. >> talking about this all morning. he keeps teasing us. >> i can't wait to see this. >> let's check in with julie wright and get the latest on traffic. >> i think sky fox is with us right now. we are checking out this live shot. this is the beltway on the outer loop of the beltway approaching new hampshire avenue. the accident there underinvestigation and will be for quite some time. traffic on the outer loop is able to squeeze by single file to the left. delays stacking up out of greenbelt leaving kenilworth avenue avenue
6:35 am
let me map out this other issues we have working for you. traveling inbound on route 50, tying up the two left lanes. westbound 50, stay to the right to get bi. storm damage clean-up continues and 175 remans shut down between route 3 and gambrell until further note ills inform charles county, it is 227 that remains blocked off between marshal corn are and livingston road. -- westbound 50, stay to the right to get by. storm damage clean-up continues and 157 remans shut down between route 3 and gambrell until further notice. people in alexandria are fearing what sandy could still have in store. >> high tides are expected on
6:36 am
the potomac river later on this morning raising concerns of more flooding. melanie alnwick is live in old town with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. we've seen some crews from the city of alexandria coming out here this morning. they want to check and see if there are any sort of debris that was left over from yesterday's flooding, see if that needs to be cleared. it is sort of standard operating procedure for them to clear that out because they know more flood water will be coming. take a look at yesterday. it look like the water came up probably about knee high at the bottom of king and union streets here in old town. this is pretty typical, what they call minor flooding in this area. it does happen once a year at least, sometimes several times a year. businesses and resident were well prepared with sand degrees and a lot of tourists came out with sandbags to take a look at it and see what the damage has been. here what is they are prepared for, what they are bracing for. this is where the flood water was yesterday. it is possible that it could come as high as this mark here. that is what would cause a
6:37 am
little bit more damage, more into old town alexandria. high tide here expected at 10:06 this morning. we'll be keeping an eye on t and perhaps even higher on thursday. that is the latest here from old town. back to you. >> thank you. president obama will get an up-close and personal look at the devastation left behind by superstorm sandy. he will take a tour of the hardest hit areas in new jersey today. recovery efforts are well under way all throughout much of the northeast. >> it will be a long road back to normal. fox's jennifer davis is live in new jersey. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is typically a fisherman's paradise, a small community of just over 200 people. when the storm hit, there was four feet of water here and just nowhere for it all to go. these houses tell the story of what happened next. you can see debris is strewn all over. houses were washed off their foundation. these houses all sit along the delaware bay so it wasn't even the atlantic ocean that was
6:38 am
causing all of this directly. still, the damage is immense in this little town. this is a scene repeated up and down the coastline of new jersey and it is what the president will see when he comes later today to see the mess that sandy left behind. >> i told the mayor and governors, if they're getting no for an answer somewhere in the federal government, they can call me personally at the white house. >> reporter: the president making a promise to help state and local leaders in storm- battered areas get the help they need. new jersey is one of several states dealt a severe blow by the storm inform hoboken, roughly half the town of 50,000 people remain flooded. powerful wind gusts also to blame for toppling a roller coaster in seaside heights. >> the pier with the rides where i took my kids this august before the republican convention, we got in the famous yelling match with the guy and the ice cream cone, those rides are in the atlantic ocean. >> i don't think it is any
6:39 am
secret but standee hit us -- sandy hit us very hard. it was a storm of historic intensity. >> reporter: downs trees and debris litter the treats. residents left trying to salvage whatever the storm spared. >> neighborhood is in a bit of a state of chaos right now. >> reporter: damage is really of epic proportions in this region. governor christie says it is just not safe for children to go door to door trick or treating given the conditions of these neighborhoods and communitiesen he will sign an executive order later in the week rescheduling halloween and a number of communities have pushed their festivities off to the weekend. weekend. jennifer davis, fox news. back to you guys. >> thank you. to politics now. early voting resumes today. in maryland, voting centers will open at 8:00 a.m. and close at 9:00 p.m. that is through friday. in the district, early voting resumes today at #:30:00 a.m. through saturday.
6:40 am
no early voting in virginia. can you vote absentee if you meet specific qualify indications. >> both president obama and mitt romney have canceled campaign stops for the last couple of days because of the superstorm. the president has been in washington to monitor the situation and relief efforts and as we mentioned, he is heading to new jersey today. romney held a storm relief event in high and is now in florida for three campaign events today. although the red rick will likely be toned down because of the storm. coming up next, the wizards hit the hard court in their first season opener. >> as we go to break, more images of the superstorm's aftermath. this pick is from upper marlboro, maryland. keep e-mailing us those pictures of what is going on out there, what has happened out there. t there.  s anncr: their ads, hopelessly untrue.
