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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  October 2, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it'll'll fall apart.rt. otherwise we could see unusually warm temperaturesratu going here for the next few days. 86 this afternoon believe it or not with the air-conditioners running in a run few places. >> we've been going good soo far with no air.o >> i have air at my house but i heard it running in here when i came in this morning. >> ok. >> how are things running onning the roy? >> pretty good. we can deliver that today. i think we're going to see a rushhour like yesterday onay the drive home. so it ended quickly. it was' over with before it began. i think that's what we're going to see today. i don't think we're going toing see a lot of people out there. this is the live shot comingming in through wood bridge. lanes are open. no problems to report on the beltway continuing up to 66th. area -- here we are live. traffic running smoothly as you continue northbound to
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newingston and back out to the springfield interchaing. all lanes are open. on the top stretch of the beltway overnight construction cleared off of of the beltway traveling south between landover and andrews. no problems to report between laurel and the capital beltway. inbound 50 overnight construction west of 202 also cleared. light traffic volume from 202 20 over to new york kennelworth avenue split.enue that is a check of your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. we begin right now at 5:00 with breaking news. a person is dead after being shot by a police officer in prince georges county. this happened just beforest 2:00 in the 3800 block of twin lakes driver and calverton.vert investigators aren't saying why the officer opened fire on the person killed. the officer was not hurt int this incident.ncid we're going to bring you more you as we get it. >> our other big story nationwide, here in the t district as well, day two of the shutdown. there appears to be no end in
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sight. lawmakers failed to passto three bills last night that t would have partially reopened the government and funded d.c.employees. >> the shutdown is having a major economic impact withwith the national economy losing millions of dollars each day. melanie joins us live from the world war 2 memorial which is closed for the time being. >> reporter: that's right. it has been very difficult to even find a parking space around any of the parks and monuments but as you said the world war 2 memorial with the barricades up one of the more visible impacts of the government shutdown. there was an attempt late last night to change that. right now lawmakers are suggesting that the shutdown may go on for a few more weeks. house republicans floated aoate bill that would reopen small parts of the government national parks, veterans affairs department and city services in washington d.c. . backed by the white house democrats rejected the idea saying it was' unfair to pick winners and losers insisting i
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that republicans only pass a bill that funds all of the government. >> this is all subterfuge this is a waste of time.ime. it's not going anyplace, thank heaven.heav but what it is is not about what they're talking about parks veterans or dlum yacht it's about -- district ofrict columbia. it's about the affordable care act. one at a time we'll do our cherry picking so at the endhe of the day we can isolate affordable care act. we're not going to let that th happen. >> congress' job is oversee the spending.g. we're in charge of the perks, we're in charge of deciding how it's spent and whether it's spent appropriately. that means laws even previously passed laws have h to be judged on their merits and give funding proportionalrtio to their merits. that is what we're doing now.
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>> reporter: republicans said there could be more votes on, more votes today perhaps one that would suggest they could fund the national institutes of health so they could continue pediatric cancer research there but we heard from theom democrats they're not going to go for this approach.ppro they're not going for a piece meal approach. it does sound as if the debt ceiling come up on october 17 eventually that could get rolled into all of this. that is why you see somee people are saying this could go on for a faw more weeks. >> melanie thank you. y the house voted down a plan last night that would have allowed use its own locally raised tax funds to operate the city government. instead d.c.workers willorke continue to be paid by the district contingency reserveve fund.
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many of you impacted are sounding off. >> sandra posted my sisterer deborah is retiring from theg federal government on thursday after workingl ingo the d. c. area since she was' 15 years olds.year i just got an e-mail saying her retirement luncheon is canceled due to the shutdown. is this how we reward dedication? she has been so proud of her job and inspired many to seek federal employment.nt. she has been excited about our four siblings coming into town along with other friend f and relatives. i feel bad for her. >> let us know how the shutdown is impacting you as well. share your thoughts or also make a video if you wouldu like and share them on our facebook page or also on our twitter page at my fox.crt, use the hashtag shutdown. a new judge refused to block the gun law that wept in law. l gun shop owners complain that the new rules violate thelate
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amendment to the second amendment. the judge rejected the t temporary restraining orderng o ruling that hand guns are the general preference for home ho defense. >> this law is constitutional. it will save lives without infringing on the second amendment rights of glynns this is not a ruling on the merits of the argument. the fat lady hasn't sung she hasn't even taken the stage yet. >> although the jum said no to the temporary restraining order that does not dismiss the lawsuit.uit. for now maryland's tough new gun laws remain in effect. >> twoin counties in our area among those with the highest sceetion rates. >> plus robbers using stun guns on their victims. police ned your help to track them down.em the latest attack and who place are looking for when well
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come back. hough it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." ápólçw?tóo it's time to change the way we clean, and free ourselves from the harshness of bleach. lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. the secret, is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it kills 99.9% of germs and is family friendly. lysol. mission for health.
