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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  December 31, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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story, the redskins popped the bubble last night. they popped those dallas cowboys. we're going to talk about that later. i got all excited about the bubble popping. i'm ready to move forward. >> tucker barnes, take it away my friend. >> you guys are smooth up there. >> been a great night. >> when are tony and allison coming back? >> not soon enough. >> cold temperatures -- just kidding you guys. back into the 20s and low 30s. decent day. much less wind than yesterday. temperatures expected to be in the mid 40s. we are 32 degrees. much of the area falling back into the low 20s. 27 now dulles. bwi marhsall, 31 degrees. a lot of clouds moving in from the west. it's not going to be a perfectly beautiful day. less windy with temperatures in the mid 40s. out tonight.
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we should be dry. we'll have a lot of clouds around with temperatures falling back in the 30s. mess of rain and snow out to the west. that will generally stay to our west and push to the south. not in the forecast today or tonight. maybe a few showers around. 45 today becoming cloudy. winds a lot lighter than yesterday. all right. that's weather. let's do redskins wisdom . back up stairs to you. >> morris to the outside. inside the 10. touchdown redskins. >> all right. the big story, the redskins did what many thought was impossible. possibly even their head coach. they ran the board and finished with 7 wins in a row to make it to the post season. they cap it off with a dramatic win over the cowboys on prime time tv. >> and dave ross is back to breakdown the x's and o's. we've been talking about it all
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morning long. >> we have 6 more days. but seriously, they were pop ping bubbles in that room last night. >> that's how they roll. >> ahh, coconut. one more saying i just love. >> that's what the cowboys were saying. >> here comes tony romo again. ahh, coconut. r omo did not play well. i thought the defense stepped up early. >> coconut. >> popping those bubbles because romo throwing it. >> what is that? >> it's a terrible expression but i love it. here's another one by tony romo or you like to call him phoney romo. the second of his three interceptions on the day. and that really spelled coconut disaster for the cowboys. you cannot win when the quarterback
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has a qbr under 30. and that's what he had yesterday. we're going to talk about it all week. alfred morris, if this was a race for the rookie of the year. he's coming down the backstretch and nobody might stop this kid. all he did yesterday was rush for 200 yards. three touchdowns and set the single season red skin's rushing record with 1613. again, this isn't just any old record for rookies. we're talking about in the history of the washington redskins. charlie taylor, john rig ins, clinton portis. the mount rushmore of running backs. he's at the top of the list. i say look you can't just automatically give it to andrew luck or russel wilson. you have to look closely over the 16 games. the votes weren't cast after week 15. they are done
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now. if he doesn't get it, maybe rgiii should. only had 100 yards passing last night. 6 carries for 63 yards and go ahead touchdown. let's be honest about this, not close to 100% and yet he is gutting out these last two weeks. he says i'm the quarterback of this team, i have to do whatever it takes in order to get that win. that's what he's done. very very impressive. so impressive i think the head coach and the quarterback were impressed. >> i don't think i've ever been 3 and 6 and ever had 7 in a row. no, i don't think so. i don't think i've ever been anywhere close to that to be honest with you. >> i think everybody believed in what we had. it was about going out and executing it. when your back's pressed against the wall, a lot of times it will make that come out of you. and everybody stepped up big. and after the buy week, one game at a time. >> yes, it is and one game at a
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time. 7 straight wins now. seattle come in here . we'll talk about wilson. seattle against the redskins 4:30 fed ex field and that's where we find melanie out there all morning long. and again, it's not even what 12 hours removed? what's it like out there. can you see the remnants of a great evening at fed ex? >> reporter: yeah, you can. definitely there were people out here partying last night and all for a good reason. long time fans are saying that this team is really reminding them of the glory days of the 1980s. and been talking about alfred morris all morning with him setting that rushing record. the 2012 squad itself the team also surpassed the team single season rushing record set by those 1983 hogs. so a lot of comparisons there and hopefully riding high on that. a few would have expected when we were sitting there at the buy week
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that we'd find the redskins on top of the nfc east division. who would have thought they would have been division champs. first division game in 13 years on the horizon. the parking lots of course as you would expect filled just hours before go time. 82,845 fans packed the stands and went wild not just for rgiii but also for alfred morris. we have to get him a better nickname. they feel ever confident the winning streak would continue. >> we expect them to treat the superbowl to come through washington. >> i've been a season ticket holder for 6 years after being on the waiting list for 16 years. it's start to go payoff and see some good games here. >> reporter: and certainly fans believe there are more good games to come. ticket holders
