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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  June 17, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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straight ahead at 6:00,head0 president obama arrives at at northern ireland for the start of the g-8 summit. he just finished speaking, but t all eyes are on syria. syria. a historic flight arrives ae the nation's capital, we willap take a look at what makes this s aircraft one of a kind and let t you know where it's head next. . fox 5 morning news continues right now. good morning, it isis 6:00 right now on this monday, june 17th, and we're taking king a live look at the sky rightrigt now, because you can see the sun peeking out, and we like on the days we know it should be a a decent day, we want to look tolk the skies, because otherwise you can't see anything. >> good morning, i'm sarah simmons. >> welcome to fox 5 morning morg news. >> it's time with tucker barness to come in and tell us about our weather. >> hi, tucker. tuck decent weekend, especially i
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saturday, yesterday we got up to 87 today, and warm and humid out there, typical june weather.weae >> yeah. >> not too supreme, we're not talking 90s but it will be on the warm side with a feww thunderstorms later today. toda >> that's for sure. >> yeah, of course, it's forursf sure, what are you talking about? >> i don't know if it was like a maybe. >> maybe, it's a for sure that h thunderstorms are a possibility. >> okay.>> okay. >> okay. >> let's go to the maps. >> i'm more confused now than ii was before.was >> i thought i made it clear,cl, but i guess not. dulles, and scattered showersshs and thunderstorms later today. . notice to the north and west, south of pittsburgh, there's aha few showers breaking out, that' a weak cold front that is goings to drop into the region laterlar today. it could fire up a few showers and storms.storms. will you see one, i can't can't guarantee it, parts of the areaa will move the front through. tho highs in the mid-to upper 80s,
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and we will do it depend tomorrow, in fact -- again tomoo we will have the details on that in just a minute. >> time to say hello to juliee wright. >> hi, julie. good morning, once again, we're starting off on a sour note, northbound 395 and 95, for folks headed in the hov lane toward edsall road. road. that has cleared, as you guysgus make your way toward edsall edsl road, unfortunately the damage is done, big tie-ups in the express lanes, for folks headed out of newington headed towardtd 395. it's standing room only here, a, rough start for the folks headed northbound on those express lanes that, delay is beginning to headed north of the i-95, the main blien is ope blien is bli a
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water main break.break. let's continue on the maps wethe will show what you else we have on the roads this morning. mo kind of busy for the fecesfeces headed along the eastbound the e stretch of 66.66. the accident here involving thee only before 17 the right blain remains closed.remains we have accident activity fortiy folks headed southbound 30 gwyne roadway remains closed. in the news this morning,mo, president obama is in northern e ireland for two days of the g-8 summit.summit. >> mr. am along with th obama ae first lady and his daughters arrived. he spoke and praised the people for the peace there. th ithe meeting comes just days das after ga obama announced the u..
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would offer military support too the rebels in syria. syria. the communist regime is nowo asking for one-on-one talks with the states but there's one catch. catch. north korea is demanding no preconditions like giving up its nuclear program. the white house says it's say willing to have credible negotiations but any talks havee to involve united nation's resolutions which call for north korea to abandon its nuclear weapons programs. the justices have to issue decisions on three big cases. e between thousand and the nextthe monday the high court will ll deliver opinions that could mean big changes for the legality of affirmative action, the voting i ringghts act and same-sex marriage. one or more of those decisions could be announced today.toda the court will also issue opinions on thursday. a first couple in virginia
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is under the microscope. >> they improperly billed the state for personal items ib, ib, like body wash, sunscreen and vitamins and used the state employees to run personal pers errands for their adult children. the mcdonnell was made aware of the improper billing and were made to pay back $300. but state records show more improper billing continued overr the last three years. ye the first attempt to fly a solar plane across the u.s. has made -- a stop here in the d.c.. region and the 5 final stop will be in new york.york. lauren good morning. >> reporter: good morning tood you. glieg without fuel thatflying w. the prototype aircraft is here,
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as you just said, it has a wingspan of a jumbo jet but it's as light as a small car, 12,0000 solar cells in the wings provide renewable energy for flight. during the day the plane the suu bathes to recharge the batteries so it can fly at night. ni it's the brainchild of two inven ors, thinventors. >> the idea to use renewable solar power the hope is there's great potential for clean technologies. >> the technologies we use on on our airplane could be used everr where, for cars construction ofo houses, private or publicblic systems, and if it was the casee the world could already today ty divide by two its energy consumption. >> this is is the second to the last leg osef their trip across the u.s. flying from sanng fromn francisco to jfk in new york. y. there's also a second solar solr power plane that is under under
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construction in switzerland. the goal for that one is to flyy around the world in two years.y. there's going to be some press conferences and other events ote going on here at the center throughout the week. week. they're going to be updating the website with what is going on ss you can come out. out. we will link you to that at the latest from chantilly, backi toll you. we know that waking up early isn't easy, but it can be more e difficult for teenager.teenager. still ahead, we will tell you what one local school district disdoin is doing to hep students get a few extra winks. shot in point reasonable ino range in afather's day service. 
