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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 26, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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morning, we got storminess off tost the southbound in the carolinas, let's go to the mapso and you can see here, temperature at reagan national,a 60 degrees, currently 60 attly reagan national, and bwi marshall, 54 degrees, and overnight, a typical fall-like temperatures to start the day. there's your cloud cover and coe very light sprinkles early thisi morning, really falling apart down toward charlottesville associated with an area of storminess as we push out to sea. it's far out to sea that we will see the clouds dragged out to sea, later this morning, itin turns to partly to sunny conditions, should be nice, in , the mid-70s, either way it should be dry, not expecting any 75 and sunny by 4:00 p.m. should be a nice sunny afternoon, great looking forecast, we will be back in a few.f let's to traffic, steve hershorn is here with a look at roads. steve, good morning. >> reporter: tucker, we're going to takes a repo look at te
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accident over i-95, they moved e it off the roadway, everythingg is opening up on 95 northbound, heading toward triangle, with delays out of stafford county,rd past the accident scene, unusual back-ups, north of that, past the occoquan, and past springfield. over to the cameras, we have a problem in brandywine, maryland, it was an accident that was on southbound 301, at 105, we did have it blocked. right now traffic was released on the southbound direction, on route 5, it's still blockedocked northbound, accident activities, 305 at route 5, with significana delays headed through thatthroug section of prince george's county, we will head over to montgomery county, backup on river road.ri it was ar bus fire that was extinguished. we had to alternate traffic on on river road north of the beltway near bradley boulevard. unusual delays trying to get down to the beltway, that's awa, look at the fox 5 on time on traffic. steve, thank you very much. how close are we to a
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govern. shutdown, with the fight over funding at fordabl the affordabt seemingly over, other sticking c points remain. >> they are meeting topo consido their next move, all of this ash the deadline of midnight monday looms. melanie alnwick is live at capitol hill with more. mel. >> reporter: good morning,orr: tony and allison, what weson, w understand is that the senate ie hoping to finish up by friday, which means there woul could bet much people working through theo weekend here on capitol hill. the big question is whether house republicans will try to take another crack at attachinga some changes to affordable caree act orner going to save that for the next fiscal as forsc yesterday, a vote couno like yesterday is not something you often see at the senate wite time ticking down, democrats and republicans were unified to end the debate and move the certain net bill. provides funding for the government until november 15 and
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restores money for the new healthcare law, house republicans may try to make small changes such as a one year delay in the individual mandate. and there's changes in how the nation deals with its spending issues. president obama is willing tollg bargain with republicans after this crisis has passed. >> as you know, he has held discussions with speaker boehner, as well as others in the past about this, and about our position, his position on on these issues, one that, congres, has to act to ensure that we don't debate and shutdown the government. it would be irresponsible to not fund the essential functions of the government out of ideological tick. that we can continue to goration negotiate over a broader budget deal. >> negotiation that continues
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funding for the government needs to be signed by president obamae by tuesday was and then tornyrny and allison we have the next nail biter on october 17. october 17 is when the nation won't be able to borrow money ty pay its debt.y its we are bumping up againstainst another debt ceiling fight, and the house republicans are working on a language that increase the debt ceiling but ci they are signaling that they may attach some changes, once again to affordable care act. back to you.u. melanie, thank you very president barack obama speaks today inpr largo,es maryd trying to give a boost to the healthcare reform before peoplee with start buying insurance through what is being called a government exchange. >> the president will address a crowd at the college thisthis morning. his administration has been oner of the most aggressive in setting up an insurance
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marketplace. >> the marketplaces or health exchanges as they are known are supposed begin selling insurancn plans next tuesday octoberber first. >> however thousands of local residents won't be able to buy a new plan at the time. this as we learn more about how much it will all cost. sarah is back approximate withpi detailabout how much itwill cosn this they want the answers. >> now that the deadline is getting closer and closer. that is tuesday, the big day fo obama care. individuals can begin to purchase those insurance plans, but there's a big snag in the district. d.c.'s health exchange for instance, wouldn't be completely ready by october first.tober the website will launch on that day, but residents won't be able to get premium prices until mid-november, major computeruter glitches are preventerring d.c. from calculating whether someonr is eligible for medicaid.
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colorado and oregon they're also affected by computer problems which will delay their health exchanges, meanwhile, an independent analysis of health exchange plan shows premiums may be fairly low but deduck tabless may not be. they found that the typical deductible amount for a year would average $2,500, that is about twice at average of the annual deductible. someone currently on an employee plan plays. deductibles consumers pay upy front before insurance benefits kick n the analysis found that obama healthcare plans have patients paying a larger amount of out of pocket for some expensive prescription drugs.esc the obamari administration responded to the study saying the government-backed plans want be as generous as current curr employer coverage but is a big improvement over not havingng insurance at all.ur i getan that, but at the same time, it's be thankful if you
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have employee plan right now, n, because it could be a lot more difficult. have expense you might not budgeted for. for. >> right. >> thank you, sarah. the fbi has released new video of the navy yard shootingg >> the video shows the shooter aaron alexis hant fo on the hunr victims. alexis can be seen gaining access to the navy yard.rd he stalls th stalks the halls, a to the navy yard, no one was inside of building 91 a the time of the shootings, but the closeh circuite of that video takes thm back to the horror. horr >> an office building that looks a lot like the office build being i work to. >> that could have been our building, it's pretty terrifying. fbi says alexis etched
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my elf weapon on his gun which is a reference to extremely low frequency waves which he thought were controlling him. evidence point ho him being delusionnal, and he says, an ultra low freak see attack is what i have been subject to in the recent months and that is what has drink me to this. alexis did not target specific victims. at least one victim's family said they were shocked that the fbi released this video, sayingi wede haven't had enough time to grieve. a memorial it for the victims was held yesterday, during the service, communityuny leaders remembered the victimse and talked about the need to end gun violence. >> it's time for us to step up
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and do something more about gun violence not to continue. >> [applause] the victims killed have been laid to rest this week. family and friends of wood bridge high school student kenny diaz will gather today for a visitation. the 18-year-old was stabbed tobed death over the weekend in what police are calling a drug deal gone bad. ba yesterday police made two more efforts are in the case, ariel adams and gabriel gule have bee charged forha abducting him. on samuels is charged with murder. a former ups worker willrker spend the rest of his life behind bars after he was found n guilty of murdering a maryland daughter and her mother. prosecutors say 30-year-old-old jason scott killed doloreslor dewitt, and 19-year-old ebony, the two were strangled in their
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upper marlboro home in 2009. their bodies found out near a burned-out car nearby, he stalkedne the women and killedd them during a home invasion. he is facing a sentence foren armed home invasions in prince george's county. the race for governor in virginia is described as the the most competitive election of the year. terry mcauliffe says heys supports guy rights for gays, ad cuccinelli defended taking gifts from the ceo of star scientific. >> at the time that what was ti going on didn't siege likeme a g deal. i didn't know about any businesy he had before virginiaians, except for their tax case, they had none and the oonl thing wenl did -- the only thing we did in their tax case was oppose them. >> i will support legislation that will support gay individuals in virginia. my opponent has continually
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attacked gay virginians and you cannot grow a business by doingg that. >> they face-off at the final debate at virginia tech on october 24th. mcauliffe has enjoyed a slight lead in the polls. i know you love history. >> this is something that you are going to beis very s interee in. 12 minutes after sever 7:00. >> still ahead it's one the most famous presidential speeches,.ee >> lawmakers on a missions, to make the nfl pay taxes. right now the league enjoys tax exempt status. yeah you heard hey. who knew? but what exactly does it mean. flying without a pilot. an unmanned f-16 took off, andf, what the test return means for the industry.e the sun is up now. look at -- we will get the
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latest weather and traffic from tucker and steve this morning. we will be right back.  i was honored to serve as governor of virginia. we brought folks together in richmond to focus on creating jobs and getting results. that's the virginia way. and that's why i'm backing terry mcauliffe for governor. terry won't let ideological battles get in the way of making progress.
