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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  December 5, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. tonight a loaded gun found inside a fairfax county high school, the message administrators have for parents. >> plus a man killed in a hit and run crash, but police say this was no accident and right now the driver is still on the streets. >> and there's a winter chill in the air, feeling a little
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more like december tonight, but we may soon see another round of warm weather. we'll begin with a disturbing discovery at a high school in fairfax. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. administrators found a loaded gun in robinson secondary school. fox 5's audrey barnes has the latest from the newsroom. >> fairfax county schools have an e-mail alert system called keep in touch . that's how parents found out about a gun found at secondary school at robinson. school officials immediately le rachel shrineman has three kids at the school and was instantly concerned when she received an e-mail alert about the discovery. >> i have a 7th grader who didn't really know what had happened. my 10th grader had heard, but it was dealt with so quickly that i think the kids felt very safe and i haven't seen my 12th grader yet today. >> reporter: investigators say there was an ammunition magazine in the weapon, but
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they didn't release any other details about what led them to the locker. >> of course, i mean it's concerning, but it can happen anywhere. so i don't see that robinson is any different than any other school that could have something like this happen. >> reporter: in a letter e- mailed to parents the school's principal says fairfax county police were immediately notified about the incident and he says the suspects involved were identified and questioned. the letter continues. "we recognize the danger associated with any weapon in the school. we will continue to monitor the situation to ensure the safety of students." the principal wrote. as for shrineman, her three kids will be at school tomorrow. >> i was very relieved chet with it as soon as -- they dealt with it as well as they did. the kids were kept safe. i think it's a pretty safe school. >> school officials say they're taking this situation very seriously and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.
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who tried to blow up an atm in fredericksburg? that's what virginia police are trying to figure out tonight. sky fox flew over the scene at the virginia credit union on gordon shelton boulevard. someone called to report an explosion overnight. security video confirmed an explosive device went off around 4 a.m. it scorched and damaged the atm, but it still functions. police evacuated the bank and nearby homes this afternoon after a dog detected a possible second device behind the bank. it was nothing. they gave the all clear a short time later. another big story tonight, a 34-year-old manslaughter dead, his 34-year-old brother -- man is decked his 34-year- old brother hurt after -- dead, his 34-year-old brother hurt after apparently they were intentionally run over this morning in gaithersburg. >> reporter: just after 1:17 a.m. this morning police found one of the brothers unconscious on the grass next to a sign for the avalon school. video of the scene shows paramedics working on the man
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several minutes, but never regained consciousness. when police spoke with the man's brother, he told them this. >> he related to us that he and his brother had been in a black honda civic with at least two other people in the car. they had received a ride and were dropped off in the shopping center right behind us here at chestnut and route 355. >> reporter: police say the men then began walking down west diamond avenue when the surviving brother says the same car they were riding in ran them over. police found the car with damage to the windshield and n a nearby shopping center. >> we -- in a nearby shopping center. >> we have the car. we're going to check with the registered owner, ask them where the car was, who had it this morning and hopefully close this case very soon. >> reporter: police say the case is being investigated now as a homicide. earlier today in potomac we spoke with the mother of the man killed. she declined to go on camera but did say the son who
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survived is out of the hospital and is now recovering at home. in the fox 5 newsroom i'm paul wagner. a 14-year-old boy is dead after a double shooting in prince george's county. eliezer reyes died at a hospital after being shot just after midnight in lewisdale. police believe it was a drive- by, someone firing the gun out of the window of a vehicle in the 2200 block of sheridan street. they found the car, not the gunman. the second victim is an adult. his injuries were not serious. it certainly has not felt like december these last few days, but things are about to change. live look outside tonight, sue palka is in the weather have to let us know how much cooler it's -- have to let us know how much cooler -- have to let us know how much -- have to let us know how much cooler it's going to get. >> last night at this hour we were still in the 60s. december has been pretty easy on us so far with a couple days in the 70s, but a reality check
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tomorrow as well. let's get a check on temperatures this hour. we're down to 34 degrees in hagerstown, 36 in winchester, 44 in the district, annapolis 46 degrees. we've got clear skies and dry air and we expect these temperatures to continue dropping with those suburbs going down to the 20s. what changed is the frontal boundary came through in the overnight hours and brought came showers. it's well to the south now. next up is the area of high pressure that will settle in on us during the overnight hours. in the meantime as we have the high pressure settling in, we will drop to 28 degrees at dulles and gaithersburg, 27 for frederick. you'll stay warmer along and east of 95 in the low 30s, culpeper coming in at 28 degrees. satellite conditions show the last of the lingering moisture well down in the carolinas. there is a small deck of high thin clouds coming through. i don't think they'll be around all night or thick enough to keep us warm.
