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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 16, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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hostess, possibly. >> get ready to rock. the all female tribute band, lez zeppelin is live in our studios this morning. a couple of the members are. they'll perform for us and you can find out where you can catch one of their shows this weekend, that's coming up at 9:45. they are highly regarded. >> women who rock. >> there you go. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm alison seymour. happy you're with us on this friday morning. we didn't say that, whoo-hoo, it's friday! >> thank goodness. tucker barnes is with us now. he's in the weather center to tell us what we can expect today. hey, tucker. >> cloud cover to start your morning. but the sun will move in very quickly here and we'll lose the cloud cover. should be a great looking afternoon. get ready for a bit of a warmup with a lot of afternoon sun for friday. live look at your satellite radar. notice the cloud cover and radar suggesting a shower or two early this morning. not much is touching the ground. pushing off to the north and east. out to the west here, we've got
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clearing skies. should be a beautiful day for most of the day here, and with temperatures back into the mid- 50s. warmer than yesterday. right now we've warmed up to 46 at reagan national. 41 at dulles. bwi marshall 44 degrees. here's your friday forecast, and we'll peek at the weekend in just a minute. highs in the low to mid-50s. lots of afternoon sunshine. should be a dry friday for you and a dry start to the weekend, too. more details on the weather and we'll look at next week, thanksgiving holiday, we'll have the forecast for that. back to you. thank you very much. in our big story this morning, former cia chief david petraeus is testifying on capitol hill right now. >> he is answering questions about the deadly consulate attack in libya, while questions still swirl around his affair with paula broadwell. sarah is back with more on today's testimony. hi, sarah. >> hi. petraeus is set to give
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testimony in two closed door hearings before the senate and house intelligence committee. but general petraeus is not talking about the sex scandal. he is attending classified hearings today about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi that led to the deaths of the american ambassador to libya and three others. lawmakers say he might can give more details about what happened because petraeus was on a fact finding mission to libya a few weeks ago. tensions remain high with republicans blaming the president and democrats warning republicans not to jump to conclusions. >> barack obama was no more responsible for what happened in benghazi than george bush was for september 11th. >> what is clear is this administration, including the president himself, has intentionally misinformed, read that lied, to the american people in the aftermath of this tragedy. >> that exchange coming from a even open hearing on the hill,
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three days after the attack on 9/11, petraeus testified the attack was sparked by a flash mob. lawmakers want to know if he knew at the time he was being investigated by the fbi. much of the focus on the fallout has been on susan rice, who said early on it appeared to be the work of protestors, not terrorists, as it now appears. secretary of state hillary clinton is also expected to testify after an internal review is complete. that may happen next month. allison? >> sarah, thank you so much. the looming fiscal cliff takes center stage at the white house today. president obama is meeting with the leaders of both parties from the house and senate this morning to start negotiations on avoiding the tax hikes and spending cuts. this afternoon the president will sit down with the heads of 13 civil rights groups to get their input on the negotiations. there are worries of a
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looming war between israel and hamas after more rockets were fired from gaza overnight. this morning another rocket hit the biggest city of tel aviv. yesterday was the first time in 20 years air raid sirens went off in the capital. some 500 rockets were fired from gaza since wednesday and in responsiveness israel launched 150 air strikes, killing 20 palestinians. this morning israel is amassing tasks on the border and have called up thousands of reserve troops. let's look at other top stories now. we start off with a shocking accident in texas. a freight train slammed into a flat bed truck full of wounded warriors. four were killed. 17 hurt. ten of them in critical condition. the soldiers were on a parade float yesterday when the train hit them without warning. union pacific says the train did sound its horn as people