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terry will work with democrats, republicans, and independents to create jobs and move virginia forward. it's important for virginia that we elect terry mcauliffe as our governor. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad.
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good morning, it's welcomece back. it's 7:16 on a thursday morningo the capital was yawning with a filibuster or what look like a filibuster with all the talk. good morning, to everyone on capitol hill. we want to say a big thank you u to all of you who helped out and donated yesterday's mix for kids radio it raised money for the children's national medical center. >> the total $361,919. >> amazing. , that is great. at that means that the mix has
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raised over $2 million over theh radio thons in the past six years. great. have you been noticing the e sunrises and sunsets lately, la beautiful. >> i used your fact yesterday to educate my family. >> which fact. >> about sunrise at 6:59, sunset at 7:00. 00 >> yes, today we made that transition, less than 12 hours2o of daylight today.yli it shouldgh be a beautiful day.a >> uh-huh. >> later this afternoon and we>> will start tois see a little bt of cloudiness, by mid afternoon mid-70s, a pleasant looking forecast. you know, i could -- >> redskins will win again. >> it's a few things.s a >> either of those would be great.great >> to the forecast. >> if you put it that [ laughter ]] >> but you're right, weather wise. >> weather wise. >> couldn't ask for anything more. 66 in washington, 50s for muchs the f area, cloud cover that iss holding the temperatures up arae little bit this morning as we work through like a blanket.t. 52 in pete's burg, 50 in
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columbus, and detroit, there'sts the cloud cover, not going to amount to much, the system is as weak one, and being pushed out to sea. we're not terribly concernedcone with it, and but we will have cloud cover and we will break wi out withll partly sunny conditi by thesu afternoon, nice and mid with the temperatures in the the sniz. there's the slowing down in the carolinas, and again, it's a weak system. it will become better organized here once it pushes out to sea, it will become a fairly strong t system but it won't be impacting off to the north and east.ea and to the central atlantic. >> meanwhile, how is noor a seven-day forecast. 70s each day, 50s at night, ni and weekend will be beautifulbei for whatever you want to do. >> may i say that in my view, person and has a view of what is perfect weather, julie likesli sunny and hot. this to me is perfect. >> i love september 15 to about
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november 1st. >> it's san diego weather. >> and it's just enough chill il the air to put a jacket in the evening. >> if people are watching from oceaning sides, i would like toy hello. thosen't noticed localities 84 map before.p >> i will work on that there. >> ocean pines. >> and exmore. >> i didn't know. >> you're making fun of me. >> no, i'm not making fun. it's an all inclusive forecast. >> we try to get everybody. >> had let's find out what isuta happening, fort traffic on that let's go to steve hershorn who is in for julie. >> reporter: are taking a look at route 1, the traffictr headed toward us is northbound on 301 which is now completelyy re-opened. we have both sides of 30 win completely closed with an a accident and medevac helicopter on the ground.on other side of the roadway t is southbound of 301 and it's only the shoulder and the left, northbound the lanes are opene before you get to route 1, and d
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southbound you have to skis ove to the rye, it could be slow because of that closure in the last hour. over to the beltway, it lookslo pretty good. it's going to be slow, but everything is open, there's notr accidents or incidents complicating that trip aroundatr the belted way, not bad as you o head on the inner loop, on the left inner loop heading toward the wilson bridge. here we are at saint barnabas road, it's going to slow pastslp that, before you get into the 210, before you get to the local wilson bridge, everything isg is open, toward the 14 street bridge. 395 northbound as you make your way toward arlington county, ar you going to be in delays, ass,s you head on to the beltway.belta across the 14 street bridge on to the freeway, the winds areare open, that volume building asas the volume gets going. that is fox 5 on time traffic. all right, steve, thank youu very much. it could be the wave the th future. this is weird, listen to this, the u.s. air force and boeing conducted their first unmanned test flight in florida.a.
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two pilots sitting in a ground controlled station remotely flee the modified qf16 fighter yet. tests included auto take off, simulated inair moairman iewfer, sonic plane.sonic >> look at the seat, nobody isis in it. >> they are converting the fighter jets, to train pilots. >> but also freak out pilots. a professor at a college ino north carolina saysll he discovered a president lincoln in a photo on in look at him. what is that a stow, he had hisa head down a little bit. this photo is 150 years old.yes he found the image while workino with students on the gettysburge address, but this is the same photo in which an amateur
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historian said he found lincolni six years ago. that man john richter said a blurry lincoln was on the left side the photo sitting on a horse with his back to the camera, but prosecute professore says that could not be lincoln, it shows that the marin on the horse was wearing epileps on the shoulder which president clintoe would notnt have worn. instead oakley says lincoln could be stuck in the crowd with his head slightly bowed down.d >> who are the people around him, i wonder. wo >> these the folks gathered, you know, this is either before orr after the delivery of the get eatgettysburg >> isn't that amaze something ig he wearing sunglasses? no, i don't think he is. >> it looked like he might havev been. at that..take a look the new car smell is good,
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you like that, right? >> i do. >> how about new baby smell. >> i know you love it. >> find out about the strong reaction that moms can have to it. >> you can't smell otherher people's babies they dornt likei it. don't likeike it. what am i to do. >> holly is going to a many culinary star here in d.c. to find out what he is cooking at his home.
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oh, okay. this is a story that is near and dear to my ownory heart. he gun, can you relate to this? do you love that new baby smell >> research says you join that smell more if you are a new mom but you don't have to be a new mom, i'm living proof. that new baby smell triggers
7:26 am
pleasure centers in the braifn women whbrain ofwomen who have . one expert compared to an addict getting high on drugs or a hungry person getting the foodod that they are desiring at the holt. >> it's not your imagination. >> they say also, that you know, one could just gobble them up. >> it actually kind of triggers that kind of reaction. re you just want to cuddle.dd. >> look at mei xiang with her he baby. >> we will be right back. 