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we expect those to continue moving on out. bottom line, a decemberlike day tomorrow, but it will feature a good amount of sunshine. we'll talk more about the conditions for tomorrow night when we light the national christmas tree and yes, brian, there's another warm-up on the way. we'll detail that for you with the fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. tonight the family of a man pushed off a new york subway platform in front of an oncoming train is thanking the people who reached out. keith sukon died monday when he was shove onto the tracks. new york police arrested a homeless man who admits he was in the subway station with hahn when i was pushed. witnesses -- when he was pushed. witnesses picked davis out of a lineup. tonight hahn's family is struggling trying to figure out why this happened and why nobody tried to help. >> our family is struggling, but we want to thank everybody who reached out to us and offered help. we are suffering in sorrow, but we have the support of family, friends and our church to help us through this time. >> hahn's funeral is set for tomorrow. coming up at 11:find out what led to the deadly encounter on
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the subway. a parking meter mess in the district, taxpayers footing the bill. >> plus a hospital worker tricked into giving out private information about kate middleton, wait until you hear the prank phone call. . >> posting a negative review on amazon may have created service problems for this woman tonight on the news edge.  music's, ready !
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an effort to fight fraud and provide parking spots for the disabled in the district is being called a disaster. d.c. council members don't know what to do with the red top meters and the program has now cost taxpayers $815,000. fox 5's matt ackland has details. >> reporter: it was alleged fraud of the free disabled parking policy uncovered by fox 5 and vdot which prompted the red top meter program, but in a tied vote tuesday night about a year after those red tops went up the program is still on hold. >> i was disappointed because i
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think that the bill we put together actually was very, very good. >> reporter: council member mary cheh is frustrated after working with the disabled community to put together a plan which would make 10% of all parking spots red topped. her bill would have likely stopped the fraud by making all pay to park. >> what they kept saying is accessibility is the key thing. we want to be treated equally. we with the to have access -- we want to have access and we're willing to pay for parking. >> reporter: council member muriel bowser helped block cheh's red top program after hearing from her constitute wents. paying to park was an issue -- constituents. paying to park was an issue. >> i have a lot of senior citizens and i just know they'll abandon shopping in the district and go to maryland where parking is more predictable. >> reporter: cheh didn't mention names but thought the politics of making all pay to park may have killed her bill. >> i think we were also caught up in the politics now of maybe
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some members wanting to be mayor or whatever they want to be because i even had one office, their staff, said we agree that this is good policy, but it's bad politics. >> reporter: so the question what comes now? the useless 450 red tops already in place and 1,500 more in storage will just sit there until the council can come up with a plan that works. >> i'm not sure what the next step is. >> reporter: vdot says don't open. somehow they'll put to use those nearly 2,000 red tops in the future even if they have to paint over the red. matt ackland, fox 5 news. former d.c. council chairman kwame brown's brother is now charged with the same kind of crime that forced brown to resign. shea brown is faces bank fraud charges accused of claiming $35,000 on a morning loan request. he will plead guilty. he was convicted of a similar crime in 1995. kwame brown also pled guilty to
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lying about his income on bank loan applications. it was a phone call that perked up ears across the capital tonight as we get word president obama and house speaker john boehner spoke by phone later today, no word what was discussed as the two men try to strike a deal from sending the country over the so- called fiscal cliff. fox 5's bob barnard with the latest development. >> perhaps the phone call is a sign the two sides are trying to kick start negotiations on a tax and spending plan before mandatory cuts in government spending and tax increase goes into effect in less than a month. maryland congressman chris van hollen says he thinks there's only a 50/50 chance a compromise will be reached by the looming end of the year deadline. >> i hope we can come together. it's important to avoid the fiscal cliff. it's also important to do it the right way. >> doing it the right way obviously depends who you're speaking to. i asked maryland democrat chris van hollen, ranking member on the house budget committee, what happens if the white house and republicans in congress cannot reach a deal by january