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jumped off the truck. it's believed the truck got stuck in the slow parade traffic leaving the float to straddle on the train tracks. closer to home now, update on an amber alert we've been following. 18-year-old alexis rose carwile has been found safe. she was found in maryland along with her mother, jennifer carwile. she was reported missing yesterday afternoon from halifax, virginia. the two were with the man you saw previously on the left side, eric eugene black. that's the baby on the left now. black was arrested around 4:30 this morning south of richmond. the "washington post" reports carwile and black were supposed to hand alexis over to social services yesterday afternoon in virginia, but instead they abducted the girl from a home on lower liberty road. the two arnow in custody facing abduction charges. tony? also this morning a bowie
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state university student accused of murdering her roommate is found not guilty. the jury acquitted alexis simpson. she pled self-defense. simpson said she complained to university officials about frazier several times before the incident. this man is accused of assaulting a 17-year-old girl in a woman's bathroom. it happened about a week ago at the thomas jefferson library in falls church. the girl screamed and the man took off. if you know who this is, fairfax county police are asking you come forward. while we are on traffic watch in virginia -- >> it's been five years in the works. the 495 express lane set to open tomorrow. fox5's sherri ly is live in tysons corner with everything you need to know. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tony, good morning allison. i don't have to tell you guys
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that the beltway is notorious for its gridlock. officially those express lanes open tomorrow. but don't be surprised if you see them open up a little bit late tonight. there was a special guest who took the inaugural trip just a few minutes ago. we'll tell you who that is shortly. come monday, take a look here, when you are stuck in in a bumper-to-bumper traffic here on the beltway, those in the express lanes will keep on moving, giving the express lanes their first test. they run 14 miles in each direction from springfield to the american legion bridge along the beltway. how much it will cost depends on the congestion and how far you travel of the the more using the lanes, the higher the toll. expected to cost five to six dollars for the average trip. carpoolers with three or more people will be free and motorcycles free.
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>> everybody needs the e-zpass flex if they want the toll free trip. we have a partnership with the virginia state police and they'll be out enforcing the hov rule. >> reporter: what's the penalty for people who violate this? >> similar to other facilities. there are penalties, they begin with $50 fine and can be up to a thousand dollars for subsequent violations. >> reporter: it looks like the first rider on the express lanes is santa, straight from the north pole. he came through just about 20 minutes ago. he made that final leg of his journey on the express lanes getting on at braddock road and making his way to the exit at tysons corner, where he is headed to the mall to see all the boys and girls and hear what their christmas wishes might be. i did notice santa only had two people in that car. not officially an hov three, but i think they might have let him go on the tolls. >> i see they didn't ticket
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santa. >> who is going to stop santa? >> thank you very much. hostess announced this morning it is going out of business. this after workers have been on strike because of new contract terms they say cut wages and benefits. the workers didn't return to work yesterday evening, which was the deadline that hostess gave them to end the strike. the company which makes twinkies and a lot of other goods of course says it will begin to close plants immediately and look to sell off its name. the move will cost more than 18,000 jobs. coming up, david petraeus certainly is not the only person with authority to be caught in scandal. so how do you gracefully exit your job with all the negative attention? i'm sitting down with a professor at georgetown university who is the author of the new book, leaving on top. his tips ahead for leaving gracefully, whether you're under fire or not.
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>> what happens if you're involved in a scandal? your home may become a tourist destination. we'll explain after the break. t's 9:09 now. 44degrees on a friday morning.    
