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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  January 4, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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he has allowed me to do what we needed to do to make some tough decisions with the players that have been here. you know, cut some salaries and get younger. move in the right direction. got to count on a lot of young guys to kind of change the atmosphere of the organization, which we felt like we had to do to make some tough decisions on some veteran players that weren't buying in. but the guys that did buy in we wanted to keep here because we have some great characters, guys that have been here in the past. but it takes you a while to find out who those guys are. >> reporter: has dan given you any indication that he would like to extend you? >> you know, there is rumors and speculation. i know there is an article. i just laugh at those things. i don't know how they get out there. nobody would have concentration at this time of year because your concentration level is on your job. >> reporter: well, you bring this city its first nfc east title in 13 years. how does it feel from your perspective to give that to such a hungry fan base? >> i will be honest with you.
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to come in here and find out how the washington fan is, i really didn't know. and then you come in, you know, you know they know their football and they are really gracious. they are saying hey, coach, this is not going to happen overnight. we believe in you. be patient do it the right way. i was really surprised how many people said that consistently. trying to tell me not to get down. you know, when you are used to winning, you want to win. it's tough when you're not representing, you know, your fans the way you'd like to. at least your football team. but they hung in there. they were always positive. so i am very happy we got to the first stage anyhow. >> there is definitely a buzz around redskins park today. 48 hours from kickoff. well have the extended interview sunday 3:30 on our special pregame show. we will show you what is coming up sunday on fox5. this is a complete rundown of what we have going on.
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special pregame show at 3:30. the fox network show at 4:00 and then kickoff between the redskins and seahawks at 4:30. we will follow it up with a special postgame show after the game. later at 5:00 i asked head coach mike shanahan what it's like to hitch his wagon to a guy like robert griffin iii. stay tuned for that. >> scott, see you in a bit. well, they are getting the field ready for sunday's wildcard match-up. this was the scene earlier today as sky fox flew high above fedexfield. the question is what kind of weather will greet the fans going to the stadium this sun. i am with gary mcgrady -- that was today, right? >> why he. >> it was fabulous. we want it know about game day sunday. >> i want to know how you got your jersey and how you got approval to wear a football jersey on television. >> what are you talking about? redskins. this is north donovan mcnabb, so you know. it's fox5. >> turn around. that's how you know it's a shawn yancy special. did they deliver that today to
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you? >> yeah, i will not reveal that. >> i am sure -- >> we are showing our redskins pride. >> what's going on sunday? >> i didn't see anything on my desk. nothing. >> well, give us a good forecast and we'll talk. >> if they'll send me a redskins tie i'll wear it. bow tie, this kind of tie, whatever. i don't even know where you would find one. 4:30 is kickoff. 4:37. something like that. of course, at fedexfield. gorgeous today as they were painting the field up. what a sight to see that was. i don't see any problems here. we are still talking about maybe a few clouds. you know, other than that it will be a little cool and dry. game time is 4:30 or so. so during the day tailgating looks good. a little on the fooled. it's a little bit cold. but you are so excited her in the wildcard playoff game here. as we kick off around 42 degrees or so. through the game temperatures will be in the upper 30s. so i don't anticipate any
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problems weather-wise. i just think it's probably a little on the cold side for the seahawks because, you know, they are used to like 52 and drizzly basically coming from seattle. so that's the word and the forecast here. next thing i guess, brian, we have to work on a jersey. or shawn. shawn. you already have your jersey. >> gary, the reason i'm wearing my jersey is because they will be running -- they have me running you ale over, so i have to have on my moving gear. >> plenty of redskins fans are sending in their redskins pride to myfox and we invite you to send in your photos, video, everything you have to our website to show off -- pride. even the dogs getting into the action. this is cocoa and mellow. the youngest redskins fan 7 days old. this is connie johnson's basement. look at that. it's all redskinned out. and look at this redskins photo from donald sprigs. looks like his office there, he has everybody wearing redskins gear. oh, my, check this haircut out.
