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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  April 14, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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,. >> right now, two people are pulled out of a burning home in northeast. we are live on the scene with the latest. >> an artistic take on the gunun control debate. we'll tell you about today's event. >> a florida copy finds himself in hot water for using a shooting target that looking like tray vop martin. >> we start tonight with a news alert out of northeast, a house fire has left foo people veryy seriously injured. the please broke out this afternoon on 50 street. lauren demarco is live. >> reporter: several generations of one family lived here at the home. we're told an elderly woman andn her son were the ones pulled from the please. family members say that they are both disabled. they were on the second floor at
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the time, which is where fire officials believe the flames started. now we have just learned this ti fire is being investigated as suspicious in nature.ic there's aio mobile police crime unit here as well. >> as soon as i got to the door, i saw it was pleasing, the fire. >> reporter: i'vey austin lives across the street from this homh and said she can't believe how quickly the fire started and spread. >> one of the sons was sitting to the porch, you know, said hi, went in the house and 30 minutes later, that's what was going on. >> reporter: fire officials says four people were in the home h when the flames broke out, two became trapped on the second floor. >> i saw the grandmother running in to try to get the grand g grandmother out of her room, buo of course, people pulled her back.back it was traumatic. >> reporter: firefighters were on the scene within minutes. they pulled a 93-year-old woman annual 68-year-old man from the
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shock. ron brooks, one of the many t family members that rushed to the scene said it was his mother and brother rescued and taken to the hospital. >> they're handicapped.andi my mom can't walk and my brother can't walk.t >> reporter: both victims wereh is suffering fromvi small inhalation that are considering life threatening because of theirning age. two pets were also pulled, a cat and this dog who has returned to husband owners was captured on camera by witnesses. firefighters were able to stop the blaze frome ab spreading toe connecting home. they're not working to determine the cause of the fire. while family members pray fr their loved ones, neighbors are vowing to help any way they can. >> i told them whatever they need, food, money, whatever. >> reporter: police are here atr the scene investigating onng o whether this fire is suspicious in nature. they also want to remind folks about smoke detectors. fire crews are working to t whether to see whether there was a smoke detector in the home and they remind you to check your
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own. you can obtain one through for free through the fire department. we know the 93-year-old woman as she was being transported she t was in cardiac arrest but reviewfed before she arrived. so our prayers out to that family tonight. that's the latees here in northeast. thank you. crews battled a garage in prince george's county.rg it broke oute' on elder oaks boulevard. several cars inside the six-carr garage were damaged in this fire. people told police they heard several explosions which may w have been the tires or windows from the intense heat. no injuries reported. a chapel on the campus of georgetown vandalized. the damage in the incident alonn with furniture and chairs, we understand, masses this morningg were relocated to saint williams.llia officials say evening masses will proceed as scheduled. an investigation is underway.
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another beautiful spring day to wrap up the weekend, taking is live look outside, things looking hazy, not too bad. b let's check in with gwen. >> reporter: it was a spectacular day. i don't think anybody could have any complaints. we dealt with winds on saturdayt but other than that, it was really great weather to be outside. let's take a look at the numbers today. we reached 69 degrees at regan r national airport, 67 at dulles and 64 at bwi and as far as temperatures are concerned, it, was comfortable out there.e. the winds were light, we had plenty of sunshine, so definitely a dale to cap off thc weekend on the upside. here is a look at the satellite radar, not a whole lot happening. into the course of tonight, we w will see increasing we have ain couple of systems ad those are going to end up bringing some clouds into the course of the overnight hours.r. so not a lot of clear conditions. it's currently 67 at dc, 65 at baltimore, the w sixes kickingkg
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in at dulles and 71 at frederiksberg. here is a look at your planner tonight. but about 10:00, it's 58, mostly cloudy skies for tonight and we have a lot of changes coming ups on the seven-day forecast. i'll have those details later. back to you.. a flash mob on the nationaln mall today bringing attention ta the issue of gun violence. that event was held at a lincoln memorial reflecting pool. performers held their hands in the air before slowly falling to ground. the participants traced ain't outline with their body with chalk and wrote a word as a reminder of the lives lost.t. more than 30,000 americans arecs killed as a result of gun violence. >> there are new developments in a murder investigation involving a texas district attorney andney his wife. police arrested a man with wi connection to the victims but have not yet named him a suspect. dominick denatalie has more.
