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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  April 15, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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forecast today. a little bit of rain hanging out there, tuck. >> reporter: a little bit of showers, we won't see much in the cloud cover.cover. late it afternoon, things will brighten up a little bit bit although we will remain on the cool side with highs in the the 50s. there's the rainshower activity, not a whole lot of it, but you can see enough of it. it. the roadways, particularly in south central virginia where wei have had a little bit of band bd develop in the past hour or two. showers in the district at the beltway. be pushing toward the east and west. and st. michaels, you can see se the idea here, all of it is pushing off to the north and east, again, we will see morning showers. temperatures reagan national, na currently in the 50s, it's cool but not terribly cool. cool 57 in reagan national.national. and bwi marshall 52 degrees. looking at the forecast for the monday, lots of clouds, the the showers should start to preak up
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by the noon hour, and highhigh temperatures in the mid-to upper 60s. that's about where we should bes this is sort of typical weatherc for the middle of april. all right mottes more on the weathe-- more on the weather ane will look at the roads with julie wright. >> reporter: it's been tough th going. we have had accident before 234o at humphries, that accident acci activity has cleared.eared. now the crew at skyfox is is checking on the commute coming out of quantico which is very slow as you travel northboundnon all the way up toward the scene. the accident activity pulled pud over to the shoulder.e sho there's another wreck further ft north approaching humphries that has been moved to the shoulder e as well. delays out of stafford. st and thinking of route 1, heads up, route 1 at harbor, they're y checking for a crash at that location. eastbound on 66, volume delays a leaving manassas to fair oaks and 123.123. we find slow traffic leaving
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braddock road in the directionde of di gallows road. road. traffic also congested leaving germantown toward 124 and 28 to the split.the top side of the beltway, outer e loop headed from college park headed through silver spring, si tiny branch avenue, authoritiesh are check for a crash involved o in a aedes you are backed out 212 heading on the beltway. that is a check on fox 5 on time traffic. all right, julie, thank you very much.ul new this morning,very t.c. . policd.c. policeare investigati. both happened in the northeast.t the first happened in the areas of 21st and h street before 2:00 on saturday morning.n satud the victayim was attacked by two men. the second attack happened onn sunday morning in the 1800 block of lincoln road.of lincoln that victim said that a man n knocked on her door asking to use phone, once he was inside, he attacked her. also this morning, the fbi i
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has joined in the search for a missing fairfax county boy. >> the fbi has issued a federal warrant for the mother while his father feal fears for his son's safety. week,,orter: last fairfax county police issued aea plea to help find cameron sarafin. now he is listed as an endangared missing chide.ide. cameron's picture is posted in the website for the missing and endangered children. he has been absent from school o ever since. rebecca sarafin's car was found in the parking lot of the lion's parking lot. lot. her ex-husband believe that shee may be trying to travel to thele west coast. her husband's father said that t she had a heroin abuse problem.
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and the court records document e the prescription drug use. >> it was a simple custodycustoy issue. the degree of interest and an concern would not be at the level that it's at for this particular case. case every day that goes by, i mean,i it gets more and more devastating just not knowingknog where your son is, what state he is now, what condition he is in. >> reporter: the fbi has now charged rebecca sarafin with felony parental abduction. she may be going by the last name, her last name of love and may be calling her son cam and having him use the last name of love. fornational children exploited children say that rebecca may have changed her chn appearance and her son's son's appearance in order to avoid detection. back to you, guys. a deadly start to the weektk in iraq. iraq officials say a series of coordinated car bombs killed 27 people i in baghdad. baghda
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107 others were hurt. so far no one has claimed responsibility for the suicide attack. venezuela, voters have narrowly elected. the chavez successor. succ nicolas maduro won, and his competitor is demanding a recount. he is plans to carry on chavez socialist revolution.lution well, this could be the day. north korea is poised to launch a missile as the country marks s the national holiday. dewing lucider hadoug luzader hs from capitol hill john kerryoh tries to depews the ongoing crisis. >> reporter: in north in n carolinin north korea acelebratr whether his grandson is ready te wage nuclear war as has
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threatened. at the very least, the north has at ability to launch aa conventional attack. u.s. secretary of state john stt kerry arrived in japan which would be in the flight path of any north korea missile. mi they are calling for an offer for disec direct negotiations. o >> the united states remains rea open to authentic and credible negotiations but the purred isis on pion kyung yo ins the kerryy policy is flawed any talk of negotiations and nor national aid will amount to north koreaka tatantrums. >> i don't think that this is policy of paying a ransom willwl stop him. can he seep seeing the reruns.
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>> reporter: the holiday is is almost over now, leaving thethe possibility that the bluster was just for show. a senate plan to expandnd background checks on gun buyers reportedly now pa has the backik of three republicans. the measure could close the loopholes. the senate is expected to take a vote in the coming days. days it will take 60 votes to passass which means more republicans reu need to come on on right now its fate is considerec too close too call. a similar measure could be disclosed in the house this week. republican marco rubio says the immigration reform doesn't s include amnesty. amsty. the plan includes stronger border security and would would require illegal immigrants to pass rigorous background checks, pay fines and application feesns to receive a permit to work. wo.
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travel and pay taxes, and alloww people to apply for legal immigration in an eventual path to citizenship after ten years. applicants would not beot be eligible for federal again fitss a new report is raising questions about the safety ofab ththe nation's pharmaceutical energy. pharmacy boards in all 50 states lack the information andnformatd expertise necessary to oversee e specialty pharmacies andes according to the report, most states do not tractor routinely inspect compounding pharmacies. the report comes on the heels of that deadly meningitis outbreakb of last year. the contaminated injection inje killed more than 50 people. w the tax deadline is approaching. it's here pretty much. you well until midnight to get t the forms in the mail. mail. while the internet has made made filing taxes easier this time oe the year can be stressful for fr
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many people. >> even after you get your taxes done, there's that concern thatt you will get audited. the maryland officers of the comptroller says the best way to handle the last minute crunchinn and avoid an audit, is to be prepared. they encourage residents to usee the resources available to them. and if you end up money and can't afford it, know what yourr options are. >> anybody who has a situation i where they lost their job or don't have any money, talk tolko us. we are the opposite of the irs, we are not interested in makingi life difficult for people. peop franchot says that intereste in penalties can be waived for people who can't pay their taxes right away as long as theythey contact his office to set up a payment plan.ym according to a new report, o washington is home to a lot of f tax cheats, and as a result rest small business owners right here in the nation's capital are more likely to face an audit.audit. a national taxpayer advocate ado
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study says the irs target smallt business owners in and aroundnd los angeles, san francisco, houston and atlanta. the study points to people who own construction or rental real estate businesses as the more re likely to lie on their tax forms. meanwhile the white house hasile released president oba s obama's 2012 returns.a' he paid a tax rate of 20.8%. 20 they had adjusted incomes of $608,000 last year. year. they paid $112,000 in taxes and reported $150,000 in charitable donations. we are following big big business news just dish network says it wants toto buy sprint next tele. tele. dish says it will pay $25.5 billion in cash and stocks for the cell phone giant. it's a rival bid because already a japanese phone company put a $24 billion for sprint. sprint sprint's stock is up in trading
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this morning. fake cameras real results. e where police are cracking down on speed wears a simpleerse trick. we're going to have liee lie lights from yesterday's nail biting master's action. but first, still waiting for spring in parts of the upper upe midwest where the snow is still falling. as we head to the break, ak live look outside, we will get e the latest weather scw traffic i from tuckeand trafficfrom tucke. right now it's 11 after 7:00. definitely dunkin'. you know, i need to get that jolt in the morning, but i want something good to do that. i love the aroma, i love the taste. you can't mistake the flavor. i run on dunkin'! america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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one woman is dead and two men aren is still missing milest of the seattle washington. wash several people were rescued onrn sunday and they said the avalanche came out of no where.w the search for the missing manmn is expected to pick up soon butt
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the avalanche danger is high to extreme. old man winter doesn't seeme to want to go away in some parts of the u.s. a little spring time snow sn fell in detroit. accumulations were less than ann inch but snow were on sunday. the twin-mets game were were postponed because of rain inin minneapolis. temperatures are expected to rise in the region this week. i'm sure they will be ready for it. can you imagine if we were still dealing with snow? snow we would be very unhappy. hap >> we got spring. >> that is not baseball weathere around here gorgeous weekend.we. >> i worked a lot this weekend. yesterday i went down to the the remains of the cherry blossoms o for the fdr and martin king junior memorials. >> it was a great day. >> it was a great day. y. >> even without the blossoms. bl >> i'm sure the pink was everywhere on the sidewalk.