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this is definitely redskins spirit. that is daveon with that. look at this tattoo. john in rockville is ready. look at jeremy all ready. robert griffin iii. who is that? he looks like my son jax. in fact, it is with his rg3 jersey on. we invite you to continue. we got show this one. look at this. this is a little tractor, you see all the rg3 gear on that? you seat redskins beer on that? look at darryl's redskins room. we love your photos. we love your videos. keep them coming all weekend long. upload your pictures and videos on click on show your redskins spirit link on the home page or send them by e-mail to redskins at bridges back upstairs to you. >> i thought we coordinated this kind of stuff. now i feel bad i didn't wear my jersey. >> all right. next time. we will have next week because they are going to win.
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>> all right. are you wearing that when you come back up? >> you will have to wait and see. >> if you do, grab mine. don't make me look bad. >> all right. >> i don't think you will. another big story we're following today. the guilty plea by a u.s. senator admitting he was driving drunk the night he was arrested in alexandria two weeks ago. senator crapo pled guilty. it's in violation of his strict mormon beliefs. >> reporter: idaho senator mike crapo was sentenced to 80 days in jail, all of it suspended. he was order today pay a $250 fine and will have his idaho's driver's license suspended for a year. the third term, 61-year-old republican senator from idaho leaves alexandria general district court having just pled guilty to driving drunk in the city two days before christmas. >> i sincerely regret the choic i made because tragic
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consequences can result from combining drinking and driving. i am grateful, truly grateful that no one was injured. >> reporter: this is senator mike crapo's mugshot taken in the early morning hours of sunday, december 23 when he was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. his blood alcohol concentration reported to be .11. slightly over virginia's .08 legal limit. >> it was a poor choice to use alcohol to relieve stress and went at odds with my personally held religious beliefs. >> reporter: a lifelong mormon and in congress since 1993, crapo said he had been drinking vodkatonics in his capitol hill apartment that restless saturday night when he got into his white jeep s.u.v. parked outside to wind down. >> i was not with anyone and was not traveling to see anyone. i was just driving and actually when i realized in my drive that
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i was not in a condition to be driving i turned around and started to return and that's when i was apprehended. >> reporter: crapo was pulled over for making a turn on a red light at this intersection of commonwealth and mount vernon avenues. he subsequently failed field sobriety tests. crapo says mormons don't drink alcohol but he had on several occasion in recent months. >> i will carry through on appropriate repentance and forgiveness in my church. >> reporter: as part of his sentence he was also ordered to complete an alcohol safety program. brian. a news alert out of fairfax county where police believe a serial fondler may have struck again. the latest taking place in 4400 block of briarwood patrick dempsey in annandale. police say around 5:45 the suspect grabbed a female jogger. this would be the 15th assault
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by the fondler in fairfax county. if you recognize that man call police. thousands gathered today to remember a virginia police officer killed in the line of duty. prince william county motorcycle officer chris young died in an accident new year's eve. today friends, family and colleagues from all over gathered in woodbridge to honor his sacrifice. john han re hen has more. >> reporter: remembering a fallen motorcycle officer. 35-year-old chris young was responding to a call on new year's eve in bristow when his bike collided with a minivan. a firing party on a nearby hill honored the former marine. and a lone bugler sounded taps. reporters were asked to stay outside during a funeral but an audio feed supplied the many testimonies to the character of the plasm. >> he wanted people to be safe. a few years ago we received a message of thanks from a woman who had been in distress with
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her disabled vehicle off a very busy road. off duty chris stopped to help the woman. not only that, but the road was so busy he had to go past the vehicle, turn around and return to provide her and her daughter assistance. >> reporter: chris young's brother dale is also a police officer with prince william county. he offered an emotional tribute to his brother's always sunny disposition. >> as you guys know, he always had that smile that could light up any room. brighten any day. you know if you were having a bad day, you could count on chris to put a smile on your face. >> reporter: the crowd heard a final unanswered radio call over the loud speakers. the dispatchers then declared officer chris young to be cleared from further duties. his widow and three young children were escorted to a police cruiser and a long procession, which included a
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riderless motorcycle then wound its way through prince william county. john henrehan, fox5 news. >> officer young will be buried tomorrow in a private ceremony. a retired firefighter being hailed a hero for saving a woman's life. lieutenant billy millions saw smoke while driving this morning coming from this house on pond meadow lane in buoy. he rushed to the house, pulled the disabled woman out. she was taken to the hospital for treatment. the fire destroyed her home. no word yet tonight on a cause. a teenager remains in critical condition after a car crash yesterday. 18-year-old jeffrey sinclair was driving with four other students in the car. he was flown to shock trauma. the other teens were treated and released. investigators say sinclair was pulling out of the school's parking lot when a mack truck hit the car. they believe the teen may have failed to yield the right of way to the truck. coming up a local school system has a change of heart after a 6-year-old boy is suspended for making a gun gesture. >> and why the fda is proposing
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the most sweeping food safety rules in decades. >> congress approves a massive relief measure for superstorm sandy victims. >> temperatures not too bad. a little bit of a breeze, though. as we go on into the weekend let's see how much more of a warm-up are we talking about. first look at your forecast is coming up. that's a great shot. not a bad evening out there. we're coming back. stay with us. the news will continue. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt.
