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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 7, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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should say.say. tucker barnes will tell youll about that. that. it's friday, june 7th. june 7th i'm tony perkins. rkins >> i'm allison seymour and thatt is dj gemini spending the morning with us, and we're so happy that he is. >> it helps on a friday, crazy news. >> on a rainy, rainy friday,frid folks dealing with tropicaltrop storm andrea. >> thank you.>> thank >> well, speaking of that,that, tropical storm andrea is on the move, the center of the storm is making its way over ther the carolinas after pounding florida with rain, heavy wind and and tornado. the storm is losing power so the parts of the east coast affectee will see mostly rain, butut forecasters say the prolonged precipitation could mean flash-flooding and storm surges over the next few days, andrea r is expected to move as far nortn as england before moving out too sea. let get the latest of whatot we can expect out of all of this, hi, tucker. it's the good news is it's a quick mover, moving at 20 milesm
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per hour to the north and northeast. it will be raisin racing througr region, the bad news it's going to drop heavy rain during a a short tedder o period of time. the rain is moving in, the heaviest rain is pushing frompuh the carolinas into southern virginia at the moment and it will be with us shortly. sh let's flip to the next happen, and show you the larger picture there you go, can you see all the moisture to the southeastsot virginia and down into thethe carolinas it will be moving through.h. tropical conditions, wait until you step outside, it feels likee south florida at the moment with dew point temperatures in thepei upper 50s and low 70s, andand temperatures are in the 70s, 70, gene the threat oin the least o. there's the flash-flood watch, the red that's a tornado watchtw in addition to the east and north carolina and southeast virginia. we're concerned with theth the flash-flood watch that is inh t
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effect until 10:00 tonight, and already overnight we have hadve some issues with ponding on some the roadways that kind of thing. that is how we will continue cot this later today, it will bebe likely this afternoon as heavy h rain moves in associated with andrea. there's a look at your friday forecast. 75 the daytime forecast, thunderstorm is a possibility as well. i will have all the details in andrea and of course on thef cor weekend forecast ase couple of minutes out.inut back to you, tony. thanks, tucker.>> several hours of rain rain overnight has led to high standing water on locallocal roadways. earlier this morning v dot had d to close two lanes of the outeru loop of the beltway near eisenhower avenue to pump water off the road. ro there's reports of accidentsts e across the region.on. julie wrijuly wrightjulie wy with a look at on time traffic. >> reporter: we will take itr:l to the maps, car fire reported near 286, that puts it near the gate, it stays to the left inlet
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order to get through. throu and of course, downtown, thevito the ramp to the freeway, that tt was tying up the lane causing cs big tie-ups on 295 to the navall research lab, southbound from a least 50 and signal lightlight problems at silver hill we will take you live to thethe cameras as we pop up them for you, 395, checking for accidenti activity on the main line at thi duke streetn and sherryling ton, that explains this delay headede northbound from the delay. de there's a delay leaving 95leavi5 headed toward georgia avenue,e, northbound 95, in newington, no accidents, just volume delays. that's a check of fox 5 on timee traffic. new this morning, a suspectp is captured after an overnight armed carjacking in georgetown.e >> a woman had her mercedes suvv taken at gunpoint in the parkink lot after 1:00 this morning. a vehicle was found crashed at t the clara barton's parkway, at d.c. line at montgomery county. it's unclear whether police were
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chasing the car before the crash. police look for two more more suspects. another big tory?g to the districtstory in thedistrico be charged. >> it's straining of federalral investigations into current andd former elected officials in thee district. we are following the new dements now sherry, good morning. >> reporter: michael brown isis expected to plead guilty to thee federal bribery charges, the e former d.c. councilmember whoilb left office in january after losing his re-election bid brokk the news in conference call with friends and supporters lastrtert night. he took the payments from undercover agents who wereents e posing as businessmen accordingi to a report inn the washingtonwn post. they were trying to get into a o city fireman m program that pros contract preferences, brown wass under scrutiny for for more than $100,000 missing from hishis
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campaign accounts as well well although no charges have been filed in that case. that ca the sources told the post durini that conference call, brown claims he didn't commit a crime but should have known better, be and he plans to plead guilty rather than risk a trialle. brown could be the third councilmember since last year convicted of criminal charges,c, thomas is servefing eight months in prison, after pleading guilty for stealing more than $300 million in city funds. and the kwame brown pled guilty to federal charges.char of and three people have pled guilty in connection with thatit and in fen february this year, councilmember jim bra graham was reprimanded for ethic violations after interfering in a lottery t contract and land deal. in 1997, he bled guilty to -- --
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mepledguilty to a misdhean or mi that's latest from the newsroom, allison and tony, back to thank you, sherry. a current dc councilmember could be in legal trouble but he is no stranger to it. it. marion barry may have accepted nearly $7,000 worth of illegal l gifts from companies that have e contracts with the city. >> barry has characterized thech gifts as loans in contra contran to what he wrote on the official disclosure forms.disc he said monte went in part to pay internal expenses. ex members cannot accept gifts worth more than $20 from thetha$ city contractors to turning tu phone records of hundreds of of millions of americans, and it'ss likely not just verizon. veri >> there's nothing new in the e
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national security collection. cl they have been going on for years. both republican and democrats oppose the collection. co the direct offer national intelligence james clapper ispei blasting the league of the top p secret program saying it dangers national security, but the classified court order seems to conflict with public statementst from by the intelligence community. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all on millions or or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> it does not? not? >> not wittingly. there are cases where they could inadvertently, perhaps, collectl but not wittingly. witting >> we don't hold data on u.s. citizens. morning, national intelligence director clapper is declassifying details of the surveillance program to calmcalm
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down the public uproar. the may jobs report comes out in more than an hour from most economists think it will wl show another month of gains butt likely not enough to bring the unemployment rate below 7.5%, that say 4 year low but still historically high.orically high president obama kicks offenk two days of meetings in in california with china's chin president. the summit is expected to focusf on high stake issues like cyber security and south korea nuclear threat. the remains of frank lautenberg will be laid to revment he will be buried at arlington national cemetery. yesterday his flag draped casket lay in repos at the senate forso fends and family members to pay their final respects. it may take several days for investigators pinpoint the causc of a fire that destroyed a landmark. >> the owners of frager's areare
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vowing to rebuild within a year. the hardware store was gutted od wednesday night. ni loyal customers are collecting l money for workers who are now forced out of work.t of two of them have already found d jobs elsewhere on capitol hill.. meanwhile in philadelphia, crews will begin inspectingg hundreds of demolition sites two days after a construction sitecs collapsed on to a neighbor neig 31st store.t six people died in that accident, 13 others were injured and attorney for one of the the victims says the demolition contractor violated many federal sievetsafety rules.rules. bridging the gap between athlete and advocate. advocate. an armed robbery on the patio of a local restaurant and it's all caught on tape. where dining out took aa dangerous turn. first, bryce harper knee kne needs a second look, so he will be going to the same doctor whoo worked on rgiii. rgii we're going to have an update on his condition and what it couldl
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mean for his return to the diamond. as we head to the break, we're getting a soaking start tn the weekend. we and we have traffic back-ups. we will check with tucker on th an update on the tropical storm andrea's path. 