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1st? >> it doesn't necessarily mean january 2nd, you know, the world falls apart, brought it does mean is if you go into january, you know, deeply into january without having resolved these issues, taxes will go up across the board on everybody. that's a big tax increase. >> and deep across the board spending cuts in defense and other areas of the federal government. >> if you look at the plans that the white house has talked about thus far, they couldn't pass either house of the congress. >> president barack obama says he will not sign a bill without a tax increase on incomes over $250,000. he met with a roomful of ceos in washington today. >> i know that many of you have come down here to try to see is there a way that we can break through the logjam and go ahead and get things done? and i'm here to tell you that nobody wants to get this done more than me. >> and yet house speaker john boehner says the president has
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not responded to republicans' latest proposal. >> that offer included significant spending cuts and reforms and it include additional revenue. frankly, it was the balanced approach that the president's has been asking for. >> perhaps the boehner/obama phone call late today has moved things along. >> there's lots of activity looking at opposites. what we don't have right now be on -- options. what we don't have right now obviously is a meeting of the minds. this will require a difficult compromise on all sides to get the job done. >> speaker boehner sent house members home today for the rest of the week keeping negotiators in case the meeting with the president calls for more movement. >> let's bring in fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin to talk a little bit more about this. mark, are both sides do you think making a valid tempt or is it looking more and more like we're -- attempt or is it looking more and more like we're going over the cliff? >> i have no way of knowing.
10:17 pm
i will say what was left out of bob's excellent report. he referred to this meeting with ceos of the business roundtable and said look, the debt ceiling has to be automatic. we can't go through that again separate it. has to be included in the plan and the republicans have no reason to go along with that. so in some way the president is raising the ante by putting another pocketer in which could complicate things -- factor in which could complicate things. >> let's talk about the democratic side of the race for virginia's governor. >> the virginia governor's race is november of next year. bob mcdonnell cannot succeed himself. he can wait four years and come back. we'll talk about that later, but tom periello who served one term from charlottesville and was defeated, many people felt he could contest terry mcauliffe in a democratic primary. today he told people he's not
10:18 pm
going to run. so mcauliffe has a clear path in that june democratic primary and keel face ken cuccinelli. there are two -- he'll face ken cuccinelli. there are two other names, one gongorist large the best selling author -- one john grisham, the best selling author, but right now it looks like it will be mcauliffe and cuccinelli. you can't get two different people. let's talk about bob mcdonnell and he's a lame duck now. rumor is he's got higher aspirations. >> well, he's got nothing to do. he's out. he's out. if romney had won, he was an early supporter, he would probably have been in the cabinet, maybe even attorney general, but now there were two reports and most prominent being in the wall street journal today that he went up to sheldon madison. remember him, the guy with the real deep pockets who gave over
10:19 pm
50 million to gingrich and romney and introduced himself and told him of his availability, i guess, for president. democrats are very please because they think well, i guess he's not going to run against mark warner in 2014 and over in maryland, let's not leave out maryland, i talked to one high ranging politician who doesn't want to be quote -- ranking politician who doesn't want to be quoted who says martin o'malley who is also term limited and in two terms when he gets out has checked out meaning he stops being governor, he's running for president. so we're either blessed or cursed by the fact that we have two well known household names who have done it with their own states and want to go national. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin tonight. coming up next a local lawmaker issuing a challenge ahead of this weekend's redskins/ravens game. >> and he is only rookie, but rg3 memorabilia is already on its way to the nfl hall of fame. we'll tell you why straight ahead tonight. >> if you have a story idea we