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it's pretty much the way it looks on the streets. >> i think there's a double kind of cherry trees blossoming. bl there's showers around for the next couple ofshow hours, ad this afternoon blerks probably b lose the rain. ra check out north and north and west, detroit 39 degrees you mentioned they got a little bitt of snow. ow. 40 in boston, fry this morning n new york city. we will see highs in the mid-too upper 50s, that is where weere should be for the middle of april. showers, we got a band lifting up toward columbia andd baltimore and additional rain to the south and west. st. much of the area dry, much of mf the area not seeing a whole lott of anything. we are seeing forecasts and asfe we get into the afternoon hours, our little area of storminessnes should pass far enough north and east, that we will be left with just clouds, maybe a little late
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day sun and as mentioned temperatures in the upper 60s,s, a lot more clouds in the forecast the next couple of days than what we have seen recentlyt and a little unsettled althoughu temperatures will be on the warl side starting tomorrow. tomo 74 tomorrow after showers and temperatures in the 60s today, , near 80 on wednesday, the bestet chance of rain will be friday iy with showers and thunderstorms and a vigorous cold front which will cool us down next weekend. >> now you have perfect weatherr to get out and do the stuff that you didn't do this weekend in your yard, because you did nothing. >> i looked out the window. i have many projects. p it's an important first step. >> first you have to the knowledge that the projects exist. >> you can see which order youru will do them in. [ laughter ] >> all right, julie. >> reporter: did the weather affect you not doing your taxes, too? [ laughter ][ lauger ] >> reporter: i'm just wondering.wondering. >> i thought we were off of that. >> no. no. i told you i spent the weekend at maryland live with tony.
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>> that's true. >> they tried to get some money. >> reporter: and they're bothe here so they didn't win any money. sorry >> reporter: fox 5 wazers are checking in with us this morning. definitely belowmo speed, we got the delay heading out toward the beltway all of the lanes herehee are open.are op. southbound on the baltimore, bam washington parkway we got heavyy delays, and delays 177, no problems to report on the outer loop at the beltway at this this time. traffic remains slow as you you continue from cleanin college pk around 270. let's show you what else is we e have working. blow speed, lanes are open open northbound on 295 with a backup from the beltway. ltwa outer loop again, below speed, , college park headed for the exit for georgia avenue. tiny branch as carol avenue, avn checking for a crash involving a pedestrian, below speed from 234
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to 28 at cente centreville. onepor stretch oone more stench. many had tiger woods to win the masters but he stayed close. >> at the end it came down to this. >> there it is. it is. adam scott! [ cheering ] >> a life changer. change >> adam scott is the first aussie so win the masters with 5 under par. cabrera takes second, tiger tigr woods took 4th, four shots off the winner. winner. we will have a look at the masters during our breakfast coming up in 30 minutes. 7:19 on this monday morning. coming up later how a trip to to ann frank's house ended in in another scan doll for pop star t
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justin bieber. first we will tell you where police are relying on decoy cameras next.
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police in laurel are using two new decoy speed cameras to o get drivers to slow down.down. they look just like the six real ones already in place at the the recommendion. they havregio.reg. theregion.r they have been set outside of a school and a nursing home. home once they see results, then they will move them somewhere else.el the blossom industries and e sharing service, too. too. they broke the record, it's the second record set in a week. we. on thursday the bike shares said
7:24 am
they set a rider record with less than 9900 rides.ri well, all good things must u como tcomo to an end andcome toe cherry blossom it came ca yesterday. joshua morgan was the grand gran marshal for the parade. pa this year's the cherry blossomsl bloomed later than expected expd because the cooler weather. >> it was a great day.was >> you had a good day. da under fire for gifts to thee governor's family. washington post, columnist, robert mccarthy will join us jo with the growing controversy for the virginia governor bob mcdonnell. w title for president george w. bush. latestwill get the weather and traffic from tuckerr and julie coming up next. it's 7:24, you're watching fox 5 morning news. ♪
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[ female announcer ] from tracking the bus. ♪ to tracking field conditions. ♪ wireless is limitless. former president gorm bush has george w.bush has a nei
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he goes by grand dad. dad. the former president announced the arrival in a statement sunday. the baby's name is margaret laura or mila hager and her nama for grandmother's. >> that would be jenna bush's bu husband right there. ther >> very good. good. con grue gracongratulationsr >> that means there's another bush that is a great, great ea grand dad. dad. >> twice the generation afterr generation. let's see what is happening with thee whweather. tucker is here for that.. gorgeous weekend.rgeo i'm going to concentrate on conc saturday and sunday becauseuse we're starting off to a to a beautiful note today.l >> he is living in the past. >> you're looking back org back looking ah >> i'm looking back right now. . now i'm going to look forward inside there's rainshowers out there. it's not going to be a terriblee day. highs in the upper 50s and we de will have a period, the peri possibility of rainshowers around before the next couple of hours as the system pushes on ph
7:29 am
through. if you happened to catch any ofo the golf tournament, the rain rn that was moving in there duringr the afternoon hours, that's the rathin or the same system we'rer dealing with this morning. a couple showers here southeast washington, there wasr a ban to the south and west of town in culpepper manassas andn this is happening out, we will see more showers pop up here inn from time to time.. the trend would be to dry things out. we will keep the cloud cover for most of the monday. the south and west, there you yu go, area of low pressure right h about there in southwest virginia, and that will all be pushing off the del mal delmarva peninsula. might be a few peeks and rays of sunshine this afternoon and thee we will remain mostly cloudy mot tonight with the temperatures in the 50s. you can use the rainshower, it's not going to be a whole lout, lt but you can see some is is attempting to fall at this hour.