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it's 7:30, you're listening to bon jovi.:30, y jovi will that group continue? >> are they still feuding. >> yes threshings feuding, anye. >> they are playing rock 'n'k '' roll. >> it's always the lead singer against somebody because they always want to be the lead
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singer. >> in bon jovi they realized why is the group named jur your nam? [ laughter ]uger >> let's do it. the forecast we have to start your day. we willyo see sunshine break out later this morning including a partly to mostly sunnynny afternoon, things will improvel as we watch storminess pass toi the south. a little warmer than it was 24 hours ago, upper 50s and low low 60s, the 80s, some 40s off to the north and west, winchester and frederick both 46 degrees, 48 in hagerstown. that is the start of the morning. it willthe cloud cover hang tough for a couple hoursle and then it should gradually grd breakup and be pushed to the to south and east during the cours of thedu afternoon. we will turn at least partly ifi not mostly sunny in the afternoon today.y. a few sprinkles to the north and south. here is pushing across north carolina and the system is being dragged out tono
7:31 am
sea. once it gets further east. it's going to intensify and become a previous storm, and it will farther off to the south and east and it's not going to be impacting us. what are we looking to, the same area of high pressure that is pushing out to sea.out t it will continue to influence across our region. we will be looking at temperaturesbe in the mid-70s,m0 friday looks good, saturday and sunday looks dry as well with dry conditions and we will keep the temperatures where theywh should be. b 76 today, plenty of sun this afternoon, partly sunny this afternoon. pleasant, winds out at 5. a weak system passes through, but most the weekend, temperatures in the mid-70s. the weather,.
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had brandywine you see onseo the right, this is the southbound side of 301 where thh accidenter happened, they're stl squeezing by on south of 301,30 but northbound was closed last hour for the immediate' vac helicopter, northbound is open -- the medevac helicopter, and delays are gradually easing up. we will head over to 395, traffic headed used northbound, 395, slow as you head up from fm washington boulevard now to thee 14th street bridge and on toon the freeway through the district and on 66 still looking at delays from manassas to centreville and continuing offgf to 50, off and off to the beltway, everything is own on 66, and bolt way between college park, and silver spring, also very slow right now, butnow, b everything is open. no reports of any accidents, iti depends on the metro rail righth now no reports of any delays, that's a look at your fox 5 on
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time traffic. thank you very much, steve. did you know the, nfl does not pay taxes. the nfl is a tax exempt status. do they deserve it, why do they have that status? this that is why a senator from oklahoma is questioning. ques he is proposing an amendment to the marketplace fairness actness that would end the nfl tax exempt status. to understand that, we turn toun an attorney who shares the practice a. this is what you do in terms of dealing with tax exempt organizations, and the like, correct?corr >> correct. >> thanks nor coming in.ming we should say at the outset yous and your firm do not represent the nfl. >> yes. >> very good. >> when i first>> heard the sto, i didn't know that the nfl is tax there's a certain outrage factor when you hear it, but once i one
7:34 am
read your writings i have bette understanding of what is goingfh on here. why is the nfl tax exempt. >> a very good question. and it's also a very complicated issue. off, to understand we aree ar not talking about the tax exempt status that charity has. charitable contributions can donate to a charity. they are exempt under a 501c3. and they are exempt from the 501c6. and 's hundreds of them these are groups that are designed for a particularparti industry or profession.n. if your primary purpose of your organization, professionaltion sporting, league, you where a a league that is promoting anan entire league that is considerei the industry or a profession. for longs 506 credit has been
7:35 am
around back to 1913. professional sporting leagues si have been able to qualify for tax exempt status. th e nfl and as part of the merger there was a concern as part the league of thehe antiprocess liabilityy particularly disiew t due to the collective for the broadcastast ht to broadcast nfl games. to help protect them. congress wrote an exception for antitrust liabilities liab specifically for them. >> specifically for them. >> and they wrote an expressed exemption for professional prof sporting leagues, so the c6 which was a general section ofsi the code is has managed to carve out or include professional sporting leagues. that is where it allsp started. >> and i do want to mention that it's not just the nfl, it's the nhl and the pga. pga.
7:36 am
the reason for this spokesperson for the nfl came out in respons to thein senator's concerns yesterday, and kind of explained the way the nfl is set up. the nfl itself does qualify because they are essentially promoting the interests of the 32 member teams which are for-profit organizations obviously. >> that is the rub here and that is why a number of people are raised justifiable concerns about whether the nfl shouldld qualify for tax exempt status. because as i know and everyone in our practice knows in order to qualify for status c status you have to promote a profession as a whole. here if the industry is defined as 32 teams, it's not like the u.s. 10 ni tennis association, y have the high-profile events,ile but they are also very, very
7:37 am
active at promoting tennis at all ages. that is more of a traditionaliol sporting league that promotes as entire industry. here where there's a closeda circuit and no one can join that club, that is a justifiable >> in recent years the nfl has made an effort, you have the nfl play program and these things ts reach out to communities and get things involved in the experience and all of that kind of stuff. is it possible that perhaps part of the reason to do thatings is kind of expand that -- the rolet of thehe nfl to more closely resemble what you're describing? >> in part, i'm sure, and those are laudable activities and they help promote the nfl brand as a well. to keep int thing mind as justifiable as thele a outrage is thats many people ha about nfl and tax exempt status going together is a lot of misinformation going out there, about the senator's bill and th
7:38 am
this issue. >> even though the nfl itself is tax exempt. the whole operation itself, which is much bigger than the nfl a tax league -- a tax paying entity, all the leagues are tax paying, and the vast majoritymar are subject to tax. in addition the league itself which is tax exempt had losing o money, at least on paper year offer year. i think the last for 90, which they file with the irs was 2011, the last available, they lost lt spherch millio$77 million. the year before it was $55 million. even if they were a tax paying organization, they wouldn't be paying taxes. when the tax joint committee, they scored, how much revenue it could generate to the treasury it was a surprisingly very low $10 million a year, which by d.c.'s terms is pennies. >> very interesting. >> i don't know how they are
7:39 am
losing money. >> i should point out that the nfl points out that they have another organization, as youatn, say, most of it for-profitrot called nfl ventures which whic doesn't earn revenues from broadcast payments. you're right, it's very complicated but you provided a a betterinbetter interesting unde. you're right. it's severn 40:00. 7:40. we will be back.
