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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  January 3, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. ahead at 6 clark the hunt identify missing maryland man could be over. the grim discovery made in d.c. last night. a new congress will be sworn in. there won't be much time to celebrate. lawmaker plan to get right down to business. fox 5 morning news continues right now. ght now.
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. here is a live look outside on this thursday, january 3rd, 2013. we know it is cold. tucker says it is 20, 30, somewhere in that neighborhood. do we have any rain? do we have any snow? any colder weather on the way? he will give us the answers in just a second. good morning. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. tucker barnes here right now with the latest on that. >> that was a lot of pressure. a lot going on there. >> yeah, well, you got all the answers. >> i have one or two of the answers. it is cold this morning. definitely jacket weather and kids going to the bus stop, that kind of thing, it feels like january for a change out there. temperatures in the 0s and we're 30 here in the city. should be a decent day. sunshine, not expecting any rain and/or snow. -- temperatures in the 20s and we're 30 here in the city. there was a meteor shower last night. i looked at 3:00 but i saw
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nothing but clouds. >> really? >> i could see the moon kind of working through the clouds but that is about it. the rain will stay to our and east today. we'll see clearing. you can see it there in west virginia if you are looking carefully and we'll be in no mostly sunny skies. check out your cold temperatures. arctic intrusion, that is what we call t not so much here locally but not too far way. check out columbus now, down to 2 degrees. >> it is going down? >> well, that is what happens right before dawn. how about boston, seven degrees. so plenty question of cold air across portions of the eastern half of the country here. here is your forecast. 40 is your daytime high. should be a mostly sunny and quiet afternoon and the quiet weather continues for the next couple of days. >> we'll take this. we can't complain. i think that is why he keeps
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showing columbus to us. he is like look guys, don't complain. thank you, tucker. >> time to you to check in with julie wright to see how things are going on wisconsin avenue. >> a 20-inch water main break. this will be wisconsin avenue 355 near bradley boulevard. wisconsin avenue down to one lane north and southbound. only the right lane is able to get by as you travel between bradley and willard avenue. the repairs will be ongoing throughout the morning commute. this will back up shortly as you continue from both loops of the beltway to head southbound towards nih and out to the d.c. line. plan your trip early. if you are headed into d.c., you may want to think about using the beltway over to river road as an alternative commute. wisconsin avenue between bradley and willard, only the right leap getting through. we have more problems to report. this is going to be a portion of 16th street near 410, the east-west highway with the vehicle overturned on its side. northbound 16th street headed back up towards the beltway. the right lane remains closed off at the scene of this crash. we'll continue northbound now i- 95, we are in the hov lanes.
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northbound i-59 well below speed out of stafford leaving aquia harbor headed up towards 234 dumfries. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. . checking our top stories now, classes resume this morning for students and teachers of sandy hook elementary school less than three weeks after the deadly shooting there. signs of school colors line the road leading to the new school just down the road from the shooting scene in the town of monroe where classes will be held. last night, parents were invited to an open house of the new cool which will be renamed sandy hook elementary. >> the bridge county police department is stepping up efforts to cut crime and get guns off county streets. there will be up to 125 additional officers on the streets each night this month. they will be deployed to areas in the county's transforming neighborhoods initiative. -- the prince george's county police department is stepping up tests to cut crime and get
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guns off county streets. a body was found in a ventilation unit last night in biltmore street in adams morgan. police are trying to determine whether the victim is michael po. the 22-year-old has been missing since leaving a group of friends on the early-morning hours of new year's day. president barack obama has signed the bill that stops the across the board tax increases and postpones budget cuts to domestic programs. the president also signed a $630 billion defense bill that funds the pentagon for the next year. he is back in hawaii to resume his vacation and used an auto pen letting him sign the bill into law from a remote location. starting today, the new congress will tackling the new battles over taxes and spending that await washington in the next few weeks. the first item, a house vote on aid for superstorm sandy.
