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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  January 2, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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the tennessee waltz ♪ . >> singer patti page has died. page sold more than 100 million records. she overdubbed her voice on a song called confess because she didn't have money to hire backup singers. that was the first time anyone had done anything like that. patti page died yesterday. she of 85. 85 -- she was 85. thanks so much for joining us tonight at 10:00. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. >> for me it was disappointing and disgusting to watch. it is why the american people hate congress. >> it was a decision so unpopular even members of his own party were angry with house speaker john boehner. now the gop is caving to the pressure. last night speaker boehner refused to bring a superstorm sandy relief bill to a vote which means that money will be delayed for weeks. it was a slap in the face for victims who have waited more than two months for help. we'll hear the backlash from
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victims and lawmakers. >> there are thousands and thousands of people who are homeless tonight, who are without jobs, who lost their business. this is absolutely indefensible. >> speaker boehner is a good man in general. he's under huge pressure, but he shouldn't have allowed all that pressure to be taken out on new york's homeowners, new york's small business owners, new york taxpayers. >> reporter: fema money is down from 7 billion to 3.5 billion loan money will run out next week says schumer before the january vote. more community, the community block development fund which provides large amounts of money for local governments to rebuild projects like the mta and gives homeowners large loans to rebuild their homes must have money from the sandy relief. in for rockaway construction worker michael guerrero has borrowed $30,000 from his credit cards, got a $25,000
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loan from his boss. he needs $100,000 more to rebuild his home and insurance is not answering his calls. >> it's ridiculous what's going on up there now. go on vacation, come back like nothing happened while all of america over here suffering building nothing. where is this money coming from? it's crazy. it's crazy. 's crazy. >> this friday the newly sworn in house will vote on getting immediate resources to the national flood insurance program. then january 15th the first full day of the new session, there will be a vote on the rest of the sandy aid package. some say the devil is in the details and tonight we're learning more about the bill passed by congress yesterday which solved the tax portion of the fiscal cliff problem. while the fiscal cliff deal was sold as providing tax relief for the middle class, the nonpartisan tax policy center estimates 77% of american households will end up paying higher federal taxes this year. that's because the 2% payroll tax holiday is going away.
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that will impalmost every worker. despite that house members tried to put the best face on the deal. >> by making republican tax cuts permanent, we're one step closer to comprehensive tax reform that will help strengthen our economy. >> compromise is not the art of perfection. by its very definition a compromise contains elements that neither side likes. >> fox news learned tensions were ratcheted up last week between house speaker john boehner and senate majority leader harry reid with boehner cursing reid accusing him of running the house like a dictatorship. secretary of state hillary clinton is out of the hospital and at home tonight. the secretary is being treated for a blood clot in her head. she spent three days in the hospital. she's making progress doctors say and they're confident she'll make a full recovery. they are some of the most loyal fans in all football and redskins nation now cheering
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for a winner at least celebrating a five-year playoff drought and the team's first nfc east title in 13 years. fox 5's bob barnard got a chance to talk with one unique fan and one legendary player. both can't wait until sunday's game. >> have you ever seen the hog hat? now you get a bunch of people doing that and you got a rousing crowd, man. >> reporter: michael torbert is the boss hoggette. >> the hoggettes have been around for 30 seasons. >> reporter: they are hall of fame redskins fans all fired up for sunday's big game. >> redskins fans have been waiting 20 years, right? this is 13 years since a playoff game at fedex field. >> reporter: what about last sunday's game? >> when jackson intercepted that pass, it was like 80,000 people went yea!