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[ wind howling ] [ female announcer
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] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. >> the building at the certainty of the navy yardd shooting will be restored by a colorado construction firm. the navy awarded the contract to them.hem. they're expected to make immediate safety repairs to building 1 the -- 197 and
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develop new designs for it. the building is said to have suffered widespread damage when the gunman killed 12 people there last night. a any study finds that prince william and fairfield county are the counties that count for 32 states allow for capital punishment and only two counties in the country are responsible for executions. prince william and fairfield county have sent 14 people to the death penalty. >> thieves using stub guns have attacked again. the latest happened on sunday one near the intersection of tennessee and another elsewhere. a group of up to three peopleeopl used a stun gunn to shocksh their victims in the head or
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neck then took off with their cash and cell phone. the first three attacks wereacks in the mont vernon squarernon air. >> things are missing from arlington national cemetery.eme why families are upset withpset the clean up. >> it's not the blues holding off weddings. couples told to find a newew location. >> we're in fine shape. s we're going to be very warmery this afternoon.fter right back to the mid 80s so a little bit of heat wave to start the month of october. if you look you can see the moon. it's a waxing crescent but it's rising. >> it's a waning -- >> i got the w. right. >> either way it's right. >> not that i would know the difference either way. >> waning is heading to a new n moon. >> another day or two we won't see it. >> we'll have your trafficfic too. all that coming up.
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enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. ♪ >> yeah. >> yeah that is something som the government can't shutdown. >> yeah. >> waning crescent. >> waning crescent. >> yeah. >> new moon in two days. >> then we'll start from there. >> we'll start all over
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again. maybe brand new hopefully. maybe everything can be brand new. >> let's hope so. >> time to renew and mend fences and hopely open the government back up. >> everybody needs a hug. speaking of hugs imagine you are set to get married ined less than a week but becauset of shutdown you have to scramble to change itself venue. >> that has to be heart-breaking. it's what happenedhe to one couple. mike and his fiancé were set to mary at the jerson memorial but they must have their ceremony at the site of o their reception of the evenhe if the shutdown is over byer then the couple would lose outs on money they paid to several vendors. ven the groom says nothing can ruin their special day. >> it is surreal that is happening at this point. but we're also justst remembering the facts comets sunday we're going to be married. one way or another. she is going to be my wife.ife i'm going to be her husband, nothing can stop that, even a a government >> the national park service s
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24 weddings have been scheduled through october.u that includes nine this week. couples may reschedule onceule the government reopens. >> all right. that is tough.t >> it know. >> you know those wedding plans can be made a year in advance. >> they're usually, months in advance. it's another impact. >> yeah.>> >> of the whole thing.wh >>o one i wouldn't haven't thought of. >> we don't think of that. >> there is probably a lot we haven't thought about.ught >> let's do weather. wea we look great today. more of the mid 08 eashes sunshine,ne things are -- mid 80s sunshine. for the time being, it ist sort of a mini october heater wave with temperaturesratu expected in the 80s for the next several days. d 65 in washington.ash we're a little cooler northler and west but not cold. co 62, a cool spot there in man dulles 56. 59 winchester so temperaturesres
5:17 am
comfortable but not terribly cool. we do have a little cloud cover. a weak cold front to the north and west, that will bring us a few clouds laters today so that is going to be the worst of the forecast for your wednesday. w otherwise bright sunshine. it'll be warm this afternoon with highs in the mid 80s and 80s around through the end of the week. this is not a tropical storm but the hurricane center which is still operating by b the way is very interested in this system right here. you can see there arere indications it may strengthen into a tropical storm. if it does so it'll be karen. the reason i mention is therehere are some indications it couldns be lifting north and perhaps take a track -- it would no longer be a tropical storm. perhaps take a track up the mid atlantic by early neckrly week so that is somethingmeth we'll keep an eye on as you get to early next week.