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we are following breaks news out of fairfax county, virgina. sky fox high above the scene. we understand there was a natural gas leak. we understand it was capped just minutes ago. this is all happening right now at the intersection of back lick road, commerce street. they were closed a short time ago. according to fairfax police, back lick road and commerce street are now reopened but traffic in that area may take a while to run to normal. we are told all of this happened after a car ran into a out. to word yet on the condition of the person in that car or what caused that accident. if you can see closely there it looks leak a van on the right side of your screen may have gone into the side of that house where you can see all of the emergency vehicles in front of that house on the street. the roads on this area may is have reopened. we will stay on top of this and bring you more information after it comes in. after a lot of loud complaints about delays the
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house approved aid for victims of superstorm sandy. lawmakers overwhelmingly approved $9.7 billion to pay flood insurance claims to the many homes and businesses flooded out by the storm. it's just part of the sandusky aid expected from -- sandy aid expected from washington. >> after katrina was ten days. now another three or four or five. this was the most cal laos action i have ever seen. the leadership of this house should be condemned for it. >> i want to emphasize this legislation is vital. this is not a handout. >> the senate is expected to pass the bill today. president obama promised to sign it quickly. good news for the economy. a new jobs report shows u.s. employers added 155,000 jobs in december. now, of that manufactures added 25,000 workers. the most they have added in nine months. despite the positive numbers, the unemployment rate remains at 7.8%. >> the government proposed new rules to make the food you eat safer. >> that's right. the changes part of legislation
5:17 pm
passed two years ago today. fox's anna coy mann with the latest. but the government working to keep food in the united states healthy instead of deadly. the food and drug administration proposing two new rules today. so much the most sweeping in decades. the fda proposals would affect farmers and companies that manufacture processed or whole food. every year an estimated 3,000 people die from food borne illnesses. recent lit u.s. dealt with outbreaks of salmonella, e. coli and listeria. one rule requires farmers to take new precautions against contamination, including making sure workers' hands are washed and the water on crops is clean by natural standards. also food companies have to submit safety plans to the government to show they are keeping the operations clean and safe. it also requires them to have a plan in place for correcting any problems that arise. >> what we're saying to each food producer is comum with a
5:18 pm
plan to make sure that food you produce is safer. >> reporter: the new rules part of the food safety modernization act signed into law two years ago. senator dick durbin was one of the lawmakers instrumental in creating the legislation. >> with this new bill and this new law the food supply in america will be safer and it's absolutely essential that we focus as a nation on having the safest food supply in the world. >> reporter: the new proposals come after critics complained the fda was drags its feet putting the law into effect. the senator for food safety sued the government agency for missing several deadlines set under the law. another chilly day, but thank goodness we saw a lot of sunshine today. >> brought the scarf today. >> you were prepared? >> did not forget. we knew it was going to be cold. yesterday a little unprepared. >> yeah, you need to buy another scarf, brian, and leave it in your car. >> like extra ties and redskin
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jerseys in my drawer? >> everything you need, you know? whatever you need. listen, let me show you, you just saw those clouds showing up on the tower camera right there. you can see them nicely on satellite, too. at least for the next three, four hours or so as we show you the satellite picture, you can see those clouds. just kind of a verification. if you are north and west of the city it looks like you are going to remain mostly clear because these clouds are really just kind of very, very much from d.c. to the south, as i zoom in just a little bit four, you can see them south along 95 cruising across the area. again, just clouds. we don't have worry about any precipitation, whether that's rain or snowfalling from those. temperatures wouldn't support it. 44 degrees now. 46 for fredericksburg. winchester is 34. you can see those favored cold spots to the north and west for frederick and gaithersburg, too. a few clouds at 7. a few clouds
5:20 pm
at 9 as well. we are going to start getting cooler. and as those clouds move on and open up we will be mostly fair overnight and that will allow it numbers to get fairly cold. we have been showing you this gradual warming trend that's not going to change. but we have a snowflake in the forecast now. full details on that coming up. >> thank you. well, coming up tonight a former fbi agent is sentenced for a drunk driving crash that killed you a teenager. >> plus, find out where people are mopping up after a massive water main break. share everything.
