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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  September 24, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> were you excited to be on camera there? >> it was doing something kindss of funny. cold temperatures depending on your definition of cold. for julie it was cold a couple weeks ago. dropped down below 80. >> i think 78 is a cutoff for you. i noticed the complaining starts at 78. we're going be chilly here the e next couple of hours. obviously kids going to to the bus stop. that kind of thing. fall weather here to stay. nice time of year. expect highs in y the mid 70s this afternoon. we have a quick warm up once we get the sun up. u yesterday the lots of afternoon sunshine. you know what? you can check back in this a couple days and i'll give you the same forecast. >> i'll be here.. a different suit you about the same forecast. >>sam 74 sunshine this afternooa
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>> don't undersell it, come on. >> i love it. it's this time of year. >> all right. thanks. >> julie wright. w >> yes. ye >> how are you doing? >> a little due on the cars this morning. >> did you get due on your car snrng i was dueless. [laughter] it was good. >> these twoter] have fancy garg i had due on my car. >> i park outside.utsi i had dew on my car. >> i was just trying to get ine the car. >> there's a little bit of dew on some peoples' cars this morning. when i came in the photographers had left through dew on their cars. >> obsessed with the dew. >> you need allow more time on the roads. that's all i'm saying. >> does due make you have to spend extra time on the road. t >> youhe need extra time to getn the car and make sure you can see and head out the door.
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>> okay. >> this is why he calls me. i'm lost on wisconsin avenue trying to get to the station. traveling north of occoquan. light traffic volume working in your fave right now head northbound out of stafford. no issues to report northbound 395 leaving duke street.eet an easy drive on 66 coming inbound. it's fair oaks headed inbound towards vienna. still at speed. no trouble spots to report out started -- towards the beltway. on the right side of scene at speed. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic because tock.ic >> thank b you, julie. overseas where a hostage situation in yean has oabted -- in kenya has entered its fourth day.
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>> a montgomery county marylandy woman in the mall when the attack began describes the chaos. melanie joins us live with the story. conflicting information that sought there rightion now. news reports from kenya are saying that the siege is over and the milt i have in control however the militants have taken to twitter once again, and they say they have hostages inside and they are in control. there were sounds of gunfire and a small explosion early at the west gate shopping mall. m the military is saying it's the rangers clearing the build and detonating explosives. we're learning americans wereans among the terrified shoppers and possibly the attackers. the terror group which means tht youth had held the upscale shopping mall for four days.
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in an interview on tv sarah head of silver spring described her narrow escape. my colleague recognized 9 gunshots and she yesterday at to me get behind the car.. the white house has pledged assistance to the kenyan government. >> scary to see they are recruiting from middle america. >> fox 5 will provide coverage v of president obama's speech to the general assem blix the
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speech will reportedly carry two mesians a willingness to worko with the new government in irana and the white house is considering a possibility of a meeting between president obama and the president of iran before he returns to d.c. tonight. >> in the race for virginia governor the democrat is expangd his lead over republican ken ciewch nelly. a "washington post" poll shows mcauliffe ahead and libertarian candidate robert saves has 10% an indication voters are not happy with both candidates. they face off tomorrow night in mclean. absentee voting has begun. >> for the next week he's making
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stops across the free state. bell in rockville, he will cot city and baltimore. >> this morning there are startling new due tails about a the navy yard gunman. why did the people doing the background tests get an at yearned version of a previous gun incident?ncid >> a big change coming to disnes theme parks. while people with disabilities will no longer be allowed to good to the head of the line. time now is 5:00:07.
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>> a push for security exchanges at the navy yard. >> aaron alexis' background report failed to reveal he had shot out the tires of another person's car in toample insteads it said he deflated the tires and never mentioned the use of a gun. >> disneyland and disney worldld will no longer allow guests to have access to rides. they will be given a ticket with
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a specific time to enter the ride. it's similar to the fast past system. in the past they could bypass the main lines and enter through a side door. the change comes there were reports of able body guests due to that policy. due to confidentality laws the park can't ask a government for proof.isab >> for those who criticized president obama for playing golf. , president bush says top. he said he understands the pressure of a white house and said playing golf is a good outlet. 15 of the last 18 presidents have played and two are in the world golf hall of fame, eisenhower and george hw bush. >> the powerball winner comes forward and he describes how he got to lucky next. n >> we're looking fine. school to start your morning.