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what mitt romney's tv ads say about women? or what mitt romney himself says? mitt romney: do i believe the supreme court... should overturn roe v. wade? yes. and it would be my preference that they, that they... reverse roe v. wade. hopefully reverse roe v. wade. overturn roe v. wade. planned parenthood, we're going to get rid of that. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. anncr: no matter what mitt romney's ads say. we know what he'll do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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what is going on? >> like the music. >> we got the big band soon. >> we got tucker and tony dance. do kind of like the music though. >> i do. i actually like them walking behind us too. >> yeah, you guys want to do the wizards highlights? >> no. >> let's take a lock at the season opener. no big band music for the wizards last night. john wall, you like the glasses? >> those are actual lenses. >> no. >> you don't like them. >> no. >> hater. >> i like the three. >> bradley beal knocking it down. eight in his debut. the cavs hay kid, irving, rookie of the year last year. 29 last night. the kid is pretty good. he played by asemester at duke and then he was gone. it looked bad when dion waiters, look out, rookie of the year right there.
6:45 am
wizards with -- way down but they came way back. wizards were up by two on the road in the fourth quarter. but it didn't last. what you liked is they were down by 16 and rallied and took the lead. showed some fight. i know there are no moral victories in hoops. 81 more to go. they raised the banner last night some miami for the heat and the celtics. ray allen used to play for the c. hugs doc rivers. it is just kind of weird. the celtics offered him more money to stay in boston. he said he wanted to go for a contending team, ie that the celtics aren't contenders anymore. >> maybe he wanted to play with lebron. >> do you have a problem with
6:46 am
him dissing ray allen. never gave him a hug, never shook his hand. >> who cares about kevin garnet. it shows a lack of class on his part. if you really want my opinion -- >> if you are playing for another sidened you're trying to win, i now want to beat that guy. there is no time to hug, shake hands. whatever happened to competition? >> i whip you every week here on this show. when it's didn't, i pat you on the back and say way to go, dave. >> i just whooped you again. so congratulation again. >> i think i'm out of here. i'm walking off the set. >> wisdom is throwing a fit. what's going on? >> is it my imagination or do i not know any of the players on the wizards this year besides onwall. a whole new team, isn't it? >> feeling good about it? >> i'm going to play this back at the end of the season. >> sarah has a wizards shirt. >> i like that shirt.
6:47 am
>> it is a nice shirt. >> i hope they do win. >> it is looking better than it has been for the past few days. we'll be dry for the trick or treaters here later this afternoon. temperatures will be on the cool side this evening as they're out. we should be nice and dry here with a creepy chill. upper 40s at trick or international society time by 5:00 or 6:00 tonight. radar, couple of light showers left over. here we go. we are not quite done with it yet. you can see thins generally winding down as our system continues to lose some energy and pushing farther away from the area. the wind have lightened up big time here after the last couple of days. satellite-radar, there you go. disorganized mess but still some rain showers and still some circulation. the leftover center would be right up there near buffalo but you can see we're still lifting some rain showers up into southern new england and on the back side of it, we're still getting some rain and we're getting a little bit of snow as
6:48 am
well off to the west. still some winter storm warnings flying for west virginia and western maryland. 40 at dulles. will be a cool one today with mostly cloudy skies. still cool for this time of year. but generally improving. winds will be lighter as well. next couple of days, featuring more and sore sunshine. tomorrow, highs in the mid-50s and right now, we're dry for the weekend. all good news. but cool. >> okay. >> quite the finish. >> i know. >> you landed though. >> can i just say something before we get into this. in the morning line, last night was the first game of the nba season. did i hear dave ross predict who the rookie of the year is going to be? >> after one game. >> and it just happens to be a guy who went to the same
6:49 am
college he went to. >> so there you go. you take that into account. >> it is time for tony and tucker. today's question is about the superstorm. it is from ray collins. we're having some graphic problems so we don't have it up for you. ray is a sky warn weather spotter. so he is an official weather spotter. he writes, is it possible that the counter clockwise rotation of the storm protected d.c. because the storm had to rotate across the blue ridge westward dropping snow and then across the mountains again eastward. >> pardon me. i'm going to look at my maps so we can look at it as well. >> that's fine. >> : and then across the mountains eastward disturbing the air flow, lowering the damage potential before the rotation of the storm could get
6:50 am
