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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 2, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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there's a new multi-million airi in our midst in the state of maryland. >> in the state of maryland.mara >> yes. >> there's one winner in last night's megamillions drawing, and the ticket was sold in anne arundel county.ty. >> fantastic. >> the jackpot is worth $130 million if the winner take the cash option on. o >> not bad at all. >> the winning numbers are on your screen, 7, 10, 30, 37, and 53. the megaball was 1. >> i think the person knows right now already? >> i can only imagine. >> yeah. >> sometimes i buy tickets and d just sort of forget about them. >> me, too. >> because i'm negative aboute the odds and all of that. but the moment of reckoning. >> we wish you luck.. >> here is more good news, weather. >> sure is good news. >> the weather has been cooperating for more than am week, weor have more good stuff today. in fact, maybe a little warmer later this afternoon mid-80s. >> i like that. it's weird, though because at
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night it's pretty chilly and ind the morning, it's chilly and it warms up. it could be a lot of daytime hours, look at you. >> not as much humidity. if you don't have a scientists that you know, i feel sad for fo you, because we have tucker barnes. >> 55 dulles, bwi marshall,ll, 66 degrees, nice and quiet. some of those clouds breaks and sunshine, and in and out of clouds here for times, but the pattern remains intact. inta daytime temperatures expecting in the mid-80s and over night lows in the upper 60s, and the 60s for the time being. enjoy a lot of sunshine, and a nice day to win the lottery butt the next best thing. >> thank you, sir. you, we want to get the latest on this morning's rush hour ho traffic, julie wright is here to give us that. hi, julie. hi, guys, what we we anticipated to be a light rush hour is turning to be anything but that at this point.
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turns out to be the, the accident activity had temporarily blocked all lanes of travel on the southbound stretch of the highway,so now some trao is able to get by using the two right lanes, heads upcoming bac out to the capital belt away. as a result of the the northbound side of the beltway rubbernecking on past the scene. they can see all the flashing lights and that is what is causing the on 395. a quick peek as we wrap up the cameras eastbound 66. 6 travel there, a motorcycle, the lanes blocked at this time. time we continue with the map because we have problems coming from maryland, southbound along 270 approaching 109. accident activity tying up leftt side the highway, delays creeping through germantown. stalled car reported southbounde on thed washington baltimorebalm parkway in 410 and river dale, keep your eyes peeled coming from the beltway toward cheferlly.
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cheverly. >> three minutes after the hour and we have breaking news.. overnight prosecute maryland apr mafrom maryland a man isdead she officer. this happened at a ca calvertont twin lake drives. they got a call about a woman screaming for help.aming when officers got on the scene they saw a man running away. they went after that man and after some sort of confrontatioo one officer opened fire. fire investigators are not sayings a whether the man was armed. >> skyfox flew over the sceneene where investigators searched a wooded area nearby for evidence. well, now to the governmente shutdown, day two begins, and an attempt last night to partially reopen the government by house republicans failed.blican >> this morning we are learning that president barack obama is shortening a trip overseas toses deal with the situation. dewindoug luzader offers some
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coverage. >> reporter: the democrats say they shouldn't have toto compromise, that full funding should be restored. with the very public roll out of the partial govern. shutdown underway president obama at an event to kickoff his healthcare plan promised to veto the latest republican effort to partially restore funding. >> that happens when the run answer realize they don't get to hold the whole economy hostage over ideological demands. >> reporter: veteransrans benefits, and the budget. district of columbia. of the democrats in the house blocked those measures. >> the parks tomorrow, maybe security agencies tomorrow. and then the next day and thisad will go on for weeks, but won't get funded obama care. >> we're in line with what the e others are doing in the government and we're not going to be any different than anybody
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else. >> reporter: members of me congress may be working theing phones as pressure builds but there has to be some give from the white house, and so far, there's been no direct thoughts. >> we should sit down and discuss and try to resolve those matters. my goodness, they won't even sin down and have a discussion about >> no compromise though, fromrom the president, and the white house feels that public opinion is on his side, and that he shouldn't have to give in. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. and we have learned in thenn past few minutes that president obama will visit a construction company in rockville tomorrow t illustrate the governmentnment shutdown's impact on business. the white house says the m lewi construction company san examply of how a long-term shutdownshuto would hurt small businesses? bui the meantime the white house has announced the president will cut short an upcoming trip to asia to deal with the crisis. he was supposed to visit four
