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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  December 30, 2012 11:15pm-11:30pm EST

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welcome to fed ex field, are the redskins are smelling blood in the water. this sold out crowd is about to let loose. welcome into nissan sports xtra. i'm scott smith. the redskins have 3-point lead with under 3 minutes to play. try to close this thing out and head to the postseason for the first time in five years. try to close in on that seventh consecutive victory. there are some big performances all the way around for the redskins. let's start first defensively. allowed less than 300 cowboys total yards and picked off tony
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romo three times. rg3, not a great performance, just 100 yards through the air. but on a somewhat less than 100% knee he ran for about 60 yards to keep that cowboy defensive honest. alfred morris, closing in on 200 yards rushing. absolutely shattering the franchise season mark in terms of yards rushed for in a season. clinton portis was on hand. rob jackson with an interception, and now the skins are trying to milk this clock and work it down to zero. already have an idea of what they will play in the first round of the playoffs if they can hold this one, they'll face seattle here at home next week, sunday, 4:30. televised here on fox 5. what else can you say? this fan base is about to let loose, if they can hold on. 21-18. less than 3 minutes to play.
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other games being played today. we had our eyes on the chicago and minnesota games. wanted both those teams to lose going into this game knowing a postseason berth was on the way. didn't come that easy. the redskins obviously needed to win tonight and hold on to make it to the playoffs. let's head back inside where dave ross is standing by, going to give us a wrap on the rest of the day's nfl games. >> you got it, scott. looks like the redskins will be able to hole on, because they had a critical personal foul against the cowboys, which gave them a new set of downs. might can get this thing to the kneel down situation. victory formation soon and soon. they needed help from other teams to not sweat this out. hoping chicago would lose in detroit. did it happen? early on, bears trailed 3-0. jay cutler, wing this one over
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to earl bennett. up the sidelines. where is the defense, detroit? none. lions trying to mount a rally. deficit just down to 2. don't think of cutler as a mobile quarterback. he's going to use his legs, rg3 like. scrambling, gets the first down. that gives the bears a big win, 26-24. that means the redskins had to win this evening. also meant in order for the bears to get in, they needed a viking loss. well, how do you beat the vikings? stop peterson. not easy to do. another big gainer and huge game. 199yards. 2,009yards for the season. came up nine shy of that huge mark set by eric dirker son. walsh, the rookie, sneaking it
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in on the next play from 29 yards out. vikings win 37-34. so they're in the playoffs. they will take on green bay in the first round of the playoffs next saturday, 8:00 at lambeau field. the redskins knew they had to win and now they are still winning. when we come back, the ravens try to improve their playoff position in the afc. we'll keep a watchful eye as the clock ticks away at fed ex field. stick around. we'll be back in a moment.
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welcome back to fed ex field. i'm scott smith. on a day where morris has shattered the franchise rushing record for a season, he just rushed for his 200th yard on a 1 yard run. his second rushing touchdown of
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the game. the redskins hold a two score margin on the cowboys, with just about a minute to play. looking to clinch that playoff spot, where they might can host the seahawks next week. for more on today's nfl, back inside to dave ross. >> what a day for morris. we all thought it would all be about rg3 and romo. the giants needed miracle. they tried not to embarrass themselves. neither happened. g men up 7-0. manning up the right side. randall with the handle. 38yards. 14-0. eagles mailed this one in. late in the second quarter, 28- 7. this is in the second quarter, people. manning again, all day to cruz. 24yards gets the mariachi band out and salsa. manning with his first career
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five touchdown game. 42-7. reid likely walks off as head coach for the last time. ravens on the road in cincinnati. taylor takes over for plaxico. remember him from virginia tech. down 14-7. taylor fakes the handoff, and ravens are up 14- 13. mobile quarterback. six minutes to go. ravens down 2 and taylor going to get this one tipped and picked by dunlap. look at the foot work there. 14yards to the house. ravens lose, 23-14. baltimore hosts indianapolis next sunday at 1:00 p.m. inspirational moment as a coach returns to the field after his battle with leukemia. and the redskins update, straight ahead. share everything.
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welcome back out to fed ex field. i'm scott smith. there is about a minute to go, as the fans start to file out of fed ex field, mostly with smiles, except for those in blue jerseys. redskins appear heading to the
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playoffs. two score margin lead now. 28-18 game with about a minute to go. huge performances today, namely alfred morris, 200 yards on the ground. 3touchdowns. he is the franchise season holder for rushing yards in a season. as these fans leave happy, because this team has done what many thought would be unthinkable about week 10 of this season, when they came back from a 3-6 margin, they've won seven straight. they've become the first team to ever start 3-6 and win their own division. how remarkable is that? they'll host seattle, if they can hold on, next weekend, 4:30 sunday here on fox 5 in round one of the wildcard weekend. been an amazing game. 28-18 lead now with about a minute to go. it was a slow starting game. held scoreless in the first quarter. much different than that first meeting back on thanksgiving, when it was combined 69-point effort.
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this one is coming down to the final minute of play and looks like the redskins will hold on. back inside the studio where dave ross is standing by. what a remarkable night for the defense. jim haslet has been piece mealing this unit together. three interceptions of tony romo. 90 seconds to go. unbelievable. how about the colts today? back as head coach after taking leave to begin chemotherapy. huge ovation. led the colts back to another win today over the texans. luck with another big game. emotional story to be sure. indianapolis will be coming to baltimore next sunday in the playoff game. nice show of respect for a guy coming back to his first game after taking that indefinite leave due to cancer. amazing story. his team has played great football. 11 wins. that will be an interesting matchup as the colts and texans, colts winning that 28-
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16. and we have a final from fed ex field. the redskins are your nfc east champions. if you can believe that. they have now won their seventh game in a row. they win this one, 28-18 over the cowboys. they are done. they are out of the playoffs. the redskins will host the seattle seahawks next sunday afternoon right back here at fed ex field. this is an incredible story. you had the nats in the playoffs, now the redskins in the playoffs. what's in the water in d.c.? the tide may be changing here in d.c. do not go anywhere. we're going to extend our coverage as the redskins game has been completed and try to get live coverage back out at fed ex field, so while this sports xtra is over, stick around. we'll be back in a moment.


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