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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  January 25, 2013 4:25am-5:00am EST

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you, man. them things worth up to $15,000. >> you just came up. ♪ that's what we dishin' 'bout good morning, everyone. it is friday, january 25th. we'll keep our eye on later on this afternoon. tucker will have more on the weather. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> some school closings and
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delays to tell you about. king george county schools are closed today with code # for 12- month employees. page county public school are closed. -- with code 2 for 12-month employees. >> spotsylvania schools are also closed today and stafford county public school are closed today. administrative offices will open at 10:00. employees are code 2. orange county public schools are delayed for two hours. >> federal government is open today. however, employees can still take unscheduled leave or telework again. we will have a lot to stay on top of this morning. you can get the most up to date list on or at the bottom of the screen. now, let's go to tucker barnes for the latest on our forecast. >> good morning. we have more snow on the way. this will not be a major storm but just like yesterday, with
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temperatures below freezing, likely to cause some travel challenges for your morning commute. we'll be nice and dry here and i don't think the snow will get in here until mid- to late afternoon. anything that had a chance to melt a little bit yesterday will likely refreeze. 19 in annapolis. 12 in manassas and frederick. very cold temperature to start your day. here is a look at your satellite-radar. i want to point out the feature you see there in white off to the west. that is our snow event. it is our next clipper system. just like the last one, doesn't have a whole lot of moisture to work with. it will work its way into dry air. we are looking at snow developing mid-afternoon. probably last until 9:00, 10:00 tonight. when all is said and done, maybe an inch of snow around here. parts of the area could see two
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or worse case scenario would be 3 inches. most of us will see just about an inch. we'll take a look at the weekend forecast and more details on the snow in just a minute. today is the annual march for life rally. abortion opponents will march to the supreme court marking 40 years since roe vs. wade. thousands are expected to take part in the event and the day will begin with a mass at verizon center and another at comcast center in college park. expected road closures around the national mall today because of that event. >> the caps were hoping to redeem themselves after this week's home opener loss but it didn't happen. they played montreal last night at the verizon last night t the caps fell last night 4-1. they are now 0-3 for the first time since the 1993-94 season. of course, the big story here this morning is the cold. >> other parts of the country are taking a hard hit as well
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especially further up the east coast. fox's mike tobin has more. >> the perfect display of just how cold new york is right now. >> i have another pair of pants under these pants. >> reporter: the chilly weather creating quite a scene into duluth, minneapolis where temperatures below zero caused steam to roll off lake superior forming clouds over the lake. the cold snap causing trouble in chicago where firefighters returned to a warehouse after a two-day old blaze reignited inside an ice-covered building. icy roads leading to dangerous driving conditions in west
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virginia. one driver on interstate 79 losing control of his truck when it hit a patch of black ice. the vehicle flipping over. >> my door wouldn't open. we pretty much just crawled out. >> >> reporter: driver and passenger were unharmed. the temperature are expected to rise modestly friday what i snowstorm is predicted for the midwest and states on the east coast. mike tobin, fox news. >> another round of the winter weather coming. >> get ready. >> we still have plenty ahead. weather and traffic and all of your top stories. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. good morning to you. happy friday. the snow from the other day wasn't that bad but tucker says there is more in store. he will give us an update in just a second as far as that is concerned. it is friday, january 24th. good morning. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. we just ran through this morning's school closings and delays a minute ago inform you
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missed it and you need to see that list again, it is on the bottom of your screen and it is on let's quickly get to tucker. >> quickly. >> that is the right way to do it. we have more snow on the way. not concerned for the morning commute but there are some icy spots outside. temperatures will be cold enough that we'll likely see every flake stick and we could get appear un. , maybe a little more than that in a few spots. >> it could cause problem for rush hour potentially this afternoon. >> potentially. i've seen an inch of snow cause problems. let's get to it. temperatures first. it is very cold, 20 at reagan national. 13 at dulles and 14 at bwi marshall. now that we have a little tiny
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bit of a snowpack, that only enhances the cold. all the county locally here with the exception of our friends watching in the mountain communities, under a winter weather advisory for the potential for an inch plus of snow. satellite-radar, you can see the white cloud cover moving in and lighter white you see or the darker white out to the west is the actual event. it is a little clipper system just like the one yesterday. it will come rolling through mid- to late afternoon through the evening hours. it will bring us a period of snow and it will be out here by late tonight. i think by 10:00, 11:00 tonight, it will all be done. we have the potential for about an inch of snow here locally and a little more in other spots. we'll take a closer look at that in a minute. >> we'll keep our eye on it. >> you need to keep an eye on and all our weather