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he asked them to turn in theired jerseys t and saying thh they had to earn the privilege r of playing. he acted when he found out that some were acting on online
7:43 am
bullying. the team is scheduled to play a homecoming game tomorrow night i but instead of practicing they have been performing communityy service, attending study hall and a class of character development. does that tiny ny guy >> i think it's just the perspective. that.k at >> so it's not like it's collego where you have alumni that are going to be outraged. >> alumni.mni. >> there's alumny. >> is the group alumni. al >> a bunch of people. op >> it's not like they have to really answer, i guess to anybody but the parents of the kids. so your kid a senior and he is being watched by whateverwhater school. >> you know what, hey, you know, what i think this coach is taking his responsibility seriously and 1 part of those os responsibilities is to help build character with these folks. a flawed him. >> i do, too -- i a pro applaudi
7:44 am
>> there's two sides to everyevy story. lost the locker room.r >> right. ing youthen i'm telling you somebody is looking. >> by the way high school football, you think it's big around here. >> it's utah. >> it's huge in some parts ofrto the country. co >> they are still scheduled to play. follow-upke to do a on that. but if my kids is on there and d is not one of these kids who is into bullying. bu >> it used to happen to me whene it was in second grade. >> what happened?tha >> one student does something bad and nobody goes out to recess.recess >> nobody gets the graham cracker. >> maybe that is it, you're as strong as the yo weakest link. i would like to see what happenw tot that?at? >> i'm still bitter about that. >> second grade. >> and -- -- >> i was on my best behavior. be
7:45 am
>> it changed later. la >> let's go. >> 60 this morning in washington, 61 in annapolis, regionally temperatures in the 40s andmperat 50s, kind of seasonal this time of year, 50 r in detroit this morning. beautiful, and 50, and 60 in chicago, there's a look at yourr service map, area of low pressure, storminess to theormi south and east, and that is what is bringing us the cloud cover e at the moment. mo that storm will become better organized later this afternoon, and further toward the east. but will drag its cloud cover later the area of high pressure continues to give us plenty of f warm temperatures and plenty ofo nice weather here in the next th couple of days, we were trying, generally sunny conditions after morning cloudiness, and temperatures in theng mid-70s,- not only today but friday, frid saturday and into the weekend. e things are looking great. >> thank you, sir. r. nowlet get a check of the roads out there from steve hershorn.
7:46 am
steve, good morning. good morning, allison, weeve are going to head back to brandywine, we have a serious accident on the southbound sidet of the screen. route 5, shoulder getting to the right, northbound was close too the helicopter that landed. medevac helicopter, we will head over to 66, slowing as you head from manassas to centreville, ce and on and off to the beltway, e after that, route 50 from maryland, and inbound cheverly, to the district is going on and on off not too bad. bad. it's slow, on the inner loop from saint barnabas road. the lanes are open, that is a look at fox 5 on time traffic. f steve, thank you much. mu coming out he churns out out delicious courses at a hotelhotl daily. >> this morning holly is invading his home kitchen. holly, how did you swing this th one? got connections, >> stick with me. this is chris, who is the
7:47 am
executive chef, and i want you o to take a look at his kitchen gadgetry. he has two gadgets that he can'tt live without when he cooks at home, we are going to share that and a whole lot more, stay with us. behal hi, jericho? yes?
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did you say, "when i stream true blood on my slow internet it always buffers at the best part"? yeah? hi, jericho. oh my! i'll get you better internet if you invite me in. please come in, pam. this is crazy! pam is in my living room! [ male announcer ] with fios, america's fastest, most reliable internet, you get the ultimate entertainment experience. this makes me look even better than usual, huh? it's so much better. no pausing, no freezing, no buffering. you look amazing here, and then there, and then here -- simmer down. technology that makes life more entertaining. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's powerful. at 800.974.6006 tty/v.
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all right, it is time for us to meet ourht, very specialal facebook fan of the day. nicky young. yo >> today is her birthday. all she wanted to be is our facebook fan. nikki. birthday. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day.e i started reading your script. >> go ahead. ah >> just write a comment under her picture an to be a part of
7:51 am
tomorrow. have you ever wondered what top-rated chefs cook with whenen they are cooking at home. >> i assume pots and utensils, t we are learning tricks of theth trade from a popular d.c. chef. >> holly has more from his kitchen. good morning. >> we thought it would be fun from time to timeit to spee morning with people in our area. we would kick it off with chrish who is the executive at plume, and they recently received a a 5th star. >> yes. >> could graactualations. >> it's very exciting. >> it is exciting. >> there's 32 four star restaurants and it's the who is who of what are the best restaurants. years since d.c. has had one.
7:52 am
>> 13, yeah, that is about right. modest, 5-star chefs are modest. >> so we can't cook like a five star chef. you are a regular guy. got married in may. you want to know what a 5 star chef serves in terms of hosting a crew, joe, and doughnutdohn coffee. >> you dot what you got to do, which is what we're going to to learn here. you live in apartment so youso don't have a huge kitchen like i at the hotel. >> unfortunately not. >> instead of unfor having, i'm' guessing this is the breakfast nook just make it your pantry. >> exactly. >> that is what a 5 star has. >> chef does. >> this is the perfect place with to store all of the equipment.ipnt i like to do the same things that i do at the restaurant atu home, but we have a lot more storage place.storag
7:53 am
>> i like this, because you have access to it, you just grab it. >> yes. >> obviously, he claims he knows how to use all of these, but i t asked him, if you could onlyonly have two kitchen gjt gadgets toe at home, what would they be?be >> a cast iron is probably mymy favorite thing to cook with,wi holds the heat really well, gets nice, crisp brown caramelization, whatever you want to do,ati scallops, fish, meats, pork chops, whatever, iwh love cast iron, you use theth grill pan, you get nices and yoi don't have to go outside. >> we are putting up video of ve the restaurant just to juxtapos it with your home kitchen and a 5 star experience. >> a little more stainless stees in the restaurant. re >> if you get a cast iron skillet, should you season it.t. >> it depends on the pan, most
7:54 am
pans you want to wipe it downdo with oil, no harsh abrasives, no super scrubber pads, and usually just wipe it off with a towel and some water, once you areyo done with it, it's usually aly good ideaa to put cooking spray or a little bit of oil. >> this is looks like a good piece of meat here. >> i grabbed a fillet from the restaurant, we get our beef from ang us. >> where do you shop. >> sometimes i will go to weighinwegmans and whole foods r traders joe's. >> depends on the meal, but but quite often it's about two or three stops. >> one meal. >> but you get your meat>> froma butcher. >> if i can, i will go to a butcher. >> meanwhile, she does all the chopping. this is not true.
7:55 am
>> we got the cast iron, that is the one gadget. what is the next gadget? >> amazingly enough a spoon. like i said, i'm a simple guy, spoon saucing, basting, a piece of meat, i'm going to through throw a piece of butter rightri there and i will keep bastingg it. when i'm ready to plate, i goti the spoon, the perfect portion o size for the sauce, a nice control, any larger spoon will i work for what you want to do. >> as we are watching this, it't wonderful, i hope it smells good. >> it does smell really good. you know what would go great grt with that. >> maybe a little egg, a steak and egg.and >> there you go. >> when you received the fivefi star notification, what was your reaction? >> i was a little bit nervous, surprised as well, because we we ernest necessarilweweren't neceu
7:56 am
it, but it was a sense avenue chiefment. i was very proud of the all the people that were a part of y pro it, it all the members of the front of the house, and the back of the house team of the restaurant. obviously, i have morei connection with the kitchen staff. >> uh-huh. closely with withy the front of the house staff, and it was pride. >> now you got to keep it up. >> i know. kw. >> we are going to keep it upup here in our next hour. we are going to find out what his go to cook is and find out how to substitute in a recipe. that is coming for fox knife news after the break. >> i think dunkin donuts goes great.
