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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  January 30, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. the 10 all over the big stories tonight, a wild weather wednesday, far from over, torrential rain, whipping winds and a dramatic temperature drop. we have live team coverage. >> metro's big mess, the evening rush turning chaotic for thousands, some getting off
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the train and walked through a tunnel. find out what caused the mass confusion. we're live with the latest. let's begin with the storm system tearing through the d.c. area, the wind coming down fast, the rain at least and the wind fast and furious. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. sue palka is outside our studios to begin our coverage. how is it doing? >> reporter: we're still getting rain fairly light to moderate. we can see it here in the street lamp and the wind is not bad. that's been kind of a surprise tonight because we were expecting winds to be a lot worse, but we did not get thunderstorms. we've had heavy downpours but nothing to reach up and grab those really strong winds and bring them to the surface, although there was a little damage in central virginia with trees down. it's really about the flooding tonight. we do have a number of flash flood warnings which means flooding is occurring. we'll start with that and then give you a radar tour. a lot of these are to our south
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but moving in the direction of the heavy rain, albemarle, faquier and nelson. this flash flood warning goes until 3:15. more heavy rain is moving this direction. that's what we need to watch. on radar there's still a lot of very moderate rain and already many spots have had 1 1/2 inches of rain. so more is still to come. we'll get in tighter on the district. our rain isn't particularly heavy, but you get out to the west out 66 down toward gainesville and warrenton, very heavy rain there and more still streaming northward. wait till you see the extent of this system. our jaws are dropping because we cannot believe this is happening in january, part of it, of course, the fact that we were 72 degrees today, but that squall line goes all the way from new england down to jacksonville, florida, and there's still more coming because the frontal boundary that will be the real game changer still has hours before it crosses our area. gary, the temperature dropped out here by 20 degrees, but it
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doesn't feel cold. it's well above normal even now for january. >> even though it's a lot cooler than it was with 72 for a high today, the temperature out there right now, 55 degrees, and how much -- that's like 11 degrees warmer than what we would have normally during the day this time year. sue had mentioned that we had a lot of rain reports around 1 1/2 inches. using doppler radar here most of the rain has really been i- 95 off to the north and west. the highest totals and these are just estimated by doppler radar, not perfect, but pretty good and we know the heaviest of the rain has been -- there's one little pocket in extreme north and western sections of fairfax county registering over 3 inches, but the majority of the rain, the heaviest band of rain, northern fauquier up into central loudon with you see 2.2 and then extreme northern section of montgomery county, southern parts of frederick county and up wrapping around towards carroll and howard
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county up towards that i-70 corridor there. so that's where the heaviest of the rain has been and it looks like we still continue with the threat of rain moving through for the next several hours. 56 here in town now, still 70 in fredericksburg and just so you know, just about everybody, not frederick county, but just about everybody else under this tornado watch until 2 a.m. we think that some of that is going to come down early, okay? we'll have more details in the forecast and when the changes come, the big changes come, back to reality, coming up in the next 24 hours. >> the roller coaster ride continues. that same storm system proved deadly down south. this is a video of a possible funnel cloud earlier today in northwest georgia. the storm is to blame for at least two deaths, demolishing several homes and businesses and overturning a handful of vehicles on the highway. people in texas spent the day cleaning up after the
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storm. look at this mess it made of the wal-mart distribution center. it ripped about 75,000 square feet of tin roof off the corner of the building. in missouri high winds from the storm overturned dozens of trains last night just after 9:00 there in scott county derailing about 48 cars. no one was hurt. the train was headed from chicago to mexico. keep they're on fox 5 for continuing coverage of the storm. you can track the coverage 24/7 with the fox 5 weather app. download it on your droid, iphone or ipad. a mess on metro tonight, the evening rush crowd ran into severe delays after power problems left swarms of people stranded. some passengers walked through a tunnel trying to get out. the pictures all over social media tonight. this is inside the navy yard metro station standing room only on that platform and look at this photo outside that same station around the same time. the problems caused backups at