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making headlines this morning around the region andng around the world. several people arndeou lucky toe alive after a deck collapse incn southern maryland on father's fh day. it happened at a home in
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st. mary's county, the deck fell eight feet to the ground sending two people to the hospital.o tht a utah man is in critical ir condition one day after he was a shot in the head during sunday y mass. it happened in the town of ogden, 30 miles south of salt st lake city.lake c the suspected gunman was captured hours later. he has been identified asas charles generallin general jennu president obama has picked a high-powered lawyer to serve as a special envoy to close down c the prison at guantanamo bay. christopher lloyd has a history of bipartisanship having served in both the democratic dc and republican a bundle of joy arrives early for a couple. coup why a private jet carrying
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george w. bush had to make an emergency landing over the weekend. we will have that when we return.
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february 22nd. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration in the virginia legislature. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell, tea party republicans refuse to support the plan. but terry mcauliffe thinks this is too important a time for partisan politics. mcauliffe reaches out to democrats and urges them to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first.
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it's beautiful out there, notea too bad. bad. things are going to change latee on today. tucker barnes, welcome back. it's going to change maybe e thunderstorm today, today features warmth and humidity. hu >> warmth and humidity followedd by the a thunderstorm. thdersto >> possibly a thunderstorm. th it's not going to be widespread, we're not expecting any severese weather, just the run of the e mill thunderstorm, that's a weak cold front coming in that is what is going on happen. >> more and more rain. >> it won't ebb here and the summer. >> isn't that how it happens. >> during the summer months we
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depend on the thunderstorms to keep things green, they can be hit and miss, some of us get use them and some of us don't.don' 74 at washington, a nice mild ne start to the day, warm start to the day, plenty of humidity outi there as well. dew point temperatures creepingg up in the last couple of days, annapolis 72, 60s north and west. 64 in frederick, and winchester 68 degrees, mid-to upper 80sppes later today. it should be a nice warmnice wam afternoon. here is the other news, nono extreme heat this week, tomorrow will be a warmest day of the day week with highs near 90ing and d tapering temperatures.temperatur few showers, south, con onia pay day today. off to the north and west, a few showers in southwest pennsylvania, that's a weak cold front, i mean, it's really not packing a whole lot but tastas moves into the region into the
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warm and humid atmosphere, it'sr possible it could fire up a few scattered storms. storms. be aware of that possibility, ps later this week, tomorrow thattt front is going to hang up andupn it's going to get a big push byy the big area of high pressure north and west by wednesday anda thursday, that means warmer -- - not warmer temperatures but less humidity and sunshine as we gete into the middle of the week.week 87 today, partly sunny, a few aw showers and storms, 68 tonight, mostly cloudy, warm and humid. could be a scattered storm storm early. we will keep the scattered scat storms in the forecast highs of 90, thursday, wednesday, and friday, sunshine mid-80s,mid- first day of summer officially arrives friday morning early at about 1:00 in the morning.morni. last couple days of spring we we officially start summertime on friday. let's do some weather, and let's do some traffic. take it away from me. me. julie has a traffic. >> reporter: admit it, you want to come join me for the the happy dance for friday.