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the home of the woman linked to the scannal involving david petraeus and his mistress have become somewhat of a tourist highlight. people have been flocking to jill kelly's house in tampa, florida. people stopped by to snap pictures or wait for a glimpse of kelly. >> this is news, because -- [inaudible] >> it's like the real housewives of tampa. >> kelley is considered a socialite in tampa. she approached the fbi in june
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about threatening e-mail from petraeus' mitt trespass paula broadwell. the fbi uncovered the e-mails between kelly and john allen, the top commander in afghanistan. tony? thank you. whether they've been forced out or leaving voluntarily, leaders in business, government, sports, and even entertainment can face an awkward transition when they step down. while it's unclear how david petraeus' departure will affect the cia, others in the spotlight have managed to leave on top. joining us now is david heenan, a visiting professor at georgetown university, and author of the brand-new book, "leaving on top graceful exits for leaders" which is being published today. welcome to the show. boy, probably could not have picked a better week for this book to come out. >> a lot going on. lance armstrong not that long ago, lockheed president just
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resigned under almost the same circumstances. >> yeah. frequently we look at these situations and we think, my goodness, i don't know what i would do in that situation. it can be very difficult making it transition, whether you're under scandal or not. talk a little bit about these situations that you've just mentioned and how they've been managed, right or wrong. >> generally i think we're a forgiving nation. i think that's a starting point. i think most of these people, certainly petraeus, job one is repairing the family relationship. i think once he gets over that, he has particularly challenges. ordinarily, a general at that level would have directorships, all sorts of corporate opportunities available to him. given the judgment errors he's made, particularly the e-mail stuff, it would be very, very hard for me to see how a publicly traded company would put him on the board. he'll have a tough time. i think there's a healing period that has to take place. >> if the outcome down the
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road, and certainly now it appears there were no national security issues, that type of thing, you're right, people will call into question his judgment, i suppose. but this being a forgiving nation in many ways, is it possible down the road this will be looked at as a personal transgression and not one that could affect him in the corporate world? >> i think so. he'll need more breathing room than most, given the level of authority he had. a lot depends how you define yourself and your job and to the extent you've created other options. most businessmen, unfortunately, entertainers and others, define themselves by what we do. and trying to make that change without having something else going for you, whether it's a side occupation or another vocation, makes it tough. as a result, jobs become, if we're not careful, self- constructed prisons. you find the work place, while
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a great servant, can be an ugly and unforgiving master. >> people in these roles, these top roles, whether it's government, business, entertainment, sports, what have you, frequently have healthy egos, not to say they're egotistical, but to get to that level, you have to be confident, is it hard for them to know when to leave and how that make that graceful exit? >> it's tough for all of us, but for them in particular, people have been blowing smoke at them for years. they get caught up in the buzz, many think, particularly founding fathers of companies, they're owed immortality. who do you turn to for constructive criticism? and particularly politicians. they get organizationally in the senate and congress, and as a result, they block the flow of talent to the top. >> i want to mention you cite many examples of people who
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handle it well. some of the most interesting examples to me come from the world of sports and entertainment. you talk about jimmy dean, who was able to develop other interests outside of his music career. was very smart in making a transition. >> right. >> george foreman, boxing and sports in general, a a lot of times people don't leave when they should. >> joe lewis the classic. mike tyson is profiled in the book, also had difficult. foreman is an interesting character. he was close to bankruptcy himself. and all of a sudden, the grill came along. now the smiling george and he reinvented himself. >> absolutely successful. fascinating. >> amazing guy. >> we're out of time. you also talk about johnny carson. the book is called "leaving on top graceful exits for leaders." particularly in these days, a good read. it is available today in book stores and online, and elsewhere.
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thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> hopefully we'll know when to leave gracefully. allison, back to you. >> tony, if you give me a bag of money, i'll leave today. just saying. >> not sure that's graceful. >> you're right. coming up, famous actress learns she has a 17 and a half- year-old sister. why it's been kept secret. >> first, how the redskins plan to face the eagles this sunday. time to check in with holly. >> reporter: what's the best way to start the day? by making a gingerbread house, of course. it's what we're doing live this morning in tysons corner. your kids can do the same this weekend if they come out to be a part of the enchanted forest put on every year by the junior league. we're going to tell you about it live later in the hour.
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allison? >> thanks. it's official, star wars action figures also dominoes go down in history in the national toy hall of fame. star wars figures went on the market in 1978, dominoes originated in china in the 1300s. we're talking really old school. 49 toys are now on display at the 14-year-old hall, which is in rochester, new york. time now, 9:20.   i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office.