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>> reporter: only yesterday eric williams was charged with makinm a terrorist threat and now we we hear he could be charged with killing those three people but an fbi spokesperson said no n press conferences or releases are expected to come today. williams is still not formally charged and he is still not a formal suspect at this time. the fbi and other athoritiess spent the night cysting throught two storing units in teses. they've turned williams' house upside they didn't say what they were looking for but the evidence team carried objects out of the storing unit, including a whitee crown victoria. a whole raft of reasons emerged for why williams had a grudge. he was stripped of his status s when he was convicted of theft in 2019. he was humiliated in a bitter personal battle with the da mcclellan mcclellan. the assistant da describedcrib williams' theft as evil even though it was just office
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equipment. williams' attorney's office saie it has no further comment orn he's independent. it wouldn't be surprised if williams was charged. >> there will have to be some sort of evidence that limbingsng mr. williams somehow to the to crime seen. it could be as sump as they're looking at a certain motive heeh might have had. he was upfront in the interviews his lawyers did early on, saying he want shocked but the law enforcement headed into his direction. >> reporter: more developmentor texas prosecutors are seeking t dwubl the existing $200,000 reward, which some law enforcement experts say is the sign that they're short on leave. following a developing story now, john kerry making one final push for peace during meatings in japan today. the secretary of state has met with south korea and chinese leaders during his joe seas trip as north korea threatens a missile launch. >> reporter: the high stakes
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diplomatic mission by secretary of state kerry is in the final stages as the threats from north korea loom. kerry met on sunday with the japanese foreign minister. on the one hand he took a con sill tear tone saying he wanted to reach out to be a part nert n in negotiations aimed at the the denukization of the north but hb said that the statute stands ready to defend both itself and allies in the region and told the north to back off its provocative talk, especially about a possible missile launch. >> the north has it to understand that i believe mustst by now that its threats and provocations will isolate itlate further and impref relinquish the participate further. >> reporter: the hitch is that the north korean shows no siens of parting with their nukes and shows some calls for dialogue calling them a clever plot saying the state should drop the
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confrontational plot instead. meanwhile that new mid-range missile, capable of reaching ach u.s. military base in gunman stands ready for firing but a u.s. official here as has been telling us he sees no signs of an imminent lawmple. it is, however, mobile bossed and so it can be prepared quickly. it is monday, here now, celebrations are set to start in the north shortly, marking the anniversary of the birth date of kim song. we're watching for fireworks there of a ballistic nature. coming up next on fox 5, the nats wrap up their home ser reez. were they able to finally pull off a win. w >> trouble for a florida policea officer who offer offed one of his colleagues a target depicts trayvon martin. we have the details. 
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>> it is early in the seasoningi but this weekend was an key mah up up in the east, the nats playing host to the braves. >> this afternoon the nats were hoping to avoid this and we're here with how thotomy home team flared. lead-offer: from the hitter down to the ninth batter. they both hit the ball well butb when one struggle they all struggle, at least with the youu braves and that is not going no get the job done against the hottest team in baseball. it was geo gonzalez last night and today he had his third start of the year. he won for the braves when chris johnson singles up the middle, land tout is quick 3-0 lead, johnson 4-5 on the day.. more bad news in the next inning, danny e ser pinoza hita and x-rays on his hand did come back netting tuf. t
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he may miss a game or two. the nationals enable to bringo him around. top three geo in more trouble,ue two on for the braves and geo vunds to the inning. it's 7-0 braves. b they would tack on two more runs with a 9-0 shut-out. it was a dis appointing start to their series with atlanta.anta >> we're not quite where we neee to be, bullpen pitching, whole nine yards but it's a lot of battles to win this war. and one is just a wake-up call. >> they have a good team, good pitching staff, good line-up. good guys off the bench. they have a good ball club over there. we definitely weren't taking them lightly but they put their best foot forward. >> reporter: good news, they begin a three game series ins miami against the 2-10 marlins.