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house speaker john boehner agreed to hold a vote tomorrow after intense pressure from lawmakers including new jersey governor chris christie. >> when you sit around and delay and give assurances that things are going to done and they are anot. that is not doing your job. have some guts. put opportunity, vet yes or no and let's move on. >> friday's vote covers just $9 billion for the national flood insurance program. another vote in two weeks will cover the remaining $51 billion in the package. here is more details about the new congress which will bring some historic changes to capitol hill. >> the senate will remain in democratic control but there will now be a record number of women, 20 including an all- female delegation from new hampshire. there will also be more racial diversity and the fewest number of veterans in congress since world war ii. it will also be an emotional day on the hill nearly a year after a stroke left him barely to move the left side of his body, senator
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mark kirk is expected to client 4 -- climb the 45 steps to the senate floor. he says he is determined to return to the senate floor. still ahead, another american journalist is kidnapped in syria as the violence there hits a new high. we'll have the latest in that region coming up next. a bet between two mayors. we'll tell you what is on the line for the district depending on the outcome of sunday's playoff game against the seattle seahawks. 
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. a u.s. drone strike killed 13 people in pakistan including a top commander who -- when a truce with them. pakistan's military considered him a key to keeping the peace in pakistan. over in care yitzhak rabin the united nations is raising the number of dead to 60,000. -- over in syria, the united
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nations is raising the number dead of to 60,000. a free lance american journalist working in syria was kidnapped by gunmen. the family of james foley just made the announcement. secretary of state hillary clinton is recover first thing blood clot at home this morning. these picture shower leaving the new york hospital yesterday, first time she had been seen publicly since early december. doctors say commit is making good progress and she is confined -- and they are confident she will make a full recovery. coming up, the road to the super bowl has a friendly wager between the two mayors. we'll have that coming up next. fox 5 morning news comes right back .
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skins fans are gearing up for the first round playoff match-up for the seahawk. d.c. mayor vincent gray is so confident the skin will win, he has freed to a friendly bet with the mayor of seattle. the mayor of the losing city must fly the victor's flag at the city hall. >> from my perspective, it's way of us being able to once again communicate that this is a city that is taxed without representation. so if we are fortunate enough to be able to win the flag that seattle fly will say no taxation without representation. >> it is tights nice to be able to stand up for d.c. citizens and help them with the political cause. but i'll tell you something that will be awful nice to see that seattle flag flying in d.c. d.c. >> just a reminder, sunday at 4:30, kickoff right here on fox 5. we'll start your coverage way special live pre-game show if fedex field at 3:30.
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there you go. >> weather looks good for sunday. >> really? >> everybody headed out there early. this is january and the temperatures will be in the throw mid-40s. so warmer than it was last weekend. >> but it will still be a little bit chilly. >> it will be cool, no doubt about it but i don't think anybody will notice. you know what i mean? let's do some weather. we are cold. one of our coldest mornings here so far this year? >> well, three days in. >> thank you. >> you guys are only a little slow. >> i was only half listening. >> not sure you were half listening, sarah. notice here in washington, temperatures dipped below the freezing mark. 21 in frederick and hagerstown. so another cool day even with a lot of sunshine expected. in fact, we'll have a nice dry
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weather pattern here for the next several days. rain showers to the south down into the carolinas. that is all along the cold front that came through here during the morning hours yesterday. but it is now far enough south an east we are not going to get any rain. got a little bit of cloud cover early but you can see out to the west, we've got clearing skies out in west virginia. just like yesterday, of a little bit of early cloudiness, plenty of sunshine today. plenty of sunshine for the remainder of the week as this area of high pressure, which by the way, is kicking in some pretty good arctic temperatures across parts of the region here early this morning as that moves overhead. cold to start your day. then we'll be sunny this afternoon and chilly benefit tonight but right back in the sunshine during the day tomorrow. the next couple of days featuring plenty of sun. cool afternoon, wind out of the west here at five to 10. clear skies tonight and here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. check out how quiet it is. ominously quiet here to start