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a very warm afternoon. 86 is well above normal. 12 to 14 degrees above normal. 63 tonight. not as cool. there is the seven-dayn- forecast. keep it in the mid 80s next couple of days. by early next week highs will be closer to where they w shouldhe be. rain chances increase. we'll watch that tropical moisture and we'll have a cold front that will get in here next week.e >> we do need rain. thank you. >> here is julie wright.e >> ok. i heard you said i didn't have anything to talk about. of course we have things togs talk about.ut. traffic along 66 believe itve or not. >> moving at speed right? >> some of it. some of it.t. the westbound stretch is. eastbound stretchs not so much. starting to see it build asd you work between fair oaks and 123. northbound 95 and 395 quiet for folks continuing inboundboun to the pentagon. pen southbound 270 moving at speed. no issues to report that.
5:19 am
police are investigating an overnight shooting. do we have the map? there we go. police are investigating anan overinto the shooting which has taken place on twin lakes drive west of powder mill. that is a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. >> thank you very much. muc some military families aremi not happy with arlington cemetery. it seems officials are enforcing rules about leaving mementos around headstones. war victims from iraq and afghanistan have buried. the military moved all photos, balloons and love letters. the cleanup started quietly in august when officialsals decided section 60 should beuld just like the rest of the cemetery. >> doctor robo is retiring. he says he will officially believe at the end of the year. the howard university boardoard of trustees acurrented drcht d
5:20 am
wayne fred r.b.i. as interim president. a special committee of the board will oversee the transition and search for a permanent successor. >> up next some of the best shutdown pickup lines we'veve seen. i told you it goes all overl the place. >> yes, it does. do you remember the video ofeo the worker who quit her job? yeah. the boss and other employees fire back with a new clip ofip their own. don't miss it in our talk of the day.
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♪ >> yes check it out. we've got talkers today for you. that is for sure of the take the a look at this. >> i'm looking. >> keep looking. down turn your head. >> told you to wait. ♪ ♪ >> i know you are wondering what we're looking at. so this is the revenge. do you remember the video we showed yesterday? th e woman who quit her job at a taiwanese animationimat company?
5:24 am
it was' in a viral video. you know, she is dancing arounds the office going go crazy. >> yesterday. her new ex-boss made this video to announce the company is now hiring. the boss and the self other performance -- several other employees danced to another kanye west song. the boss said he didn't agree d with many things she said in in the video. he wishes she would have applied more creativity toivit her work as she did to the video. >> now it's turning in a person attack. back and forth. >> you know what they're like we're going to take this thi opportunity and because the company she works for theyy make videos. this is the company. >> theyth don't make goodood videos. >> but you know they'rehe trying to cash in >> t her video is going to go viral. >> all the rest of the employees are probably mades a to do that dancing. >> they're like really? do i get paid extra for this? >> no start dancing.
5:25 am
now. [laughter] >> little. you etc. see the -- if that is the employees and the response do do you really want to work there? it's like what the heck is is going on here? >> good point. it's just, whatever. >> you know that is why they why did it. so we'll move on. >> all talk should be done whatever. >> that one should end. >> let's talk about this. the shutdown. you can't say that enough. the shutdown continues. some people are trying to to make light of the situation. if you are on twitter you may have seen hashtag government shutdown pickup lines trending. >> all right. hopefully they'll give you a laugh and while we're hanging out we're going to share some sh with you on tv. here is an example of what you might find. julie no worries the not watching uss
5:26 am
tonight. >> that is actually pretty good. how about this one? the i.r.s. is suspending all audit activities but i'll check you out. >> i like that one. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> these are tame ones. >> these are the clean ones. >> one more. all right. sara, i hear you do not carrycar health insurance because you have got fine written all over you. >> yeah. >> if that is not enough to t get the government back to work i don't know what is. [laughter] >> please get back to work.k. pickup lines are awful. >> i was impressed. >> you were? >> those are pretty good. p >>r they're clever. >> they have to find something in this. >> we have a little spare talent because it's not a funny situation, but, you know, it's --t's >> yes, it's creative. >> it is. [laughter] >> the way to show your creativity. >> i could see some of those being, you know thrown about. >> going back to the club
5:27 am
days. >> got to sell it this way. t >> youhi have to -- >> i'm going to write them wr down. >> can how about -- you are so fine. >> he can tweet them. tweets, you know. >> we have today's top stories coming up next. stay with us. lock at the -- look at theat beautiful shot outside. crisp, fall rocky mountain air makes an epic journey, matched only by our journey to capture its scent. crafted by expert perfumers. part of our limited edition national park collection. air wick. the craft of fragrance.