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already had the opportunity to make their claim to any playoff game tickets and today those who were on the wait list for season tickets can also purchase. but that offer expires at noon today. so dave ross and folks feed to buddy up and make good friends with anyone who perhaps is on the wait list. if there are any tickets left after that of course then they will go out to the general public. again, if there are any left. very very hot ticket in town. that is the latest in land over. >> time is just about up despite last minima nufring. congress and the president. doug luzader has the story live. >> reporter: good morning. more talks today to come up with an agreement and may come down to what this guy can do. vice president joe biden. congress is ending 2012
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with a real problem on its hands. >> when the future of the country rests in the hands of 70 and 80-year-olds who have jet lag, it's probably not the best thing. >> the vice president appears to be taking over after a republican counter offer was met by silence. senate majority leader said democrats couldn't respond. >> i'm willing to get this done but i need a dance partner. >> minority leader reached out to the vice president whose years in the senate could help him broker a deal. we're talking something small probably a continuation of the bush era tax cuts and a renewal of long-term unemployment benefits. payroll taxes will go up tomorrow for everyone. a big hit for paychecks and sequester the government spending cuts would still happen. president obama blamed republicans. >> we don't see an agreement and now the pressure is on
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congress to produce. >> the president talked about making social security cuts a nonstarter for many of his fellow democrats. and they now appear to be off the table. just about any deal congress and the president come up with now will drive deficits even higher. >> reporter: and the other thing we'll be watching closely, the markets. on friday the dow was down 160 points. if you look at the last five days of trading excluding christmas, five down days in a row. skidish investors are keeping close eye on congress to see if they can come up with anything. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you very much. checking some of our other top stories secretary of state hillary clinton remains in a new york city hospital after doctors discovered a blood clot stemming from a concussion she had. she is being treated with
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medication and will most likely stay in the hospital for the next 48 hours. the clot was discovered yesterday during a follow up appointment. former president george h.w. bush also remains in the hospital this morning. his family says he's been moved out of intensive care. bush has been in the hospital in houston since last month for bronchitis and other complications. the 88-year-old is the oldest living former president. >> very happy new year for same sex couples in maryland. this after the state's attorney general says they will be able to marry on january 1st. state lawyers initially said that because january 1st is a holiday and a two day wait period before licenses take affect they could not marry until january 4th. all the licenses will take affect tomorrow. a reminder for drivers out there beginning tomorrow it will cost you more to use the dulles toll road. tolls will increase by 25 cents to $1.75.
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tolls will increase to $1 on the on and off ramps. >> less than 15 hours until we ring in 2013. a look at the preparations for the big night plus reading some of your big hopes for the new year. >> and if you are looking to celebrate with bubbly, don't miss our next segment. perfect champaign for every price range when we come back. 
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let the count down begin. 2013 is less than 24 hours away now and in preparation for the big celebration in new york city is in full swing. yesterday workers tested the iconic crystal ball that will drop at midnight. more than 32,000 lightsand 33,000 crystals. the nypd says it will have beefed up police presence to ensure
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everyone stays safe. on our facebook page we asked you for your hopes for the new year. hopes the financial burdeneds and everyone starts loving one another. live love and laugh. bernie wished for a dominant year of trophies for dc. and world series in october/november. to see the other comments and post your own, log on to our facebook page. >> all right. we were talking about this popping bubbles or popping bottles. do you have a champaign taste on a beer budget or maybe you are looking to splurge on a nice bottle to ring in the new year. either way your options are endless. we're going to talk to the man steve with paul's wine and spirit. he joins us now to talk about all this and the ways you can celebrate without spending all your money. >> either way you want to do
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it. >> we're going to start off if you are on a budget, how should you handle this? >> all champaign is sparkling wine but not all sparkling wine is champaign. not quite as complex as real french champaign. anywhere under $15 you can find a lot of great values. next we have americans. one from new mexico for gruet. can be made anywhere in the world. one from california. 14 to 15 to $16. then the most popular sparkling wine right now on the market is perceco. it's light and festive great for sunday brunch. all under $15. and then we have the true french champaigns. we have the high end don perion.