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150 more games to go. it's a long season. these losses will happen.pen. >> yeah, a as long as they win at the employed, that's all ma matters. thousands honored the the virginia tech massacre. it's been five years since 39 participants ran or walked to the 3 toin 2-mile walk. the event is all about the community coming together. >> the run was about the sense of c community that -- for people coming together and trying to -- i don't know reenforce the fact we're here for each other no matter what crisis comes. >> s have governor issue a proclamation recognizing april 16 as virginia tech remembrance day.mbra this year marked the first timet the campus will hold classes on that day. virginia mall is back open after a shooting that left two women injured. that shooting happened friday at the new river community collegec satellite location inside the t
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new river valley mall in contemporaneousburg virginia, tensbur miles from blacksburg. neil macclinnis has beens be charged. help is enrolled at the college. students say he heard gunshotsuh and hid under their desks. neil macclinnis try to luring them out. he was taken down by an-duty a security guard. the mall has decided to get back to business. >> it was a hard decision, you u know, when to open, if we should open, but we thought that it was probably a good thing to try ana get back to normal and people have been turning out, so that is nice to see that they're here. >> neil macclinnis is held without bond.out one of the victims is a part-time employee at the college. both women are in stable condition.cond a port canaveral police officer has gotten the pink slip after offering a fellow officer a picture of trayvon martin foro target practice the port canaveral ceo issued an apology who calls it unacceptable.
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holly bristol reports. >> reporter: police sergeant rong king is fired after the interim port authority ceo says king offered a fellow officer a target depighting tray van >> i think it's an embarsment for the department and the port authority in our community. >> reporter: john walsh said it happens on april 4. >> he told me about one of our officers that the prior thursday was out at the bcccoco firing gun range, doing target gun practice. he offered one of our other officers a target that was the profile of trayvon martin.arti the officer rejected that and told him to -- that he who put those back and shouldn't even possess something like that. >> reporter: immediately afterie the incident was reported by
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that officer, walsh say of the f chief started an internalerna affairs investigation.esti two other officers and another port authority employee offered king offer up the target. >> this individual must either be very stupid or have a lot of hatred and either one to me is just not acceptable. >> reporter: cord of ther: c incident has made it back to trayvon martin's parent. their attorney released this statement: it is reprehensible that a high ranking member of the police swarn to protect and swerve floridaians would use thu image of a dead child as target practice. such a deliberate and depraved d indifference to this grieving family is unacceptable. the citizens of port canaveral c deserve bert.rve the port ceo agrees and has a message for trayvon's parents. >> our sincere apologies because reliving this incident sincerely
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we're sorry that you needed to hear this and li thi live this . >> george zimmerman is chad and is awaiting trial sphwhr they're aerial acrobatics have wowed crowds for decades but the blue angels are grounded. gro we have for just ahead. if you have a story ideay i call the tip line (202)895-3000 or send us an e-mail at >> george zimmerman is charged ♪
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the roar of jet engines has been silenced. the blue angels have been grounded. cancelledormance is for the rest of the year. another casualty of the sequester. zbh they've been wowing crowds since 1946 but for the first time the blue angels willing no longer appear in public. >> reporter: they rt u.s. navy's flight squaddron, flying formations at air shows for more than six decades. but not this year. for the rest of 2013, the blue angels are grounded. >> due to budget constraints,ont the navy has decided to cancel
6:22 pm
the remainder of the season primarily to focus our resources towards the deployed forces and making sure they are properly panned. >> reporter: the blue angels sas it's pilots are limited to just 141 hours of flight time each month, not enough time for the team to maintain the proficiency it needs to safely fly formations that bring these fa-18 horn ets to within 18-inches of each other.. >> personally i'm disappointed as the whole team is. the blue angels are extremelyxte important to recruiting. they inspire young men and women. i was inhired as a young boipou when i saw the blue angels and inspire med to join the navy and pursue a career. >> reporter: among the local expightions cancelled a fly-over on graduation day on the nea academy next month and ocean o city air show in june. >> that's unfortunate. i'm a former airforce officer and i've seen them performed anp it would be ashame not to see them again. >> i lack forward to seeing them