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should look into, call us 202- 895-3000 or send us an e-mail 
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it's the battle of the beltways this weekend and the ravens/redskins rivalry has already inspired a county from one local lawmaker to another. >> if somehow you somehow sneak a victory, which i can't imagine happening even though you got lucky this past week against the giants, i will proudly wear an rg3 jersey for an entire day, but when we come down to fedex field and beat you this sunday, you will take
10:24 pm
my favorite jersey, and you will wear it in the office on a purple friday. we will make a purple friday in prince george's county. >> baker has yet to formally accept, but from his twitter page it appears he will and possibly even up the ante. >> oh, very interesting. >> good luck getting your hands on one of those griffin jerseys. >> that's the whole reason he's doing it. he just want an rg3 engineers. >> i it's the hottest selling jersey -- it's the hottest selling jersey in the nfl right now. today is a big moment for rg3. he's actually entering the hall of fame as a rookie or he's getting a foot in the door, a cleat and jury's as well. griffin's monday night performance against the giant, he broke the rookie quarterback rushing. he has 714 rushing yards on the season surpassing cam newton's mark from just a year ago. today a representative from the pro football hall of fame
10:25 pm
collected griffin's game worn jersey. he's got the gloves there, looks like evidence. he's taking it back to canton, ohio. last night griffin showed up at the verizon have to watch the wizards beat the heat saying he was the good luck charm for the wiz. he got a front row seat and a standing ovation from a very appreciative fan base. >> you never go somewhere expecting people to chant your name or at least i never have. i don't know about you guys. [ laughter ] >> so, you know, you walk into those events and that's those guys' time to shine and i was extremely proud of the way they played. you got to defending nba champs in your house and you beat them. that was fun to watch and to me it's just humbling to have the fans, whether it's football, basketball fans chanting or cheering for you. that means you're really doing something for the city. >> you got to love his
10:26 pm
humility. when he walked into the stadium or the rein, they were trailing and -- arena, they were trailing and moments later they took the lead and led the next three quarters. >> and they were chanting rg3 in the basketball game. >> a little distraction for the players perhaps. >> whatever brings the fans. >> whatever brings a win to the wizards, we'll take. >> no doubt. -- we'll take it. >> no doubt. imagine having a mini stroke at just 26 years old. a doctor joins us with the symptoms and warning signs ahead tonight. >> reporter: it's not easy to get motivated to exercise, but stick around. an inspirational man who has lost 310 pounds coming up. >> hi, we're the cashing family from turkey. we want to take an opportunity to say hello to our lovely family. we love you and from our hearts
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. an update on the royal pregnancy, prince william visited his wife kate at the hospital today. she's been there the past three days recovering from a severe form of morning sickness. doctors say the royal mom to be is feeling better. she'll remain in the hospital a few more days. two australian radio djs are apologizing for making a prank call to the hospital where kate middleton is recovering. the djs fooled the staff by pretending to be the queen and prince charles. >> i want to see how her little
10:31 pm
tummy bug is going. >> she's sleeping. she has had an uneventful night and sleeping is food for her. she's been getting some fluids to rehydrate her because she was quite dehydrated when she came in. i think it's difficult sleeping in a strange bed as well. >> yes, of course. it's hardly the palace, is it? >> the hospital and nurse gave the djs a fullup date on kate's condition. the hospital is reviewing its telephone policies. frank munoz starred in the hit tv show malcomb in the middle. following his stroke his friends noticed he was speaking well. so could you be at risk for one of these mini strokes? we have a doctor from georgetown university hospital joining us. when we hear or think about someone having a stroke, i'm thinking about someone older, maybe over the age of 50. this happened when he was just 26 years old. so it concerns me.
