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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  December 7, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EST

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good morning. a hook at the u.s. capitol dome this morning. it's cold start to your day. temperatures in the 30s out this and probably colder in some areas. we'll check in with gwen in just a second. >> first. >> three, two, one! >> and with that, the first family flipped the switch lighting the national christmas tree. a huge crowd came out for the
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lighting on the ellipse last night. this marks the 90. tree for the tree lighting ceremony. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. a huge day here on fox 5. today is our annual stuff a truck food drive. we are teaming up with the capital area food bank. wisdom martin will join us just a bit later on this morning from a stuff a truck location. we'll have everything you need to know if you want to donate as well. first, let's get to gwen tolbart in for tucker barnes. it is cold out there. >> it is nippy. you want to make sure you are tressed warm. satellite-radar composite showing you plenty of clouds. could see some patchy fog this morning. current temperatures, 39 at reagan national airport.
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3 at dulles. 33 at bwi marshall. winds are pretty light today. -- 38 at dulles. back to you. >> thank you. we have some breaking news out of tokyo this morning. a strong earthquake off the coast of northeastern japan trigger as a tsunami warning. the preliminary magnitude is 7.3. this is the same area, by the way, that was hit way massive earthquake and tsunami in march of last year. no damage is reported at the power plant but buildings in tokyo swayed for several minutes. a warning this morning to students and staff at george washington university after there is an attempted sexual assault and series of burglaries on campus. police have released
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surveillance photo of two suspects they say told laptops from dorm rooms. some same-sex couples in maryland are one step closer to getting married. law will not take effect until january 1st. clerks began issuing licenses thursday. karen gray houston has a closer look. >> reporter: meet karen preening, resident of potomac, general manager of a furniture store. she thought this day would never come. >> so excited. i cannot believe this day is here. i cannot believe it. >> reporter: her long-time partner of 29 years shuns the spotlight and doesn't want to be identified. >> there is prejudice. people don't believe in who we are and what we stand for. unfortunately, they don't want this to happen. but the people of maryland have spoken. >> reporter: a majority of
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maryland vote are approved question six on the ballot in favor of same-sex marriage effective january 1st. governor martin o'malley signed a proclamation thursday affirming that popular vote. the sister-in-law wrote a legal opinion last week that would allow people to get a low pressure system before the 1st. >> lakeshore eight clark has seen a lot over the years, nothing quite like. this and says there are changes even in the license itself. >> this is the license that everyone will get as of today. >> no mention of man or wife or bride or groom. it is part number one or party number two. >> when we do the ceremonies, we'll be saying spouse through the ceremony instead of will you say this man or this woman. it is spouse. >> reporter: as for karen and her spouse to be. >> who proposed and there is a ring? >> there is a ring and there
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are two rings. there will be two dess and we did it together. >> reporter: they are manning a january 11th we hadding for 50 people at the home of a family friend. we are told that about 08% of the people who pick up marriage licenses at the montgomery county courthouse actually get married there. good morning. it is 4:30 on this friday. you are waking up to another chilly start to the day. temperatures much colder than maybe we had seen recently. ed with seen higher temperatures. it is starting to feel like christmas finally out there. and today, by the way, is a big day for us. our annual stuff a truck food dive is today. we invite you to join us at several area giant food stores today. can you drop off your doping as at the giant stores you see
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right there on the screen. twelve other giant stores will be accepting donations. for more information, visit our web site at i'm sarah simmons. wisdom martin will join us live from a stuff a truck location just a little bit later on. let's talk to gwen now. it will be a little chilly out there. >> i saw him as he was going out the door. bundle up, guys. definitely chilly. a bit of fog in some fares so do be aware because it will impact visibility on the roads. make sure you drive cautiously. wind are very calm as they were yesterday. not quite as chilly as we started but still a little bit on the cooler side. reagan national airport, 39 degrees, 38 at dulles. not a lot of sunshine in my
