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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  December 18, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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police or the scene of a barricade situation. dozens of people have been forced out of their apartments because it was. >> looking for answers. as newtown, connecticut prepares to lay more children to rest today think investigators are faced with challenges -- children to rest today, investigators are faced with challenges. a national debate on gun control is once again in the spotlight. but another pressing issue is being placed front and center. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now.
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good morning to you. live loooutside right now as we get thinged started on this tuesday morning as you look out over washington, d.c. we have some fog? some areas and i little bit of rain. it could make driving interesting during the morning rush hour. good morning towing. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm tony perkins. sarah simmons is off this morning. -- good morning to you. >> it will be mild, upper 50s. might be a sprinkle. definitely going to be some wind. could be some fog. you're right. >> wasn't kidding. >> the only thing missing is snow. >> that i can guarantee you we will not be seeing. we'll start with the numbers. mild start to your day. 49 at reagan national. dulles, 4 and bwi marshall, 49
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degrees. -- dulles, 48 and bwi marshall, 49 degrees. see the rain showers in west virginia and eastern ken quebec, that will move through later today. i think you see a little sunshine here to start your day. we'll get a deck of clouds in midday and a return to a little sunshine behind the front. let me mention a dense fog advisory issued bay half hour ago, not here in washington. this is north and west as you get up into western portions of maryland, eastern portions of west virginia including hagerstown, cumberland, martinsburg, charlestown under a dense fog advisory until 9:00 this morning. society rest of us, you may encount are a little fog but that won't be the big story today. i think the big story will be the breezes which will pick up out of the west here. it will be a gusty afternoon with wind gusting to about 30 miles per hour. there is your forecast. a little bit of everything. 58 with partial sunshine. that is the bottom line on the forecast. >> not bad. >> actually really nice temperature-wise. >> time now to check in with julie wright. >> good morning.
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very busy on the roads right now. foggy commute and this is what we're looking at through that fog. northbound along i-95 in the love lanes, the accident activity has been pulled over to the shoulder. of a got two lanes maintained in the hovs up through the franconia springfield parkway. overall, traffic on the northbound i-95 in the main line is slowing out of stafford leaving 60 courthouse road. this hov lane very slow as you continue northbound leaving the occoquan headed up toward the accident scene before you commit to 644. let's continue with our cameras. we'll show you the outer loop of the beltway. that is where we had accident activity tying up all about the right ed of the road. there is also the crash reported glebe road at 395. follow police direction in order to squeeze by. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. ime traffic. we have a developing story out of prince george's county this morning where police say a
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person has barricaded themselves inside an apartment. police also believe the person is armed. this began around 10:30 last night in the 100 block of greenwich woods drive in adelphi. u.s. marshals originally arrived at the scene to serve a warranted. authorities are in contact with the man. the barricade has forced a number of people to evacuate from their apartments. the question so many. us are asking after last week's school shooting in connecticut is simply why? >> investigators are working to try to figure that out as the nation continues to mourn with newtown, connecticut. more funerals will be held today. yesterday, noah pozner and jack pinto, both six years old, were laid to rest. sandy hook elementary school remain as crime scene and will stay closed indefinitely. but other schools in newtown opened today. investigators were looking at the computer of gunman adam lanza. its hard drive had been smashed but officials say they still might be able to salvage information from it.