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oh, yeah n ♪ ♪ >> this helps you get going goig definitely on a friday morning. >> gemini. >> it's easy to do it. >> dj gemini, we may have to change your name. name. >> is that okay.. we will talk to him in just a minute.minute. if can you hang out and and
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enjoy the party, might as well,, because there's no reason to ges on the roadways. >> won'won't it be great if youu could stay at home. >> nothing is going to redeem today. to rain here to stay. st it's he moving in lots of clouds, and just of course, tropical storm andrea upon us. the rain will be heavy at times today. we have been talking about the i potential for flooding and we aw have had issues early night andd early this morning. i would expect that we will have additional issues as the rain rn total gets close to four inchess today. if you get a chance, and you cac do it safely, make sure your gutters are cleared.gutters are when the rain starts coming down early this morning andd afternoon, can you have issues u at your house if you are notyouo ready for it.for it. here is your low, your storm, sr it's getting more ragged, but it's still holding together inte south carolina and all oft thatt moisture to the south is going g to push up into the area duringa
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the day today into the early evening hours. good news it's moving fast,ew 24 miles per hour,s it will be north and east of us, and that is 28, getting the update therer that means by early tomorrow we should get some sunshine and wee will get a chance to dry thingst out a little bit. bit. there's a tacker, notice a few things it will remain a trap col storm. i want to mention with us on the northwest side of the storm,st we're going to be in sort of the bull's eye for rain t. it looks like the heaviest raini rightes through the washingtonwh area as as to the passes andasss look at how quickly it races ras towarded the north it will be up in new finland by tomorrow afternoon. aft accuweather seven-day. se and rain and or thunderstorms, 80 tomorrow, we will have a lott of patrol cal moisture this -- s tier this weekend -- tropical moisture, that could fire up aa
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thunderstorm this weekend. >> let's go to julie wright whog has beenht keeping busy with whw is happening on theit roads. >> and the -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: you know what we should do?do? at 10:00 we should all do the de wobble. you got the wobble? bble? >> that would be fun. fu that would be fun. be >> reporter: see, tony, you game? >> sure. >> reporter: really?real >> you said 10:00, right. >> yeah. >> i'm game.. >> reporter: all right, yout, u guys, on the road this morning, we definitely had our hands ourn full, we started off with a loth of problems out here and unfortunately the problems continue, 295 at the 11thti street bridge the nuaccident tyi up the right lane, that is la slowing up your ride on kenneth worth from 50, and northbound 295, to inbound 11th streetstre bridge a lot of slow traffictraf pushing into southeast sout washington at thievment trouble with the signal lights along the silver hill road you need to to treat this enter axe ai interser way stop.
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395, follow the police direction in order to work your way arouna that crash.that let's pop up the cameras we will show you what else we have on the roads. we're still busy trying to clean up off activity on both sides of the vandorn street. seet. and on the opposite side we hadd a minor bender, both have cleared, outer loop of the outef beltway headed from vandorn vanr street, to the wilson bridge. southbound 270, lanes are open below speed leaving germantown m headed toward the split. that's a check of fox 5 on timee traffic. the spurs and the heat heat kickoff the nba fines las finest night. >> game one would go to the wire. wi >> parker with two sho to shooto >> tony parker hit the desperation jumper. the reps reviewed the shot to make sure it beat the shot.
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it was confirmed. conf the spurs beat the heat in miami, 92-98. game two not until sunday nightt in miami. in mi last night's rain washed oua any hope of the nats to climb up above 500, but that doesn't mean there wasn't action from the the clubhouse. >> after a long wait, the nats picked johansson. the 235-pound has a blazingblaz 100-mile per hour fast ball and the nats hope that he can be aba starter some day. meanwhile more bad news forr bryce harper. haer. manager davey johnson says that the outfielder will see a specialist next week because the swelling in his knee hasn't improved. harper is eligible to come off e of disabled list on tuesday. tu. but there's no word if that will happen. he will see the same doctor treating robert griffin thefin e third.third. we will have an update on his
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recovery coming up in the next hour. hour 7:19 on this frid morning.ii coming up next the search for a braise inarmed robrazen armed rd two men while they were eating outside of a restaurant. we will take a look at the surveillance video. vio. you want to know about the fox 5 weather app. you're going to need it, just jt search dc weather app at youryor app store. 
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dining out takes a dangerous turn. two customers were robbed at a a the at paio. paio now the search is on for the suspect. witnesses say the man in thethe video threatened the diners wit a gun and made off with the cash from their wallet. waet. it happened last month at pazolli's pizzeria. pizz the man walked up to the two customers, and he talked for them for a moment. for amomen and the suspect was so brazenen that he returned to the scene to throw back what he didn't want. >> okay. we are supposed to have some sound there.und we don't have it right now. the suspect rode off on a a bicycle that he parked nearby. if you recognize him pleasepleae contact the police. fox 5 monitoring metro, the transit agency unveiled several new fare prototypes.prototype
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members of the riders advisoryay group get to try out these new development at metro headquarters. according to the washington post the games were provided for the bidding contract.ract. they are scheduled to scan key fobz, 3 expected to begin a pilot program and expect to have it ready in a few years. year a weekend of delays, they ty are working on five rail lines s beginning tonight at 10:00 and 0 through sunday.sunday. it will be between chad shady s, and the trains will run every 18 minutes on the orange and blue e lines. that's going to mean more time e for you waiting on the platforms. national security or an abuse of power?power? >> we will take a look at the government's top secret selection of phone and internetr data to see if it's a necessary
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tool on the war on terror or iff it's an invasion of your privacy. tropical storm andrea, tucker will have more on the the heavy rain though that is on the way, and julie is on road tral. it's 7:25. we will be right back 
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man holing oats for good.s . i people do not talk about them. >> i saw that he has a whole whl studio in his home. >> who is he. he. >> darrell hall and people come in other artists and they jam ty together and he puts it up on on like a pod cast. >> i know that. know that >> if he didn't like this kind of music how prolific a musiciaa he is and how he is doing what he likes to do. >> dj gemini is here with us. i love haul and oats.ts. >> a while back i saw an ad in a the paper in concert john oats. >> i >> you wanted hall and oats. >> so it's oats. >> john -- darrell hall, and john oats.oa oats is the other one. >> wow, tony.tony.
