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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  January 28, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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election. almost immediately and that bipartisan group of senators needing the secret began working with the goal being immigration reform that can post the democratically- controlled senate and the republican-controlled house. today, they announced they have a plan. in a place known for more conflict and compromise, a bipartisan announcement to overhaul immigration laws. americans overwhelmingly oppose illegal immigration and support legal immigration. the proposals would set up a process forrish legal immigrants to become u.s. citizens and increased in border security and tracking. and creating the immigration verification status system and employers who can't find u.s. citizens to fill jobs. >> we have been too content for too long to allow individuals to mow our lawn, serve our food, clean our homes and watch our children while not
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affording them any of the benefits that make our country so great. >> if i want to secure the nation, can not unless i know who is here to pursue the american dream versus who might be here to harm. >> reporter: 71% of latino votes went to president obama. the republican senator mark arubio, was a key member of the senate reform team. >> we also have to insure we don't do anything that encouples people to come here legally in the future. we're dealing with 11 million human beings. >> for its part, the white house welcomed the deal. they will travel to nevada to lay out his vision, which overlaps with the senate version. >> the president believes it's important we move forward on comprehensive immigration reform. >> the passage is widely expected in the senate, but the roadblock could come in the
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house and republican conservatives voiced concerns and holding the u.s. border security are closed. house speaker john boehner indicated he would allow the senate version of immigration reform to come up for a vote in the house if it passes the senate; how far, this bill has several stop gaps built into it and would not allow the citizenship to go forward until the goals of border security are first met. a jury now deciding the fate of a former police officer accused of murder. daniel harmon wright is charged with killing patricia cook last february. the officer was responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle. harmon testified he shot the 54- year-old after she trapped his arm in the window of her vehicle and dragged him. also following a news alert involving a murder suspect minutes away from being released before a judge overturned his appeal. a federal appeals court in richmond heard the case today. the attorney general's office
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appealed the federal judge's decision to free wolf. the judge said prosecutors failed to retry wolf within a four-month deadline and tossed the conviction. they will spend more than a decade on death row for the hire of his drug supplier. another big story, an emotional day from mewtown, connecticut, to -- newtown, connecticut, to the capitol. laura ingle has the story. >> reporter: a community forum packed with people on both sides of the issue. at state lawmakers in newtown, connecticut, heard testimony on state gone control proposals. the parents of two victims from the tragic sandy hook elementary shooting showing two very different views. >> the problem is not gun laws. the problem is a lack of civility. >> reporter: his son james died in the attack questions whether new gun laws will make a difference. and saying accountability andp
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coarsement are the key. >> and we should hold people individually accountable for their actions and we should enforce laws appropriately and we're not. >> reporter: he brought a photo of his son, the six-year-old judgesy lewis, another victim at sandy hook elementary. >> and he was my son, my best buddy and best friend. >> reporter: he pointed to more restrictions, likeout outlawing high-capacity clips and improved gun safety. >> and i know both sides need to work together to pass regulations working for everybody. >> reporter: the topic tackled by the white house, top police officials from communities affected by recent mass shootings, including the newtown meeting with president obama. >> if law enforcement officials who were dealing with this stuff every single day can come to some bake consensus, we will make progress.
