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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  October 1, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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all right, we are going to get to all of that, all things h you need to know in a moment, mo but first we will let you knowkw about our weather. too bad the zoo is closed, the it should be a beautiful daf to go to the zoo. it's starting off comfortably co and cool, dry weather conditions, very try weather ine the last couple of weeks, the te rain deficit about 2.5 inches, we need some rain. 57ra dulles and bwi marshall, aa few clouds in the forecast torea start the day. you can see that working through, that's the cold front r from yesterday, no rain associated with it. it. we're not concerned with any rain here anytime soon unfortunately, but we will be be dealing with clouds, and a bit of a cloud deck from time to time. plenty of sunshine, low 80s daytime high,. >> all right, thank you so much, tuck. now let's talk more aboutou
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this shutdown business. bu now what does this all mean for you? >> what can we expect from lawmakers now? we are checking in with melanie alnwick who is live at the federal news radio 15:00 a.m. >> reporter:1500 am. >> reporter: it's a media party, the big news is how is is the federal shutdown going togon affect all of these workers, off course, we want to come to the e source, to the federal news rateio 1500 am, and over here in the anchor spot is tom clemens,, and his coanchor emily they are getting ready to go live on airo in a few minutes, tom, i'm asking you, what were you before the shutdown from federal workers, what their main concerns are.concer >> they were a exre he apprehenh were hoping that this wouldn'two come, they are kind of resignede last week the unions were
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getting information from the administration and yesterday and friday, other employees wereees being told, you better be prepared, here is who going to have to work and here is who going to have to come to work, but then go to work, the non-accepted employees, the operations, the analysts, and the people who keep the socialei security check they're going to stay at work today. >> we are not going to see a huge exodus. ex >> we will see a exodus, at noon, and even the mark trains are running midday trains to take people home.people a lost agency right side giving their employees about four hours to shutdown, and put up the different voice mail messages and shutdown the websites, thenh they got to go home, they will be home before dinner time. >> reporter: what are the th main topic you will be covering for
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>> we will be talking to one the union people, we will be talking with a a person with the coast o guard, and getting an employee idea and defense contractors, one estimate has them losing $1 billion a day. >> reporter: we are going to to stay here and listen throughout the morning and we will be coming back to you with updates on any information that comes through and what we're hearing from'r the federal workers as well. back to you, guys. >> all right, can't wait to here. just one minute after the te shutdown began, the presidentnt obama released a video to the members of the military, telling them they will remain o on-duty officer and will be paid onn time. safety of our troops is top priority. >> we will continue to address any impact that shutdown has onn your families.
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today marks a major milestone for affordable care act, star starting at 8:00 theyn start shopping online, and they can wait to sign up as late as december 15, and still bebe covered by january first. coming up we will talk with a professional to help you bettert understand that process. >> we will take a look at the te commute with julie.ju we're heying seeing a heavo flow of traffic, can we pull it on the teleprompters as you work south of hyattstown, leaving shady grove, and continuing on o to beltway, the leaving le southbound to the splirkts youro lanes are open. op no accidents to report headed toward the southbound spur.nd we will continue with the cameras, we will show you what h we have work for you, virginia,i
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quiet out of wood bridge and dale city, no problems, newington, 345 add speed landmark, headed toward the 14 street bridge, eastbound 66, seeing the volume slow as youu approach business 254. we're that's the check of fox 5 on time traffic. coming up a tragic scene at colorado after a popular hiking trail is covered with boulders. it's time to rock the red,re we are going to hear from the capitals ahead of today's season open are. that is in today's sports breakfast. and when you get up -- can i play?
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is that your sister? look, are you trying to take my job? maybe. technology that lets you play with the big boys. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's powerful. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. a tragic scene on a popularu trail below one of colorado's most photographed mountains, it came crashing down to a group of hikers, killing them, and a 13-year-old girl is the lone surriffe or.
