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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  January 28, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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reached an immigration reform bill. tom fitzgerald is following this for us and with so much controversy and debate on the issuer a bipartisan deal is a surprise here, i would imagine. >> reporter: in many ways it s. the bulk of the negotiations have been conducted in secret, largely, by four democrats in and four republicans. gop is eager to map out after the poor showing for mitt romney among latino voters. democrats are trying to regain momentum after failing to get the dream act passed fully by congress. this afternoon, the group outlined what it's calling the main principles. lawmakers are calling for creating a system that would allow illegal immigrants to become citizens. it creates a get worker program, establishes employment verification systems and grants green cards to people with advanced college degrees from u.s. institutions. at least one major republican said that the proposed path of citizenship for the shaded 11
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million illegal -- estimated 11 million illegal immigrants mean the key to the republican pack's future. >> the republican party is losing the support of the hispanic citizens and we realize for many issues, which we are in agreement for our hispanic citizens, but this is a pre-eminent issue with those citizens. >> repter: >> reporter: president george w. bush was outspoken in his support from the beginning. i think we have clear presidential support here, and what we have in our state, our conversation last night with the president, he cheered us on. >> it's important to keep in mind that for this plan to become law, it would have to pass the republican-controlled house of representatives. speaker boehner will allow it to come up with a vote. we want to talk about this. joining us from maryland, the democratic state senator of montgomery county and corey
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stewart, republican chairman of the prince william county bord of supervisors. chairman stewart, i want to start with you. you have been a longtime voice on the immigration debate, saying mainly that local and state governments have carried the bulk of issues. how do you see this today? is the federal government stepping up in your view? >> the federal government has no credibility with regard to immigration reform and enforcement. why would we believe that washington is going to enforce new immigration law if it's not enforcing the current law? every day, thousands of criminal illegal aliens are aphandied -- apprehended by local law enforcement, they contact i.c.e. and i.c.e. directs them to release the criminal aliens. there is no reason to believe that if we pass the reform willing, they're going to change anything, they're going to beef up enforcement or change it in any way. >> a lot of times, you know, state and local governments
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have had to deal with the on- the-ground issues of all of this. one of the things that came up was the electronic registration for immigrants. some folks on the left have voiced concerns about this, especially the aclu. do you have a problem with people having to register with the government? do you think this population will be receptive to doing that? >> and thank you very much, tom. i would agree with corey we have a problem andha is the problem that congress is not a directioning reform. with regard to the principles laid out, specifically e verify, the problem that social security administration is already indicated is that there is a lot of false positives in that program right now, and while we wait for comprehensive immigration reform, we can't wait for states to begin implementing e verify and to start work the kinks out of the
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system we need a comprehensive reform plan with a clear attainable path to citizenship that doesn't thrust unreasonable, unfunded mandates like mine and the commonwealth that corey represents, and that is attainable and doable politically and that is where we're hoping the group of six can get done and we have a lot of confidence if they will. >> and one problem i'm nailing down is that these are proposals and principles. >> that's right. >> what is it that you're going to want to see hard evident of when this is finally put into a legislative form? >> we need to seat federal government is -- enforcement. there is no reason to change the law if the agency, the dhs, department of homeland security, doesn't have the power or means to enforce the laws. what you need to see is that a beefing up of local law
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enforcement, the use of local law enforcement to enforce the nation's immigration laws, a tightening down at the border, but it's i bare minimum that i.c.e. needs to receive illegal aliens to commit crimes or have it handed to them and deported. >> i want to give time to the state senator before wrapping up quickly. what do you want to see in a way that is tangible and something that would work for marylanders? >> well, requiring local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration laws because ins hasn't been given the authority to do it is the wrong way to g. our local law enforcement officers are busy cleaning up the streets, keeping folks safe. they not responsible for immigration enforcement. if we lined up all of our new and existing immigration officials on the border of the u.s. and mexico.