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friday is one of the first time, i'm happy to wake-up at 2:00 a.m. hovering above newington. that is where the main line is slow at this point. leaving the fairfax county couny parkway, continuing all the wayy toward duke street. earlier problems we had in the hov lanes are now clear. clear. you may find the main line approaching, and heading toward quantico, delays continue from m dale city and headed north ofnot the lore ton, continuing past newington, and the hovs are inin better shape south of the beltway, but don't be fooled asl you travel the beltway headed hd toward h edsall road. involved in the overturnedurned vehicle the hov lanes now lanes cleared. we will check what else is one o the roads this morning. eastbound 66, the trouble spot occurred at 17, and it involved an overturned vehicle, the the accident activity had traffic tf squeezing by to the left for
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folks headed inbound. leaving manassas to the rest tht area and traveling southbound out of waldorf, and of course, marshall corner road that is cot where we have the crash, cras northbound lanes remain open. op that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. julie, thank you very much. a close y call for a formerm president. a private jet carrying george wr bush had to make an emergency er handing because of a smokeysmok smell in the cockpit. cock the jet was flying from to dallas, and it continued to after a brief stop and the good news no one was hurt. hurt >> president bush's right handhd says his health is n not short f a miracle. mi cheney was near death when he received a battery operating pumping device in 2011.1. the device kept him alive untill a transplant surgery in 2012. 22
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welcome back. talk about a pricey you're not going to believeuteve this. lauren simonetti from the fox fx business network joins us live from new york with that story and a check of the markets, gooo morning, >> reporter: hi, sarah, goodsad morning. we have a lot of dog loverso
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out there and they may want fido to get a job when we hear how hh much they spend on them. >> up to $4,000 a year, i know you're probably scratching your head, do i spend that much on my dog. do adopting a dog up to $2,500, neutering the dogs, up to $250, food, up to $250, grooming up to $400 and the list goes on. on. and the other thing that reallyl shocked me in this report, okay, 36% of dog owners according to dog hq, buy their dog a birthdat present and many of them spend more on the dog than they do onn real people in their lives.ves. >> that doesn't surprise me.rise i know some people, woe that's t lot of money on that >> making car purchases and home purchases is fido. let's take a check of the
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markets what can we expect today? >> not the dogs are but the but bulls are back. back markets are set to open higher by 1%, u looking at the close on friday, the dow is down 106 points on friday. frid down for last weefnlgt this is . everybody is looking at what ist going to happen at interestat ie rates and monetary policy going forward. they pulled back in incoming ing months that was at end of the te may, we have seen the dow darchg more than 3%. 3%. >> nothing was tanking at the a box office, threat not for thete man of steel, that was the big winner. >> did you see it? >> i haven't seen it yet. >> me, neither, it was the bestt june opening weekend in history, it beat toy story in 2010. $130 million. the theater in moore, oklahoma had its roof pulled off, but itt
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had the best performance,nce, superman is from kansas.ka >> people looking for an escapee as well out in oklahoma, oklaho perhaps, too. too. >> great to see you, sarah. yo >> we will see i tomorrow. tomo do or die time for the miami heat. >> thank you ^stph-rbg. >> and stephen strasburg headsrr back to the mound. and the according to the whistleblower the u.s. is not the only one spying. sp the latest on county plan to help students squeeze some extr z's. the time is 6:27. plap  (girl) what does that say?