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they are also looking into e- mails he sent and web sites he may have visited before friday's shooting. moving forward with a response to the shootings on all fronts was the focus of a meeting held by president obama yesterday. vice president biden was there along with attorney general eric holder, education secretary ar ne. duncan and health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius. one of the biggest issues at steak, gun control reform. crowds marched on the capitol hill offices of the national rifle association yesterday demanding change. president obama is working to assemble legislation including a potential push to reinstate a nationwide ban on assault weapons. but the white house is quick to point out that changes are needed in other areas as well. >> i don't have a specific policy outhype for you today from the president and i think that it is important to remember that thisis about our gun laws and enforcing them but it is also about a broader series of issues. >> the white house says in the
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coming weeks, president obama will be meeting with are changing their stance on gun rights in the wake of the shootings. virginia senator mark washer and west virginia senator joe manchin are both now peeking out in support of tighter regulation on assault weapons. nafta, both warner and manchin ever the nra. virginia governor bob mcdonnell has announceed a statewide plan that way review school safety procedures on a state and local level. school leads are will review recent safety audits to try to find ways to improve procedures and resources. and maryland governor martin o'malley tells wabl radio that legislative activity is expected soon in areas of school security, mental health reform and gun laws. checking some of our top stories this morning, a home invasion overnight turns violent as the home owner
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confronts the suspects. this happened just after 2:00 this morning in the 9100 block of loughren road. at man in the home was shot in the back when he went off the suspects. police say at least one of them was armed with a semiautomatic gun. the suspects got out of the home through a window. prince william county police are trying to track down the man who sexually assaulted a teenager inside her home. it happened on echo court in woodbridge yesterday afternoon. police have released this composite sketch of the suspect. the victim says he knocked on her door claiming he was working for a cable company. she says he threatened her if she didn't let him in. once inside, he pulled out a knife and sexual youly assaulted the teen eastchester 53-year-old james caroline has been indicted on capital murder and weapons charges in the murder of an arlington jewelry store owner. last july, tommy wong was found shot to death behind the count
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are of capital jewelers on columbia pike. james caroline was arrested for the crime five days later. >> a trial date is expect today set next week. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, why it may soon be a little bit easier to keep up with traffic and harder to get a speeding ticket in some parts of d.c. >> also ahead, some progress in the fiscal cliff talks with just two weeks left until the deadline. dead we'll be right back ack every time someone chooses finish over cascade,
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wore following a developing story from syria where and nbc coarse poppeddent and his crew an dpowctd five days have been free. the richard engel and his team were captured last week. their release came yesterday during a fire fight ate a checkpoint.
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they are now out of syria. -- an nbc correspondent and his crew abducted for five days have been freed. en freed. richard engel and his team were captured last week. week. the longest serving u.s. senator has died. hawaii's daniel inouye is being remembered by senate colleagues and president obama says he remembered inouye as a, quote, true american hero. back in 1941, inouye saw japanese planes bombing pearl harbor. he lost his right arm in the war and was awarded the medal of honor. he served in the sippet from 1963 until he died yesterday of
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-- he served in the senate from 1963 until he died yesterday of respiratory complications at walter reed. t stay with us. we'll be right back. k. 
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as the community of newtown, connecticut begins the healing process, help is pouring in from across the country. even man's best friend is lending support. eight golden retrievers from illinois are now on the job a church charity group brought them in specifically to comfort the children who witnessed the massacre on fry and can't find the words to express their grief. >> it is something the dog bring in terms of what this is about that feels very reassuring. so unexpected but so sad and we just need to know how to help others. >> the dogs are part of the