10:32 pm
who is at risk for a mini stroke? >> well, we can all be at risk for a mini stroke. people who are overweight, have high blood pressure, who have diabetic, who smoke, have high cholesterol are certainly at risk for stroke. in the case of somebody who is 27 there's usually something unusual going on. they may have an inherited condition or they may have very severe high blood pressure. >> what are the warning signs as we go about our daily life? >> great question. so sudden onset headache like you've never had before, sudden change in vision, double vision or trouble seeing, sudden weakness on one side, sudden trouble talking. the common theme in all this is sudden. it's a stroke out of the blue that occurs within a couple of minutes. it's not something that comes on over weeks or months. it's something that happens very suddenly over a few seconds or a few minutes. >> when it happens, i'm
10:33 pm
assuming we should immediately go to the hospital. is there a way to recover from this once it happens? >> great question. so you should immediately call 911. do not drive to the hospital. do not call your doctor. do not call your spouse or your mom. call 911 and get to the hospital. there are two reasons. one is because you don't know if the stroke is going to get a lot worse and you may not be able to walk or drive to the hospital. the second thing is that we have clot busting drugs that work within three hours of the onset of the stroke symptoms. so if you're in the hospital and diagnosed within either three or 4 1/2 hours after the beginning of your stroke symptoms we have treatments to help you. after that the window closes, becomes much harder to treat the stroke symptoms. >> is there any way to prevent a mini stroke? >> the biggest thing is to watch your blood pressure, if you have diabetes, to manage
10:34 pm
that very tightly, to not smoke and to make sure that your cholesterol level is normal. >> dr. alexander demerick from medster and georgetown, thank for coming in tonight. he used to weigh more than 600 pounds. now dan hawthorne is half his former size and sharing his weight loss journey with others. fox 5's beth parker brings us his inspirational story. >> reporter: this isn't gym class. this is a lesson in inspiration. dan hawthorne returned to his alma mater south hagerstown high to ask a question. >> how does a man get to 625 pounds? >> reporter: he's that man or he was at least. >> for two years i sat on the couch and ate myself to death. food was my drug. >> reporter: as a kid -- >> the might of my paper route was stopping at -- the highlight of my paper route was stopping at the corner store and getting my donut and chocolate milk. i just got bigger and bigger. >> reporter: he ballooned to 625 pounds. >> getting to my house to my
10:35 pm
car took all the effort i had. i really thought i was going to be pushing up daisies real soon. >> reporter: he finally hit a turning point. >> you've all heard the rocky theme. started to go off in the head. >> reporter: he got an e-mail from a friend of a friend, thomas burj, a professor and coach from hagerstown community college. here's a photo from the day they met and he told burj how ugly life had become. together they worked sitting down at first and eventually hawthorne made it down to 400 pounds. >> i like this. this feels good, man. >> reporter: now he weighs 315 pounds. he has cut his weight in half. now dan comes here to the gym five to six times a week and just like you, there are days when he doesn't feel like being here. >> every day the first thing i do is look in that mirror and i may have those days where it's real cold outside and it's still dark. you don't want to do that, but you have to. i'm aware of that because i
10:36 pm
like breathing. i like feeling good. i like looking better. that's all the motivation i need. >> reporter: he said burj saved his life. >> i think it feels good for me because of what it's doing for him. >> i thought it was super inspirational. it reminds me of my little sister because right now she's 130 and i'm 126 and she's 11 years old. so that's really a big eye opener for me and her. i'm going to tell her and show her, try to find a video on youtube to show her and say me and you are going to do this together. >> reporter: at his lowest point hawthorne thought he had no purpose. now he's addicted to helping others. beth parker, fox 5 news. up next a software company founder comes out of hiding weeks after he was named a person of interest in a murder case. >> plus it's convenient but pricey, not enough drivers are using the icc, the proposal that could change all that coming up. 