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it was electric, believe me. it ranked right up there. >> we've worked harder than anybody in here! >> reporter: former washington redskins quarterback joe thiesmann led the redskins to victory in super bowl xvii, 30 years ago this month. >> i think anybody who is a redskin fan is delighted and elated to what the redskins have accomplished this year, to put together a seven-game win streak in the national football league is very, very difficult. >> reporter: we spoke to joe by phone from tennessee. >> robert is the focal point of this football team, but to get a little bit deeper into football i don't think a lot of the things that we accomplished this year as a football team could have happened without the play of alfred morris. >> reporter: just one fact nor what thiesmann calls a true team effort -- factor in what thiesmann calls a true team effort. >> this is a football team that has found ways to get it done and that's been the most impressive thing to me of, but as far as the excitement level
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-- to me, but as far as the excitement level goes in this town, i haven't seen it this way in probably a couple decades. >> reporter: what about sunday afternoon's game against the seahawks? >> i say whoever wins between the redskins and seahawks i think will represent the nfc in the super bowl. >> reporter: mikey t. and the hoggettes will be watching. >> oh, yeah, we'll there are at our post for sure. the pig pen will be all jammed up. so we'll there be with bells on for sure. >> reporter: in fairfax, virginia, bob barnard, fox 5 news. it's possible no one wants the redskins to win more than d.c. mayor vincent gray. that's because he agreed to a bet with the mayor of seattle. the losing city's mayor must fly the victor's flag at city hall. so let the games begin. mayor gray joins us in studio and mayor mike mcginn in seattle joins us by phone. he doesn't know what he's getting into. >> absolutely not.
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we're ready loaded for bear on this end. >> when is the last time the seahawks have won won a road game? >> 29 years. we want to make it 30 years consecutively now. >> mayor mcginn, i don't want to cast aspersions, but washington did just legalize marijuana, so you're not getting bad advice out there, are you? >> hey, man, we're a good progressive city and the seahawks are playing great, so looking forward to the game. >> what are you hearing from the seattle fans out there, any concerns with our redskins? >> hey, they're enjoying the bet. they love the fact that the mayors are standing behind their teams and they're awfully excited. the seahawk had a great finish to the year -- seahawks had great finish to the year and i understand the redskins did, too. >> the seahawks did crush the 49ers. how did you come up with this bet, mr. mayor? >> we just thought it would be a fun thing to do between two cities that are obviously avid
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about sports. from our perspective it's a way of us being able to once again communicate that this is a city that's taxed without representation. so if we are fortunate enough to be able to win the flag that seattle will fly will say no taxation without representation on it. >> spreading the word. >> absolutely. >> mr. mcginn, i know you consider yourself a bit of a basketball player. there's no ego involved in this bet, is there? >> no. in fact, it's nice to be able to stand up for d.c. citizens and help them with a political cause, but i'll tell you something that's going to be awful nice, is to see that seattle flag flying in d.c. >> keep hope alive. >> that's right. mayor mike mcginn from seattle, we certainly appreciate your time. it will be much easier when you are interviewed tomorrow morning. it will be much easier on you than i was.
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mr. mayor, before we let you go you'll have a press conference tomorrow to speak with the historic low in the murder rate here in washington d.c. how proud are you of the police department, of this stat in the city's history? i mean it's definitely a sign things are going perhaps in the right direction. >> absolutely. we're very proud of it, brian. it's the lowest number of homicides we've had since 1960. that would be, what 52 years ago. all signs are we're going in the right direction at this stage. 88 total for the year. we had 108 in 2011. obviously 88 is too many, but there's so many good things that are going on. the leadership of our chief of police, our deputy mayor paul quan, the police officers in the streets, we hope to continue in that direction. >> thank you. we'll cover the press conference, of course, and look forward to seeing that d.c.