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her father jumped on her saving her life. some the boulders were the size of cars, and because it caused so much destruction, some will l have to wait until this this afternoon to remove the bodies i inside an explosion occurred inu an electrical volt as the crews tried to turn the power back on, at least one person was taken t the hospital. 9/11 first responders and those who worked at the sites that followed, have two days left to applypor compensation. it's a fund for people that th might be related to that thick dust that fell on manhattan. congress has authorized paying over $2 billion to people exposed to those toxins, so far over 32,000 people have appliedl and most of that is the firefighters, and policee officers who spent months in the smoking debri debris pile.
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what is going to happen to your unemployment if you work in the district. we will tell you how much mh more it's going to cost you when we come back. ♪
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all right, time is 6:14, welcome back to fox 5 morning news. as we are getting started a nice ni day weather wise.wi >> it's pretty nice, i mean it's october first and we're talkingg about low 80s, it's going to gon be nice and warm and it's here to stay all week with no rain. >> yeah. >> this is what we dream about u most of the year. >> you took it to another level right there.right >> i try to take it to anothertr level. >> he is trying to impress us, >> i know he is, this is perfecf summer weather. weat >> we are looking sunny and bright today.toy there will be a few clouds but
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nice warm start to your month, and temperatures will be above normal with highs expected to bx in the low 80s this afternoon. e yesterday we got to 76, warmerwr yesterday, lots of 50s to start the morning, 59 in quantico, 55 degrees, 59 in culpeper, 56 in hagerstown, andn let's see, baltimore is is 67 degrees, most of the region in the 50s, except for r annapolis and here in washington, looking at the clouu cover, we do have some of that, and you can see it's movingit's through. it's the cold front that we were talking about yesterday that has fallen apart so no rain associated with it and but will be a little bit of a cloud deckd and we will see bloke enclouds l throughout the day, but no rain expected and just the quiet weather pattern continues up anp down the eastern seaboard. you can get out west to chicago and st. louis without much clouu cover at there's a storm, the same stormt that slammed into the pacific pa northwest this weekend, it willw
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be organizing itself across thee northern planes, an plains and l become being a player, and it looks like the pattern is goingn to start change. 82 degrees and later today, 61,, cool clouds and cool, and 80s here to stay for the week, mid-80s around here tomorrow, and we mix in a little humidity, you might feel like 90 tomorroww afternoon, perhaps the air-conditioner will be on at at one or two houses, there you are, by sunday into monday, storminess in here, and maybe yb some good rain, and beneficial rain by early next week. we that's your weather. we let's do traffic, julie has your julie, so everybody is still il going to work today, what is happening? >> reporter: we are still seeing a lot of traffic volumeic on the roads this morning. skyfox over the roadway, near ar the dulles tollway, and toward tie sons, it doesn't look to busy and it doesn't look too
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busy on the toll road. we are not seeing any unusual. lanes are open on the beltway traveling between 123 tysons and, let's continue with the commute. let's pop up the cameras, we had heave ay volume proafn approachg business 234, and heavy volume leaving fair oaks, 123, no issuu to reports, that trip along southbound 270, better than expected leaving i-70 but but starting to slow before and and after leaving the truck scales, all lanes are open between college park and bethesda. that's the check of fox 5 on fo time traffic. thank you, julie. there's changes to traffic related ticket fines you need to know in the district. di starting today if you are caught going 11 to 15 miles per it will cost you $90, instead of -- cost
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you $100 instead of $92. and 16 to 20, goes up from $100 to $150.$100 to 21 to 25, from $2,150 to 200. and. there's good news for metror riders starting today, the pric of a new price trip is going down to $3 to $3. you won't be able to exit metrot with a negative balance of lower than $1.50. $1 very interesting. it's supposed to be a quick and easy, but wait times are faster drive through lines arens getting longer. next we are going to go to next we are going to go to fox business network in new york to explain why. hurry in for delicious