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we always love to see the sun after the cham ledging storm that came had aat decent weekend, very nie on saturday. saturd pretty cool on sunday as well. now the sun is out on a mondaymy not. >> there it is, you can see thee clouds trying to warm us up forp the day?the day? this time of year it never ne has an issue warming us up. up. >> it will do it, yeah. >> usually wins out, nothing too supreme upper 80s for today'sto' high, and the scattered storms t later today. 74 at reagan national. nation 67 dulles, and bwi marshall 69.. going to be kind of a typical ta end to the spring, beginning off summer week as we are expecting temperatures in the 80s the next couple of days, near 90nea0 tomorrow, waking up with a fewfw showers, more than a few overnight along the low easternn shore and a few showers south of us, what we're going to focus on is that -- it's a weak front wef south of pittsburgh. pittsbur that is going to push spot areaa
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and we will likely or possibly fire up a few showers and storms later today. nothing extreme, put definitely the possibility we're going to get a brief downpour, 87 the daytime high, not a bad >> it really isn' >> how was it where you were? we >> where i was?here i was? >> yeah, what was the weather like. >> it was beautiful. >> for the whole time.le ti you had no humidity. >> i was in california for thelf weekend ^stph-rbgs how did you d geget yourself to come back. >> i love this kind of weather. >> you don't like this kind of f weather. i like the change in the weather. >> it was ^khaeupblgin changingn california, too. it's on to on time traffic with julie wright. >> the current fox 5 is with us, they cleared an accident at edsall road, that is all gone, we're checking for one in thethe main lines.
6:32 am
heads up we did find activity on the left shoulder, but main linn of traffic real slow not only through stafford but dale city y through ward bridge. bridge let's continue with the cameras, we will show you what else wet e have on the roads this morning.. northbounnorthboundnorthbound 9n incident.incident eastbound 66, longstanding crash out at dulles, cleared but 66 is the below speed leaving business 234 to the rest area east of manassas, traffic flows depend,e leaguer fair oaks, lanes are la open no issues to report, repo leaving northeast to northwest and we will find the top stretch of the beltway starting to slow between university boulevard and colesville road, that's a checkc of fox 5 on time traffic. traffi the fairfax school system is teaming with children's medicall center to help the students get more sl they are going to deep developn
6:33 am
to start schools later.late they will move to move the highh school start time to 8:00 or8:0r later. the town hall meetings and community meetings as well to seek suggestions and review other school ^stkreubgt that har start times. the goal is forst students to gt more rest at night so they are r fresh when they come to school.l it's a similar event thatvet was held on friday. frid at today's gathering comes after 15 ^kwraoupb15115 ^kwraoupbyouna person. they are speaking out in support of the collection ofect phone and internet data data ^stph-rbgs the prograthe prplche
6:34 am
program came to light after aftr edward snowden brought it to it light. now the british ^tkpwofrpbment i^tkpwofrpbmenti^stpwh-rbgscritm snowden a ^stporplebritish ,
6:35 am
the finance meeting in 2009. this latest finding comes at the g-summit kicks off in ireland, and as for snowden he is believed to be in hong kong. >> i'm worried that he hass additional information that hete hasn't released yet. that the chinese would welcome the opportunity and willing to provide immunity or sanctuary this exchange for what he prepbly knows opresumably knowst know. no charges have been formally announced against snowden. new revelations in the rivment. s targeting of conservativeses v supervisor with the internal thn revenue service here in washington says she wasgton say personally involved in scrutinizing some of the earliee applications from tea party groups.grou she testified to a congressionae
6:36 am
panel that some of the requests languished for more than a year. until now only lower level irs s workers at the cincinnati office have admitted to targeting the coconservatives.con time for the morning line.l. dave ross. >> yes, sir. >> what is up. >> bigger upset.r upset >> the spurs beating the heat or miss connecticut beating miss alabama. >> the second one. >> the second one. >> of course.. >> she says i love you. u. >> it's a beauty contest, shet, has got to say >> the heat now know the spurs and they know they are legit.lei the big three over the heat combined for 66 points, theypoiy showed up. they had 67 point being pretty y even. we need a difference maker and n he has been danny green the th color of money. money. >> right. >> he and gary neil have been bn dropping bombs and threes like e they're going out of style.
