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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  September 28, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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healthcare law for one year. senate democratic leader harry reed says the house republican plan will not be brought up foru a vote in the senate. the senate, democraticallyally controlled has its own versionwn of the spending versionndin yesterday but stripped away the gop's to fund obamacare. if these two sides cannot agree by september 1, it will forcece the first government shut down in 16 years. not everyone who works for the government will be put out guidelines are calling for essential personnel to continueu work. however 400,000 civilian workers could beivil furloughed. jennifer griffin takes a closer look. >> reporter: the last time the government shut down in 1995 it lasted 26 days. according to the pentagon, as many as 400,000 civilian dod dod workers could be furloughed this time around. military service metro parks
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including those serving in afghanistan are not subject to furlough and would have to continue work without pay. they would also have to pick upu the slack for civilian personnel doing their jobs as c well. these military personnel wouldrp receive retroactive pay once an appropriation is passed. it would require an act of congress to pay those civilians subjected to furloughs. for dod civilians it's not like that they would get retroactivei pay. ways of government shut down would affect the defense department, death benefitsts killed in action would not be paid until appropriations are passed. commentaries where military families shop would close. pentagon comptroller responsibll forer the largest budget in the federal government explains the impact. e >> even if the last never occurs, the planning is disruptive. >> people are worrying about g whether their paychecks are p
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delayed rather than focusing ong their mission. >> one myth is that government shut down savesis t money. mon the office of management and budget estimates the last timeat there was a shut down in 1995 ii cost the taxpayer about $1.4 billion. in washington, jennifer griffinf fox news. our coverage continues on air and online at mfox the countdown is continuing on maryland's strict new gun controllests. across stores, across the state, owners are reporting record sales. over in virginia meanwhile though supporters of guns vir gathered to take part in the nation's gun show. lauren demarco is live now.. we're hearing stories of five, six people deep in the counter. is that what you're seeing? >> reporter: by the time we gotg here i wasn't seeing that, per say, but there was a lot of
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customers here from maryland. now state lawmakers pass this law earlier in the year was proposed by governor o'malley in response to the shooting massacre in knewtown connecticut and banned 45 times of assault weapons but people will be able to keep them. it limbs handgun magazines to ten rounds and requires people to submit fingerprints to state police to get a license to buy a handgun. there's additional paperwork. that lead to a huge increase in applications because those t submitted before september 30 s are not subject to the new regulations. over the past two weeks police e have received more than 1,000000 applications a day. we spoke with maryland gunit dealer who says he is concernedh about how the process will work once this new law goes intonew effect on tuesday. >> they don't know the exact criteria of the hql or how long
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it will take. they don't know the fee structure on how they'll collect it. looking at not being able to exercise your sec amendment rights as a maryland resident for five months. >> reporter: gun rights advocatt filed a federal lawsuit to block the new law but if the majority of residents support the new regulations and are expected to go into effect on tuesday, here at the center, the show continues tomorrow.omor again, more residents from maryland expected to be out here in the organizers tell me they t did see a lot more folks in maryland than usual. that's the latest here, tom. h >> thank you very much. we'll continue ourl discussion c of maryland's gun debate. supporters want to stop new laws from taking effect. it violents their sec amendment rights. joining us now when to talk to o
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us is scott bowlen. >> you look at what lauren justu showed us,re people teeming inte gun stories, we saw it yourselves, is there a cross purpose where these states are passing gun reinstructions butco leading to sell-outs in many stores at high capacityigh levelths. >> what's leading to thehe sell-out under the new yorkk legislation, is that if you have assault weapons, if you have these magazines with more thanoe ten rounds you're allowed tollow keep them. it's called grandfathering in g the process. it is having that effect. ultimately, the goal the maryland legislature and l governor is that you were will be barred from owning a assaultt weapon, as well as magazines with ammunition of more than ten rounds. have short-term that s negative impact but long-term it
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will save lives. >> travecally, though, the latest mass shooting happened in our area only last week and a lot of people are saying whenayn you look at what aaron alexis was able to do with a shotgun in shoots holes in this theory that it will wipe out these o shootings. how do you see what happened last week in this city playing into this gun debate? >> it's unclear whether they'll eliminate shootings. in one regard people kill people.opl guns don't kill people. if you have mentally ill people or felons who want to do wrong with criminal records have assess to handguns, then you will have these circumstances. the other loophole here, as yous said, it happened at the anyway yardth was that the shotgun is t included in many of these gun laws that allow a shotgun not to