6:23 pm
in the sky. sorry to hear that. a lot of budget cuts. >> reporter: some are not phaset by the groundingsing.roun >> well, that's what happens when there's budget cuts. you sacrifice certain things and that's probably the least hazardous to citizens. >> reporter: but the air force has anounced its grounding about a third of the active dutyuty combat aircraft as a result of the automatic spending cuts, affecting fighter and bombing unit around the world. bob barne, fox 5 news. that's a real bummer. bum >> that is sad. >> some things have to give but too bad. >> what isn't bad is the weather. this was another great day. >> can't call today a bummer at all. >> in fact the whole weekend was great, plenty of sunshine, temperatures comfortable out there. >> i love seeing people gettingg out and roaming the >> i know, it's nice to see thee
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hustle and bustle. relaxing and enjoyable.njoy beautiful shot outside. we have clouds that are starting to move in, however. and that's what we'll be dealing with into the course of tonightt is the increasing clouds but look at the numbers today, very comfortable, 69 degrees at regan national airport, 67 at dulles and 64 at bwi. so we had a nice day. here is a look at the radar composite, you'llle you'll see chow pushing in and you'll see increasing clouds as the evening progresses and by tonight, we're talking mostly cloudy skies. s so nothing will be clear out there tonight to be see the the stars at all.ll. is a look at a couple of systeme on the satellite right dar. rig we have a system to west of us, another one to the south.outh this will be responsible for pushing those clouds in the course of tonight across theht a area as that system continues to push its way to the north and eventually will head the coastal area. so current temperatures now, 58 in annapolis, 58 at baltimore, a
6:25 pm
warm 71 as far as frederiksberg, 67 in dc, 66 in dulles, 64 inin martinburg and that's the same in headacherstown.cher let's take a trip to the mid atlantic.ic. cooler for boston. new york kicking in with double 5 there and 75 even warmer to wr the south for raleigh.ei we'll see clouds. as far as temperatures, the jet treatment keeping keeler weather over northern plains while we'lw have a bit of a warmer flow in here and we have higherr temperatures that are on the way as we head into the seven-day forecast. so we'll see a lot of variance in terms of conditions as welll but mostly cloudy tonight isight what we're talking, light winds, 48 for your overnight low, southeast from five to ten miles per hour and as we head into tht week, i have warmer days in our forecast and we have some unsettled weather to talk about. so it's not all going to be sunshine and a high temperature.
6:26 pm
i'll have those details for you later as we take a look at that all-important seven day d accuweather forecast. thank you very much. could you come up with an app for your falcons or tablets? we'll tell you how high school stoobts can. a competition is bringing out the best and brightest in ourour area. table a look. >> alicia lowe has an idea for a phone app but she isn't just sitting around letting it escape her. she put it on paper, made a youtube video. >> my app is called the alternate road trip cncht evenve created a power point presentation. >> my parents are a big fan of the app called waves, where they're able to use that app to look at traffic and such, so i'm like that app is limited. it doesn't help you do other things while you're driving.rivi instead of having maybe 20 apps, you can have one that does average. >> reporter: lowe find out about the winners exes, a contest soliciting the best phone applications from middle school, high school and college. col jury handle meggg ter and joseph
6:27 pm
james of welcome to the upper class are running this contestst to inspire the next level of entrepreneurs. through their own experience with business development and monitoring students they saw the need. >> everybody seeing they can achieve the sub cess and power they're looking for so theyo wanted to unlock that new realm of opportunity. >> they can do great things and become the next steve jobs. >> reporter: the contest kickedt off as a competition foron maryland students but the buzz quickly grew so they opened it up nationwide to all students and entries now coming in by the dozens. venture capitalists will judge the entries. three winners take homea thousand dollars cash prizes.rie >> the super grand price, somebody is taking it to a whole other level, 46 million apps are downloaded everyday. market potentially is huge. >> reporter: alicia lowe is confident. >> this is a perfect chance for me to really set the details
6:28 pm
down and get things rolling. >> very umpressive. v if you woulder like to find out more about the winners competition head to welcometothe >> the new immigration reform re bill will be unveiled in the senate. the details after the break. day.