6:37 am
nba record they have, 25-3s,25-, pretty amazing. he started last night, started e him the first time.time. >> you mean greg made a game adjustment. >> he made a game adjustment ant it seemed to get them going. >> greg allen had 22. 22. >> not bad.bad. >> still three.>> s >> big four. >> i'm not giving chris any love. there's your guy danny green from? >> north carolina. n >> yes, theor tar heel nation.n. >> and they can end the seriesss which had he will tomorrow night back this south beach. >> game seven. you think there's a game 7. >> yes. >> we will find out. >> strasburg is back, and it's his first start coming off the dl. they're not giving him any run u support at all. >> everything is not clickingist right now. right you get one thing going and the other thing is messed upping. u. >> he only gave up one hit,
6:38 am
that's the only hit he gave up and the nats couldn't score. if you only give up one and youd get zero, simple math saysth you're going to lose the game. >> it's 100% accurate. accu >> started the wisdom martin math. that's how you know you're going to win the game. >> 6 1/2 games mind a atlanta ad 34-34? here is the thing about phil mickelson, always a brides madee and never a pride. pre. this is the 6th time he comes in second in the u.s. open. >> the whole heart ripping out u thing, that is not cool. cool >> you're more worried about tiger woods, tiger was nowhere to be be he will go find his wall becausu this is going to go over the fence the par-5 second hole right here. here. his highest total ever in a major championship, you're
6:39 am
worried that tiger may be losini his pizazz.pizazz. >> that put him in the league. g >> it's over. over. >> but it's not over. >> justin rose. rose. >> a rose is still a rose. rose >> from any other name. name >> it's been since 1970 since an english man won the u.s. open. >> phil mickelson needed that on 18 to go.18 togo. at last it did not go. finishes 3 over par. par. justin rose celebrates.celerate. he was kind of a prodigy himself over there. when he came up in the british open, so it's taken him a whilee to win win one. he has his major championship. >> and tiger woods is still at 14 which is still amazing. amaz >> 14 of them. >> 14, and i'm in a drought. >> at 1-1 this a long, long time, we will see if he can winn
6:40 am
it at the british open. en. sarah, back to you. you. a new role for reality starr kim kardashian earlier than expected. the time is 6:40, we're back after this.
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february 22nd. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration in the virginia legislature.
6:42 am
even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell, tea party republicans refuse to support the plan. but terry mcauliffe thinks this is too important a time for partisan politics. mcauliffe reaches out to democrats and urges them to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first.
6:43 am
43:00 as you take a lookas outside. >> that could be the theme song for ya t california woman, stag alive. allis brown fighting the systemt after twice being declared by a government agency, one was thete associate security and the other was the cal state retirementrett system. those are her two sources of income, so of course, it'ss important that they know she iss alive. it's estimated that 14,000 people are declared dead by the social security administrationri when in fact,ty they're still living. >> i haven't heard of this. this
6:44 am
>> something gets messed up, , paperwork and all of that stuff. it's a big mess. >> wow. >> good luck on that. tha >> the man of steel is a big hit on the box office, a minnesota homeowner chairbed in o chashedy find. >> it was action comic number nu one the very first appearance on superman. >> wow. >> in it just went for $175,000 at auction. >> gonsalez and his wife found another superman comic from the 1940s, this one is ripped, it could still fetch about $5,000. here is the problem, he pot that house from somebody else and now he is on t.v. talking about it. i found it in his drywall.drywa. >> he owns the house now. now. >> i guess if you leave it in in there it's your property. >> why did he put it in there te
6:45 am
be, you know. >> i see a much bigger problem.. >> i would be tearing every walr in the house. >> you know, that's a good good point. >> i'm trying to find all kind of comic books. bo tearing it down and puttingg it back together again. >> not talented. let's get the weather forecast, we're looking good, g, warm and humid today. toda upper 80s maybe a thunderstorm and looking forward as we looklk to the middle examine end of the weekand end of theweek. it's warm and humid, 72 at leonardtown. and 60s in gadgetter gaithersbug and west, we're not doing terrible, 70 this morning, hagerstown. and very close to that, mid-tot- upper 80s daytime highs, andhigh all in all not a terrible terrib monday. it won't be perfect, here, you can see the cloud cover, cover, overnight we had showers breakes out to the south, south of colonial beach at this hour aree
6:46 am
and across the eastern shore. south in salisbury, and what ant we're going to focus is off to f the north and west. it's a weak cold front. kind of typical this time oftimo year. see the showers in southwest pennsylvania that is going tot t slip down into the region latert this afternoon, and it's notnot going to cool us down, but itbut will serve as a focal point for a shower or thunderstorms toto develop. we got at least the possibilitys of a scattered storms in the the forecast later today. futurecast let's see if we canwn find anything together. toge here we are mid-day, two will ti be, we are getting showersowers breaking out across the area, later this afternoon, at 7:00, lingering shower aci the possibility is hit and misss here. the possibility of a few showers later this afternoon and tonight, we will do it depend today and tomorrow. to highs near 90, there's the accuweather seven day, 87 today7 warm and mul humid tonight. to a few scattered showers around,, a chance we will see it depend tomorrow.