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january with temperatures warming up near 46 on sunday for the redskin game and check out low 50s here. we'll have a nice little warm spell by the middle of next week. low 50s, tuesday and wednesday. let's do some traffic. julie wright is excited for the big game this weekend. aren't you? >> uh-huh. let's start off talking to the crew in sky fox. northbound along 16th street approaching 4 10rbg the east- west highway, this is where we have the crash involving the overturned vehicle. -- approaching 410, the east- west highway. tow truck on the scene. this car, as you can see, overturned on its side, that little suv this didn't make it through the intersection. anticipate a slow reid on the northbound side of 16th street headed in the direction of the beltway. a few moments ago, sky fox was above this scene. this is the water main break. repairs are ongoing as we speak. a 120-inch water main break occurred last night traveling between bradley boulevard and
6:19 am
willard avenue. you will find the repairs are happening as we speak. the right lane is getting by both northbound and southbound. this is our inbound commute for folks headed out from the capital beltway. so start thinking about your alternate routes early. pick up connecticut avenue or even use the beltway at river road as an alternative route. 50 at 28. eastbound 66, the crash occurred in gainesville. that has been moved over to the shoulder. you are in a big backup leaving 15. traffic will slow again as you work your way through manassas. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. a second person has died from hypothermia in maryland this season. health officials are confirming that a woman who was 65 or older died in prince george's county. the first death from hypothermia this winter was an elderly man in frederick county. last winter, 15 people died from hypothermia in maryland. n it is already proving to be a bad flu season and it is only expected to get worse. the number of cases is picking up here in the d.c. region with the peak usually around mid-
6:20 am
january. health officials say it is not too late to get the flu vaccine to help protect against the fast-moving virus. scientists are taking a cue from weather forecasters and are now using computers to predict the flu. health officials it has the potential to fine tune vaccination campaigns and other disease protection efforts. hopefully, we don't get the flu. coming up next, we'll go live at fox business network in new york for a look at how wall street kicked off the new year. >> today, starbucks is rolling out a $1 reusable plastic cup. they already give a dime discount each time they bring in reusable cups. >> they've got marketing people
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welcome back. the first trading day of the new year was a good one but what can we expect to see on wall street the rest of the week. lauren similar sunsety is live with this morning's business beat. >> good morning. >> le wall street kind of breathe ad a sigh of relief after the fiscal cliff deal. what is in store? that euphoria from the budget deal certainly fade ago little bit this morning. futures are weak but we had a fabulous run up on the first trading day of the new year yesterday. the dow up 308 points. all three major averages here rising between 2.4 and 3%. it was a stock market rally that did not stop here in the u.s. it was a global one. the next fiscal cliff is about to face us, the one with the debt ceiling and the spending cuts. in the meantime, we did have great gains yesterday.
6:25 am
>> we'll enjoy the gains while we can. we know what could happen as we get closer to the upcoming debate. there isen couraging news coming from the auto industry in terms of sales for them. >> yeah, today, we'll get numbers throughout the day for automakers for december and all of 2012. and the all of 2012 numbers expected to be 14.5 million which would be the best since before the recession. but even better than that is the expectation for 2013 auto sales. looking at a number topping 15 million, that signifies a healthy auto market and it is definitely a strong number. one of the reasons is big pickup trucks, you can charge a lot for those. and also 43 different models are coming to market this year. >> not so exciting news for people. we've been talking about this next story. wendy's is making its move on its 99-cent menu. some prices are actually going up. >> doubling. so the new menu would be between 99 cents and $1.99.
6:26 am
the reason her raising pricess because its own costs have risen for meat and cheese and other ingredients. so that is what they're doing. their rivals,burg are king as well as mcdonald's have done the same. it doesn't always work for them but they figure if they keep some items at 99 cents, they can attract the customer who usually spends more money anyway but they've upped the prices. >> okay. i had no idea the others were already doing it too. >> yeah, they've tested it here and there, know. >> all right. lauren, thank you so much. we'll check in with you tomorrow. coming up, out with the old, in with the new. we have a live report from capitol hill coming up. we'll hear from redskins rookie running back alfred morris and show you what rg iii did during his coach's press conference yesterday that even had the coach cracking a smile.