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 >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.  in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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breaking news out of guatemala. police have arrested software company founder john mcafee for entering the country illegally. mcafee had been in hiding for weeks after being named a person of interest in a murder case. he said he fears persecution in belize where he's wanted for questioning in the november killing of his neighbor. >> they killed one of my dogs. they broke into all of my houses. they stole. i have been continually harassed by the government. they have attempted to charge me with every crime. i have documentation that proves the intense corruption in all levels of the government. now that i'm in a safe place i
10:41 pm
can speak freely. >> police arrested mcafee in a hotel tonight after he illegally crossed into guatemala with his fiancee and two journalists. the father of a girl with leukemia who was taken out of an arizona hospital says his daughter is doing well and being treated in mexico now. this surveillance video shows the cancer stricken girl walked out of the hospital by her mother wednesday. police have been searching for her ever since. the girl received a month of chemotherapy and was treated for an infection that forced doctors to amputate her arm. the girl's father blames the hospital for the loss of his daughter's arms and claims the family was pressured over medical bills. the cuban government says the american government is lying about the health of an american man held in a cuban prison. alan gross' family says he's lost more than 100-pounds and may have cancer, but cuba says his weight is normal and does not have any tumors or growths. cuba wants to trade him for five of its intelligence agents held in a florida prison.
10:42 pm
tonight on the news edge a ruling that could affect everyone who uses online business reviews. a virginia woman complained about her contractor on yelp and ended up in court. >> new information on the death of a man thrown in front of a new york subway train, a witness explains why no one pulled him to safety coming up. welcome to chevy's year-end event. . so, the 5.3-liter v-8 silverado can tow up to 9,600 pounds? 315 horsepower. what's that in reindeer power? [ laughing ] [ stops laughing ] [ male announcer ] chevy's giving more. this holiday season, trade up to get the 2012 chevy silverado all-star edition for 0% apr financing for 60 months plus $2,000 cash allowance
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or get a total value of $9,000.
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should tolls on the pricey intercounty connector be cut in half? it's a serious proposal being put forward by a member of the montgomery county council. right now to drive the 18-mile icc down and back costs eight bucks. fox 5's john henrehan explains. >> reporter: after 50 years of planning, debate and construction the intercounty connector finally began opening in segments in 2011 but largely because of the lengthy delay the only financially viable option for the roadway was its construction as a toll road and
10:46 pm
the variable tolls are often pricey even in the middle of the day with an e-z pass for cars costing more than $3 for a full one-way trip. the rush hour cost for cars is higher and for trucks it's much higher. it was easy for to us find motorists in montgomery county who occasionally used the icc. >> when we need it, it saves us time and therefore, the money is worth it. >> reporter: you ever use it? >> i've used it a couple times. >> we use it sometimes going up to baltimore to visit friends. we don't use it every day, though. >> reporter: most days on the icc traffic is light to moderate. montgomery county councilman phil andrews who has never been a fan of the icc believes the tolls on the highway are way too high and should be drastically cut in order to draw more traffic onto the six- lane roadway. >> cut tolls in half because $4 a day each way, $8 a day round trip is just too much. cut them in half, double the traffic. you raise the same amount of revenue and make this highway a
10:47 pm
much more useful road, not only for the people on it but for the roads that the cars come off of. >> reporter: the maryland transportation authority says daily traffic on the icc is growing at the rate of 3% per month and first year revenues came in a million dollars higher than the authority's projection. the mta also said in a statement the toll roadway's purpose is to provide relatively congestion free travel with reliable travel times. the mta also said it will respond directly presumably privately to councilman andrews' proposal to cut icc tolls in half. reading between the lines of the statements from the mta, it appears the state agency's answer to cutting tolls on the icc is no. john henrehan, fox 5 news. i hope you enjoyed that nice warm-up because it's over, at least for a little while. >> it's a temporary break back to the cold stuff because we see another mild set of days
10:48 pm
for the weekend, not 70 degrees but would you take 60, 62? >> it feels mild to me. >> today was not bad either. we did drop to the upper 50s. we're having a cold one tonight. you'll notice it tomorrow, though. temperatures will be in the mid- 40s, a noticeable chill, but today we really kind of eased into this. our frontal boundary that brought the cooler air is now sinking south and there will be a little reinforcing shot of cooler air coming in during the day tomorrow. we get started with a look at the weather headlines, 20s for the suburbs, quite a bit different than last night with a lot of places in the 60s close to dawn even. below average temperatures tomorrow for really the first time this month with the exception of december 1st we're only going to be in the mid- 40s. december 1st we were at 51 degrees. our average is 50. we'll be about 5 degrees below that tomorrow, but the weekend will start to warm up again. we'll be pushing 60 degrees before you know it.
