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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  June 17, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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promoting fun cycling in d.c. holds a riding party and gets the word out. this month hundreds gathered in due pobt road through anacostia and ended up on capitol hill but in that group a few guys described by the group's founder as bad apples -- dupont road. >> wednesday evening last week. just before nightfall an estimated 600 people gathered for a monthly meet up in dupont circle called d.c. bike party. >> the goal is to have a good time help other feel have a good time and be safe. >> she's the founder that promotes bike safety who says shows disturbed at this footage that's now gone viral. >> you can see a small group of bikers in the crowd that wednesday night not being safe. >> in the video you know you'll see them even when they're apart of the group they're zooming through all the other bikes that
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are stopped. >> they're weaving through cars and bikers and in some cases nearly colliding with other cyclists. throughout the 15 minutes video the cyclists are running red lights and that's just what happens here in logan circle. one of the cyclists blows through a red light and that taxi cab hit the man on the bike. the aftermath shows the cyclist get up on his own and limp over to a bus bench where someone comforts him. watching that video of the collision back you've got to wonder about possible alternative outcomes that could have been far worse for the cyclist, the cab driver or pedestrian in the intersection. >> that is the risk you take when you behave like that and i would never say he got what was coming to him i would say it's not surprising that he was hit like that. >> we're told the booker who was hit hurt his ankle and has road rash. d.c. bike party works in
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conjunction with police and d-dot trying to make their event safe for all of us. when we saw that video we asked her is the exception and she said yes. brian. >> will thomas tonight. >> sky fox high above a deadly crash this evening. the crash happened as a calvert county medic was responding to a call and collide with a car on route 4. the driver of the car died at the scene. the medic was flown to baltimore shock trauma. >> no word on that person's condition. >> the news edge in virginia where fairfax police are investigating a fairfax murder suicide. one man says he heard gunshots and a woman screaming just before 10 this morning. police believe a man shot a woman and then himself. to virginia's eastern shore where two arsonists will face a grand jury. >> police believe these two started 75 fires. today a judge ruled there is
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enough evidence to build a case against the couple. they each face arson and conspiracy to commit arson. smith told investigators he torched 52 and bundick set fire to 15. >> the edge back on d.c. the blooming dale neighborhood is on edge after a violent stabbing of a young woman. a young identified woman was walking home with her bag last thursday night when she was assaulted. >> brian, blooming dale is a neighborhood in transition with long time residents and new young urban professionals. residents told us adams street is usually quiet and safe but the woman who is assaulted doesn't want neighbors to let their guard down -- the woman does not want to walk -- talk on camera but is warning others to be careful at night. her assailant approached her and
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tried to wrestle her to the ground. she was walking her bicycle at the time. she says she tried to defend herself but he jabbed her with a sharp object in the arm and aimed at her stomach. he didn't rob her didn't ask for money. he never said a word. when she screamed he ran away. police have not found the suspect. neighbors who like their street and generally feel safe acknowledged that there have been some crime problems. >> i feel safe. i grew up in this neighborhood you know 40 years i've been in this neighborhood and i've not heard of anything like that. so i am just taken aback by it all really. >> this won't be the first time ery e had a crime wave in the confidence that they're going to track these people down and get them. >> generally it's been safer every year that i've been here and it's luckily rare this kind of thing happens. >> the suspect is still on the loose. police are investigating a double shooting around the corner on bates and 1st street over the weekend. two male juveniles were shot
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about 10:30 on saturday night. they were taken to the hospital. no word on their condition. brian. >> now the edge on maryland sexual assault charges were filed against three football players at the united states naval academy. today a spokesperson confirmed the accused will face an article 32 hearing which requires charges be issued. a female midshipmen says she was attacked by the players in annapolis last year. she doesn't remember much about the night but later found out what happened through friends and social media. >> big story the u.s. supreme court ruled arizona cannot require potential voters to show proof of u.s. citizenship. in a 7-2 vote justices struck down a provision in arizona's voter law. supporters claim striking it down will decrease voter faith in the system. this vote could impact several other states that have similar requirements onto books. >> the man who admitted leaking