7:57 am
i was honored to serve as governor of virginia. we brought folks together in richmond to focus on creating jobs and getting results. that's the virginia way. and that's why i'm backing terry mcauliffe for governor. terry won't let ideological battles get in the way of making progress. terry will work with democrats, republicans, and independents to create jobs and move virginia forward. it's important for virginia that we elect terry mcauliffe as our governor. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
how to tell if a text is a lie. in withwigoing to check the medical team for clues. >> very interesting. >> plus. >> kiss your lips ♪ ♪ i want to make you feel >> a singer from prince george'e county makes his mark on the x x factor and one of the judges ann later he will join us >> i think kelly liked that. >> yes, i think he likes kelly, too. joining usarnes is now. that is isthe forecast pretty perfect this time of year. yes, we got more of the same. got cloudy skies to start your day, hang in there mostly sunny by afternoon.y tvmentz itemperatures in the mi,
8:01 am
lets get yomid-70s.we are goingn the mid-70s, 60 right now at reagan national, 54 out at dulles and bwi marshall, thehall temperatures at gerc gerch 57 d. tomorrowyness to the south, andh that storm pushes further awayay from us later today. you will look at the clowsdz cls dissipate. high pressure to talk about alll week and that promises to deliver a nice afternoon and a good-looking weekend ahead, id, will have details ahead. nice afternoon, it's nice of 22, we should remain dry for your thursday, mid-70s for the daytime high. we will focus on the weekend, we will do traffic this morningrnig with steve hershorn. >> reporter: and tucker, we're going to start with a look
8:02 am
at 301 at brandywine, southboun 301, the shoulder squeezing by, southbound, before this happened. northbound is still very slow.e you can see the activity on thei southboundvi side expect unusual delays, past route 5 right now. over to new york avenue, belay densbelaybladensburg avenue, and northeast, to the third street tunnel, but fortunately totely accidents or incidents. over on to the beltway near 202r off on and on delays on thede innerlays loop, as you make youo past down 202, down to 214, but everything is open, beltway route one in college park, nice bird's eye view from there. th the outer loop ahead of that, you are going to go slow in college park around georgia ge avenue and silver spring, the te lanes are open, usual, and very good across the american legion bridge and both directions inner
8:03 am
loop and between montgomerymonto county and no delays, no dela incidents to report as you makea your way through fairfax, innern loop is heavy, springfield to 6o but nothing unusual. that is a look at fox 5 on time traffic. my opponent has spent mostmo of his career in a social ideological gender.gende he has pushed personal pe legislation which would outlaw most forms of contraception, and he bullied the board of healthal to shutdown the women's health e centers. comparison here is is someone who halls toll the new york times you help me, i help you. politics talking about aabou case wheret he was an unindicted coconspirators in a teamsters money laundering case. if terry is elected governor we areel going to change the state motto to quid pro quo. round two, the republican
8:04 am
ken cuccinelli and democrat terry mcauliffe got personal got during the debate. they clashed a innumbe a addrer of issues, including school funding. a seemingly ly a pathetic voter base, mcauliffe is leading especially with women. how accurate are all ofl those accusations that are flying back and forth? for more we turn to lorie robertson. she is the managing editor at the nonpartisan, non-profit butt keeps track of political ads speeches and news >> lorie, good morning. morn >> thanks for coming.for >> the headline might be thesets ads aren't that far off base. b. >> >> now some have twisted the facts for sure, but it's really
8:05 am
rouerun counter to what we find. it's a generality. ge we find that the harsher the attack ads, the more negativene the campaigning, the more likelo that the claims are false and we actually have found many of the very negative harsh attacks inks this campaign have been true or mostly accurate. we have found a few things, a a few quibbles that have the ads a. >> coy ask you the science behind that, but i won't get into that. we want to show instead some of these ads and talk about them,t and sort of parcel it out a little bit. let's talk, we will sing songsis it. we will start with ken cuccinelli. his ad, this one is calledca global crossing. in thisglo one, three workers sd mcauliffe lied to them about keeping their jobs. >> i lost all of my severances e and lost all my money on the
8:06 am
401(k). it, myout and that was career was over on. >> yet terry mcauliffe cashed ca in walking away with millions. >> well, global crossing did go out of business, and thousands of workers lost their jobs, and terry mcauliffe had invested in the company and ended up making by his own admission $8 million. that is all true. the problems that we have with the ad, there's a graphic that i don't think we got to see that suggest he made millions morells than the $8 million and that is not true.not that was a figure of what his holdings were worth at one point in time but not what he walked away with.with. and also, there's a suggestion in the ad one of the workers says that he maybe had insider n knowledge which could very much suggest to viewers illegal insider trading which is not the case. there's no evidence of he was not formally part of the
8:07 am
company. officer or aernoon director -- an officer or director. >> this one is called, a doctor says i've been doing my job for 30 years let ken cuccinelli do o his not mine. >> my job is to protect the health of women. i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli, cuccinelli wants tos make all abortion illegal evenle in aga case of rape and incestin even in the case to protect a women's health.n's >> he wants to outlaw abortion all over virginia. >> that is not true. he doesn't want to outlaw abortion.tion. he supports an exception to save the life of the more. he has a strong anti-abortion an position. he has said that, and even in in cases of rape and incest, the doctor said about that, but not about all abortions.
8:08 am
this one is called green tech, basically saying that terry mcauliffe took jobs locally and shipped them overseas. >> bring the entire company bacp to the united states of america >> not true. >> last summer with the promise of thousands of jobs and a huge manufacturing facility. >> how damaging is this one, e, lorie. basically you have terry mcauliffe speaking on tape and n then this report. >> again, many elements of truth to it. he did launch the car company green pack that it would create thousands of jobs, that hasn't a happened yet. but the ad shows where he is is going to build a plant in mississippi. that is still in the works. it hasn't been built yet. i don't know if they got to it i during the clip it shows him saying this is where we're building this big plant in china. china hasn't been
8:09 am
built yet, that has been shelveh indefinitely and up to 100 to 90 employees that green tech says it has, only five are in china. here is last one. on and this is a terry mcauliffeauf act it's called gifts, when they basically used once again t.v. footage to show what is true or false. look.take a >> as governor bob mcdonnell returns thousands of gifts to to johnny williams, attorneytorney general ken cuccinelli says heye is not giving anything back. >> ken cuccinelli making it clear he won't be following the governor's lead. >> reporter: hego received more than $18,000 worth of gifts. they include a 1500 -- >> we reported later to add to o those t.v. news reports that a charitable gift was given in the same amount that he supposedlysy got in a gift.a is that the nugget that is notno in here. >> the ads now, in august, though it was accurate at the
8:10 am
time that it came out. you know, another thing that we said was true, the one point weo made is that the ad doesn't say that cuccinelli was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing for not reporting disclosure forms to add to on this >> before we go, when does itit cross the line? is it when it's an out right lie. yes. t certainly, some factors black and white, wh and it was really 5 and that ish sort ofat easy, other things are misleading, and you know, highly misleading or a bit misleading, but i think as we have shownve today a lot of these adsor allal of these ads have a lot of trutf to them, and a few may be missing pieces or went too far. >> lorie robertson is managing editor at fact >> very interesting. >> thank you. of very helpful there.