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the anacostia stop as well. fox 5's karen gray houston is sorting through the whole thing tonight. >> reporter: hey, brian, it was a crazy confused situation with a lot of frightened passengers. we're live across from the anacostia metro rail station because many of those angry green line riders figured out that they could get off the train, walk through the tunnel and they came out up here. [ sirens ] >> reporter: d.c. fire trucks and ambulances converged on the anacostia and navy yard stations in the middle of the evening rush hour. there was smoke in the tunnel. metro called firefighters. power was cut to two trains. that left a lot of riders stuck. >> next thing we know, the train conductor got over the airways stating that it was a fire on one of the tracks and metro is speedily working to
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get it together. >> reporter: tamara phelps was traveling with her two young children. when the light went out people panicked. >> people were passing out. they thought someone had an asthma attack. >> reporter: passengers were sitting in hot dark trains not getting much direction they say, so one rider took matters into his own hands. >> i hit the emergency exit button and it opened the center door, the emergency exit, and i proceeded to walk down the tunnel. >> reporter: a horde of upset metro rail riders followed him out. you know the track is dangerous, the third rail or something. >> yeah. there's a walkway on the left- hand side. they tell everybody to use that side and the hot rail is actually on the right-hand side. so it was very safe, no issues at all walking down the tunnel. >> reporter: metro spokesman dan stessel tells us the problem in the tunnel was an arcing insulator. that's part of the third ray. he said i started smoking -- rail. he said it started smoking. when emergency responders arrived, one of them took down
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power on both sides of the insulator instead of only one side. unfortunately he said that took out power to two trains in the tunnel. joining me now live to talk about all that chaos on metro tonight, metro spokesman dan stessel. don't envy you your job. no fire. >> right. there was no fire. this was an arcing insulator which is something we deal with pretty routineliful unfortunately tonight disruption was largely the -- routinely. unfortunately tonight disruption was largely the result of an emergency responder acting with the best intentions. we're going to debrief following this incident including meeting with the fire department. if more training needs to be done or better communication, we'll take that on. >> reporter: anything you want to say to the ridership? >> two things. first we absolutely apologize for the delays this evening. we know it was very difficult and the other thing just to reinforce evacuating a train should be your last option. you should never do that without police direction. >> reporter: don't know where that emergency vehicle is
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going, not connected to this event we hope. back to you, brian. >> karen gray houston tonight. now a news alert out of the district, police investigating a stabbing on h and 11th street northeast. metropolitan police say a man got stabbed on a metrobus, the victim in serious condition at a local hospital and is expected to live. police are searching for the suspect. now the latest on a developing story in alabama, the police standoff with a man holding a 6-year-old hostage continues. the man shot and killed a school bus driver tuesday, then grabbed a student off the bus. he's holding the boy in an underground bunker. police have communicated with the child who is okay we're told. they described the man holding the child as having anti- american views and ties with the anti-government survivalist movement. another devastating story of gun violence tonight this, time a young girl not even old enough to drive became a victim. someone shot and killed her outside her school. police say she wasn't the intended target. as you're about to hear, this
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young victim had everything going for her, smarts, ambition and she had just performed for president obama's inaugural parade. fox 5's will thomas is in the newsroom. >> just a week after attending the inauguration with dreams of a summer exchange program friday to paris of all places swirling in her imagination, 15- year-old hadiya pendleton was shot and killed right next to her prep school in chicago. police say hadiya was shot in a neighborhood park about 2:30 in the afternoon yesterday. she had just finished taking her exams at king college prep and walked over to the park with some of her friends. the park where she was killed is a little less than a mile from president obama's chicago home. she was an honor student and a majorette in her prep school band and actually performed at the inaugural parade here in d.c. her parents devastated as you can imagine spoke about the tragic death of her teen-age daughter who had so much promise. e. >> i'm not worried about where she's going.
