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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 1, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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federal workers, melanie is liv on federal news radio 1500 am. mel, good morning.m >> reporter: goodel morning, tony g and allison. i'm here with tom, and they hav been talking all things shutdown for their awe audience.auen one of the things i wasn't aware of, yes, there's a lot of people who will be going to work, i, i thought those people would be getting paid. p >> no that, requires an act of congress, it's up to congress to decide whether or not to pay pay people whether they work or notr in the past if they have reimbursed people who were on furlough as well.fu >> reporter: rli figured if yo work you get paid, if you stayed home you didn't? i guess i would rather be the one stay home rather than go to work and not be clear if i woul get paid for that.that. you talked with a federal worker. >> 34 years as you mentioned with the coast guard doing pay and financial analysis in topka,
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kansas. she has a daughter who is in the government, and is lower paid,r and they will have trouble tr making ends meet, as they goth without pay.eywi there's a sense of they warrant to do theirs mission they are dedicated as what they do fordo the public, and they have mad at the powers that be. >> reporter: what one of the on things you talked about is the impact on defense contractors. >> it's very unclear right now, i mean, we have been speaking sp with experts all morning, and nobody exactly knows what willwl shape out to congress, passed pa the bill saying the military mi will get its money.s no one wants to see troops, you know, serving in harms way notot being paid, but whether that means military contractors, andn what contracts, what with they working on, whether they're critical or critical to future
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needs. whether they will be paid, that is all very unclear at this moment. >> reporter: you talked a little bit there'ster: a differe between this shutdown, and the one cent in the past. it goes to the nature of the disagreement. people have been saying is what is there to negotiate on. >> that's right. last time aye 95, and '96, whenh it's about budget and spending p there's always something to to compromise, you will get that courthouse, if you get this budget item.thtit this is ideology, it's policy, o it's about the affordable care act. i don't see where they can come to agreement on this. somebody is going to have to lose face, that is a hard situation to expect somebody to give them when face is being be lost and not just a little horse trading. >> the shutdowns from the past a in jerntion except fo general e ones lasted a few hours, and a a
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few days. >> it was a hours, and a total a of 16 days, at least billas b clinton was the compromiser, and the people at congress were a lweittle bit, everybody was lese poll arised than they are now, it's hard to say how long this h will go. as tom wasadd saying, many of the people in congress today weren't around back then. they don't have the institutional memory of how thah long shutdown was solved. as we have been talking with wih federal employees, 85% of them work outside of this area. ts this is something that has ramifications for many people throughout the nation. >> all right, tom, thank you again. i know you got to go back live in a few seconds, we're going to wrap it up from federal news radio. tony and allison, back to you. all right, melanie.lae. we will talk much more about the shutdown in a couple of of minutes, first we got to get you updated on the weather and a traffic. hi, tucker. >> reporter: looking good outut
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there, temperatures in the 50st and 60s, we're going to top out on in the 80s, get ready for summertime temperatures inme the next few days, lets get get going. the headline, to october,oc temperatures will be a good ten degrees above normal. 50s for the rest of you, 58 dulles, gerc 57 at bwi marshall that's the cold front left overr from yesterday, no rainshower,io no rainshowers associated with o it, but we will see some cloudsl from time to time today along al with much warmer air. winds are going to shift out of the west and we should be in fon a nice afternoon as temperatures top out in the low 80s, 82 at at 4:00 p.m. and again a nice dry,r tuesday afternoon. let's get the latest in traffic. julie, we're back.'re >> reporter: we still have skyfox. if we do, we pull back that shot. on the outer loop. beltway, we have the crash at van dorn street, and has since
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been moved over to the shoulder all lanes are tie-ups leaving the springfield interchange toce head westbound, eastbound on the beltway toward the wilson again, all accident activity pulled over to the shoulder, yo, are left on the east of the springfield, headed eastbound toward the wilson bridge.bridge let's continue with the next element. what we have this morning, mo northbound i-95, you are going o to find yourself on the brakes continuing on the exit for outer loopest beltway. leaving, field street, a 19 19-minute drive right now. no accidents to report southeast, northbound 295,boun between the 11th streetstreet bridge, about a 15-minute drive. let's pull up the cams and you n will see that. the slow exit, beginning the north francona springfield, thap is where you are in for that th slow ride. the accident activity that th contributed to this delay has been cleared to the shoulder. eastbound 66, well below speed,p leaving fair oaks, toward
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vienna, washington boulevard, sycamore street, it's better here, southbound 270, don't be e fooled, you're on the brakes from 118 to 124. that's a check of the fox 5 other time traffic. our coverage of the government shutdown continueswno today with a look at how closely impacted the federal workersal will be today.l be >> this morning, federall agencies and workers are tryingr to navigate through this confusing time. ti >> joining us to sort this out is jeffery mills, jeffery is is part of the consulting firm in fairfax, and was a consultingcou for 30 years, including several years as chief human officer, head of hr, if you will. >> good morning. >> thanks for being here. >> first question, and that is what i wasan talking about, wheu we weret, talking is, what is th effects on those folks who depoo to work every day for the th federal government, especially the folks who are depending on
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paychecks and then the next paycheck living like that. >> it's going to be prettyetty awkward for people, and there's going be to a lot of fear righth now. what we're looking at a shutdow where some people will be goingg to work because their agencies g are getting money, it's alreadyl been appropriated, others employees are going to be toldot to go to work, but they're not going to get paid until un everything is over, and then some people are going to be tolo go home spur not goin and u nott paid at all.l. that is going to scare a lot off people badly.le the people that are going to have to work who don't havehave money appropriated for them, could have to work for weeksfor with no pay. a lot of people, we tell people you should have a cash reserve,e you should be saving money for an emergency like this, a lot oo people don't do that. there's a lost employees. >> can't do it. >> they live paycheck to paycheck, when you see a paycheck interrupted it's a traumatic experience for thoseoe folks.
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>> do we have a sense of howof h many people today in this -- not just in this area, but acrosst the country, but it's hit hardest here, how many people herema will go to work and shutdown your computers, turn in your blackberries, what haves, you, and go home.ho >> anywhere from a third to half of federal employees will go home. half of the department of d defense will go home.home. they have 400,000 civilian employees who will be going in, turning around and going back about 11 on 12% of homeland security will go home. 97 yes, sir of nasa will -- 87%- of nasa will go home. home most of hud will go home. most of epa will shutdown.wn. so pretty significant agencies have have really important im missions are going to be telling almost all of their employees today turn around and dep go ho. >> you served in a capacity as s someone who would help implemenm a plan. how does a head of an agency, o
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an agency educated to work for us, go through moments like this. >> you explain to people whichwh category of position they have in so they have understanding. you tell them what kind ofof resources are available forle fr them. if this continues too long can a they apply for unemployment benefits? you tell them what kind of laws still apply for them. if you're a federal employee anm i send you home, all the ethic t laws that you are covered by,, are still covering you. so you can't be sent home and say i will work temporarily foro some company. if you have a restriction on outside employment, even though are you not allowed to go to work and are not going to get paid, that restriction is stills in effect. what we had to do is help employees through all of that, explain what their rights were,e what kind of things they couldd and couldn't and then tell them we don't kno when thiswe is going to end, ann we will see you when it's over. >> how much leeway, you mentioned that some people willl be able to continue working if i
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they're working on something that the funds have been have appropriated for and that kind of thing and it continues through for a period of time. how much leeway does each agencg have in determining who is laidl off, who is not laid off, or furloughed, i should say that type of thing. >> there are pretty descriptive regulations and policies that came out of the omv that tell te agencies what to do. and then the agencieses have to make their own call on what positions are exempt, meaning they are not covered at all, al bhawz they havbecause they haveg source of money or are exempt, because they are protecting property or life or health. and then those that have to go o home. they make those decisions andths have a pretty amount of leeway in doing that.g >> you are the author of a blog that is called cheese you deal with hr issues.