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>> temperatures in the 40s. should be a nice bright sunny su tuesday afternoon. vile details and traffic after a the break.
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noalt. ♪ >> michael jockson. >> who is it is the name of name because the winner ever powerball jackpot has cashed in his ticket in south carolina but
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he wants to remain anonymous. >> i get it. >> get that tucker who is it, the song connection. >> i didn't get it until you told me to wow. >> lottery officials released a fee details. d he lives ine columbia, south carolina and on the day of drawing his wife told him to buy hot dog buns. he stopped by the gas station. they didn't sell them but he he bought $20 in tickets instead. >> apparently it was only his second time playing the lot rix he -- lottery. he said he schekd the ticket -- checked the ticket and shared sa the news with the dog. d >> i think the bigger issue is that he disauto obeyed his wife and now he is rich. >> that's not a trend you want w to start. s no, no, no, don't go down that
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road. >> you send him to get buns. he bought a lottery record. >> she's probably still mad he didn't get the hot dog buns. >> i got $400 million. where are the hot dog buns. >> i wouldn't be mad. if he hasn't i'd be like still don't have hot dog buns. >> i am sure she's still saying that. >> somehow, i can see that, sarah. >> you can see that whole stilll don't have buns thing? >> i can. >> thank god he won. w >> now they can afford lots of hot dog buns. who goes to the gas for hot down buns? there's people who do their shopping at the pharmacy. >> brrr. >> our temperatures in the 40s
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and 30s north and west. sunshine cold temperatures.mper up your 40s. 4 right those temperatures falling off. again, we're getting pretty cold off to the west and north.. 51 in washington.n. that's chilly. 48 in quantico. q 46 in leonardtown. 39 in manassas this week. these temperatures will probably, you know what? we'll probably lose a degree or two more next hour as we get close to the sunrise here as we sort of maximum radiational cooling overnight. lots of clear its a beautiful day. a beautiful couple days. once this is sort of typical of fall-like pattern. once we get the areas of fall-like pressure in argue thee don't move a lot of sunshine sun expected for the next several days. each afternoon warming up to the 70s. be cool at night with lows low notice 40s and 50s.0s.
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yesterday only the upper 60s 6 to 70s. sunshine nice afternoon. winds north and west to five. 50 clear skies and chilly. winds calm.nds that allows temperatures to cool off again early tomorrow morning. there's a bit of a warm up. we'll be in the upper 70s wednesday, mid to upper 70s thursday and the weekend forecast looks niceo and dry. trying to think about what sports event might be going on this weekend. redskins out of town. nationals done. >> said that under his breath. >> for all you area high school games, this looks great. >>look friday night football. >> nice time of year for it. >> it's. i let's sayt hello to julie wright and see what going is on with traffic. >> not a lot right now. >> good. keep it that way. >>p it yeah, fingers crossed. on the roads lanes open northbound 5. north of occoquan, no issues to report leaving wood bridge. it looks pretty good on the board of healthway inner loop no
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issues to report southbound along 270 south of 109. 1 again the lanes are open.09re no issues to report southbound on kenilworth avenue leaving the d.c. line to pennsylvania avenue. your fox 5 on of time traffic.ffic >> thank you julie. you may soon be able to listenen to your ipod and read your kindle during your flightt takeoff and during the landing. an f.a.a. advisory panel iss meeting this week to finish recommendations to relax the restrictions on inflight devices. banned untily are 10,000 feet. >> with a week to go before a possible fghtd shutdown federal agencies are getting ready to keep employees home. they are dusting off guidance
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plans when there was another threat. always there there was essentil personnel that had a to report and be paid but 800,000 would be furloughed.. feds were reimbursed for the pay cut during the furloughs butut it's not a grn tee. >> a popular fast food chain c will serve a healthier option for an american favorite now. that is next. >> a ravens football player creating buzz this morning. what happened to jones during aa night out in d.c.? it never ends well when we start talking about nights out and reading about it on the news. n >> quite the party apparently. >> yeah.