10:49 pm
now over the weekend and even into sunday it's possible there could be a couple showers around. there will be more clouds because the warm air will be coming in. as that process happens, it will cloud us up a bit, might be a couple sprinkles here and there. tomorrow is sunny. today's high temperature 63 degrees occurred after the midnight hour, dulles and bwi also into the low 60s and changing now into the 40s. i would not describe this still as terribly cold, chilly, yes. we have been colder in november. 34 for frederick and hagerstown at this hour, 36 for winchester, 39 manassas and a lot of spots still in the 40s including the district down to quantico. so here's where we're looking up to our north and west finding the 20s and some 30s. that's what we'll filter in overnight to give us a chilly start in the morning. a few high clouds out there. those will continue to pass
10:50 pm
through. what's left of our frontal boundary which is right here producing showers down across southern north carolina. it will continue pushing away and high pressure will be building in. beyond that more cloud cover, a very settled pattern across the nation, but that cloud cover that you see out to the central plains is the leading edge of warmer air trying to get back in here in time for the weekend. so here's probably the most important thing. overnight we'll drop to the 20s, 27 for manassas, 28 culpeper and martinsburg, 28 for dulles and gaithersburg, 27 frederick. annapolis will probably stay 37, baltimore 32. some high thin clouds now, clear skies a bit later. we'll keep it at 34 degrees in the district with a cold start in the morning and only recovering to about 45 degrees. so definitely our first below average day this month. chilly sunshine, though, will greet you. if you're heading down to the lighting of the national christmas tree, they have a great lineup this year. we'll find temperatures probably near 40 degrees as we light the tree around 5:00,
10:51 pm
6:00. tomorrow's high is only 45, but a lot of spots will only be in the low 40s. with the sunshine and not much wind, i don't think it will feel too bad. high pressure will slide to our north and east. that means a chilly start, but sunny skies all day long with the high pressure so close by. at 8 a.m. 35 with the cold start, by noon 42, a chill but not too bad. i think you can handle it. by 4:00 43 degrees under mostly sunny skies. so your fox 5 accuweather seven- day forecast looks like this. we are talking about a couple chillier days, certainly friday at 51 degrees close to average, but then we're already uptick as early as saturday with a temperature of 61 degrees. could be a couple showers around spotty. on sunday about 58 and it looks like monday warm enough that we could actually have a thunderstorm in the mix. can you imagine? it's 62 degrees. that will be another frontal boundary coming through. it chips us off for fuse and wednesday -- chills us off for tuesday and wednesday, but it's
10:52 pm
certainly not cold for december. >> looks nice. many organizations ask for your help this time of year. tonight we are asking you, too. we're gearing up for our annual stuff a truck food drive. fox 5 teams up with the capital area food bank to fill trucks full of food for d.c. area families in need. fox 5's wisdom martin shows us. >> reporter: they are the volunteers on the front lines in the fight against hunger. the bags have to be packed and the shelve stocked with all kinds of food. ted lampski is one of the 13 volunteers. >> we need to support and be part of the community. >> reporter: ted's group is one of 700 partner agencies working with the capital area food bank to help feed hungry families in the d.c. region. daniel heinz is here with five volunteers from premier dental care. >> it's a lot of needs in the community and everywhere. so for those of us who have
10:53 pm