8:11 am
>> thank you much. still t ahead at 8:00, sailg into his history how the team or cal usa completed one of the biggest come backs in history. it's 8:12. bla [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature.
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nature valley. nature at its most delicious. barrow island has got rare kangaroos. ♪ chevron has been developing energy here for decades. we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪
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8:14 am
here is the model of the white house that i built last week. that out of legos. >> and a leg o, washingtonington monument behind it. >> how much does it cost to keep the white house. >> i have no idea, why do you ask? right righit looks to big there. >> we will find out. ou >> i'm thinking of my own pepco bill. >> isn't it weird to that thint pepco provides their -- -- >> i don't know. >> maybe they got their own sources. >> you never wondered about things like that, when you passa these big beautiful homes, you u
8:15 am
think how much does it cost to heat that. >> yeah, yeah, sure. >> i couldn't possibly afford the bill. >> that's what i think, and theh i feel good that i don't have ae home like that. that >> because who wants to have a hassle like that. >> it's not that much of a hassle. >> i'm kidding. dding >> you're not kidding. [ laughter ]hter ] >> back up the power just in case the white house. ho i doubt they are like the rest t of us. let's go to the weather. at before we go to the weather. >> oh.>> o >> it's wonderful. >> no, snuck um. >> we got a little somebody whoo hasdy clearly had enough. >> that is the photo of the day. >> it's the best picture ever. >> we know about allison loving the little ones. on >> look at that little sweet baby. zackary.s >> you still have to hold hold zackary's neck. ne that is how little he is. >> i wonder if they posed him om this is the way he was, and thed took a quick picture. >> he is a little guy.guy.
8:16 am
>> zackary is four months old, , this picture was taken earlier l this month at a wedding, clearll he had had enough. enou >> he has a little man's suitsut on. >> that's right, he is in his very first suit and tie.ti >> so cute. >> which i think he is going to outgrow within a month. mo >> in three weeks.eks. >> and the mom said he sleptlept through the ceremony. ce >> and most of the reception. re >> that's great. that's a>> good one. thank you for sending that one. >> sack re, lovzackary, love th, and you are going to love that later in life. this is the weather, cloudyr, start to your day, temperatures which are generally in the upper 50s to about 60, we're 60 at at reagan national, that is a member of new york city and in n richmond this morning. 40s off to the west and north. a little cool, we are going toi warmng it up to into the mid-70s, cloud cover at the moment.ment. gradually this cloud cover should be dragging to the southh
8:17 am
and east along with the storm sr system which is emerging off the carolina coast.rol you can see thein shower activiy along the outer banks, once thee storm gets to sea, it will actually intensify and that will help to drag with it the cloudsu that we're dealing with. we are not seeing any rain, i rn know it looks om on news out ood temperatures in the middlele 70s, and overnight lows in the e middle 50s. that's a look at the forecast.rt tony and allison, back to thee both of you. yo sarah is back with a check on the news. we begin with calls on capitol hill to end the nsa nsa sweeping phone surveillance program. a group of senators is introducing new legislation that would we form the agency's ag collection of millions of phone records. it would also stop spying on internet communications asunica reported in leaks of classified
8:18 am
information by whistle blower ow edward snowden.wd last month, president obama am pledged to work with congress to quote, pursue appropriate appr reforms to the governmentent surveillance program. former president george wa bush has significant signaled his sr same sex marriage by serving asv a witness to one. a couple wed saturday in a a private ceremony attended by the former first couple. a picture posted showed the th former president signing thent masirriage license as an officil witness. we can imitate anybody. anyb >> former president bill clinton getting his pay back as he triee to compete with bono's impressional. he did hisim best rock star duru a sit down with cnn.
8:19 am
bono was a little better, i got to say. but i think perhaps, maybe bono's went on for a little bit longer. you know, president clinton has a good sense of humor. hu it's like whatever. wh >> he gave it a shot. shot >> bono wins that one. >> he did, because when i heard him, if i hadn't seen his face, i could have thought it was bili clinton. >> not just the voirks but he voice, but he spoke the way clinton does. >> we got that sitting. >> sure. it.appreciate >> it's 8:20, coming up next net living without the internet. >> i could do it. >> on purpose. >> for a couple of days. of >> we will tell you how many ma people choose to live unplugged. and later, the cook book, the executive chef at a five fie star restaurant can't live without. holly is live at his ktich then morning with -- kitchen this morning with details. f
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for gogovernor, and i sponsored this ad. for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women. so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ... ... even in cases of rape and incest. ... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia? here we go again, the post office wants towe g start chargh $0.49 per stamp. stp the postmaster general willral appear on capitol hill.hill. the three cent rate hike is a part of a plan to fix the money hemorrhaging agency.
8:23 am
it's expected tomorr lose $6 bio this year. so they want to jump up $0.3. >> do $0.4, go to $0.50. >> or just eliminate, and sellll the forever stamp. can we do that. >> no, because you have to set a price for a stamp. >> but if the forever stamp was a value of $0.50 and you just stopped it right there and we we all know what it is, wouldn't that sufficiency. >> we will think about that. >> still isn't it the same. >> i would think so. >> it makes it less complicated obviously.ously. >> one country. >> i will think about it.>>ut got to think it through. >> it's hard to imagine life without the internet these dayse but that isn't the case for fo millions of us. a new survey found 15% of% americans don't use the internen at all. now that translates to about one in seven people. and that number fof most of them don't have a problem not being
8:24 am
online. of them only use the internet when they're away from home. and those on lower income arear more likely to rely on the internet at jobs, libraries or other public places. >> verying about.>> the singer making a surprise splash on the x factor. >> the surprise step that he pulled, that left one judge speechless, and simon sending a warning. f. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a 2013 nissan leaf for $199 a month. ♪
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
 i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women. so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ... ... even in cases of rape and incest. ... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia? we just warrant to take a moment j to -- just want to tak moment to say thank you to those
8:28 am
who donated to the children's hospital. >> neanearly $327,000 were donad yesterday. thank you so much. >> what a great community to do. >> for a great cause, too. >> they do great workout there. >> 8:29, tucker is with much like the last several days, and the last week or so. sunshine is nice. >> it's not as cool as it was a couple of days ago in the th morning. that.'re right about a couple of mornings ago we had 30s north and west. mostly 40s and 50s this morning. cloud cover is a blanket. and snuggy. >> a blanket, maybe not a full snuggy. >> we had a snuggy and we had it on wrong. wi had it like a robe, but somebody let me know. >> they will let you know.