to d.c. and about 57 miles southeast of d.c. that is an interesting theory. so you get what he is saying. >> yeah. >> so tucker is setting up a map. have you to start talking too. i don't know the answer. >> go right back to max 2 if we could. we'll take a look at it. there, he is talking about the energy coming around the back side of it and over the mountains. the reason that washington was spared compared to our neighbors to the north is all about location. the storm was equally intense here as it was there and, in fact, many of our wind gusts across the region were in excess of 07 miles -- of 70 miles per hour as the storm got going during the evening there on sunday into monday. 79-mile per hour wind gusts at thomas point light in maryland. we had 75-mile per hour wind
6:51 am
gusts in laytonsville, maryland. 70-mile per hour wind gusts at bow yes. and between about 5 and 10 inches of rain. the reason we did not suffer the same effects as our neighbors to the north is all about location. center of circulation came in just to our north and to our east. and what happens with tropical systems, this is interesting, is that right -- tony knows this, of course, but the right quadrant of a storm as it is circulating counterclockwise, that is where the worst damages occur because you take the forward momentum of the storm in addition to the strength of the storm. so, in this case, the maximum winds at landfall were 70, 80 miles per hour. you have basically 120-mile per
6:52 am
hour winds when you add the figures together. sandy got going down in the caribbean and pushed all this water up the atlantic coast as she was making her approach for landfall. and all of that water, the worst of that water got pushed into the coastlines of new jersey and new york. we didn't suffer that again, because we're inland. that is the other reason washington wasn't hit quite as hard. >> can i ask a question also? the storm sped up. at one point, it was moving at 15 miles per hour, then 18, 20, 28. it really sped up just before it made landfall. i'm wondering if, as it transitioned from a tropical system and got closer and started pulling in the energy from the other storm system, if that storm system helped to bring it in faster because it began moving faster than i think most of the forecasters thought it would which also limited to some extent some of the damage we got here because we were talking about we'll have 16 hours of -- right. it was only a couple of hours.
6:53 am
>> it moved pretty fast once it got on land. >> that is a good point. the last few frames of sandy as it made its aproven to landfall, it was almost disappearing. did you notice that? -- its approach to landfall, it was almost disappearing. some of that was because we had a bigger storm sort of engulfing our tropical storm. >> eating the hurricane. >> they'll be studying this storm for years. >> did we kind of answer his question, what you were saying at the end there with speeding up? >> the answer to the question is what he specifically asked, no, that is not what really happened. what happened is what we just said. >> okay. but a great question, ray. thank you for ask it. if have a question you want to have answered, go to and click on the weather tab. now, we want to tell you something. happy halloween. as you know, we usually have some fun on halloween. because of what has been going
6:54 am
on the last couple of days. can they go online and look at one of the old ones i don't we'll bring up a classic. we had plans but we never got to make it happen. >> it will be even better next year. >> twice as good. >> right. a lot of things going on out on the roadways. let's check in with julie wright to get the latest. >> storm damage, tree debris, wires down, flooding and now accidents and one of which is still with us. thanks to the crew in sky fox, they are hovering above the accident scene. the crash involve eggcupful vehicles. it is vurnd investigation. police tell me most likely it will be here throughout the remainder of our morning drive. the outer loop of the beltway, only the left lane is able to get by. this is a great shot, jeremy. delays starring to stack up back to kenilworth avenue. -- it is under investigation. better bet is to use 193 in maryland as a workaround but you do not want to commit to the top stretch of the beltway right now because this ongoing investigation will be with us until further notice in you
6:55 am
exit tonight beltway past university boulevard, you do so well past the accident scene. but also make note, not only is the beltway jammed because of the crash but southbound i-95 traffic gridlocked from before the icc trying to merge on to the out are loop. let's start off in virginia where, again, storm damage is plaguing us again. it is the georgetown pike. flooding to content with. braddock road at burke lake road. that remains under water. we've got accident activity. this is tying up the drive northbound i-59 before you reach quantico. two-car fender bender there. left lane remains blocked. big delays headed northbound out of stafford. your average speed now down to 16 miles per hour northbound on i-95. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. >> thank you. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, the storm doesn't have to put a hitch in your halloween plans. it is not too late to put together the perfect costume. >> we are going to check in
6:56 am
with holly morris. she is hanging out with experts this morning to find out what is popular this year and how can you still put together an ensemble that will wow everyone. we're back in a moment. [ earnest ] out of the blue one day,
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