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countries beginning saturday, he will now visit two and come baca to now one the piece meal bill the house voted on last night was to allow d.c. to use its oww money to keep the government funded. c eleanor norton got quite emotional as she pleaded e with her colleagues to pass it. >> you are casting this city precisely where it cannot be cast, it's just another federal appropriation, this is a living, breathing city. and the notion -- >> we have been getting a lot o comments from you about the shutdown on our twitter andand facebook page. one viewer writes i'm essential but not getting paid and i still have to report to work. i'm forced to work for free. wow, not sure but i trust god that he will turn this situation
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around. vincent asked, quote how can workers be furloughed and thed ones making decisions get paid, and he says, should be illegal in my book, anyone can post a comment on our facebook page, o at twitter at myfoxdc.myfox well the shutdown has many ramifications as we have been report being.po it's throwing a wrench into what is supposed to be the happiest day of a person's life a wedding. >> sarah is in the studio with more on the premarital problems being caused by the shutdown. >> something else to talk aboutu you know what i'm saying. as you mentioned invitations ars out, the dresses picked out whe we're talking about weddings we here. but now two dozen couples are ar scrambling to make their weddings happen thanks to the government shutdown. they planned to be married this saturday at the jefferson memorial the site of their first date but got an e-mail on monda saying that was no longerr possible. the shutdown prohibits the couple and the 135 guests from
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stepping foot on the memorial property and even if theven i shutdown is lifted by saturday,r they would lose out money paid to several vendors helping with the the couple has decided to hold it on the same space as the the reception a restaurant at capitol hill strk hill. >> it's going to be a standing reception. we are sad that it's happening, and one way or another, i'mi' going to be her husband and she is going to be my wife and nothing can stop that. >> the couple is working to spread the word to family and friends, some who have flown into town for the big day. they will get to be here for thr big day. >> that couple is not lien. 24 weddings had been scheduled through october for memorials i the national mall. couples wishing to reschedule can do so once the government reopens. there's brides to be out there b who are angry with congress.
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>> how frustrating. >> everybody has a reason nowha for being angry at the situation. >> you put a lot of time and effort and money into this, and then they throw a monkey wrench. >> i know. >> thank you, a number of establishments across the region are trying do what they can. can. they are offering discounts to furlough workers to help ease the sting of the financial shutdown. they have a deal for federal workers who show an id badge. in arlington they extended happd hour from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., wow, for all customers, as long as the shutdown lasts. >> might not want to sit thereo at the bar the whole time. you don't have to be there for the entire happy hour. >> cabali -- cavalia's, odysseos >> i vein signs for the show they are offering a 50 percent
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rebate for tickets sold through october 8th. we put a list of the offersth attitudee >> our shutdown coverageown continues with our partisan tea of experts. it should be a food week for ji and peter with republicans, and democrats refusing to we will see how they think this budget battle can be settled find out who police have in custody this morning. deactivating from socialcial media. it's called committing virtual identity suicide.en and it's something that more an more users are considering. we are going find out why. >> as we get to the break, there's a live look outside, it's hazier than it has for moss of the other days this week. we will get details on that from tucker barnes, julie is here for traffic. stay with us. it's 7:11. ñ
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all right, dancing music fo you this morning. >> really funny. >> absolutely right.bsolu >> let them think they th discovered it, it's okay. >> we are hearing. >> it's a great music, kid. >> roll that sound, i like it. >> 7:15 day two of the shutdown. tucker barnes is here to print our spirits a little bit. isn't a hazier out there. >> there's a little more water in atmosphere, but the theme is plenty of shine. the clouds were billowing bill yesterday. there was a time or two. >> yeah, it looked like it was going to rain, i still get somel of those jitters. anything. >> especially if you are -- >> i think there's a school of thought or thinking out there that tony and i give you a hard time. >> many times, yes. >> i heard it yesterday. >> that we give him a hard time.