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forecast today. we are talking by midday to be about 42 degrees. spotty showers are going to creep up here and there. i think mainly in the overnight hours. i wouldn't be surprised for some of you get a little sprinkle or two before that. some of that is happening to the south of the district. not a washout day by any means. don't panic on that. we do have a little bit of warm- up coming up for the weekend. that is good news for everybody. i'm sure they'll be happy when the weekend comes that they can take off a layer or two. >> thank goodness. let's check in with julie wright to get the latest on traffic. >> did i hear one of you ladies say it is chilly outside. it is downright cold. >> i knew you were standing there. >> i'll be joining wisdom later on too down at the brentwood
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shopping center. >> put your coat on. >> i know. we got it. no problems to report with traffic volume being so light coming in off of canal road but you will have to swing wide at the potomac crossings this morning. roadway is looking great traveling between annandale and merrifield. top side of the beltway at speed leaving university boulevard continuing around towards 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we have some breaking news this morning. a strong earthquake off the coast of northeastern japan. it hit shortly after 3:00 a.m. eastern time. the preliminary magnitude is 7.3. evacuations were ordered for some of the affects areas after a warning was issued for a possible tsunami as high as two meters. this is the same area hit by the tsunami last year. buildings in tokyo swayed for several minutes. some relief may be on the way for two northwest d.c.
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neighborhoods prone to flash flooding. groundbreaking is expected to begin today on a major infrastructure project in bloomingdale and le droit park. maureen umeh has a preview. >> reporter: it has already started at the intersection of rhode island avenue and first street northwest. work crews are digging. making room for tunnels, six blocks in length, that will eventually be able to store six million gallons of storm water and sewage. kenyon mcduffie has been one of the main d.c. officials pushing for his ward. the work is expected to help stop this from happening. flash floods that submerge parts of bloomingdale and ledroit park. >> this particular component will bring some of the structural changes to the first street corridor and it will have a direct impact on the
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flooding that has been occurring over the summer and the things that have been occurring for decades in these neighborhoods. >> reporter: fox 5 has learned the flood relief plan also involves converting facilities into storage tanks capable of holding three million gallons of runoff. it is expected to cost at least $40 million more than previous plans. councilmember mcduffie says another component is the reimbursement for home own fors damage by adding 30 cents to the water bill. >> it has been pretty controversial. but those folks have been seeking relief for quite some time now. we've got folks who have been devastated with property damage. >> it is a project that is expected to take several years to complete but in the end should help bring some long- term flood relief to weary residents. sidents. now to a news alert out of george washington university
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this morning after police say there was an attempted sexual assault on campus and a series of burglaries. and they all happen within hours of one another. the campus has beefed up security because of this near the areas where the crimes happened, rice hall and the ivory tower residence hall. police have released surveillance photos of two suspect accused of stealing cell phones and laptops from dorm rooms. a man is facing charges of child sex abuse. he worked as a dorm aide when students slept at the school overnight. he is accused of inappropriately touching three girls. the victims were just 10, 11 and 12 years old. howard county police are concern there had may be other victims out there and they want to hear from anyone else who may have been victimized. a montgomery county high school student accused of trespassing is now charged for bringing an unloaded gun to
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school. police arrested the teenager thursday morning at magruder high school. they are charging the teen as an adult for carrying a dangerous weapon on a high school campus. the student did not have any ammunition on him. prince george's county police made an arrest in a drive-by shooting that killed 14-year-old boy and injured another man. jose rodriguez nunez is accused ever shooting alezar reyes on wednesday. the drive-by happened in the 2200 block of sheridan street. the second shooting victim faces minor injuries. in our other big story this morning, president barack obama takes the fiscal cliff fight to virginia. he sat down with a falls church family to talk about how ending the bush era tax cuts would affect them. if they expire the end of the month, an average family of four would have to pay about $2200 in extra taxes. the president says he is in
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favor of extending tax breaks for people making $250,000 a year or less but not for the top 2%. down on the ellipse, there was a special ceremony to light the national crime tree. >> three, two, one! >> an it was quite the turnout for the annual lighting of the tree. the president addressed the crowd and during his speech also spoke about helping the victims of superstorm sandy. m we are also following developing news overseas. up next, egyptian president mohammed morsi tries to quiet protesters but is he will to back down from his power grab. a major ruling in michigan
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that has some workers upset and could hurt the auto industry. more on that when we return. 