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>> right. >> that being see each other. we have unmanned drones flying overhead. we have more enforcement going on the borders now than ever in the united states history, and we need to go of our local law enforcement the tools they neek not enforcing federal laws that should be -- . >> unfortunately, what we don't have more of is time and as much as we would like to continue this conversation, we're out of it right now. we appreciate you coming in. >> and thank you. >> we'll find out what this looks like in march. that is when this will be put before the u.s. senate. >> all right, tom fitzgerald, thank you for the update. >> a longtime maryland legislator hurt in a fire thursday night died. the 83-year-old died saturday at a baltimore hospital. she was found thursday in a fire at her temple hills home. she represented prince georges county from 1992-1994 and was the assistant floor leader in
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her final year for the house democrats. more than 230 people died in a devastating night club fires. two band members are detained and believed to use pyrotechnics that ignited sound inslag in the ceiling -- insulation in the ceiling. >> reporter: the first of many funerals starting today for the victims, which left more than 230 people dead. an early investigation into the incident revealing some tragic details of the event inside the club shortly after the fire erupted. survivors and police say security guards briefly tried to block people from leaving the club something those fleeing were trying to skip out on their bar tab the security staff relented after seeing the flames in the ceiling. they were made to pay the entire tab at the end of the night before allowed to leave. the firefighters reported having trouble enterring the
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club because of what they described as a barrier of bodies blocking the eptraps. -- entrance. [ through translator ] >> we can't believe this. this is a mark on the city and an enormous tragedy, very big. >> reporter: police inspectors believe the source of the fire was a band's small tropical depression show -- small pyrotechnic show. one of the members reported seeing the ceiling on of the stage on fire after the fourth song and tried to use a fire extinct wisher to put it out and it doesn't work. the club was overcrowdded and the use of pyrotechnics was not permitted. >> the law said a club like that has to have all the protective equipment. the people didn't have it and someone has to be responsible. >> reporter: so far, police have made three arrests, including one club honer and one band -- club owner and one band member. and turning to weather. a cold, yawny start to the workweek and some of you had to
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scrape ice this morning. the sun is out and there is news of the warm-up on the way and gary mcgrady has more. >> reporter: no freezeing temperatures right now. believe it or not, we have 50s to the south of the city and let me show you here in just a second. first of all, i want to give you an idea where there is some rain. very be very spotty earn the metro and all the temperatures are above freezing and that is looking like everyone is going to stay above freezeing and into the next few days, tramly mild and symptom right now -- temperature right now, look at fredericksburg. 52 and quantico, 50. colder north and west, frederick, hagerstown and some ice this morning. no problems on the roads and well above freezeing, the nice warmer temperatures coming our way. >> see you then. i want to take you back to the breaking news.
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a jury is deciding the fate of a former culpeper, virginia, police officer accused of murder. daniel harmon wright is charged with killing patricia cook last february. the jury got the case this afternoon. lauren demarco is live with the latest. >> reporter: deliberations are underway. closing arguments wrapped up this afternoon. the special prosecutor in the case said the former town of culpeper police officer daniel harmon wright fired his weapon shooting a 54-year-old woman with intent to kyle. harmon wright's lawyers said it was an act of self-defense and he was acting to protect the public from what they describe as a dangerous woman. it was back on february 9th, 2012, that patricia cook was sitting in her parked car at a lot at epiphany catholic school. she refused to leave even when confronted by a school administrator. when the officer arrived, she declined to hand over or driver's license. the defense said she rolled up her withino and the officer grabbed for it, trapping his
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hand and began to drive. he fired because he felt his life was in danger. prosecutors say he kept firing after the car moved away from him and told the jury his actions were unjustified and excessive. both sides agree that cook had a metallic sunscreen sitting across her windshield. when she pulled away, it was still there. she was heading on to the street driving blind. harmon wright kept shooting because she was a threat to the public. patricia cook was struck by multiple bull thes and died at the scene. harmon wright was terminated as an employee of the culpeper police department. that was last june after an internal affairs investigation. again at this hour, the jury is still deliberating and there is some family members of the former officer wright inside and we saw the defense attorney arrive back at the courthouse and head inside. not sure if that means anything is happening right now. of course, as soon as there is an update, we will bring yet to you and that is the latest to you live in culpeper.
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coming up, d.c. is sitting on a lot of dough. find out what the city plans to do with the $400 million surplus. [ indiscernible ] >> plus, the baltimore ravens sent off in style as they get ready for the first super bowl in more than a decade. >> and later, a fan gets tackled by an nba star after making that amazing half-court shot. we'll be right back. 
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when it comes to money, turns out d.c. is in great shape. in fact, the mayor is expected to announce tomorrow that the district has a surplus of more than 400 million dollars. the question now is what do you do with all that money? fox 5s matt ackland is here with a look at the debate and what to do with the massive surplus. matt? >> reporter: it's a great state to be in as many states are struggling. d.c. has got a big pot of cash. it was not expecting to have. the debate now is, if it's better to spend it or bank it for a rainy day. mayor gray's expected to announce tuesday where all the extra cash came from. an insider said it's over $400 million. what do you do with that extra money? >> the people need it. >> reporter: many believe social services should benefit from the surplus. >> we don't think that the city needs to save every penny.