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i know who has her. i just miss her. my heart, there's a whole section of my heart that's gone. >> police say hadiya was one of about 12 teens hanging out under a canopy at the park to avoid the rain when a young man jumped a fence, ran towards the group and opened fire. everyone scrambled as you can imagine. hadiya was hit in the back as she was trying to run away. the gunman got in a car and drove off. police say hadiya had no arrest history and does not appear to have been in a gang, but our sister station in chicago is reporting other members of the group she was with were gang members and none of them stuck around to help her or wait for the police. hunt is on in virginia for the -- the municipality is on in virginia for the man who -- the hunt is on in virginia for the man who attacked a victim
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near the herndon parkway overpass near sunset hills road. he dragged her into a wooded area. she struggled with the man and he ran off. if you saw anything, police want to hear from you. crime fighting caught on camera, the new technology local officers are using when they hit the streets. >> plus he was convicted in the shooting death of an unarmed woman. now it's in jeopardy because of a dictionary and a thesaurus. we'll explain next. >> later on the news edge, you've been warned, why police are about to start cracking down on u-turns on a very busy street. >> stay with us. we're updating you on the storms throughout the next hour and a half as well, fox 5 news at 10:00 just getting started.  [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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get ready because you will be caught on tape. police in cheverly, maryland, are recording every action they have from the public and they aren't doing it on their dashcams. >> it's a body camera strapped to the officer's uniform. unlike the dashcam it can go anywhere the officers go and
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capture everything on tape. there's no dashcam in corporal france's web patrol car, but he can still record any second of any call he's dispatched to and he does it with the body cam strapped to the front of his bulletproof vest. >> this right here is pretty simple to operate. right now it's in off mode. i'll push it down. it's in on mode. i'm recording both of you as we speak right now audibly and visually. >> reporter: what do you like about it? >> it's very helpful. when traffic stops, we get a lot of complaints as the chief already explained to you and once we advise people they've been recorded audible and visually their whole demeanor changes. >> reporter: police chief buddy robshaw purchased eight body cams and patrol officers hit the street with them earlier this month. they cost about $900 each. dashcam cost twice that much. >> but the biggest reason we went with these is the camera stays with the officer no
10:17 pm
matter where he goes. he's not tethered to the car like he was in the normal traffic stop scenario, for example. >> reporter: the body cams have already captured crimes on tape, everything from domestic calls to routine traffic stops. >> you know this stop is being audible and visually recorded. the reason i stopped you, you weren't wearing your sweet and also your right taillight is bust -- seatbelt and also your right taillight is busted out. >> reporter: you'd rather have that than the dashcam. >> absolutely. it follows me wherever i go. >> reporter: there's another thing with body cams when it comes to citizen complaints. they will probably reduce them since they all know it's being caught on tape. >> the biggest complaint with the police department is not that they're brutal or not that they do things unethically. it's the way they talk to
10:18 pm
people. so this has certainly within a training tool for us. >> reporter: besides the cheverly police department new carrollton police are also using the body cams. they've already cleared one officer there accused of making an ethnic slur while dealing with a citizen. they checked the tape and they say it didn't happen. a big story tonight, today's sentencing for the former virginia police officer convicted of voluntary manslaughter has been delayed. defense lawyers for daniel harmon-wright are calling for a mistrial because of alleged juror misconduct. fox 5's hen hedge has detail -- john henrehan has details. >> reporter: on tuesday former town of culpeper policeman daniel harmon-wright was found guilty of manslaughter and two other felony counts in connection with the february shooting death of unarmed motorist patricia cook, but after the jury went home for the night a clerk found two dictionaries and a thesaurus in the jury room. the judge characterized the books as unauthorized research
10:19 pm
materials and ordered the jurors be isolated and questioned one by one. according to the jurors, some of the words they looked up included murder, malice and unlawful. one juror told the judge she thought it was okay to bring the reference works into the jury room on the last day of trial and even ran the idea by a bailiff who raised no objection. another juror said under oath the panel was really hung up on the written definitions provided in the judge's instructions. we felt the dictionary gave us a straight answer said that juror. defense attorney daniel hawes asked for a mistrial arguing the jurors appear to have been confused and saying his client has been denied due process. special prosecutor james fisher said the jurors concentration on the word malice actually worked in favor of the defendant as the jury did not find malice in his actions and therefore, declined to convict on the more serious charge of
10:20 pm
murder. circuit judge susan whitlock ordered written arguments from the attorneys and announced she will decide the issue friday morning. in case the prosecution prevails she has called jurors back to consider a sentence for the former policeman who is facing up to 25 years on the convictions. in culpeper, john henrehan, fox 5 news. back to monitoring metro tonight as transit police issue way, to riders to protect their electronics following a spike in thefts. between january 13th and the 26th 31 devices were snatched on the system, that's up from 19 the first two weeks of the year. police say while the figures are down from the same time last year, they're urging riders to be proactive, keep your devices out of sight. did your morning commute take a little longer than usual today? it may have been because of this horrific trash. a tractor trailer collided with a fire truck on the beltway. find out what led to this accident next. >> sue will have an up on the
10:21 pm