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i presume you will be writing heavily about >> i will.>> i keep on writing about it. it >> that is chief, wewe will put that on our website at challenging times for ther federal workforce. >> challenging times andand frustrating and maddening times >> yes, you're right, a lot of people are frustrated and prettr fed up. up jeffery neelz, the senior vice president international fairfax, a consulting firm that works closely with the government. >> thank you very much, happy tp be here. the d.c. government hasntha lived up to its pledge to to continue working. >> last week, mayor vincent gray, said he would declare alll ofa the workers as necessaryry workers. all workers saying the agencies will operate on a regularre schedule until further notice. the memo stated city servicesse
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would be funded by the district's contingency reserve fund, jeff talks that a similar fund in other agencies which has already been appropriated by congress. d.c. government workers will bel paid on time. that is the key, that money has been appropriated.. >> despite the shutdown, at fordable care act is now in effect. it requires millions ofmi americans to have health insurance or possibly face fines. it also provides subsidies to help those with lower incomes to help pay for the insurance, andn it also stops insurance companies from denying coverageo to people because of preexisting conditions. people who did not get healthcare on the job can apply online. coming up next hour, we're speaking live with mila kaufman from the d.c. health benefit be exchange authority. it's 7:13, it's a tuesday morning. still ahead, new laws of the la land, if you drive in maryland, you will want to stick around with this story or you could end up with those flashing lights in your rear view mirror today.
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>> a lot change. this is a busy news day. what was seen on the streett in new york is nothing short of shocking. take a look at a suv driver, dr chased by a band of bikers and attacked. it's all caught on tape. how it all happened coming up. and a run away train crash near chicago injures dozens, now it appears no one was at the controls. the latest on this investigation, we will be right back 7:14. all the pumpkins?
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there's your live lookhe outside, hey, that's a lot of cloud cover out there. we will have to get some detail from tucker in a moment. it's 7:17 this morning. th >> what is the cloud cover, tuck. got a little cloudtt cover to starlt the day. >> you don't have to apologize.
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>> it's the left over from thete cold front yesterday that we mentioned it was going to go through. we won't get any rain. we will gradually get some clouds today.toy. >> the whole sun on the other axis or whatever, that scares me.e. >> the pole shift. >> i don't like it, i don't care that is it happens every 11 years, that is frightening. >> some craziness does happenhan when it comes around. >> that's the ask the tony and tucker today. >> check online, you will want to hear about it. >> let's do the local weather. >> i don't know.. >> it sounds weird. we >> it doesn't happen, can youenn blame it on us. perhaps the govern th governmen. >> 63 at reagan national. 67 this morning in cincinnati.n. looking across the country, moso of us very quiet, 30s on the map, 35 degrees and a bit of a
7:18 am
cool down in the northwest wher they had a big storm. looking at the eastern half of the country, we continue to bet very quiet, we got a cloud deck, but we should turn partly sunny this afternoon. off the northeastern coast, thah oant bwon't be impacting us, bys tomorrow afternoon, with temperatures in the mid-80sd-80s and lower humidity, it could feel more like 90 by tomorrowow afternoon. we could see warmer temperatures for the first week of october, and a cool down by early next nt weekend into early next week along with a chance of storminess. about 2.5-inch deficit with raih and it looks like our nextour chance of rain will arrive on sunday, monday, timeframe. >> very good, thank you, sir. ladies are going to feel good. >> they're going to feel great.a >> i'm not.t complaining.
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>> high-five. >> i'm glad.>>'m if we could keep it, like september was a good month, it really was. if we could keep that through to december, i would be happy. >> that is not going to happen, but. >> reporter: on the roads this morning, southbound 270,oud still busy, the delays leaving germantown, southbound 124, no accidents, just volume, you wilu find the lanes are open, if you are traveling the top stretch o the beltway between college park and bethesda. let's go whiff to the maps, andd show what is happening on the roads. the delay from springsfield to gallows road a 10 mun drive. northbound 295, the delays between the beltway and theway 11th street bridge, 14-minute drive headed to the southeast. volume delays headed to theo te wilson bridge, new crash to report, brandywine and a crashh on wood yard road tying up left lane. that's a check of fox 5 on time
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traffic. all right, julie, thank you very much.much. starting today several newde laws are in effect in maryland. the seatbelt law now rares requ everyone in the car to be belted including adults in the back seat. >> talking on the cell phone while driving is a primary pr offense. that means that the police can pull you offer and cite you if f they see you holding your phonee by hand behind the wheel. they face $75 for first offense, $140 for the second offense and $160 for a third, and subsequent offense, distracted driving is behind almost 58% of the vehicle crashes in the state of maryland. >> officers will be a depressively outlooking -- aggressively outlooking for people talking on their cell phones while driving and pullin them over and writing them tickets. >> invest in a blue tooth or or something, a speaker in your car. it's not worth it for several reasons. the maryland a new law gun law,
7:21 am
bans the sale of hand guns, and rifles, it reduce the detachable magazine, from 20 to 10 rounds. if you have one of those guns and you are grandfathered in, don't worry about it, you can keep tha firearm, but later this morning, a judge will hear arguments from the advocates who request the constitutionality o thatco law. on this tuesday morning, coming up unbelievable road rage caught on camera. a pack of motorcyclistsmor attack a driver, we're going tog tell you what happened, tell you why, and show you how it playedd out. ♪
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a fender bender quickly spirals out of control for a family. take a look. this is sunday afternoon at newo yorkon city. the fanally wa family was surro
7:25 am
this is cam video from one the bicyclist. he bumped the rear tire of onee of theof bikers. the suv stopped but the bikers surrounded the suv and started r damaging the vehicle. hi the driver sped off with his wife and young son in the car r and hit a few bikes, they chased the suv after the suv got caughh up in traffic. that is when the bikers, broke window and started beating the driver. police are still investigating this. >> is it that serious. >> i don't know what happened. a >> in other news, it looks like there's no one at the controls o when a train crashed in suburbau chicago sending dozens to the hospital. investigate orsz looking into yesterday's rush hour crashh can't figure out how the train started the out of control train lost control, careened head on into another train that was stoppedth at theat station, at least 33 33
7:26 am
people suffered minor injuries.n the station where the accident c took place remains closed todayo it could have been a lot worse. 7:27, it's a tuesday it's morning. still ahead, hitting home, the back and forth on capitol hill l will have an impact on i a local economy. one economists calls it a tsunami. we will take a look at what a quick or prolonged shutdown shut could mean. one woman says i quit with h her own music video. >> okay. it makes me smile a little bit. we will get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie coming up next.
