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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  September 25, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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information. >> we were not showers how the workers would feel about seeing that video. some had seen it online. some had friends who had e-mailed them video. we went to the navy yard to get their opinion firsthand. >> the employees at the navy yard are getting accustomed to the new normal. this as the f.b.i. releases chilling video and details about the shooting spree. what do employees think about the latest development? hillary wentworth who saw the video earlier in the day reviewed it again with us. >> it's clearly cut and pasted. they don't want to show the most disturbing thing. >> she has been inside building 197 and says some of the people who worked there before the shooting now work in her building. >> it's still disturbing to see somebody with a shotgun and in an office building that looks a lot like the office building i work in. >> you can see people, yeah there. you see people.
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i don't know if people shots have been fired and they're running from them or they're just people walking down the hallway in their normal routine but in any case those are real people working. >> no one we spoke to was inside building 197 when alexis stalked and killed his victims but the closed circuit video takes them back to the horror and the what if apps of that day. >> for us -- and for people in the navy yard knowing that could have been our building is pretty terrifying. >> navy yard employees watching the surveillance tape found it surreal. some want the navy to be more careful about background checks and clearances and monitoring people with possible mental problems. >> if we notice something that's wrong with them, mood swings, etc, i think everyone is aware and will be more conscious of that. >> there are some other tragedies have have occurred that you would not expect to occur in this country and we really don't know why. there's evil in the world too.
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so some of it is just chalk it up to evil. >> well law enforcement officials say their analysis of the shooter's laptop and electronic media indicate that he was prepared to die. they found no evidence he was targeting specific people in his workplace. >> tonight a memorial for the navy yard victims wrapped up a short time ago at mount carmel baptist church. during the service community leaders remembered the victims. they talked about the need to end gun violence. >> isn't it time for us to step up and do something more than pay lip service to the gun violence that continues in this country? isn't it time? >> most of the victims who were killed were laid to rest this week. the images of the gunman walking through building 197 are generating discussion over whether they should be made public and shown. we know they are disturbing but
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we feel it's an important part of the f.b.i. ongoing investigation. we welcome your comments go to facebook. >> the newtown police department is being ordered to release 911 calls from the sandy hooks shootings. they say some of the content could be protected by law and they do not want to release it. today the connecticut freedom of information commission ruled the police department must make the tapes public. >> another big story the clock is ticking closer toward a government shut down. today the senate voted to pass a stopgap funding bill to avert a shut down. it clears the way for debate on a house bill that includes language to defund affordable care act. senate majority leader harry reid says lawmakers need to act with more urgency. >> i would hope we can expedite
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this. we have a lot to do and we can get there as quickly as we can. as i've indicated before we every hour that we delay here is an hour closer to shutting down the government. >> today's vote came shortly after republican senator ted cruz ended his speech to defund obama care. >> the edge on virginia, round two. as usual there were plenty of verbal punches thrown. will thomas is back with a look. >> hi, shawn. you would i agree it's been a very spirited campaign especially when you consider the t.v. ads. tonight two men hammered each other in person. a lot of what said got personal. cuccinelli questioned mcauliffe apps ethics while mick cuff live says cuccinelli was too extreme -- touch -- cuccinelli. >> my opponent has spent his
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entire career pushing legislation which without law most forms of contraception. he bulth to shut down the women's health centers. >> the comparison here is someone who has told the "new york times" you know you help me i hope you. that's politics. talking about a case where he was an unindicted cocon spur tore in a teamsters election money laundering case -- coconspirator. we're going to have to change the motto to quid pro quo. >> while early analysis from political experts indicated tonight's debate didn't have any game changing moments but with a little more than one month until election day there's likely to be plenty more memorable moments ahead. we'll probably see much more next month. cuccinelli and mcauliffe will square off october 24th.
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polls show mcauliffe with a small lead. >> new tonight d.c. mayor vince gray is about to introduce his nominee for the city's chief financial officer. the announcement will be tomorrow at the wilson building. >> former president george h.w. bush showed his support for same-sex marriage. they served as witnesses at a same sex wedding in maine. the newlyweds coown kenny bunk store -- kennebunkport store. >> well, coming up next tonight on the news edge watch out the next time you go swimming. we're going to tell you about this fish that could be targeting you. men this is a story for you. >> and can you imagine life without useing the internet -- using the internet.