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anywhere from 30 up to $150 a bottle. >> if you are doing this, as far as champaigns, what should you do? how do you know what kind of champaign you are going to need? let's distinguish what you want to spend. and then we can go to your budget. >> how do you know which one you are going to like if you are a nonwine, nonalcohol nonchampaign guy like me? >> we're going to do a blind tasting. >> we're tasting a perseco. you are going to tell me which one you like. >> i don't know what i'm doing. tastes like sprite. i'm just kidding. >> try this one.
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>> okay. >> i want you to tell me which one you like. >> drinking on the job. i think i like this one. >> then you like the spanish caba. >> under $10 a bottle. >> we sell a lot of sparkling wine. we have to know what your budget is. >> more light festive and this was the true french champaign. we have something on everybody's budget. and we're here open until 6:00 today. come on by. any other questions we can answer for you we're here for you. >> that's the thing when they come in, know how much they want to spend and it's pretty much you can guide them at that point. >> right. we carry over 65 to 70 different sparkling wines and champaign. when you come in, tell us what you want to spend.
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>> is there anything they shouldn't get or is it just wide open? >> there's a lot of sparkling wines i don't carry. but everything is good. >> everything is good. >> just what you feel is best for you. we're open until 6:00 today only. >> thank you very much for coming in and talking with us. we appreciate it. happy new year to you. >> everybody drive safely, drink responsible and see new 2013. >> we appreciate it. >> good thing you like the inexpensive wine. we know you are tight with your money. thanks, wisdom. a few colleges give you the best bang for your buck. we're going to tell you which one. and a safe social networking site for kids. find out how it works on the other side of the break. 
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all right. a dad's punishment and challenge to his
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son could turn out to be the next social networking boom. 11 year old zach marks started the social networking site for kids called grown social. came up with the idea after getting in trouble for restarting his facebook page without his dad's permission. requires parental registration and more than 7,000 users in more than 4 months. disney is one of the interested media companies. when it comes to getting the biggest bang for your buck, seems like the washington area may be your best bet. in a newly released ranking, maryland, virginia took three of the top spots. university of virginia took over the number 2 spot. the college of william mary in the close spot. 6 other local schools placed in the top 100 too. >> are there any english words
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or phrases you just wish you would never ever hear again? the annual list of the most over used words has been released by a michigan university. contains a dozen words including fiscal cliff, spoiler alert, super food and bucket list. i don't know super food, i don't get that one. >> fiscal cliff, we are so tired of hearing that. >> we've said it a million times in the last 30 minutes. bucket list. i wouldn't think other words to be on there. still ahead this hour checking in at a look at last night's big win. >> if you didn't get a new furry friend, find room to adopt. up next, adorable kittens looking for a new home. we'll be right back. 
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all right. a dolphin showing off special trick by jumping out of the water and crawling on the ground. i guess that's crawling. the trainer says he noticed the animal would get out of the water when a person walking alongside of the pool. so he began rewarding it with fish and now it does it all the time. compared it to teaching a person how to swim or climb a tree. >> i can do the same thing for a good -- >> sure you can. >> i guess i set myself up on that one. >> yeah, you do. >> new year's eve forecast. i will not be doing that tonight. i'll be in very early tomorrow morning. it's going to be fine. a lot of clouds around today. i just stuck my head out the window and we've got a little bit of sunshine to start your day. what kind of faces are you
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making over there? >> didn't know where you are going with that. >> let's go to our magical computer. >> did you make this? >> we've been at this for five and a half hours. >> i'm with you. i hadn't noticed you either . >> i'm glad you have been watching. i've only been putting it up 22 times this morning. >> we've been talking bubbles. >> i hope somebody is watching the forecast. here it is. cloudy tonight. should be not bad. mostly cloudy and cool. first night celebrations outdoor outdoors for any period of time, will be falling back into the 30s. won't be terribly cold. and we should be dry. not expecting rain or snow shower tomorrow. and light amounts during the day tomorrow. here are your cold temperatures. ignore annapolis. that temperature has been wrong all wrong. 31 in baltimore.