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>> gosh. >> i'm kind of with tony. >> he wants to break out, it's been 60 years, he is allowed too have his own concert or whatever it was. >> it's like nilly without the nilly? >> okay. >> okay, it always -- >> screech.. >> we're getting the news. news >> what have you got for us with traffic?raffic i mean with weather? >> well, tony, i will do thedo e weather forecast.her fore obviously we got andrea moving through. it's enough to make us a littlee sture crazy. stir crazy. >> and we got the rain on the way. 70s this morning in leonardtown. to the west we go 63 in frederick. all of us are going to begoing dealing with the rain, the heaviest rain will be up to theo 95 corridor and to the south ant east today as the storm passes a
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to the south and east. we will be moving out to the south and flood watch showing wc you once again. ag if you're going to be traveling up and do you want corridor it'o going to be a rsoggy day. the red is a tornado watch to issued in the last hour, parts r of southeast virginia. here is the flood watch locally. most of the region under a flooo watch until 10:00 tonight.10:00o it does not include frederick county if you're out one of our viewers out to the west, in wesw virginia you're not under a flood watch as your sprinkles will be less than the rest of us. it's starting to crank up and ad starting to push into the area,e we got a i will bit of rain overnight and got a little bitt of a break and now here is thete rain back with a vengeance. it will be raining for of muchmh of your friday, probably until 9:00 or 10:00 tonight it will0 start to wind down. that is indicating good rain rates and the potential for for thunderstorms. we are in for a soggy friday. fr potential for flooding they high
7:31 am
today. rain expected to be 2-4 inches and maybe six at some spots. center of low pressure down into south carolina at this hour.thio here are your projected rain ran totals, 2-4 inches locally. it looks like the heaviest rain to the east of washington, prince george's county southernn maryland you're going to get thh worst of this. we could see locally up to six x inches, be ready for a wet friday. 75 today. going to feel tropical, too. winds and storms in the forecast, wind out of the southh at 5-10 gusting to 15. 15. 67 tonight, rain and storms will continue until probably 10:00 or 11:00 tonight and then we willgn start to quiet down and getandet clearing overnight.clearing a warm and muggy weekend, but wk much of saturday and sunday will be dry. it won't be lick today. -- like today. it could fire up a storm on sunday afternoon.afternoon. that's forecast, julie. she has got traffic and i'm sure
7:32 am
the rain is not helping things on the those roads, julie. >> reporter: i wish you were doing the traffic, i was going to get to th do the weather.. tony, goit a little son i got al you. ♪ >> yeah. >> oh, yes, yes. >> reporter: i like this. magic. >> i like it. >> reporter: i say sony will appreciate this, he -- tony will appreciate this. >> i like the new one. >> reporter: got to getget gemini on that later. >> reporter: the wet pavementpt is wrecking havoc, it's been aa tough ride on the outer loop off the beltway, where there's ther standing water. on the inner loop there's ther accident activity that shouldat all be cleared.e still find delays on 270 and d separate structures out of gaithersburg, head anded toward the split.heth you will find on the top side oi the belt wait lanes are open, but the pace slows 95 to georgig
7:33 am
avenue. let's continue on the maps and s show what you else is out here. it's been a slow go, a lot of of feces hit me on twitter, what it going on 295, and that is whatwt is tying up your ride. ri silver parkway, trouble with the signal light treat the intersection at as a four wayway stop. that is the lane, coming slowing from 50 down to 16 miles pers hour headed inbound toward thett 11th street bridge. northbound 295 from malcom x x boulevard headed for thethe 11th street bridge, and route 5 headed toward route 1 a 24-minute trip.24-minut that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. all right, julie, thank you very ghmuch. ch. as we told you the top ofe the hour, the nsa and whitean house railroad under fire for a top secret program that collects phone records from verizon and n top other internet the defenders of the secret surveillance which includes lawmakers from both sides of aisle claim it's a necessary tool on the wall on terror. te others call it nor government
7:34 am
overreach. which side is right? for a closer look at the issueie we are joined which the michelle mitchardson from the legislative council. the government national security agency collecting thecn records of millions ofions of americans, the phone records, internet messages and all ofall that kind of thing, the government, the white house says, we need to do this, we have been doing it for several l years.yea. it's no se secret inside of the security world and that kind of thing.thing. to thwart terrorism and other security dangers, what is the aclu's view of that. >> the aclu is very concerned. these prarms were sold as targeting terrorists and peoplee overseas who don't havedon' constitutional rights, but in the last 24 hours we learnedlead they're operating here in the te u.s. and collecting information on every day americans who are e
7:35 am
just talking to other americans. >> if there's -- here is what iw heard during the last day or so. they are collecting all of this data, but it's not that they're just eavesdropping you on or me, or whoever, just at random. they're looking for specificfori information and specific typessc of information and transmission. does that that narrow it enoughu to 'ease your concerns.s. >> no, the government shouldn'th be obtaining the information ine the first place unless it has an actual warrant to obtain the e information based on the some se suspicion of wrongdoing.wrondoin right now there's a collectingg everything in case they need it later which violates the 4th amendment. >> house intelligence chair mike rogers says by doing this they y have already thwarted some terrorism plot. plot and some would argue that inat this day and age in the post 9/11 world, we are to do what we have to do to protect this this nation and its citizens. isn't that a rational argument?
7:36 am
>> well, there's smarts smart intelligence gathering, and than isd targeted at suspected terrorists and spies, andand starting there from youryour investigation as opposed to broadly with innocent people. that what they can do in the the confines of the constitution and respecting and citing civil liberties. >> when it comes to the 4th to h amendment which is about the right to not have unreasonable search and seizure and that typ of thing, do you think thatthat violates that? >> absolutely, absolutely. it's a suspicion of american information, of people who rernt suspectearen't suspected of doig anything wrong.rong. we suspected this, the law isis broad, but now we have confirmation this is what they're doing. do >> i'm wanting to point the e views from the other side. i think the bottom line argument, i think most people feel like that i don't want their privacy invaded this typee
7:37 am
of thing.o what i'm hearing if it's just jt the collection of data, not thee interpreting of all of that data and all of that kind, it's justs kind of there, unless they havey cause to look into a particular file or phone record or reco something like that, that it's understandable and it's something that a lost people pe feel like, okay, we get it. it. >> well that would be the same e kind of idea like the police should be able to come into your house and take pictures, butct they're not going to look at at them unless later you're caughtt doing something wrong.mething by then it's too late, the privacy violation has already happened. we have a longstanding traditiog in this country that the the suspicion comes first. first >> with the acknowledgment thath this has been going on for for several years, what do you think needs to happen next, because there's no indication from theoe security agencies that they'reat not going to do this? >> right, congress needs to havs a full and open investigation. n
7:38 am
these programs have been secrete for far too long and we don'tdot have enough information of how it's impacting real americans. m they need to start with wi disclosure, what is happening th their information. they should go in and fix the statutes to make sure that thess tools are targeted at suspects p forrists and spies. >> are you surprised thated there's been pi bipartisan supp, al gore tweeted that this is outrage but people from cap holl hill say they know about >> the only people who are ine support of it, are the selectct few who get classifiedassified briefings. the rest of the congress are outraged. they weren't told that this isds how the programs program were gn be used when they authorized auh them years ago. years a >> we have requests of thets of government and we will bent andl working with congress to get too
7:39 am
the bottom of this.this >> very good. michelle richardson legislativea counsel with the of aclu. aclu thanks, tony., tony still head at 7:00 a swimming beauty who made a slash in hollywood. we're going to take a look back at the life and career of esther williams. 