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>> reporter: she said that district leaders should focus the extra cash on those needing it most. affordable housing is a big issue and widespread poverty remains a problem. >> there are a lot of residence still struggling and that is important to use some of the additional resources d.c.'s getting to make some of those investments. in programs that will help everybody succeed. >> council -- >> council member jack evans said save the extra cash. the $400 million will bring the overall in the bank savings account for d.c. to $1.6 billion. >> what is the magic of 1.6? it gives us two months of expenditures in the bank and that is what wall street looks at. when they're determining the ratings. >> reporter: the mayor is likely to side with the council member. one reason is the possible cutbacks in government spending on capitol hill. and if that happens, the extra cash will be needed.
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>> the responsible thing to do. >> reporter: many council members disagree and they want to spend the money right now. by the way, more good news. the estimates are that tax revenue overall is expected to go up the next fiscal year as much as 2$00 million, putting the district -- $200 million putting the district at a better spot. >> you said it off the top. a good spot to be. >> sure is. >> thank you. officials turned down donald trump's request for a tax break. his organization will be required to pay millions to redevelop the old post office pavilion into a luxury hotel. trump and his daughter asked if the district will forego the taxes to facilitate the redevelopment. mayor gray and the members of the city council said no. president obama hosted the world champion miami heat at the white house today. the event was to recognize the team for its support of american military member and their families. lebron james gave the president a basketball, since he's a huge fan of the game.
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>> and he said it's casual so, i mean, we can from chicago and dallas, texas, and michigan, ohio, south dakota. [ laughter ] >> miami. i mean we're -- we're in the white house right now and this is like hey. mama made it. [ laughter ] >> i think his mom knows he made it long ago. the president got a jerseyy with his name on it and he joked the team could use shooters, so dwayne wade pointed him a new point guard. >> bonus to watch. and that is what happens when you make a half-court shot with the heat playing. and he had a chance to win $75,000 if he hit and he made the shot. he tackled the man.
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and, by the way, the heat won the game 110 to 88. and he was probably excited about the money and never expected lebron james to come tackle. >> a cold start to the day, huh? >> it was indeed. gary mcgrady, did everything go as planned? and i know a lot of people were concerned about the slick roads this morning. school his two-hour delays. >> i think so. my way, we had some sleet and freezeing conditions. the temperatures staying around freezeing. the only thing that surprised me from the forecast last night to this morning was that d.c., we never got down to freezeing. we hovered above freezeing all night long, which is good. no ice or problems with the morning commute. i thought we would be at freezeing and dodged a bullet there. check out the temperatures right now. hey, hey, 44 in the city and i saw a little bit of blue sky
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coming in this afternoon and i hope it's a harbinger of things to come but doesn't look like it. a lot of clouds to the west and we have a couple of real, real spotty showers around the region and this is supportel in ride -- radar live and some temperatures around the 40 degrees mark and some fog later on. talking warm-up when i come up. >> thank you. still ahead here on the 5 issue the redskins players' trip to the probowl is cut short by a bar fight. check it out. he has the scars to prove it. what happened in hawaii. we'll explain. and the skins aren't the only team making nose. hi, scott. >> the story of super bowl week is burpway from new orleans. the ravens hopped a plane bound for the big easy and not before a sendoff in front of all of the fans in baltimore. we'll hear from the players next at 5. 
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the ravens are back in the super bowl. the first time in 12 years. today, fans in charm city sent off the team? style. scott smith has more of the details. >> reporter: fans started gathers as early as 7 a.m. stuck in the cold, rain, players didn't she up until after noon. by that time -- show up until after noon. thousands arrived for the big sendoff. watching from surrounding balconies, live music, fireworks, cheerleaders, the mayor and governor were on hap as well. they showed up to bask in the moment and fire up the crowd. safety ed reid led the crowd in singing we have two tickets to paradise. we'll show you that at 6 and they still vegas to take care of. six days from now in super bowl
5:25 pm
xlvii. >> ain't no better team than baltimore today. thank you for coming out. this is awesome. awesome. >> i we did this in 2000, and we're not going to new orleans for nothing else. we don't give you everything we got. baltimore, we love you. >> the team landed in new orleans an hour ago and the zoo known as media day is tomorrow as l. finally, an interesting stat. the ravens have the highest play-off winning percentage in the nfl all time. they are 13 and 7, hoping to improve that, of course, next sunday. shawn? >> if the skins can't be there, we're rooting on the ravens. >> the next best thing. >> thank you, scott. the washington redskins trent williams leaves -- days after being involved in a bad bar fight. the 6'5", 300-pound lineman was attacked in a honolulu night club. the reports say he was hit in the head with a champagne
5:26 pm
bottle and shocked with -- shot with a stun gun. williams was not allowed to play in the pro bowl by the nfl. required seven stitches. >> wow. coming up, the defense rests its case at the trial of a local county executive accused of misconduct in office. the latest from the courtroom. >> plus, texting while driving plows -- laws may get tougher in virginia if one lawmaker gets its way. >> and credit card users could get hit with a new fee at the checkout counter. details coming up. 