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welcome back.>> time coming up on 6:22, fast fa
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food is flowing down and whyd waiting in line at the drive through is getting longer. first how is wall street st reacting to the government ve shutdown. for more on that, we turn to lauren simonetti for live fox news. good morning, lauren. >> good morning.>> >> let's take a look at the markets from yesterday, and whah is happening today, the day da after the shutdown?down? >> well, let's talk about yesterday first, this is thet, final day of the month, and thee quarter, we had down arrows,ros, talking about the government shutdown, which did happen overnight. after the government shutdown, we're seeing surprising calm ca after the storm. we have futures up across the board, dow futures indicated higher by 56 points, the nasdaq, and s&p 500, go figure, i guess, investors are saying, this the 18 shutdown since the late 1970s, we're worried about what is going to happen in the mile of this month, the debt ceilingl debate. the government shutdown, no no
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effects right now here in the u.s. on markets here or belief e it or not, asia closed up and europe is trading higher at the moment. >> we will continue to watchh that. >> let's talk about the fast the food industry, apparently it'sty not as fast as it used to be? >> no especially when you'ree online at the drive through. the wait line is getting longero three minutes. we're do to pull up the screen to show you where the wait is the fastest expwint inne and ths wendy's, and you only wait three minutes, and mcdonald's is the h worst performance at 3 minutes and 15 seconds, since the survey has been done by a magazine, burger king, and chick-fil-a, nearly four minutes there, but have to say, chick-fil-a may m take longer but they're known kn for getting your order right the
6:23 am
most. annoying is it and you order or your items and you say, please l don't forget the cat chop catsu drive off and there's no catsup. >> accuracy is important, but you know the complex food offerings that the food giants are offering, that is why they wait time is longer. one of the dishes at the can tina bowl has 12 differentish differentingredients. >> right, so you have to wait longer. >> three minutes, we can live. it's not that big of a deal. lauren, thank you, we will chec in with you >> a close for a higher minimum wage in two maryland countiesryn and the district. new gun control laws, in in maryland what you need to know. and college football fans, why y
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this saturday's terrapin's game in florida is shaping up to be quite the match up. sports break affidavi breakfast. 
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welcome pac back to fox 5 morning a look at the senate capital. the senate comes back into session at 9:00 this morning. it will taketh on a cr as you hr people say that passed the house early this morning.s but because this version calls for a delay in implementing obama care, senate majority leader harry reid says it will be rejected. and so the government will remain shutdown, one immediate impact, one immediate and visible impact, no visit d.c.'s famous memorials and including the world war ii memorial. that could prove a big problem b for the veterans coming in to in see the memorial, the group is
6:28 am
coming all the way from iowa. meanwhile, the smithsonian museums are closed today and will be as long as the shutdown carries on. the predicted shutdown of the panda cam and animal cam hasn't happened yet, we have been watching mei xiang and baby panda all morning. that is one of the better angles of the two of them cuddling together. this. >> this is the first time i hav seen the style. >> normally you can't see the cub, but as the cub gets bigger and birring, easier to see it. . >> several federal workers arews telling us they will go in for four hours, is their shutdown period for the governmentment period, they will fill out their furlough paperwork, and sign the time sheet and dep go home. >> this is going to mess up regular commute patterns, we normally catch the commute time,
6:29 am
i she has to drive, pa sign the papers, and then drive home again. >> it seems like they could have done it a better way as well. it's the government, so -- >> at least we got good weather. >> we got beautiful weather, i', glad the weather is delivering. we have cloud cover out there, not expecting any rain, it'sit dry. i was looking at the numbers for the month of september, 2.5-inch deficit for the month of september, not a lot of rain and the dry continues into thethe middle of the week, along with a warming trend. let's do temps, 61 at reagan national, and regionally temperatures are in the 50s for the most part, 59 this morning, in pittsburgh, 51 in new york city, 52 out of chicago, how about low 80s, later this afternoon, yesterday mid-70s, and today the lowhe 80s the daytime highs, and we are going to keep 80s in the