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>> yes, and i was at a furniture store, good morning to michael player and all the people, andad everybody says, you sure do give tuckeer a hard time. >> no i look forward to seeing g you every morning. >> it's all properly and sisterly love. love >> so it might look like we're giving him a hard time. have no fear. we are going to do a nationally spin here. it's going very warm, mid-80s, i washington, look at all of theof warm temperatures, nothing west it's october, 76 in dallas, middle rock, 70 degrees, let's7e talk about wyoming and the northern plains, the dakotas, guess what they're going to hav a big 1 te winter storm, later tomorrow and friday, a big winter storm. we will talk about that coming up. there's a look at the satellite. we're nice and quiet. we will see clouds or perhaps a cloudy period from time to time as yet another weak cold front falls apart across the area. otherwise we're in fine shape
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for the next couple of days, later this week, into early next week, the power is going to shift, the big storm out to the west and tropical moisture are s going to move through the area, and things are going to get more active by early next week. 86 today. a lost things aren't going righi here in washington but at least the weather is. >> yeah, it is. is >> beautiful graphics. >> very, very pretty. >> thank you. >> we endorse you. >> i really appreciate it. >> let's find out what is at happening on the roads. >> we are very close. >> here is julie wright. >> julie has been getting someig slack in the streets that we give tucker a hard time. >> reporter: i would talk about tony. >> what. >> about you joking on me. >> it used to be you joking on me. >> no one invit invited you in. turn back around. >> and there it is. >> southbound 395, you guys, this is where we had some early
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morning problems with the accident activity south of duke street but before edsall road that had temporarily blocked all lanes. now traffic is able to squeeze by to the rye. there's the message forcing everybody to the right.he two right lanes getting by, southbound 395, big tie-ups seminary road. we had problems eastbound along 66 at route 7 that accident acci activity now clear, no problems to report on 66 leaving fairving oaks at this time, lanes herelae are open. let's continue now with the cameras, i mean with the maps,e show you what else we havewe working on the roads thisth morning, you know southbound on 270, there's a crash that hasthh been cleared over the shoulder. 40 miles an hour, headed for the split. heads southbound on the bw parkway.park check on the split. check of fox 5 on time traffic. all right, julie, thank youk much.
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it's the way most people common communicator stay in touch today social media. why are many considering logging off for good. good annie tell us why. >> i can think of a few reasons. >> i don't know if they are leaving facebook. >> it's like when people say american idol is not what itwhai used to be, but it's a megashow, perhaps, you know. >> the people who are unplugging, i don't think outk number the people who are still signing on and using it. >> how many times have you been in a conversation and someone is i hate facebook. that kind of thing, so this new study that was conducted by the university of vienna found thati a lot ofen people are having second thoughts of leaving, not surprised there, but what is surprising is who are these people threatening to leave. they found it's mostly anyone in
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their early 30s, like 31 versus the average user is 24. average use certify 24. cert it used t -- user is 24. it used object much, much younger, so 133 compared toared those who choose to stay, they have more than 300, and these people are the ones who tend to be more concerned about privacy. >> they tend to be more in relationships at this point in n their lives. >> that might be. b >> they don't want to get mess up on facebook. face >> facebook is a wonderful toolf to connectul with people, old hh school teachers and college professor. there's a positive upside to up keeping up with facebook. >> i think you might hit at aitt good point. at some point it becomes less useful, necessary, you don'tou want to be out there. >> yeah. >> and a lot of people do go idle. >> i don't know if you everif yo noticed you log on and you try to search, if you search for heh name at the top, you can't find her profile anymore.