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we're warming up gradually . still 20s here to the west and north. a bit of a snow pack here and likely be icy spots for the next few hours as these temperatures will remain below freezing. clouds moving in from the west. not expecting any presip from them. things will become cloudy later this afternoon. satellite radar showing you cloudy conditions. you can see we have plenty of clouds out to the west and the clouds rolling in later today. this one not as strong as last ek. just becoming better organized here. winter weather advisories pour portions of missouri and up to indiana. most of this energy is going to be pushed to our south. during the day tomorrow, we may have a few scattered showers or snow showers to the mountain communities. that's going to be about it. otherwise, a relatively high week. 45 today becoming cloudy. temperatures about where they should be.
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winds out of the south and west to 5 and 10 and wrap up with temperatures falling back into the 30s. let me mention once again, the winds nice and light. cloudy skies. chilly overnight. and tomorrow just a few scattered showers maybe a snow shower. that's the worst of it. and cold behind that front. wednesday, thursday and friday in the 30s. high temperatures only in the 30s to kick off 2013. that's weather. sarah, tossing over to you and one cute cat. >> yes. adorable cat. thanks tucker. helps animals in need from shelters to foster homes. the organization is there every step of the way. melissa west is with pet connect and joins us this morning. you have a lovely cat here named vira. great lap cat. she's just hanging out on your lap.
9:32 am
>> she's a great lap cat. she's just like a teddy bear. >> she looks so sweet. tell me a little about her. how you found her , who her story is and who might be best to adopt her. >> she came to us from someone who found her in an abandoned house. some kind person rescued her but was not able to give her a home. so she came to us. and despite having to fend for herself, she is just a very loving friendly girl. if your lap is cold this winter, she is a good lap warmer. and her little tongue is sticking out. >> i have two lap warmers of my own at home. they love to do the same thing. how old is she? >> she's about 2 years old. >> do you think a family with children is okay? >> she's very easy going. she likes dogs and cats and everybody.
9:33 am
>> she says i can get along with anybody. you guys are involved in some pet adoptions cat and dog adoptions that are going to be coming up. tell us a little about that. >> well, we have two adoption events coming up this saturday. the dog event is being held at the pet smart in rockville. so you can meet some of our available dogs. and our cats will be shown at the tysons corner pet smart. come over there and you can meet vira and other kitties. >> is that going on at the same time? >> yes, it is. that one will be at tysons then. tell me more about pet connect itself and how many different dogs and cats you are working with. >> wow. quite a number of dogs and cats. we workout of foster homes and our group was started by a woman who saw what happened after hurricane katrina and was really concerned about all the animals that got left behind.
9:34 am
she organized a group of friends and they brought back 130 dogs and from there we've grown to include cats also. but we workout of foster homes. always looking for people who will open their homes. great thing for families to share. my kids love having new animals in the house but also get to save a life. >> it's great too. she's able to come in and fit in so well with the other animals in your house. i'm sure you have dogs and cats in your house as well. >> we do. we have four cats of our own and a dog. and kids. she gets well socialized and they don't always come out as happy as she does from their beginnings. often they are very poor places, hard circumstances. so she's a real gem.
9:35 am
she's very loving and friendly and she's an exception. sometimes they take a little more work than others but she's ready for a new home. >> she's so cute. we hope she finds a good home. and the events are happening january 5th at pet smart. both dog and cat adoptions. >> right. >> one in rockville and the other in tysons. >> come meet vira and our dogs. we have all shapes and sizes. one will be just right for you. >> all right. melissa, thank you so much for coming in. vira says thank you. she's great. about ready to jump on my lap. it is time to say hello to our pet of the day. we say hello to buttercup. doesn't look too happy to be in that outfit. we want to say happy holidays to you and your family.