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it was a mess on the beltway in maryland today after a serious crash that left seven people including four firefighters hurt. it happened in prince george's county near route 50. police say a fire truck was leaving the scene of a crash trying to make a u-turn when it was rear-ended by a tractor trailer. all four firefighters in the cab of the engine were hurt including one who lost an arm. fox 5's paul wagner has more. >> reporter: from sky fox you can see the gap in the median where the driver of engine 28 was trying to turn when the engine was hit from behind by a tractor trailer. although no charges have been filed at this point, police say the driver of the tractor trailer had the right-of-way. >> at this time we believe that in the early morning hours approximately 2:40 a.m. a fire engine was dispatched to
10:25 pm
495 southbound near route 50 to assist the maryland state police department with a minor vehicle accident. the engine arrived on scene and quickly determined there were no injuries and they cleared the scene. at this time preliminarily we believe as the fire engine was clearing the scene they were headed southbound on 495 and their intention was to make a u- turn through an emergency vehicle turnaround. we believe they slowed and began making that u-turn when they were struck from behind by a tractor trailer. >> reporter: police say emergency vehicles can use the turnaround even when not on an emergency call. pictures from sky fox show the backups that ensued. traffic was tied up throughout the morning rush hour and all through the midday. at the west lanham fire station where engine 28 was dispatched from early this morning no one wanted to talk about the accident or any of the firefighters who were on board. all of them are volunteers. >> paul wagner reporting. we're told the 29-year-old firefighter who lost his arm had it reattached after several
10:26 pm
hours of surgery. three other injured firefighters were treated and released. still to come tonight for the first time we're hearing from the man behind the manti te'o girl friend hoax. >> also ahead gabby giffords makes an emotional appeal on capitol hill tonight as the gun control debate takes center stage. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dual-air technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. queen mattresses start at just $699. and save $500 on our special edition bed set. now at the sleep number white sale.
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a live look outside tonight, the rain is coming down across the d.c. region and it's not going to stop any time soon. most of us are under a tornado watch. let's get an update from sue palka down in the weather center. >> earlier when we had these storm orr heavy downpours coming -- or heavy downpours coming into that really unstable air, there was a lot of concern about tornadoes. there were no reports of tornadoes. we did not have any warnings, but we saw a couple of them trying to spin a little bit. i think that threat is greatly diminished, but the rain is not over. this may not taper off until 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. let's look closer because
10:30 pm
there's still plenty of rain streaming up from the south. the rate of rainfall has dropped significantly, but another 1/2-inch to an inch or 2 for some of you is absolutely doable and we continue also seeing heavy rain out to our west, have not mentioned this, but we still remain under a wind advisory and again this is widespread going down to the georgia/florida line and continuing up into our area. we'll jump you over here to see what i'm talking about with the wind advisory. it's still possible some of these could bring gusts up to 45 miles an hour as some of these heavier moderate rains move through the region. still getting reports of some roads closed especially in loudoun county, flash flood warnings continue down to our south. be really careful if you have to drive the next few hours because a lot of people are taken by surprise at night when these flash flood rains are occurring around the region. shawn will have much more with that seven-day. it's a lot colder. now to a news alert about some unexpected news about the
10:31 pm
economy. it shrank in the last three months of 2012 by 10 to 11% and that's not what economists thought would happen. they're blaming a drop in expense spending and more cuts in higher payroll cuts could effect the economy even more. >> where it is going to have an impact is likely on retail sales in january, february. those could come in a bit soft as people start to respond to the fact their income isn't as high as think thought it was going to be. >> it's not all bad news. forecasters believe the economy will grow by about 2% this year as housing and auto sales make comebacks and predict the chances of another recession right now are low. the gun control debate took center stage on capitol hill today as the first senate hearing on gun violence took place since last month's shooting massacre in newtown, connecticut. the nra's chief executive wayne lapierre and former congresswoman gabrielle giffords were two that testified. giffords called on congress to
10:32 pm
act now. >> speaking is difficult, but i need to say something important. violence is a big problem. too many children are dying. >> the white house is pushing to reinstate a ban on assault weapons, limiting ammunition magazines to 10 rounds and mandating a universal background check. the head of the nra says his group is against the legislation adding more school security and mental health resources will help curb gun violence. maryland governor martin o'malley delivered his seventh state of the state address calling for a reenactment of the ban on assault weapons and also taking on traffic congestion and eliminating the state's death penalty. >> it costs three times as much as locking someone up for life without parole and it cannot be reversed if an innocent person
10:33 pm
is executed. >> there was mixed reaction to o'malley's address. democrats praised it as a blueprint to move the state forward while republicans said it sounded more like o'malley had his eye on a presidential run in 2016. fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin is here to give us his take. thanks for joining us tonight. we know this o'malley's seventh state of the state. what do you think, was he setting up a presidential run or outlining his plan to move the state forward? >> let me let you in on a little secret, shawn. this man is running for president. there is no doubt in my mind and if you really gave him sodium pentathal, he'd come out and say yeah, you got me. to me it's a parallel from jimmy carter back in '76. jimmy carter was through being governor and spent two years before he won in the iowa caucus and i think governor o'malley is going to do the same thing. his term ends in 2014 and he'll have two years to run for 2016.