7:30 am
let's do the pollen forecast. it's all about the trees. tree we're getting requests from the viewers, tree pollen will beil high for the sec next several dl and all you have to do is take a walk. trees will be the big story for next week or two.wo. 67 today, mostly cloudy skies, showers early and then plenty oy clouds this afternoon with winds out of the south and east at 5-10. light winds, cool tonight, toni plenty of clouds, winds southds and east, at 5-10. a couple of fronts this week soo that is going to pushg to push temperatures up with a warm warm front later tonight during the e day tomorrow. we should be in the 70s but we will ep coup showers i keep shoh forecast. the best chance will be friday way cold front. that could bring us thunderstorms as well andthat cl by the next weekend. that is traffic, julie has the roads. >> reporter: we have traffic tf just about everywhere at this ts hour tucker. unfortunately we're dealing witn the wag ter main break. main this is what is tying up a up a portion of west virginia avenueu
7:31 am
northeast. there's the water main break brk along georgia avenue at university boulevard northboundt one lane getting by. . heading into d.c. you're going g to find inbound 50 below speed.e now starting to slow and heading toward pennsylvania avenue. let's continue with the camerasc we although show what you wet yu have on the roads this morningss of the tough ride for thosehose traveling northbound on i-95, i- here we are in newington continuing to the capitol capito beltway. too bad here, here, but don't be fooled. oled 95 heading out of humphries, early morning crash cleared. and a i'm hearing that route 1 is not a good option for the work around, they have reports o of accident activity at 610. northbound i-95, not too buzzy in newington -- busy at at newington but a lot of traffic will follow you. you. traffic below speed, continuingn toward the south capitol streett and the douglas bridge, make note 295 is blocked on the inbound to the capitol trillion
7:32 am
douglas bridge. br outer loop remain slow, college park continuing through silver springs, northbound 95 silvernd springs to the beltway. belt the backup 197 to powder mill road. governor bob nabbing donaldd other political leaders haveadee found themselves in an unwonted spot becausunwantedspot. good to see you? >> set the stage for us what isi going on in virginia? rgin >> well, basically easter weekend, several weeks ago, my colleagues at the post broke th story about this unusualunusual coincidence where the businessman, the chief executive of the star scientific donated $15,000 to pay for the food at t
7:33 am
the wedding reception of the daughter of governor bob mcdonald two years ago, and that reception took place three days after mcdonald's wife maureen had flown to florida to promote this company's principal product at a corporate seminar. so that was -- seemed like a ratherred orather odd congruenc. the $15,000 donations was not disclosed. it was first reported in this ts story several weeks ago. ago. since then it has come out thatt there are other curious thingsts that haven't been disclosed about it. it. it has caused controversy. i wrote on the column basically saying i thought it was outrage outrageous in several ways. it's not just me, but both republicans and democrats have e
7:34 am
called to stricter gifts to politicians in virginia.irginia. there's a couple of thingsf that might be surprising about. first of all governor mcdonald has been scandal free, high marks for his time in office in virginia. it's a surprise n this is the the first significant controversy to arise over mcdonald regarding ra anything that smacks of imappropriateimpropriety.imp >> overall he has been seen as conservative, but basically a very earnest sort of almost wanky kind of politicians, poli certainly never had they never h reputation as a governor of being sort of slippery and thiss looks sort of slippery. >> wasn't surprising things isgs if you want to ask, were any any rules broken and all of thatf tt kind of thing? there aren't a whole lot off rules.
7:35 am
>> the rules are very weak in virginia on gift giving. givi >> you can give a gift to a politician in virginia. can you give as of money as you want to a politician, as long as it's diss cloughed. in this case it wasn't disclosed, and mcdonald's defense is that it wasn't -- the gift wasn't to him.t it was to his daughter, and herr husband as a wedding present. but a couple of things have come out of that that raise questions about that. most important thing is that as ity americaeit emerged by my cot the post. mcdonald put down the deposit di of almost $8,000 for the catering, and he signed theigne contract for the catering, and e he is saying, oh, this was just a gift to my daughter. daug >> right. >> well, he was involved in it, so the -- it's a little litt questionable about that.onable a but thboeut laws are extremely . i mean if it's a gift to a to a
7:36 am
family member, it doesn't havees to be disclosed. di even if it's a gift directly to the politician, as long as it'ss disclosed, you can give as muchh as you want. this guy from star scientific sn this isn't the only gift at all he has given more than -- he and the company have given more than $100,000 worth of the rides onrn the corporate jet to the mcdonald campaign when he rann for governor in 2009 and to his political action committee commi since. and in the last two years 96 --6 more than $9,600 worth of food, lodging and other direct gifts to the governor all of which whh have been disclosed. and interestingly, mcdonald mcda will not say, even though hehouh says he is open now to, you know, having tighter rules on disclosure of gifts to family members. he will not disclose whether orc not there have been other giftss to family members from williams
7:37 am
in addition to this money for ne the wedding reception? >> so that also raises eyebrowsy >> very briefly kim cutchineli.i his name has come up. up. >> it's the same company but a a different issue. the main issue is that he did not report when the -- two issues, he did not report thattt he had a stock holding in star r scientific when it went above av the threshold.ethre if you own $10,000 in stock, then you need to disclose it. he bought -- or he bought the bg stock on two or obtained stock k on two different occasions, andd when it went above the $10,000 threshold he didn't disclose it, but star scientific was involves with a legal dispute with theite state, and he is the attorney an general representing the state.t he did not recuse himself untill basically all of this, you know,
7:38 am
erupted and now he has recused himself. >> som e would say a little bit late. i want to mention that we did dd reach out to governor mcdonnell's office. he is on a trade trip to china a for 17 days, so it will be ae a while before we hear from him. you can read more on this at "the washington post." post >> , back to yo >> sasara back to how a trip to ann's house land pelanded justin bieber in t water.