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be labeled a handgun or assaultn rifle. be closed.todlt also, the whole issue of mentally ill people being able to own p guns, whether they'rehh certified or not, whether thattr has to be reported and how, that's got to be looked at because in the navy yard shooting, this was clearly an individual mentally ill but had not been certified. when it was recorded to the appropriate authorities human error took >> there's a lawsuit that'sr filed in maryland in order no prevent this from happening. we saw dick keller here in dc take his case to the supreme court in a landmark on handgun laws. for a lawsuit like the one in maryland thisne week to get i to the supreme cot level? >> it will be difficult but it's going to get there because the gun right's advocates are relying on the handgun ban in dc. here, maryland, as well as new
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york, has banned assault weapons which arguably is a similar law. now, the government always has a right to regulate gun ownership but here legislation says youays have to have a background check. but if that legislation bansti certainon weapons and the supree court of 2008 says you can't do that. >> we could talk about this. >> a lot more. >> we appreciate you coming here. >> a lot more to come. >> we'll take a live look outside for you write now. with the cloudy fall day, stilly nice enough to enjoy the weather. fox 5 again tolbert out there. >> things aren't looking too loo bad. we've had calm conditions over the course of the last here is the current temperatures. in the 60s and 70s everywhere. 68 at frederiksberg and 70 at annapolis. for tonight, not bad, the clouds
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will move out, we're talking t about partly cloudy skies. our overnight low, 59 degrees and becoming partly cloudyudy tomorrow. the rest of the weekend is shaping us nicely. we'll have a lookshap at the at seven-day forecast later on. thank you very much. we'll continue here in a moment. the greatest generation is fading away. each day more and more american veterans fought world war ii are passing into it ising the reason the group hr flight that brings veterans hear to washington to see the world war ii memorial while they're still able wle to. one of the largest flights today was today. >> reporter: this woman was tearing up before shete even sas her father, excited to be b surprising him as he visited the memorial for the first time she and her son drove ten hours from michigan to experiences this onceo texhis a lifetime visit h her 88-year-old dad.8-ye
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>> this is a life changing event for he was a young man who went offo to war for his country and was wounded severely, spent years in an army hospital. it's to honor him and all these men. these are incredible.ble. the greatest generation. g >> reporter: he has flown in 400 veterans from newspaper englandm and new york for their first n look at this memorial. veterans were treated with pop and circumstance in an outpouring of gratitude.titu >> i never had anything so great as today. >> reporter: is hundred-year-old from rhode island was the older to make the trip.e >> all the people that come upp and congratulate you, you neff forget that. it makes you feel good. >> makes you proud. >> reporter: carol rodkins says it was her dream to join theo navy and now, at the age of
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90.5, she is awe did that others are thanking her for doing that. >> others are thanking me for my service. i didn't think it was a service. it was something i wanted to do and this country was good enough to let me do it. >> reporter: this is a day she will not soon forget. >> one of the best things that's happened for me. >> reporter: as for this man,an, after taking in a piece of the memorial, he felt operation gratitude more than lived up to it name. >> i'm overwhelmed.helm issue -- everybody is so gracious. >> reporter: at the world war ii memorial, jennifer davis, fox 5 news.en still ahead at 9:00, the first toss between the united states in iran, president obama in iran, the president made an historic phone call a yesterday
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but what does it many for iran to give up it's nuclear ambitions?
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>> the president of iran has returned home following hiss meeting at the u.n. generall assembly but not before speak wig president obama on the phone.iden the conversation was an historic one marking the first direct t contact between the country's leaders since the 1970. brian yenissive has more.
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>> reporter: calling the new president rouhani friday whileyw he was on his ways to the airport in new york. the 15 minute call is the first direct consideration between leadersrati of iran and the u.s. since the islamic revolution inn 1979. presidentsth expressed an urgency and determination to resolve the nuclear issue between both nations peacefully. rouhani arriving back in iran where news of the historic his conversation between him and obama was mixed with reaction. rouhani was met by self-dozen hard-lined conservativeive protesters upset by his conversation with obama. they were chanting deaths to america while reportedly throwing eggs at the president's car. the move was what common gesture of attempts in the middle east. it came t after rouhani's first
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visit since taking office last month. rouhani said he believe the u.s. and iran will resolve and settlt the nuclear issue step by step in the not to doesn't feature and friday, d rouhani says he hs the backing of the people ofp iran.le i believe whatever results we r achieve throughes negotiations y government does will have the full backing of all the powers, including the three maine m branches of power in iran, as ia well as the support of the t people of iran. >> reporter: graham prime minister netanyahu is scheduledl to visit the white house on wednesday. right riglook outside now. comfortable temperatures out there but gray overhead. we'll take a look at your full forecast. fox 5's news at 6:00 is here in a few moments. 
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>> it's been a gray day but gra pleasant. >> we have had a great run of h fall weather for everybody to enjoy, not too humid or not too hot. enjoying it but i was on my couch watching football all day.c >> all of those football fans. football weather. >> it looked nice through the t window.