10:34 pm
there's hillary clinton. there's joe biden and if you talk to the republicans who are very a very -- who are a very small group in the statehouse they'll say he's trying to run to the left of andrew cuomo whether it be same sex marriage or death penalty and for the first time in terms of presidential ambition i saw the mandatory obligatory american flag lapel. never seen governor o'malley wear that before. >> very observant today, mark. >> my job. >> we heard the governor touch on a number of issues from assault weapons ban to eliminating the death penalty and the expansion of the state's renewable energy. they are important and some are controversial. despite the obstacles governor o'malley got gay marriage and the maryland dream act through. how likely do you think we tore see the legislature -- are to see the legislature move through on some of those proposals. >> on the death penalty it's mike miller who is for the death penalty and will allow a
10:35 pm
vote on it. supposedly they're two votes short on it. on wind power which the governor failed in getting last time supposedly there's more of a disposition. what was the other one you mentioned? >> the assault weapons ban. >> and the assault weapons ban, it's going to be close i was told. he came out for something which hasn't gotten a lot of play, but for licensing of handguns. he is not for licensing of rifles, but he is for licensing handguns and the chances there are a lot less promising. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin, thanks so much for coming in tonight. >> thank you. he claims to be the mastermind behind the manti te'o girl friend hoax. now for the first time he's opening up about the bizarre relationship he had with the notre dame star that, story coming up next. call it the 4th quarter fizzle, the economy shrinking in the final three months last year, the first time we've seen that in 3 1/2 years, big cuts
10:36 pm
in defense spending a big reason for the drop, but some better than expected news for the job market, a report showing private employers adding 192,000 workers in january, this coming ahead of the government's monthly employment report out on friday. meantime it's another round of recalls for toyota, the world's top selling automaker pulling back a million corollas and lexuss, faulty air bags for the corolla and defective windshield wipers for the lexus. how about having a computer as a college classmate? ibm is sending watson to school literally. the supercomputer best known for beating human contestants on jeopardy will attend rpi, a tech college in new york state, watson taking classes to sharpen its english and math skills. that's business. i'm ashley webster. 
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the man behind the manti te'o girl friend hoax is speaking for the first time to dr. phil. ronaiah through so he soap ronaiah tuiasosopo claims he continued the hoax because he fell deeply in love with te'o. after years of playing games with te'o the man behind the hoax decided to end it by faking the girl's death. >> i wanted to end it because after everything i had gone through i finally realized that i just had to move on with my life and i had to get my real, me, ronaiah, i had to start just living and let this go. >> tuiasosopo claims te'o had
10:41 pm
nothing to do with the ruse. te'o and his family did not comment on the interview. the ravens take on the 49ers this sunday in the super bowl. rumors unfortunately still circulating with ravens linebacker ray lewis taking performance enhancing drugs. sports illustrated linked the linebacker to a company that makes a ban performance enhancer. lewis told john harbaugh there's nothing to the report and he's never taken any performance enhancing drugs. >> he also knows there's nothing to it. so i understand that that's something that he's never ever been involved with. i think it's kind of too bad that someone was given an opportunity to get some free publicity out there undeserved and unearned really for no reason. >> sports illustrated claims lewis sought help from the company to help him recover from his torn tricep injury, but the league says the future hall of famer has never failed a drug test. tonight on the news edge bigger is better when it comes to cars. we have a list of the safest cars on the road.