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michigan is now one step closer to becoming a right to work state. yesterday, the state house and senate approved bills limiting ups from collecting fees from nonunion workers. the bill has caused quite an uproar with union workers who say union rights are now at risk. ballet between labor and business could hit the auto industry especially hard. the governor says the bill promotes work equality. mohammed morsi said he would not tolerate anyone trying to overthrow what he calls his legitimate government but the protestors say they'll continue.
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seven people are dead after violent clash this is week. and historic visit by the leader of hamas to gaza tbeen e years. his party has been in control of the gaza strip for five years and he is arriving to mark the 25th anniversary of hamas' founding. software mowing up john mcafee is back in jill after a brief trip to the hospital. he told the associated press he suffered chest pains but didn't believe he had a heart attack. this happened yesterday just hours after guatemalan officials rejected his bid for asylum. he was arrested for illegally entering the country on wednesday after weeks in hiding. he is a person of interest in the november killing of his american neighbor in belize. a message from metro to some of its drivers, go to bed earlier. what happened when one man tried to pull over a police
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officer. we'll see it. up next, we'll look at your weather and traffic as well. stay with us.
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start your day. that is what we get when we have our annual stuff a truck food drive for the most part. fox 5 has teamed one with the capital area food bank. you can drop off donations at the following giant food stores on your screen right now. twelve other giant stores will also be accepting donations. beginning in our 6:00 hour, wisdom martin and holly morris will be live from two of those locations as well. gwen, what are they going to expect? we've seen it in the teens. >> i've been out there. i always go where is the warm tent. cold but a good cause. we hope people will come out and support it. weather conditions if you are coming out, you might want to dress warm. it won't be quite as cold as it was yesterday but not quite as warm as the day before. a little bit of fog this morning as well and i can't
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give you very much in terms of sun. we've got overcast skies into the course of the day that will continue. temperature near seasonal today. as we head into the 50s, we were in the 40s yesterday. some spotty showers are possible as well in the forecast and we have a warm-up coming just in time for the weekend. that is a little bit of good news. satellite-radar composite showing you a lot of cloud cover moving through here. we do have a little bit of precipitation to the south of d.c. areas to the west and northwest, pockets of rainfall and very height in nature. some of those areas seeing a little bit of freezing rain. just be aware of that. here is a look at where we are in terms of temperatures. 39 at d.c. 41 at quantico.
4:48 am
32 for cumberland and 39 at culpeper. we've got 32 degrees at frederick this morning. make sure you dress warm. cool conditions will be persisting. most hi cloudy skies today. here we'll see once again a chance of the spotty showers. but as we head through into the course of the weekend, we'll see this frontal system kind of stall out on us and become fairly stationary and that will bring us a chance of showers as we move through into the course of the weekend. sunday looks like the day that will happen. saturday doesn't look too bad but mild conditions and we'll see the temperatures start to rise. wind are very calm into the course of the day for you. our temperatures right now, we just showed you that. 38degrees at dulles. here is your day planner. 4 # degrees by midday. light winds. looking at a few spotty showers or even a sprinkle or two here and there throughout the course of the day. mainly in the overnight hours, we'll see some rain. here is a look at your fox 5 seven-day forecast and you can see temperatures are rising for
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saturday. >> i like that. i like that 64 degrees, gwen. right now on the roads, we've got a nice clear ride so far. off to a quiet start southbound along 270 coming in out of hyattstown. top cyd of the beltway is rolling at speed between college park and bethesda. overnight construction still in place at can aal road. you got to swing wide. you follow through the cones as a work your way across the potomac. very light traffic volume at this hour so not too much of a delay. northbound on i-95 leaving woodbridge, lanes are open in the main line and express lanes. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. metro drivers apparently fall ago sleep at the wheel. a new study by the transit agency reveals the real problem may be of the shifts they work.