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>> congress is getting back to work with a flurry of legislation to consider. gun control is on the tawbl.
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next up the gang of eight e releases a plan for immigration reform. those were the topic on the sunday talk shows. >> reporter: appearing on nearln every network, florida f republican senator marco rubio launched a median plidz previewing tuesday's unveiling of a big immigration rae form package. the gang of eight requires homeland security have a 90% 9 rate at the botherrer.othe after that illegals can apply for temporary status by passing a backyard check, paying fees and fines and staying employeed. after ten years they can apply a for a green card. it will be tough. >> i would argue to you that it will be chief be and easier fors people to go back home and waitt tns years than it will be to go through this process i've outlined. that's why it's not amnesty. >> reporter: the plan expaps the e-verified system and requires better tracking of entry for
6:32 pm
people who come to the u.s. on visas. illinois senator, also part of gang of eight says the true bipartisan effort. >> every republican at the table said we have to start with border security, get that rightt and we'll stick around for the rest of the conversation. i think we have kept faith. f >> reporter: there is bipartisan su ipport for gun control measue in thes cont senate but also bipartisan opposition. senators joe mansion of west virginia and pat tomby of pennsylvania are working together to expand gun purchased background checks. they admit that they don't yet d have the votes. mansion, who met with sandy hook families said if colleagues read the 46 parch bill they'll support it. zb if we had half the courage these families have, if we as congress had half of their courage and common sense to do d the right thing, what a difference we could make. >> reporter: both senators are a rated by the nra. republican tommey is not concerned about backlash.
6:33 pm
tuesday senator's mansion and tomby will discuss the details d of their plan on the senate floor with a vote on theirir amendment, possibly wednesday or thursday. nil auldwick fox 5 news.ews. it is decision day in venezuela. they must decide now between aggravating president nicholas medora and the map defeated by chavez in ot. steve harrigan has more. >> reporter: the blast of predawn fireworks ushering in election day and a new era in venezuela, many waited for hours in line outside of polling p places pup once inside vensiansn used automated machines with touch screens and zipped their fingers in purple inc., markingg the end of a day-ten campaign. chavez ruled venezuela for 14 years. chavez is not physically with uu but he left us with a mandate.
