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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  December 9, 2012 11:00pm-11:15pm EST

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room. >> it's nice because in a world where people work really hard people are willing to give you something. >> reporter: expect a night full of punchlines, appearances from some american idols and more big time performances like lady antebellum and rascal flatts set to get fans off their feet for some two-step rocking. find out if your favorite leaves a big aca as it all happens live monday on fox. >> the news tonight is far from over in. the the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. a woman and child have been shot on a metrobus. the woman has died. the little girl is badly hurt. >> police aren't sure, but they think the child was the woman's daughter. fox 5's karen gray houston has more on this story from southeast. >> reporter: this southeast community is shaken after a man shot a woman to death on a
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metrobus and left a small child injured and hospitalized. police are desperately seeking the public's help to find the killer. the b2 bus had stopped at 18th and minnesota to pick up passengers. police say the unidentified woman had just taken the child out of a stroller. a young woman who was on the bus at the time but did not want to speak on camera tells me just as the two got on board the man she thought was a boyfriend stepped into the well of the bus, pulled a gun out of his pocket and started firing. that woman tells me bullets killed one person, struck the child and may have hit another person. she says passengers were screaming duck down, duck and telling the bus driver go, go, go! the suspect fled and the driver drove the bus another block before pulling over. >> once they got on the bus a male subject followed close behind her and opened fire into the bus. the young woman who is an adult -- we don't have an exact age
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on her right now -- was shot multiple times. the child has some injury, don't know whether there's a graze wound or the extent of the injury to the child. >> these people got off that bus and they started walking and running away from the scene. so it's a lot of people out here that knew and saw what happened. >> the little girl, she didn't deserve to lose her mom. >> reporter: the head of metro's transit union says her heart goes out to the family of the victims. jackie jeter also says this shooting underscores the pleas her union has made in the past to metro for more police protection on buses. in southeast d.c., karen gray houston, fox 5 news. the news edge on maryland now where an off-duty police officer was shot early this morning. the officer was in overly in baltimore county when he came upon a crowd of people in the street. it was 3:15 a.m. police say he stopped his car and asked the group to move so he could get through.
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that is when someone came out of the group shooting. the officer was shot twice. is he expected to survive. tonight -- he is expected to survive. tonight family and friends gather to remember a young man shot a year ago and pray for the suspect to be found. kevin victor wanted to be a marine and he was a standout athlete. now his brother darrius plays with kevin in mind while his family waits to hear something from police they say that have been silent more than nine months. >> he's my motivation. i do it for him. every touchdown is for him. every yard is for him. of grade is for him in the classroom -- every grade is for him in the classroom, too. >> we had high hopes to receive justice from the police department and the justice system and we have heard nothing. >> the suspects are two teenagers who may have followed kevin from the brentwood rec center the night he was killed. if you know anything about his death, please call prince george's county homicide detectives.
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the edge on the district now, aing did woman dead after she was run over -- a d.c. dead after she was run over by a fire truck in lexington, kentucky. 27-year-old lauren rodey was hit last night as the fire engine headed to the hospital to pick up a crew. the lights and siren were not activated and the truck was not on an emergency call. police are reviewing camera footage to find out what went wrong. d.c. firefighters rushed to save victims of a car accident early this morning on new york avenue at bladensburg road. one of the two cars involved caught fire. two people were taken to the hospital, no word on their names or conditions. we saw some rain today, but will it spill over into the workweek? let's go to fox 5's gwen tolbart. >> rain, clouds and plenty of fog. we're still dealing with some of that. today's highs 52 degrees at reagan national airport, 53 at dulles and 50 at bwi thurgood marshall. this hour we've got 49 degrees at d.c., the same at quantico,
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48 at dulles, a little cooler at frederick 43 degrees, 43 at hagerstown, martinsburg and baltimore at 46. we've got a couple frontal systems, one to the south, one to the east, but still lingering showers over calvert and anne arundel, st. mary's. down to the south and to the north as well. this is just going to pop up here and there moving into the course of tonight and as we look at our weather map, this is where we do have a fog advisory that continues to even hit areas through the d.c. region all the way to hagerstown and down to the south. calvert, st. mary's, anne arundel, all these areas seeing visibility greatly reduced. this will be through till 9:00 tomorrow morning. realize that as you do your morning commute tomorrow you'll have reduced visibility. so this system will head north as a warm front. warmer air will stream up from the south. winds will be gusty moving into