9:36 am
you are adorable. for your pet's chance at being our pet of the day, e-mail picture at >> big weekend at the box office. find out who took the top. next in the buzz bin.
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all right. cracking open the buzz bin big weekend at the box office was top 5. the hobbit took home the highest gains on the weekend raking in $33 million. beat out the star packed musical les mis. third place went to django unchained. and 4th went to parental guidance. and jack reacher ended up in 5th. >> kim karsashian and kanye west are expecting their first
9:40 am
child. the hip hop star announced his girlfriend is pregnant. >> what? >> during a concert last night. most of the karsashians tweeted about the news. of course they did. including her sisters and her mother. the reports the star is 12 weeks pregnant and this will be the couple's first child. and what was it he called her? baby mama. that's how he made the announcement. that was classy. >> stay classy, kanye. >> still trying to get over that whole kanye thing. the redskins get ready for first playoff game. we'll talk all things burgandy and gold from 106.7 the fan in a matter of mivens. >> last hour we showed you some of the food. this hour, time for entertainment. tamara is in
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the house and performing for us coming up after the break. stay with us. with us. initiated. neural speeds increasing to 4g lte. brain upgrading to a quad-core processor. predictive intelligence with google now complete. introducing droid dna by htc. it's not an upgrade to your phone. it's an upgrade to yourself.
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welcome back. it's 9:44 and the skins did it and now on to the post season. nobody saw this playoff run coming. not even sports junkies from 106.7 the fan. or did they? let me ask first of all out of the four of you who has been the longest suffering red skin fan and feeling the most glory this morning? >> definitely mr. bickel. >> i'm the only die hard fan in here. this guy is a colts fan. this guy is a raiders fan. >> look at that mr. ross. >> i might be a bandwagon. might have rooted for the
9:45 am
raiders growing up. >> that's all fair. let me ask you seriously, robert griffin iii said it they made him the captain that week. in your wildest dreams, could you imagine runoff 7 in a row? >> no. most improbable turn around. locally at least for me, 3 and 6, dave. and they didn't fire jim and didn't fire any coaches or bring in super stars. the only guy they brought in was a kicker. the same personnel, the same coaches. the same scheme 3 and 6. that started 3 and 6 and won 7 in a row. it's unbelieve obviously. most probable turn around in our 32 years. it's the biggest turn around we've ever seen. >> when they were 3 and 6 we were talking about firing mike shanahan. he talked about evaluating players. sounded like to everybody and spin it
9:46 am
now he wants to. the conversation was he's giving up on this season. we were looking at a bismal record at that point. they have pounded the football. and yesterday you saw it. he ran for 63 yards. they are running football team in a league of passing. >> let me ask you too, we're going to talk about alfred morris and rgiii but how about the defense? for them to get the early picks on romo i thought was huge in the 1st quarter. they ended up going up in the second. but to get the two early picks and rob jackson late, how good has has let been with smoke and mirrors? >> he's got more aggressive. they are scheming around the flaws. with suspensions and injuries it clearly has been. but since this buy week, since they've gone on this stretch,
9:47 am
they've pressured the quarterback more. they are bringing corner blitzes and bringing guys up the middle and going for it. >> the other thing is guys have settled in. when they had these injuries guys like rob jackson, they hadn't seen the field. they settled in and figured things out. they are not world beaters. tony romo made a mistake last night but part because they were appreciating more. >> rob jackson and linebacker been a game changer. and des bryant is one of the freakish wide receiver athletes held to 71 yards. that's a win for the redskins. they are a touchdown better. given up 27 points a game through the first 10 weeks only giving up 20 during the 7 game winning streak. >> i've been talking about it on twitter today. did alfred morris make a real case for
9:48 am
rookie of the year? it's not a 15 week award. and yesterday, how about closing it out in style with three touchdowns and 200 yards. can you make a serious argument for rookie of the year? >> we talked about it on the show. he had the misfortune of coming out in the draft classes ever. if it weren't for guys like rgiii and andrew luck, he would probably be in the lead for the rookie of the year. for those guys coming out, not going to get the same sort of attention. >> a lot of vote splitting. that will be interesting to see. >> don't you get the worst car award. >> he's pushing mazda out. >> somebody get him a ride. get him a car deal. >> i'm sure he's going to be doing just fine. >> seriously, we all have car deals in here. how does alfred morris not have a car deal. >> i got 15 seconds i got to go but seattle coming in here next