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>> reporter: today's hearing was the second of four public hearings held by the task force on gun violence and school safety and created in the wake of the shooting at sandy hook. >> and. >> collin godder, a survivor of the virginia tech shooting and are you in the log advocates getting a sense there is a real momentum for change? >> absolutely. we just had a great march in d.c. this past weekend and had some great convery sayings and more meetings in the white house with police officers directly involved in the line of fire and we're certain the administration is serious and so are we. >> and becites nr aloneying money, what could throw a wrench? >> if the american people don't stand up and this is a time for all of us to let our elected
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officials know that we care about the issue and want them to do something. >> how broad are you reaching here? do you want another assault weapon's band? are you looking for high- capacity clips? >> we're looking at everything. there is no oning this that is going to stop all mass shootings. what will is a comp hissive system of laws in place and enforcement that stops allowing danger on you us people to get their hands on a gun and people with mental illness the treatment they need. >> what about the fact when we had a ban, crime didn't go down. >> i am not sure about that. i think a lot of data showed that and they appeared less and less. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you for having us. late this afternoon, the organization, the boy scouts of america, will consider dropping its policy of excluding gay scouts and troop loaders. the final decision might be announced as early as next week
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and comes after they stood behind the controversial policy last year. since then, there have been several protests, including petition campaigns and a drop in donations. we're asking you to weigh in and posted the question on our facebook page. you think it's a good idea? bad idea? or are you undecided on whether the boy scotts should drop the ban on gay scouts and scout leader am we'll show you the results -- leader? we'll show you the results. straight ahead, hold on to your wallets. gas prices on the way back up and i'll bet you never thought you would find a ravens fan on redskins turf. the line fan we found rock -- the lone fan. >> and let's go, ravens, i'll jump on that bandwag on, too and we had some freezeing rain. the good news, the temperatures won't dip below freezing and we have an up-and-down forecast. what are you working on? >> the caps finally notched that first win of the season and we'll hear from the head
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coach before they hit the road and we also heard from the ravens prior to their trip down south. south. . >> we got two tickets topiary dice. >> and adgreen has the chops. sendoff from baltimore earlier today. more sights and sounds straight ahead on the sports edge. 
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the army corps of engineers back on the side of a d.c. world war 1 mew nichian sites. investigators have demolished a home in the neighborhood where evidence was found and lives to in the surrounding soil and th work isk pentd to the take three -- expected to take three week. the latest survey shows the price of a gallon of regular unleaded rose 2 cents the past two weeks. the national average is $3.34 and in the district, it's $3.56; maryland, $3.38.
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the rising price of crude oil is boo in the uptick as refiners pass on their cost to retailers. back to the drawing bord for investigators trying to find out the source of a battery. the japanese and american authorities say they met with the batter maker, determined the -- battery maker and determined it's not the source of the problem. they're looking at the company that makes the battery monitoring system. it monitors voltage charges and the temperature of the lithium ion batteries. what is a skins fan to do. just ahead, are you righting for the -- route for the ravens? a few are. and the next story is for skiers who love the rush and are too lazy to get off the sofa. a group of friends in salt lake city created the sport. you strap a pair of skis to the bottom of the couch up and you go. 
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>> you want the 49ers to win? they can't play if they didn't make it to the super bowl. they may make it next year. you have to wait. >> sums up the viewings of a lot of us around here can't stan the thought of the ravens and niners playing in the super bowl. baltimore, of course, within driving distance. a lot of fans in the region were hoping the purple and black would win the big game. beth parker has more. >> reporter: on the surface, this man can seem conflicted.
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on the wall of the northwest office, there is a photo of d.c. next to it, a picture of the umpire state building in his native new york. >> first brooklyn and then queen. >> reporter: he is a new yorker, transplanted to decease -- transplanted to d.c. he grew up a giants fan and when he came here. >> i would go to a few games at the rfk stadium. every time i did, i would try to -- for the redskins and wound up not. [ laughter ] >> reporter: eventually, he rallied around the baltimore ravens and bought season tickets to home games in 1999. >> i would go to the bars and see, you know, the redskins jerseys all over and some other bars in the area. where are the ravens fans? >> i so he started a group in northern virginia. >> we're at 237 members. >> reporter: they are at rock bottom brewery in arlington and say they don't get heckled much. >> i happened to be out yesterday. i was wearing a ravens hat and