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app. you can track the weather where you live, share your snow photos ando a whole lot more with the fox 5 weather app. can you download it on the droid, ipad or iphone. search for d.c. weather in the app store. >> and it's free. >> and it's free. >> and i checked it last night to get an update. a very good app. very informative. >> so is julie wright. let's see what she has. >> informative or free? >> both. >> wisdom! >> freely informative. >> welcome to friday. southbound i-95, this is where the wreck occurred early this morning t involved a truck that was hauling a trailer carrying a boat. the two have become detached. only the right leap is automobile to get by southbound along i-95 this morning. traffic is stacking up from route 100 headed out of jessup headed over towards this
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accident scene. as you continue further south on 95, we had overnight construction between 216 and 198. they are in the process of leering this. on the other side of town, the west side, eastbound 66 in great shape. no problems to report traveling to and from centreville in manassas. nice, easy drive between annandale and merrifield. northbound 395 with loans open. no problems to report in the hov lanes or the main line headed out to the 14th street bridge. tucker touched on this a few moments ago. he is right. major arteries nice and clear. nothing to see here. but the secondary roads still dealing with black ice. be careful coming out of the neighborhood streets and on to the major arteries and watch out for black ice on the sidewalks. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. >> thank you. we are following breaking news right now out of northwest d.c. police say a woman has been shot. this happened at 5th and nicholson street northwest. this was right before 3:30 this morning. we have a crew on the way and
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we'll bring you more information as soon as it comes in. this arctic blast is here to stay, at least for a few more days anyway. >> yesterday, snow caused slippery conditions on the roads and another round of winter weather this afternoon could mean the same thing. fox 5's lauren demarco is live in springfield, virginia with more on the conditions that we're dealing with. good morning to you. >> good morning. it is so cold out here, with the snow yesterday, many of the neighborhood roads had already been treated. d.c. just sort of monitoring the situation overnight and into the afternoon. they are going to be checking out the major arteries. same with maryland state highway. they say they will not be pretreating with salt for the ice because they are concerned about some possible freezing of that salt. and also the temperatures of the ground are below 20 degrees. so with that cold temperature, that is real lit concern at this point. now, yesterday, we did see some
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accidents on 95 in virginia during all of that snow and, of course of course the concern again that we will see something like that late are on this afternoon. so everyone urged to be very cautious today. around 8 k34r07b yesterday morning is there was a three- car crash near triangle actually virginia state trooper responding to that wreck. while he was sitting in his cruiser, another car that ran off the side of the road struck his cruiser. there was another accident involving a v-d.o.t. safety services vehicle and a crew member outside of his vehicle at the time was struck. fortunately, all of the folks involved in though accidents suffered nonlife-threatening injuries and they are being treated. a reminder to be safe out there this morning. >> thank you. coming up next, a look at the morning's other top stories. >> an arrest in a crime that shocked a family and community. new details in the shooting death of a local high school student. >> we continue to watch the winter weather again today. there is a full list of
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we have a news alert coming out of the district now. a 17-year-old is recovering after he was brutally attacked near the rhode island avenue metro station. >> the attack happened on wednesday afternoon when the victim sid 787 guys jumped him and robbed him. they left joseph argola with a broken arm and jaw, his jaw now wired shut for six weeks. joseph's mother, who is blind, says she is worried about how she will prepare liquid meals for her son. she tells us all she wants now is justice. >> why should that happen to my son? what did he do to anybody? why was he attacked by seven people. next time, they are going to
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kill somebody. >> the attackers stole joseph's wallet and other belongings. anyone with information is being asked to call d.c. police. police in prince george's county arrested two people accused in the deadly shooting of a high school student. marcus jones was kill the weekend on webster lane in fort washington. police charged a 17-year-old and 19-year-old with murder. police said the shooting was gang-related. jones is it is third student from prince george's county to be killed since the start of the school year. coming up next on fox 5 morning news. >> they are a big draw at nats games and soon a new famous face will be joining the racing presidents. that will be exciting. >> let's check in with tucker for more on the second round of winter weather headed our way. >> we have snow on the way later this afternoon. it is cold. we'll have the details on the weather. julie wright is here. i know she is here and she has the traffic coming up after the break. 