10:42 pm
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people across the u.s. tonight dealing with wild weather from reported tornadoes to heavy rain and even some flash flooding. fox's anna coyman has the latest on the severe weather. >> reporter: powerful storms ripping through many states in the southeast. in georgia a tornado touching down as the massive weather system moves in. fire officials have found at least one body in the storm damage. many homes and cars destroyed or damaged. this driver describing how his truck was overturned. >> it started moving faster and faster. i tried to pull over to the side of the road so i could get out of its way so that it would stay -- the truck would not be in its way. the next thing i know it pulled and sucked the truck. in. >> reporter: this house pulled
10:46 pm
apart by the tornado. three people inside survived after running into a bathroom. >> i was hanging. my back was across those logs and i couldn't remember nothing after that. i backed out. my son grabbed my legs as i went out and he was trapped in the bathtub underneath the wall. him and my boyfriend were both. >> reporter: forecasters say the storms were created when a warm weather system from the gulf of mexico collided with a cold front from the west. the storms also hitting parts of tennessee with strong winds and heavy rain. a 47-year-old man was killed in nashville. he was taking shelter in a shed, but a tree toppled onto it. after pounding the southeast the severe weather system moving toward the northeast. high winds and heavy rain are expected across the region. in new york nan coyman, fox news. -- anna coyman, fox news. here we are in the middle of another roller coaster weather day. it's hot and humid. my hair is going crazy. >> thank you for saying that.
10:47 pm
i thought what's wrong with this product i'm using? >> this is not relatable for us guys. >> i'm sorry. >> it's kind of a shock. i realize what i don't like about these thunderstorms, although these heavy downpours still coming up from the south and just since we chatted a few minutes ago a whole bunch. flash flood warnings have gone into effect for much of the metro area until 4:30. the concern is we've already had a lot of rain and now another maybe 1 to 2 inches for some of you may still be on the way. so we've got a few more hours to go and the frontal boundary that will bring colder air is still off to our west. the good news, it's going to be gone by morning rush hour. the bad news is it's not gone yet. for those of you who have to be out in this, i wanted you to see how widespread the flash flood warnings are. from southwestern virginia up through d.c. into baltimore not quite to pennsylvania, but a lot of heavy rain all along this corridor and the concern is there is more to come. we'll give you a closer look as we get in tighter on the ones
10:48 pm
in our area and these flash flood warnings for most everybody are going to go until 4:30 in the morning. so it's going to be a while before we see this clearing out and as we check out our radar here especially as you look down to the south and all these yellows we're seeing kind of streaks of very heavy rain pushing on up into the same areas that already have those flash flood warnings. you get farther east it's not so heavy, but this kind of repeat performance is going to bring streams and creeks out of their banks and especially down to the south i'm watching the culpepper area. you've had a lot of heavy rain. i know fauquier, loudon has a lot of roads under water, gainesville getting heavy rain. it just keeps coming. how extensive is it? let's look at the whole east coast. it goes all the way down to jacksonville, florida. this stream of moisture goes up to new england almost to halifax. it is moving away. we've got a number of tornado watches. we had terrible dang in atlanta, but the only place --
10:49 pm
damage in atlanta, but the only place i saw tornadoes reported tonight was in northwestern georgia. the back edge is showing on some of the snow behind the system. let's go forward in time to show you what we expect. at 2 a.m. we're still getting bands of heavy rain coming through. any one of these is capable of dropping another inch if they really get going or 2. that's enough to cause flooding. look at how it changes over to snow. 5 a.m. it's to the bay moving on east out of here for the morning rush, but the snow continues. we've been watching this feature a couple days. friday morning our futurecast still suggests there's going to be a band of snow somewhere around. maybe it's just flurries or a snow shower. we still need to watch that because the model has been insistent there will be something coming late tomorrow night into friday morning. finally they dropped most of the tornado watch for our area, but it remains down to the south just in case some of these storms that are coming up or the heavy downpours are able to do something. check this out. we had a record breaking
10:50 pm
temperature today at dulles at 72, shatters the old record, not a record for reagan at 72 or bwi, but i've got to show you these temperatures. yes, we're cooler, but we're going to get colder. as we look back to our west, columbus 36, chicago 25, detroit 40. the strong frontal boundary will come through in the morning hours. as the day goes on tomorrow, those temperatures will drop. we'll be breezy, chillier, not bitterly cold yet and then we'll keep an eye and see what happens with those snow showers friday morning. tonight not cold, 43 degrees, more heavy rain and we'll watch those winds. your fox 5 accuweather seven- day forecast, we're talking about 47 degrees with more sunshine tomorrow, a chance to dry out, but a lot cooler than today. we'll probably be in the upper 40s most of the day which is a lot warmer than friday will be at 37 degrees reinforcing shot of cold air tomorrow night which might produce snow showers and a clipper saturday night into sunday might bring