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comfort dog initiative. that started at northern illinois university of a deadly mass shooting in 2008. they travel around the country as needed. >> that is a great idea. >> it is. very thoughtful. >> coming up on 6:17. there is your live view of the washington monument. and more of washington, d.c. a better view than we had yesterday morning at this time. we can certainly say that. stick with us. coming up in just a little bit, dave ross will be here. he has another interview with lorenzo alexander of the redskins coming up. >> good morning. you saw the visibility. iality better than it was yesterday. during the afternoon yesterday, the fog got dense for a while. >> it did. that was weird. >> i think we'll see more sunshine than we've seen the last couple of days and temperatures which will be bothered aring on the balmy
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side, upper 50s. >> it feels good. it is after all. >> december 18th. i know because it is my mother's birthday. >> oh, happy birthday j allison's daughter's birthday is today as well. >> that's right. >> december 18th. more sunshine, temperatures upper 50s. one region that has a dense fog advisory up toward hagerstown, martinsburg as you get into western maryland. you've gait dense fog advisory. eastern west virginia as well. dense fog advisory until #:00 a.m. the rest of us, visibility should be improving. we will not be dealing with the dense fog we had around here. here we are, 49 now in washington. 52 in annapolis. these temperatures obviously very warm for this time year. 52 this morning in leonardtown. 54 in fredericksburg. a little cooler north and west. we're getting that fog
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developing. 44 up in hagerstown this morning. we're watching the wind. this is why we're in the dealing with the fog we had yesterday. we have a cold front moving through later today and these winds are going to pick up. we'll have winds gusting maybe 20, 25 or even 30 miles per hour for a time later today. currently, wind are out of the west at about seven. six here in leonardtown. five out at dulles. let me mention once again, let me just emphasize the wind are going to be picking up as this front comes through. there is your satellite-radar. cloud cover to start your day. might get a peek or two of sunshine early. we'll get a little cloud deck and the possibility that by mid- to late morning, we could get a few sprinkles or light showers with this cold front. this cold front should move for the east and after it does so, we'll get a return to late day sunshine but the winner going to pick up behind the front. so wind again, 20, maybe 25 miles per hour along with cooler temperatures that will get in here tonight. not going to be the case today. 58 today. becoming partly sunny. could be a shower with the passage of our front and then breezy behind that front. winds out of west at five for
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15 gusting to about 30. cold tonight, clear skies, much cooler. winds lighten up. 37 the overnight low. that is close to where we should be. tomorrow looks gorgeous. 54 with sunshine. rain returns by second half of thursday into friday. that cold front means business and will bring wintry stems around here by friday and into the weekend. check out your daytime highs. only in the low 40s. by early next week, christmas eve daytime high only 40 degrees with sunshine. must colder air on the way. that is a look at weather. let's do some traffic and we know who we're going to. julie wright who is only feet away from me. >> i'm almost as close to you as santa. aww! our fox 5 wazers are checking in. maryland mick saying the bw parkway heavy volume headed out towards the greenbelt.
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this is what we are calling a seven-car pile-up. according to police, seven vehicles involved in this crash outer loop of the beltway as you approach 355. two left lanes are closed off at the scene of this accident. big delays coming around this curb from before new hampshire avenue all the way across the top stretch of the beltway trying to make your way over towards this accident scene. it looks like they are now moving everything over to the left lane. think of your alternative rights. north of the beltway would be randolph road. we have accident activity on northbound 359 in the hov loans lanes. that has cleared. both the main line and the express lanes are congested leaving route 1 into towards springfield. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. speed limits are set to go up today on four roadways in the district. here is a list of the roads affected. it is actually several roadways, not just four.
6:22 am
d.c. mayor vincent gray order the increases a few weeks ago an insists that the higher speed limits will not impact safety in those areas. the move comes after d-d.o.t. complete its review of roadways with ought mate speed cameras and determined that some increases could be made. coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york. gas prices are down. they could go down even lower. we'll tell you who has already dropped below the $3 mark. >> that's good. as we go to break, the easy bake oven is getting a new look. hasbro says it will release a gender neutral version of the classic toy of a 13-year-old girl who wanted to get one of the toys for her little brother pushed for a new easy bake oven that appeals to all kids. the new oven is black, silver and blue f they want the boys to use it, they should put the food cooked in there. >> now i know what i'm going to get tucker. could lie here forever.