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but yet she will go idle for a few months and then boom all ofn a sudden it's back to its normal page. so there's an option in there where you can go idle for a few months, maybe that is what you need is a break on facebook. >> it seems like we did a storya about that. somebody was going to go dark and it was a person who had just gotten engaged or there was som sort of trust issue, i'm done. we reported on it. i don't know where it was news. >> it depends on what else is e going onls in your life.ou if you are going through a tough period or a -- like you just had a baby or something like that,ke you might too busy for it. >> if you have a baby, you are up loading tons and tons of photos. the trend is growing, andgr they're calling it web suicide. a lot of people are threatening to leave and i believe it. it. i hear it every day, but they're not leaving. >> i know people who have left. >> yeah. >> i know people who have left and never looked back. >> no more -- more people are
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doing it, thank you very much. we will see you in a littlei bit. still to come a scary few hours at one of the nation's airports find out what caused the massive evacuation and a number of n flight delays. this violent viral video showing raa pack of bikers attacking an suv and its inhabitants yesterday, nowsterd there's been an arrest in thet case. we are going to tell you more about it, 7:22.
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all right, we're back witht, an update to that violent road rage incident in new york city.. police have arrested two motorcyclists but still haven'tl said what started the confrontation. dozens of bikers surrounded ansr suv and force it had to stop. 33-year-old alexian lee anne,an sped off with his wife and youno son in the vehicle and hit at least two bikers. bike they were chased the people in the suv -- the people in the suv were chased for several miles so they got caught in traffic. the bikers broke out a window a
7:25 am
and started beatingly oven, one, of the bikers has two brokenbr legs and is reportedly in an induced coma. there's a lot of buzz on on social media about that. there's some other questions qu about that. >> what happened and when and in what order and all of that. >> we're looking into that. meanwhile in florida the jacksonville internationalvi airport wasll evacuated after to suspicious packages were found o by passengers, polices say one of them was destructive nature. nature. the bomb squad removed them b you the the airport was shutdown for five hours, which meant no planes could take off whichic caused a backlog of planes there and other airports. the navy has awarded a a 6.4 million contract for the project. they're expected to make immediate safety repairs to building 197, and develop new designs. the building suffered extensive
7:26 am
or widespread damage when a gunn man killed 12 people there last month. it's 7:27 on a wednesday morning. still ahead the standoff between democrats and republicans, it continues with little hope for compromise, and caught in the middle, federal workers. the lon longer should shutdn continues, worst the effect will be. >> i have to dig into my savings to pay my mortgage, my bills ann my daughter is in college. we have expenses to cover for her. what needs to happen, pardon me me to bring the two parties together, reopen the governmentr and get people back to work. we're posing that question to our own political partisan political team next. and when you get up -- can i play?