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documents about u.s. surveillance programs answered questions online today about the scandal. edward snowden defended himself. he says he's far from done. fox jennifer give frin has details -- jennifer griffin. >> as the president arrived in europe edward snowden dropped a bombshell. he provided documents about a plot by the british equivalent of the n.s.a. to spy on the phone and computer communications of foreign dignitaries visiting london in 2009 for a g 20 segment -- they used fake internet cafes to monitor their communications. e-mail was used to spy. 45 analysts monitored who phoned whom. snowden revealed how the n.s.a. also attempted to eavesdrop on
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them run -- russian leader at the summit. in an exclusive interview with fox eric bowling snowden's father asked his son to stop leaks and come home. >> i believe firmly that you are a man of principle. i believe in your character. i don't know what you've seen but i just ask that you measure what you're going to do and not release anymore information. >> snowden or man who claimed to be the n.s.a. leaker held a live chat on the guardian website dismissing suggestions he's a traded tore -- traitor. >> i think it's the worst occasion of somebody with classified information doing enormous damage to the under eyed states. >> snowden said being called a traitor by dick cheney is the
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highest honor you can get. >> president obama said what i can say is that if you have a u.s. person the n.s.a. cannot listen to your telephone calls and the n.s.a. cannot target your e-mails and have not. at the pentagon jennifer griffin fox news. >> still ahead on the news edge metro finalizing plans for 4th of july plus there may be truth to the saying you are what you eat. >> we still have a couple showers out there on radar. we'll show you a look at that plus tell you why tomorrow i think we're going to have a better chance of more showers and thunder storms coming up when the edge continues. stay with us. >> stom st [ male announcer ] you know what's so awesome about the internet?
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nasa announced it's first astronaut class. they picked eight candidates, four are women. the highest percentage over female candidates ever. they were chosen from 6,000 applications. the report for duty in august to johnson space center houston.
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nasa administrator says the new candidates will lead the first human missions to an astroid and mars. >> another first for sesame street. the show is tackling a different family dynamic for childrens whose parents are jill -- in jail. incarceration initiative helps children with parent in jail cope and find out side support. >> metro is getting ready for next month's's 4th of july festivities -- months 4th of july festivities. >> we're starting with another reason to rate right and ex -- eat right and excise. obesity -- obese students is associated with a mild hearing loss. they suggest obese teens undergo hearing screenings. >> number four the old saying you are what you eat maybe true. researchers found exposure to a
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high fat diet during pregnancy can alter a baby's brain so it refers high caloric foods. investigators study monkeys to mothers. >> number three upping your red meat intake could up your diabetes risk ch. >> number two bullying by pierce is a recognized problem but bullying by siblings is often over looked. a survey found sibling bullying can lead to anxiety and depression. experts say parents should pay close attention to how children interact. >> number one metro is trying to make sure your 4th of july holiday is smoother. metro rail will run from 7:00 a.m. to midnight with no scheduled track work. also with 500,000 people expected to ride the rails on
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independence day smithsonian station will be entry only at the end of the fireworks. brian that's tonight's fox 5 top five. >> tonight investigators getting closer to pinpointing where tomorrow -- colorado most destructive wildfire started. the fire is now 75% contained. yesterday the rain helped. the fire has burned 22 square miles destroyed 500 homes. residents could be allowed to return to their homes temporarily as early as tomorrow. >> it looks like we got showers on the radar. >> we do. >> a couple little new ones popping up too so we'll show you that coming up here in just a second. gorgeous evening for us. i mean we've said dry in the city not everybody has stayed dry but the showers, the storms that we have had have been very very isolated. it will be more widespread tomorrow. we're dry here. a couple thundershowers. i don't think these are
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thundershowers. i'm not seeing lightening perhaps they may grow up to five find and have lightening from time to time. but this is way up here. this is carroll county and then down in extreme west sections of loudoun county out towards the higher elevations there you can see this thundershower is dying out for fauquier county over into prince william county. there's more activity north and east of baltimore. then we have little ones that have fired up in the last few minutes away out west. front royal this is to the northwest of you guys. and they may actually be able to live for you know half an hour to 45 minutes or so. all these will be calming down. i'm surprised the last two have popped up. 86 is the high for reagan national today. it was muggy. it felt nig90 with the heat of day. dulles was 87. bwi marshall was 88 degrees and we've cooled off. we're 79 here in town. quantico is 76. gaithersburg down to 73.