10:51 pm
us more snow. i guess the frizz will be gone soon, but what a crazy tropical january day. olympic gymnast gabby douglas is donating some of her personal items to the smithsonian museum of african american history and culture slated to open in 2015. the virginia native won olympic gold in the 2012 games in london at just 16 years old. douglas is giving the museum a leotard, her mom's tickets to the games, uneven bar , photos. a well known businesswoman is donating her time and energy to running a d.c. nonprofit. she used to head the bill and melinda gates foundation. now she'll run martha's table for free. fox 5's beth parker has her story. >> i'm patty. >> reporter: as a microsoft executive and ce off the bill and melinda -- executive of the bill and melinda gates
10:52 pm
foundation patty stonecipher is going local. well known philanthropist patty stonecipher saw the ad for president for d.c. nonprofit martha's table and thought -- >> how about me? >> reporter: how about it? stonecipher will start april 1st as leader of one of d.c.'s most well known local nonprofits. it's a place that offs food, education -- offers food, education and clothing to those who need it most, people like carrie nelson bay. >> i inherited six girls, my great nieces, and trying to keep them from out of the system and martha's table, they help me out with clothing and food and i appreciate it. >> reporter: stonecipher made her share of money in the tech world and will accept no salary. >> i was in the right place at the right time and i certainly played a role, but the researchers i got were far disproportionate to the great
10:53 pm
work other people were doing in other fields. >> reporter: the food pantry in indianapolis bears her late father's name. his name is on the sign. his message is in her heart. >> in the last few years i chaired this white house council for community solutions and we focused on where there were organizations, partnerships, collaboratives making needle moving change on the biggest problems at the community level. >> reporter: martha's table has been a fixture on 14th street for 32 years. what they want is to do more, something bigger. you see, they serve about 1,000 people a day. in this city there are 110,000 people living below the poverty line. michael barshare will let's martha's table expansion. >> i can't -- will lead martha's table expansion. >> i can't lead everyone to have a healthy life but i can try to see they get opportunity. >> reporter: in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news.
10:54 pm
coming up next they give it their all, but in the end, well, let's just face it. they're not very good. the american idol judges give us their reaction to those singers who come in confident but leave disappointed. >> and next at 11:00 consider yourself warned, where cops are keeping a close eye out for drivers making u-turns. the news edge is next. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome.
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they might say they're misunderstood. we're talking about the off key and painfully bad singers of american idol season 12. they may not make the final cut, but they do create some of this season's funniest moments. fox's william lajeunesse has more now from hollywood. >> when i perform, i have an alter ego. i know it may sound crazy, but i'm crazy, who knows? >> reporter: as early auditions wrap up and the judges send the lucky and talented few to hollywood, we should take a moment to
10:58 pm
remember the misunderstood, tone deaf and downright awful singers who got their moment in the spotlight. ♪ i can feel it from across the sky ♪ ♪ because i got friends in low places ♪ ♪ what's up what's up what's up with you ♪ ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ >> reporter: the judges like trying to gets if contest amounts have talent before they sing their first note. >> hey, hey, justin timberlake. >> i don't like the people that make me laugh, so sometimes the people that come in and end up being a laugh, it's like kind of wish that they could sing a little bit, too. >> if they're going to walk in with a costume and a weird wig on, then you're not intending to be taken seriously and the critiquing can be pretty unbridled. ♪ i can open your eyes ♪ ♪ ♪.
10:59 pm
>> that becomes a great bonding experience as well when we're laughing with one of the contestants. we're also bonding as judges and it's a great moment. >> reporter: for the future william hunks of the world, keith urban says they should keep singing, just not professionally. ♪ birds flying high you know how i feel ♪ >> the ones that i find more delicate are the ones that aren't very good, but general winly think they are, you know -- genuinely think they are. they genuinely think they're wonderful and they're tone deaf. you're like -- and they love singing, you know, and it's just all over the place and you're like oh, my. it's not your thing. ♪ but it's just a fantasy baby ♪ i want to take you ♪ now go away ♪ give you all i had and you tossed it


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