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. gas prices are going down and the market share in earl christmas gifts with investors. lauren simonetti is live in new york with the business beat. >> good morning to you. age chock-full of good news. >> let's get right to it then. you got some good news about the markets. yesterday was a big day. >> best day of the month. best day of december. dow up 100 points so triple digit rally. real hope that real progress is being made on the fiscal cliff so that is what really sent stocks higher. and higher again this morning in the premarket. >> all right. let's talk about the gas prices. there is some good news there as well because apparently the gas price are going down just numb -- just in time for everybody to drive to where they are he going this holiday season. nationally, down to $3.24 this morning. that is the national average according to aaa. 84million americans are expected to e
6:27 am
over the christmas holiday. and this is great news because bit end of the year, some analysts are saying we can even see possibly the national average go below $3 a gallon. if that happens, that would be the first time in two years. there is just one state right now with the state average under three and that is missouri. but maybe we'll start to see more states get there. definitely many cities are posting signs with gas at $2 and change. >> you are the bearer of good news this morning. >> it doesn't happen so we had to draw attention to it. >> we appreciate any good news you can give us. always good so see you. >> see you later. >> coming up next in the morning line, dave ross is talking live with redskins linebacker lorenzo alexander. but first, we'll get the latest on the school shootings in connecticut as the nation continues to mourn with newtown. investigators try to unravel what led to the loss of so many innocent lives. they've run into a challenge in
6:28 am
gathering evidence from the suspect's computer. we'll tell you more about that when fox 5 morning news continues.  [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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welcome back. coming up on 6:31 right now. tucker barnes has returned. >> good morning. we're looking mild again today. upper 50s for afternoon highs. obviously, the last couple of days, these temperatures, in fact, this entire month, these temperatures have been well above normal for december. enjoy it while you can. what i'm trying to do is hint that we have cooler temperatures on the way as we get into the end of december. >> well, it is about time. >> we expect that. >> wow! look at wisdom getting behind it. >> it has to be wintertime. >> there is your radar. a little fog north and west of the city. you might see a little sunshine today but the blue you see on the map, a couple of cold fronts will come through later this morning that. will bring us a deck of clouds. could bring a sprinkle but you guarantee it will bring a lot
6:32 am
of wind around here later today. expect blustery afternoon conditions as the cool are air starts to filter in from the north and west. 49 right now in town. 32 in chicago. those 30s will get in here later tonight. partly sunny today. might be a shower around midday as that front comes through and again then getting breezy. perhaps, blustery later today with temperatures in the mid- 50s this afternoon. so temperatures at least will be nice and mild for your tuesday. >> very good. >> more sunshine than yesterday. >> coming up, today's edition of ask the weather guy -- ask tony and tucker. that's coming up. >> time now to check on your traffic. traffic. >> ask who what? >> i don't know. all right. eastbound along 66, our wazers are checking this month
6:33 am
morning. torch 5 #, thank you for the heads up. accident is eastbound 66 before you reach 123. that is what is tying up two center lanes. big backups out of manassas headed eastbound towards 28 in venter rhode island and again with the slowdown leaving 286 headed up towards the accident scene. northbound i-95, although the accident we had in the hov lanes has cleared, seaman 44 says big backups here as well. basically you are on the brakes the entire trip in the express lanes and main line leaving dale city headed up towards the capital beltway. for those traveling outer loop think it was the seven-car pile- up before 355 that had traffic stalled on the beltway. all of your lanes are open but major tie-ups on the out are loop leaving 95 college park head west over towards 355. randolph road and the icc both options for you north of the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. we have an update now on a
6:34 am
developing story out of bridge county. that barricade situation at an apartment in adelphi has ended peacefully. the suspect was taken to the hospital for evaluation. police say they've recovered the weapon that the suspect had inside the home. the incident began last night around 10:30 after u. marshals arrived at the home on greenwich woods drive to serve a warrant. still no word on what set off a gunman in the connecticut school shootings. police are currently interviewing two adults injured in the tax. >> investigators also hope to learn more about the gunman's gun and continue putt are use in the days and months before the shooting. now, today, the third funeral will be held for a student killed. she is six-year-old jessica rekos. two children were laid to rest yesterday. jack pinto was an avid football fan. another was noah pozner.
6:35 am
his twin sister was in another classroom and survived the shooting. family and friends say noah was a wonderful person who loved animals. he was remembered by his rabbi. >> his older brother said he could have been anything as he would have grown older. it is a trang did i have -- a tragedy of epic proportions. >> you tell them that the community, the state, the nation stands with them. >> sandy hook elementary school will remain closed indefinitely so police can gather more evidence. our coverage of the school shooting continues on fox 5 morning news and on coming up at 7:00 being we'll talk more about ways to cope with grief and feelings of anger in the wake of the tragedy. then at 8:00, a closer look at developments in the gun control debate. at the:00, we are look into the issue of youth violence. what make a child go to
6:36 am
extremes and how children showing violent ten densies can get the help they need. they n tendencies can get the help they need. >> i don't think its coincidental. we've had zo every week and they win every week. >> lorenzo alexander, the one- man gang gets up early this morning on a tuesday to join us. how are you feeling today after sunday's big win in cleveland. >> i feel pretty sore. i'm president-elect she sure everybody saw me kind of go down throughout the game. i'll be getting treatment all week and be fine to go sunday against the eagles. >> tell us about that stinger, zo because we know it is something that i guess i don't know what that pain feels like.