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check these two out. they're cute. their picture simply titled twins skins fans. and we want to see your redskins spirit as. we we are asking fans to emmail their pictures and videos to redskins at and we may most them live here on the air. we'll be right back.   (woman) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register
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it was business micked with pleasure for president barack obama's first day back with his family to fin, their vacation. he signed the fiscal cliff and defense bills using an auto pen, a device that copies his signature. he also enjoyed a round of golf. the first family is scheduled to return to washington this weekend. >> and they will be welcomed back to the reality of cold temperatures. >> yes, definitely nonhawaii- like here. >> wintry around here. temperatures around here fueling back in the low 20s for parts of the area. regionally, we are doing single
6:31 am
digits not too far away. a little arctic intrusion here early in january. >> arctic intrusion. >> the intrusion of arctic air. let's take a look at it. you will see it here on the map. going to be very object justice in places like columbus which are now 6 degrees. that temperature is bouncing around. 7 in boston. 13 in bring hampton. detroit is 16. here in washington -- >> chicago is warm compared to them. >> they are sort of on the western edge of the real cold stuff. parts of the year here in the low 20s. a few clouds to start your day. rain showers south down into the carolinas, down into georgia. if you are headed down there, run will be fairly persistent. for us, we should see plenty of sunshine. a sunny, bright but cool day with high temperatures only about 40 degrees here in the city and mid- to upper 30s if you are north and west of town. in fact, you get up towards
6:32 am
hagerstown, it will be close to freezing later this afternoon. colder the north and west you get but plenty of sunshine for all of us. a good ask tony and tucker question today. i wish i could remember what it was. oh, it is weather-related. >> it is weather-related. >> it's a great question. >> traffic time. >> wisdom, he said it was weather-related. that means how much are the tickets to miami right now. how much do we have to pay? northbound 16th street is where we find the crew in sky fox. chopper brad over the accident scene involving what was the overturned vehicle. this is now up on its wheels. rollback loading up this vehicle and it shut be out of there shortly. some traffic on the westbound side of 410 able to squeeze by to the left. northbound temporarily blocked while they load up the vehicle
6:33 am
and get it out of your way. this 20-inch water main break occurred last night in the 6:00 hour. repairs are ongoing at this time. traffic on the southbound side headed through chevy chase and continuing out towards the d.c. line is able to get by single file to the right. there has been a change. northbound wisconsin avenue, all of your lanes are open head back up towards the beltway. so that isen improvement for you guys on the northbound side. this is going to impact our commute on the southbound stretch coming from both loops of the beltway traveling south of bethesda with only one right lane getting through as you travel between bradley and willard avenue. to the west, accident activity in chantilly is tying up route 50 at 28. there is also the wreck as you approach 29 in gainesville although that has been moved to the shoulder. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the nation's newest congress is our big story this morning. the 113th congress is set to be sworn in later today. >> the new congress will have several key issues to deal with
6:34 am
from the start. first on their list, a $60 billion sandy relief package. melanie alnwick is live on capitol hill with the details. >> reporter: good morning. the failure of that package to come up for a vote tuesday night sparked outrage from lawmakers from new york and new jersey in both parties but they have been assured that it will be one of the top,s when the new congress is sworn in later today. at noon today, 12 new senators and 81 new representatives will be seated. the 113th congress is a bit more diverse with more female, black, hispanic and asian lawmakers. it will also have the knewest number of veterans since world war ii. after a bruising battle tuesday over higher tax rates, house conservatives were in no mood to then approve a $60 billion aid package they said had a lot of unnecessary spending tacked onto t aid for victims of hurricane sandy was taken off
6:35 am
the table and members of congress from the devastated areas lashed out. >> the banner says in god we trust. god alone cannot help these families rebuild but unfortunately, the american people cannot trust the republican congress to help either. >> and now, i have to go home and tell them their new year's gift is that they are going to wait even longer, even longer, for something they should have had over a month ago. >> reporter: and their ire has calmed down somewhat now that speaker john balkaner has scheduled a vote on the flood insurance portion of the bill friday. the rest of the relief package minus the pork according to house leadership, will come up on january 15th. then this t. has to go to the senate for a-- then had has to go to the senate for aproven. that should be easy given what else is coming ahead. we have got not only spending cuts. the sequestration measures that