8:29 am
>> let's get to the forecast. of i mean, can you find them anymore, they used to be everywhere. >> get a real one now, they are some imposters.some >> i got an imposter. it was okay. >> it was okay. ok. 61 annapolis, not quite snuggy weather, we will getll there, but maybe a jacket here. 48 in frederick, winchester, an tony mentioned, it has been cooler than the last couple of mornings, cloud cover that isoud the reason why, a weak storm system off to the south on and east down into the carolinas, and let's take a look at it. sort of an upper level -- upperr level wave pushing out to sea. it should be a strong storm but it's a huge central atlantic, we're not concerned with it. this cloud cover, you can see, the central pennsylvania, as the storm gets pushed further. out we will drag the south withh
8:30 am
it. we will see a return to partly so mostly sunny today. fine, the temperatures will be in the mid-70s, cool again tonight. the high pressure is going tog keep things nice and dry for the time being.tim as we get into friday and the weekend, plenty of shine and we will -- sunshine we will keep the temperatures where they should be, the forecast as they look forward.look the area of high pressure, the t south and east, it won't direct' the impact on the rainshowers, here is the accuweather seven day. if youac like consistency, youin will like the next 7 days,, overnight lows in the 50s, that is a look at forecast, bace in a couple ofc minutes with an update, back to you, guys. oh, okay. >> he didn't know what he was about do do.
8:31 am
just a kiss on the hand, that is wesley mountain making some some moves on x factor judge kelly rewen, the fan of the desty child you can -- destiny child star,s, you can tell by the kiss. he comes from capital highs maryland. ♪ ♪ ♪ don't know how you do what yo do ♪ >> well, his performance was pef enough to get four yeses from the judges and to move on to next round, but before he does that, he is joining us live on the phone this morning.
8:32 am
wesley mountain, good morning, sir, how are you. >> good morning to you, how are you doing? >> i'm doing great, but i got to ask you, have you gotten over that kiss yet? >> i am still smiling andnd blessing ablushing as we speak. >> you had the vocals to back i up, so we're proud of you so far. i know you can't say where youyu are in the competition righttior now, but we wanted to catch uph with you and find out how it'sho going sow far and what it took o even get in front of thatth audience tomorrow. >> i thank you for that that compliment. i have been singing all of my life so getting in front of my crowd, and showing them, was never a problem but being in front of such amazing people in front of kelly, it's the most mo memorable thing i can -- i can't really explain it. it it was a dream, you know. i was star struck, it was the
8:33 am
real moment. it was awesome. i watch it and i get nervous, because it's so awesome. >> i would do it again. >> and we do want to ask you more about your singing and whah your goals are. i want to comeyour back to the s in just a moment. i was wondering, it was spontaneous, you walked out there and did it, or did you plan it? >> it was 7 79 spontaneous. i got to do this, this is today, yes. >> and you did it. >> that look though, from simonn i was kind of nervous for who wasr the most intimidated judge. i know who you thought was the lovely yesterdaiest who was the. >> simon, he compared me to a dog, you know. you know, i've always watched simon 50s his critic and
8:34 am
criticism, i was kind of like, waiting to hear what he said about me.abou i couldn't take my eyes off of f kelly. helped you >> is this what you want -- is this your dream to be a singer, to do this for a >> definitely. biggest inspiration i have. i can't go anywhere and opening my mouth and giving my gift back to the world. singing is my thing. i have been singing since i was 2 years old. it's something i absolutely love. it brightens your when you're having a great day, that is what i love to do. >> your family wasn't surprised when you said you wanted to try out then for the x factor? >> oh, not at all. they have very supportive. supp and actually my mother ask sing as well, so i -- can sing as well, so i know where i get it from, she has an amazing voice. >> hopefully, they're are watching.
8:35 am
you want to do a quick shout outut on. >> my mom, my grandmother, mymy three brothers, and my neighborhood, and my church, and amis shrk misha i love my famild fairmont heights. i love you. >> we are going to be watching you and keep goin supporting yoe hope you go far in the show. thank you, leslie. >> a nice young guy. >> you can catch the x factor on wednesday and thursday nightay here on fox 5. still ahead the greatest sports come back ever in a sport that most of us don't even really pay attention to. it's 8:36: and now it has the good housekeeping seal,
8:36 am
giving finish quantum more honors than ever before. finish quantum delivers amazing clean and shine, which cascade actionpacs just can't do. take the finish shine challenge and see what it can do for you.
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8:38 am
this has morning we're going too put the nationals aside to brinn you news on look to the greatest come back k ever in the tournament'sament's history. >> it didn't start well for the th americans in the winner take all this happened in san francisco.n there were three lead changes is the third leg. many obstacles for the americanr to overcome.e. but or cal ended up sailing away
8:39 am
with the 44th second victory. vi the american team captured eight american races to win 9-8 in the first series.ries. >> what should have happened. >> it's a good atmosphere. we got up the lead, but what can you do, they had the better boat, i >> we will be back and better tt next time. >> usa. usa. >> now -- >> look, they dink from the trophy. with the win, or cal ha or cal has the choice to pick the next city for the cup. >> enough of that. that it's now 8:40, it's a thursday morning a new type of f cancer treatment that can help eliminate the most obvious and d most difficult side effect. ef but first what is cooking,on holly. >> reporter: we got a whole lot cooking here this morning as we are spending the morning can
8:40 am
chris, at executive chef at the plume. is his cook book ok collection, but he has one go to. we are going to find out what it is. to show us howg to improvise recipes. re we are all going to do that when we're at home cooking. 
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
bloom restaurant at the jefferson hotel hasoom r some th best cooking that the district i has to offer.ffer. this morning we are learning the secrets straight from the source. that's right, holly is livee in virginia inside of the chef's own kitchen. >> he is working hard for us us this morning.orning he works hard every day at restaurant. but right now we thought itth would be funou to get tricks of the trade from the best that we ask use at home when we're cooking. cookingking at his collection, i don't have any o those cook books.ok >> you have to know what you'ree doing to use these. >> some of these are high-end and some are simpler. >> lower end.
8:44 am
>> i like the word simple. >> if you were on a desertde island and you could only take one cook book, which would be it be? >> it's a hard decision. i'm going a to go with james bed because of the versatility and s i'm an american beard was more e or less the first american big cook. >> there you go, i like it. >> this looks like it's prettyey well used. >> and you have gotten a lot of these from your chef grandmother, you were tellinge e me.. >> yes, not a tag sale, she went to and things have been passed down. >> something some might be intimidated, you think this is something that a regular persone could >> this particular cook book from james beard is simple. he will give you a basic recipee and in terms of improvising, this io one of thevisi best cook books can look for. the new james beard nas and you-
8:45 am
so you look at a recipe, ii went through last night really quick. make.make.arrant to it's fall, squash, and pumpkin are in season. i got here a ginger pumpkin soup. ginger, stock, and heavy cream. unfortunately, i don't have any heave hey creamdonheavy cream be could could put milk. mi it's butter, squash and cream cr and spices, so instead of the th spices because i really don'ty want the cinnamon or the cloves, i'm going to do something with curry. of butter. tle bit >> so you don't want half of those ingredients, but i love it. it's okay. you don't have to follow it on t to the book. >> no. the essence of the dish will more of th or less be the same. with the coconut food it will
8:46 am
more of an asian feel, and i love making asian food.od we got back from our honeymoon in bali so we did a lot of asian food. get inspiration fromion what little traveling i do. >> reporter: i also want uswa to putnt some video. we got to stop by the restauran the other day. what do you think, really gave a you the guys that edge to get the 5th star? >> well, obviously, the dining space that we have at the restaurant is -- i mean, the dining room is beautiful. beautiful china, beautiful silver, nice glassware, we are very dil diligent about what wee in the kitchen, and using some the best techniques i learned and trying to keep up-to-date with what else is going on.on. the great wine program. >> it's the whole >> it has to be.