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pumpkin coffees and lattes today. america runs on dunkin'. the senate has continued to reject oure ha offers, under constitution there's a way to to resolve this process, that is to go to conference and talk ta through your differences. back at severn 30:00 7:30, s been shutdown for more thanore seven hours. coming up we will look at how this shutdown is impacting us i the d.c. area first of all. >> tucker barnes will be tellin
7:30 am
us how the weather is going to impact. i think your news. >> mostly a good news. >> that is hard to do. >> i read yesterday congress haa a 1 10% approval rating. >> even that is higher than it should be. be >> the problem for me is the dysfunction goes on so much the time, that i almost start tuning it >> it has become unfortunatelyly the new normal. i mean, we don't even mentionme the fact that they haven't passed a rel budget in four years, i think it's been. even when they get back and pass this budget it's for a couple of months, it's patch work, patch wore. work. >> you were elected to do a job. >> so the memorials are closed, if you are coming to d.c. andd.. you think you are seeing the lincoln memorial, you can't evet see
7:31 am
>> it's closed.>> >> can't you walk up to it. >> well, we will find out right now. >> you can go, there won't bethr anyone to help you or anything.. >> never behind the weather. >> begin the weather. we have a clouds stretch, it will turn mostly sunny by by afternoon, and much warmer.wa yesterday mid-70s, today low 80s. >> i am looking forward to that? did you put away all of your running gear. >> no. >> you may want to -- >> she was prepared. >> right. you're right, tuck.tu >> you're right. >> allison. >> the only one with -- 76 in washington, yesterday, those are all good numbers, yesterday we were at 76, 61 this morning in annapolis, 63 in washington, lots of 50s north and west, west and of course, the last couple of mornings we are waking up up with temperatures in the 40s so a little warmer, 54 in frederick, 51 in winchester, yes, 61 in culpeper.
7:32 am
there's the cloud deck, there's not a lot to it, but it's movinn across the region as we speak. it's the left overs from the frm cold front that we were looking yesterday, it hit the left over cloud cover, so we will is havea the cloud cover for the start or the t day, progressively, wewe should see the clouds start to breakup and we should see partial sun along with theith th afternoon, the south and west, there's a lot of very warm airwm out to the south and west that h we're going to be able to tap into, afternoon highs low to mid-80s, by tomorrow, to mid-80s with humidity up just ju a touch.a it's going to feel like 90 by by tomorrow afternoon, we will have summertime temperatures, plentyp of sunshine, warmer afternoon, we will be dry this afternoon, f and tonight just a couple ofe of clouds and how about that for a nice warm start to the move october. 80s are around here, perhaps pe some rain, it looks like the pattern is going to start to affect a little bit by the end of the weekend, and there couldd be a day of storminess, with good soaking rain, perhapspe monday and maybe tuesday.
7:33 am
that is weather, let's take a look at traffic with julie. >> reporter: all right,t, tucker, on the highway, you are going to find that lanes are ar open to and from the wilson wi bridge, we are busy on the inner loop of the beltway continuing from spinningfield to gallows road. a ten-minute commute there. northbound 295, 14 minutes fromm d toward the 11th street bridge with alle wih lanes open. accident reported northbound 5 before brandywine, and a crash at westbound 4, at brandi road. we show you what we have on theh highway this morning. northbound along i-95, the lanes are open, no accidents tos to report. problems we had earlier, quickly moved to the shoulder, trafficc will slow leaving newington ne headed toward the springfield better change, befor before 123d southbound 270, congested out of germantown. and that's a check of fox 5 on
7:34 am
time traffic. all right, julie. it's 7:35. while the nation may not feel fe the effects of the governmentvee shutdown right way, here in the d.c. region of tens of thousands of workers are preparing for aoa direct hit. you may be one of them. this tsunami couldn't be coming at a worst time. for more we will turn to fuller for director of the analysis at the george mason university. thanks for coming in. >> you have used this word tsunami to scieb th describe thh potential economic impact for fr this region. that is strong word, is that high per blay, or you think it'i going to be a major economic impact. >> it's probably a high per blay, in a sense, but it's a erosion of the washington area economy. it comes at a particularly bad time.d this event by
7:35 am
itself, it's a couple of hundreu million dollars a day, maybema more out of local so you can measure the effect,ef it's maybe as 700,000 jobs are affected, if you count all of of the collateral damage, but the economy is quite weak now because of the sequester. we are losing jobs overall. so you tack that on the back of a bad three months, and then looking forward to the debt ceiling debate, the fact thatat there's no budget for the nextte year, all of the conditions that undermined confidence, both investor, confidence, consumermr confidence, it's very worrisome. >> and i want to go broad, just for bra moment and then we will get back to the specifics based on what you just said?said? will this be a concern to our creditors, and in terms.rms. nation, and the bond ratetionstn and our credit rating and all ol that kind of thing as well? >> i don't think so.
7:36 am
there's not fundamentally wrongr with our economy. this is a political issue, andan the bond ratings don't put that on it. the extent that it under minds the fiscal instant 4 integrity l economies, there's important tax implications and local jurisdictions begin to running difficulty paying back bonds ans so forth. i don't see this as an immediate problem. >> zun wft concerns that theis that the economy recovery has been been this robust gang busters recovery that we are seeing. >> we will have had a much much better year in 2012, and 13. 13. 13 is running, maybe at aboutab half of what we were doing in in terms of growth, job growth has lessened, in fact, we went negative in august. we lost 26,500 jobs in the th washington area last month, now
7:37 am
it's august. september won't be any better, so we're tailing down at a time when the economy should bey shld picking up.g the forecast for the 4thh quarter and for all of next year, were for accelerating acce growth. that is significant in the in th budget now by the this shutdown and it could get worse. >> you mentioned, you gave a $200 million of the daily, potentially daily loss, tell me about the ripple effects. how do you come to that figure?? >> well, the direct effect, we're probably losing around $95 million in federal pay rollo once this gets set, and another 30 or $35 million in the federal contractor pay roll, not having that money in the economy, costs businesses potential sales. the multiplier effect is about 1.75. for for every dollar he withwi don't get in federal spending in pay roll spending we lose $0.75 from the loss of businessu that dollar is supporting. it ripples through.
7:38 am
nobody is going to be immune to this. real estate, we can't sell houses without getting mortgages, you can't deal withct the irs. there's a lot of agencies that we rely on every day for the conduct of business inin washington area, and nationalnd this, is a national issue. issu all of a sudden, they're closed. >> the fact that the district is declaring all of this workers essential, so they will continuh to work, at least for the time being, they will continue to get paid, does that -- i don't wanta to sigh, but does that soften the impact for the immediate region. >> i hadn't figured any local lo government job losses in these calculations, is certainly coul have been worse. don't know how long that pool of money will last, but clearly, the important question, is why the district should be tied too the federal government in then h first place in terms of their budgetary decision making. but there will be local
7:39 am
government officials ors or employees affected by this, because some of them depend on n federal funding for their work. >> if the shutdown lasts, let's' say this week, let's say they resolve it friday for example, would it really just be a ripple in terms of the local economy or would there be lasting effects. >> i tell people that one day is like a snowstorm. we have a snow day, we know how to deal with that.t we get beyond it. a week, probably especially inly the federal government workforce gets paid, if they get get reimbursed for the time lost which is what has happened inped the past but it's not guarantee this time. the serious effects are next week and going forward as it becomes institutionalized, the federal workers still get their next paycheck, but at some poino they run out of money. two or three weeks, this becomes very important, and it begins to erode the gains we made this ths year. we're looking at a third of gdpd
7:40 am
tied to this after three weeks. nationally they have tang a half point out of gdp if this goes go three weeks, are you losing a third of the growth expected fox the year because of a three-weee event. >> some will forget that thesett are real people, real lives andi they'res real budgets. >> you can see the unemployment rising. clearly if we can get the datae from the federal government. >> i don't know if we will get the data. >> stephen, as always, thank yok for coming in and providing a a look at it. >> thank you. >> it's 7:41 allison. >> we will be right back. stay with us. so what can i get you?