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monday with u.s. military miy drone strikes under scrutiny. the carnegie endoubtment for for peace looks at the program milll their and diplomatic effect at t 5:30 at the 1717 massachusettsma avenue northwest.west. tuesday june 11th, veteran teran military hiring is a focus of the u.s. chamber of congress focusing on the the telecommunications and table t.v. of the event begins at 9:30 at the walter washington conventiot center at 801 mount vernon wednesday june 12th as the pentagon absorbs $40 million in sequester cuts, how the budgetbt
7:43 am
committee is holding meetings os the budget for 2014. that is at 1:00 in the buildingn room at june 10th.june 1h. the safety of tanker trucks carrying 80% of the nation's fuel is the focus of the briefings on capitol hill by the national tank carries, the group holding its annual meetings at the may flower hotel. hotel. on friday the senate committee on armed forces holds a closed door breepg t briefingo continue marking up the defense authorization act. it's 9:30 a.m.0 a. that's the capital run down forr the week of june 10, 2013. find more at or hash tag capital run down.
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♪ ♪ all right, welcome back, everybody. that's dj gemini on the 1s and the 2s. giving us inspiration today, because when you go outside, a little mixing and ll, that is what they do. do. >> is that blue swrienl. >> we were talking about color r swrienswrienlswrienl the other . >> it's like a warm shower. shoe i'm out of hair spray. i got to ask sarah if she has some. >> you want us to make the call. >> i think i did just now. >> we're talking about the humidity. >> needing the hair spray kind d
7:45 am
of thing. >> there's the rainshowers, weio got a bit of a break overnight.g this is tropical storm andreaana and it will be moving 2-4 inches of rain potentially, and and additional flooding issues.issu. we got a flash-flood watch that has been posted for much of the region with the exception of thf north and west until 10:00 tonight.1 here is the rain moving on through, and once again, the ref yeast oheaviest of the rain is . as we go to the map.p. >> it's magical. >> you like that, the darkerdarr colors, the oranges and yellowss indicating the heavier rain. ra. notice at 5:00, we got axis,is, washington and points south thaa is lingers all afternoon as the storm passes to the south and ad east. there you are at 5:00.5:00. there's the evening rush hour. r it's not going to be a greateat rush hour as the it continuesiti
7:46 am
throughout the day here. re. when you're looking at rain rain totals of 2-4 and maybe isolated six inches of rain as the rain races toward the northeast. that may cause gutter issues ann make sure the storm drains are flooding properly because you yu will have issues otherwise. it's going to be a warm and muggy weekend, maybe a hot and muggy weekend by sunday with sua highs in the mid-80s, with all0 of that humidity around we could fire up a storm on saturdaym o afternoon and sunday, althoughdh it should be a lot drier than today. >> that doesn't take much. >> that is what you call a safe forecast. >> it's going to be drier than h today. >> when we get the whiewm andhe all of that -- the humidity andf that the mosquitoes. >> they're holding out, they can't wait for the weekend. >> thank you, sir. we want to find out what iso happening on the roads. while you were doing yourth weather, julie walked in, and an either handed dj gemini a a request for her phone number. i don't know what it was, a
7:47 am
little piece of paper. [ laughter ] >> of don't be scared gemini, gn it's okay. >> reporter: i think he is is wearing a ring on the left finger. >> it was definitely a request. >> it was a request. >> all right. >> reporter: i'm telling you. . >> what was the request for. fo. >> don't tell him, i think he'se going to like it. it >> isn't it chris. >> is this the request? >> no. >> i got you. you. >> julie you still got to do traffic. >> reporter: always rainingalwi on my parade. rade. like mother nature and tony perkins, i can't get a break. if you are traveling into downtown be careful. carefu we got problems on the silver road that is still on flash and that is tying up that.that. of kenilworth headed south from 50 headed inbound toward the the 11th street bridge. bridge. you're crawling and i feel forl you this morning. two separate incidents, and and
7:48 am
leaving malcom x to the bridge. route 5 toward route 1 in virginia before the crew, we had accident activity at 395 at sherryl ton.sherl to that is about to clear. we have a quick break on the cameras. a lot of wet pavement andt because earlier we had the standing water along the side o the road, outer loop remains slow approaching vandorn streete the inner loop is clearing outrg as you look at the inner changeh traffic backed up in sphaf staf. and traffic is slow shady grovee road headed toward the split. on the top side of the beltway delays from i-95 college park pk continuing toward silver spring. that's a check of fox 5 on timee traffic. she made a splash in hollywood in the 1940s and and '50s, now the movie industry iny is mourning the loss of esther
7:49 am
williams. >> her under water talent were put to music in what was known as aqua musical. >> definitely a myth rightth there. a spokesperson said william hadd been declining in her health had been declining and she died peacefully yesterday. esther williams was 91 years old. an odd way to put that. th. she called herself the millionmn dollar mermaid. >> yes. on this friday morning, coming up next a baltimoreltimoe ravens teams up with the blaze.. we are going to hear from the super bowl chap peio super n committed to equalitity.
7:50 am
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7:52 am
 february 22nd. a landndmark transportation bil is up for consideration in the virginia legislature. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell, tea party republicans refuse to support the plan. but terry mcauliffe thinks this is too important a time for partisan politics. mcauliffe reaches out to democrats and urges them to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. to the juicy part yet. i have. it's tender, too. yeah? so he texts back, "spring break '05," like that narrows it down. everyone's talking about dunkin's
7:53 am
new juicy chicken sandwich. grab one with barbecue or bacon and ranch today. america runs on dunkin'. is it time to wobble. >> i love the wobble. wobble >> i don't know how to do it. >> i can show you. >> okay. >> well, more and -- sorry. more and more we're hearing about professional playersna coming out of the closet. clos >> now a professional whowho happens to be a champion,
7:54 am
brandon aia b aian ba aian ba .. >> equality is not up to opinion, it's not up to choice. equal is equal. it's hard to change people's mind. >> it's to make sure that the he next generation. the robert grirch the thirdh igriffin isopening about his ret his knee surgery. >> up next, what his chances are
7:55 am
up for the training camp. camp. >> our fan of the day, and today we say hello to tekoya michelle. she loves dj fridays.fridays. we do, too. too. post a comment below tekoya'stes picture to be a fan of the day.. one last reminder when the hershey park contest. >> have you just today to enter to win a two family get away, o, one of a day package. >> all you have to do is go to facebook you have to be 18 to do that. t. be sure to enter before mid knit tonight. come on, time is running out. 