6:36 am
need to be taken care of and the debt ceiling, those are coming up in just a matter of week with both sides signaling they are digging in for quite a showdown. that is the latest from capitol hill. i'm melanie alnwick. also on the hill today, d.c.'s delegate to congress will demand a right to vote in something called the committee of the whole in the house of representatives. that would let delegate eleanor holmes norton vote on many matters on the house floor but not on final legislation. norton was granted the right to vote in the committee of the whole back in the early '90s. a check of this morning's other top stories now. for the first time since the school massacre in newtown, connecticut, students will return to class. but this time, they will go to a neighboring town. yesterday, moving truck berardelli the nurnt and school supplies from sandy hook elementary to monroe to furnish the former middle school where students will at least spend the rest of the year. >> it won't be heavy curriculum but they need to do the kinds of things that are important
6:37 am
for kids and they have a normal routine. -- yesterday, a moving truck moved the furniture and school supplies from sandy hook elementary to monroe to furnish the former middle school where students will at least spend the rest of the year. d.c. mayor vincent gray and police chief cathy lanier are holding a news conference today. they were 479 murders in the district in 1990. they with be talking about the lower rate this year. a body was found in a ventilation unit at a unit on biltmore street in adams morgan. police are trying to find out if the body is of that michael
6:38 am
po. he has been missing since the early-morning hours of new year's day. ray lewis has announced this year's playoffs will be his last hurrah. he is expected to return to the line-up for sunday's play offgame against the indianapolis colts. now to the washington redskins, just you few days away from the big game, game day, a big honor for alfred morris. he is the nfc offensive player of the week. first redskins rookie run being back to be so honored. morris racked up 200 yards and against the dallas cowboys and finished the season sex ped in the nfl in rushing. but the seahawk have an answer to morris in marchand lynn. he rushed for over 1500 yards and 11 touchdowns just behind morris who fin,ed with 23 more yards and two more touchdowns. >> head to head against marchand lynch, that is and honor.
6:39 am
i grew up watching this guy. i definitely respect his game. i can relate to the way he runs. it should be fun. >> all right. robert griffin iii also got some time behind the mic and was asked about his recovery right knee. he said it is feeling better every day and that he hasn't yet experienced any setbacks following games. the rookie also stole the show at coach shanahan's press conference yesterday. take a look. >> coach, we just wanted to know -- >> you got me by surprise there. >> what did you do for new year's? >> tried to put a good game plan together. i wasn't sure how healthy you are. it was hard without you calling me. you got me good. >> all right. rg iii will take the field with his knee brace sunday at 4:30.
6:40 am
kickoff right her on fox 56789 we'll start the coverage way special live pregame show at fedex field at 3:30. all right. college football now. last night, the sugar bowl, it was louisville all over florida in new orleans. and gators quarterback jeff driscoll turned the ball over three times. his pass was intercepted. cardinals never gave up the lead. the final score 33-23. tonight, it is the fiesta bowl. kansas state taking on oregon. the nhl and the players association will return to the bargaining table this morning. neither side is saying if any progress has been made. a deal must be in place by january 11th in order to have a 48-game season to be played. the parents of a six-year- old boy are fighting back after he was suspended from school.
6:41 am
what he did and his parents' argument coming up after the break. we'll be right back.
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sot a virginia judge has ordered a murder suspect be unconditionally released from custody. justin wolf was charged twice with capital murder in the death of a drug dealer but both times the judge in the case tossed out the charges because of alleged misconduct from prosecutors. wolf must be released by 5:00 tonight unless an appeals court intervenes. the parents of a six-year- old boy are trying to get his school suspension overturned. the boy was suspended for one day after he pointed his fingerlike a gun and said pow. school officials reportedly characterized the incident as a threat to shoot a student. the family's lawyer said the boy had no intention of shooting anyone. time now is 6:44. >> good morning.