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♪ ♪ ♪ approximate. a video producer made a video to give her resignation. the 25-year-old woman bust the moves through her workplace, rk this is in taiwan.
7:44 am
on the video, she said, quote, she sacrificed relationships, and time and energy for this job, and her boss only cares about the quantity. quan the woman plans to move to brooklyn. >> she must have gone on thee weekend. >> she is moving back to to brooklyn. pretty funny.funny. i'm told she went back to work at 3:00 a.m. to shoot it in the middle of the night. >> that must be the best feeling ever. >> she fled the country before sending the video to the boss. >> she is back home now. >> creative. >> going to be a 101. people tell me if they need todo put their air-conditioners backi in their windows. >> do they take them out of windows. >> yeah, it's going to be warm for a few days. d >> it's not going to be scorching hot.orch
7:45 am
>> you can survive with a good fan. >> i think it depends on your tolerance level. >> that is true. >> julie doesn't even consider putting her air-conditioner snsh. >> that is your tolerance. tole he with are going to be in on the warm side of things, tomorrow will be the warmestt day, with the touch of humidityu parts of the area could feel like 90, the afternoon will feel like 90, i don't think we will get to 90. temperatures a little mild today, clouds out there at this hour, left overs from the cold front, we will trend toward more sunshine, high pressure, yes, indeed more high pressure, keepe this nice and dry, winds will wl shift out of the west, and wed will be on the dry side of things, that cold front to the north won't bring us a whole loo of relief. re it will brings the cloud cover, 82 today, 84 tomorrow, and you u can see we keep the 80s in the forecast, right through the end of the week, overnight lows inhs the 60s, and probably upper
7:46 am
50s, we will be on the warm rm side to start the month of october.oc the pattern starts too shift sh next week early next week. >> all right. a >> very good,ll sir. thank you, tuck. here is she is july wright with a look at what is happeninp in traffic. >> reporter: kind of busy this morning of the a lot of people are asking, are the hov rules in effect, and yes to all of those questions. we are dealing with slow downs,n leaving springfield headed to gallows road. road only a 10--minute ride, not as s bad, but still seeing delays here. northbound on 295, leaving the e beltway to 11 street bridge, a 14-minute drive there, inner ine loop is down from saint barnabas road to wilson bridge. accident before brandywine, follow police direction in ordeo to get by. ge that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. all right, thank you very much,ha julie.. where are you going? >> next, she was born and raised in mexico, but now she is
7:47 am
spicing up the district. >> holly is more from the celebrity chef's own kitchen this morning. buenos dias. and he shoo has the most infectious spirit. she has allowed us into her hom to look at the spicy mexican month. we will talk about her show, her book, her cooking classes. book, her cooking classes. it's all next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. but ken cuccinelli sponsored a bill that could have made common forms of birth control illegal, including the pill. cuccinelli was one of only five senators to support this "potentially radical intrusion into domestic, family and individual decision-making" why is ken cuccinelli interfering in our private lives? he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
7:48 am
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regs hareese has been tuninx
7:51 am
5 morning news for three decades, and now he has his mini me. and what is not to love about that picture.tha >> very right. >> very right.>> >> all v right, now instead of breakfast how about a mois fiesa mexican a. >> as we celebrate mexican food. we are at the patty's table. good morning. >> good morning, and this is her it's serves up a lot.ou can we got a lot to share with you this morning, because this woman here is a worker bee. patty, you are non-stop. >> i am non-stop. i can't stop. >> it's just your >> it's just --s ju >> today is october first, it's hispanic heritage month, and we thought it would bean fun to celebrate and you said come have a fiesta at my house. >> come have a fiesta and i want to talk beans. beans are such a big topic.
7:52 am
they don't know what to do with beans, they need to buy them cooked.ood. it's super easy to cook them at home. and there's so many options. >> what do i need to know? >> we have the black beans. we is have a strong concentrated flavor. they are my favorite, dismn you have the white beans or the navy beans which are much softer, an you know, they're cute, they'ree small, and then. >> i never thought of beans as e cute before, but i can see that. they're cute. >> they are adorable. >> and then you have the red kidney beans which have bigger and have a smoother texture, and then you have the pinto beans which are buttery clingy, with much softer flavor. depending on what you want to do, but if you are going tog serve fansier dinner, you can o
7:53 am
with white beans. you can buy them dry, these serve ten people. >> and i mean, and beans are soo cheap, and they're so nutritious, so we have the black, and the white, the kidney and the pinto, and now people seem to not know how to cook them. >> it is the easiest thing. >> according to patty. >> no, it really is. >> so how do we cook them. >> i am not a soaker. there's people who soak, people who don't soak.n' the people whot soak the beans before cooking them think that they will cook faster, and theyn will be better ford you. u. as i said time and again.n. >> don't waste your time. >> don't waste your time. time >> don't soak. >> and if you soak your beans too long by mistake, they're going to end up with a fermenten taste which tastes sort of chinese not mexican. just beans, put them in the potp and then cover them, bring themm
7:54 am
to a rolling boil. cover them and let them cook fo about one hour, until they are soft, so you can see how they are coming apart. >> here is my question. as i take a look at this, is this recipe in your cook book. >> yes, it is. >> talk about the mexican table cook book was off the charts when it went on sale on amazon. >> what has made it appeal, it's home cooking, and easy cooking,, families that don't want to mak food at home. it breaks down the myths about mexican cooking.mexi if you want to get the cook book, it's still available. >> the best way to get it. >> online, go to the bookstore. you can get it anywhere. and i have a section on my website patty's mexican i have the cook book myself, anf you know how many times i haveme used its to cook?
7:55 am
>> non, i spend time with you, i'm going to use t i do like toe read it, it has wonderful stories. >> let's talk about the third season oflk your show. >> it's coming up in january. >> uh-huh. >> i am so excited because we go down to mexico. we go to michoacan. it's in different parts of mexico that not many people pe know. and we do a lot here. when i look at shows from people season 1, and season 2, i thinkk oh, my god. >> starting the news. >> you know, since i think i'm a li ttle more relaxes and we sho here at home because i'm all about being real, and if i'mi'm cooking in my kitchen, it's got to be in my itch can en. the first season it was the boyh running around, now we don't care. to it.used >> we're talking about the her h boys. >> the mom, is the celebrity
7:56 am
chef. >> okay, so these beans i cooked, and i only added one onion. >> a whole onion or a half an onion. >> so when the beans are cooked, this is what you have, so i'm moving the onion, the beans are cooked, and then can you make 1,000 things with it. >> here is the deal, you can make 1,000 things with that, or we're just going to try to make two throughout the morning. or you can buy them. >> we're making them, we're inspired. ahead.>> >> if not, you g can just buy tm and keep them in the pantry. pat >> don't show my secrets like that. >> we have a link to patty's mexican table coming upp in the next hour, you saw we are going to make something with these beans as we continue to celebrate our fiesta this morning. all the pumpkinsns?