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someone was running by is any gave me a thumbing up. >> reporter: and that is what it's like to be a ravens fan around here. what if you're a die-hard redskins fan. then what do you do? >> san francisco. >> why? >> i am not a baltimore fan. >> baltimore is not that far away from d.c. it's still a home team. >> i don't want to get into too much of a discussion, but some of the people on the team i don't like. >> how long you been a redskins fan? >> 1975. >> that is a loop time. >> yes. >> -- long time. >> yes. >> who are you routeing for? >> have to go with the hometown ravens, baltimore. just because i am, i live in maryland now, they're the closest thing to the redskins. >> reporter: skins fans are waiting to see this guy, their super star, in a super bowl. >> to throw, touchdown. >> reporter: in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. on twitter issue a lot of fox 5 viewers are redskins
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fans. let us know how they felt at cheering them on. he writes that bmore is not the dmv, but m for record stands for maryland in d.c. and i think they represent the ms, go ravens, there you go and kyle martin 85 said no way. i am righting to get benched. never, you will never see me jumping on the bandwagon. >> i am. i would like the ravens to get it done. >> and -- oh, my gosh. >> he's great. and fun to watch. >> crazy day. >> wasn't it? >> and some nasty stuff that turned into rain. >> and i think the kids, they got a delay. friday afternoon, they got out early, a two-hour delay and
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it's so brerey -- dreary. and the next few days, we're going to get a warm-up and not some sunshine and that cent round and moving to the southeast and to elliott and salisbury and this is the last gasp of the warm front that is squeezing out moisture and that will be above freezeing for everybody, although we'll see fog move back and that is a hint of everywhere. you may not get in on that to
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the north. na lot of sunshine and some clouds will within out and there is that rumble of funder -- thunder and that is this afternoon. the next few days look like this and start with the fog and fored with, jumping to 65 degrees and some places could be warmer. with that strong front coming, we'll have a roomble of thunder later in the day and some
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strong wins. that is moving on through and to the north and west, not into the 50s and maybe that ask is upper courts for you and we'll keep an eye on that and some january thunderstorms, have to watch then. 39 degrees in gaithersburg and washington, 42 and more to come. let me show you a quick look at some of the current temperatures, including new orleans. everyone's favorite destination this week. 72 and dallas, 79 degrees and that is warmer air on the map and that is how we will finish this week. let's wrap it up with our seven- day forecast, and we have a couple of seasons and a taste of spring. we start dropping back down on thursday to 46 degrees and feels like winter again and on
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from and -- friday and saturday. groundhog day, february 2nd and that is going to feel like it into the weekend. >> and a stunt turned serious. it crashed into that young man in the area there and luckily he was not hurt. >> and rescue crews tied the women to a harness and put the baby in the car. we'll hear from the head coach next with scott smith on the sports edge. one golfer had too many shots, missed the hole in one. the man who admits to polishing off nine shots of vodka started to get the golf ball away from
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. time for sports. i'm scott smith. the niners and ravens arrived in new orleans and they're undefeated and san francisco, 5- 0, baltimore's one and only in 2001i and thousands gather to see the team off. the city and state leaders on hand and guest of honors arrived at 1215time and called them the best in the world and
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they led the crowd. >> and we're not going to new orleans for nothings but to bring another ring back to where it belongs and they will have their fill tomorrow. and the caps broke the ice. ovechkin's first goal proved to be the winning goal and with that 3-2 over the sabers and making the trip, not sure if he will play or not. the head coach is happy to have the first win out of the way. >> there are a lot of positives. don't get me wrong and that is for everybody. they go by the power play and we hill the lead and we look
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good in our own end and that is a good thing, and there is a lot of positives there and we want it make sure the guys stay with it. >> lamont booterson is -- peterson is training for the bout at the armory and he will put his title on the line against horton. dead it was announced the 140- pounder signed with the golden boy. and resuming the final round, tiger woods started the a with that -- day with a six-shot lead and check this out. the par 3, heaven. excellent shot and this is -- par-3, learn. excellent shot -- 11. led by 8 and almosted to the finish is any with that four
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strokes, the seventh victory and tonight, the wizards host the spring. >> and let's go to shawn yancy for a look at what is coming up at 10. >> a dramatic standoff between police and a bank robber. you may remember it played out live on our air two years ago today. now for the first time, one of the bank employees is opening up about what happened inside. those stories and much more at 10. >> and we'll see you then. of course, the news is always on keep it here. tmz on tv is coming up next. back here with shawn yancy at 10. the news edge at 11.
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