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welcome back to the 5. again, a judge refused to acquit anne arundel county executive john leopold on all misconduct charges. his lawyers raised the subject for a second time after resting their case. the closing arguments start tomorrow morning. paul wagner is following the
5:30 pm
trial for us in annapolis. >> reporter: the judge listened to the request for a second request for a acquittal and decided the four remaining charges would stand. there are three counts-of- misconduct in office and one count by a fidish rain shower i and that carries a penalty up to five years in prison if convicted. the defense called a total of three witnesses to the stand. two doctors and the personnel director for anne arundel county. they each testified about the two back surgeries and the excruciating pain he was experiencing before and after. the defense argued that he was in no condition to help himself and needed the police security detail and other workers to empty his catheter bag, run campaign-related errands and help him put up campaign steinsigns. a pattern of abusing county resources, according to the
5:31 pm
prosecution. the county personnel director said he paid back a $5,000 raise from the county and took a 5% pay cut at the same time that county workers had their pay reduced. the testimony is an effort by the defense to show h took county finances seriously. in arguing, the defense attorney said there was no evidence of it and he told the court to find leopold get, you had to prove the county executive stole or embezzled something tangible and there is no proof he had control over finances, marcus said and leopold is accused of having the security detail work overtime and in an effort to make sure the girlfriend didn't -- he faces up to five years if convicted on the charge of misappropriating funds and it's
5:32 pm
up to the judge to decide the penalty. if he fines him guilty of misconduct in office. do you feel the judge will rule in your favor? any comments? >> we'll see how it goes tomorrow. thank you. >> reporter: the defense maintained he might be guilty of poor judgement or being a bad boss, but it does not rise to the level of that criminal conduct. they say he used county resources for his own personal gain. paul wagner, fox 5 news. and three virginia supreme court justices will hear appeals next month stemming from that videova tech shootings. it was filed by both families. the justices will determine if a full court will hear the case
5:33 pm
and 33 people were killed. parent his different opinions on how to handle gun laws. they spoke at a forum. some say gun laws need to be tougher, others believe the problem is that current laws aren't enforced. >> and we should have -- hold people individually accountable and enforce laws appropriately and i would say we're not doing that. >> and law enforcement met with president obama to talk about the best ways to prevent them. federal charges were filed against i student at the university of virginia. he's accused of calling 911 and reported hysaw the gunman on campus. that -- he saw the gunman on campus and the feds charged him with being -- knowingly making false statements and the police changeed him with falsely
5:34 pm
summoning law enforcement officials. virginia's laws against texting and driving might get tougher. the woodbridge republican delegate wants to make it a primary offense and increase the fines. it's considered a centary offense, meaning can you be ticketed for it if you're stopped for another moving violation like speeding. the first offense is $20, and tacked on to whatever you get pulled over for. anderson's bill raises it to $250. the offenses go from 50 to 500. texting and driving is a primary offense and in both d.c. and maryland. virginia senate panel endorsed a bill making it illegal for adults to smoke with kids in the car. the bill will ban smoking in the car if there is a child you were the age of 15 riding inside it. the punishment? it would be a traffic infraction with a $100 fine. the similar legislation failed in the general assembly two years ago. coming up, the lessons that mean a better option than a mastectomy for women with early
5:35 pm
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a new study for women with early stage breast cancer shows a lumpectomy is as good or better than a mattectomy. researchers studied over 139,000 women. they found that they were likely to survive cancer than women who had mastectomies. the scientists say the women who benefited most from lumpectomies were older than 50 and had cancer fueled by estrogen. a warning of ground beef. at least 16 people in five
5:39 pm
states were sickened by salmonel is food poisoning linked to the beef. half were hospitalized. most of the cases were in michigan where seven people ate a raw ground beef dish last month at a suburban detroit restaurant. consumers shouldn't eat it. the case has been linked to last week's recall of more than 1,000 pounds of ground beef from two michigan businesses. barbara walters battling the chickenpox in a new york hospital. the 83-year-old was first admitted a week ago after hitting her head at a preinaugural party. the cohistory host on the view said that walters hopes to return home soon and chickenpox can be serious with older people do you to the possibility of complications -- due to the possibility of complications like pneumonia. we wish her a speedy recovery. >> indeed. coming up, argo and lincoln stood tall at this year's sag a -- s.a.g. awards. >> plus, chris brown is in the headlines again. guess what, all of the wrong
5:40 pm
reasons. find out who the singer allegedly foot fought with at a music studio parking lot. >> and what about this? a big warm-up is on the way. 