7:57 am
7:58 am
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8:00 am
the first day of the government shutdown. we are showing you au live look at the washington monument, thi, is about the time that parkat police tell us they are going to begin putting barricades around the national memorials and monuments which will prevent visitors from getting close to them. first obvious e sign of the government shutdown. >> that action could have a devastating impact on 150 world war ii and korean war veteransns that arrive in d.c. today all the way from iowa. they're coming on honor flights and those honor flights, tony, they're paid for by their community. they can visit the memorials before they're no longer with us. it's unclear how the close the group will be able to get. >> boy, some of the impact some the ramifications of thisis shutdown, they are ripple effects all around the region, indeed all across the country. >> i am tony perkins. >> we have been hearing from a r whole lot of you a whole lot of you federal workers, posting
8:01 am
about having to go in for four hours, tun in your phone, sign furlough paper and close anyany projects you might be working on and go back home. >> it's hitting home for one facebook fan. we have up to four hours to get out of the building. i found myself getting teary eyed, a mortgage, two cars, twoo day cares, this mess is crazy. >> another person, posted a picture, signs of a shutdown whn needs to sit on nearly empty metro train this morning. >> just reading. i mean, there's a lot of build, people have sort of made it very simple, things that will be closed. university of the district of columbia, shutters. you know, it's just a lot of things out therelo and take thee time to educate yourself on wha is going on out there. we feel -- it feels lore impactful here in our area.area >> yes. >> and it's interesting, youinte
8:02 am
watch the national news conk, cnn and all of that kind of thing, there's a lot of talk, w, got to get this through, and we don't agree to that and all of that kind of stuff. of but what is often lost in that, this is people's lives, it'ses,i their livelihood, it has a real immaterial pacimpact of people. >> there's some that would arguo that the federal seeul is often overlooked.ked. >> d.c. workers, are all declared essential workers sotil they are all going to be paid. the 80s this afternoon, it f should be a beautiful afternoon with generally sunny conditions expected around here for your tuesday.uesday. >> tuesday. >> thank you. >> you can always look at me and get a little hint on the day. [ laughter ] >> 64 this morning, washington, scerc67, dulles. got cloud deck working through, left over cold front yesterday, no rain associated with it, and gradually improving conditions,
8:03 am
sunshine is going to be warm be this afternoon, low 80s, and believe it or not, mid-80s around here by tomorrow andow plenty of sunshine by afternoon with the wind out of west at 5 miles per hour. more out of the west. thanks so much. okay. >> just reading some the facts o and one the questions, will congress continue to get paid, what do we think the answer is? >> of course. >> yes, 27th amendment to the constitution ratified back in '92, says that they will continue to get paid. a little breakfast, you know, nugget for you. here is julie with what is going on the roads on time traffic. >> reporter: all right, busybuy right now as expected. we got a lot going on and a lot of slow downs lingering along capital parkway. a 36-minute ride, again with all lanes open headed into southeast. southbound along 270, droppingig to 31 miles per hour, continuing toward hyattstown and then from
8:04 am
germantown to the split a a 45-minute commute. minor fender bender, quickly pulled over to the shoulder,er, business 234, and a 45-minute-mt commute, nothing stopped alongod the way. a quick peek at the camera, we will pull that for you, inner loop on the beltway, and headed for the wilson bridge. that's a check of fox i hav foxe traffic. democrats and republicanspui fail to come to a budget agreement by midnight. shortly thereafter, the white house issued the order for federal agencies to begin shutting down. that means 800,000 federal e workers are temporarily withouti a job, really following mandated furloughs, national parks across the country are closed. here in the district monuments, the smithsonian me museum and te national zoo is shutdown, but the political tug-a-war isis showing no signs of letting up soon. >> there should be no specialno treatment for anyone under the law. of that is a founding principle
8:05 am
of this country. no special treatment for anyone. equal application, equalion streament under the law. >> you don't get to extract a ransom for doing your job for doing what you're supposed to b doing anyway. or just because there's a law that that you don't like. like >> to add fuel to the fire, the nation's debt ceiling deadline is more than two weeks away, which could prove to be another showdown on capitol hill.l for more on where thethe negotiations go from here if there even are in any. we are joined on the phone by virginia congressman jerry connolly. good morning, congressman, are you there. >> many ggood morning tony, i a. >> tell me is what is going to happen, are there going to be meetings, some attempt to hamme things outto on. >> it's certainly my hope thatho there will unfortunately, m friends on the republican side of the aisle
8:06 am
have not involved democrats atrs all in the continuing resolutioo -- you can't even call them negotiations in their plotting and planning to try to bring down the affordable care act, they have not included democratr in their deliberations. de so we're going to have to try to reestablish communicationlish between the two sides in the house, and reestablish communication with the senate. but what has happened is truly, a reckless act. i can't tell you, you know, in my 19 years in public life, i, i don't think i've been more disappointed, more angry about something than i have about this. this was entirely avoidable, bu there's one faction within the republican calk u the tea party factions that relished thethe prospect of a shutdown, and you saw it in august, and their tow hall meetings, where the cry wa shut it down. d now they have, and as you pointu it out, tony, this has an impac
8:07 am
on real people's life, not justt here in met politan, washington but throughout the united statet of america. it's absolutely wrong. >> what is your response to people. some republicans who say everyone is saying we need to compromise, but the democrats need to compromise as well and they have also, you know, kind of drawn, a hard line on in particularly the affordable care act and that the fact that fa they're not going to stand for it tost be defunded? >> there was a great article in today's post that debunked that notion. you know, you don't -- you don't negotiate when someone has a gu to your head saying give me the money and nobody will get hurt. that is essentially what the republicans have done. they couldn't defeat the affordable care act, in any other way, they couldn't defeat it in the legislative process. they had a chance through the judicial process and it wasand i found to be constitutional bytia the supreme court. then then had an election, and
8:08 am
the president after whom thisths affordable care act is named by them. won by votes. by you had three bites at the apple, and you failed.d you can't say we are going to gg hold the country hostage unless we get our way, even though we g understand that users is a minority view in the legislature. it's just wrong. what is wrong with saying, we can -- they have already had 46 votes to repeal obama care. car. are we to understand that somehow both parties are equall to blame in shutting down the government, no. they are engaged in hostage taking and the american people shouldn't stand for it. >> if the affordable care act issue were taken off the table, would a bucket ge budget get ap. >> yes, i talked to a lot of my republican colleagues lasteague night, we were there very late. we had four sets of votes where they tried everything and the kitchen sink as a condition foro funding the government all of
8:09 am
which failed when it got to the senate. i was talking to a lot of my republican colleagues, who told me publicly, of course we need d clean and continuing resolutiono we understand that will be thea endt game. they may need some kind of face-saving mechanism to get out of the bind that they put themselves and the country in. but hostage taking isn't going to work.rk. >> sir, i quickly want to to mention, one the impacts for the people in this area, some people don't know if they will get retroactive pay when this is all over, you and congressman moran are working to address that. >> we introduced a bill immediately after the shutdown in of theth last final vote las night tony that would make everybody whole who is affected by the shutdown, federal worker. however, in the past, we have always done even newt gingrich agreed to that in the shutdown of 17 years ago. whether this crowd will go alon
8:10 am
with that remains to be seen. this is the most antifederaledel employee, majority in congress ever. the frozen federal pay, the pa three years, they have cut their benefits, they have tried to us their pension toto fund other pt of the government and reduce the debt. they are disparaged them publicly in their remarks whether we're going to be able to persuade them that th nonetheless these are innocent victims of your inaction and yo they need to be kept we are going to fight for that. i'm going to fight tooth and nail to make sure that they are kept whole as every congress ins the past has done. >> we will continue to follow that and we will continue to check withco you, representativ jerry connolly. >> it's a pleasure being withngt you. >> we will get to the republican point of view when the virginiaa congressman ron whitman joins us live. our coverage of the shutdowndown continues on air and online.