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share one up's. mom ? mom ? the share everything plan. lets your family share a pool of data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. get a spectrum 2 by lg for $49.99 a former fbi agent was sentenced today for a drunk driving crash that killed a teenager. a judge sentenced adrian johnson to a year and a half in prison plus an $1,100 fine. police say johnson was driving drunk and speeding in brandywine two years ago when he hit another car. that crash killed the 18-year-old driver and seriously injured the passenger. a north carolina man has pled guilty to killing a montgomery county woman and her 11-year-old son.
5:24 pm
curtis lopez pled guilty to first degree murder for killing his wife and her son. he beat and stabbed her to death inside her apartment in september of 2011 and later beat her son to death with a baseball bat. >> this man should never walk the streets again a freeman. he deserves to die in jail. this is a horrific, horrendous crime and he should forfeit his life by remaining behind bars forever. >> lopez's sentencing hearing scheduled for april 17. coming up tonight a former jail guard pleads guilty after not seeking medical attention for an unresponsive inmate. >> and find out what is causing gun sales to shoot through the roof. >> and a 6-year-old boy suspended for making a gun gesture. did the school system go too far? we will explore that question at the bottom of the how.
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no a former corrections officer has pleaded guilty to one count of obstruction of justice in the 2008 death of ronnie white. anthony mcintosh lied about what he did in the minutes after finding white unconscious in his jail cell. he was facing charges of killing a police officer and had been in the jail for two days when he was found dead. fox5's paul wagner joining us live from greenbelt with the story. paul. >> reporter: investigators believe that anthony mcintosh found ronnie white in his cell and instead of calling for medical help he just walked away. and for 15 minutes he did other things, other duties inside the jail and let another jail guard come upon white's cell and see him in distress.
5:29 pm
today knee mcintosh walked into this federal courthouse today and admitted that he lied. a little while ago his attorney came out and made a statement on his behalf. >> mr. mcintosh's guilty plea is perhaps more significant for what it does nod say. it does not implicate mr. mcintosh in ronnie white's death. ronnie white's death was tragic, but anthony mcintosh did not kill or cause the death of him. mr. mcintosh has accepted responsibility for his false statement. the past four and a half years have been very painful for mr. mcintosh. he looks forward to rebuilding his life. >> reporter: two days after 19-year-old ronnie white was accused of killing prince george's police officer richard finley he was found unconscious in his jail cell. paramedics performed cpr but he was pronounced dead a little
5:30 pm
over an hour after he was found. the initial thought was white may have been the victim of vig lanty justice. in fact, the medical examiner ruled the death a homicide but no one has been charged with murder. according to a motion filed in federal court anthony mcintosh contacted a prince george's county homicide detective after the medical examiner's ruling and admitted he found white unconscious in his cell but left to perform other duties at the jail instead of calling for help. 15 minutes went by before another corrections officer found white and called for help. the document goes on to say anthony mcintosh changed his story several times during the course of this investigation. and this all happened over four years ago. this was back in the summer 2008 and it's taken all this time to get this case into court. we expect that mcintosh will be sentenced in april. and according to the sentencing
5:31 pm
guidelines, brian, he is facing up to two and a half years in prison. back to you. >> all right. gun sales hit a record high in 2012 according to richmond times dispatch, state police numbers on mandatory criminal background checks show there were more than 432,000 gun transactions last year. that's a 35% jump from 2011. gun experts say the spike was fueled in part by fears of increased gun restrictions after last month's school shooting in connecticut. a connecticut newspaper is apologizing for a major oversight. thursday's edition of the advocate of sanford printed a gun show ad next to a story about the connecticut shooting. the oversight bothered a lot of readers. they released a statement saying they were sorry and said under no circumstances should she run a gun ad next to a story about the school shooting.