6:30 am
forecast for the next severall days, get ready for the warm up. 82 today with warm conditions by afternoon. >> thank you, tucker. tuck time for on time traffic and julie wright. >> reporter: all right, guys, well the crew has made it over to northbound approximate 295 he can whenning out the vicinity in lorton, so far i don't see s anything in the way to cause any problems, definitely go the slow down, as you travel north of th dale city across the occoquan, heavy volume relanes, toward the lorton and heavy springfield interchange, back out toward the bell, let's continue with the cameras, show you what else wey have on the cameras, eastboundbd 66, heavy volume leaving fair oaks toward 123, the top stretch of the beltway below speed, leaving new hampshire avenue, trying to get through silver spring, 295, quiet coming inbound out of laurel, no chang in our traffic patterns, at least not yet for the morningmo commute. we are seeing things as normal
6:31 am
traveling on northbound route 50 after 202 headed boind toward new yorinbound towardnew york a. it was a violent night inent the district, d.c. police confirm they are investigating a shooting near morris road in southeast. they got a call before 3:00 this morning, of a man got shot in the back twice, and less than a half a mile away, two men wereee shot. all are exempted to survive. heads -- expected to surriffe. if you are in maryland, several new laws take effect.eft driving while using the cell phone becomes a primary offense, it means that officers can pull you over and cite you if they see you using a cell phone. and the new seatbelt lawlt requires everyone be belted in. and the gun law, reduces the
6:32 am
detachable magazine exapst capay from 20 to 10 rounds. >> they are having a hearing over the constitutionality ofco the law in baltimore this morning. a prince george's county tot create a regional minimum wage.m this morning, mark el rick, is introducing a bill to thehe council to raise the minimum wage to 11 about th 11-point by. it's time to rock the red, the caps kickoff their season night against chicago against the blackoffs, this year the caps play in a new division and it will feature, the penguins, flyers, and devils, will it be more difficult to punch a post season ticket?
6:33 am
>> they're -- the realignment,ri they don't care. as far as the realignment, itnt doesn't myself make up the difference.di >> end up playing four teams one more time but you still have to do it, you got to play them.the. those are the teams that you didn't beat in the playoffs, it's a bit of a rivalry, and we do that for the fans, and those games are tougher, but it's part of the deal. to new orleans, for monday night football and the battle o the unbeaten, look at this, darren started things off forfor the saints for the touch down, for the opening series, threwthw for 4 in the 13 yards, they blew out the dolphins 38-17 in favor of the saints. four weeks into the season, the saints join the new england
6:34 am
patriots, as the only remainingg undefeated team. the redskins have two weeks to get ready for the dallas cowboys, and even thougheven washington are 1-3, they are only one game out of first place in the division behind dallas. today we will hear from head coach mike shanahan before thete team breaks for the week. after a long drought, university of maryland football team is ranked at number 25 in the latest associated press poll. that is the top 25 showdown this saturday at number eight floridr state. that is a tall order. both teams are 4-0, and we're going to head from head coach tony edsall, about getting readg for this week's match up. the wait is almost over. sign up for insurance under the new healthcare law begins this morning. >> from dozens of plans to pick from, dispiedin deciding which e best for you is going to be a
6:35 am
tough decision. we will be talking about after the break. (crowd c cheering)
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never be far from the game. download nfl mobile and watch live nfl games exclusively from verizon. every thursday, sunday and monday night. never being with out football. that's powerful. verizon.
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welcome back. if you are one of the millions without health insurance todayrn is the first day you can startt enrolling for coverage under the affordable care act. but how do you decide which plan is best for you and your family? well to better understand the obama care process, joining us to talkjo about is alice benjamj a board certified nurse, at cedar sinai in los angeles, she is here with us, and she is a frequent speaker.fre we appreciate you coming in talking with us about this particular issue.r let's start by answering this question, how many uninsured americans are we talking about. >> we are talking about 48 under insured americans are going to benefit from the affordable carf act and the health exchanges exh that are open today.