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monday and we keep an eye on this frontal system to the west. this will be a strong cold front that will move through. before that happens our temperatures will boost into the mid-60s or 70s, but we're talking a chance of isolated thunderstorms with this front. we'll keep a close eye on it. tomorrow won't be a total washout day, but here's a look at some of the rain showers that will move through especially into the evening hours. we'll start to see this pick up and fill in more and could see an isolated thunderstorm. colder air on the backside of that front over the mountains monday to tuesday, could see some snow showers. here's a look at your fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. we get back to cooler conditions once that front pushes through. that 67 will be short lived, but then the sunshine returns as well. of course, the big day for football in the district, but what if you ditched the sweats and put on something a little more fabulous for the game? check out the redskins style lounge. this is a pop-up boutique that opened today at fedex field. the idea is to give skins fans
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a place to shop for holiday gifts or the perfect item for your sunday gear. this is the first time the lounge popped up at fedex, but it's been touring all over nfl cities featuring team's specific loots and yes, it is catered to the female fan. >> the reality is there are so many female fans, way more than people know. we don't just watch for the commercials. we want to know what's going on in the game and we want to look good while we're doing it. we want to serve with wine glasses and have our manicures and pedicures right. it's a great opportunity to really get the respect women have long deserved as we've been die hard football fans for years. >> the lounge ofs complementary burgundy and goldman cures and professional stylists. >> i like it. >> burgundy and gold feathers in the hair. the redskins do continue their improbable run, now the hottest team in the nfc. >> lots to get to tonight on nissan sports xtra and scott
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smith is standing by with a preview. >> you know fashion is what it all comes down to. every week it's something new with rg3 and what a performance today with not only him, but kc1, the backup. kirk cousins steps in and the win comes in light of a scary play involving robert griffin, iii. the latest on the injury to his right knee, a humorous response for griffin, where this leaves the skins in the playoff hunt and much more on sports xtra coming up. >> that does it for us. fox 5 news always on >> keep it right here, sports xtra just two minutes away.  [ telephones ringing ]
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welcome to your washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. >> following the game robert griffin, iii asked for positive vibes and prayers for his injured right knee. mri results show no major ligament damage. welcome to nissan sports xtra. i'm scott submit where today the latest installment -- scott smith where today the latest installment of the redskins appearances took place. there was yet another remarkable w, now four straight, longest win streak since 2008. battle of the beltways. griffin hoping his team would come out on top when the smoke settled. first possession rg3 caps a 10 play 80-yard drive, finds
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joshua morgan from 4 out, skins tally 186 yards of offense in the 1st quarter. that is an nfl season high in one quarter of play, but the ravens own the 2nd quarter. joe flacco to anquan boldin for a 31-yard strike. d'angelo hall just kind of misplays it, one of two boldin td grabs on the days. big defensive stop in the late 3rd quarr. ravens in redskins quarter. ryan kerrigan provides the pressure. 21-20, ravens up less than five minutes to go. baltimore caps a drive. ravens take an eight-point lead, not looking good for burgundy and gold but as always, a chance with rg3. under two minutes, griffin takes off and he's smashed by and he's peeled off the grass.
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after a second look this is not the way the human body was created to bend, the bending knee the wrong way. again no major ligament damage. it's a knee sprain. briefly leaves the game, comes back in and hooks up with pierre garcon for gain of 22. down to the baltimore 16-yard line. they're moving the chain, but the pain is a little too much. so mike shanahan says it's better if you come out. let's put kirk cousins in for the final few plays. cousins doesn't miss a beat. 29 seconds left, pumps and fires, pierre garcon, i see you, front of the end zone, the touchdown. redskins pull within two, but the game comes down to this two- point conversion. cousins runs the quarterback draw in from two and he scores. redskins come back. they tie the game at 28-28 and force overtime and e ravens ball first and redskins defense forces the three and out on the punt return another rookie's time to shine. richard crawford in for brandon banks takes it 64 yards to the
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baltimore 24-yard line. it sets up kai forbath for the 34-yard attempt. mind you, he is a perfect 14-14 on the year. that's including that game winner from 34 out. it's a 31-28 skins win, their fourth straight. after the game but before his mri griffin says he felt the knee would be okay. >> i told them my acl looked good. i was feeling the positive vibes from them, feeling the positive vibes from the team, just the fact that we won the game makes everyone feel a lot better. >> very proud the way our team kept fighting. we had some ups and downs in the game, but with the way we finished and the way the guys stepped up and made plays at the end was very impressive. obviously we hit it, a big game for us coming back into our stadium after winning three games. we knew if we didn't get the win today, obviously those other three didn't mean a whole
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lot. so really proud of the way the guys played. coming up more on griffin's knee injury and why he knew it wasn't as devastating as it may have appeared when nissan sports xtra rolls on. 


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