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important videoconference we knof the day.r most hi! hi, buddy! that's why the free wifi and hot breakfast are something to smile about. feel the hamptonality. there you negotiation a looo at rosiland this morning, 7:30 in the a.m., little john lennon music for you there. tucker barnes is with us to tell us what we can expect today. a little more humidity dew point temperatures have creeped up a little bit in the laste las couplet days, that is how i feel the moisture there. along with the temperatures,es mid-80s there today. >> summer-like. >> a bit of a heatwave, temperatures 10-12 degrees above
7:30 am
normal, it's a heatwave. >> let's call it a heatwave.atwv >> we can. reagan national, 64 degrees, and 64 reagan national and 50s across the northwest, not asrtht cool as it was 24 hours ago. this morning we're in the 50sin north and west, and so, it's cool, it's certainly not uncomfortable, but it's a little warmer. >> 55 in gaithersburg,ithersbu frederick, dulles, culpeper 55 degrees, 59 at winchester, leonardtown 55 degrees, seems t be the winning number. these temperatures will bouncell very quickly, we will get plenty of sunshine over the next couplt of hours, that should alloww temperatures to quickly sore qu, few clouds out on in west virginia and another weak cold front approaching, but this oneo like yesterday will fall apart.a well will likely see some clouds today so we will have a mostly sunny day and the cloudy weather pattern continues for the next few days, a big storm across the
7:31 am
northern plains, that will start to approach the region with a cold front later this region by the end of sunday into earlyy monday we got tropical moisturep that we areic watching take shae down to the west of jamaica. there you go, not a storm at this hour, but it's looking morg impressive and become tropical p storm karen in the next 24 hours or this is the lifting up north and perhaps they contract thera eastern seaboard by some time te early next week. we have to watch that moistureie carefully, and may interact wite the cold front. i don't think it will arrive the tropical storm or hurricane, wec will have to watch it for the next few days, winds north and west at 5. clouds not as cool and there's the seven-day forecast, keep th, 80s in the forecast through the end of the weekend, and we e get unsettled, that is the nicee way to put it.ut we may get stormy early nextnext week. the tropical moisture willtu approach the region as well. that's the weather.that's let's do the traffic, julie has
7:32 am
the roads. we thought it would be quiet, but now it's not. >> reporter: that about sums it up. we were anticipating this, a typical slow down across the top of the beltway, there are folksk who still have to make the trip to the job, and that is what we're finding on the road here. remaining slow trying to get past college park and silver spring. unexpected the trip southbound t 270, it was busy approaching 109 because of a crash. that is much improved headed toward rockville, no problemsles there. inner loop of the beltway, leaving the robinson terminal headed toward 66, spotty delays between braddock road and gallows the lanes are open. 95 on the northbound stretch improving now as you travel yo north of the beltway headed toward shirlington, no problemst to report eastbound on 66 at 66 fair oaks, earlier we had reports of a vehicle firedred westbound, whatever was theres where weis had the crash, that is tying upg the left lane, no problems to
7:33 am
report right now on the toll road coming boin inbound comingm 28. that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. julie, thank you very much.y as the reality of the government shutdown sinks inshut across the country.unry lawmakers in washington are no closer to resolving their differences. they remain at odds at funding the affordable care act. for more if there's any room for compromise, we turn to our r bipartisan term of experts, jim innocenzi, welcome back, sir n it's good to be back. >> it's good to have you back, and political strategist, peter fenn. i don't know what to talk about. >> the baseball game. >> a lot of frustration out there. we are hearing about it from our viewers, people are writing inl and this is happening all across the country, people are callingg
7:34 am
into congress and complaining. jim, i'm going to start with str you. you have been away for a littlel while. why has this happened and who is to blame? >> you know, i'm a republican, and i have to tell you, i think harry reid is the guy to blame. the person wanted to sit down with thet john boehner and the e leadership in the republican house, and harry reed said know. we are not going to do this. we're going to get everything or we're not going to do anything at the problem we're going to have as this goes on and on, and then house is going to continue to pass funding bills, thatll everybody cans agree, because there's things that everybody can agree, there are things that peter and i can agree on.agre the longer they hold out, the longer they don't sit down, the, democrats are going to look worse and worse in the situation. >> obviously, i totally disagree. this group, small group of far f right extremists in the house is holding the entire government, e the entire house, the entire senate hostage.