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it's more common than you might think. we'll have that story when the news continues. >>
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i was honored to serve as governor of virginia. we brought folks together in richmond to focus on creating jobs and getting results. that's the virginia way. and that's why i'm backing terry mcauliffe for governor. terry won't let ideological battles get in the way of making progress. terry will work with democrats, republicans, and independents to create jobs and move virginia forward. it's important for virginia that we elect terry mcauliffe as our governor.
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i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad.
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california police are looking for man who punched out a grocery store manager. surveillance captured it at safeway outside of oakland. you can see the man walk up to manager. they appear to be arguing and you can see him punch the manager in the face and take off. the manager was taken to the hospital. police are searching for the suspect. >> forget about jaws the big shark. there's a new deadly fish that could be targeting men's private parts. it's originally from the amazon but the fish has been spotted in illinois and new jersey. fox apps matt alvarez has the story. >> 77-year-old tom goes fishing daily and he catches camp at the
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bottom of the lake in new jersey but saturday he caught something totally different. >> it jumped up out of the air. i saw the fish. i says wow. that's something different. >> once tom figured out the fish he caught was a brazilian pacu related to the paran that he was shocked. >> i open the fish apps mouth and saw a very wide row of teeth that looked almost like human teeth -- >> pacu are usually found in south america and are considered more gentle than piranhas. they're vegetarian and eat tree nuts that fall into the water but it wasn't too long ago two men from new guinea died after a pacu consumed their private parts. >> that shocked me that such fish would attack humans in the water. >> it was probably thrown in by somebody who couldn't care for it. >> mike sells all types of fish
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including the pacu. mike says the fish known as tank busters can grow 4 feet in length and weigh 60 pounds. >> they get so muscular and large it can break the glass in the act area yim -- an area yim. >> i have seen people with pots, pans, fish tanks and just dump things into the water. >> and thankfully tom says in all his years fishing he hasn't seen anyone swimming in the waters. in passaic, new jersey, matt alvarez. >> a new feature is coming to twitter plus get ready to pay more for a stamp. >> hi, shawn. up first how much time are you devoting to be online? the internet is such a midge juror part of our lives some americans are having trouble coping without it but a new survey found 15% americans one in seven don't use the internet at all. the survey found 9% of adults
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only use the internet when they're not at home. >> number four virginia reclaimed the title of best state for business according to in the survey virginia placed first in regulatory environment second in labor supply fourth in quality of life and fifth in economic climate. virginia is followed by north can d.o.t. -- damage coat ka utah north carolina and colorado. d-- north dakota. >> we're number 10. west virginia is number one party school. >> number two twitter is launching an alert feature that will send emergency notices aztecs messages. -- text messages. users will have to sign up to
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receive alerts. they'll be marked with an orange bell icon. >> number one get ready to pay more for a first class stamp. the postal service is asking for a 3% increase raising the price to 49 cents. they expect to lose $6 billion this year alone. tomorrow postal service will also ask for an adjustment to bulk mail rates. that's your top five fox 5 for wednesday night. >> thank you, will. >> you heard about mile lie cyrus. now a group in new york city broke a record for the most people twerking at the same time in the same place. i don't know if that qualifies as twerking. i'm not sure why we care but just in case you wanted to know yeah. who knew there was a twerking record anyway. >> i didn't know that. >> i'm very new to the word twerk anyway. what did miley do? >> yeah. we're going to leave it right
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there. >> let's talk about the weather we've been having. it's gorgeous. hafsht it been so -- hasn't it been so beautiful. a lot of people got great pictures of that gorgeous sky that was coloring the horizon with the clouds and reflection. you can see it on my facebook page. tonight we have clouds passing on by but i wanted to show you out of some of those clouds down south we are picking up on a few showers. they haven't gotten into charlottesville but there have been nice decent downpours. you can put it into motion. you can see it continue to spin north. although it is part of this week system that's going to continue to spin over to the coast. bottom line we're going to have clouds in our area. far to the south and west you might pick up a little shower but if you get rain it's less