6:39 am
i'm excited about that. i take care of patients, everyey day, and they have heart attack and stokes, and many of these th things are preventable, but oftentimes people don't have access to health insurance. which is why we nurses are excited about the health exchanges. >> talk about some the rages that we're dealing with here? he >> it's prnt to kno important te can go to heal and get information, and they can enroll. there will be a variety of plans they are using a metal tier, they are silver, and gold, and platinum, it speaks to the cause. if you are someone who has a a medical condition.m you are someone who benefits from the pla platinum plan. it's going to have a higher monthly premium, however, when you go to see the doctor, because that cove plan covers 9
6:40 am
your medical cost, and the bronze covers 60%, and you cove 40. so your monthly premiums arems e lower, but when you come in you will have a higher payment. >> you go to the website and yoo have that information is on the website. >> absolutely. >> what are some the biggest misconceptions about this whole concept. >> what many people need to understand that this has been aa law since 2010. sinc there's been several wins along thwie way, young adults after tr age of 26, can stay on their family's health insurance plan. insurance companies can no longer drop you if you get sick. it's strengthened medical care, so there's a tremendous amountns of things, it can't discriminate against you if you have a preexisting condition. women will no longer be charged more than men for their healthh insurance. these are things that are going on in the background. what the community is ware of. it's october first, this is the monumental thing of the
6:41 am
affordable care >> if you don't jump in right away, what happens? >> i want to encourage people to jump if.f. you don't jump in and decide to sit back, you may enkoure penalty, the 1% or $95 on youro tax return, and that is for moss people, however, if you are someone who is low income and you can't afford healthcare insurance, you may be waived from that penalty. >> what about medicare or medicaid does it have any impact. >> many states are expandingndig medicaid which is awesome. it s a program that will help under insured and low income people access is to health insurance and medicare is strengthened. medicare is stronger than ever, it has more preventive services, our seniors will be protectedil withl the aca. >> how do i find out if the person, if i qualify for any of these subsidies that we're talking about here? >> what you can do is go to, you will be abl
6:42 am
to get plenty of your questions answered, will you create aneate account and put information about yourself, family size andn income, it's going to tell you if you qualify for medicaid or a subsidy, which i say, most americans will quale phi for a e subsidy. >> we have other highlights orl other information about thisnf plan weor got. t. we got ten basic benefits that are here on the screen about outpatient care, talk about somb of these ifou you will. will >> when you go to the health insurance marketplace. all the plans are going to cover 10 essential benefits. before the affordable care act, insurance companies could piecee meal a plan, you thought youhout were covered, now all the plans cover 10 essential benefits thae we know americans need. >> it doesn't matter if it's platinum or gold, you are going to get outpatient cover, emergency room, and prescription medication, and a wellness
6:43 am
visit. everyone will be able to go in one time annually and see your provider, get your immunizationn and questions answered at no cost to you. >> you say a lot people that didn't have healthcare were were afraid to go to the doctor because they couldn't pay forpar it. that is preventive. anything else you want to add about this plan or about the t obama care plan, anything elsen that you need to add that people need to know about. >> what i want to emphasize go h to and be an informed consumer. we want people to enroll, but do not feel pressured to enroll eno today. once you are comfortable, enroll, as i nurse, i see things that are largely preventerrablee but people don't have insurance. we need to focus on early prevention, and that is where we need to be. >> alice, thank you very much. from los angeles, thank you. >> yes. >> sarah and tucker, back to the
6:44 am
desk. what is going on? on the weather looks great.oks it's going to cooperate in the next couple of days, it's in thn low 80s, a nice warm up. u it's like the camera is on topon of me. let's go to the temperatures, reagan national is indeed 60s, yes, 64 reagan national.ol. overnight lows not quite as cool as we were 24 hours ago. 55 in manassas, and in gaithersburg, 66 degrees, and let's see, weur got a 61 in culpeper. it's going to be a nice warm up yesterday we were in the mid-70s, today back in the low h 80s, and the 80s are going to be here, here to stay forfo much the week. the we gho got a noticeable warm upp first couple of days of october. a cool start to the day, you ca, see that, and there will be a c loud deck to start the mornin, this is a cold front from yesterday we talked about the cold front slamming into the high pressure. we will see clouds from time to time. so it won't be a perfectly sunny
6:45 am
day and noticeably warmer, alon with washington, much the regio is going to be experiencing temperatures, 10-15 degrees above natural alth normal the n, we are talking about warm temperatures and dry conditionss through the end of the week.he n there's at cue weather, seven day, mid-80s tomorrow, it will feel like 90 by tomorrow afternoon, so it's not going too feel like october for the next several days, it looks like the next chance for rain will arrive early next week. there could be a day of good soaking rain early next week as with tokes like we wil a little. >> nice to change it up once in a while n that happens this timi of year. >> 80s, and then we cool back down and get a little rain, whyy not.not. thanks, tuck. tony perkins.. speaking of change that is c what today's question. good morning to you, good morning, everyone, you know whaw it's time for?
