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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  January 4, 2013 4:25am-5:00am EST

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>> oh! that can still be confusing. >> "dish nation." make sure you all spell that so i don't get the hate mail. put johnson's water seal on your deck. ♪ that's what we dishin' 'bout good morning to you. happy friday and you know what today is. it is two days before the redskins big game. that is what today is. hail to the redskins. >> it's exciting. >> we're almost there, people. almost there. first playoff game in years. home game, that is. big day for the redskins coming up this weekend. good morning to you. it is friday, january 4-rbgs 2013. we are gearing up for sunday's
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show at fedex field. -- it is friday, january 4, 2013. >> fox 5 has all your redskins coverage this sunday. it starts with a special pre- game at 3:30. fox's network pre-game is at 4:00 and then it is kickoff at 4:30 from fedex field followed by our post high pressure -- post-game show live on the field. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> can you tell we're excited? >> it feels like a game day. >> i'm ready. i got the colors on and yeah, countdown has begun. i'm excited about all the football games this weekend. let's do temperatures. it got cold again overnight. 30 in washington.
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19 in manassas. just like yesterday morning with the exception of stevensville, east of the bay, the entire area is at or below freezing this morning. we have very cold temperatures. 25 in boston. columbus yesterday was single digits. they are doing a little better. 29 this morning. all fridays are good looking but this one will be particularly good looking. we are looking at just generally sunny skies. high temperatures back in the low 40s and i bit of a breeze out of west at 10 to 15. a couple of very light snow showers up into upstate new york and northern new england. that is the worst of the weather here on the eastern seaboard. more details on the weather. let's talk football. back to you at the desk. he des >> thank you. taking a look at our top stories, a once-convicted killer scheduled to be released from prison in northern vern yesterday remains behind bars this morning. justin wolfe was ordered to stay locked up by a federal appeals court. he has now been ordered a new hearing. we'll have much more on this
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coming up in just a few minutes here on fox 5. >> occupy capitol hill, the house is set to vote on extending national flood insurance to the victims of superstorm sandy. that is part of an aid bill that was not considered in the final hours of the last congress angering many lawmakers from new york and new jersey. the senate could vote this afternoon. let's get back to the redskins now. >> yes, one fan has found a creative way to show her spirit, right at her fingertips. beth parker has the story. >> reporter: it is the tap of her fingernails that will get your attention. art, all eight feet of it. that is how long pepper cox's fingernails would be if you
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lined them all. >> altogether, 97 inches. >> what has her going with the redskins has her pretty excited. her favorite player. >> come on now. rg iii. >> reporter: her advice to the skins' savior. >> relax. take it all in. because nfl means not for long. >> reporter: rg iii was probably in junior high when pepper started growing out her fingernails. >> 11 years. >> she has painted them burgundy and gold every football season since even when the team had its critics. >> i love himmism just wash sometimes you get the front line. i need an offensive front line but i love him. >> reporter: not as much as she loves her little grandson. >> he like them. he said my grandmother has long nails. >> reporter: she made for a few games this year but this sunday, shall watch from a friend's house. >> how loud will it be? >> we 30 deep. we have neighbors that come and want to join in with us from
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blocks away. >> reporter: pepper works in it. for federal government. she can dial her phone. i don't i just dial with the knuckles. >> reporter: she seen crochets. >> i've been crocheting forever. >> reporter: is there any one thing that you can't do with these nails that you wish you could. >> fold socks. >> reporter: if she could fold socks, they would certainly be burgundy and gold. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> i wonder if she ever breaks one or bends it back. i don't know how she types. >> there is a lot going on with those nails. >> we still ve plenty ahead. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. good morning. it is 4:30 on this friday, january 4, 2013. another cold start to your day but we'll warm things up today with all the redskins talk. everybody is pretty excite about the game coming up this weekend -- excited about that game coming up this weekend.