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>> straight ahead at 8:00 a fast moving tropical storm takes aim at the east coast. c >> andrea still hundreds ofeds miles away but the impact is being felt across the area. >> good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm allison seymour. right now the center of storm is making its way up the carolinaon coast after pounding with florida with rain, heavy winds and tornadoes. >> the storm is losing power. so the part fdz east could will mostly see rain that are effected but forecasters say it could mean flash flooding and storm surgz over the next two days. it's expected to make its way as far north as new england befored it moves out to sea. >> faster than the cameras move in the studio. >> you are right about that.
8:00 am
8:00 a.m. 35 miles to the north of charleston, south carolina. >> how fast are the winds?? >> 4 miles per hour. winds haven't changed.ven' still a tropical storm. still all the rain shower activity and thunderstormsnd headed i tn our direction laterr this morning and afternoon. we've got a flood watch.c the real issue is localized flash flooding this afternoon. t >> i feel sorry for the city of charleston. you know it's below sea level. >> that's right. >> the pressure is the same as a well. >> maintaining as it moves along. >> impressive. there's your big headline. h we love it, allison.n. mainly a rainmaker. at times peak gusts 15-20. it will be terribly raining. r the darker colors, yellow, reds, oranges those are indicating the heaviest rain rates and they are yet to come. it will get here by late morning. be with us during the afternoont huies and when things wrap up
8:01 am
later tonight and much of the area will be see 2-4 maybe isolated if we get thunderstorms "late show"er today six inches x of rain. it's a lot of rain in a short period of time and to will likely cause flooding issues here. there's your flash flood watch. it's not just the washington region but up and down the 95 corridor here. from theor carolinas to new england. red to the south and east it was issued for southeast v.a. v- and the eastern part of north carolina. there's the flood watch. most of the region under a flood watch. you, too, will see gray skies and rain. you won't be looking at four inch rain totals.als here is your high temperature, tropical. 7 with rain. could be thunderstorms as well this afternoon and the whole thing wraps up later tonight as andrea races off to the north n and east. we'll have much more on the storm in a couple minutes. back to you. >> thank you very much. all the overnight rain has led l
8:02 am
to high standing water on local roadways. vdot had to close lanes near eisenhower avenue to pump water across the road. there's reports of accidents across the region. >> we'll check in with julie wright with a look at your ontime traffic. >> all right. we're still dealing with the right side of the road blockedcd off at van dorn street. no accidents to report on thehe southbound stretch of 95 or 2952 from laurel. inbound 50 is slow from 202 to the split. there's the low speed past van dorn street.e eastbound 66 tied up leaving l fair oaks heading inbound towards 123. over the weekend vdot is is scheduled to do h.o.v. work. they are asked yowld to block those h.o.v. lanes weather
8:03 am
permitted. saturday night from 11:00 to sunday at 10:00. quick peek at the map. problems with the signal lightsl not working properly. that would be inbound four. crash here tying up the right side of the highway. hig that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you. the top secret government surveillance program is bigger than we previously thought.sly >> this morning, the woaft "washington post" reports that the national security agency is not only collecting records from every major phone carrier it's snooping into internet servers. doug luzader has more. >> two big surveillance programl are coming to light now. you see the response fromn capitol hill from bipartisan support to outrage. >> the breadth of the surveillance has been stung. the records of phonecalls made by every american logged and placed to a national securityity agency database.
8:04 am
the program first reported by b the guardian involves verizon customers but other phone companies are likely to be cooperating with the governmentt as well. "the washington post" reporting another program isn track internet use in realtime requiring that companies like google, microsoft and facebook play along. the director of national intelligence was if you arous that thef programs have been outed issuing a rare statement last night saying this threatens long lasting and irreversible harm tower ability to identifydt and respond to the threats facing our nation. our that is in strong contrast toast the denial three months ago. m >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all on millions or or hundreds of americans of americans? >> no, sir. no, >> it does not? >> not wittingly. >> some called the phone program which has spanned twowo
8:05 am
administrations a clear violation.olat former vice president al gorenta took to twitter to call it outrageous and one of republican authors of the patriot act says it goes too far. >> everybody who sent or received a call from a verizon phone and maybe the other cell phone providers, that was never the intent of the business record section. s >> but there's some level of support for these programs fromf some democrats and some republicans. the phone program has been under wisconsin for seven years.s. in washington, doug luzader, fox >> our other big story this morning. federal prosecutors expected to file bribecy charges today t against michael brown. >> one of his supporters have has confirmed he has reached a plea deal. he is accused of accepting monem from undercover f.b.i. agents a year and a half ago. a they asked him for help in lobbying a d.c. are minority
8:06 am
business contract. c he maintained of it a loan arrangement. on capitol hill a milestonetone moment for a michigan >> representative john dingell becomes the longest serving member of congress in him.. he surpasses robert byrd. he served 57 years, five months and 26 days. he turns 87 next month. the redskins wrapped up their off season training schedule. >> next up training camp now about six weeks away. robert griffin iii is all by guaranteeing he will be ready for day one. we have the progress report on the franchise. >> we always hear i'll be back. i'll be back.e b >> we hope. >> we hope he is. it's a big week for p.m. him. did he not have any soreness or discomfort in the repaired knee. he looked great running and threing but the team limited his
8:07 am
mobility as a precaution and he is weeks away from sprinting and cutting. it's only been five months. despite the injury he he is predicting he will be back inac time for training camp. >> over the last three weeks, we you know i've had a lot of progress and i feel a lot better. so, if you think what training camp is a month, month and a half away, two months, i feell really good about that and the start of the season is farther than that. i feel good about that andt that's why i say without a doubt. >> griffin says he still has his eye on starting week one of thee regular season.r s the coach said griffin was initially projected to miss 7-9 months.hs. that would mean he wouldn't return august 9. the redskins full mini camp c begins next week. training camp kicks off on julyl
8:08 am
25678 i don't know. >> i just hope they don't rush it and i hope he is honest with himself and his coaches. and i think he will be. >> i think he got a pretty big wake-up call. >> i think so, too. >> you mentioned august 9. that's best case scenario because it could be later. >> it still could be.ould >> thank you much. >> the doctor that is treating rg3's knee, will also take a look at bryce harper's knee. the outfielder will go to see the specialist monday because the swelling isn't any better. he is on the dl but was supposes to come off on tuesday. t >> still ahead auet 8:00, a terrifying attack in a neighborhood crawling withwlin secret service. ser >> suspect is still on the loose. we're going to tell you how hehe forced his way into the woman's home and get an update on the >> plus looking to upgrade your iphone to the newest model.