6:46 am
too-too doo-doo ♪oo ♪ ♪ it's time for today's edition of ask tony and you can iter, the segment where tucker and i put our heads together to answer your questions weather related or otherwise. fascinating question with fascinating answer. today's question comes from christie mills in thu thurman, maryland. because of the sun's north and south polls slipping, will we be able to see the or o the or or l is.. embedded in her question, is the magnetic polls of the north and south pole. >> it has once every 40 years, sigscientists realized that thes something going on with the flares and that kind of thing. it's the real deal, it's
6:47 am
expected to happen over the next month or two, the next few moos. >> it is so on average about every 11 years is what they say they really have been able to study it pretty well since the mid-70s, since 1976. this has gone on as far as we as all know, as long as the sun has existed. it's a natural occurrence, the magnetic fields of the sun flipping, meaning. >> we have some the video. >> is this real video or animation. >> this should is nasanasa animation. >> the sun is an active, i mean it's a big ball of gas, it's you know, this big fireball, and with emitting solar flares. >> that is shelling the ebb and flow of the magnetic poll, and the solar maximum that occur over the 15 to 19 years, over the last 500 years or so. you can see the regularity to it. >> interesting. so the expectation is that base
6:48 am
on when it last happened, itene, should happen, it's a little beyond 11 years, it should happen in the next few months. will affect many things, there' no reason to be alarmed oror anything, because this does appear, but it can affect, ther will be an increase in solar activity, there's already been e an increase in solar flares,, increased sunspot activity, and this can have a variety of effects on earth and our atmosphere, including affecting communication system. system >> radio and satellite communication could be affected depending on how strong the solar flares get. just fascinating as to space weather, and there's theories ts space weather and cosmic rays and all of this could impactimct weather on planet earth here as well. we just don't know a whole lot about it, but there's more and more clues that the flipping of the magnetic pole, and the
6:49 am
maximum minimum sunspots and that kind of thing impacts thete weather on earth, too. >> with regard to the aurora a,, polboreborial is, as we the norn lights. depending on how the light goes, it's possible that you see some of those northern lights relatively near here. i probably have to go furtherr north, but it's possible. poss we don't know if you will be able to see them. >> back in history n1959, the northern lights were seen as fa south as a north. >> it does happen every now and then. >> we're look at cosmic rays, it's over my head.