5:32 pm
meanwhile, a grim looking president leaning up against the couch as homeland security advisor tells him of the news. mr. obama said it was the worst day of his presidency. back here in montgomery county, maryland, school officials are expunging the records of a first grader who made a gun -- gesture with his hand and said pow. it got him suspended for a day. his family says their son never intended to hurt anyone by making that gesture. the family's attorney robin thicker joins us. thank you for being here today. >> thank you. >> you can certainly understand the sensitivity towards guns in school the week after the connecticut tragedy. but as i understand it was just child's play. what happened? >> well, he simply pointed his finger. there is a rule that you can't bring weapons into the school. that would result in suspension. but there is no rule on gestures. many students point fingers, stick out their tongue, make a fist. and we can't have all these
5:33 pm
little kids like the 41-pound 6-year-old in this case suspended willy-nilly. it said on his record that he was suspended for threatening to shoot a student. you can't shoot someone without a weapon. plus, kids under 7 are presumed not to be able to form the intent to commit a crime. >> we know now that the school says they will expunge his record am but what was their initial justification? i mean, what was their response to parents? how did his parents when they got word that the school was going to suspend their son for making that gesture? >> the parents were horrified because they knew it would be on his permanent record that he was suspended for threatening to shoot a student. i think the only reason the school changed their mind and expunged his record was because they were getting calls from russia, canada, assistonia, england, spain, all around the united states, national news because everyone thought that
5:34 pm
rather than a knee-jerk reaction by the school system it was a ridiculous reaction by the school system. >> we did reach out to the school system for comment but they told us they have no comment. this is just a personnel matter. will schools certainly bear the responsibility to it protect ch and they bear the responsibilities of taking all threats seriously. what types of advice do you give them with incidents like this one with a 6-year-old? >> i would say give these little kids an outlet where they can wrestle, run, shout, throw things at each other on the playground. balls. and then have them come in and work hard. if a little kid does something mischievous, say if you don't do that again i'll led you lead the pledge of allegiance in class this next week. or i'll put you in charge of a committee to find ways to improve our school. be positive. use the carrot. not the stick of suspension. here the parents worked.
5:35 pm
when the child was suspended they had to stay home from work. 6-year-olds should be given credit that they are simply adventure some. they have an imagination. who knows. this little boy one day be president of the united states. >> attorney robin ficker thank you for coming in tonight. coming up a warning about whooping cough. why officials say this was the worst year for it in decades. >> and flu activity is increasing across the country. many people are wondering if year's vaccine is really working. working. initiated.
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in tonight's health aureate the massachusetts pharmacy linked to that deadly meningitis outbreak is blaming it on a cleaning company. unifer says it sent two technicians to clean the facility. 39 people died of fungal meningitis and hundreds got
5:40 pm
sick. another health alert tonight about flu concerns. >> the centers for disease control and prevention says sniffling season is here. >> flu activity continues to increase according to the centers for disease control and prevention here in atlanta. according to the latest cdc data, 5.6% of outpatient visits were for influenza-like illness. that's well above the national baseline of 2.2%. the spike in activity is happening weeks before the peaks of previous flu seasons over the past decade with the unusual exception of the early h1n1 pandemic in 2009. the predominant strain doctors are seeing this year is influenza a, h3n2. here's what cdc director thomas freeden said in an earlier interview. >> what we know about this year is that it seems to be starting sooner than most flu seasons
5:41 pm
and the strain of flu that is spreading tends to be associated with earlier and more severe flu years. >> reporter: he says the vaccine this year appears to be a good match for the virus. 41 states are reporting widespread flu activity. that's up from 31 states reporting in the previous week. in atlanta, jonathan serry, fox news. 2012 was the nation's worst year for whopping cough. about 42,000 cases were reported last year. that's the most since 1955. one possible reason experts say a newer version of the whooping cough vaccine doesn't last as long as expected. the good news is deaths were down to 18. coming up tonight, super model naomi campbell hurt after being mugged overseas. find out what she was doing when she was attacked. scott. >> the redskins have done about as much game planning as they can. now all that's left is to play the game i sat down with mike
5:42 pm
shanahan moments ago to talk about who else but robert griffin iii. that's coming up. >> and gary is coming up later to tell us more about the game time forecast. but first some music to get you pumped up and ready for the seahawks. the song is called all skins everything by the artist real d.j. monte. we'll be right back. [music and singing] [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt.