6:47 am
scattered storms in the forecast as the front lingers in the in e neighborhood and with highth pressure building in we're going to be in for a beautiful couple of days, wednesday, thursday, friday, spot weekend, and low to mid-80s. first day of summer, by the wayy friday morning at 1:04 a.m. >> summer is on the way. all right. >> get ready wisdom, it's time e for ask tony and tucker. tu >> give me a little something. e >> no, because he always gets gs torn down every time he tries. . >> now my feelings are hurt. hu >> that's my favorite part. >> when he does -- when he getss it wrong and people. peop >> we get the hate mail. >> yeah. >> ask tony and tucker. tuck next time i'm going to make you do it, sarah. rah. >> ask tony and tucker. tony is under the weather so he is not with us today. i do my best to answer a great t question, we put ore heads ore s together to answer questions qu weather related or otherwise. i guess this is weather relateda
6:48 am
it comes from cindy. sinly asks i was looking up at the weather and i noticed it said the moon was, quote a waxing giv give yous, what doest mean, and where did the words ws come from. from >> the right people. >> it's a great question, wegren have in the early morning hourso we talk about whether the moon o is waxing or waning. wani >> we have nothing else to talk about at that time of the day. . >> we will bea break it down foo you. waxing means to grow. so waxing, when you see waxing, when we're talking about theng e moon, of course, the moon goes in a 29 day cycle and, for the first half of that cycle, thee, moon is getting bigger as we gee closer to the full moon that tht we're all familiar with, and the second half the moon is waning, waning means gets smaller. >> that is easy enough. en >> keeping it simple. >> gigibius, means protruding or
6:49 am
rounded and it it's derived from a latin word meaning humpback.b. you got getting bigger and rounded. so waxing, give yous. yous. when the moon is more than halff illuminated but it's not yetnott full that, is when we get a givus moon. when it's waxing and givus it'ss getting brighter. >> whenever it goes, more lit than the rest of it, is thatit what you mean.what you >> when it's more than if i >> it's called a waxing givus. >> i guess it's a shorthand wayy to do that. that >> let's give you other moon mo facts. the moon is currently in thattht
6:50 am
stage and today this morning, it's 57% full.ll. the moon rise today at 2:12 this afternoon and set at 1:11 tonight. >> is that a real picture.pictu. it almost looks like we superimposed the moon there.ere. it looks large next to the trees n pretty amazing, isn't >> this moon phase arrives 1-212 weeks after the new moon. then we get to the full moon mon when everybody goes crazy for fr the next couple of days, and and everything starts to wane.wane >> the emergency rooms getom filled, too, there's somethingso too to it. it >> we have summer arriving on av friday, and we have the next net full moon on sunday.sunday. so i'm sure there will be some craziness this weekend. >> we will stay off of they offe streets this weekend, then. th we will stay at our home. >> wisdom and i already do. do. >> i'm in bed at 7:00 anyway.7:0 >> pretty much.>> pre
6:51 am
the good question, i hope ii answer it had for you cindy. if you have a question you want answered go to i have a drow crown that i found i'm going to wear it. i promise i'm going to bringg tony in tomorrow and help me anm the question.the ques >> you are going to drag him in kicking and screaming. screami >> he doesn't know yet. >> i think that crown is going o to bewn replaced p by a knot ons head. this happens to be be northbound i-95 and this is is where we had the second hiccuphc if you will. the accident activity pulled pu over to the shoulder. lanes are on open, flatbed trucc involved in this and there'sthes another vehicle on the left left shoulder. there's a lot of activity headed northbound i-95 to contend with, overall the pace is slow, thethe delays continue from dale city
6:52 am