8:09 am
apple wants to hear from you. details about the trade-in program. 8:09.  enough about the book, i want to hear about your date.
8:10 am
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♪ ♪ >> dj gemini with us this morning spinning the tunes, doing his mix for us on this dj friday. what is wrong?wh i did say something wrong?h >> spinning the tunes sounds funny. >> that's not hip or -- ♪ >> sorry i can't hear that without being transformed elsewhere. >> i took you out of the moment. >> you say what you want to say. spinning the tunes. that's what he is doing. yeah. >> dj what do you call what youu are doing?
8:13 am
>> right now this just a basic backspin. >> so it is spinning?s >> there gu. >> i used to be a dj. eye know what i'm talking about. >> that's right. we'll towk ta towk dj gem any ay and where you can see him in action in a little bit. the dryout factor sounds too boring. >> time now for my first photo of day. d this is casey.ey. >> she's beautiful! >> this is little casey. it's her half birthday. how many kids have you met andnd they know to the day. >> i'm five and three-quarters.t >> she doesn't, but, yeah.
8:14 am
>> wasn't suggesting casey knowk >> they want tomorrow you howow old they are.. >> she's six months old today.oy they loves taking picture and laughing. we can see that. >> she can prit the camera? >> she loves taking picture and laughing. >> i think you mean being in pictures. okay. adorable. >> so cute.>> like her outfit, too, how pretty. i love the it's like a portrait.. go to and click on mornings. we would love to feature your y child next week now you need a rain slicker and um brellal. rain activity pushing in to the south. rain back in a big way here over the next several hours. rain only intense fiez. we haven't seen the worst of it has the storm system continues n
8:15 am
to press on in from the south and east. let's me show you the moisture working up the eastern seaboardo the darker colors, reds, oranges some of that darker yellow you see it's where the heaviest rain is. it's head to the north and region. generally washington and pointsn to the east over the western shore southern maryland i'm thinking of you. yo getting the heaviest rain today perhaps four inches of rain by later this evening, midnightidni tonight that likely causes additional flooding issues. we've had those issues over night. keep it in mind. still a tropical storm. update 15 minutes ago. winds 45 miles per hour.our. move together north and east at 28 miles per hour just east of ocean city racing off to the east later this evening andand during date tomorrow. it's a quick mover. getting heavy rain today we should be back to sunshine for the weekend. w saturday and sunday excuse me
8:16 am
featuring partial sunshine withs a chance of a shower or thunderstorm each afternoon.fter the air mass this weekend willl remain tropical there's your's seven day forecast. that's weather. there's traffic with julie.ic w >> i like this. t somebody hit me up on twitter. >> that's a request. >> love frankie beverly. >> frank and beverly sell out. haven't had a hit in forever. still sell out. they are great. >> one of those groups, yeah. >> when you are out. >> when you are out, when i'm out? >> yeah. >> what are you speaking of, julie? [laughter] >> tony gets wild like whoo. >> when i'm out i'm at outback
8:17 am
steakhouse that's about it. >>s where my invite, right. >> inbound on route 50. this is with we have the traffic leaving 2010 headed to new york split.sp speaking of new avenue on the brakes at bladensburg road. inbound suitland parkway on theo brakes and heavy volume afterer the douglas bridge to the capital. no accidents just volume this morning. that what we're dealing with. a lot of slow traffic on the roads. eastbound 66 incident free. headed for the capital beltway, the outer loop is where we had there standing water at van dorn street. expect to find a delay inner loop in better shape once you come across the wilson bridge. this back-up begins at route 5. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. >> all right. rig thank you very much. important information for anyona living with diabetes. d
8:18 am
federal health experts want thet f.d.a. to ease restrictions on the diabetes drug avadnia. it comes after analysis suggestg it may not increase the risk of heart attack as much as thought. it was once the best selling diabetes pill.d >> could apple be ready to take your old phone to give you a new one? and free doughnuts today. >> lauren demarco is live inve i the news room. nice to have you on the morning show for a change. >> you sound very excited. good to see you guys. we're anticipating the may jobs report. that comes out in ten minutes -- minutes. we'll see how many jobs were add the last month. most predict it won't change the unemployment rate. on to iphones and all rights that apple may be ready to start an iphone trade-in program
8:19 am
this month. it's getting users to upgrade up and turn in older models. according to bloomberg news they teamed up with bright star mobile phone to run the programp they handle trade-ins for at&tt and t-mobile. it's estimated that 20% of consumers buying a smart phone will do so using a trade-in program. time for free doughnuts.uts. i know it's what you are waiting for. we've been taking advantage at fox 5. 5 we've got the kris parlimentary inquiry kreme, dunkin' donuts. at krispy kreme you can get a a free glazed doughnut no purchase necessary. dunkin' donuts is giving away a free doughnut with a beverage and ruling out the fried egg and bacon slapped between two halfs of a glazed doughnut only weighs in at 360 calories. so i kind of feel like, allison
8:20 am
and tony, if you are going to splurge it could be worse than that. it's not too bad.oo b to everyone out there i know it's bathing season i don't know why national doughnut day falls in june but it's time to indulge. >> just have one doughnut. >> i heard it was annual ditch your diet day. that's why i had won. >> that with bead pretty much national doughnut day. >> i prefer to call it ditch your your diet day. gives me a pass. >> good to see you, lauren. 8:20 now on this tbri morning. coming up later how to navigate career landmines especially inin the lgbt community. >> a terrifying break-in this a neighborhood. what attacker used to get inside a woman's home. >> before we head to the break we want to make sure you know about the fox 5 weather app. you'll need it today. we're getting rain folks.
8:21 am
it's free. search d.c. weather in your app store.