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we reported earlier about president obama meeting with congressional leaders today concerning the fiscal cliff. the "wall street journal" is reporting the white house is in advanced discussions to implement a smaller package of tax hikes and spending cuts at the end of this year and move the larger talks further into 2013. it reports house republicans are working on a similar plan. it's unclear if these will be part of today's discussion. "wall street journal" is owned by news corp, the parent
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company of fox 5. redskins host the eagles this sunday with a new approach, back from the bye the last seven games almost like a new season, hoping to correct the issues that plagued them through the first nine games. while philly is struggling, the team is still stacked with talent. and d.c. united also takes the field this sunday for the second leg of the mls eastern conference finals. they fell short in houston last sunday and in order to advance to the finals, united needs to score at least two more goals than houston. kickoff is set for 4:00 p.m. at rfk stadium. there's been a lot of attention on affairs this week, right. and coming up in today's ask allison, i'll weigh in on one man's dilemma. his best friend is involved with a married man. >> first, a shooting range under fire. the decision to use live people at targets.
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we'll explain that after the break. it's 9:24.      
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it's the idea of target practice taken to the next level thanks to one florida gun range. customers engage in simulated shooting against real people. they use real guns to shoot, but they do not use live ammunition. instead, customers are given bullets similar to those used in paint ball guns. the owner of the gun range says most people come for fun, but they are seeing more women come to practice protecting themselves. >> perhaps it's like, as opposed to a cardboard thing at the end, it's real situation. i've been paralyzed by fear to the point it was harmless, but you can't really move. if you're in a real situation, maybe it trains your mind. >> but gee, what could go wrong here, allison? >> it's not live ammunition,
9:29 am
though. >> someone puts the wrong ammunition in or not paying attention? >> like a plot on murder she wrote? i've seen that on murder she wrote. >> okay. life is a lot like murder she wrote. the problem is, they won't have an angela lansbury to figure it all out. >> or will they? >> i'm going to do the weather. >> what's the difference between paint ball and that? >> little balls of paint. >> but you're shooting somebody. at this place, over here they have live ammunition. let me just get it, put it in the gun, there you go, have some fun. >> not paying attention. i understand. >> what's angela lansbury doing here? >> temperatures started on the low side.
9:30 am
>> so selective. >> i've done paint ball before. it was fun. not good at it. 46 reagan national. 45 in still got cool temperatures north and west. 34 in frederick. 36 in martinsburg. i promise it will become clearer later. persistent across the eastern shore of the bay, oxford, cambridge, light showers. that's out of here. upper level disturbance come through overnight last night. you can see it pushing north and east to new york. the bulk of the rain showers staying offshore. look what's happening, i mean just out to our west. if you're watching in our western suburbs, you're probably basking in the sunshine, and i think most of us should be in the sun shortly if you haven't done so. trend is mostly sunny skies this afternoon. a good looking couple of days. friday and saturday, lots of
9:31 am
sunshine. temperatures in the low to mid- 50s. high pressure will cooperate around here. temperatures a little bit on the cool side for this time of year. but with sunshine and temperatures in the mid-50s today and tomorrow, should feel good out there as we get into the weekend. the weekend looks promising saturday and sunday. clouds associated with that storm system by sunday. but not expecting rain showers around here soon. 54 today. lots of sunshine. cool, winds out of the north at about 5 to 10. as we get into the night time hours, will get cold again. 37 overnight low. accu weather seven-day, saturday and sunday fine. partly sunny for the redskins game and d.c. united sunday afternoon. early next week we'll keep quiet conditions for traveling. a lot of people traveling early next week. looks fine. thanksgiving, upper 50s with sunshine. that's a look at weather. allison and tony, back to you at the desk. ♪ there's been a lot of attention this week on affairs,
9:32 am
right? people who cheat. one viewer is asking my advice in today's ask allison. here's a little background information. was a long e-mail. we do what we can to bring the pertinent information. met a woman at a martial arts class and over the past two years they've become close friend. at one point he said he did develop romantic feelings, and told her, but she saw him as more of a brother and he accepted that. a few months ago she revealed she's been dating a married man the last two years. he expressed his concerns and says it upsets him to see her cry and appear to be unhappy all the time. here is dr. confused's question. he says, i accept the fact that she doesn't feel the same for me as i feel for her. but i can't watch her get depressed and cry over this man again. the last time it hurt too much to watch her go through all that pain. i want her to be happy in the end. if it's not me, then with
9:33 am
someone that will treat her the way she deserves and this guy isn't it, especially since he's married. i believe i may have lost my best friend. i don't know what to do in this situation. thank you so much for writing in. first of all, i have no doubt that although you have feelings for your friend, you are able to objectively not approve of this relationship. it does complicate the issue, of course. to that 1st, and briefly, your friend might have in the back of her mind that you want her for yourself, so that's why you'll say anything against this relationship. but at the end of the day, of course, it is my opinion she will make up any excuse not to listen to a reason from you or anyone else for that matter, until she is ready to be done with this drama in her life. now to the larger question, have you lost your best friend, because you told her how you feel about her being the other woman? honestly, you may have strained the friendship a little, because it hurts to hear the truth. she probably hears this from other people, too.