been fortunate enough to have time or energy or money to give back, you know, there's a lot of needs to be fulfilled. >> reporter: that need continues to grow. the food bank says they have seen a 100% increase in the number of people looking for food assistance. they say that increase is due to job loss, the economy, high cost of housing and a number of other issues. the agency says volunteers are essential in helping them fill those needs. >> different members of our organization are used to giving back mentoring. we just wanted to do something as a collective group to show we care about the community. >> reporter: the food bank distributes 500,000 pounds of each a week. they say they couldn't help the thousands in need if they didn't get the help they need from the volunteers. >> to be able to give something of our time to help people who are in need is what's critical and you see it every day as you're driving to work. you see people in need. you're going to work. you need to take the time to volunteer and give something to the community. >> we invite you to join us
10:54 pm
this friday at the following giant food locations, brentwood, montrose crossing, greenbrier and hyattsville. you can find all the stores on our website. go to coming up next the push into your private life, what law enforcement agencies are asking cell phone conditions to. >> and posting a negative review on amazon may have created customer service problems for this woman next on the news edge. you won't take my lifee.
10:55 pm
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cool, you found it. wow. nice place. yeah. [ chuckles ] the family thinks i'm out shipping these. smooth move. you used priority mail flat-rate boxes. if it fits, it ships for a low, flat rate. paid for postage online and arranged a free pickup. and i'm gonna track them online, too. nice. between those boxes and this place, i'm totally staying sane this year. do i smell snickerdoodles? maybe. [ timer dings ] gotta go. [ male announcer ] priority mail flat rate boxes. online pricing starts at $5.15. only from the postal service. consumer beware, a phoney text message is making the rounds this holiday season promising a large gift card to several maryland stores. the message sends customers to a website, then asks for personal information like a bank account number or credit card. authorities say it's a popular scam called phishing and remind shoppers to never ever give away personal information to redeem a prize. another warning, your
10:58 pm
personal text messages might not be private. in fact, there's a push to allow cell phone carriers to save and even store your conversations for two years. fox's ted daniel has the latest. >> reporter: an estimated 6 billion texts are sent in the united states every single day. how long the actual message is stored depends on the carrier. according to a report in wired magazine, at&t and t-mobile discard messages immediately. verizon keeps them five days, sprint 12. that could all change, though, if local and state police have their way. they want congress to pass a law requiring cell phone companies to keep text info for two years. >> consumers probably are unaware that their text messages are even sought after by government officials never mind for two years. >> reporter: robert cicilano is a boston based online security expert for mca people he says privacy someonish -- mcafee. he says pryce is one issue, the
10:59 pm
cost another -- price someone issue, the coast another. >> their employees -- cost another. >> their employees would have access to the information as well. this is costing money and more than likely the cost will be passed on to a consumer. >> reporter: right now police do not need a warrant to access your cell phone records in. most cases the carriers hand the information over. >> that's really personal. there's nothing personal anymore in the united states? that's crazy. >> there's really no privacy anymore no matter, you know, if they tell you -- well, they don't tell you at all. they're going to do it regardless. >> reporter: it's clear the way we communicate has changed. it will be up to congress to decide just how much access police will have. >> thanks so much for joining us tonight at 10:00. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. the edge starts off with an international news alert, the syrian government is prepared to drop the deadly seran nerve gas on its own people. currently the gas is being


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