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well, the m t.v. movie awards were held last night. brad pitt had the honor honr renouncing the top prize are,, e movie of the year. the year. i will now predict the startling accrue see see of thef winner of this year's award. >> marvelous, the the avengersn
7:42 am
>> it took the best fight and the best villain for actor tom holtlhuddleston.h silver lining collectedcolld three trophies, jenniferes, jenf lawrence were each double winners. winn fox's wins including the generation award for his career in film, and will ferrell had the crowd roaring when he he accepted the comedic genius award in a money suit.. >> for those of you who enjoy ey what i do, thank you for your support. for those of you who are sittin here tonight who don't think i'm funny, i will be happy to fight you in the par parking lot aftee show. my friend peter has geniusly offered to fight anyone who shows up to the death. death. >> the m t.v. movie awards are
7:43 am
seen as the kickoff to the next summer movie season. >> funny moments during last night. beaking of movies a baseball buy op ic. biography hit a home run at the theaters. "42" was good enough for first place. scary movie was good enough for second place. comedian kevin hart could ud face legal trouble. the california highway patrolpal pulled the think like a man star or allegedly driving under the e influence. the report says that hart was driving 90 miles per hour when he wahe was stopped. he admitted he was drunk and hee said he would be smarter. smarte
7:44 am
it will probably be a part of his next comedy routine. rout justin bieber facing a media backlash. according to the museum facebook page, he left a message truly inspiring to be able to come here. ann was a great girl hopefullyhy she would have been a believer. critics on the ann frank page, called bieber too full of himself, and said he missed theh lessons of ann's story.story. >> writing about her collectione of film star photos, bieber's br fans sent messages of support t the singer, but some admitted they didn't know who ann frank was. >> oh. >> and that. th. >> sad all the way around. >> wow. >> we got another problem.
7:45 am
bigger problems than just believers. >> could there be five of any movie? >> what is the 5th one. >> scary movie five. five >> that's a little over the top. >> this summer you're going tog see fast and furious six. si >> we have gotten to six. six. >> yes. >> after scary movie five are you getting scared anymore? >> it's funny, that is more to the point.point. are they funny anymore. >> all right, let's check the c weather and the rainshowers ins across the region. clouds and temperatures in the mid-to upper 60s for daytime highs. not going to every minute but we will have scattered showers owes particularly the first half ofhf the most of the area dry at the holt with the exception of the south and west of thtie city down towd culpepper, perhaps, front royal getting some showers, ower winchester, you look dry at thee moment, although you may have ha more showers before long. showers north and east of of baltimore working toward toward aberdeen and bel air. air. we got showers pop up at anyy
7:46 am
point early as we got the system moving on through. let me show you futurecast, futc there you go, you can seee showers scattered at 11:00 a.m.0 we still have showers particularly on the first day. a temperatures as i mentioned wilt top out in theio mid-up to he we 50s. a lot more clouds cover that i i had here this weefnlgtd still aa loweek, although thebulk of ther activity should be out of here e by early afternoon. there's the 7 forecast, accuweather 7, 68, 70s for the h remainder of the week, althoughh there will be showers on and off, wednesday, thursday, andes, about chance on friday way cold front.ont. >> okay. >> still like 78, you're getting closer and closer to 80. >> temperatures are great. >> it's a good-looking week. thank you, sir. sir. let's go to julie with an an update on traffic.n >> reporter: april showersshows bring may flowers. yeah, so we should bring some in here, flowers. fl >> you have flowers on you.
7:47 am
>> sarah? [ laughter ] >> it's difficult when you wake-up and get dressed at 230 0 income in th2:30 in the morning anything matches.s. southbound 270, coming in from m germantown headed toward the th lane divide. low speed 117 heading toward the split. slow traffic, continuing from fm college park around bethesda,da, heading toward connecticut avenue, definitely below speed here, and slow traffic on 29, heading toward the four cornersr below speed, traveling 495, 5, leaving college park, delays las 198, headed toward powder mill road. there's also accident activityty reported along tiny branch between glen allen: let's go go see on the camera, dumpe bumperr pumper slow. slow. pennsylvania avenue starting too
7:48 am
slow, no accidents at 295, the5e pace is slowing from the beltway, continuing toward the naval research lab and approaching the 11th streett bridge. this is the camera shot on north randolph road. we are not seeing anything on the screen. that is where authorities areore telling us they are check foreck the crash. inbound canal road, inbound from arizona avenue, no problems to l report off of fox hill road.roa. traffic backed up at the traffic light.ligh gw parkway slowing between 123 e and south run. run. that's the check of fox 5 onfoxn time traffic. thank you, julie. it's 7:48 on this monday morning.mornin coming up next the sudden sn death playoff and a sweep at at nats park. good morning, jay. jay. it's decision day for otto otto porter and the hoyas, will he stay or will he go. >> the nats will try to forget g about the sweep at the hands the brave! and history at augusta
7:49 am
nationals, a day with adam making history. tim -- you're mulch-flipping again, aren't you?
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in today's breakfast, the drought ends for the o aussies. >> a local star headed to the nba. robert ross is here with the details and the sports breakfast. >> i was watching the masters. it was good to see. se you didn't know which one it was going to be jason, and the guygy from australia who lives ins virginia beach.virginia but in the it was adam scott anc what a great story it was. you want to foun find out how tr did. he had a two shot penalty on pe friday that carried over into saturday morning kind of a bizarre weekend surrounding
7:53 am
tiger which could have gottengo within two at the time. time he finished in the 4th4th place, but it came down to adamm scott the aussie here on 18. 18 at this point he was tied with gain thefinal. gabriel cabrera is not going too birdie him. him. el pato, he walks within a wi couple of feet. the duck. d in the second playoff,pl cabrera had just missed a birdie putt, so he had this for the gwynn. and the australia celebrated. the urs can is over. curse is over. er. adam scott has won. we are going to head from adam real quickly about his
7:54 am
first green jacket. >> golf is a big sport at time. it may not be the biggest sportp but it's a sport followed with a long list of great players and d this was one thing in golf that we hadn't been able to achieve. so it's amazing that it's my destiny to be first aussie tosso win, just incredible. >> i would just love to that that jacket to walk around withh it. >> you should get it, but thattt wasn't. >> tony tries every day. [ laughter ] >> it sounds like one. one. >> mate day. >> jackie robinson there will be no bat das -- [ laughter ] >> it should be great to seeld everybody in 42.y in 42. the movie is a big hit at the at box office, baseball players are paying their homage to a man had that should. sho the nats had a great gre weekend. we didn't see this happening.ths we knew th e braves were going o
7:55 am
be good. be they are now 11-1, they rippedpd up gio gonsalez and our boys bos yesterday winning to the tune of 5-0 and they were champs going on at nats park. >> what was that about? >> they travel well, their fan base. >> otto porter from georgetownon we're finding out today whether or not he is going pro. we believe he will. there's a press conference, and also adam of maryland is going pro.o. finding out some of our star players that may not be around. that is what happens when younsn have a good year, the nda comess there's -- nba comes calling. c. >> tell me about the tiger story. tucker is my source ofe of information. he told me it started when a viewer watching on t.v. t.v. complained. >> it happens all the time.the i you can call in and what happened is he took an illegal
7:56 am
drop. >> i understand that.and >> which wasn't noted during the actual force of play, and they went back and looked at it. it. when tucker called in, he was correct. >> good for the viewer.. >> tucker doesn't happen in anyn other sport. >> it was a holding call. [ laughter ] >> he should be able to pick upp the phone. >> we're giving you the direct i hot line to the nfl, not going t to do it. >> thank you very much. >> the tha viewers are influenc. >> the facebook fan of the day.a today we say hello to lauren gay. lauren says she started watchinc the news because of the fox 5 f morning team.rning thank you very much. mu we like that.we lik love thate picture, too. >> for a chance to be tomorrow's facebook fan of the day, like the facebook page and post at a comment below lauren's picture. still ahead in our next next hour, using a murdered teenager's image for target practice. the controversy at port canaveral that cost at least one
