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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  September 25, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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building 197. looking for people to shoot carrying shot gun modified with hacksaw cutting off i will part barrel and stock. his pants pockets he care read adim f.b.i. all right released video alexisry riving fair view yard rental care before walk into building with a stkpwupb backpack. on side of the weapon the f.b.i. says alexis etched four statements. is not my elk weapon ends of torment. better off this way. investigator have also uncovered no previous relationships between alexis and the 1 people he killed time line show alexis shot his first victim at 8:16 am. went between the stkpourt first tphraorz for an hour before bowing shot dead at 9:25 am. there are multiple and indicators that delusionnal belief that he was being controlled or influenced by extremely low frequency or elf
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waves. >> etching of quote, my elk weapon close quote on the left side ofed receiver of the recommendington 870 shot gun believed to reference the waves. >> today fbi tried define elf tech fork us. you will remember alexis etched elf on to us this gun it stands for extreme low frequency signals. the f.b.i. explanation quite complicated. it says elf was legitimate program used for navy submarine communications but there are others who say, elf kind of technology used to control someone's mind. >> i am wondering did f.b.i. say anything about the kneel were shot? do they believe aleckis was targeting any one? >> no, matt. that was one of the big questions here was was this some kind of workplace shooting where he wanted revenge against someone. and they had looked into relationships of every one who
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was shot they say he no relationships with any one and didn't work with any of these people that he shot this was all random. he just went around shooting whoever he could. >> once again we understand these i am apblgz are hard to see the f.b.i. relied them to us today. we feel it is important to show you this part of the investigation we welcome your comments on our facebook page. >> meantime, two of 1 victims killed in the rape bridge laid to rest today. kenneth bernard prob, worked for federal government for 23 years. he was engineer and left behind two sons. daniels as handiman and father of five. who was working for a furniture contractor. we have continuing coverage of the navy yard shooting on you will find pictures and stories of the victims. on our special page. >> news alert tonight in months months county where investigator are trying to find out what caused the an apartment fire that kill a woman. fire broke out just afternoon at leisure world in silver springs.
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nearly 75 firefighter were called in to battle the blaze on the 9th floor of the high rise building. the owner of the apartments was kill but no one else was hurt. >> i heard the alarm. everybody out from the building. they walked down the steps. it was not easy. you know you had women with walkers, and wheel khaeurgs. they couldn't get out. >> it was bad. >> my office about quarter of a mile away. it was pretty erie i could see block snowmobile. so i -- smoke i many where is alarm go to fire department and to our security department. >> serpl un writs damaged from the fire general manager of refresh sure world tells us, there were oxygen tanks located in the apartments at the time of the fire. update now on a story we first brought you as breaking news yesterday. a construction worker is in kreud camp but stable condition tonight after getting trapped in trent. happened fred dick marr 49-year-old was trying to fix
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a water main when the pipe suddenly ruptured took crews three hours to get him out. he was tphroepbt hospital for treatment. >> monitoring metro tonight. train operator was removed from the service this morning and could be disciplined after opening the doors on the wrong side of the train. rider tweeted this photo of the mishap it happened around 8:30 this morning on red line train. metro says the train was stopped at the silver springs station when the operator made the mistake fortunately, no one was hurt. well new new casino headed to prince george county. but it already built and who will get to build it? west that's still up in the air tonight. the companies are vying for the john. and today one of those mgm laid out its plans for the national labor. fox five last the big reveal. this 20 acre site overlooking national harbor is where mgm want to build its 800 million
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dollar casino. but the company has not won right to do that just yet. first mgm needs win over the public and 7 members of video lottery facility commission that's part of the reason for wednesday's big reveal. >> new york stock exchange reflecting pool, quite large, frozen in winter for ice skating. and fountians, in the spring and summer. with restaurants, and meeting rooms, all over looking this vista. focal point will be 18 story luxury hotel tower. there also be open air terraces and parks. and mgm resorts ceo says, the company knows what works in say sraeu wouldn't work here it is listening to needs of the community. i heard loud and clear over the past year that prince george's county wanted, needed deserved luxury retail, and great places to eat. construction ploy 2,000
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workers once come let me the casino and resort will have 4,000 permanents workers. two other companies are vying for the state's 6 casino liscenses. and national hopes forsythe ross croft and green wad rags looking at site. he says only mgm bring kind of entertainment, and exexperiences that will complete national harbor as world-class destination while still being true to maryland culture. we have restaurants of every time type, literally hundreds of them. none of crab kraeubg like cocoa and baltimore or jerry's. >> marr land lottery game signature see site visit and hold public hearings near last week of october. with the goal of awarding that cover voted casino licence by the end of the year. national harbor. fox five news. all right. coming up next on the news edge at 6:00 you could soon be required to drive with another set ofize in your car. we have got details on a
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lawsuit to force the government to enforce back up cameras on all vehicles. but first, let's take goodridge evening so sue. >> well matt going to be beautiful evening and i think spectacular sunset, too get some pictures and send them to us. or to my twitter or facebook account. sun goes down at 7:00 it is governorous evening. i let you know if clouds that are around will lead to any rain. and scott what are you working on? >> we will see -- the redskins defence had a lot to prove. what doe have to do this week against reareds? plus robert griffin may seek professional help for his issue with sliding. and that's professional may poor may not be number 34 for your washington nationals that's straight ahead for the sports edge.