8:11 am we're posting updates on facebook and twitter. also ahead this hour, healt insurance for sale starting right now. plans under a the on fordabl the healthcare program is able it b purchased today. it's 8:12, we will be back. 
8:12 am
i was honored to serve as governor of virginia. we brought folks together in richmond to focus on creating jobs and getting results.
8:13 am
that's the virginia way. and that's why i'm backing terry mcauliffe for governor. terry won't let ideological battles get in the way of making progress. terry will work with democrats, republicans, and independents to create jobs and move virginia forward. it's important for virginia that we elect terry mcauliffe as our governor. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad.
8:14 am
remember that cute picture of me mei xiang and that baby? >> yes. >> we are not going to see that. at 8:00 it went off-line. >> can't even see the cute pandas. >> i asked offer air, can't they keep the feed on. there's anticipate or of that camera. they have to move it around based on where the pandas are.
8:15 am
you know where you can find a cute picture. >> earlier, we had the panda cam down. t changes my view of things. >> that little panda is cute. >> oh. >> sophie. >> super cute.>> >> this is sophie. she is a tiny wincey seven weeks old. >> check out that beautiful smile of mom and dad play in -- >> oh.>> o >> alexandria band, and they say she loves music already. >> keep hearing it inutero and d jamming. >> she is seven weeks old, but that smile looks like all knowing, she knows like she is smiling about. something has made her really happy.hay. >> yes, yes, sweety pie.
8:16 am
>> we love it, sophie, we tell better about things. go to and click on the morning, and thank you to parents for sending in then picture. we love it? we are starting as to a warm start to the month of october. temperatures will be in theur 80s later today and typical temperatures this type of year, in the low to mid-70s, a good 8-10 degrees above normal byal this afternoon. afte 62 this washington, 62 annapolis, 50s west and north. and martinsburg, good morning, martinsburg, 56 degrees 4. regionally temperatures about what they should be, detroit, 54 this morning and 57 in boston. there's a look at the satellite-radar, the northeasths coast, not impacting any land areas, we are in or remain in a very quiet pattern for the next several days along with theng wi warming trend. the area of high pressure, the winds coming out of the west for the time being and the south and the warmer air to tap into all the south and west. get ready for a warm up. low to mid-80s, mid-80s
8:17 am
tomorrow with a little moremo humidity. it may feel like 90 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. a few warmto days.ys the pattern will start to switch off for the rest the weekend, rweainy by early neck week with cooler -- early next week cooler temperatures. ort no accidents to report right now for folks trying to work their way into the district byway of kenilworth avenue, and the vw parkway, and southbound 270, down to 31 miles per hour at a hyattstown, still well below speed leaving irbuena irb slow traffic for those along 66 coming from business 234 to the beltway, again with an incident of 123 cleared, about a 47-minute commute out of manassas. quick peek at the cameras, wewe will pop them up for you. lanes are open 395 across the 1 street bridge, no accidents to report here, volume on the gw
8:18 am
parkway from 123 head toward th key bridges outer loop of the beltway below speed from 95 to georgia avenue. that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. thank you so much, julie. starting today this hour in fact, americans without health insurance can shop around for ar plan that suits their family needs. there's a lot of different plant being offered under the affordable care act.ble which one is best for you or yo youur family? neil kaufman is the direct or of the benefit exchange authority which is overseeing the programm in the district. man, that has never been such a loaded question as that rightast now with the health insurance exchanges, what you need to know. and we were talking before andnd this whole word exchange, pleas break that down for me. what does that really mean? an here in the district we called d.c. health link.t if you go to d.c. health
8:19 am, you will see that we're open forse business. >> in fact, i just checked in with my it folks, and we were supposed to open at 8:00 in the morning. we actually turned the switch on earlier and we already have 70 customers.stoms. >> really. >> thank you so much to folksto who are already our customers. >> so when you go to d.c. healte link, you are going to find fi different plans, and you then yo need too figure out which one works for me. >> what is the headline as far as you what need to be armed in going intoar the marketplace if you will? >> so d.c. health is the web address, and for small businesses who come to us, they will see that we have 267 different health plan options for them. we have hmos, ppos, hsa compatible plans, we have all the major insurance companies doing business through us, so we have aetna, united, blue cross,
8:20 am
blue shield, we have kaiser. a lot of options and all of the prices are affordable and competitive, so small business i owners will see great options op available to them. if you are an individual consumer and you come to us, will you see 34 different products available to you. and really, it's a matter of checking out your options, looking at the prices, look ago the provider networks, the copays, the coinsurances and as youc can see it gets very complicated. so i encourage people to check out our website first, but decision to purchase is really a thoughtful complicated decision. we're making d.c. link health assisters, and broarkz t brokert make that once you choose the price that is good 4, you have until
8:21 am
december 15 to pay, and your coverage will be effective on january 1. if you are a small business, you have until december 12th todecem pay your premium and your coverage becomes effective on january 1. >> d.j. is doinc is doing this on its own. the district is administratorring this programtn for its residents, versus the federal government coming in an implementing this, am a correct in that? >> that is correct. we made a decision that we wanted to fully implement thee affordable care act and take advantage of all the resources that the federal government provides and we wanted to create a district unique marketplace that works for people here for business here, and residentsnt here. our own. we created a very competitivetie marketplace, and that is why we have so many product options ani so many insurance companies
8:22 am
offering products. >> these are the people that ca shop at d.c. health link, uninsured people, those buying their own health insurance and part-time workers who don't get benefits. >> yes. although individuals --divid >> these are individuals.indivi >> correct. >> and then have you go into who qualifies for a lot of people are going to say,mila, i can't do this right now. these people qualify single adults with income with 22, roughly a little under $23,000 r year, and $45,000 a year, a family of two with combined income between $31,000, and $62,000 roughly.2,000 family of three, with total income between $39,000 and $78,000. and then a family of four with total income between frerchtw thousand$47,000,and $94,000, th numbers so these are people whoo qualify for help in paying the premium. >> that's correct.that's >> okay. >> so when you come to d.c.d.