7:35 am
they forced john boehner into this position. there's no way this president es was going to do away with obama care. it had been legislated, it had been adjudicated in two elections, it had been approved bit supreme court of the unitedh states, we had 2.8 million d people jamming the phone lines yesterday to sign up for this. this is not going to away. and it's sooner that these folks realize it the better.e the thought last weerks i thought that they were going tog send a clean bill to continueine the government. i thought is what boehner was w going to be able to do. obviously this group of folkss r had said no. and i think whasat is going to happen, is i think that they're going to be so frustrated in th house, some of these moderates, some of these folks who are reasonable, that they willey wil finally come to their senses an they will pass a clean bill. >> jim, let me ask you, your reaction to that, and is there some truth to that? i heard someone say that the definition of insanity is doingi the same thing over and over
7:36 am
again and expecting to get a different result. and obama care, they have gone e at it for over 40 differenterent times, trying to defund it andt repeal it, not to any real avail, is there some truth to what peter is saying. >> no, there's nothing -- >> not at all. >> here is the point. how can a handful of legislatorr holdup the whole country. it doesn't happen that way. the democrats control the senate. the democrats control the whitet house where is the leadership in this? there's no leadership coming out of the white house or the democrats, peter. obama care is such a disaster before it even starts that theat president decided to change the bill. he decided to exempt congressemt from even having to do thee individual mandate.dual come on, peter, it's not a good bill. the republicans have already compromised. let me finish, okay.s o you talk.yo you have been talking for two months.onths.
7:37 am
>> okay! >> the republicans, if the republicans -- the republicans want to kill obama care and then they compromise and say let's delay it for a year and let's see what we can fix because there's problems already. al >> jim, they have not put one piece of legislation to fix obama care, not one piece. it is kill it, kill it. let me finish this, too. >> there's no compromise.prome. >> look, they had 42 votes, jim, they lost every single one of them. the trouble is that john boehner is so in a box on this, he will not defy the crazy cox, andx, until he does, because he is afraid he is going to lose his speaker ship is my guess, but at this point, the country is suffering. people in this area are suffering more than most because the republicans would not agree to fund the government of the united states. >> here is the problem. here the democrats want it all or
7:38 am
nothing. >> it's an all or nothing, chip. >> we will compromise on things. >> why didn't they compromise. >> there's no compromise onise obama care, jim, because it's the law of theji land. >> why didn't the senate with all the people that are hurting i and feel sorry for the peoplep that aren't working today.en't r with all the people that are hurting, why did the senate reject the funding of the va? why did the senate reject the funding --ndg >> this is a game the republicans are thispu is a little game. and you know what, let's talk about this, you know, listen, in this case, it's fund the government or don't fund the the government. >> we tried to fund the government. >> let me ask this, why can't they on capitol hill say we go the controversy here, we got a controversy here, let's sett's those aside and let's fund the government. i mean be even with the funding of the government they're often lookinonlylooking to fund it foa months and not the entire year.
7:39 am
why can't both sides say, let's set this is side and we will deal with it separately. >> okay here we go, let's do the easy stuff first.ea we know the hard stuff is hard. let's do the easy stuff first. they only want to do harry reid doesn't --- >> it's release one hostage at a time. that is the strategy. that is not what tony asked? what tony asked is why not fund the government and then have a debate about these various priorities. i think that is what we shouldwo do. what we should have going is what we had going a couple of years ago.year which is try to put together atr grand bargain on not just funding the government for two months. e had this on october 17 to increase the debt ceiling, everybody is 401(k)s will become 201ks again, what we need look is the long-term here. >> in my view, it seems that part of the issue here is that every time we have an election,
7:40 am
some time after that election,t, congressional districts are redrawn so that people are elected only have to serve one main constituency, and only have to answer to that constituency, and not the minority in that constituency or in that region. they come to congress feelingelg like i only have to answer to these people here, whether they're liberal, conservatives,i democrats or what have you, and, it creates this gridlock, where, nobody feels they have to compromise, is there somethinge to that? is that part of the problem. >> i think you hit the head, tony. basically what has happened,pped examine it doesn't matter what party it is. they try to control as many district as they request and tack the other minority districts with the other so what are the democrats concerned about?ncern they are concerned about the labor unions, they are concerned about their constituency.
7:41 am
the republicans are concernederd about getting reelected and not losing in primaries. there's very few competitive districts anymore, maybe twoo dozen, maybe three dozen. >> uh-huh. >> where it's a competitive district. go to the tend to extremes, when you have you districts why barack obama gets 25% of the vote, you know,ow, that's an interesting constituency. on the other hand, where you have a district where -- >> exactly, and one the things n that has happened in the states is that when republicans want to control the majority the districts, they put all the african-americans in oneican district so you got an 80% african-american district. on the other hand, democrats who are gerrymandering in states,yme they do the opposite, but thiss, is a big problem because it does create extremists on the republican side. >> it says the system is broken.