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flag in seattle soon sunday night. thank you, sir. it's getting colder outside, but you may not need a hat. a professor says he's busted a common myth with cold weather and what to wear coming up on the news edge. >> if you have trouble remembering things, you're not alone, but the common memory problem that kicks in at age 50 coming up. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00.  amazing. dunkin's new turkey sausage breakfast sandwich. surprisingly great sausage taste with under 400 calories. try one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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some of the light bulbs in your house may soon be considered antiques and a kai ingredient in many foods -- a key ingredient in many foods may cause you to over8. shawn yancy has your -- to overeat. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. >> no. 5, a report from united van lines found more people are moving away from the northeast but not when it comes to d.c. the district tops the list of states with the most inbound migration. the other states in the top five, oregon, nevada, north carolina and south carolina. no. 4, forgetting names is common as you get older, but a new study finds once you hit 50 even remembering the names of common objects is harder. people in their 50s were not able to name objects as fast as those in their 20s and 30s. no. 3, fructose, a form of sugar found in some foods can actually cause brain changes that triggers overeating
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according to researchers who studied 20 healthy young adults after they consumed fructose. they found fructose does not turn off the desire to eat like simple sugar does. no. 2, if you have a few extra million dollars, you can buy an add for a spot in the super bowl. there are only two 30 second slots left for the big game. both will be sold for a record, get this, $3.8 million. producers are keeping quiet about the advertisers who have already paid up. no. 1, you may have a hard time finding one of these, a 75-watt light bulb. they're joining the list of incandescent bulbs being phased out in exchange for more energy efficient bulbs. production of 100-watt bulbs ended last year, 75-watt goes this year, 40 and 60 phasg out by 2014 all part of the energy efficient act signed by president bush in 2007 and that's tonight's fox 5 top five. getting cold out there. many of you probably put on a hat to stay warm, may not
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necessarily be the case, though. we have a professor in michigan who thinks he's busted a myth about staying warm. >> reporter: this stick figure in this youtube animation isn't shivering and you won't either if you head into the cold without a hat. people who tell you you have to, that may be folklore that's nothing more than hot air. >> you're not wearing a hat. >> i'm not because i've done the research. i don't need to wear a hat. >> reporter: the heat is on on the issue of hats and the cold. turns out it's a myth that you lose a disproportionate amount of heat from your head. professor andrew maynard with the risk science center at university of michigan put his head to the hot debate and created this youtube video. hats aren't always as necessary as you think he says and parents, the good professor is a dad himself. >> i've even told my own kids when you go outside in the winter, wear a hat because you lose most of the heat through your head. you look at the scientific literature and realize it's not true. you lose as much heat from your
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head as any other exposed of your body. >> reporter: the myth started in the military. credence was given to the caps, but now researchers say it's false. >> the other part of this myth is this idea if you're bad, you've really got to wear a hat because your hair keeps some of the heat in. it doesn't do that much. you need a heck of a lot of hair to keep that heat in. >> are you going to miss my hats, brian? >> you're not going to give those up. >> they're statement hats. >> i'm not going to miss that cowboy hat. >> january 21st, i got to figure out what brim i need to wear. >> coldest day ever always, every four years. at least got sunshine today. we'll probably have a couple more cold days and a very cold night, but the sunshine does make it feel so great. it's a brain booster. for people who get the seasonal
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affective disorder, just what the doctor ordered. tomorrow there might be a couple of clouds, but makes of sun and cloud. tonight we have a deck of -- clouds. tonight we have a deck of clouds moving on through and that may do us a favor in terms of keeping temperatures warmer. the high temperature today 40 degrees and much of country chilly, still quiet, though, when it comes to storms. high today international falls 23, seattle 43 degrees. so training in the same kind of weather there, but check out st. louis at 33 degrees, really the only warmer spots relatively speaking phoenix at 63 degrees and then down toward florida where it's been lovely, 76 degrees in tampa today. so that was very nice, but much of the rest of the country feeling the very cold january air. that's where we will be tonight with the potential for some teens in the suburbs depending on the clouds. right now they're doing us a favor keeping temperatures from