6:37 am
can you tell us what happened on the play? >> yeah. well, i was going to drop back in zone coverage. saw somebody come across and went up to had the him pretty good. it's stretching of the neck and shoulders actually lot of stress on the nerves, c-4, c-5. it was pretty excruciating. probably the worst thing of a ever had. they are doing a good job of getting me back healthy. >> now, the case during this winning streak. you guys seem to come up with big plays now. rob jackson, you mentioned him last week. he steps in again and get a big critical interception when you're down 14-10. talk about this defense starting to make plays. critical plays to win games. >> yeah, i think it is just a good job of guys going at half time from coach to player, making the adjust and rob jackson really getting his opportunity to play a lot after brian went down and he is taking advantage of. it the guy is playing lights
6:38 am
out and i think he is going to continue to get better. it has been guys like that continuing to step up week in and week out to make critical plays that we need to ultimately win the game. >> talking about stepping up arc guy making his nfl debut as a starter, kirk cousins last week. i don't know how much you can ask out of these rookies. did it surprise you how well he played on sunday? >> no. i think last week i told you i was very confident in kirk. i've never nervous when he goes into the game based on how well he studies and what he has done. a lot of guys with play this week. all they need is the opportunity. when kirk got his, he stepped up and played well. he started slow but firned strong. i think everybody around him really helped him. -- he started low but finished strong. >> we all know robert wanted to play. he tested that knee early.
6:39 am
how hard it is for a guy like that to sit especially after he has done owe well early in the season. how tough was it for him to watch that game on the sideline. >> it is hard. i've been in that situation before too. i could possibly be about that situation this week. you just want to go out there and play with your team at any cost. you put so much blood, sweat and tears and effort and time into it and you feel you are ready to play because you're competitor and you think you can give your team a chance to win. for somebody to tell you you can't play, it is hard. it is one thing if you know it. but if you feel in your heart and a doctor tells you, i mean it is emotionally hard to kind of sit on the sideline and just watch and cheer it on but did he a great job as far as helping out kirk all week, being a great teammate and being gracious and was very supportive on the sidelines. >> so if you had to take an educated guess, who is playing quarterback this zipped? >> if robert is 100 healthy, robert will be out there. no controversy.
6:40 am
everybody knows their role. that is why i think we've been doing so well lately. >> we want to see you healthy as well. we appreciate it. get healthy and continued success, my friend. >> i appreciate it. >> you got it. lorenzo alexander. that defense has been stepping up. we always talk about the offense but the defense has been stepping up as well. >> the zo zone. i just came up with that. >> i like it. >> get some graphics made. >> i'm going to take some money for that. i'm going to copyright that. >> thank you, dave. just one week until christmas. literally. it's week from today. does that make sense? >> local firefighters who are working to make this christmas a merry one for kids in need need your help. we'll have more on that up next. >> holiday wishes from our service members overseas. s ove >> i am e. l. craig here in kabul, afghanistan.
6:41 am
i want to say happy holidays to my wife katrina and my baby kennedy. i'll see you soon. 
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as you wrap up your christmas shopping, it is similar tell to pick something up for a child to help brighten their holiday. the prince george's county ems department collects toys and gifts every year. they are in need of new unwrapped toys and gifts especially for children ages it is a through 13. can you drop off your donation at any prince george's fire, ems station. let me tell you what you do so, it feels really good. you will feel good too. get out there and do that if you can. >> a lot of people in need.