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>> time to talk about the weather since we are heading into the weekend. let's bring in tucker barnes. >> it got cold out once again. clear skies overnight and we're doing what we call radiational cooling. it is noticeably on the chilly side. it takes a couple of minutes to get the car going. >> i got a little bit of the frost or whatever that is on the windshield. >> a lot of that on the cars. reagan national is 30 degrees. most of the area below the freezing mark. it will be a cold start for everybody heading off to work and school. 25 at dulles. bwi marshall is 30 degrees. looking at our satellite-radar, we'll be talking about a quiet day. got a little bit of cloud cover off to the north and west. we're not worried about it. high pressure building in too. that means a couple of dry days around here leading in the
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weekend. i'll have the redskins forecast coming up in just a minute. about 42 degrees this afternoon with winds out of the west at 10 to 15. it will be a little breezy here later today. >> thank you. we'll check in with you in a bit. we are following breaking news from prince george's county and it could impact your ride to work if you are leaving any time soon. >> there is a good deal of police activity going on right now on branch avenue near woodyard road in clinton. we'll bring you north details as we get them. >> time to check in with traffic to see what is happening on our roads. first look at on-time traffic on this redskins friday, here is julie wright. hey, julie. >> this is the closest -- i don't have anything burgundy and gold. i apologize. >> can you go shopping afterwards. >> to follow up on what sarah was just reporting, there is a closure point on the southbound stretch of route 50 south of the beltway there. no one automobile to get by on
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the southbound side of the highway. manchester over to old branch road will be your workaround. better news here, wisconsin avenue at bradley. yesterday, we had to deal with the water main break. lanes are open. i traveled this myself this morning coming south from the beltway out to the d.c. line. pretty smooth sailing right now. easy trip southbound 355 wisconsin avenue headed out towards chevy chase. lanes are open on the other side of town with no issues on northbound i-95. a nice, easy trip continuing out towards newington. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. the state of the skins this morning, looking good as they head into the playoff bat until sunday at fedex field against the seahawks. soot seattle defense is up against a rookie star with rg iii.
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russell wilson was drafted in the third round out of wisconsin. he was thought to be a backup to matt therein who they paid a bunch of money to come in and be the starter. wilson was named the starter in august and the seahawks never looked back as he tied peyton manning's record. he led seattle to an 11-win season. >> he is one of the best quarter backs in the league to me. the way he was able to turn around that team, similar to our quarterback and they have a similar scheme. he is almost just like rg iii, athletic, get outside the pocket. >> he is a great creator, magician, especially he gets out of the pocket and able to extend plays and hit guys down the field and using his athleticism and his quickness to do that. so we have to do a great job with pass rushing to keep him in the pocket, corral him as best we can and get him on the ground. we have appear doesn't opportunity to not give him a second chance. chance.
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-- we have an opportunity to not give him a second chance. we are doing something new this upcoming game day. actually, dave ross and i tweet every week during the game. join us in the conversation at hash tag my fox d.c. fox d.c. a virginia man who is set to be freed from prison remains behind bars after a federal appeals court blocked his release. court ruled that justice tip wolfe should stay in prison and ordered he get a new hearing. wolfe was convicted in 2001 for his part in arranging the murder of his marijuana dealer. the case was overturned into 2011 by a district who claimed
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prince william county prosecutors withheld crucial information from defense lawyers. a retrial was ordered by that judge within four months or wolfe must be released. then last week, a judge ruled prosecutors did not meet that deadline and therefore wolfe must be released. yesterday, the appeals court halted that order. >> we would have preferred for it to not be stayed but we have every reason to be hopeful. we believe judge jackson's order was correct and we're confident that ultimately will be the decision of the court of appeals as well. >> fox 5 also spoke with the father of the murder victim, danny petrol. he says while he has forgiven wolfe, his life was changed forever. a former fbi agent will be sentenced this afternoon for kill ago i maryland teenager while driving drunk. adrian johnson was convicted of homicide while intoxicated along with several other charges.
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he crashed into 18-year-old lawrence garrer's car killing him and seriously injuring his friend. johnson faces up to 13 years in prison. a me deal is in the work for a former jail guard accused. we have learned a plea hearing is scheduled for today. he is accused of failing to alert emergency workers when he found ronnie white unconscious in his jail cell in 2008. white later died. coming up next on fox 5 morning news. >> once known as the murder cap taft u.s., d.c. has something to be proud of this morning. we'll take a look at what is behind the lowest number of homicides the city has seen in more than half a century. we'll be right back. -- once known as the murder capital of the u.s., d.c. has something to be proud of this morning. 
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so far, 334 people have been murdered in the district. >> there were so many homicides, police had a hard time investigating all of the cases. residents didn't know how to stop him. >> something need to be done. >> people getting killed all the time. >> he know what need to be done but it is hard to do it. they can't get drugs out of the street overnight. >> it was back in 1988 when we reported by amurder right here along k street in northeast. a juvenile had been shot smt street and a neighbor was so frustrated over the violence, she says she was move ago way.