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>> welcome back.. calorie counters can reduce their guilt with with a crinkle cut french fry on the burger king menu by the way. >> do you like the crinkle cut,c by the way? >> i do.>> >> the new satis-fries have a
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batter this doesn't absorb as much oil so a small order has 250 calories as opposed to 370 calories. purger king said people can't tell the difference.iffe they'll even be made in the same fryers and cooked for the same s amount of time. the difference is they adjust the proportions of ingredients to block out the oil. >> how many details are you you going to give us. >> we have to know how it'st's possible. >> they don't want to be moreore specific than that. >> that's -- [laughter] they'll cost you more. >> okay. >> a small order ie.s $1.89 compared to the $1 in .59. >> less ingredient and chargend you more. >> yeah because people want to be healthy but --
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>> just put them down. don't you think.hin >> a degree with you, sarah. >> here is my take on it i think it's a good thing. >> sure. >> because in addition to your whopper, could you get a whopper, jr., right? >> and healthy fries. >> if they weren't healthy, h would probably skip the whopperj. >> me being mr. fuddy duddy up here. i'm not trying to get a diet friday. i'm getting the whopper, i'm getting the fridays and i'm getting a big drink. i'm having it my way if i'm i going to burger king. >> are you now advertising for them? >> i'm just saying i'm doing it my way. [laughter] >> fair >> i would try them but i wouldn't go out of my way oh, it's healthy.hy. >> yes, right.
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from burger king to a night out for baltimore ravens players. tucker are you listening closely. the ravens are making headlines because according to tmz jacoby jones waso on a party bus when a stripper hit him on the head with a champagne party, the stripper's name was sweat pea. >> is this the same sweet pea. >> they were in d.c. to celebrate offensive tack. 's birthday. happy birthday. >> jones was sidelined with a sprained knee and now another issues. still aanded the meeting with the teenl mee.e t here is what john harbaugh had to say about the incident.ide >> not very impressed personalll with the report. not something we want to be b known for.or. i would like to think it's
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something they won't want to by known for. for it's nothing to be proud of. kind of disappointed in that sense. >> he is not happy. i don't blame him. >> he watched -- i watched the press conference. he later said his parents told him nothing good happens after midnight. >> it's like your dad talking. t >> it turned funny at the end. boys will be boys. i don't know what to say. >> i don't understanding the whole concept of strippers. i'm saying. >> we've hit.e >> i don't know why they arehey doing the strip clubs. it's a good thing. he is saying most women out there would love to have wisdomm martin because he is -- [laughter] >> his opinion is ridiculous. >> they give people money ---- >> a girl has to eat. >> they are going to college,
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right? trying to pay for their master's degrees, i'm sure. sur i'll explain the rest later. >> maybe we should be carefull going down that path. >> apparently it was a nice bottle of champagne. >> here is your cup of champagne. i want more than singles, $20's, $50's. >> did he tell you how much it was. did you have a discussion.ion. >> stay by from the strip clubs. that's all i'm saying. >> still plenty ahead other than strippers and champagne bottles. >> time now is 5:28. we'll bet -- be right back before we get in trouble.
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>> welcome back. b >> julie is talking about drake over there. >> let's go triedar. quiet conditions. clear skies. day. beautifuls. it's cold to start the day. particularly north and west to the 30s. expecting a bright and beautiful day. there's a look at your radar. you can see it's quiet.
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temperature 51 at reagan national. 39 in pittsburgh this morning.i. 30s locally in frederick and manassas this right now in the 30s. it's going be chilly here the next couple of mornings here this area of high pressure starts to move on overhead. nice afternoon sunshine. 74 the high. yesterday upper 60s. >> jackets to start off with and take it off for later, the jacket. >> can't leave the stripper story, could you you? >> apparently you can't. i'm not laughing over here. well, on the roads light traffic on theht area. all lanes in open in southeast. southbound 270.hbou picking up and putting them down as my mom would say.