6:45 am
>> tucker barnes is back with us. >> yeah. good morning. we've got milder temperatures. we are off tie mild start. we'll be in for a warm affect and some changes. more sunshine than yesterday. breezes are going autopsies our approaches from the west. so changes. it is a busy day. -- breezes are going to pick up as our cold front approaches. we have a dense fog advisory well off to the north and west as you get up into washington county up in maryland and parts of west virginia here. we are around a dense fog advisory until 9:00 a.m. you can see the cooler temperatures. we've had enough cooling out there that we've seen the kind of clouds redevelop here at the surface. looking. i want to mention winds here because they are going to become a factor later this afternoon as we deal with the passage. our cold front. right now, winds out of the west here at about seven.
6:46 am
this is just enough to mix out atmosphere. not dealing with as much fog as yesterday. these winds will be picking up probably 15 to 20 miles per hour, maybe gusts to 25 to 30 here as this front moves through a little bit later this afternoon. might see a peek are two of sunshine early and then we'll get a deck of clouds and perhaps a couple of sprinkles or a light shower as the front moves through. this is the actual cold front that will be moving through shortly. behind it, i think we'll get clearing by mid- to late afternoon. the winds will pick up and the cooler air will start to work in. a lot happening today. bottom line, not going to so a whole lot in the way of rain. maybe a light sprinkle or shower. i don't think we'll see anything measurable out there at all today. becoming partly sunny. shower possible. definitely breezy for all of us. winds west five to 15. it will be gusting about 25 later this afternoon. just a little chilly overnight. this is close to where we should be. much cooler as the wind lighten up oust west at five to 10. tomorrow looks like the pick of the week here as our temperatures will be in the mid-
6:47 am
50s with plenty of sunshine. we cloud up on thursday with showers arriving by the second half of the day. and that is another cold front. that one actually means business as temperatures will only reach the low to mid-40s friday, saturday and sunday. check out your daytime high on christmas eve. only 40 degrees. it will feel like christmas around here temperature-wise this year. >> that is appropriate. >> yeah. >> thank you, sir. boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, guess what it is time for. ask tony and tucker. the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather- related or otherwise. today's question comes from dionne quinones. she writes what is the meaning behind the christmas wreath. >> good question. >> i love learning about just these -- you don't think about the history of the christmas wreath. >> you hang it on the door.
6:48 am
>> it's long history. it goes way, way back. you want me to start? >> well, yeah. why don't you start and i'll try to add in. >> okay. it goes back to prechristian germanic peoples, the germans. we are talking -- >> centuries ago. >> centuries and centuries ago. originally, wreaths were like on a table or on the ground or something like that. i guess on a table. >> let me is he the scene here. 500, 600 years ago, we didn't have electricity. we didn't have video games. thins in the winter time got awfully dark and awfully dreary, particularly if you were in northern europe. cold, depressing. there was not a whole lot of hope. you know, today, we get beautiful poinsettias sent to us and we have flowers at christmas time. back in the day, they tpt have special delivery overnight -- they didn't have special delivery overnight.