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be prepared to pay more when you shop for a credit card. the stores in our region can add a 4% surcharge on all your purchases, part of an agreement that retailers settled over the credit card processing fees. what can we expect when we shop? ruth is a deputy director of consumer happy monday, ruth? >> hi, will. >> your group is an advocate for consumer rights. let me start with the broad question here. where do you stand on this surcharge? do you use plastic? >> first of all, we're not sure we're going to see too many of these chars popping up. at least not yet but we feel
5:44 pm
that the surcharges could end up being what amounts to double billing. the costs per pay -- for paying processing fees are built into the price and we don't think it's necessary to surcharge nor do we see -- think we will see a lot of it. >> do they fear a backlash from customers? >> that is possible. >> we're not hearing about the stores doing it right now, although they can and they are now allowed to charge a surcharge. what is more likely is that we might see it creep in overtime and maybe with the smaller, very small retailers. >> so, if we do see a 4% surcharge or anything like it, it's for credit cards like visa and mastercard? a debit card couldn't count, right? >> right. and you have to be notified up
5:45 pm
front. if you were in a store, you would have to see it on the store window and you would have to be notified at the sale and you have the exact amount and you would have to know in advance. >> and that is an important point. if you're issuing rung up and -- you're being rung up and buying shoes for $100, you want to know before they run your credit card and they're telling you at the register, the surcharge is going to happen? >> yes. they're required to do that and -- . >> what about online purchases? >> online, they don't have to let you know until later on in the process. what that means is as soon as they show the brands of the credit cards, that is when they have to notify you of any surcharge. that is usually at checkout and that might be awhile in the shopping experience j. it's not just the interest rate we have to worry about. ruth, with
5:46 pm
thank you for the insight. >> go any time. >> all right. and gary has joined us now. >> all i heard is warm-up j. no hidden fees at all. >> and i know excited of i am done with the cold weather. >> uh. >> we're going to warm up and have some 50s in the area now and that is great out there. limited sudden shine tomorrow and as we get into wednesday and that is not going to keep the warmer temperatures away. as a matter of fact, the forecast looks like this. a spotty shower and there are a couple that i will show you on radar and there is probably going to be a few moving through. other than that, you will have clouds and fog and some temperatures should be around
5:47 pm
30, around 40 degrees for the evening hours and that is to the north and west, colder and milder. the warmer days ahead and that is looking like for tomorrow in the 50s, wednesday in the subjects and nothing has changed there. a a limitedament of sunshine. 44 in town and that is the warmest so far and into some lower 30s. fredericksburg, 52 degrees and culpepper, 38 and north and west, the cold spots. frederick is 36 and hagerstown, 37 and in cumberland, they're to 34 degrees. of note here, everyone is above freezeing and there is no worries. and look at the warmth surging down south and to little rock, 75; national, 52 for cincinnati. chicago is back into the mid- 40s and nice for them. remember, last week, were
5:48 pm
talking single digits for fargo. international falls, minnesota, places through minnesota, the temperatures were cold and that changeed. we got rid of the arctic air mass and we get into some of this down here into the ohio river valley, the tennessee valley and that is the next few days and some highs into the middle to low 50s with the exception of the northeastern counties and the potential to the north and eat, that you could be stuck in the 40 asif they keep the cold air in place. at lost we're in the mid-50s and some limited amounts of sunshine. into wednesday, believe it or not, there is a chance, showers and some thunderstorms because of the warm air that is coming in. the high wins and we could have a couple of thunderstorms late into the afternoon and evening. look at the tomorrow. we're going conservative here
5:49 pm
at 65 degrees and key think -- we think there is going to beshosome showers and this is spotty here and to the south and east. some spotty showers there and from is nothing for the district and mainly, the light shower and some cloudy skies, fog thick in places tonight and hold on to the spotty shower in the forecast. 38 and we stay above freezeing and that is important. forty degrees and meteorologistly cloudy at lunch mostly cloudy at lunch tomb and that is the trend the next few days.