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slowing south of 109 headed to the truck scales.truc no report accidents to report at this time. ti eastbound 66 slow out of of manassas aided eastbound. wisdom and sarah back to you. >> in the news this morning the family of a woodbridge high school student killed in a parki over the weekend is making a plea for anyone with information to come forward. for kenny diaz was stabbed to deathd at 3:15 afternoon. a man who came upon the crime scene said officers told him him they are looking up to five young men and diaz knew at least one of hisnew killers.. they took canines that way and this path leads back up to the rec center on the other side of tracks. whether or not that's the way they ran, i don't know. >> on monday relatives held a candleviet vigil near where --
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candle light vigil near where he was killed and class mailtz we are red, his favorite color. c in just a few hours. president obama will address the u.n. general assembly. he is attending the open session in new york this morning. iran's president is also speaking today. a formal meeting between the two leaders remains in doubt right now but the white house says it's not completely off the table. a partial shutdown of the federal government is appearing more and moren of possible as lawmakers have less than a weekw to hammer out a budget deal. at the center of battle betweent republicans and democrats is the funding of the affordable careec act. the house passed a bill to keep funding the government pass september 30 if obama care is defunded. they'll reinstate funding and send it back to theo house.hou
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>> the district is preparing a contingency plan in the case of a government shutdown. public schools will remain open but some agencies would have to close including its dmv. >> the attack in kenya which has killed more than 60 people which was carried out by an al qaeda linked group.nke >> americans are part of the terrorist group as well. melanie is here with more on the story. melanie.mel >> interesting information for sure. the state department has yet confirmed the nationalities of them them working on not part kenyan go. u.s. officials say they've been concerned for some time about efforts to recruit americans. the this morning the smoke is no longer billowing from the building and there's conflicting information as to who is in control. the kenyan military says the sound of gun fire and explosions
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are from clean up and debt nation of any leftover explosives. the attackers say they are holding hostages inside. and 10-15 gunmen stormed the upscale shopping small saturdayt the terrorist group said it was in revenge for kenyan forces pushing into somalia in 2011. 62 people killed and 200 others wounded. this say multinational incidenti victimson from many countries ad attacker as well. kenya's foreign munster said some were americans. >> the americans from the information we have are young men about between 18 and 19. >> somali origin?? >> owl somali or arab origin bun you know, lived in the u.s., in minnesota and one other place.le >> this underscores and to
5:36 am
reawaken all of us as an international community has to stand together because of senseless violence these groups represent. >> minnesota has been at the center of a federaleral investigation into the recruiting of fighters forinve . at least two dozen young menng have left since 2007 to join the group. >> wow. you hate to say there's a bright side but we always see such an outpouring of support. people waiting in lineng o for s as we saw after september 11,1, waiting in line for hours to donate blood.dona we'll have more on the american red cross efforts coming up. still head teen in virginia isa in trouble for something he didi at home. we'll explain what that is about when we come back. >> a check of the market shows a third day of declines for the theec dolw. it lost almost 50 points yesterday. the nasdaq fell nearly 10 points
5:37 am
and nikkei dropped 10 points over night. concerns over budget fight are worrying investors of u.s. and a around the world.orld right now time now is 5:38. we're back in a moment.
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>> vandals went off the structure. today the president of the ministry reverend rob shank will hold a news conference in front of the damaged monument to deliver a message to the perpetrators. >> a 7th grader from virginia beach will find out whether he is expelled from school for shooting a toy gun on his property. the 13-year-old and a friend were suspended for a year for playing with the air soft gun. the neighbor called the police after seeing the incident. the boy games never took it to the designated bus stop or the school. >> hundreds of gun rights advocateors rallied in annapolis as they are set to take effect e next month and will ban 455
5:41 am
different types of weapons, limit magazines to ten round and require gun buyersers to submit finger fingerprints to maryland state police. >> he was just miles from his goal. a story of determination after a local man's cross country backride lands him in theim i hospital. >> as we head to break a live lv look outside on this tuesday morning. a rather chilly tuesday morning. we'll get an update from tucker barnes to see if it's going remain that way when we come back.
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>> let the celebration begin in pittsburgh. they clinched a spot to the playoffs for the first time in many years. sadly pittsburgh's victory along with cincinnati reds win means the national as chance for a post season miracle is over. >> sorry tucker. >> i'm happy. you know what, if the nationalsa are not going to do it, good for the pirates. they've stunk forever. >> coming out of nowhere.