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>> 5:51. live look at the u.s. capital dome where pretty much nothing has been happening. >> a whole lot of arguing. >> that is why we're in the mess we are, we'll get a a update from melanie. first we've been enjoying theing view outside.side waning crescent moon we've been able to see. ab >> sun will be gorgeous this afternoon. it will be warm. our anch high is low to mid mid 70's we'll be 10 degrees warmer, maybe even 15 degrees warmer. get ready for a couple more days of sum are. let's do the numbers at reagan national.atio 65. cooler there. the dulles 56. b.w.i.marshal is 56. 56. i'm going to sneeze. looks good.
5:31 am
clear skies. ii'm trying to hold back. h >> thank you. >> looks beautiful out there. here is your forecast. warm conditions and mid-80s, 86 will be itself day time high. there you go. >> did you look closely atlose the suns on your maps? do you have the -- >> no. >> does the sun make youu sneeze? is. >> some people itze? trigger it is. >> in some people. >> abling to hold it off. >> what is happening? >> not a lot. we've some places where the wh volume is increasing butg b overall a nice start to the day. we'll show you what is happening. if you are traveling, i forget which camera i pulled up first. southbound 270 at 28 in rockville. lanes are open. doings double nickel from germantown to the split. no issues to report between college park and bethesda. so far without issue the trip northbound on i-95 out of
5:32 am
stafford through dail city continuing to newington. n miss are investigating an overnight shooting so you arere going to find the activity at friendly drive west of i-95. that is a check of your traffic. sara and wisdom, back to you.back >> thank you. more now on the overnight breaking news. a police officer shot and a killed a person just before 2:00 this morning. this was in the 3800 block of twin lakes drive in calverton. the police officials sayals officers went to that t location after getting 911 call about a woman screaming for help. when they got on the screen the they found a woman injured and a man running away. officers went off the man and after some confrontation the man was shot and killed. k we're told the officer of involved has been on the t force for seven years. he was not hurt. n >> the budget battle ba continues on capitol hill h with republicans and deps dep working to strike a deal, but neither side is showing anying
5:33 am
sign of compromise.s >>ig the shutdown is impact willing thousands of people of but for one group of people the shutdown almost meant a long awaited interest into d.c.didn't happen. melanie is live with a closer look at the memorial which is shut down again. >> reporter: that's right. r yeah, you know this is reallys one of the scenes of the more visible impacts of the government shutdown. there was an attempt in the in house of representatives late tuesday to change that. but right now lawmakers are suggesting this shutdown and the impacts likely saw here will go on for a few weeks.eeks their trip to the anything's capital was planned long ago but when these world war two veterans arrived at the memorial they were' almost shut out by the government shutdown. their senator and other members of congress made the right call to get it open for them after visiting many vets, said they hope congress can get the government open for everyone soon. >> did our job.
5:34 am
what we'd like for america to settle down and do their job.job. we really would. >> reporter: house republicans noted a bill that would reopen small parts of of the government, nationalal parks the department of of veterans affairs and city services in washington, d.c. . democrats backed up by the white house rejected the idea saying it was' unfair to pickck westbounders and losers lo insisting that the && republicans only pass a bill that funds all of the government. as you mentioned the world war ii memorial opened briefly yesterday for the group that came fromom mississippi for their honoror flight. but it'ses enclosed again aga today with no word whether it will reopen or whether they would consider doing the samehe for any other group that are planning to visit here. el another holmes norton says she has to support this approach even though she is a a democrat and other democrats not supportive because the district government is all tied up in all of that.
5:35 am
she did note during the last shutdown 17 years ago shego s was' able to get then speaker of the house gingrich to exempts d.c.'s fund. we expect this action to continue. republicans continuing to put p in exemptions.xem we'll see whether they'll come to an agreement any time soon back to you. >> some relief would beld b great. the melanie, thank you. >> more news on this shutdownshut now. the department of defensee temporarily suspendedpend saturday's navy/air force football game because of thecaus government shutdown. teams are practicing and it'll be played. a record crowd is anticipated at navy marina memorial stadium for the nationally nat teleis vaoed game. the -- tell -- televisedis game. it's also about the money. the >> we're not talking about insignificant, you know, kno change, if you will. if you know. monetarywise. we're talking about ang a significant amount of money in terms of economic activity
5:36 am
that is at risk new and we're talking about smallbou businesses that are going to goi be hurt as well. w we're a small businessness community. >> there is a lot of people of who are fainted by this. more than just our football team and hopefully congresson figures out something sooner rather than later.r >> the t games will in fact be be canceled if the situation hasitua not been recommend deed by none tomorrow.ow there is speculation it could it be made up saturday decemberday, 7 when both teams have an open week. an emotional reunion up next. dr. oz sits down with a tourist who whose live he helped safe. police made a second arrest in this case of road rage. this was a big storyry yesterday. we're going to have more on o the investigation coming up on the other side of the break.