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just hours away from the redskins' first playoff game in five years. we sat down with coach shanahan to talk about the big turn around. >> reporter: it's been a busy new year around redskins park and the team has been putting the final touches on the same. i sat down with coach mike shanahan today. among other things we talked about the rookie quarterback, the future of this team, we talked about seattle's game. and that will all air coming up this sunday. now, about that quarterback of theirs, robert griffin iii, if they don't have plans for the super bowl, he is on his way to the postgame. just astonishing as a rookie to do that. he is quickly becoming one of the faces of not this team, but the league. and he is in burgandy and gold, thanks to the head coach. you gave up three first rounders to get him and that move quickly went from risky to brilliant
5:47 pm
and at this point may even be a bargain. was there a moment when in your meetings leading up to that draft that you had a chat with him and said this is our guy, i believe he is worth it? >> no matter what the decisions you make, you know, half the people are going to be for, half the people are going to be against. sometimes it's 80/20. but you have to make decisions you feel give you the best chance to win. we really felt that was a great opportunity for us to get robert to get a franchise quarterback and set the tempo for years to come. >> reporter: how exciting to have that relationship for years to come for you? >> oh, it feels great. it feels great. and what you have to do and robert has to have people forget, you have to have a football team together, auto. you have to have a nucleus of good team. one person doesn't get it done. robert would be the first person to tell you about that. pierre garcon, chris morgan, a go-to guy. santana comes back in good
5:48 pm
shape. some of our younger guys develop and all of a sudden we are one of the best teams with best yards after catch. that's what you have to keep on doing. >> reporter: and this sunday against a very physical and tough seattle defense griffin will get a chance to improve that unbelievable rookie resume once more. we will have an extended interview 3:30 sunday with mike shanahan. this is the lineup we have at fox5. 3:30 the special pregame show with mike shanahan. 4:00 the fox network show. 4:30 kickoff between the seahawks and redskins. and we will follow the game up with a postgame show right here on fox5. now, mike shanahan seemed very relaxed today in my talking with him. but for as long as it's been a lay off for the redskins, five years now, seven years since mike shanahan's last playoff appearance. it's all coming down this sunday. back to you guys. >> thanks, scott. hail to the redskins, hail
5:49 pm
victory. >> it's not sunday yet, but fox5 morning news has already celebrated with a redskins tailgate party to get ready for the game kicking off with tailgating staples. ribs and chile from famous dave's. mikey t. joins the party and no party is complete outeat redskins cheerleaders. >> go ahead. >> what are we doing? >> i know, right? a minder. if you are a die hard skins fan we want to see your spirit. up load your pictures. end us an e-mail. redskins i must say this morning when the first ladies of football, the redskins cheerleaders were on dave ross, there was a lot of this. >> a lot of who's here? running over there. >> i go the two questions. what the heck were we doing at
5:50 pm
5:00 because we never do anything like that. the second thing is, does dave ross work every single show? i mean, morning and night the guy is here. >> every show with redskins cheerleaders. >> what the heck? if somebody would have told me i would have driven in this morning. listen, i will say it right now. the game looks fine, okay? i didn't put the redskins' forecast back in the forecast here. we talked about it earlier in the show. but we should be pretty good in terms of that. and we'll be a little bit more specific here in just a second. we will get right to it because the temperatures now not too terribly bad. we are down into the middle 40s for us here. you can see up to the north and west, you know, gaithersburg, it's always -- chilly there. and in frederick at 37. culpepper down into the upper 30s. things are looking pretty good. this evening's forecast looks like this. a few clouds. we have a few clouds around and then by later on we're still going to have a few clouds but
5:51 pm
it's going to be chilly and we are going to have a colder temperatures by 11:00. temperature of 34 degrees. but basically what we have is colder conditions overnight tonight. there we are. now, listen, briefly i want to talk about this. there is just a chance of an isolated snowflake or an isolated sprinkle out there. overnight, saturday night, and into early sunday morning and we're going to have to deal with that. but such a slight chance and there is just not much moisture with this. i want to show you in terms of what our futurecast model is showing. this is tomorrow night at 11:00. clouds will be coming across. futurecast is not finding anything in the way of precipitation at all. again, it doesn't surprise me here, but some of our other modeling is suggesting that maybe there is going to be a little bit of moisture moving across. by sunday at 1:00 everything is out of here. the sunshine returns and we should be in really good shape. so basically from 1:00 until 8:00, i would imagine that would be the prime time for