4:50 am
the biggest factor in fatigue may be the critical hours between midnight and 8:00 a.m. metro is recommending that drivers who start work between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m. should go to bed earlier. some workers will log their work and sleep habits in the coming months actually small number will wear a monitor that will record their activity 24/7. a citizens arrest with a twist. this one involved a man trying to pull over a police officer. >> you are required by law to wear a seat belt. put your damn seat belt on. pull it over! >> we'll show you more of that encounter and tell you if the officer ever pulled over. stay with us. time now is 4:50. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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welcome back. caught on tape, a detroit police officer seen not wearing
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his seat belt while on patrol. that set off an eruption of anger for one michigan resident who tried to pull the cop over. that man is now facing some serious punishment too. but he says he just wants police to follow the same rules as everyone else. we have a report. >> reporter: how many times have you seen a police officer put on their flashing lights just to get through a traffic signal. well, steve mclean says that is the abuse of power he just can't stand. when he says he saw a detroit police officer not wearing a seat belt, he says he just snapped. now, he is facing 93 days in jail. >> you are required by law to wear your seat belt. put your damn seat belt on. pull it over. >> reporter: it is the viral video now viewed more than 72,000 times. 60-year-old steven mclean of southgate tries to pull over a detroit police officer he says was driving recklessly with a k- 9 in the back and not wearing a seat belt.
4:54 am
steve seas i hit record on his camera and confronted the cup. >> pull your vehicle over. you understand me now. who the hell do you think you are? >> reporter: in the end, it was mclean who was charged with reckless driving. >> he took off at such a high rate of speed and i could see it was a k-9 unit. i was concerned. i said sir, you need to wear your seat belt. he started laughing. it set me off. i was mad as hell. >> reporter: what was your plan when you stopped him. >> i just wanted to speak with him, express my concern for the animal's safety and require him you out to the his seat belt on. if he refused, i would call the southgate police department and have them come and ticket him.
4:55 am
>> reporter: mclean has made a hobby of catching violators. >> look as brooks patterson. how much did it cost the taxpayers for his months of rehabitation. he should be fired. he cannot follow the most basic laws. >> reporter: mclean pled not guilty tuesday morning and will face a judge again december 14th. >> that was many years of frustration built up and i just let loose. i feel much better. i don't regret it. coming up, the battle of the beltways this weekend. redskins versus ravens. before we get to that game, is the nfl considering a drastic rule change in it would change football as we know it coming up next. you won't take my life.
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♪ no more kickoffs in the
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nfl? it is a possible. in an attempt to reduce player injuries, the nfl commissioner is considering eliminating them altogether of before the 2011 season, the nfl moved kickoffs up five yards to the 35-yard line. after that season, it reported that concussions were down 43%. time for the latest edition of the 4 down showdown. we pit a member of the redskins offense against the defense to find out how much they know about the upcoming opponent. this sunday, it is the battle of the beltways with the focus on baltimore this time. here is lindsay murphy. >> reporter: welcome to another edition of the 4 down showdown. read dowdy representing the defense. they are up by three in this game. even if you lose, the defense is still doing well but of a got confidence in you. >> he is from baltimore. i see what you're trying to do. you're trying to even the score but that's okay. >> maybe i'm trying to help the offense out. chris chester representing the
4:59 am
o. you think you'll do well because you used to play with the ravens. >> it's been a while but i spent a lot of time there so i still may remember a thing or two. >> reporter: let's do it. first down. this is such a cake question. what is the large of the city in maryland. >> baltimore. >> going to give that to reed. >> that was pretty easy. >> that was cake. >> reporter: second down, there are three downtown areas along the port. the inner harbor, sells point and the italy. which was featured in the movie sleepless in seattle. >> south point. >> reporter: santana moss played at the u with this -- >> ed read. >> i had it. but too slow. >> reporter: fourth down. you need this to stay alive. cal ripken


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