8:23 am
health, we will help you figure out if you qualify for public insurance called medicaid. if you don't, we will help you figure out how much in premium reduction through tax credits you qualify for. i want to say i encourage everyone to come check out our prices. if you are 40 years old, you can get a bronze level policy for $166 a month, if you are 27 years old, you can get a bronze level for $125 a month. so it's a lot more affordable than people assume. >> okay. >> so check out the prices, anda if you cannot afford it, we will help you figure out whether you qualify for premium reduction. >> and this is law now, you havu to do this, if you are thinking i'm not going to worry about t what happens if you don't signsi up. >> as an individual if you want your coverage to be effective if january, you will have to sign up and pay your premium before december 15. now you really have until the end of march, that is when first
8:24 am
enrollment closes, as long as as you buy coverage before the end of agmarch, there's no penalty. if you choose to forgo coverage then there's a penalty, 91sty,1 year -- in the first year is is $95 or 1% of your increases, ann it increases. but really when you think ofk health insurance it's about making sure that you stay healthy, it's about providing you the security if you do become sick or you have an accident and you need medical care. so really it is peace of mind and no one some stay out. everyone should come out and check out the options and become insured. it's truly available, and if you can't afford it, there are preyum reductions available. avl and remember, when you qualify for premium reductions, you don't have to wait until next year when you file your taxes. e you only pay your share of theth premium and the federal government pays the
8:25 am
>> the subsidy to the insurance company of your choice. >> this has been a truly invaluable information. we appreciate you coming in. coi we are talking about residentsre of d.c. go to fordcm this information that you needra to v we will be right back. thank you so much. ♪ nice car. sure is. make a deal with me, kid, and you can have the car
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all right, there's the rest, of the t picture, we were wondering how far that jogger would get app o up those steps. good thing she got her run earlier, because that is what she would have found later. >> why close the memorial, can'' people go to it, if they can't a protect the memorial and givediv information to tourists who need directions and all that kind of thing, then they have to shut it down. it's for the protection of the memorial itself.t as we know, they can come under attack. we know from events earlier this summer. there you go, another sign ofsi the government shutdown in in action. and inaction as well both ways. >> yeah. yeah. >> tucker?ker? >> you saw out there, weather wise things couldn't be looking better. partial sunshine andrt temperatures in the 80s. 80 >> that's good.>> >> so we have, we need some good news. >> and back by tomorrow, we will
8:29 am
be be in the mid-80s,s, summertime temperatures, enjoyen the first couple of days of october. >> i can't believe that. >> october. >> me, neither. >> yeah, we have playoff time,ti and we don't have any. >> you got to take another chance. >> 54 in washington.wa >> that's exactly what i wast i going to do. >> right, we're doing health exchanges, routine exchanges. >> open enrollment. >> if they won't come to me, i'e going to go to them. >> this is happening in manassas, 57 at dulles, and 54 in frederick, it's cool, you know, it's cool, but not terribly cold, we are going to warm it up in the 80s with a decent afternoon, scattered sc clouds to start the morning, mo once we get the cloud deck in wn should be in for more sunshine, starting the day. a cloud weather pattern, we are going to start to switch things up here as we get into the weekend, stormier pattern here along with cooler temperatures
8:30 am
later this week. always warm temperatures for thr next several days, 82 today, and 84 tomorrow, and maybe some rain sunday into monday. that is weather. tony, back to you. the house has made its position known very clearly.clel we believe that we should fund the government and we think there ought to be basic fairness or all americans under obama care. >> mind site was seen yous, -- hindsight was seen yous, but the proof is in watching the house republicans, because they haveve lost their minds. mi they keep trying to do the samee thing over and over again. >> harsh words from democrats and republicans last night who for first time in 17 years,ye failed to avert a governmentnmet shutdown. they are asking whether or not e it wasth worth fighting obama ce if it produced a shutdown. this morning we're joined live by congressman whitman from
8:31 am
virginia, for his take on thee blame game. >> hi, tony, how are you doing o this morning n i'm doing well, e but hearing the frustration ofrn the many of your viewers who wh can't believe it has come to this. what do you say, a lot of blame fairly or unfairly is being placed at the doorstep of the republicans at capitol hill. what do you say to the peoplethe who say this is outrageous, thir should nota be happening and for those who are blaming your party for this? >> i'm equally frustrated. i know they have been calling mg office and expressing their frustration. i think it's it's an abdicationt of leadership from both sides, we could have avoided the whole shutdown, especially in august,s when we should have been in town, working on these bills. we need to make these disietion and get the job done for the american people.erica we look at federal employees who are out of work, at home, havin bills toha pay, and this affectc
8:32 am
their lives tremendously. i hope people realize the impact that this has. all along the way, i have been advocating that government continues to operate, that we pass the cr, and we get theth things done that this nation na needs to be doing.g. >> in the end you did vote for the republican bill and it did have language in it about delaying obama care, if that is a nonstarter for the senate, wh, support that bill if you know that the ultimate fallout fromou that bill is going to bet a shutdown? >> well, i have no control overo what the senate does. what i do have control over is what i vote for. i told people at every turn thau i will vote in favor of fundingu the government. gove that is the only bill that i had before me. i do think there's issues withsu these affordable care act that h need to address. i will always vote in theth interest of und ifing the government, and keeping the doors open. i don't have control on what happens in the senate but i dodo have control over what i vote i for.
8:33 am
and i will continue efforts toto keep our government to operate. >> i understand that you have no control over what happens in thh senate, but you do know, that th the vote didn't happen in a vacuum. you know what the result of theh vote is going to be, that, there's going to be a rejectione of this bill and the governmento is going to be shutdown. >> le with, i don't know what the senate may or may not do. we have to act in the house independently. that is the way the founders put together the government for thee house to act and the senate does their thing. i can't anticipate what theth senate does. many times we have bills that th come before us that are based on the debate and the discussione within the we send it to to the senate, ann they do our thing. that is the way that the the government is set up to have th back and forth between the two bodies, every opportunity i havi to fund the government and makee sure that government operations continues, and the cr is the only choice i have, i voted inve favor of continuing to fund government. >> tell me about the atmospheres on capitol hill right now, one
8:34 am
the things that ordinary americans who try to go to work every day, they pay their taxesa one the frustrations that we arr hearing on our facebook page ann all of this is that we elected all of you republicans and an democrats and independence toe get the job done, to fund the th government, so that we, you you know, things can continue to proceed, and we have a economy, the economic continues to grow, et cetera, et cetera; and people are very frustrated that this can't get done, and then on theh horizon you got the debt ceiling coming up in just a couple ofof weeks. >> how do you respond to people who are completely frustratedy with everyone on capitol hill, not just republicans but everyone. >> i am equally frustrated. there's responsibility on both sides, both democrats and republicans house and senate too get the business of the senateae done. work e to continue to along those lines to get conferment open, to make sure it continues to operate, we have aa you said, a big issue before use with thefo debt ceiling. it's hard to proceed with that,,
8:35 am
without making sure that the th continuing resolution is taken a care of. i share people's frustration, i'm frustrated in seeing what at needs to do. governing dunn include shutting down.wn governing includes leaders ons both sides, both parties, both o house and senate gettingng together, having a decision making sure that the government is funding and the operations of this country proceed on. on we have tough decisions withionw regard to funding we have to make those decisions. people sent us to washington to do that, i wanted to make sureak that wee are here working on their behave and making sure that we get the job done. i'm there to vote for a clean cr and make sure that the govern go continues to be funded. i am an anxious to vote on aa bill hike that to get government going. >> congressman wittman of virginia. thank you for this morning. >> thank you, tony. we will be back with fox news this morning.
8:36 am
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good morning, welcome back. there's controversy surroundingr the newsy princess dianaby pic that stars naomi watts.. a movie picture was put up near the tunnel where the princess of whales died in a car crash in in 1997. some people are outraged of the placement of the advertisement,d and the film is loosely based o a romance with a pakistani doctor she dated for two years. candice glover is getting ready to release her new album. there she is with right there.e. the album took longer than she e planned. there's the whole gang.le she has been working hard on it just to get it just right. the 23-year-old says she was inspired by music legends like arethra franklin, patty labelle. a lot of people looking forward to that album.