6:34 pm
he left a task for us and we have here. >> reporter: nicholas maderoo acting president was hand picked by chavez.hav his campaign slogan has been, we are all chavez.have during the brief campaign, madero called himself chavez's political son. son the last presidential poll was this october, when the late chavez won his fourth term withw a record 80% turn-out.n-ou a state governor who lost to chavez in that election has been coming on strong this time around. he has been attacking madero, saying he's quote statementing a for imitation of the late president, un-quoit.n-qu a herm of opeq, venezuela is bus of the largest explorers to the u.s. desite having the largestgest reserves of oil, venezuela is in for sufficient economic times. the stakes for the uses in this election are high as madero wins, he will continue the antidepressant u.s. policy of o which chavez and the other says
6:35 pm
he wants better ranges with washington. in miami, steve harrigan, fox 55 at least five people aree p dead after a bus plunked over a bridge in belgium. the bus was carrying 42 peoplern when it crashed through the guardrails at the highway, falling 16 feet into a field. riew crews are responded and found the best lying on its side with dedegree all across the highway. the bus was report thely takingg teenagers from russia to paris when that accident happened. reminders about common sens and a few changes are coming to metro in the name of safety. the system is ready to reveal al new campaign. john henrehan has the details. >> reporter: in every single metro rail car, there's a large poster with safety and a evacuation information on it. there is so much information onf the poster, people tend to not n read it abdomen no and not follc instruction to wait for ann
6:36 pm
instruction to wait for an evacuation. >> if you feel luke you're in danger of being inside the car than outside the car, then youn need to get out. >> should you wait for metro too tell you over the speaker?aker >> not based on past history. >> reporter: in january, about 200 frustrated green-line passengers decided on their own to evacuate a stalled underground train. newcismer posters are coming to metro rail cars, that say clearly stay on the train and warn of daners during a track evacuation including high voltage and other moving trains. the posters will glow in dark id case of low lighting during an emergency emergency metro administeringers say most mos passenger injuries don't happenn during emergencies.merg they happen because of un--wise behavior from customers. >> i witness it everyday as i i comawt to work, people running,r people holding doors, people pushing babies in strollers on escalators. mmpleghts managers say they've
6:37 pm
surveyed metro passengers and they said they want postedted visual reminders of whatt behaviors are good and bad.. one transit system has poster oo a foolish customer trying to force open the taint's doors. the fourthcoming metro version remieps passengers that the tha train doors do not bounce back like elevator doors and warn a against running on platforms and against standing too close to the edge of the platform. >> the focus groups say it's usually the passengers at faultf so please remind everyone to act more safely. metro will be rolling out these new safety posters on all rail cars at all stations and inside and outside of metro buses. john henrehan, fox 5 news. a record-setting weekend for capitol bike shawr. the record broke its daily rided record with more than 19,000 rides, the previous record of 9o the hup rights was set for
6:38 pm
tuesday when the cherry plos sums peaked. people are browedly showing off their bald heads on georgetown university. found out what inspired a groupp to show a lot of heart and give up their hair. 
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
>> there are few more bald hes h on george ts town university this weekend. >> this week med students, faculty and friends got together to help out a great cause. audrey barnes has the story. >> reporter: easy come, easy go. george ts town university students and faculty gave up their hair today to raise money to fight childhood cancer.ance this woman donated more than 12-inches at the saint bull bricks foundation. >> hair grows out, but like the opportunity to do something for somebody else, that's like a passing chance and ip wanted ton take the tubt to do it. i >> reporter: it's been awhile a since georgetown studentdent jonathan fore had his hair this
6:41 pm
short. >> the last time i had my hair shaved was ten years ago. >> reporter: in ten year leukemia survivor when he was eight couldn't wait to give up his hair this time because hee wanted to. >> i work for caring for children and i decided to go out there today rrp while all of tho head shaving was going on outside, inside others were getting cheeks swabbed to see if they would be bone mawr row match. >> you get pights of these adorable kids. >> reporter: organizers of the goresopportunity event are hoping to benefit a couple ofe local kids with cancer, like adam and exxavier. william delgado donated his bonn mar row and saved the life of a 32-year-old teacher in texas. >> she's doing very well. she is a teacher. she said she just got engaged. so i'm happy for her. >> reporter: the importance of p this event was not lost on the
6:42 pm
gore george tos town soccer team. host of players gladly doe mated. >> the team did a tour of the research labs before preseason, so they've been there and it's been such an easy thing to do to build awareness for a great cause. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. coming up next at 6:00, guen is here with her forecast, whil this spring weather hang on some we sure hope so. we'll tell you next. us senate starts to act are coming together background checks the second amendment hands of dangerous criminals. ninety percent of america background checks. urge them to join comprehensive background checks.