6:49 am
dave sort of diamondback time. >> so they said, until we get all those things, we'll set up a little wreath. it was really to mark hope in the coming season that there would be growth of crops and all that kind of stuff. originally, the wreath was made of some greenery, had candles in it. there would be four candles, one candle in the middle and it was looking ahead. >> it was a celebration of the winter solstice more than it was a celebration of christmas. they think the actual wreath that we are so familiar with comes from the ancient roman times when the aristocrats of the roman era would wear what we all commonly know as a wreath on their head. a crown on their head. >> like a crown. >> yeah. so they think that is where the wreath came from and then the wreath has come to symbolize a
6:50 am
lot more than that. >> christians kept up with the wreath, kept it going. but it began to mean other things including the coming of the lord, representing the season of christmas. for a while, there were still candles involved and you would light the last candle on christmas eve indicating christ is about to be born. >> why evergreens that was the only plan that was green in parts of nern europe at the time back in the 14th and 15th century so they tried to use evergreen branches to create the wreath to sort of symbolize life and the renewal of life. we've kept that tradition. >> at some point, people started hanging them on the doors. we know it is more as a hanging wreath. it hangs on your doors or what have you. but at one point, it was flat on a table. now, we hang it up. >> very interesting to see how
6:51 am
that all evolved. it was all about something new. >> the winter solstice. and celebrating the season and with christianity, the season became very much about christmas and christ and so it took on those meanings as well. >> they're still using it to this day. >> that is amazing that they keep those traditions going. >> so there you go. thank you. is it dionne? >> that's what you said. >> we do appreciate the question. if you have a question you want verdict -- and i have nothing to do with santa claus. go to click on the weather tab. there you go. >> time now to say hi to julie one more time. >> hang your to going and say your prayers but santa claus comes tonight. >> do you have a wreath hanging on your door? >> yes, i do. mine is not traditional. it has little candy canes on it. >> do you have one on the pink
6:52 am
room out here? >> no, not yet. >> not one on the pink room. >> i want to bring a christmas tree and put it into the pink palace as tucker calls it but then i wouldn't be able to fit in. the room this is big. tucker, laugh. it was funny. >> scrooge. >> northbound 359, heavy volume trying to get past duke street. they were checking for i acrash reportedly in the left lane. keep your eyes peeled northbound on i-59 for big delays leaving aquia harbor continuing out towards the occoquan. traffic remains slow out of woodbridge in the main line headed up to the franconia springfield parkway with an earlier incident cleared. bev a delay approaching 123. -- we have a delay approaching 123. from manassas to 123, an hour and 15 minute drive. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. here is the deal. just little pieces and you don't tell mommy about the movie and i don't tell her
6:53 am
about the cake. >> this is a clip from the new movie parental guidance starring billy crystal, bette midler and marissa tomei. today, two winners will be chosen by random drawing. they will each receive four tickets valid mondays through thursdays starting december 31st. you must be 18 or older to enter. you can see the complete rules on our web site at >> and now we want to take a look at our fox 5 christmas tree and share some more of those ornaments that you've sent in. the slowed photo frame ornament comes to us from priscilla johnson. you asked us to put a picture of the morning news team in there and we will do it before we donate the tree. check out the homemade fox 5 ornament right there. well, that was made and sent in
6:54 am
by olivia keeler of round hill, virginia. we love personal touch and we thank you very much for that. still ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> with just one week to go until christmas, you may be wrapping up all the details on your big holiday meal plan. so is the d.c. central kitchen and they are doing it all while feeding 5,000 people on a normal day. we'll check in with holly coming up next. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu.
6:57 am
what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. 12/18/12 good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris on this tuesday morning. we are spending the day at dc central kitchen where it is already busy. they do produce 5,000 meals a day as they help feed the hungry in our area and also provide opportunity. we are here as they are now been around for 20 plus years to talk about what they've accomplished. 1,000 people they've helped create
6:58 am
jobs for in terms of job training and opportunity. of course, it is the holidays. we're going to talk with the ceo about all they are doing and the needs they have. we're also here because the ceo and founder is about ready to leave dc. he's going to open la central kitchen. and we're going to find out about that mission. and as far as that job training i was talking about, they've supplied about 1,000. getting ready to graduate their 90th class. so we're going to talk about that. wisdom and sarah. >> thank you very much. very good opportunities there . all right. now it's time to say good morning to our facebook san of the say. it's karen. fox 5 fan for 30 years and been waiting for a chance for fan of the day. thank you so much for being a loyal watcher. we truly
6:59 am
appreciate it. let's send it over to allison and tony. happy tuesday. >> happy tuesday wisdom. thank you so much . coming up on fox 5 morning news now another sandy hook shooting victim will be laid to rest. there is still no motive for the rampage, new details continue to emerge about the gunman. >> and on capitol hill, signs of progress for the fiscal cliff. details about what could be an agreement in the works. >> and a little good news for drivers in the district. speed limit on busy roads increased overnight. why the mayor ordered the changes. fox 5 morning news starts right now. >> this is fox 5 morning news. >> there's your live look outside. not a bad looking picture. got some clouds out there. fog in some places. this is tuesday december 18th


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