7:57 am
police officer his job. job. financial protection from the sequester. se we will sit down with a money expert for ways to survive the furloughs without dipping into your 401(k). it's 7:57.:57. fox 5 news continues next. off in the morning, december 14, and he gave me a hug and a kiss you, dad" and then he too." grace, was 7 years old school. she would skip down the sister loved teaching. sandy hook. every student soto next year." children, and she always wanted 911 call that there was elementary school. victims who lost their lives. to teach little kids, died doing it. wonderful. saw jesse alive. prevent every other family we are going through.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> new fears over a missing fair fax county boy.x co the f.b.i. gets involved asol there are new clues about where the boy may have been taken. we've got a live report straight ahead. >> tax deadline. have you filed yet? if not don't rush and make mistakes especially if you livee the district. why people in our region are most likely to be audited. a >> stretch by the sequestered.ed with many federal workers facing furloughs house budgets can be trimmed. a certified financial planner will join us to explain why you shouldn't be dipping into your savings. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm wisdom martin in for
8:01 am
allison seymour. before we get to the tax stuff. we know it's april 15. we don't need to remind peopleid about that anymore. tucker >> good morning. a little rain to start your day. it's not going to rain all day but you might want to bring an umbrella. there's a look at your radar.adr most of area dry at the moment. showers south and west of town. it's going to budge north and east. front royal, culpepper, work out 66 towards marshall light rain shower activity. a on and owe off. the trend will be to dry thingsi out.t. i'm not sure we'll see sun but the rain will be out of here and mostly cloudy the remainder of day. cool but not cold. 52 at bwi, 56 dulles. forecast high mid to upper
8:02 am
swissments afternoon cloudiness. we'll warm it up and have more details on the rest of the workweek in a moment.ek i >> thank you. >> now we want to check in with julie wright for a look at your ontime traffic. >> all right. guys. on the roads this morning. quite busy. in fact metro rails reporting that the green yellow line is single tracking by fort cottonon and west hyattsville. we do have problems to report. slowdowns on 395. over seminary road and crossing to the 14th street bridge now down to 20 miles per hour passing duke street. accident reported tying up the right lane. l westbound 7 at gallows road. nowdown 14th street authorities are checking for a crash. slow traffic coming inbound leaving riverdale heading to the northeast. again this is due to a water
8:03 am
main break. we continue now with the camera. we'll show what you is happening on the beltway traveling to and from green belt.en the inner loop below speed. outer loop in better shape. outer loop doesn't slow until you reach 95. then you are below speed heading through silver spring. heavy follow delays inbound along fox hall road getting g through the traffic lights headed past georgetown.rget no problems to report on canal road. gw traffic coming from 123 to the key bridge.ridg no accidents to report at the wilson bridge leaving ox yen hill. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. tra >> julie, thank you very much. m our top story this morning f.b.i. agents have joined in the search for a missing fair fax county boy. >> the five-year-old's father said heive- last saw his son on april 1.l melanie is live at fair fax county police department with wi more on why his father is so
8:04 am
concerned. good morning, melanie. >> good morning, wisdom. 15 days ago rebecca serafin picked up her son for the week with him. he was supposed to return on april 7 but he was never placed in school the week that his mother was supposed to have him. police believe she has taken her son across lines and that is whw the f.b.i. is involved. fair fax county police getting a lot of help in their search for five-year-old cameron serafin. his picture is on the web site. he may be going by the nick name cam and using his mother's name love. family members say she packed ae bunch of bags before picking up her son that morning. her car was found last week in the parking lot of the lion village shopping center on lee highway.ghwa her exhusband may be trying tryo travel to the west coast and he
8:05 am
is grateful for the media attention. >> tom: get everybody involved from the f.b.i..b.i detectives have done a great job. the social media, the media. i wabtd everybody to keep spreading the word.word the more people it reaches could lead to the one lead to bring cameron home >> we understandro from fair fax county police she's believed to have traveled from bwi airport from birmingham, alabama. she was spotted at the airportrt there on friday. fri the national center for missing and exploited children believesl she has changed her appearance as well as that of her son. police say it's really important for everyone to keep up this case on social media because even though she's cross the t country we know social media iss global and that one tip do leadl to bringing cameron back home. >> thank you very much. muc in other news this morning, d.c. police are investigating two sexual assault cases from the
8:06 am
weekend. both happened in northeast. the first early saturday morning in the area of 21st street and 8th streets. the victim said she was attacked by three men. the second attack happened hap sunday morning in the 1900 bloc1 of lincoln road. the victim in that case says a a man knocked on her door asking to use the phone. once he was inside he attacked her. >> police are looking for the suspects who vandalized a chapel on the campus of georgetown, university. the organ and crucifix were damaged saturday night alongight with furniture and chairs. this is the second time vandals have hit the campus this semester. investigators are not saying whether the two cases are related. >> the senate is expected to open up debate this week on a a bill that wol expand federal background checks for gun buyers. only three remembers republicann board but john mccain said he
8:07 am
is favorly disposed to the measure. it will need more support because some democrats in states with current gun laws are expected to vote against the changes. the vote is wednesday. >> virginia tech gets ready to mark the day that 32 people were shot and killed. tomorrow six years after the shooting a cand ll be lit at the april 16 blg memorial on campus. >> immigration reform bill is set to be introduced on capitol hill this week. critics call it amnesty but florida republican senator rubio defended the measure on the sunday morning talk shows on the weekend. he said undocumented workers u will have to pass a background check in order to receive a permit. >> here is what people need understand. under the existing law today. if you are illegally in theeg united states you are notal prohibited from getting a greenn card and ultimately getting citizenship up.tize the only thing is you have to go
8:08 am
back to your country, wait ten years and apply for it. for >> the permit would allow undocumented workers to work, travel and pay taxes and after ten years they could apply for legal status.lega >> it's monday april 15. the deadline to get your taxes in the mail. you have until midnight tonight. even once you have that taken care of there's a tiny chance you'll get audited. it was 1% for the 143 million returns filed in 2011. the general consensus is the more money you make the more likely to get audited. you may have to do where you the washington, d.c. area made the top five areas mostly lick to have people cheat. >> the u.s. and allies are keeping a close eye on north korea today.oday today is the birthday of country's founder. the north korean government
8:09 am
tuppicly uses those holidays to show off military power. secretary of state john kerry just left japan after holding meetings. the. >> no rejected the south's offer to open up new nuclear talks t between the two countries. secretary kerry is demanding korea step back from the rhetoric. ust honor commitments its made and observe laws and the norms of international behavior. >> sengses have been high since they set of aid nuclear device in february. >> officials in venezuela say the man hugo chavez has won then presidential election. nick lar maduro won the race. the opposition candidate will not accept the result and is
8:10 am
demanding a recount. chavez, who ruled venezuela for 19 years, died in march. it's ordered the inspection off all registered boeing 747s. they must be examined to see whether they have a faulty partf in the tail. airlines must replace the tail i plane fixing pins to make suree the protective coating is properly applied.op >> stiller ahead. facing furloughs well. many people in our region readjusting the budgets to make endsbu meet. borrowing from your retirement could be tempting but could lead to more trouble. t a certified financial planner will join us live toll explainn why -- live to explain why. >> picky eaters.s. a dietitian shows your secrets to keeping them healthy without them knowing it. the humble back seat.