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many years later, the crime rate is much better. people are moving back. one of these houses will cost you over a half million dollars. during a media briefing on thursday, chief lanier spoke about the murder rate dip tying 50-year low. she points to community policing, better detective work and the biggest factor, fewer people are become murdered over drugs. >> homicide is not driven by the drug markets. years ago, yes, it was. not now. >> reporter: overall violent crime did go up in 2012. lanier blamed cell phone robberies earlier in the year and an increase in sexual assaults. >> the fact of the matter is that the large majority of these sexual assaults on acquaintances are young people. that is one of our big areas of focus. matt ackland, fox 5 news. >>. cog up next, we are showing more of your redskins pride. checking out some of the pictures fans are sending to us this morning and if you have some you would like to share
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with us, you can send them to us at redskins at but first, let's talk about weather and tucker barnes. >> i have my colors o wisdom. >> come on. >> i see some blue in there. redskins don't have any blue. i called you out. >> we've got cold temperatures. we're in the 20s and low 30s to start your morning. should be a good looking weekend. julie is in with a look at your traffic coming up in just a minute.
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all right. all day on fox 5, we are gearing up for the redskins game here. this morning, we want to know, will you be watching from the stands at fedex field or are you catching all the action when the pre-game starts at 3:30 on fox 5. share your comments with us on our facebook page. just search under fox 5 morning news. no space between fox and the number 5. >> we've been getting a lot of pictures from fans showing their redskins spirit. mark said the holiday season is even better when you're celebrating your team. >> that is great. i love the spirit there. >> what is that, a cape? >> it looks like it a little bit. >> it is a coat on backwards? >> he is just holding it up. >> upload your pictures and videos on our web page. look for the living under the
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sports tab or e-mail them to us at redskins at >> thank you, guys. it was one of the kids that had a helmet on too. hard for us to see the picture in here. that is cute. >> i mentioned earlier this week that for the last couple of weeks all sorts of gear has come out that i haven't even in years. >> people dusting it off. >> leather jackets. >> haven't seen the light of day in a while. >> buried in the back of the choosette. >> in mothballs since the early '90s. >> the sunny streak continues today, tomorrow. there will be clouds around here on sunday so we're not expecting any precip so it will be dry for the game on sunday. 30 right now in washington.
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32 in annapolis. teens have broken out to the south and west. manassas, 18. culpeper is 18 degrees a little warmer here to the north and west. got some cloud cover that is holding temperatures up a little bit in frederick, 32. 33 this morning in martinsburg. let's take a look at the satellite-radar. generally quiet. there is your cloud deck just to the north and west. holing temperature up just a little bit. it will be much like yesterday. high temperatures will top out in the low 40s. we are going to develop a bit of a breeze today as an area of high pressure builds in from the south and west. and as this area of high pressure builds in, we'll remain nice and dry for the next several days. we are not concerned with any rain. we are going to have a bit of a breeze during the course of the afternoon. with high temperatures in the low 40s and a breeze out of the west at 10 to 15, it will feel a little chilly out there. as we get into sunday and early sunday, a cold front is going to approach from the north and west. that won't bring us much in the way of any rain and/or snow but it will bring clouds around here during the day on sunday.
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that will probably hold temperature back a little bit and make it feel a little cooler than it might otherwise out at fedex field. 42 today. sunshine, a cool breeze. winds out of the west at 10 to 15. then later tonight, 29 degrees. cheer skies, cold overnight. tomorrow looks good. there is your accu-weather, dry accu-weather forecast. the temperature bumps into the mid-40s on sunday and we're still forecast something 50s around here for that january thaw the middle of next week. wednesday, thursday, looks like low 50s. maybe some rain the end of next week. that is a look at weather. let's do some traffic. >> good morning, tucker. we are talking about the police chase which ended abruptly along route 5. a portion of that remains blocked off south of the beltway near allentown road. i am hearing there is a portion of road that is also blocked within the area. southbound leaving 495, that is
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where you fine the trouble spots -- where you find the trouble spots. traffic volume flowing freely each way on the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. no issues reported 355 south of bradley to willard. the water main break repairs are complete for now and the lanes are open. the owner of the oil rig that sank in the gulf of mexico in 2010 leading to a missive leak is agreeing to pay a fine of $1.4 billion. eleven workers died in the worst offshore oil spill in u.s. history when the platform exploded. the company transocean owned it. the settlement resolves all civil and criminal investigations. new rules this morning for some illegal immigrants. the white house is easing visa requirements to hundreds of thousands who are trying to get a green card. you see, any illegal immigrant who is married to an american has a clean criminal record and
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can prove that any extended absence will cause problems for their american spouse will no longer have to leave the u.s. while applying to stay in the u.s. permanently. the new rule takes effect in march. march. coming up next, he caused controversy back in the day with his swivelling hips and sexy style. >> but one school musical is prove ago apparently elvis can still be scandalous. >> also ahead, the perfect picture can mean a big payday. the recent death of a photographer is drawing attention once again to the dangerous business of the paparazzi. 