6:45 am
nice and cold out there. if kid are going to the bus stop, walk the dog, be ready for a acold start. most of the region below freezing. some sports of the area getting close to the teens this morning. lets he get start wade look at yesterday's daytime highs. upper 30s to about 40. one of our coldest days so far this winter. reagan national only got to 40 and dulles and bwi marshall only in the upper 30s for daytime highs. i think we'll be very close to these numbers again today even with sunshine, we'll kind of struggle up to about 40 for an afternoon high. get ready for a nice, cool, january afternoon. it is indeed cold. 30 in washington. 30 in annapolis and 25 now in baltimore. notice we are getting into the low 20s particularly well to the north and west. gaithersburg is 21 at this hour. frederick, hagerstown, 21. 21 in winchester as well. we have quiet conditions locally. a lot of rain shower activity down to the south and to the east of us. that is a cold front from yesterday and we are sort of on
6:46 am
the northern edge of cloudiness that rolled through during the overnight hours. you can see we are starting to get some clearing. we should be in for a lot of sunshine and a nice, downright weather pattern for the next several days. our chances for rain and/or any winter weather around here, close to nil. we don't have a lot going on locally. our average daytime high no this time of year, we are in the coal of the time of year is in the mid-40s, 43, 44. winds out of the west at five to 10. winds out of the west at five. there is a very quiet accu- weather seven-day forecast. let me mention, you go to the redskin game sunday afternoon. there will somebody clouds around but it should be dry with temperatures in the mid- 40s. that won't be bad. and a bit of a warming trend here by the middle of next week. we should be back into the 50s by tuesday and wednesday. maybe mid-50s around here for i day or two by the end of next week. so a nice warm-up for the
6:47 am
middle of january. >> shooting for the 50s. >> might do it. >> all right. and tony perkins joins us. >> hello. good morning, good morning. guess what it is time for. time for ask tony and tucker. today's question comes from jenna barr in berwyn heights, maryland. she writes in. why do people say when it snows, owe, it is big flakes, the snow won't stick or the other way around, it is small flakes, the snow will stick? does this really make a difference. >> is that what they say or do they say the opposite. >> the opposite would be, hey, it is big flakes, it is going to stick. >> i've never heard it. >> i think it is the way she says it. i have no idea on the answer by the way, do you? >> i'm kidding. i know the answer. >> oh, gosh, quickly phone a
6:48 am
friend. we have information about this one. >> here is the deal with this. there is some truth to it and the reason why is we've got to do just a little bit of science. the reason why has to do with how cold the atmosphere is as the snow falls from the clouds that are several thousand feet above us. if it is very cold outside. >> in shorts? >> don't know why we're showing this video. if it is very cold outside and temperatures in the thermal profile of the atmosphere are at or below freezing so from 10,000, 12,000 feet up down to the earth's surface, the temperatures are quite cold, you will get what we call a dry snow. you will notice when it snows it is dry snow. the flake will be small and when you go to pack it, it is kind of light and powdery, not a lot of moisture to work with. >> not good snowball snow.