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>> a maryland's man bicycle fund-raising journey to every major league baseball stadium is short. >> he died. sadly his effort ended 1810 miles from the finish line when a hit and run driver smashed into him while riding to miami. doctors say will he be okay butb needs to stay off the bike for two weeks. he plans to attend the ball game in miami and plans to finish as soon as he can. >> wow. >> too bad. >> yeah. there. t something hit him.g h >> a hit and run. come on. anyway what is going on in the e weather world? >> chilly temperatures. if you are out riding the bike this morning, going for a walk, it's fall. feels like it. early morning temperatures back in the 30s and 40s. going be a beautiful stretch of days here for the next several days. you know, i feel like i should be cleaning out my garage or
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something. >> doing something outside,uts whatever it i >> doing one of those projects. >> there's always grass thatt need it's be cut. >> not so much for me because we haven't had any rain. >> good morning. many othere are things out of control at theol house but not the grass. 51 in washington. was 45 in leonardtown. leo cambridge 35. 30s break out -- wow, look at frederick. 37 degrees is chillism 41 in manassas and 30's in winchester as well. yesterday a cloud deck in the morning. held the temperatures up intoemp the low to mid 50s. 41 this morning. temperatures below average heree for the later stages of september. radar quiet. a beautiful couple the f week here to the weekend there's no real sign of any rain in sight. there's clouds around by the
5:47 am
middle and end of week. the dry pattern continues. high pressure north and west and that will different a couple off gorgeous days around here for the time bag as we warm it up to the midst 70s this afternoon. once again tonight with the aret of high pressure overhead ande clear skiesad we cool it back to the 40s. 50 tonight clear and chilly. beautiful time of year and how is that temperatures in the fefnts even 60s by next weekend. enjoy this pattern because things change as we get toll october. >> yes. >> if you have your windows open and haven't gotten out from under the covers yet you want to close them quickly. i felt the chill in the house.
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yes. >> i woand up closing my -- wound up closing my windows w yesterday afternoon. aft i couldn't deal with it.wi i toughed it out, sarah. no heat. >> me and the dog huddled down. they had road work to 66. traveling between 286 and 28 in centreville. it's in the process of being cleared. inbound it's slowing east of centreville headed to fair oaks. northbound 95 in virginia starting to see a slow ride out of stafford and delays to widow bridge. no accidents headed northbound on hea 395. the pace good as you travel north of capital beltway order s order -- outed fors the 14th street -- out towards the 14th 1 street bridge. outer loop looks great. inner loop from 210 and 295 passing the exit from the
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national harbor you are at speed. >> thank you, swriewly. the you redskins charitable foundation kicks off the military challenge. the initiative is part of the envelope's play 60 campaign which fights childhood obesity by encouraging kids to get g active for 60 mibilities a day. -- minutes a day. a number of redskin playersers e on hand for this. so star studded event. >> lots of redskins. an animated comedy hits they're tore it's weekend.eek >> cloudy with a chance of meatballs, 2 is without. we talk to the actors when we come back. 
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>> welcome back. to theme -- if first cloudy wita chance of meatballs the star creates the machine that can c make food but things take a turn. >> my favorite moment in the movie is the bit about you crying and the tear going down d and going back in there. i'm crossing two of the most manly men in the planet.
5:53 am
>> i'm winning by association last. laugh what makes you two, cry? >> pretty much every movie. every thing i watch i'll cry. it's something about the altitude. >> it's something about the plane. i don't know what it is. i saw the one with in naomi wav. >> impossible. >> every cried watching that.chn >> i cried in like iron man 3. [ laughter ] completely the opposite of what he expected him to be. what you got to the business what was the element of hollywood in this business that disapinted -- -- appointed you theppo most?
5:54 am
>> for me it was how early youly had to wake up. everything else was great. >> everything was great. >> i have been disappointed when you meet heroes and the whole thing. you work with them on a weekly basis. you know what? whatyou is weird is that you aa put people up too high. no one can compare to what a movie did for them and gives them the image. you are going to see real things happen. it's one of things that makes you go oh, boy people are not perfect. they can be pretty mean. i think it's what happens to flint. realized who and comes down to earth bigtime. >> okay, andy samburg and terry cruz. they are cast mates on brooklyn
5:55 am
99, too. >> that airs right here. >> that's right. blackberry is changing hands. the move toll change the troubled smart phone maker ahead at 6:00.0. >> let's say good morning right now. our favorite time of the day. wanda haines is the facebook fab of the day. he loves waking up to us at fox 5. thank i have mexico. for your chance to bethan tomors fan of the day, like our facebook page and then most a comment below the picture. >> facebook people take great pictures. >> i wonder if it's a selfy. >> think it's a selfish.elfi >> if she is she did a good job. >> the last time i tried to take a self its dlts ie. i had to do 50 takes
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a local woman caught in the
5:59 am
nairobi drama shares her first observance.o fox 5 morning news continue right now. good morning, everyone, it's straight up 6:00 on this tuesday, september 24th. a live look at the capital dome a lot of work needs to be done as we get closer and closer toer the showdown. good morning, everyone. i'm cor sarah simmons. and i'm wisdom martin and let's welcome tucker barnes whos will give us more of the same. today mid-70s, and that is a warm up. it's chilly this morning at the bus stop. you think about that ear


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