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8:23 am
>> welcome back. it's 8:24678 thiscy live picture from arlington national cemetery
8:24 am
where senator frank lautenbergeg is being laid to rest at this hour. his cass cet, flag-draped cass set was at the capitol yesterday for fellow lawmakers to say goodbye and also the public as well. he is being laid to rest at arlington national. he was the last world war iid wa veteran to serve in the senate. at 89 he passed away sunday. final resting right the day frames the mood out there today. >> it does, yeah. >> it's 8:24 now. d.c. police are on the lookoutok for a man who forced his way into a woman's home, maced and beat her and then tried to rapep her. >> this happened in the neighborhood of luxury homes in forest hills on wednesday morning. police say the victim is a 60-year-old lawyer. she opened the door to a man who said he was delivering a package. he pepper sprayed her, punched her and tried to scesm
8:25 am
you'llly -- sexually amount that woman. the neighborhood is home to the israeli ambassador and another ambassador and there are secret service all over the neighborhood. >> it's terrifying. i'm at home all day and it makem me nervous to know there's something in the neighborhood that can be a danger to us. >> astonishment because this is a quiet neighborhood. there's no crime to speak of. >> all of. terrifying -- awful.ul. , terrifying.rify it's very upsetting now. >> police say the suspect is described as a white male in his 50s.. about five foot six with whiteit hair and may be driving a red volvo. we've been telling you about a possible sickout involving d.c. bus drivers. we're getting reports that taxicabs brought in by the city are picking up students to bring them to scoosm it's unclear u
8:26 am
whether there were a largearge number of calls today and they were brought in as a precautiona d.c. officials warned drivers they could be fired for taking part in a sickout saying it goes against the collective bargaining agreement. drivers have changes that would cut their pay 40%.0%. some were if you are loadz and able to collect unemployment while others could keep full-time hours.ll >> still ahead in the next half hour, the man behind the music.m >> we're going to head over to the booth, you they the virtual booth and -- the virtual booth and learn more about dj gemini. >> keeping an eye on tropical storm andrea.nd the storm is churning up theup t coast and taking a tool on our weather ♪ [ slurps ]
8:27 am
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yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy.
8:29 am
[ dad ] jan? ♪
8:30 am
♪ >> it seems like that's d.c.'s theme song. >> it does. >> was this used -- it might have been used on a tv show on channel 4 at some point. >> maybe that's why. i take back what i said. >> anyway a great piece of music. >> dj gemini is here with us. we'll talk to him in a couple of minutes find out where he is this weekend. >> good day to hang out indoor and dick back with dancing. >> wouldn't it great to have your own dj at your house. >> i do. >> great.t. have your theme music when you walk into the room. >> never told you guys about that. nice to have that. >> that would be cool. >> feel a lot more happiness out there. >> yeah, there would be. flood watch continues to 10:00 tonight. not just us.
8:31 am
traveling today not a good day for it. unless you are headed to the west. headed north and south, most of us getting heavy rain. red indicating tornado watch which was posted two hours ago for eastern north carolina and d southeast virginia. we're under flood watch. most of region, north and west you do not have a flood watch. gray skies and rain today justjt not talking about the potential for flooding as rain totals of more like an inch. that's what we can expect around here late this afternoon and really by this evening when the system wraps up. here is andrea moving on in. the rain is starting up again after a break overnight. heaviest rain to the south.he that is moving in later this morning. it will be raining heavy at times this afternoon. potential for thunderstormthun activity as well. the heaviest rain will be washington points south and east. southern maryland, right along the western shore of the bay bay that's where the rain will be. the system passes to the south and east this evening. probably 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 1
8:32 am
tonight moving south and east at ocean city. we mentioned at the beaches thee weekend forecast gets better bub not a good looking day today. >> centerville beach at north a carolina it's race togetherer north and east. because it's moving so fast not talking about days of rain around here. i mentioned the heaviest rainest right through the 95 corridor there. 2-4 plus inches of rain expected by midnight tonight. that will likely cause additional flooding issues. flashflood watch through the region. it's going to feel tropical. t it feels like southern floridath out saturday and sunday warm and muggy cox be an afternoon showes or storm that stives up each day. it's a cold front monday to
8:33 am
tuesday. that's weather. i'll get you anth update here ia few let's get over to dj gemini, g tony and allison. >> there you go. >> i like that. that's the publicity shot? nice looking. >> can i -- dj gemini here ine n the house with us. we want you to speak up a little bit. >> okay. >> you are soft spoken.ken. >> it's his flow, tony. ton >> it's in the a criticism but the dj's we've had here, her wouldn't you say he is the most low key. >> i don't think so. >> it's not a criticism.itic >> she was small but yeah. >> welcome to the show. >> thank you.>> >> here is what i'm saying,ayin people think of a dj. >> this is where he does his -- >> that's the old school cornball dj. d is that what you did? >> when i get into my element and it's like 1,000 people i act up a little more.o
8:34 am
>> all right. there you go. >> very quiet. how long have you been doing this? >> years. seriously. i've danieled around and put stuff together. >> mix tapes and ---- >> definitely. def still do mix tapes that wholer are just died, didn't it give a girl a mix tape if you looked her. >> i guess they could that.d >> it's out there. >> yeah. you were ask being. this. we're going to get our camera man to show what you are looking at here. i know most of it is by ear butr what is going on here?on >> this is my left turn table. b this is what is playing right here. of course it's beats per minute.
8:35 am
it's a cheat mechanism. i really do it.i r >> it allows you to match up. >> i started with vinyl. i didn't have this stuff so -- >> right. >> so you would jump in bam or bam or like that depending oning this start. >> counting like. ♪ >> that's amazing. don't think that is simple to do because it's hard to do. t >> it's not simple.. >> it's all just counting. c the kids who may be watching you have to know some math? >> that's right. >> on this record, yes. >> what -- play a little bit. lt what is on there? >> really it's nothing. technically if i play it it's treble phone but in all actuality it's nothing. this record allows my turntables to talk to my computer. c >> this is amazing. a >> you should go back into this. tony think of the money we could
8:36 am
make on the weekend. >> i'm the hey, hey guy. >> i'm going to speak. you are not going to mix. we need a second stream of income,, >> you can't put dj gemini out of business. >> we wanted to know where wiewl be. >> on luxe lounge on new york avenue and sunday on connecticut avenue and across the street on sunday. >> moving around. >> y'allin are such hard workerr may i just say he's on the 12 a.m. and 12 noon. >> middays with cocola snrks i and midnight with d on wkys. >> we didn't mention thank we appreciate it. >> thank you. you are very good man,. >> i forget what we talkedked about. >> i would love to do. d that maybe could you mentor us. >> no problem. you can help me out. >> we're going we're not going g
8:37 am
to split had money, tony. do you what you do, we'll do d what we do. >> justin bieber taking his talents to outer space and may we say it's about time. >> bye bye biebs. newest job numbers are out. the latest report.epor it's 8:37. dj gemini. ♪
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> hello. just to the fox 5 news room thee may jobless report shows 17 5,000 jobs were added last month but the unemployment rate went up. it rose to 7.6 in may.. slight uptick it shows modest job growth and is more than the expected 169,000 jobs that economists thought would be added. >> britains a prince philip is going under the knife in london norchg its husband is having exploratory surgery aftery walking into a hospital last night. buckingham palace said necessary good spirits and is expected tod be there two weeks. the 91-year-old seen here at a garden part posted by the the t queen yesterday was hospitalize last summer for a bladder
8:41 am
infection. >> russian president vladmir putin vorgs his wife. they made the announcement aftec a rare apairance. she say it's a joint she said it's due to the factac that they barely see each other. she's a former flight attendant but does not like to travel. putin has been linked to a former olympic gymnast who is half his age. >> perhaps that is why they don't see each other as much. the latest celebrity to sign upt for a trip to space is justin bieber. he joins ashton kutcher and leonardo dicaprio for those whow paid to sign up for a sub orbital flight. they are not up and running just get but the company is working on putting a test flight into space by the end of the year. who will go up in that? >> i know. >> that's what they put thehe celebrities in.