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i'm so happy i get to say that it is friday. you may not be so happy with what we have in store later on today. we'll talk with tucker in a second about that. first, school closings and delays to tell you about
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because of the winter weather. >> in virginia, culpeper county schools are closed. king george county schools are closed today with code two for 12 month employees. page county public schools are closed. twelve month employees are asked to report at 8:00 a.m. >> spotsylvania county public schools are closed today. code two for 12 month employees. stafford county public schools closed today. orange county public schools are delayed for two hours. >> the federal government is open today. employees can take unscheduled leave or telework again today. we'll have a lot to stay on top of throughout the morning. you can get the most up to date list by heading to and it is also on the bottom of your screen scrolling right there. keep an eye out for it. >> let's keep an eye out too
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because we have more coming our way. >> the forecast looking like the bulk of the snow will be here this afternoon. not concerned about it for the morning commute. there could be some icy spots from yesterday and temperatures right now very cold, in the teens and only 20 here in town. here is your big headline. more snow coming. pretty much a guarantee. amounts will not be terribly impressive, just like yesterday's storm. maybe an in. maybe a few of us will see more than that. there might be a sweet spot where we get 2 or 3 inches. this is not a blockbuster storm that shut down the area for two weeks. >> is there enough left on the ground from yesterday, will it stick with what is come something. >> oh, yeah. any time you look -- any time you have a temperature that is 20 degrees, every flake will stick. we'll have a little snowpack
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around here. a couple inch snowpack in spots. 20 in washington. 14 in leonardtown. today will be nurse four in a row that the temperature fails to get out of the 20s so the cold continues. 13 at dulles. 12 in martinsburg. winter weather advisory in effect from 2:00 to 9:00. i think the snow will start moving in around 2:00 and be pushing across the area by 3:00 or 4:00 this affect. the concern is that we could see an inch of snow in the metro area during rush hour. so that is why before a winter weather advisory and likely to cause -- julie will have more on this. certainly a possibility that it will cause some issues. temperatures this cold, the chemicals don't do a fantastic job of melting the snow out on the roadways. there is the clipper system. it has a little bit to work with but one of the sort of signatures of these clipperser is they don't have a lot of moisture. as it moves on through here, it will take a couple of hours
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before the snow can start reaching the ground. you want to time it out. clouds for the first half of the day. 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon, the snow will start. it should be out of here by 10:00 or 11:00 tonight. when all is said and down, what are we talking about? maybe an inch, 2 inches, at the outside 3 inches. 27 the daytime high. another very cold day. snow continues tonight. 22 with very cold conditions overnight. and there is your accu-weather seven-day. weekend looks sunny and bright with moderating temperatures and plain old warm temperatures by the middle of next week. we're not going to know what month it is. the temperatures in the upper 50s around here by wednesday with some showers. all right. hold on to your cheering, julie. let's do some traffic. >> one to 3 inches this
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afternoon. >> more like an inch. i put the 3 because we had a jackpot spot. >> more importantly, gaithersburg. >> one inch for you. >> the road way has been reopened as you travel in and headed out to laurel. as lauren demarco was mentioning, we do find dry pavement around the area. roads pretty much saturated with a lot of salted from yesterday. that will help with this afternoon's commute. plan your trip accordingly. make sure you had plenty of wiper fluid. this is southbound 270 headed out towards clarksburg. no accidents reported along this stretch. eastbound on 66, traffic volume increasing but again at speed traveling eastbound towards vienna. i remind you about the fluid and gas but because we are not
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expecting a lot of snow, when the roads do get wet, we do a number of accidents out there. 359 in the express lanes and main line, traffic running smoothly continuing out to the 14th street bridge. no trouble spots to report at the wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. >> thank you. the caps were back on the ice last night. >> they were greeted with cheers during tuesday's home opener but yesterday it was boos. they played montreal, a team they swept and never trailed in four meetings last year. the caps fall to 0-3 for the first time since the 1993-94 season. they are now the only team in the eastern conference without a point. afterwards, the head coach called his team fragile. >> things haven't gone our way so far. we haven't really had a lead.