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>> scores of musicians you can see both young and old set a new record for the largest number of cahone ensamable.nsam it's a prea cushion instrument nay tough to pur riew. the final tally was 1500. there were 25 players, which breaks last year's mark by about -- that's 1525 players, breaks last year's mark by 50. so he they set the record. it was the festival of the cahone in lima. >> there's another record set in lincoln, nebraska.ebra kids and adults packed into the museum to watch the largest and tallest lincoln log set constructed. volunteers and architects, both 12 feet, tall. the old record was 10 feet, 11-inches tall.all.
6:46 pm
it will stay up for the nextext three mmgs.mgs. canned goods, being turned into works art in northeast indiana. student designed put together non-peshishable food items. this years team include win any the pooh, buzz light year and cp-30 and r2d2. all food is donated to a food bank. >> i could see a toddler coming along with that lincoln logog going what's that? that would be mine. my daughter is into everything. we were all into this t weather today. it was so great. >> we had such a great weekend, we really did. i hope everybody enjoyed i.. temperatures were comfortable. we had a lot of sunshine out this, so not bad at all. things are changing though. it's mother nature's call. i'm just the messanger folks and those clouds are rolling in as we speak. we are getting energying clouds. here is a beautiful shot outside
6:47 pm
and hopefully you did get out to enjoy it. the clouds are moving in and will continue to do so in the overnight hours.nigh we have unsettled days comingng up. temperatures, however, will be on the rise. we have an 80-degree day to talk about. we're keeping a close on on a a couple of front systems and low pressure but in thees meantime here is a look at the satellite radar where the clouds are rolling in across the area. they'll increase into course of tonight. we're talking mostly cloudy skies in terms of the overnight hours. so be prepared for that. no star-gazing tonight at all. our highs today, 69 degrees at regan national airport, 67 at dulles and a little cooler at bwi, at 64 degrees. it's still fairly comfortable outside, 67 right now at dc, 63 at gaithersburg, culpepper at 70 degrees this hour, 64 in martinburg, baltimore at 65 and dulles at 66 degrees. the winds are light and will remain that way so nothing happening at all in the windd
6:48 pm
department. but the jet stream is allowing cooler air over the west. so the south the opposite butut the jet stream is to north so we're getting a southerly flowly into the mid section of the country where temperatures are boosted a bit and for us we're getting a west flow.low. so we'll stay in the warm sector and that is just going to increase as we head through the next seven days. so we'll get a nice temperature rise out of all of this. here is a look at what's happening, a couple of major systems. one moving its way heading intot the upper midwest, a cek k second one to the sound. that will push to the north alone the the coast. you'll see a development of a low pressure system. then as far as the west, we'll see a pretty strong front systet as we head to the later part of the week which we'll set us for we have a stationery system and that will set us up for seeingg ain't isolated sprinkle or two or showers.
6:49 pm
nothing major, but it just could possibly happen and i cannot rule out the chance of maybebe seeing a light shower into thehe course of tomorrow at any givenn time the clouds will definitely be in place, high pressure moves off the coast ton. you have a variation of things going on. could even see the same thing by the time we head into tuesday, a stationery front will be something that will impact us as well as that system to the south. so a lot of things going pop. so for your tomorrow, oncenc again, cannot rule outen an isolated shower, 57 degrees by 9:00, clouds are in full force, don't expect a lot of sunshine. 48 for your overnight low andow light winds, mostly cloudy skies, tomorrow we reach 68 degrees and as we take a look at your fox 5 seven-day forecast forecast, you can see we're bacv to at least some partialme sunshine by the time we hit wednesday, thursday. once again, can't rule out maybe an isolated thourough or pop-upu thunderstorm into the evening. we'll watch that closely but primarily most of the
6:50 pm
thunderstorm activity is fridayf when it arrives. but wednesday, we're talking t 80 degrees and then we kind of moderate into the upper 70s to mid 70s. so we'll see that warm of hup o kick in. >> thanks. the capitol's learn a lesson almost after letting the lightning after the hook and nationals experience a pawnful loss against the braves. muf handcuff ilindsay murphy ish sports when we return. ♪ roundup ♪ i'm a loving husband and a real goad so we'll see that warm air hup sharp-shootin' wand ♪
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>> reporter: there are 150 more games to be played. the bad news, thisr: tga three-e sweep may stick with the national for a couple of days but right now the braves have nats number.r. atlanta has now won seven straight in this series dating back to last year. theo gonzalez not getting off to a good start.go top of the first, is-0 brawfs, cins johnson with the base hitit up the middle, bringing home twe more runs to extend the braves lady to 3-0. johnson had a day, he was 4 for
6:53 pm
five. danny espinoza plunked on the head by an 88 mile-an-hour puch. x-rays came back negative. top of the third, lead-off batter rip the breaking ball to right field. a solo homerun. later in the inning, geo surrendered to simmons. no problems for paul mahone, bottom of the 7th he gets desmond. the nats managed four hits and swept by the braves 9-0 but fort the nats it's only april. , fortunately.nate >> it was just early. e things happen for the best. there's a difference in the first few ballgames. we should have won the first one and we're right there on the second one.cond we got waffled today. but i don't put too much stock in it.