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>> look at the beautiful sunshine. we had clouds earlier today. more cloudy but things are are improving in terms of the cloud department. more a sunset moves out also. the clouds with decrease as wee head into the course of thehe overnight hours. and some patchy fog in the t morning, primarily to areas of the west. visibility will be packed. the coastal storm will stay away from us. we have warmer days to talk about on the seven-day forecast. temperatures on the rise. in the meantime here is a look a at the temperatures today, from about two to six degrees above seasonal average. -- believe seasonal average. 76 at reagan national airport, 69 only at dulles and 72 at bwi. but very comfortable as well. here is a look at the current temperatures right now where it's 70 at d.c.. 0 at baltimore and a little
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cooler at leonardtown at 64, the double sixes in frederick and manasis 67. 55 in hey guesser town and 64 at cumberland and win cheter is 63 degrees. as far as the crowds, definitely those crowds rolling in will start to push out as wehe c hava ridge of high pressure in control. large and in charge of new england c and it will be stickig around. overnight hours, as i mentioned, clouds will pull out. we'll end up with partly cloudy radar, a couple of things happening. take a look to the west. we have in frontal system and associated wit, a fair amount of lightning and storms that haveht kicked up. this will push towards the easte but it looks like it won't holdd up enough to do anything for us.
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we won't see any of that precipitation but we will benefitat fromio the clear skie. back to our weather map, so as we head to the forecast, we have the coastal low that will stay well off the coast. rich of high pressure, that's our weather maker. we'll see fog in the early the morning hours before we get back to mostly sunny conditions. 71 degrees by mid-day, overnight low tonight, 59 degrees, a light north easterly flow. tomorrow's high a comfortable 75 degrees. he re is look act the fox 5 seven-day forecast. you can see we have nice weather straight across the board for you. a little return of humidity as m we get to the later part of thet week. we are heading back to thek t 80s. >> that is not much to not likel about any of this. virginia kicking off acc play with a road date against the conference's new members and remember auto porter, well heter won't have to go very far to
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start an nba career. lindsay murphy is up next with sports. stick with us. i was honored to serve as govevernor of virginia. we brought folks together in richmond to focus on creating jobs and getting results. that's the virginia way. and that's why i'm backing terry mcauliffe for governor. terry won't let ideological battles get in the way of making progress. terry will work with democrats, republicans, and independents to create jobs and move virginia forward. it's important for virginia that we elect terry mcauliffe as our governor.
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i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. >> good evening, at 4-0, the maryland football team is enjoying their biweek. the terps are game fresh afterer crushing west virginia last week. next week maryland kicks off at maryland state. mike london and the virginia calf t leers kicks off at pittsburgh.
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osborne high grabs junior erell. watch out, instead it hits him. pittsburgh recovers at the 19. t four plays later, james conner bowls through a defender fromr f six yards out, pittsburgh with 7-0 leads. david wattford can't handle the snap. the panthers recover and once again you va would pay. two plays later tom savage back to pass. navy taking three first 3-0 start on the road to western kentucky. the mid's first drive to brown. he goes up the right side, a 21-yard game and it would lead to a touchdown. it was 7-0 navy. 7 second quarter, reynolds on the option, he keeps it and would get drilled by andrew jackson. he stayed down for a few minutes, forced to leave this
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game, didn't return. the mid rush for 107 yards. third quarter, third down, antonio andrews backs his way ss the end zone for an 11-yard touchdown. he carries 182 yards, they've suffers the first loss of the season, 19-7. one other score, georgetown falls on homecoming to t princeton, 50-22. the redskins journey to oakland started yesterday. there was a three hour time difference and because of whereo they're playing. oakland colosseum, the only multi purpose stadium that serves as full time home to ho major baseball team and nfl football steam players tomorrow will runm p through the infieldf the baseball diamond because the oakland as are in the play offs. the other challenge, playing in oakland, the dreaded back holeoe full of rowdy fans. >> the biggest challenge is on that baseball plate that's still
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up there. i heard the oakland as made it to the playoff. the fans will be fans, you know. it's football at the e the day. >> time difference, lag on the baseball field. f everything to make excuses for c yourself is what you don't wantu to do. i don't want to hear about that. i don't want to be like that. so we have to go out there, we have a job to do. it's not ba they do. they're a good football team. but i think it's more on us this week. ago, we found the enemy, that's us. we're doing things to ourselves we haven't done before.efor it'singably right now. >> he'll be a head coach in a couple of years. otter porter got his chase g yesterday. maybe that's the new big three this washington. porter taken a successful two years at georgetown. so far an easy transition with a the new team and i guess it
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helps he played college bomb on the wizard's home court. >> the only difference is i'm in nba. the same. i feel like i never left and i i haven't which is a good thing. >> the biggest thing i mentioned to him is just have fun. i think last year i lost sightea of that.r you have to step up. now he doesn't have that situation. otto can just come in and do what he does. >> preseason hockey last night at the verizon center, caps hosting the fliers. alex one timer ready for the regular season, first of two goals on the night. he may be young and the games may not count but look at tomorrow wilson throwing down. the caps won 6-3. tonight is the final preseason road against the chicago black. >> thank you. from all of us, we'll be on
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channel 20 on 10:00 p.m. tonight. back here after the game. you like to keep your family healthy and fit.
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after a tough junior season, quarterback keith price regained his swagger. he is putting up big numbers with this new offense and today he'll look to lead his washington huskies against the undefeated arizona wildcats. captions paid for by the fox broadcasting company >> we like to play fast -- as fast as we possibly can. >> see you later! >> whether you watch the huskies, you come away saying that football team plays hard. >> wide open. ♪


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