to before newington before the e pace improves and on 395, wewe find delays from toward seminary road. look for heavy volume delays for folks headed north out of dale city. let's continue with the camerash we will show you what else we we have on the roads this morning. for folks headed eastbound,east, along 66, it's below speed out of manassas, headed to the rest area. traffic below speed from fair fr oaks to 123.123. inbound, talk about 50, which is below speed at the 302, trafficf light delays leading northeast o to the northwest.northwes no accidents to report, coming across the anacostia bridges, bd below speed and after 109, and leaving father hurley boulevard. julie, thank you very much? kanye west marked his first s father's day over the weekend.d. >> if twitter is any indicationi his girl friend gave birth to aa
6:53 am
baby girl on saturday, a month t ahead of the schedule. the couple hasn't confirmed thee news, but that doesn't mean that the kardashian's family isn'tfay selcelebrating on social media. >> i can't remember the miraclei that is a part of our family.fai mommy and baby are resting. rest we appreciate all of the love. >> this is the first child for kim yay kim and kanye, we have nick >> i'm sure there will be updates coming courtesy of twitter and the other socialothi media website or anything like e that. >> can't wait. wa >> more kanye news. the time is 6:54 this monday morning. president obama promises prm arms to rebels in syria. we will take a look at thethe impact it could have on the
6:54 am
civil war and if it's enough to help. and a conflict with russia u all because of a super bowlbowl ring. >> this is a fascinating story,t but the first we will check in with holly who is learning all about fresh, local foods.
6:55 am
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now, there are ninety-percent fewer beverage calories in... schools nationwide. it's just one of the ways we're helping everyone make more... balanced choices everyday. to learn more, visit good monday morning, i'm m holly morris. if you were goingho to try to se the environment, what would youu do? >> you would open a grocery gror store and you would call it glen's garden market. mark that is where we are, this a a local grosser in every sense of the word. word. what i mean, everything is is sourced locally from the chesapeake bay. bay. or the local products from local vendors. what we're going to do this to morning is getth a tour. it happens to be small business appreciation week so we're going to talk about the importance ofo small business asks what they dy for the economy. economy.
6:58 am
we're going to talk about the te concept of this store and why it works. and wisdom, it happens to be be national eat your veggies day,ie if you'res going to eat some vegetables, why not come and ged some of the best. i will give you a variety toriet choose from. i think it's going to be a tasty morning all in all. all. >> i will make it easy, bring bg them all. all. >> holly morris, is you veryu vy much. mu we want to take a moment too say hello to our facebook fan oe the day. tutor watching lindsay vanness, all right, that's going to do it for the 6, let's send it to allison and normally it would be tony.ny. it's allison and sarah. sarah. >> i'm something back, so hold it down until i get there. >> ladies, first. lad coming up, on fox 5 morningr president barack obama, he arrived in northern ireland andn gaved a major speech on peace, c
6:59 am
and is headed to the g-8 summitm the topic what happens in syriaa that the u.s. says will help arp the rebels.rebels closer to home, virginia's government, faces new questionsn about misconduct. miscond reports today that governor bob mcdonnell broke the bills ofof what they pay for when it comess to personal expense. and flying across the the country without a drop of fuel.. a very special plane makes a ma stop in the d.c. area, how it ht flies and how long it will be here. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. pla good monday morning,rning, everybody. a nice looking shot at our arear it's monday, june 17th,june7th, believe it or not, we're welle into the summer as far as i'm concerned. >> well, yeah. wel >> i know it hasn't officiallyoy started be but it's here, it's june 17th,


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