6:54 pm
>> the biggest thing this year, this division got tougher. i don't think there's going to be a hundred game winner in this division, i don't. i think it will be a battle allb year long. l they played great. if we play a little better, we'll put ourself in a better position, but we have a good a taste of what they're bringing to the table this year. y >> reporter: today nats catcher ramos was placed on the 15-day disabled list after injurying his ham dg string. he hufted down the first base line, batting .320. that's a tough break coming off of knee surgery last year. >> yeah, that's frustrating foru him and for the club, to happen, whatever happened last year, to see him come back strong and have such a good start tanned go down with something like that, that's frustrating. it's tough. tou >> wilson has worked so hard tod get back to where he's at and a big part of this team.
6:55 pm
but having a guy like hert here, capable of catch be, then hethen will step in and play more than he has.he that's the one good thing, we have so much depth and somethins like that, which would really hurt another team, we couldould handle. >> reporter: very true. later tonight, the oriels play on sunday night baseball for the first time since 2008.ince the birds are in the bronxs to face the yankees and 8:00 p.m. last night, the capitols nearly blew a four-goal lead. erat was back after suffering a leg injury. he kept up 2-0 wp back trum is into the lightning zone, they win the race and lead and capitols built a 1-0 lead but lightning struck four times in a row, that would force overtime
6:56 pm
at 5. ot the caps on a 4 on 3, mike green fires scores to give the caps a 6-5 victory. the win moves the caps ahead ini the southeast division. fortunately the caps did not allow that to slip away. >> what a team does get behind that much, they play so wreckless and you're not trained to handle a wreckless team. you jump in and you're not trained to do that.o if it was a more normal game, they wouldn't have played solaye crazy but not trying to use that. but it's hard sometimes. we leaked a little oil and got it back. >> reporter: nba today, the heat looking to avenge mar 27 loss to the bulls which ended a 27 game winning streak. he has 24 points. the bulls did hang around, former wizard hits the three and fouled and wouldn't miss the free
6:57 pm
and then the heat took over, laa bronze was behind to dwayne for the lay-in with 22 with miami over chicago 105-93. the heat have won 35 of the last 37 games. right now at the masters adam scott has a one shot lead at 9 under for the tournament. >> good stuff. >> well, we've got cloudsloud rolling in so mount carmell tomorrow. wmostly cloudy tomorrow. so just be treeped but heating up to 80 on hump day. chance of storms as we move into friday. so we'll keep our eyes to the skies and temperatures are tem definitely on the rise which ish good news. we had a great weekend so we can't knock that.ock on tuesday, there is a chance we could see ain't isolated thom. we have a couple of systems to keep an eye on but 80 and counts. >> the nats did well escaping it miami.ami. >> exactly. >> even though there's rain in florida all the tom. >> that's normal this time of of year, is it 60s?
6:58 pm
>> the 90s, yeah.k at 10:00 ands edge at 11:00. >> see you then.
6:59 pm
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