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getting colder. 32 is where we're down to in the district, a lot of places in the mid-20s, mart bug dropped to 24 -- martinsburg dropped to 24 degrees. there is a meteor shower tonight. so if you feel like putting up with these temperatures, look toward the northeastern sky at 1 a.m. to see it. tonight 26 degrees, partly cloudy with some suburbs dropping to the teens and about 40 degrees tomorrow. so still chilly but not bad and yet some passing clouds from time to time and an awful lot of sunshine. that will feel nice. tomorrow cold start 8 a.m. at 29 degrees, by noon up to 37 degrees and by 4:00 39 and sunshine. you can see the clouds we have around tonight. these will be with us a few more hours before high pressure tries to build in. it's keeping a little bit of moisture at bay that is not expected to get in here. high pressure will be overhead tonight and as it slides off the coast tomorrow, we'll start
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getting more of a south wind. yes, chilly but a good amount of sunshine and a south breeze will take the edge off that cold. for the weekend it doesn't look bad with temperatures in the low 40s, sunday a few clouds. i think this will be the kickoff temperature for the redskins and looks like it will drop to the upper 30s, so a whole lot more comfortable than last sunday night game was. here's your fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast, four days at or around 40 degrees and next week it looks like we have a little mini january thaw, 46 monday, tuesday about 48 degrees and how about that, almost 50 degrees on wednesday. that will feel very nice. here is lindsay murphy with more on our big news including those amazing redskins. this is the verizon 4g lte sports desk with lindsay murphy. >> can we get 50 for sunday instead? can we switch that around? the redskins had quite laic of players who only watched -- a list of players who only
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watched practice today including kirk cousins home with the flu. london as we've seen the past couple weeks will play. lichtensteiger is hopeful to play sunday. today at redskins park robert griffin, iii was asked about his recovering right knee. he said it feels better every day and he hasn't had any setbacks following games. griffin admits the brace may be americaning him more than the injury. -- hindering him more than the brace. cedric griffin is done serving a four game suspension for testing positive for adderall which is banned by the nfl. shanahan indicated he may not be in game shape yet, but griffin hopes to make an impact sunday. >> i've been here in spirit. i've been praying a whole lot just sitting here watching the game on the edge of my seat. i've been the biggest cheerleader for the washington redskins these last four weeks and i'm just thankful for coach shanahan and everybody just for bringing me back and making sure i'm going to contribute throughout this playoff run for sure. >> sunday alfred morris
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shattered the single season rushing record for the skins and today was named nfc offensive player of the year. his 200 rushing yard effort against the cowboys the most by any player in the mike shanahan era. he finished second in the nfl in rushing. marshawn lynch rushed for 1,590 yards and 11tds, morris finished with 23 more yards and two more tds. >> that would be an honor. he's a great back. i group watching this guy. i definitely respect his game. he's a hard runner. if should be fun. >> coming -- it should be fun. >> coming up this sunday a special pregame snow at 3:30. at 4 p.m. is the fox -- show at 3:30. at 4 p.m. is the fox pregame show and at 4:30 is the kickoff. coming up county wizards become road warriors? they try to set the pace tonight in indiana, highlights next.
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the wizards have yet to become road warriors. the four games they've won this season only one was away from the verizon center. maybe the new year will bring new fortune. on the road in indiana 1st half the pacers go inside to the former hoya roy hibbard who sinks the hook in the lane. hibbard finishes with 11 points. pacers led by as many as 17 in the 1st half. 2nd half we go, the wizards on the break, it's garrett temple to bradley beal who hangs for the lay-in. beal had 14 points. the deficit was down to 2
11:25 pm
points. the final seconds in the 3rd quarter wizards down 12, jordan crawford dribbles over half court and sinks the lon distance three to beat the buzz -- long dance three to beat the buzzer, crawford a team high 20, wizards down 9. paul george gets the pass in the lane. wiz fall to the pacers 89-81. they are now 4-26. on our sister station my 20 wdca college basketball saturday, 12-1 maryland tips off acc play hosting virginia tech at noon. tonight louisville and florida in the sugar bowl in new orleans. we'll start with the first play from scrimmage. florida's jeff driscoll backed a pass deflected off the receiver picked off by terrell floyd who returns it 38 yards for the score. just like that louisville was up 7-0. let's go to the 3rd quarter. it's 24-10, louisville. cardinals quarterback teddy bridgewater a perfect pass to damian copeland, now in the
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4th 30-10 louisville. that's a wrap on sports, but the news edge will be right back. good night. share everything. share brotherly love. share one up's. mom ? mom ? the share everything plan. lets your family share a pool of data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. get a spectrum 2 by lg for $49.99
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new turkey sausage breakfast sandwich today! we're four days way from kickoff against the seahawks. we want to see your redskins spirit, asking fans to e-mail pictures and videos to outfit says it all. you can also send pictures of your pets, this boxer loves the skins, hates tony romo. you now have the news edge at
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11:00, back here tomorrow. hope you will be, too. see you.


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