9:34 am
but you have to stand by the way that you feel. you say you hate to see her hurt and unhappy. how can you be wrong for wanting to see her in a whole relationship, not waiting around to spend some time with someone else's husband whenever he can sneak away. of course you are right, but it's not an easy situation for you to be in. all you can do is stay true to your straight talk, to hear her and hope she will one day wake up to the reality she is in a losing situation with a man who can return the love she does deserve. the kicker in all of this, everybody, is this married guy reportedly is pretty closed off emotionally. he has a hard time opening up to the mistress. his question is, dr. confused, does he even feel the same way or is it about something else, if you know what i'm saying. this unhappiness in all of this, this is what is in store for this woman ask and you know that. you are right and she has to respect the fact you don't like or respect her affair. your friendship isn't all about
9:35 am
her and her issues. if this is a two-way best friendship, her love life shouldn't be dominating what you talk about. hopefully she'll come around. but it's got to be in her time, just be there for her when she does, because she will be probably very sad. all right. tony, what do you think? >> good point. i think your advice is right. i think he did, you know, obviously he cares for this woman, whether it's, you know, he had feelings, romantic feelings. but as a friend, he's done what a friend would do, counsel her in the best way he can. she chooses not to hear it now, but in the end, he's done what he feels he should do and really is what he should do. >> right. >> i think that as time goes by, she hopefully will come around. >> hopefully. >> i suspect she will. in terms of that friendship being what it is. she'll realize, you were right, you were trying to help me. >> hopefully she'll return the friendship like he's been there
9:36 am
for her. thanks for writing in. head to, click on the morning tab for a link to ask allison. ♪ >> drama, drama, drama. lindsay lohan learns she has a laugh sister -- half sister. >> more drama. >> details straight ahead. >> millions will head to the theater this weekend to learn the fates of bella, edward and jacob. find out how our movie reviewer rated "breaking dawn" coming up in the buzz bin. 
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yep, it is the end of the road for that animal, bella and
9:40 am
edwards. twilight breaking dawn part 2 is in theaters and you can bet they'll packed this weekend. it's the fifth installment in the series. kevin mccarthy said there's an unexpected twist and gave it three and a half stars. >> i'm going to tell you what the twist is. bella turns into a transformer. crazy. more drama for lindsay lohan. >> a dna test proves her father fathered another daughter. this time it was with a woman he had an affair with during the early 90. so the girl who is now 17 is lindsey's half sister. he agreed to submit to the test after denying the allegations for some time. did this through a hookup? >> tricked you. >> that's good. your chance to score a decorated tree and help out local charity. >> up next, holly is taking us
9:41 am
to the enchanced forest where more than 130 trees will be up for auction this weekend. >> then a group of female rockers performing the work of led zeppelin, the all female tribute lez zeppelin is performing for us after the break. we'll be right back. ♪ where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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tomorrow the junior league of northern virginia kicks off its 12th annual enchanted forest. this includes food, christmas crafts, and even a silent auction. >> the proceeds benefit local charities. holly morris is there now live in falls church. holly? >> reporter: good morning. this is so much good that goes on at this event.