8:47 am
>>be it's not any one thing. >> it has to be a little of of everything. you can have one stand out, butu they have to be working in harmony. >> you're saying we want to use recipes as inspiration, don't be aspiafraid to substitute. su >> yeah, sometimes you look atot something or you look at a at recipe and you have something i it that you don't necessarily care for.for. >> how do you know what to substitute? >> sometimes i will -- you know ---- >> well, experience is -- youyou know experience plays a large >> should you taste as you go. >> you should, you should, butsh in thisld case, pumpkin and butr nut squash they have similar si flavors so it's very easy to subit in and subit out. with the curry powder, there'sts elements of symmon and clof clon the curry but not exclusive toe those things. thin >> what time would you head to work in the morning? >> normally i would there.there. >> i get to stay home.
8:48 am
>> we're making you late today. >> what do you eat for breakfast. >> normally, when i get into in work, one of the ladies who does breakfast makes me something,g, and they make killer smoothies. >> so a 5 star chef has someoneo who makes his breakfast. >> i see.>> >> but ki a good way to go. >> right. >> do you drink coffee. >> lots ofo u coffee. >> you are on t.v. or you're late to work. >> all right. so here is what you need to know, is ourur website. we have a link to the jefferson hotel, bloom restaurant. how far in advance do you needc to make rereservations, you itit make them the same day. >> how often do you improvise on the recipes.recis. >> in the restaurant no improvisation unless somebodys asks for it. it. >> howrch do you change thhowr e
8:49 am
menu. >> we change it trying to injecn some seasonality. >> reporter: if you have any questions for him, hit me up on twitter, holly live fox dc. and the real secret to his success, you're going to meet did i just reveal it.. you are going to meet her in the next hour, and a 5 star chef att home puts pictures on the fridge. at one of theng most endearing things, i was look ago the kitchen -- lookingg at the kitchen and it looks like it could be my kitchen. >> it gives me hope. we are talking about the redskins, they are going into week four as one of the six nfl teams without one win. the focus continues to be the
8:50 am
rgiii 3 who has struggled. >> now that he is back run ck toking more, he does have toto work on sliding. sl he doesn't know how to baseball slide and that was evident on sunday against the lions. mike shanahan, i'm just reading what it says here. on is monday he works on it, sliding, during practice, and is getting better at it, but here is what grirc griffin when asked yesterday if he practices sliding. >> i did on training camp. >> how does that work, we wo haven't seen that. >> youhaven't basically run upa defender and you >> it's harder. ha it's easier to slide with football pants on, the slicknesl of the pants, and i'm going deep here, the slickness of the pants helps you slide but when youou have shorts, it's less conducive to sliding on the practice field. of thed you ask one nationals to show you ho to
8:51 am
baseball slide. is that a wacky idea.idea. >> if bryce wants to do that, i'm definitely up for that. bryce, we can do that if you want to. [ laughter ] >> had that'that's a way for hia >> i get the point he is making between the football games andll the shorts -- the football pants and the shorts. i understand it.nd when are you talking to to someone face to face, you might be able a to tell whether theyth are lying by their body language, maybe they don't look you in the eye all of that kind ofo stuff. >> how about if you are talking about by text.text. are there signs in the messagesg that you can look for? >> we are being helped out with this modern dilemma. something we didn't have to worry about a few years ago. good morning, tony. >> how about the most obvious, b and often -- well, let's talk
8:52 am
first about this. how do you tell, is there a waya to tell if someone is lying wheh they text messaging? >> researchers at brigham young university at utah wanted tontet test that out and see if there were any telltale signs.signs. they asked about 100 collegellge students about a couple of different tools.. 30 questions via text and instant message and lie on halff of them. we found that when the studentsn lied on their answers, they took 10% longer to come back with ann answer. if you are texting back and forth, with say your spouse expru going bacandgoing back and answering, and all of a sudden i say, hey, where were you last night or do you think thisth outfit made me look fast? there's styling, nothing happena for several minutes before you get the response, that might bee the sign that the person on theh other side is trying to craft
8:53 am
with their thumbs a very careful response to you. >> kind the gotten that feeling anyway. >> what about so we can be worried about a slow response,re what about a short response?resn >> that also may be a sign.sign. because they found that when the students lied, they edit themselves a lot more.more. they took more time, they were more careful with their responses, if somebody answersan your questions, and for example, you said what did you do last night and said, went out and haa dinner, but it's not personalized, it's not elaborated upon, that might be e sign that the person is being dishonest. keep in mind that it's not full proof. it doesn't mean that the other lying.ean th they could be distracted, theydi could be called into a meeting at work, you don't know, but ifu you are getting the feel that they are not shooting straight withoo you, they may not bebe shooting straight with you. >> use it as a red flag. >> i want to turn my attention to cancer and one the most
8:54 am
obvious and often hated signs of cancer and getting cancer treatment when age patient loses their hair because of chemotherapy. there are new device that mighti preventer that. can you tell us about those. >> we followed a woman who is battling breast cancer for acanc second time, she is a mom and a lawyer. she doesn't want to remind thate she is sick every time she looks in the mirror because shee s doesn't have any hair. for two different bouts off cancer, she has used a self cooling device, in her case it'r called the a cold pack, and it basically freezes her scalp,sca, when she goes in for infusions,n it cools down her scalp, and her boyfriend brings a whole cooler full of them and they changeey them out. and the bhoal idea is t whole ir hair co hol cals follicles fromg
8:55 am
the medication. it has been a lot of work, and for her her hair has been a been sense of normalcy through years that have not been normal at at all. >> very, very interesting. >> beth, thank you very much mu great information. >> thank you. what strikes me there is that i wonder, the resistence that she has gotten, becausee often, it's hard to introduce any sortin of alternative treatment. >> there are other questions, unfortunately we ran out of tim with beth there.beth we will try to readdress it re another time.time. >> and sometimes, just in caseca somebody is watching, sometimesi i get busy, i can't do it right away, it doesn't mean i'm lying. >> all the time. >> still ahead in our next hourr president barack obama comes to prince george's county to talku about the healthcare premiums. wisdom will join us live with a preview. stay with us.
8:56 am
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back on thursday morning, good morning to you,n i'm alii sooallisonseymour. i'm tony perkins. the threat of a government o shutdown remains here in the region. if it happens, thousands of you would have to stay home.home. >> but not if they have their ei way. they are trying to declare all-city workers essential employees. now, it might prove to be an an illegal move, but does that matter. councilmember david graco iso i with us this morning. he will explain what the district is trying to do. we will be checking in withi our own wisdom martin who is standing by the prince george'ss community college wherecoeg president obama will speak aboub the affordable care act laterter this


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