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it is an uphill battle. i'm not a believer in that speech. we're pros. you got to do your job. you got to show up for work. >> still early. plenty of time to turn that around. >> they can still turn it around. >> let's not forget about the ravens. they turned it around. they will practice again today around noon. they are getting ready to face off against the san francisco 49ers in this year's super bowl and they are leaving for the big game in new orleans on monday. a sure sign spring isn't too far away. the team is making a by announcement ahead of the next season. they will name a fifth racing president. so who do you think should be the fisk racing president? tell us on facebook. >> we are already getting comments this morning.
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michael robert newton votes for martin van buren and also millard fillmore or someone with a funny name. mark lerner and screech will be here live to talk more about the nats. a mall makeover. >> what is happening to improve the appearance of america's front yard. we'll find out on the other side. we're back after this. with this flu season beieing the most severe in years,
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the secretary of the exterior is ordering restoration projects on the national mall. ken salazar's order calls for several long-term projects between third and seventh street to make sure recent improvements are protected. they include a new drainage and irrigation system and an engineered soil system to help prevent too much runoff. there is also a plan to improve the turf over there too. a brief scare at dulles airport. the wing tip of a united
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airlines jet hit the wing tip of another unite plane parked at the next gate yesterday afternoon. flight 951 from brussels was pulling from the gate when the accident happened. passengers and crew got out safely. no passengers were on board the parked plane. unite is investigating. >> transportation investigators looking into the problems of boeing's dreamliner airplane say they are still aways away from figuring out what is wrong. >> as mary ann rafferty explains, two battery-related incidents led to the plane's grounding last week by regulators around the world. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board stepping in to investigate boeing's dreamliner battery nightmare. ntsb chairwoman deborah herstman highlighting the gravity of the problem. >> the expectation in aviation is to never experience a fire on board an aircraft. >> reporter: but that is exactly what happened last week when an overheated battery forceed a 787 dreamliner to make an emergency landing in
4:55 am
japan. just one week earlier, another fire on a dreamliner in boston. while the ntsb isn't sure yet if it is the cause, they are point tying chemical reaction which overheats the battery. >> there are multiple systems to protect against a battery event like this. those systems did not work as intended. we need to understand why. >> reporter: boeing said it welcomed progress in the investigation and continues to work with investigators both in the u.s. and japan. transportation secretary ray lahood says there is a lot to do before the plane can be returned to service. >> disclose everything that is brought out in the top to bottom review. there will be total transparency. >> the same type of battery used in boeing's dreamliner jet once burned a whole building to the ground. a major fire in 2006 at this boeing contractor while the company tested the battery charger. boeing has sunk billions into the dreamliner and is years away from breaking even. >> four months, six months or
4:56 am
more, i have no way of knowing. but it is not going to be back in the air any time soon. >> reporter: it is extremely tough to put out batteries involving lithium ion batteries and that is of great concern to investigators. when batteries like this burn, they release oxygen which fuels the fire. essentially, they have to burn out on their own. back to the morning's big story now, more chances for winter weather later on today. >> some streets and sidewalks haven't had a hans to recover from the first round and now we are talking about the potential for a tricky commute on this friday. but the snow isn't all bad. coming up income, see how the first family's dog had a little bit of fun yesterday in the snow. we'll be back. 
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the first dog had a little bit of fun playing in the snow yesterday. check out this picture of the obama family dog, bo, exploring the rose garden.
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>> how cute. does he have something in his mouth. >> or is that a scarf around his neck. >> oh, no, it is the way he is standing. never mind. it is really cute. >> this is cute too. >> let's talk about some more little doggies. plenty of them were out and about yesterday, some wearing sweaters, others just rocking the natural fur coats they were born w the dog had some fun in northwest. i think melanie alnwick was out most of the morning having fun with the dog too. this was sent for us from a viewer in alexandria. the caption says more snow, please. so cute. if you have a snowy scene you would like to share, e-mail it to my weather photo at g when you send it in, include your name and where you live so he can give you a shout out. >> fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now.


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