9:45 am
this weekend if you have any time at all, you should come over and stroll through the enchanted forest and take part in the wonderful thing they have planned. we're doing our best to give you a preview. jerry is with me, a member of the junior league and here to talk about another aspect. i don't think our show is long enough to talk about all the wonderful things that are part of this event. >> this program is particularly wonderful. it's called kids in the kitchen. it teaches kids about healthy eating. we go out in the community and teach children and their parents how to eat healthy. but here we have a holiday twist. when you come to the enchanted forest, you'll meet our chefs and we'll teach you how the holidays can be festive and healthy. >> reporter: can you turn them into chefs in time for thanksgiving dinner? >> i can. we'll show you how you can may with your food and have fun. >> reporter: i love it. what i love about the junior
9:46 am
league is you have a huge commitment to children in need in general. >> this program reaches about a thousand children in the community. we go to health fairs, into shelters, and what we try to do for the parents is show them there are healthy recipes that are available. you can find them at your store, they don't take long to make, but still good for you. >> reporter: let's check in with our chefs from culinary. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. how are you? >> reporter: i'm doing well. what's going on today? >> we have here christine is making a granola that you can make at home. very simple and easy to do. pecans, nuts, some maple syrup, brown sugar. >> reporter: not only are you doing the cooking with kids, but you are going to be a part of the performance, right? you'll be doing demonstrations? >> we are. we'll be making soup,
9:47 am
smoothies. >> reporter: this is wonderful. what's going on down here? >> this is an italian flat bread. simple, easy to use. it's great to engage kids early in the kitchen. it's something they can do. it's a little bit of flour, yeast, water, salt, sugar. >> reporter: sometimes people might not think of a cooking school involved with an event like this. this is wonderful for you to be a part of. >> it is for us. we've done two events with them already, where we've done a social tea and then we had a group of young ladies came in and cooked for their mothers. >> reporter: nice. >> at the school we try to get kids involved early so they can learn good techniques and yet healthy techniques. >> reporter: so they have this wonderful backdrop behind them of ll these beautiful trees as you've been seeing all morning long. they have a theme and these will be a part of the silent auction and there's the raffle tree by the designers as well. this is only a part of the enchanted forest.
9:48 am
come to this side of the room now and look at another part of the forest in the making. all those wonderful people that are decorating trees. that's reason enough for you to come out. you have only seen the tip of the iceberg. we're making our way to jennifer burnside, president of the junior league of virginia. >> happy holidays. >> reporter: they are happy already and you are a part of it. what's going on here? >> we have an example of our families making gingerbread houses. it's one of our premium events saturday and sunday. we welcome kids and families to come out. we'll be opening doors at 10:00 a.m. saturday and running through 5:00 p.m. and again sunday from 10:00 to 1:00. >> reporter: how long on average do people stay for the event? >> usually a couple of hours. we have a number of activities outside of our enchanted forest where you've seen with the trees, we have national capital trackers. they have a room decorated with steam engines and villages.
9:49 am
>> reporter: a whole room for trains? >> a whole room. >> reporter: cool. >> and the children's science center, where kids can make crafts and obviously the kids in the kitchen, kids in the holiday kitchen. >> reporter: i have to check in with him here. can you tell me your name? >> houston. >> reporter: houston? houston, how is that candy tasting? >> good. >> reporter: you know the candy is supposed to go on the house, right? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: as you put the peppermint in your house. your house is wonderful. you are doing a beautiful job. to round this all out, the big man himself, was with me at ice yesterday, and now here with me today. santa claus is here. they have the georgetown cupcakes with the snow fairy princess who is here with us, and they have different things with santa as well. santa, i wanted to say how is it going today? >> good to be here. this is great. i'm so looking forward to seeing all the children tomorrow. >> reporter: we need to talk. i have a long list.