5:50 pm
the limited sunshine and downright mild on wednesday and some showers and the possibility of a thunderstorm moving through and after wednesday, cooler, too and some flurries on friday, 36 and this is winter again. right? and into some 30s. enjoy the next few days, fairly mild. >> and on to wednesday. that is great. >> and some is shine before the rains get here. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> and to the talk of the town on tmz. chris brown is you were investigation for allegedly assaulting singer frank ocean. harvey levin is live. harvey, do we know if chris was fighting or if it was someone from his entourage?
5:51 pm
>> we don't know for sure. we know frank ocean was fighting. from everything we can tell, it was all over a parking spot at a recording studio that frank thought should have been his and chris was parked in it and they started arguing. who threw the first punch depends on who you talk to. at a point, all six of them, three on chris and on frank's side were fighting. frank said he was injured and may not be able to play the grammies. right now, someone from the sheriff's department said that frank now think ising of -- that he may want to have chris prosecuted and remains to be seen if chris will talk to the cops what, he is going to do and if he gets in trouble here, it's a big deal, because he's on probation for beating rihanna and hooked end up in prison over something like this. >> and light talk about another situation. we understand that rapper rick ross is targeted overnight. what happened?
5:52 pm
>> there is no doubt he was targeted. none of them hit the car, which makes it seem like this was a warning to him. now, there was a gang that was after rick ross because rick ross used the gang's name in one of the songs. the gang. ed to be paid for the use of the name. rick ross told him to pound sand and it could be that -- and we don't know if it was the gang or not, but someone wanted to sunday a message to rick ross. if they wanted to hit him, they could have hit him and they didn't. >> and he is safe and the person with him was safe. we are looking forward for everything tonight on tmz. thank you. a big night for hollywood and the cia thriller "argo" won for the best ensemble cast.
5:53 pm
and ann hathaway won for lemiss and jennifer lawrence for silver lining's playbook. and speaking of jennifer laws, appears she had trouble with her navy blue christian dior gown as she walked up the steps. the banner's going to be in the way and shy got her shoe caught on the bottom and pulled up the skirt. some people thought her dress ripped according to a spokesperson, no malfunction. it didn't rip. it was made of different levels of tulle and satin, the design of the gown. that is just the way it's made. >> i guess you have to roll with it. >> and -- . >> that would be interesting. can i see some people in that. >> yeah. >> and that is the design of the ground. and light go to brian bolter now. standing by with a look at what
5:54 pm
is next. emotional testimony during local and national discussions on gun control. the differing views on the tough issue from parents, gun violence survivors and lawmaker. the bold announcement and what it means for scouts and scout leaders. and what is a skins fan to do? are you routeing for the ravens? ravens
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios we're learning about the investigation into the death of jonbenet ramsey. the colorado newspaper is reporting the grand jury probing the death of the murdered six-year-old beauty queen chose to indict her parents more than a decade ago. the d.a. refused to prosecute. the grand jury voted to indict john and patsy ramsey eschars of child abuse resulting in death. a class two felony punishable by up to 48 years in prison.
5:58 pm
the boulder d.a. believed he can not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. a philadelphia doctor is shown hours before she was murdered and set on fire inside her own home. dr. melissa katanito is seen walking past the coffee shop and police say the suspect walked by after. he's charged with strangling the doctor and burring her tied up body in the basement. he was an exterminator and went to her home for a job. a mississippi woman missing in turkey after traveling alone. she was supposed to return but was not on the flight and no one's heard from her. police say they're looking at security camera footage from where she stayed. so far, no sign of the 33-year- old who made the trip alone when a friend cancelled at the last minute. >> it's hard having to leave my kids behind.
5:59 pm
but this is their mom and this is my wife issue my girl of many years. >> and it's her husband and brother. >> thank you so much for joining us at five. >> the news edge at 6 starts now. right off the top, a major announcement on capitol hill could reshape the debate on immigration. a group of lawmakers agreed on the deal and the centerpiece, a path to citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants in the country. tom fitzgerald has more. latino voters played a big role in this decision. >> reporter: you're right about that, brian. as soon as the election results were in from november 's presidential race, it became clear that republican his a major problem on their hands with latino voters. consider this, 71% of latino votes cast the ballots and went to president obama in the


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