9:49 am
week, the early vibe, what do you guys think? >> skins baby. hail to the redskins. >> skins. we got it at home. >> listen to the guys over there at 106.7 the fans. thank you. talk to you soon. >> thank you. >> over to wisdom martin is still popping bubbles this morning. take it away. >> i'm done with that. i've moved on but somebody who has real talent. she's a virginia native and singing all over the globe. her name is tamara and she has a new album. thank you very much for coming in and talking with us. >> you're quite welcome. >> tell me about your new album. >> it's songs for jany and inspired by eyes are watching god. it's about the main character. >> what's your favorite tune on the cd? they don't make albums any more. >> i would have to say the first one. >> what is it about you like so
9:50 am
much? >> it was about where i was when i started writing the song and what i was going through at the time and the joy that it brings. >> you've been singing all your life for the most part and tell me about some of the places you've been. all over the globe and here in this area. >> yes, performing here in the area festivals and clubs and churches and also performed in south africa, london and my music played in spain and italy. it's been a great journey. >> what do you have coming up next? in addition to the album release, where are you performing next? >> i plan to do a lot of traveling nationally. i haven't been to the west coast to promote this album. that's my next stop. >> a lot of people when they start singing they get to a point where they don't pat on themselves but find someone they like. do you have someone like
9:51 am
that that inspired you vocally? >> i have many inspirations. stevie wonder, michael jackson. anita baker and nancy wilson. i have many influences. >> before we let you sing, anything else you want to say about your album? >> i'm looking forward to performing tonight new year's eve. i'm excited to bring joy to people for 2013. >> all right. cool. tell us the name of the song you are about to sing. >> the name of the song is euphoria. >> the name of the cd is? >> songs for janie. >> all right. go ahead. take it away. >> all right. >> ♪ ♪
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imagine wherever you go there's not the way surrounding you carry you through hurt and pain but constantly astounding you ♪ nothing like this i've ever seen ♪ i only hear sweet lullibies whenever you are in my view ♪ ♪ never wake up feeling blue ♪ i'm just ready to surrender to you ♪ ♪ it's all love strange
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and rare ♪ far and wide ♪ always there breathing light ♪ on me ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ it's all love strange and rare far and wide ♪ always there breathing light on me ♪ ♪ you can rest assured everything i've ever known ♪ ♪ passion all up in my soul
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that i put on my children's plate. that's why we use all-white meat, breading that is whole grain with omega-3 and no preservatives. it is my goal to make the highest quality, best-tasting nugget on the market. i want consumers to go, "dang, that's a good nugget."
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if you have plans going out tonight, we want to remind you about the washington regional alcohol program. 10:00 tonight until 6:00 tomorrow. cab fair home up to $30. we have more information on if you need that. >> and before you vow to get back into those skinny jeans, one last treat for you. z burger is offering you one today from 11 to 2 p.m. give away free single cheeseburgers if you mention the secret password, resolution with a z. and i'm assuming you have to say that. >> resolution with a z. >> happy new year to everyone.
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where are you tonight? >> i'm at eatonville restaurant. >> in washington d.c.. >> i'm going to do weather. >> go ahead. do your thing, tucker. >> if you are going to be out late tonight and find yourself up at 4:25 in the morning, turn us on. cloudy skies and in the 40s. you're fine tonight. it will be cloudy outside. could be snow and/or rain shower. not going to be a big deal. >> now without further ado, tamara is going to sing us out. we'll see you next year on channel 5. take it away. >> ♪ oh, oh, ♪
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if you're not dreaming, you're not living ♪ if you're not loving then what are you giving? ♪ the world is yours ♪ go ahead and take it ♪ just have faith and know you'll make it ♪ stop questioning yourself as if these plans were not made for you ♪ don't let it dwell within you ♪ everyone goes on their own time ♪ let the spirit alive feed you ♪ trust the natural high that brought you


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