9:50 am
>> which list are you on? >> reporter: what do you mean which list am i on? don't listen to him, i'm only on the good list. is our web site. we have a link to the junior league of northern virginia back to you in the studio. >> holly, thank you very much. that's great over there. we have something great now, too. they are a new york city based all girl band that pays tribute to one of the most successful bands of all time, led zeppelin. lez zeppelin as they are called will be in concert tomorrow in falls church, two members of the band shannon and steph joining us this morning. this is very exciting. sometimes when you say tribute band, people get a certain image in their head. you know, you guys don't dress up like led zeppelin or anything like that. this is really, this is an act of love that what you do. tell me about it and how you got started. >> well, it's actually interesting you say that,
9:51 am
because we don't consider ourselves a tribute band. i started the band about eight years ago purely out of love for the music. we feel we sort of channel it and she incarnated to a certain extent, and as musicians, this is the greatest rock music of our time. we believe that, and we never get sick of it and every night is different and it's like a classical musician who finds a piece of work and brings herself to it. that's what we do. >> when you perform, what is the reaction of the fans who come to see you? >> pretty ecstatic. it's fantastic. they tell the story back to us. they're all in with us. it's really, like nothing -- you have to check it out. >> state theater tomorrow night in falls church. this is very interesting to me, because you guys, you've met, i know in particular, you've met
9:52 am
all the living members of led zeppelin. what do they think? >> you know, i think they love it, because they sense a passion and a commitment to the authenticity as well as, i think the understand we get what they did, and that we are a truly in tribute to them, rather than impersonating them. they've told me personally they think it's fantastic and it's very heartwarming and satisfying to know that they appreciate it. but we -- it's just, it is a true labor of love. >> labor of love. it's the next best thing. i know you guys have performed at countless venues and some of the festivals and a lot of people book you say, led zeppelin won't do it, let's get lez zeppelin. >> right. >> this is it. >> what are you going to sing now? >> [inaudible].
9:53 am
>> other two members aren't here, but will be with you tomorrow night. >> we do the whole thing. this is the page plant version. >> very good, lez zeppelin "ramble on." ♪ ♪ thanks to you i'm much obliged ♪ ♪ now it's time for me to go ♪ the autumn moon lights my way ♪ ♪ and now i smell the rain, with the pain, and it's headed my way ♪
9:54 am
sometimes i grow so tired ♪ ♪ but i know i got one thing i got to do, ramble on ♪ now is the tile, the time is now to sing my song ♪ ♪ on my way ♪ ♪ i got to ramble on ♪ ♪ got no time spreading roots ♪ ♪ the time has come to be gone ♪ ♪ it's time to ramble on ♪ ♪ now's the time, the time is now ♪ sing my song, going around the world going to find my girl ♪ ♪ on my way, i've been this way 10 years to the day ♪ ♪ i got to ramble on, find the
9:55 am
queen of all my dreams ♪ ♪ don't tell me no lies ♪ ♪ ♪ mine is a tale that can't be told ♪ ♪ my freedom i hold dear ♪ ♪ years ago and days of old, when magic filled the air ♪ ♪ and in the darkest depths of mortar, i met a girl so fair ♪ ♪ the evil one crept up and said away with her, her, yeah ♪ ♪ and there ain't nothing i can
9:56 am
do, no ♪ ♪ i keep on, rambling on ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ baby, baby, ♪ ♪ ramble on ♪ i got it when my internetet hee was faster than at my office.
9:57 am
9:58 am
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sunshine starting to break out. mostly sunny afternoon and should be a beautiful friday and start to the weekend with temperatures warming up a little bit. five-day forecast, or seven-day forecast now, 54 today. weekend looks dry. partly sunny here sunday afternoon for the big games. next week, no travel issues at least otherwise, as things will cooperate monday through thursday now. upper 50s for thanksgiving. >> great forecast. >> lez zeppelin is doing a full show tomorrow night at the state theater in falls church. if you love music as much as you do, you must love picking it apart, learning it and playing it. >> never gets boring. n


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