8:42 am
>> 8:42. back with more in a moment.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> navigating from college to a new career can be a daunting task for any job seeker but what if you are gay. the founder a national nonprofin called out for work. he helps lesbian, gay, bi and transgender college students or graduates make a smoothoth transition from the classroom to the work force. he is the author of a newly published book cawlgd your queer career. >> thank you for had a having me. happy pride. >> it is pride week and you have a couple events that they'll bee there and you can come out meet him. it's dj friday. welcome to fox 5. >> thank you so much.ha >> when wenk look at the book. first i have to ask you the title. is it okay -- is it one of those things where i can't say the title because i happen to be
8:46 am
straight but within in the community it's okay to use? >> it's interesting i'm glad you brought it up because i do work mostly with college students to gen-y so they've take then term queer and reclaimed it. maybe someone older had the meaning negative in their head. we with the work and students have taken back the word. it's positive and toes a more inclusive blanket term than saying the gay community or lgbtq, it leaves out many individuals within thet community. >> we've gotten that out of the way. we'll talk about you for a second. your background and why you decided to write this book. >> it's interesting because iecu was inspired 12 years ago by reading a book on queer identiti and the workplace to create the organization out for work. now i feel it's my time to give
8:47 am
back and hopefully inspire the t next generation of advocacy if you are looking it kudos for the cover. if you need help knave gate together work force. when you open it up what areer y going to find? >> a lot of useful information there's exercises at the end of every chapt yemple individuals who are reading it can reflect on what they are reading and how they feel about it. there's no other resource like.i that also the laind dats escapee of laws or lack of laws around the country supporting lgbt work place equality. also tips and advice on coming o out on a resume. when i say coming out, i mean listen those affiliations with
8:48 am
the lgbt community that, you know, are positive when you are going into the work place. >> do you suggest doing that? because that is one way of o saying this is me and i'm qualified this way, this way, this and if this information makesake you connect the dots and say, okay, well this person lives this lifestyle should it matter? is it illegal not to hire someone. help with us that as far as the resume do you include that. >>s up to the individual. it depends where they are in their own queer identity and development and where they intersect. >> only 1 states in d.c. have protection to be not descrim nateed against. for transgender individuals the number is weaker 16. and washington, d.c. has
8:49 am
protection.prot there's a lot of places out there that you can be fired forr being out and open or even being suspect of being lesbian, gay, or transgnder. i read an article in the "new york times" about an individual who ate lunch in his car because he doesn't want to associate with his coworkers out of fear that they would not accept him, he would lose his job imagine what that does to his productivity, for the company. it's sad. >> those were two pretty big downsides to making your lifestyle or who you are public. anything else you need to be aware of perfect you make the decision to come out at your job? >> or go in saying this is who i am? >> i think there's a responsibility with thebi individual tlio do their home work. find out what the laws are and the policies in the organization
8:50 am
consist of. is there equality in the work place. check the list to see where the organizations rank and make smart decisions. dec find mentors. find role models.ole >> right, right. r want to let folks know where you are going to be.g tonight you'll be atto d.c.'s lt center at 1318u street. that is at 6:30, right? >> at 6:30. >> basically you'll have a reading. >> yeah, vile a reading and discussion and be signing books. >> on sunday you'll be at the capital pride festival. >> we'll be in the festival on f pennsylvania avenue. see our booth i know you do speaking as a living you but it comes through. it's your queer career and it's
8:51 am
riley folds the iii. let's not leave that out. >> 8:51 now. you might think of the early virginia settlements as old news but places like williamsburg, williamstown and jamestown are making new news due to current arc logic digs going on there. dave ross teamed up with visit williamsburg to dig up thiss story. >> welcome to williamsburg today. today we're at historic jamestown where there's an active archeological dig going g on where they are finding out much more about the first ever english settlers right here.e. they call this america's birth place. thank you. thank you for joining us, sir. >> good to be here. >> tell us what do you here att historic jamestown. >> i'm the director of jamestown rediscovery archeological project. i've been digging here 20 yearsy >> discovered good stuff. >> yes we found what peopleeop
8:52 am
thought washed into the riverer but we found it owe here and preserved like a time capsule. >> you recreated something heree for what the first english settlers might have done >> in ouner digging we'll findid where posts have been in thehe ground supporting buildings. we took that post pattern over there and put in other post posts and began to flush outut have looked like l above ground i. gives you a representationation of barracks building. >> tell us what we're standing s in front of. again it's an historic place we're standing in front of, correct? >> yes, this is the church side. built in 1680. 168 the first permanent church at one end is the chancellor.lor
8:53 am
that's where important peoplele are buried. there were four graves here. in 1614, poke hontous herself stood her to get married. mar >> right here? >> i can guarantee that you. >> fascinating. i see this is where one of dugso is going on, correct. c >> yes. s our current focus. we've taken various areas to open them up and create a window on what was survived from. >> people can see what you are e doing. >> visitors can come up as close as they can to the site at the rope and then we explain what we're doing at that day. >> right leer the archeologist is cleaning off a set stepsteps
8:54 am
that went to a bake re. it was filed and abond bandonned and players of fill that went in there are coming from we're positive a period called a starving time. t >> wow. >> we found hoars and dogs and father foods that peoplele wouldn't eat. >> to survive the harr. winters. >> and then there was accounts of cannibalism here. >> this was really jamestown's darkest hour it shows how close it came to failing. we have evidence it really didid happen and from then on the colony maim more permanent fromm that point on.
8:55 am
>> it was sponsored by the marketing committee. >> straight up at 9:00 the latest on tropical storm andrea. how much more rain is head our way? tucker will have the latest.ates a bold prediction from robert griffen iii what he has to say about his recovery as the red skins prepare for training camp, believe it or not. i'm going to stop saying it you are listening to dj gemini.i. >> there it is. fox 5 morning news will continue after the break.
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>> welcome back. i'm tony perkins. >> i'm allison seymour. welcome to a wet friday. tropical storm andrea is dumping rain up and down the east coast including our region. the worst for he is including
8:59 am
heavier rain is still to come sadly. tucker will have the latest in the accu weather forecast. >> caught in a bribery sting. federal charges expected to be filed against michael brown. a look at what he could be facing coming up in a live report. >> americans react to the news that the federal government isem track every phonecall you make. i'm live in new york with twhear saying coming up. >> spicing up


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