8:40 am
>> lovely young lady. >> straight ahead, they fly thousands of miles away, but how healthy do pilots need to be foo take off. our fox medical team has the answer. let's take a look at holly t who is putting a mexican twist w on breakfast. >> reporter: i'm not sure how healthy this is for your arteries, but let's be honest, o everything is better when it haa got bacon and chorizo, which iss why we are adding it to beans when we are learning how to make dhachar robeans. coming up she will share the recipe and talk about what wee are making, fox 5 morning news. >> looks pretty good, patty.  [ wind howling ]
8:41 am
8:42 am
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8:43 am
fox 5 molly morris is a the source of somell the best cookio we have you can get. get. >> we have been doing this, going to chef's homes. >> we should call it something.t >> she joins us live from them home of patty. patt >> hi, what you want to have. >> you are very fortunate. >> you want always want to get this invite, one of the best invites is from patty herself. she is the head chef at cultural
8:44 am
sniewfinstitute of mexico. you are getting ready to do aa special series.spia >> we have a incredible event. it's october 24th. octo it's going to be so much fun, it's called mex-americana, orme the evolutionri of mexican foodn the u.s.u. >> is that tex in th tex mex. >> it's tex-mex n i think i jus said a bad food. >> it's te tex-mex, mexican. >> you can steal that and makeke it your you >> we are making our own. last hour we learned to you ho o make beans, it's very easy, cover them with water, put an onion this there and let it it boil. we did want to say, you add youo salt later. >> yes, don't add the salt in the beginning or it will tougheo the beans.he be >> okay, so you can eat themt just like that. they are great, we tasted them,h but if you want to kick it off notch, we want to do charroch
8:45 am
beans, which is what we're gotwe going on here. >> i didn't add any oil, it's just bacon, chorizo, and ones on it's browned, i added the onions, you want to soften the onion. everything that we are going too add inin here, the onion, and nw some jalapeño shil chile. >> you want to kick it off a a notch. >> i took the seeds for you guys. and but now it's going to cook in the bacon and chorizo halflf that have so much flavor. you can make it vegetarian by adding oil and doing the vegetables, the onion and the jalapeño, now i'm adding chopped ripe tomato. >> it's a beautiful dish n it's >> it's beautiful, and hearty and super tasty. >> is this recipe in your cook
8:46 am
book. >> that is my first cook book. >> oh, my god. >> we are going to have to -- >> exactly. >> from my house to heaven. >> i have a feeling there will be a seu can take these howevero heavy you want them.wa there's a version that will add chicharrones and ham, and other parts of it. >> we have a minute left. >> we want to make sure that wee get it altogether, and people understand how it all works. wo >> guys, the beans go in here, e and you can use the cooked beano or the beans from the can. >> but we don't have to. >> and see, they're all going to cook in >> and then you mix it altogether. >> you mix it altogether, and a then holly, help me. i have some tortillas warming up. show them the taco weta are going to >> i like flour. fl
8:47 am
>> so this is going to cook, yeah. >> as you do that. since you started you have just blown up. u you do so much. much she is on the show all the time >> this is the third season ofhi herrd show. >> but this is when you really had to know you made it, when you were in, i think in california, can we put up the pictures so i can show her, and all of a sudden i saw a life sizea billboard, larger than le billboard. i don't know how that happened. i participated in the mexico food fair, and i said, and they said can we use it. i said i would be delighted. >> you didn't know it was going to be that large. >> next thing i see that, and it send it to danny. and danny says, what is going on. >> that is her >> we are going to continue tocn serve this up even more in the 9:00 hour. we are doing all this becausee it's hispanic heart tan month whicheritage monthwhich we are e
8:48 am
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8:51 am
how healthy is the pilot flying your plane, but a scare last week, has some thinking hog often is a pilot screened and sc how often does it happen. the doctor is looking into that, and she is live in tampa.a. scarcity times, who exactly determines if a pilot is fit to fly. >> who does that is a physician and that physician is trained. they are certified bit faa. so there's certain perimeters pm that particular pilot is goinglt to have to meet. there are will be criteria for blood pressure, it's like 155 over 95. they will have to show that the can see, their vision check,n they can hear, they can also require blood tests, ekgs over the age of 35 and when you look at their age if they're over 40,
8:52 am
they are going to be getting that physical exam every six months, people underage 40 you will be getting annually. we had the increase in the last few years from 60 to 65 where pilots are able to go ahead and fly commercial airliners untile they are 65.65 that's a little bit new for us as well. >> did any of those requirements surprise you, dr. jo.. jo. >> no, but a little bit. i worked in the nuclear industry, we were stricter, at least i was a little strict hels were, when i look at some of the things that the faa requires and what they're not able to do. and one the things that is surprising to me, there's an elevated cholesterol and risk factors, they are not necessarily required to takely care of that, unless there's th' another condition involved. if they have cardiovascularar disease, they would be required to see a cardiologist, and they would have to apply to the faa for waiver if there's something
8:53 am
that will incapacitate them.cite they won't allow a pilot to ply if there's greater than oneone chance of incapstation, epilepsy, coronary artery disease, but if they get itt fixed they get to fly. it's a complex type of procedure, and a lot of it depends on the pilot telling the doctor, yes, i have these symptoms, and yes, i have been e to doctor and esy this is and s something that is wrong with mee >> how many people are subjectpe to physical, before they arear able to work. work >> there so many people. we have the department of transportation, people that are driving buses and trucks, have e to undergo physical, and of course, our police or firefighters, anyone that has to function as a very high-level i an emergency situation, usuallys has to prove or provide information that they are ablere to do that. but fen, i think it's an evolving science right now andnw i'm glad that see that there'st
8:54 am
so much out there, but again, you can't ever predictedict everything. >> that is true. dr. jo, thank you so much. have a good day in tampa. see you next time. >> thank you. tha thank you so much. ahead at 9:00, we are9:00 starting to see the effect of the government shutdown acrosswn the district. coming up latest of the budget battle that sent us into the shutdown and what it means for the thousands of federal workers today. fe [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter...
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8:58 am
not reach a spending deal. now hundreds of thousands of federal employees will pay the price of the fight over funding the american healthcare act. >> the american people don't want to shutdown.o i didn't come here to shutdown the government. i came here to fight for a smaller, less costly federaldel government. >> from the national zoo to the national mall. mall from inside the beltway to beyond. the partial closure could have severe consequence. it will slow a wrench in thn gears of the time when those gears have gained infraction. >> ahead our team coverage will keep you in the loop as the region reels from another congressional standoff, fox 5x 5 morning news continues right now. good morning, on this tuesday october first, i'm sony perkins.p >> i'm allison seymour. we are going to check in with tucker in just a minute, first parts of region come to a
8:59 am
stand still as we head the hour 9 of the federal shutdown.dn. federal workers still have to report to work, but those 800,000 nonessential employees will be then furloughed unpaid until the congress approves a spending plan.ding the national park, the nationall zoo, air traffic controllers, bhordeborder patrol agents and t food inspectors will stay on th job, but there's questions as to whether they will be paid, and d mail services and as will social security, passport office wills probably stay open, unless they are processed in a federal building that is shutdown. u.s. troops will remain o on-duy officer and their paychecks will be open. and udc is open. i misspoke. >> those of you in uniform will remain on your normal duty status. the threats to our national security have not changed and


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