6:50 am
the undulating of the cosmic waves. >> it's very out there. th >> it's fascinating. >> there you go, no reason forr alarm, whenever these kinds of things happen, you go on the goo internet and some people start, the sun's polls are going to flip, and there's going to be a disaster. they flip every 9-14 years. ye >> don't get freaked out. >> it's pretty cool. >> christie, hope we answered that question for you.tion if you have a question you want answered all you have to do isis go to the and clickd on the weather tab. let's get the latest from julie wright and get the latest on traffic? trf >> our own star. >> reporter: that is so nice, tony. thank you, tony. all right, on the roads thisds morning, we are starting off on the outer loop of the beltway, live pictures from the crew inin skyfox, the crash before van
6:51 am
dorn street, three left lanes qeezinsqueezing by, a truck, rok if you, will another vehicle loaded off on that.ff on traffic is being pushed to the left leaving springfield andinge continuing in the direction of the wilson bridge.idge. coming across the wilson bridge in northern maryland all of youo lanes are open.are we will show you what we have left on the roads working, heav volume leaving fair oaks toward 123, big tie-ups on eastboundistic, between business 234, and the rest area, slow traffic on 395, leaving the beltway, continuing northbound,n trying to get past landmark, no accidents, just volume.t southbound along 270, before and after 109, and leaving fatherg h hurley boulevard, continuing south of 124.of that is a check of fox 5 on time traffic.traf youtube is launching its ow music awards, and lady gagawill
6:52 am
perform at the first show. the even will be held in new york city, and it will stream live online. the show will honor artists and songs that the youtube mans have made it into global hits. you can see where this could be going. rocker eminem, the arcade fire will alsoer form. there you go. two time track and field olympian, lola jones is packing on the pounds to make for the upcoming olympics. >> she eating 9,000 calories a day and the weight room to bulkk up. >> that's a lot.t's a >> that is a lot. that includes a number of mcdonald's runs for double bacon cheese burgers. she has packed on more than 30 pounds, but maintains she is still lean and in great shape. jones failed to medal in 2008, and in the 2012 summer olympics.
6:53 am
>> not too many sports i can think of where packing on the pounds.po >> that's a lot. >> a lot to get into a bobsled. >> i guess they need the weightt for the bobsled to move properly. wow. >> still ahead this morning, we're celebrating hispanic heritage month. mont >> hour holly morris is cooking up authentic dishes, live from patty's mexican table. we will check in with her coming up next.  [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman,
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i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. good morning, everybody.ody. i'm holly morris, or should i say buenos dias, we are celebrating this morning at home with celebrity chef, patty jennings, she is up and it, and cooking for she has a lot to talk b the th third season of her show, oneshw
6:57 am
the highest cooking shows, she has got a cook book that is out she is starting her series at the cultural institute of mexico that you can go and see, and shd is talk to us all about beans, how to make them with that special mexican flavor, and shed is going to serve it all up so o we can have a taste this morning. if you have any questions for patty, hit me up on twitter, holly live at twitter. one of my favorite people on the planet, by the way. just thought i would throw that in. some questions,qu can she come to my house and an cook me some foods. >> i was worried about you wisdom, and no. >> fair enough, fair enough. >> thank you, holly. >> you're welcome. time to say good morning too this morning's facebook fan of a the and it's reis, she has been tuning to fox 5 for two decadess and now has a little mini me
6:58 am
tuning in.. >> such a cute picture. >> very nice picture.. >> lentz send ilet's send it toh 6:00 hour. good morning, wisdom and sarah. tens of thousands of you only have a half day at work today and it's not a good thing >> it's the first real impact of the govern. shutdown which went into effect early this morning, the firstfi time it has happened since 1996e >> after a nail biter of a night on capitol hill, the fundingndng fight between democrats and republicans rages on. >> do not use the threat of shutting down government to try to advance your policy agenda. >> the senate has continued to reject our offers.offers. >> they bickered and blamed each other, but reality is this morning hundreds of thousands o americans are waking up caught inup the congressional crossfir.
6:59 am
are you one of them?th we have what you need to know, fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. there's a live look at the white house, where even there, they will be impacted bit government shutdown, there willw be fewer staffers on hand today, because of that shutdown. >> good morning, to you, it is tuesday, october first, i'm sony perkins.ins. >> i'm allison seymour,. signs that the govern.goer shutdown are popping up in washington, take a look, this is video at the gaitsz o gates of f national zoo. it along with the national museum, and smithsonian all closed today and every day unti the shutdown ends. >> thousands of federal workersl will be furloughed includinged tens of thousands here in the d.c. ren yogee. >> we wan


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