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american idol will be back on tv january 16th i he no you can hardly wait. you can be one of first in our area to see the premier of season 12. head to for a chance to win a pair of tickets to an exclusive advance screening. it will be followed by a live
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interactive q & a session with the judges. today's 10 winners willing chosen by random drawing to win two tickets to the american idol advance screening. that is on wednesday, january 9th at the time amc hoffman centers in alexandria. you must be 1 or older to enter and you can see the complete rules on our web site, elvis the musical has some parents in utah all shook up over the contents of its songs. they deemed some of of the songs in the play too sexual for a ahigh school show being staged in a salt lake city suburb. the school canceled the play earlier this week butt show must go on as they say. the school was given permission by the play's producer to cut some questionable material from the production. juror i thought elvis seemed pretty tame compared to some stuff. >> compared to what is going on now. shouldn't even be an issue. but maybe we need to revisit some of elvis' old songed and see. we are talking about hollywood and the death of a celebrity photographer out in los angeles has once again put
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in the issue the spotlight of how far to go for the perfect pic. >> the right snapshot can fetch a lot of money but at what true cost. adam housley takes a closer look. >> get that shot no matter what. >> reporter: in hollywood, a picture isn't worth a thousand words but potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. famous faces are big business and the paparazzi is willing to do almost anything to get these shots. following the recent death of a photographer killed by a car while taking a picture of justin bieber's white ferrari, the director of a new documentary called celebrity about the relationship between stars and photographers wondered how far is too far? >> why does somebody have to die for everybody to all of a sudden be aware of how bad something is? i don't know if it will get better. what do we need? another really bad tragedy to have some laws put on the books? >> there is no mystery. >> reporter: the film includes
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impassioned opinions from some of hollywood's biggest stars. >> someone jumping over your wall. this is your life. >> we know that you are hearing rumors that are not true on the cnn crawl. >> it's scary feeling. >> technology has changed the business and landscape of celebrity and fame. i mean they can't get it quick enough now. we are so obsessed with celebrity. celebrity is sort of like the disease of or culture right now. everybody just -- they can't get enough of t they want it on their phones, on the internet, they want it instantly. >> reporter: although a paparazzi law is in someplace place in california, it is being challenged in the courts manying it is basically pictures as usual. >> i certainly think that being a public person, a celebrity that people are interested in means that they are going to want to know all about you and the daily life is up for public consumption. that being said, of a been witness personally to people
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seeking that information in a way that goes against the laws of traffic and other laws. and so i don't know where the line is. >> it's probably not even true. >> i'm going to read it. >> reporter: adam housley, fox news. >> kind of what he had to say. you are in the spotlight. at the same time, it is going to happen but you don't want people to lose their lives over this either. back to the morning's big story. gearing up for the game. >> we're talking more about sunday's redskins-seahawks match-up. we are looking ahead to what happens after the playoffs including some talk about the future two of big names on the team. we'll be back.
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there is plenty of talk
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going around about what happens after the playoffs concerning two skins coaches. >> defensive coordinator jim hazlett and kyle shanahan are being considered as potential candidates for openings around the league. kyle shanahan was involved in rg iii's career. it is his third season as offensive coordinator. dad and head coach mike shanahan have made it clear none of his coaches will interview until the season is over but son kyle says he is more than ready. >> yeah, definitely. i mean every coach in the nfl, thing that is all of our goals. everybody wants an opportunity some day to be a head coach. i hope some day get that opportunity. it is very flattering to be mentions for it right now. but i did read that i wasn't allowed to. i didn't know that until i read it. the not something a


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