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each year thousands of people are injured hundred are killed
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when cars and reverse back over them or hit them sending them to the hospital, there is a law in place federal law in place that mandates cars have rearview cameras but it is not always enforced. i want introduce scott who attorney who filed some papers today to make sure that federal government is doing this. felt. >> sure. in 2008 congress passed law requiring the transportation departments to regulate to ensure that drivers can see what's behind them so they don't back into people especially kids. who make up almost half of the deaths from these types of accidents. scott these days newer cars, they have cameras just like this if we can show you just tiny little camera, and would you say that most manufacturers are putting them in cars? >> well, a lot of them are. but, the problem they are not mandatory so some times they are only available with the highest trim package now departments transportation
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supposed freeing late by 2011 but they haven't done so they say they won't do so for another two years. so that's why we filed suit today to enforce congressman dates to make kids safe he ever. and then how do you make sure that they are doing what you want home do? is there a way to see if they are enforce this law. well, they proposed a rule so it is not a question of what are they going dow. we know what they have said they are going to do they just haven't done it yet in meantime, kids are dying by department of transportation's own estimates, hundreds per year. >> while we wait for this regular do you list. have these proven save lives? have you seen evidence that these actually these cameras actually work some folks say i don't really use them. i use them parallel spark there evidence to show they work? yes. in fact, the department transportation itself, has stoud deed the use of these damage and found them to be effective if by the departments own estimates, it is regulations, would save,
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approximately, 10 lives a year. and scott when should we hear some resolution do you filed papers in court today. how long does this typically take to make through the court system of course congress to enforce this? >> well, it should be matter of months and not years. we hope to hear something ultimately from the court probably early in 2014. all right. scott we thank you very much for your time. appreciate you coming. let's go to some video right now we will tell you about some thing else going on here. we have got bizarre site to show you in peru. park ranger found a ted i tempting swallow a bat whole. he snapped this mixture which experts believe could be the first photo of a -- of a toad eating bat but this story has a happy ending for the bat at least. after failing to swallow the bat whole the toad opened its mouth and the bat flu off. we got much more coming up stay with us on the news edge.
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>> all right guys forget about just there is new deadly fish worry skpwrbgs this tkpaoeurb be going after your testicles yes that's right. it is originally from the amazon but it has been spotsd here in the united states and illinois. in new jersey. fox matt alvarez has the story. >> 77-year-old tom goes fish on daily basis. he usually catches carp at the bottom. hughes lake in new years. but on saturday, he caught some thing totally different. >> immediately jumped out of the air. i saw the fish, and i saeurbgsd wow that's something different. once tom figure out fish he caught was brazillian thative and exots teupg fish related per ran than he was shocked. i opened the fish's mouth, and saw a very wide row of teeth
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that looked almost like hue has been teeth. >> mock found amazon skpreufr south america. and are considered more general than per rana. they are srepblg tarrian and usually eat tree nuts that fall on to water. but it wasn't too long all that two men reportedly died after they consumed their private parts. that kind of shocked me, too. such a fish would attack humans in the water. it was probably throwing by one who couldn't care for it properly. mike manage the route four aquarium it is here he sells is all types of fish including these. mike says the fish also known as tank busters, can grow to four feet in length and weigh up to 60 pounds. >> it gets so miss can you layer and so thraeurpblg could actually break glass in air yea couple. i have seen people come down here on various so kaeugsz, with pots pans, fish tanks and
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just dump things into the water. and tpaeufrb thaoeul tom says, all his years fishing here he has not seen any one swimming these water. >> all right sue joins now you thought tough being woman. >> another reason to be afraid for guys. >> to go in water. that's not such great story to hear about. it is really is not. but weather beautiful. weather. and you know you might be tempted to kind of stkpwhraoupl water with very mild afternoons we having. take look just side there some a little deck of beautiful fin clouds over head. those are made up of ice crystal and so really reflect a lot of sunlight especially sunrise and sunset it should be very spectacular sunset. check out my twitter. die than heys just sent me beautiful sunrise and virginia it looks like thomas photo you get money for that thing but you can see it for free right there check it out. mean while today upper 70s.