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than a 10th of an inch of rain. it's having an affect on temperatures. it's 65 in the district. that's the warm most we've been. we're going to have another beautiful day tomorrow. we'll start out cloudy. we'll climb to 76 degrees though in the afternoon. after we burn off the clouds. friday about 75 degrees. yes maybe a few clouds around then as well. but we'll say plenty of sunshine for saturday. right now the weekend is in good shape although this is going to be a storm taking shape in the atlantic. we think it will be far enough away we won't see rain. saturday apps temperature 75 degrees with sunshine. -- check out the temperature. you can see a weak disturbance passing by to the south. at 8:00 in the morning we have clouds but look at the afternoon even. the clouds clear on out. high pressure takes control again. watch as we go to into the weekend. the same dis stir bans starts to take shape off the coast and it
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maybe throwing out big waves and rip currents to north carolina -- disturbance. we'll watch this closely. most models take it out to sea but it's possible that could change so we'll watch that part of the forecast. right now we're going with the persistence forecast and this is what you'll get on your seven-day forecast. most days are going to feature sunshine with temperatures in the 70s. we'll keep that going through the weekend unless the computer models hint at a different area. enjoy the beautiful run of weather we're having and we'll talk to scott about the red skins. >> -- how important is a redskins win? only one team has ever made the playoffs after starting. and four but there may be no better coach than mike shanahan
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o and four. -- last week the redskins made strides at home against the lions but turned it over twice. likely the difference in the game. one of the turnovers coming on a fumble at the end of an awkward slide but the self-inflicted wounds and o and three start has not shaken the team's confidence -- >> for the team i think we're real close and we can see it on the tape. there's a lot of good things on the tape. no one wants to be sitting here 0-3 so that's not a good thing for us. it's not who we are as a team and i think this is where i got talking about you know it's hard to have that swagger sitting at o and three but i don't think that team has lost its sense of confidence -- we know how close we are and we're built to get out of this hole just like last year. >> the redskins have defensive issues to sort out. in fact the three teams they lost to currently rank in the
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top four in n.f.l. offense. how much of that is because the redskins defensive woes and how much is truly the other team's offense who knows? but the skins d knows it has to step up this week. against the raiders. >> individual you -- individually we have to play better and as a group we have to work harder to overcome shortcomings. the odds of big plays are lower. there's a lot that goes into it. >> jordan zimmerman seeks a 20th victory in 2013. >> that's next. >>
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the nationals have found themselves on the losing edge for the first five so this one top of the first and rg3 bryce harper rg3 apps sliding coach -- and matt holliday and nats in front. zimmerman came in seeking his 20th win of the season. bottom of the fourth tied at one. mole lane that with a base hit -- holiday scores. span apps throw home. not in time to get the big fellow adams. molina gets back to first and zimmerman allows four earned runs finishes 19 and nine on the season. nats fall to the cards go. and six o and six.
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>> american league john scope first major league at bat comes through base hit up the middle. not too bad. third at bat. scope makes a début to remember. a no doubter to deep center field solo shot scope two hits in his first game as an orioles. they defeat the jays atl. the brewers gomez cranks a homerun. not only does he walk this one off but jaw jax the end tire way around the backs and when he gets home brian mccann says don't think about it. three ejections. gomez never touched home. the brewers win. >> preseason pocket verizon center caps. eric second of the game. 3-0 cats. late second period. caps on a power play. michael to alex. caps over the preds 4-1.
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that is sports. we're back after this. >> of getting something " "new." and now, there's a plan that lets you experience that "new" phone thrill again and again. and again. can you close your new phone box? we're picking up some feedback. introducing verizon edge. the plan that lets you upgrade to a new verizon 4glte phone when you want to. having what you want on the network you rely on. that's powerful. verizon. upgrade to the new moto x by motorola with zero down payment.
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i was honored to serve as governor of virginia. we brought folks together in richmond to focus on creating jobs and getting results. that's the virginia way. and that's why i'm backing terry mcauliffe for governor. terry won't let ideological battles get in the way of making progress. terry will work with democrats, republicans, and independents to create jobs and move virginia forward. it's important for virginia that we elect terry mcauliffe as our governor. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad.
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>> today on tmz -- >> kardashian kbs blamed for a lot, some say. according to lamar odom they can't be blamed for his drug abuse because he is at war with his dad. lalamar's dad stepped back from the attacks on the kardashians. >> i feel they are getting a bad rap. >> some day you are going to make a lot of money. >> vanessa hudgens was performing last night with a new group. they have a real hot song hot on youtube called "sex." >> why do you keep looking at ll sorts of hot ass there. >> rocking mom boobs. >> she wants you to see them. >> she is asking for it. >>


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