8:11 am
we believe it can be the most valuable real estate on earth. ♪ that's why we designed our newest subaru from the back seat forward. introducing the all-new, completely restyled subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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a subaru. like febreze air effects smell nice... but aren't approved to kill the germs that cause the odors. lysol disinfectant spray does more. it kills germs at the source. and you can use it to freshen the air too. more than a pretty smelling home...
8:13 am's a healthy one. >> welcome back.el the national cherry blossomco festival has come to an end.
8:14 am
visitors took in the blooms. there was also the annual parade along constitution after new on saturday. >> down there yesterday and you know, i have to say, nationalioa park service they do a great job. i think they need to be a little more stringent when it comes too people climbing in the trees. there was that going on? goi >> a lot of people.eopl kids, a couple cases way up in u the trees. >> that could get dangerous. i didn't realize it was an issue. >> not good. >> 8:14 now. tucker barnes is here with a look at the weather and more.d >> did you say anything to any of the kids let's do it. time now for my first five photo of day. this is it's a big day. this is messaih, everybody.
8:15 am
>> quite a name. he is a cutie. >> five months old. this picture was taken while he was recently enjoying his first spring day outside. >> wonderful. >> very nice. very nice. >> yeah, beautiful. >> you know last week, what i did last week and because i'm filling in should i do it again. >> take over wisdom.m. you missed this. >> hey, everybody this is messiah [speaking baby talk] t [laughter] one more time, wisdom. this is messiah. [ laughter ] go to and click on mornings. i might start crying if you did that to me. [laughter] let's do some temperatures at reagan national we're 57 degrees. 57 reagan national. it's cool to the north.
8:16 am
43 in boston, 42 in detroit. detroit yesterday had snow. looking at the radar.adar >> out towards front royal and culpepper down towards fredericksburg. clouds this afternoon with the possible that we'll get sunny breaks particularly by lid to t late afternoon. a storm system pushing through. it's the same storm system impacting georgia yesterday with the rain showers during the gulf. that pushes off to the north and clouds left in the forecast with temperatures on the cool side. mid to upper 60s for day time highs. we warm it up 74. upper 70s wednesday, thursdayay, and friday not looking bad. could be a few showers each day. best chance of rain this week ii friday afternoon with a strong cold front. that's weather.that we'll he see traffic.
8:17 am
>> on this road, julie. >> all that squeakiness. i thought it was the men's showm what is going onen over there. t >> that's parenting. yes. >> okay. [ laughter ] all right you guys. metros yellow green line having problems. earlier disabled train has cleared. you can expect delays each way. we do have delays on 395 beltway headed out towards shirl lington. average speed passing landmarkk down to 20 miles per hour. h the crash on 123 after the beltway. westbound seven at gallows road. 14ening street and up here is for the accident. water main break continues to close west virginia avenue until further notice. now the fox 5 wazerses are checking in this morning.
8:18 am
independence avenue moved out oo roadway to the right. heavy volume working inbound. delays in southeast coming across the douglas bridge. no accidents and volume delays.l the parkway headed inbound. very heavy volume. that is st. barnabas road. waze is a free app on your mobile phone. please join and when you do join our group fox 5 wazerses. >> federal workers facing unpaid furloughs or anybody in a tough financial situation might be tempted to tap the retirement savings account to tied themm over but our next guess hass three words of advice, don't do it. this is larry roseel that. thank you for coming in andn talking with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> sure, wisdom. >> if you are in a tough
8:19 am
financial situation, furlough order any situation where you are having money problems why is it not a good idea to tap into the other money you are savingav and take it out? >> today with pensions she shrinking and people living l longer in retirement years, the 401 (k) or thrift saves plan isi one of sources of retirement down the road. it used to be a long time peopll weren't living that long. today we're living 25-30 years in retirement. re the key here is that you don't want to pull dollars out now if you can afford not to because of opportunity costs of that money not being there to grow inside the plans for yourself. >> also if you get $50, when could this mean to you?to >> when one borrows fln a retirement plan there's no penalty. the issue becomes if you separate from service.
8:20 am
if you decide, you know what i'm furloughed. my hours are cut. my income is cut. i'm going to get a job att another place and you separate service. then that loan can become an immediate taxable event for yourself. you have to taye paves -- pay taxes on the unpaid loan as well as a penalty on top of it all. >> what soon alternative? what would you suggest if you are not going into that account and you need the money, there is there an alternative way to do this? >> absolutely you need proper financial planning in place sopl you build up an adequate amount of cash reserves. you need 3-6 months of living expenses. >> like a rainy day fund. >> everybody has there been there are alternatives such as looking at home equity as a cash value life insurance whichr is a good opportunity for foam tap into that people overlook, borrow from the life insurance
8:21 am
policy. there's things called hypoloanss where you can take a loan against a nonretirement investment account. look at personal loans, family, friends. depending on what the source of funds are needed for you can go to that service provider saying look, money is tight now and a maybe i can make payments for you. you prefer not to tap into our future savings. >> some people may actually go into the 401 (k) and savings and say i'll pay myself back.ack. if your opinion from what you've seen does it happen?ap do they pay themselves back?el >> they dove pay themselves back because it's mandated. when you put it back in you have to pay yourself plus a little bit of interest. the risk there is if you y separate service, could you have a taxable event in as markets rise and continuing to grow you
8:22 am
lose that opportunity cost andnd the dollars are not there for future investment. >> if you are in a situation where it hasn't happened yesterday. what is the game plan today? t if you are going to start todayt getting ready for this what is i should you do? do? >> sit down with your financial advisor and take a look at an easy budget. a lot of people do budgets. bud i have seen people bring in spread sheets they don'ton' understand the value of a budget. it's basically three lines, take a look at what your expenses arp and ask yourself very tough request is it a need or a mandatory expense? ex >> i could get a lot of people in thrubl. need versus expense. >> it could. everybody needs to understand. that take out mortgage, fuel, clothing, hair cuts. those are needs but you look at the lifestyle decisions. d we all have them. sometimes you can cut back on a few of them. the save money and things like thatt the important thing is to take a
8:23 am
look at your budget in a solid way. be able to fix dollars away for a rainy day situation. >> thank you very much forh coming in and speaking with us. very good advise. >> have a great day. d >> you do the same.ame >> it's now 8:23. 8:2 coming up speed traps, what you need know about one maryland's city decoy operation and, dave? >> tony an awsis puts on the green jacket. we'll have a masters recap and d much more coming up in this morning's sports breakfast. stick around.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> welcome today u.s. secretary of statere john kerry will meet with theta parents after i young u.s.. diplomat killed in afghanistan. anne smedinghoff was just 25 when she was killed earlier this morning.rnin kerry has spoking to her parenta over the phone and he will spot to meet them in chicago as he makes his way back from japan. >> flags at half staff make their way back today in honor a army pilot killed in a helicopter crash in afghanistann the captain graduated from
8:27 am
liberty high school in 2003 and west point in 2007. she was 27 years old. >> shire heads up for drivers. police in laurel, maryland are using new decoy speed cameras. m we use them to get foam slow down. they look just like the six real cameras in place in the region.. the fake cameras set up in a school zone on montgomery streem and outsideon a busy senior livn apartment complex. once police see a change in driving habits they plan to move them some place else. >> wild winter weather coming up. it's april but far from springp in parts of midwest. >> a florida cop is in hot watea for using a shooting targ theat resembled trayvon martin. it's 8:27. we'll be right back. 