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really beautiful day despite a little pweufpts cloud cover. and we are through down 74 degree but there not as cool tonight. because this little deck of clouds thaoepb it is rather thin blank the it will insulate us just a little bit. and there are couple couple of showers with this. but will down on to south. those as you watch a little built of this moisture, getting closer in clouds thickening up a little bit, keep in mind air still really dry here so it is not going to be able to produce anything other than deck of clouds overnight to keep us a little bit warm. this will whole system will kind of rotate out to atlantic and eventually maybe come part of more important storm off the coast. for time being though high pressure continue to keep it moving south of us. also, for the most part we think probably moving away from the coast. but if this thing develops over the weekend, right now indication are it will be moving away. track would be key but there could be some big is your is of in some perhaps some pretty strong rip currents this weekend at the beaches. continuation of high pressure
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as well low kind of keeping everything funneled we will wait and see what maps we think our weaken look like will dry. they can out future cast. we will watch these showers and couple of decks clouds moving on through. but we think tomorrow all out of neither afternoon. and then we will watch and see what happens at the coast. you can grown see the first indications of that area of low pressure developing, but again we do believe right now, that model want to keep far enough away we will watch for those waves for tonight 58 degree it will be mostly cloud which and not quite as chilly. as it has been fast few nights and then look like great thursday around here more of the same. some clouds in morning, more sun in the afternoon. our temperature 76°. we will keep clouds in. so maybe not neat wave the sun tkpwhrss morning with temperatures of 61 at 8 sthaz will warmest few days. by noon we have 71 degrees is by 14z, 75 with lots of sunshine back and check out these temperatures, for thursday we will describe as
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mild. think would even be warmer than that. wind direction out of northeast, and clouds in morning. we will kind cap our temperatures. how about weekend? saturday, 75° it is looking very comfortable with lots of shine. on sunday we will just say we will call for few clouds, we will keep an eye on that coast because if were to affect the beaches it would be in sunday monday time frame. your fox five accuweather 7 day forecast looks pretty night also really dry we keep step in we are going to see tuesday, monday tuesday stkpaeurbgs that coastal if does kind of get its act together perhaps bringing few clouds year there. wednesday about 77°. all right that's for seven-day forecast there much more to talk about on the news age we will be right back.
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time for sports. i am scott smith well through
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games robert griffin has 139 passes attempt his second most nfl. the situation tkpwreufpb says is not conducive to winning. today his weekly press conference he said alfred morris needs more carries when comes to griffen carrying ball himself he knows needs work on his sliding. he admitted he don't know to baseball slide. and that was evidence on sunday against lions. put, it for his own good. to learn how get down avoid that unfess contact. and mike shanahan said griffen practices it and getting better at it. but, here's what griffen said when asked today if he practices sliding. >> no. i did in training camp and everything. like how does that actually work? we never seen that. you basically run up to defense der, and you slide. but, um,. >> it is not baseball slide it is harder. easier to slide with football pants on slickness of pants. and i am going to deep here slickness pants help you
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slight when you have shorts on and stuff like it is a little less conducive crieding on practice feel but i have. would you ask one nationals to help you learn to you baseball slide? is thatting you would consider? is that like whacky idea. i mean price want to do that i am definitely up for that. bryce so. joe we could could that if you want to buddy! >> he needs slip and slide. that's what you need over redskins park. redskins certainly have some defensive issues sort out their d ranked dead last in the nfl. running 4 yard per game. in fact, the three times they have lost to currently flank top four in nfl offenses now, how much that is because they have played redskins defence you know or just truly that good on offense. who knows but if this points the skins d knows it has step up this week against the reareds. individually you have to accountable. everybody has to play better. everybody has to do everything a little bit better. and we got as group, work
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harder. you know it is overcome some of the short comings we have had you know things like missed tam being. that's odds of big plays happen regular low they are lots that goes floor it. this afternoon fats that saints luis for series final low against cards. top first bryce harper. who experts at sliding with fly to left field. and this rights off matt holiday aglove. he comes in to core and they take a lead. now pitcher astkeurpblgs going for his 209 win. bottom of fourth. he takes with base hits up the middle. matt holiday comes around to score. the throw home, not in time to get matt adam. he gets back to first base as well. and zimmerman goes 7 knicks allowing four earned skprupbs he takes the loss finish seeing is on 19 and 9 at tphalz fall cards 4-1 and they go 0 and 6 this season against saint luis finally team us is a rallied to sail past team new zeal fland san francisco bay. retain america's cup that's sports. matt tore you.
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let's go to sue for quick check on weather. matt this where i kind of restore myself and refresh because waoel i don't have much to do in weather right now. it is so nice out there. temperature are going to stay settled. and dry. even into weekend only thing we will keep on eye storm may be developing out off the atlantic coast. let you know what goes but so far, so good right here matt. don't forget watch wash my car sue we will see you back -- it is inside joke we will see you tonight at 10:00. mom...
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yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats
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that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪
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>> today on tmz -- >> kardashian kbs blamed for a lot, some say. according to lamar odom they can't be blamed for his drug abuse because he is at war with his dad. lalamar's dad stepped back from the attacks on the kardashians. >> i feel they are getting a bad rap. >> some day you are going to make a lot of money. >> vanessa hudgens was performing last night with a new group. they have a real hot song hot on youtube called "sex." >> why do you keep looking at ll sorts of hot ass there. >> rocking mom boobs. >> she wants you to see them. >> she is asking for


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