5:37 am
february, 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." [ male announcer ] there's chicken, anand then there's juicy chicken. the difference is hellmann's. hellmann's is the secret to making parmesan crusted chicken so juicy and so
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delicious. you can make dinner disappear. hellmann's. bring out the best.
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>> welcome back. 5:40. look at this video from yesterday you may rememberr it. police made two arrests in connection with the violent road rage incident in newcide york city. investigators have not determined what started the confrontation, but at some point dozens of bikers forced an s.u.v. to stop. 33-year-old alexian lee ann sped off with his life and young son in a vehicle and hit at least two bikers.
5:40 am
they were' chased for two two miles this will until they got caught up in traffic. he needed stitches but ist expected to be ocht ccht. one -- ok. one of the bikers has two broken legs and is reportedly in an induced coma. >> an emotional reunion on "the doctor oz show." >> you may remember sam green, british tourist visiting new york city. >> i'll take n it from here. an out of control cab slammed into her severing her leg. on tuesday she met the mene who helped save her life including a plumber who used his tool belt as a turn cet and dr. oz. >> appreciation there is the pain. irdidn't feel my legs at first. i was so confused about whatse wasd going on.wa >> i didn't think. i just reacted. you know.. i've seen guys get before but neff so bad. >> she will soon be fit with
5:41 am
a prosthetic leg and hopes to to return to new york city soon. >> feeling a lit flustered this fall? f tools to help you get organized and stay on the right track first take a live look outside on this wednesday morning.esda a mild start to the day d except for wisdom martin whortin is having a cough attack. he will be back in a bit.bit. he is all right. we're going to check the forecast and see what is happening on the roadways with julie. that is coming up next. 5:42. embrace the season. warm up your home with fall's finest. share all of your favorite t.j. finds... at a price worth posting. see the real deal. search hashtag maxxinista and see the brands people are scoring. t.j.maxx.
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♪ >> welcome back to fox 5 morning news very nice wednesday morning so far butng s things are going to heat up. >> a live look at the lincoln memorial right there. you can at least see it from fro this view point.ew you can't get much closer than the barricades are up due to the shutdown there. the yeah. beautiful from a distance. so is the weather, too. from a distance i mean when m you look at the moon and you can see it. there is no clouds that arere covering it. >> i guess where you are whe going with that.hat. yes.
5:45 am
it's nice up close took. >> the moon? >> no, the weather. i mean it's beautiful. >> never been that close toto the moon. >> i was going to say. ok. >> if i had been i would letould you know. i would be bragging about it. let's go to the bus stop forecast. warming up. it started yesterday anday we're in the midst of an early october heat wave with temperatures -- i need help nee with this. >> with the sphwhordz. >>th with my -- >> what is wrong? >> cool slogan of the day. >> here is bus stop forecast. plenty of sunshine for everybody heading to school. temperatures in the mid 60s so we're off to a milder start than the last couple of mornings. mid 6 0 areas here in washington. 65° 50s north and west. that is warmer than we've been and these temperatures will jump quick once the sun gets up. 56 out at dulles lennardtown you are doing better. 51 for you. y 59 in cambridge so a fairly mild day for you.