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> welcome back. it's 8:30. making headlines this morning a police officer aest t port canal
8:31 am
in florida has been fired after offering a fellow officer a picture of trayvon martin for target practice. >> the c.e.o. has issued his family who call it unreceivabler >> king offered a fellow officer a target depicting trayvon martin wearing ayv hoody, carryg skittles and snapple. >> i think it's an embarrassment for the department and it's an embarrassment for the portor authority and our community.nity >> john walsh said it happenedd on april 4. the port canaveral police chief reported it to him thursday. >> he told me about one of our officers, the prior thursday was out at the bct cocoa firing gun range doing target practice. he offered one of the other officers a target that was the profile of tray von martin. mar
8:32 am
the officer rejected that and ad told him to -- that he should put those back in the car andnd shouldn't possess something like that. >> immediately after it was was reported walsh said the chief ci started an internal affairs investigation. he said two other officers and another port authority employee witnessed him offer up the trayvon martin target. >> this individual must either be very stupider -- stupid or o have a lot of hatred. either one is not acceptable. >> word of the incident made itm back to his martin's parents. they released this statement "it's rep hence dwhraibl a high ranking member of the cape canaveral police would use the image of a dead child as target practice. such a deliberate and depraved indifference to this grieving g family sun acceptable. the citizens of port canaveral
8:33 am
deserve better." the port c.e.o. agrees and has a message to the parents. >> our sincere apologies. reliving this incident for his family, sincerely we're sorry you needed to hear this and live it again. >> that was holly bristow reporting. in a video posted on youtube hee called the target a no shoot training aid and said it can be used to train officers when not to shoot at someone who is not a threat. he said using real life situation as a training scenario is not uncommon. unc >> new developments in the texas murder mystery.yste it appears they are focusing on a former justice of the peace prosecuted last year for theft. both characterize his character during his trial. williams was arrested over the o weekend on a charge of making a terrorist police are not naming him as a
8:34 am
suspect in the killing. >> mother nature is making the midwest encure an extra long winter. inches of snow fell parts of north dakota to mitch began over the weekend. on -- michigan over the weekend. on lake superior anchored ships were blocked by a huge bimed upu of ice and in minneapolis theols twins were forced to call off af game because of winter weather. they moved to an outdoor stadium a year ago. >> wow. >> what did they call the old stadium? >> metrodome. >> dave ross is off to my rightt get that right away. >> yeah, north and west. around here we've had some and continue to see light rain showers falling. not raining all day here. we'll see on again off againff a showers in a fow hours and cloudy and cool. where we should be upper 60s. it will feel cooler with cloud cover out there. the
8:35 am
we'll do radar. shower activity mostly to the south and west of town. t and you can see this is getting close. these rain showers are not terribly persistent.sten some are continuing to puch to p the north and east.t. we've seen a few bands moving through. a storm system to the south to and west drag the moisture through the region here. temperatures at reagan national it's cool. currently in the 50s. 57. 54 in temperatures will be close to co where they were yesterday. as mention the it will feel cooler with the cloud cover.
8:36 am
is falling from the sky thann reaching the ground. we're fairly dryhing here at the surface. it will evaporate. maybe sprinkles at 11:00. maybe a few showers to the westw this afternoon. by 3:00 or 4 there could be a lonesome sprirchg oral shower. we're not going to see sun today. tonight generally cloudy skies a few showers today. warmer temperatures with cloud cover tomorrow. might be peaks of sunshine tomorrow. 74 near 80 wednesday. wednesday, thursday could be showers. not going to rain all day. friday a better chance of rain late. maybe thunderstorms, too.erst a pretty strong cold fronton pushing down to the low 60s in a weekend. that's it. all in. >> for now at least. there's a top golfer this morning. we're looking back at the dramaa filled masters weekend. >> plus a devastating injury for
8:37 am
a nba star. >> we're going to talk about kobe in a second. when you hit our age, our advancing ages? a. that's right. >> it's tough to recover. >> what is wrong with 27? >> if kobe was only 27 there t would not be a problem. >> i'm 37 so i can't talk. [laughter] >> i don't know what you guys arenow talking about adam scott wearing the green jacket today. an australian had never won the master brsms tiger woods had aig chance to make noiseer here on 6 but the birdie goes sliding by b and he could cut it to two at that point it came down to cabrera and adam scott. he takes a one shot lead and he celebrates because he thinks he has won the masters and the curse is over but the argentinian hears that. he is still in the fairway and
8:38 am
he knows exactly what he has to do. get this close. the duck in the rain walks towards it because he loves it. why wouldn't he. taps this in. we good to a playoff. in the second hole cabrera just missed his birdie so scott for the win a win for the ages it's called a life changer. it is. aware of green jacket. show of sportsman ship. already his own green jacket. jc adam scott caddied by steve williams it's one of those guys that was thought of the next great player that has not won a major. that burden is gone. congratulations adam scott.adam nations yesterday it was a a rough weekend all in wawnd. >> wahwah. >> the coace did not pitch like one yesterday. ye gave up seven earned runs in
8:39 am
five innings of work. ouch when they lose they lieu ugly. >> this was a bad one. we know it's we know they'll be good. they are 7-5. the braves are 11-1. you have to look at that. >> here it iser, copy bryant. >> nobody touches it. when akillees goes it goes. 34 years old. o here it is again. a tough to see. he's out with the torn achilles. he says that he's going to be back and hopes to be back for the part of regular season. sound familiar? it is talk. >> but probably worse than a knee. >> i think it is.