6:49 am
>> right. exactly. when the flakes are smaller, the temperatures are timically colder. the opposite is true. when you see the bigger flakes, that tells us the atmosphere is closer to the freezing mark and what is happening is the little snowflakes that are falling are having an opportunity to melt and as they melt -- they start to melt, they were able to stick together. so when you see a big snowflake, it is not one snowflake, it is a series of snowflakes that have clumped to together. >> it is like there is a liquid film on the snowflake. >> it adheres to it. >> i didn't know that. >> so it is a big sign that we see. big snowflakes flying that your chances of it sticking to the ground are not the age as if the flake are nice and small. they are nice and small, temperature are very cold and that tells you temperatures are very cold outside and the flakes aren't sticking to one another. >> so they will stick to the ground better. >> because temperatures are colder. >> yeah. >> it doesn't mean if you see
6:50 am
big flakes, it didn't -- can't stick to the ground. when the flake are smaller, your chances of an accumulating snow are much higher. >> it depends on how big the storm is, how much it is going to drop. >> it has to do with the air temperatures. -- when the flakes are smaller, your chances of an accumulating snow are much higher. >> we don't know how big a snowflake can get. people report when they see. when you get these big wet snowflakes, you can see them as big as a quarter. some people have said they've seen them as big as a baseball or softball. that is hard to quantify. once it sticks the ground, you don't know how big it was. >> that is like fish story. the big fish that just keeps
6:51 am
getting bigger. i saw a snowflake as big as a basketball. >> here is good news, with everybody having cell phones, maybe some day we'll have a video. thank you very much for your question. & snow, snow, snow, snow. >> if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. >> there you have it. >> let's check in with julie and get the latest on traffic. no snow to worry about today. >> thank goodness. i'm afraid i would have to go into hibernation if i saw a snowflake the size of a baseball. you wouldn't see me until june. i can't do it. this is where we find our crew in sky fox, 495/95 in college park. heavy volume as expected. no accidents to report. southbound 95 is in good shape as you travel out the laurel headed down to the capital beltway. no issues on the inner loop
6:52 am
leaving route 1 headed to the capital beltway. the 20-inch water main, repairs are ongoing at this time. traveling wisconsin avenue south of bradley avenue headed out to willard avenue, only the right lane is able to get by. coming northbound, all of the lanes are open. so no issue for you on the northbound side but will affect your commute on the sound side between bradley and willard avenue. we do have one hitch in our get along. this will be inbound at furrestville road. accident activity tying up the left lane. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. all right. american idol will be back on tv january 16th but you can be one of the first in our area to see the premier of soap 12. just go to to enter for a chance to win a pair of tickets to an exclusive advance screening.
6:53 am
it will be followed by a live interactive q and a session with the judges. >> today, 10 winners will be chosen by random drawing to win two tickets to the american idol sad vance screening on wednesday, january 9th at the amc hoffman center theaters in alexandria. you must be 18 or older to enter. you can see the complete rules on our web site, president abraham lincoln's handwritten draft of the emancipation proclamation is on public view for the next month. you can see it in the library of congress in an exhibit called the civil war in america. it celebrates the 150th anniversary of the proclamation's signing. sydney harbor is looking like one big bathtub. a 50-foot rubber duck is sailing on the water right now. it is part of a plow to promote a festival and remind people that our global waters are also our bathtub. the duck is expected to remain
6:54 am
docked at the harbor until january 23rd. >> this is a little weird to be driving around to see that giant yellow duck. >> kind of cool to see. kind of fun. >> yeah, still ahead encouraging children to learn through play. >> that is the idea behind the new children's museum at the national harbor. our holly morris is showing us all the cool things it has to offer and she is coming up after the break a preview for us. 
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
1/3/13 good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and on this thursday morning if you are 8 years old or under i want you to listen. there is an 18,000 square foot playroom open just for you. it is known as the national children's museum. in its brand new location in national harbor where we are live this morning where it is set up and ready for you to play. that's part of the mission here of the only congressionally mandated museum exclusively for children. they have sefshl different areas.
6:58 am
we're going to play in all of them. what ages are supposed to play where. how you need to come here and spend your time and how you can celebrate your birthday here and listen to this, seseme workshop that's the non-profit, they are responsible for part of the museum here. so you just never know who might show up this morning. only in its third week. we'll see how it's been going and how you can come out and bring your family and have a whole lot of fun. wisdom and sarah. >> sounds exciting like we have guests coming up. >> can't wait to see that. >> thanks, holly. >> time now to say good morning of today's fan of the day. gino is representing the home team. he's also a fan of fox 5 and tucker's forecast. >> are you a fan today? >> for a chance to be tomorrow's
6:59 am
fan, log on facebook and post a comment under his picture. >> that's it for our 6:00 hour. >> let's send it over to allison and tony. >> good morning to both of you. thank you very much. coming up on fox 5 morning news, a major water main break could mess up your morning commute. a grim late night discovery that could solve the mystery of a missing man. >> it is back to school for sandy hook survivors. we'll look at the ways parents and teachers will try to make the first day back as easy as possible. >> and it is the first day of the new congress here on capitol hill where 93 new law makers will be sworn in at noon today. i'll have a look at the battles ahead. >> and later, a little fun before the big game. keeping


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