5:46 am
yesterday we got to the mid 80's 80 was the day time high. today probably 85 86. very quiet weather pattern continues. not much happening at this hour. not much will happen laterater today. a few clouds will get in here later today so a mostly sunny mo and very warm day as it continues to bask here in early october heat. not much is going to inning goi cha the pattern. by the end of the weekend we're going to have a cold front approach and perhaps and that will interact withwith tropical moisture by earlyby next week. we could be talking about a pretty good soaking rain around here by early next week, perhaps by monday or tuesday, 86 today. mostly sunny. very warm for this time of year. later tonight, not as cool and there is your seven-day forecast. 84 this afternoon. excuse me 84 tomorrow afternoon. 83 friday.83 there is your weekend forecast. by the end of sunday no s monday we'll cloud up. perhaps showers.ap i think tshe chances increase by early next week. that is weather let's get to
5:47 am
the roots. >> good morning to you. joining us live this morningthis above the scene of a police investigation of a shooting which occurred earlier this morning. this is the activity near 2009 oaks road.ks the ongoing vex taking mace right now. i don't think this is going to cause much trouble for t folks on the road but roa something that could drawld your attention. it remains closed near 220. put it on the map for you.u. southbound 95 and 295 quiet but the police investigation along the drive west of 95 and twin lakes drive.riv we'll show you what else e we've out here on the roads. traffic volume light today.ay. southbound from 270 from 28 your lanes are open on the top side of the beltway and so problems to yort on 95 or 395. that is a check of the fox 5ox
5:48 am
job time traffic. >> thank you very much. we want to remind you that you ca yn donate gently wornor men's and women's work suitsork to help folks working towards finding a job. fox team teamed up with capital one for the suits for for success drive to benefit lift d. c. g. to our website tote find out the locations that l are taking donations. that will go until mid dees. you can tweet about donating d at maximum foxx dft crft. cr use the hashtag suits for success, special offer forffer federal workers as the shutdown continues.ut >>do do you prefer pen an an paper? the new ipad accessory that acc is helping you stay organized. plus the mom agenda don't miss it next.t the times now is 5:49.
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>> welcome back.>> local businesses are offering discounts to federal workersrs affected by the shut -- >hu> nour government i.d.can get youy from access too local gyms and scrowpts on food at local restaurants as well. you can lo g on to for more detailsetai about the deals and discounts. also most days it feels like there are not enough hours inn the day to get everything ev done from work to taking care of children. we know schedules are busy. >> consumer reporter laura evans sat down to talk aboutalk her favorite ways to stay
5:52 am
organized in and are an on the go world. here is this week's laura's watch. >> i for goat snacks for my daughter's soccer team. the latest in a series of minor blunders so i'm implementing these tools that are helping starting withing this. this is awesome. the coasty family organizer app. an slept way to manage --e excellent way to make sure that everyone is on boardon with the family schedule. sch coasty is a mobile app thatt you access through your p. p. c.or smart phone. designate family members to get e-mail reminders towards meals etc. you can also create and share a color coded family calendar or create to do lists and grocery lists. you can use the site to puto together a family photo album or journal. write down memories beforeefor you forget them because we do. the whole family can see the schedule. you can set reminders and access the list from anywhere. the app has won several
5:53 am
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5:54 am
they launched the item only two weeks ago, you can buy them through ilove this is one of my favor things the mom agenda, some of my friends give me a hard timeard so we're having an organizer. do you like it. ok. good. i use it you will a the time. this is a calendar on steriods. it keeps me organized. it has different sections for for your schedules, for your kids' schedules. if you don't have kids you can use the section tor different activities of your own. it keeps everything straightryth with room to write. nina is a successful businessman. she had four kids but couldn't find a calendar tocale keep her organized so she made one. started selling the agendas several years ago they took off.. the agenda has more than a calendar, there are planninglann pages, even health and fitness. it comes with pages dedicated de
5:55 am
to useful on-line resources and toll free numbers and an address the mini version is $36. the my agenda is a $43. look around on the site. find when i agenda is best for you.r there is the mom i have the my agenda so anyway mom is where youis w find it. >> laura evans, fox 5 news. 5 >> not bad. at 6:00 the effects of the the government shut dunn stretch further -- shutdown stretchtret further than you may imagine. >> before we get to that we want to say good morning to today's facebook fan of thee day. it's katrina clemmons. she says as long as fox 5 doesn't shut down she is not worried. >> we hope it doesn't. >> that would be another setther of problems for us up here. thank you very much, for watching. no chance -- well we hope we don't shut >> we will be here for you katrina. >> to be tomorrow's fan of the day post a comment belowent
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your picture. >> plus we're checking the commute and weather when wehen come back. fox 5 morning news is rightng here on the other side of the break.
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straight ahead attitudeaight 6:00, a still active scene at prince george's scene after a police officer shot and killed a man just hours ago. we are going to have the latest of what led to that incident. >> there's day two of the government shutdown, and there'sdow a little relief in sight. what the republicans hope to accomplish at capitol hill today. one of the congress men who helped to get the world war ii vettians intoveterans joins us live. good morning straight up shrix on this wednesdaygood6on this wednesday, october,r, second. the woodrew bridge is expected to be lighter againagn today as thousands are fu


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