8:40 am
the achilles they don't seem to come back with the same explosiveness. you hate to see a great player p like kobe bryant and a future ft hall of famer go out like that if he has to good out. i hope for best for kobe. >> sure we have only six days left until the regular season. they have a four point lead. it's amazing. they've gone from being on thebn outside of players so being a potential nothing but props for them. >> boys let's go. let's finish strong now. let's get this done and get the three seed.e se cannot wait.t. >> thank you, dave.ou, prech it. we'll see you later. >> time now is 8:40 on this thi monday morning. still ahead bizarre comments from justin bieber. what heom said about anne frankf and what her museum is saying. >> a new baby for the bush
8:41 am
family. what jenny bush named her new bundle of joy. we'll be back. it's 8:41.
8:42 am
8:43 am
>> a recent comment by justin bieber has some people pretty
8:44 am
upset. he was visiting the anne frank house museum in amsterdam over the weekend. he wrote in the guest book "truly inspiring to be able to t come anne was a great girl. hopefully she would have been a belieber. the museum spokeswoman said they aren't offended and think he meant it well.t he isit only 19 years old and living a world where girls are a fans of him. he has not commented on the issue. >> some tense moments moments fh jackman, a woman proceeded to chase him a new york city gym with an electric razor.or. could be find better viewo of him? police arrested the 47-year-old woman and chargedder when stalk. his publicist he was more
8:45 am
alarmed than scared because he thought she was grabbing for a weapon. he has seen her before outsidede of his home and his daughter's school. jackman generally looks better than that that is him in les mis. >> yes. >> the cast reunites for the mtv music awards it was hosted by rebel wilson. other winners were bradley cooper who won best kiss honors for his smooch with jennifer lawrence in silver linings playbook and will ferrell accepted the comedic genius award. >> former president george w. bush isresi a grandfather.ndfa his daughter jenna and her husband henry welcomed a baby bb girl saturday in girl in new york city. margaret lauer yafs named for fr her grandmothers. g the birth came two weeks early. it may have been a good thing. on may 1 george w. bush is setis
8:46 am
to open his presidential librari in dallas. congratulations to them. >> all right.>> coming up tricking your toddler. a dietitian has tips on getting your kids to fill up with fruitu and veggies. can't wait to hear this. >> all right. 8:46 now. we'll be right back.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ >> we want to say hello.. >> hello! >> to our facebook fan of the day lauren gay.ay. lauren says she started watchinw the news because of the fox 5 morning team. we love to hear that, lauren. we hope you have a wonderful day today. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of day like our facebook page and post a comment below her picture. >> you know a lot of kids have a strong aversion for eating the foods best for them. there's ways to try to tempt them into trying fruits and vegetables teecial their indict. >> we got tips on making themhem more amenable to healthy meals. >> if your health is like many across the united states, might
8:50 am
be a fight around dinnertime with the kids, what to eat and what good foods to eat. how about setting them up with the education on the good foodod nice and early. marie is say registered dietitian and sports expert. it's not a big tbhalt my home ho but i wonder are they getting what they need from the food groups? >> so many parents ask that. some tell me they'll kids will only eat fried food, won't touch the vegetables on the plate. if you have a picky eater at home and someone who who doesn'd get what they neesmed i have three sim tips.e >> great. g everything looks so good, may i say. i'm reminded about eating delicious whole foods.s wh >> take them grocery shopping. when we were little we would go to the store. we became familiar with the food in the section. sec
8:51 am
if you have a kid fearful of new foods take a familiar food in a different form. kids tend to like pasta by whole grain pasta, alphabet or vegetable pasta.ble >> you said something interesting. when they pick their food for their lunch. make sure they are picking food for their lunch? l >> when they get a choice they tend to engage a little bit more. teach easy nutrition fakes in relatable terms. for instance, if you have a four-year-old that loves to color but hates peas. teach them types of fruits and vegetables. let them know that all forms off produce matter. shop the entire store. look throughout the store. s
8:52 am
different forms taste different and help ensure that your kid k makes half their plate fruits fu and vegetables for the dietary guidelines for americans. even canned vegetables like these. kids can open up them up easily they feel like a chef. they are picked at peak time of ripeness and come in tons of varieties. grown right here in america. made with sloppy's joes actually. >> what is in that? because the looks like more than a nutritious meal. >> it's lean ground beesm there's others in there. bell pepper and stewed tomatoes with green windchill les and mixed vegetables. put it on a bun, whole grain, of course. >> check that out on for the tip. let them play with their food? >> let them play. have fun with food. i love to do different things th like w- kids like cute cheddar e
8:53 am
mice on whole grain cakers. take a slice of light cheddar cheese, put a strawberry on topp and add the tail and ears and a mini chips for the eyes and eye nose. >> it's really cute. >> easy to make after school. the scheez say great source of calcium. and virtually lactose free for kids who can't have the lactosea >> it's really cute. >> turning over to vegetables.l. >> you are faking them with a salad. >> yes, yes. >> meat loaf. i hated it as a child. in the form of a football sports mans may like it more.o >> mashed potatoes with red bell peppers and different thanan french fridays. >> think it's cute. >> let them do different thingrt as help with food preparation.
8:54 am
>> let me ask you one question. >> kids like when you said the peas my oldest hated peas. as a baby even she would spit them out. o some foods, okay.kay as long as you are getting other foods. >> it's okay. let>> i them try split pea soupa >> okay. >> if they don't like that have them pick out a different typent of vegetable in the store theyhy want to try. >> great tips on thank you so much for being with us today. >> thank you. >> okay. o >> give it a try. >> all right.>> >> from the big screen to majorj league baseball fields across a the country. today we honor jackie robinson. >> ahead in the next hour we'll speak with the president of the jackie robinson foundation about how his time in the big leagues helped change our country and legacy lives on.
8:55 am
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>> i'm sarah simmons in for allison this morning ahead at 9:00. >> will north korea launch a missile in if it happens there's a likelihood it could happen i'm doug luzaer in washington. we'll have more just ahead. >> new information in theore whereabouts of a missing fair fax county five-year-old. i'm melanie live with why police are checking airportss nationwide. >> plus slowing you down with decoys. how a city in our region is r getting drivers to hit the brakes with fakes. >> hmmmm and celebrating jackiee robinson day. how the baseball star changedh the country and its favorite pasttime. the president of jackie robinson foundation will join us live to discuss his leg cinch movie mov
8:59 am
opened this weekend. it was number one. did very well.ry w >> we'll talk about all that. first we want to check in with tucker barnes and find out what we've got in store today. hey, tucker.he >> thank you very much. a couple light showers out there had showers develop overnight and persistent here for the next few hours. h the cloud cover is going tolloll hold tight. we should lose the shower activity. there's a live look at the radar and for the most part they are e south and west of town. you get down towards manassas and dale city here. on. andl keep the clouds around with it somewhat cool temperatures with highs in the mid to upper 60s. current temperature 58. 57 this morning in dulles. bwi marshall. m 52


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