5:52 pm
tailgating. and then right on through the game hours we should be mostly fair. there could be a cloud or two here or there. and temperatures are going to be in the 40s and dropping down to the 30s. tomorrow 42 degrees. i suspect a few clouds late in the day but it looks good most of the day. i put in a snowflake, a little bit of a light rain shower possibly. it amounts to just that. a snowflake and a sprinkle coming across. we should be back into good sunshine and temperatures on sunday will be in the middle 40s or so. here is where we are now. we just have a few clouds on across. you can see these with the setting sun. most of the day has been good and real sunny and that's allowed at least the temperatures here in the city to get up into the middle 40s. we have been chasing the 40s up to the north and west and we continue to watch a lot of moisture coming basically out of texas. they are getting some snow in west texas. the panhandle here and rain coming up to the central part. that basically joins forces with another piece of energy which may bring the flake or a
5:53 pm
sprinkle tomorrow night into early sunday morning. 28 in town tonight. colder in the suburbs. tomorrow pretty chilly out there. really good amount of sun through the day tomorrow. but late in the day we'll perhaps begin to see a few of the high clouds moving on in in advance of the flake or the sprinkle. we're still projecting that by next week, middle part of next week we should be knocking on the door some 50s. the weekend looks pretty good. go redskins. enjoy the football game and everything else this weekend. >> thank you, gary. bad news now. someone mugged super model naomi campbell last november. she was trying to hail a cab when she was shoved to the grown and attacked. it left her with a torn ligament in her leg. there is no word what, if anything, was stolen. french officials are investigating. "star wars" creator george lucas is engaged to his long time girlfriend melanie hob kin. they have been together for six years. it will be lucas' second
5:54 pm
marriage. he was married it to marsha lucas for 14 years. lucas recently made headlines for selling lucasfilm and the "star wars" fran chis to the disney company for $4 billion. straight ahead tonight at six, new developments on a story you saw first on fox. a d.c. councilmember speaking out after a critical firefighter shortage on new year's eve. then a same-sex couple in maryland ties the knot. why they say they are still living living in fear over their union. plus, we are looking for the ultimate redskins fans and we certainly found a few inside a redskins man cave.  irene, drop the itch.
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mom ? mom ? the share everything plan. lets your family share a pool of data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. now get a lucid by lg, free. an american eagle pilot under arrest after failing a blood alcohol test ahead of a scheduled flight. airport police in knapp made the arrest after getting a tip.
5:58 pm
the pilot has been suspended pending an investigation. a major security scare at the word's biggest airport in atlanta. a battery powered toothbrush was ticking inside a passenger's bag. once the bomb squad realized it was a toothbrush they gave the all-clear. stairs usually made for people to climb, right? not cars? a man in tampa, florida decided to challenge that idea. his pickup truck swerve swerved off a street. officials are trying to figure ou how he lost control of his vehicle. they believe weather may have been a factor. no reports of any injuries. a big water main break in minneapolis is flooding streets there. 14 million gallons of water is making for a wet afternoon. city officials say a contractor working in the area struck and ruptured a 36-inch waterline. crews are working around the clock to repair the big break.
5:59 pm
thanks for joining us tonight at five. the news at 6 starts right now. we've made the commitment. we thought of ourselves as married for three and a half years already. it made such a difference to say wife and to hear the priest say, you know, dear the beloved. >> a same-sex couple in maryland makes the commitment to get married days after it became legal in the state. the women walked down the aisle today with quite a story to tell. what they fear might surprise you. here is fox5's beth parker now. >> reporter: these two women are incredibly grateful they can now get married in the state where they live. but as you'll see, they are still waiting for something else. >> the cake is there. >> reporter: an anxious bride making shrieving is just right before she -- making sure everything is just right before she walks down the aisle.


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