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showers and thunderstorms a good bet tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. we're going to have an upper level system coming through. we're going to have a surface feature at the frontal feature at the surface and that will initiate these showers and storms. a lot of activity west of us south of us. watch how it's calming down. we're cooling off the atmosphere with the setting stun. we are getting clouds from this and tomorrow morning we'll wake up to cloudy skies -- setting stun. -- setting sun. we'll be in the lower 70s for lows in town. we may not get down 71 degrees if these clouds really thicken up over the next few hours. but i think we'll be good in the 60s. temperatures will be able to get into the 80s tomorrow with more sunshine tomorrow we may get warmer than this perhaps we'll get to 86 or 87 degrees with
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abundant sunshine. i don't think we're going to have abundant sunshine but if we do some thunderstorms could grow stronger and severe. a few early foggy spots tomorrow morning but by no means will it be widespread. spotty shower to start the day but by no means will that be widespread. sunny breaks by noon. 81 degrees and we'll end up with showers and thunderstorms late afternoon into the evening hours. some may become strong. a few may become severe but we're not talking about a severe weather outbreak. a few showers linger late afternoon wednesday but cooler air and drier air is coming in and for the weekend first day of summer is friday. for the weekend we're going to be warming right back up above normal. that's a look at your forecast. here's a look at sports with scott smith. >> this is the verizon 4g lg e with scott smith. >> the national team doctor got to look at harper who was cleared to start running and
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strength training -- no timetable for his return. they need him. they combined for a single run. kicking off a new series in philadelphia facing john lantana. he scored off jayson werth. ing worth -- jayson werth a 360 off lantana. anthony rendon. the nats strike first. lantana at the dish scoring off herron. zimmerman. mindful of the steps and zim snags it. great catch. assistant coach snags hip i. -- snags him. chad tracy comes through against jonathan papelbon a towering shot solo blast his second game tying homer in three games. 4-4 bottom of the ninth fernando abbas surrenders the game winning shot.
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the nats rally from 4-2 but only to lose 5-4. >> it was tough. i guess we needed to change. it was the ballgame. but we faught back. that was a good ballgame. both of them did a good job. tough loss. >> the orioles in detroit against the tigers tonight. bottom of the first miguel cabrera. first pitch swinging against jake arrieta. that's a deep shot to right centerfield. two-run homerun. he has 19 homeruns on the season and ridiculous 71 rbis chris davis with a reply. a drive to nearly the same spot in the outfield there. that's a solo blast mlb leading 24th homerun for davis. the deficit cut in half. 3-1 and davis bases loaded opportunity misses out matt sure 0 one of ten strikeouts he
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improves to 10-0 as the birds fall to the tigers 5-1. >> coming up the spurs are going green with the breakout star of the mba finals next. >> anncr: competition makes us rivals.
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well we've gotten our monies worth through the two stanley cup finals. they've played more than three. so far 65 minutes of over time. >> early first period the hawks jonathan shot deflects off his sticks and tuukka rask gets lucky with the fluttering puck. bruins danny paille brilliant steal and past corey crawford and boston out front 1-0. bruins on the power play. yam measure jager to patrice bergeron and off the post and in the bruins shut out the blackhawks in game three to take a 2-1 series lead. >> the newest star to emerged in the n.b.a. is spurs danny green.
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the former tar heel has hit 25 3-pointers in five games. that breaks a finals record of 22 previously held by ray allen who plays for the miami heat. last night he hit six these are as the spurs won by 10 points and then he seriously town played his torrid stretch. >> i have been getting lucky. our transition our pace helps us a lot. phony -- tony penetrating and mono penetrating. a couple have dropped for me. >> just luck. >> that's sports tonight. brian is back to wrap things up. >> why are twice as many people choosing verizon over any other carrier? many choose us because we have the largest 4glte network. others, because of our reputation for reliability. or maybe it's because we've received jd power and associates' customer service award 4x in a row.
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taking the edge off with brave stunt from fearless florida teen. chris craze and a friend were boat anything the gulf of mexico when a 30-foot while shark came swimming by. most people with be scared. chris thought it would be a good
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idea to jump into the water and get on the back of the big guy. he was able to hold on and get a shored ride and chris finally let go. he says the ride was incredible. >> one last look at the forecast gary. >> there's an accuweather seven day shot for you 85 tomorrow. a good chance of some scattered showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon into the evening. just some cooler and drier air wednesday and thursday. >> now you have the news edge. as always thanks for staying late. >> real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. 
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz." >> ok, big news, kim had the baby, finally. >> saturday morning, kim kardashian had the baby. the baby was five weeks early. >> was kanye in the delivery room? >> yeah, he was there the whole time. imagine h


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