7:42 am
>> we have to go. . >> next week.ext >> we may sit here for a week and talk about this. we appreciate it. 
7:43 am
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mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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one high school performance has done viral for all the wrong reasons. this video showing a line of tubas falling.fallin >> it's like they're synchronized. >> think about it, they are synchronized and what they're doing is you got a big tuba in front of you. and they didn't even see it until they fall.ll. >> they look look the raising presidents, because they're soro of top heavy. heav >> once the first person goes, the others are going to go.o.
7:46 am
>> everyone was okay in that in case.cas >> it's funny. >> it's all right, though. the weather is good too. it's going to be warm inin afternoon, mid-80s, i knowkn it's october the second, but it's going to feel like late la august and early september. 64 at reagan national thison morning and in new york city, it's 60 degrees. >> let's see what we can look forward to.d to. high pressure is going to keep e -- yesterday we had an cold front or a cold front that is fall ago part move through the area. that was a lot of cloud cover, we will do it again this th afternoon. there were a few clouds, we are not expecting any rain, that cold front will push forward in the next 24 hours. temperatures above normal. temperature warm this afternoonf cool tonight, but not terribly e cold and we will keep this pattern intact for the next several days. things switch up into early nexe week. we need the rain at this point and cooler temperatures by early
7:47 am
next all right, thank youxt much. let's head on over to julie wright who has a look at roads.o how is it looking. i >> reporter: this is one the slowest stretches we find allison. it's between college park and an silver springs. this is typicalcally, even on a holiday we tend to find a lot of slow traffic at the top of the e stretch. if you are traveling on theng on south side of town, leavingleavi saint barnabas road to the wilson bridge, usually we have a it backed up.cked traffic is flowing freely for fe those traveling off the inner loop. no problems to report on thee beltway tramping between annandale and maryfield.eld. eastbound 70, and there's as a crash, follow police directiondi to get by.t there's a check of on it fox 5 on time traffic.c. julie, coming up next, co whether it's with paint brushes or voices the art for all d.c. festival provides a canvas for everyone. holly is live with more, now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, and specifically we're talking about the get somethinggogo livi
7:48 am
music for free in one of the most charming neighborhoods that d.c. has to offer.offer. it's porch fest at adam's morgan. we will tell you how not to miss it. stay with us. 
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
one d.c. neighborhood is turns its front stoops to the front row seats for sometime local music. >> the artists range soul to folk to country. co holly morris is there this morning. >> reporter: instead of househe music, this is a wonderful concept. it's something that has been bee done in other parts of the country. this is launching here ad at adams morgan and there's no better neighborhood for it to do so. >> she is joining us street side, a good way to start the
7:52 am
day, don't you think. >> it's an awesome thing next weekend. what is the inspiration for for porch fest. >> we have communities arn the country in summerville, massachusetts one, and marylandy and even our own mount pleasant, did a course fest last year. we thought what a wonderful wayy to bring music to the community, and a family friendly way. adam's morgan has a cultural lt history with music.musi >> why is it such a perfect fit for adam's morgan specifically.p >> going back to the days of of show boat and shelli parker. adam's morgan has hosted musicians in the ontario theater, we are thrilled to bring back music to adams morgan in a fun, friendly way. >> how is it going to work.rk. how can people best takeke advantage of it? >> on saturday afternoon, there will be a music playing at 4:00, 2:00, and 2:45 at four porches.
7:53 am
look for the tent. people are welcome to wander wad around the neighborhood, theyod can depo to the architecture anu listen to music on the porches.. >> how do you go about ou collecting the 12 bands. >> the 12 >> or the 12 porches. >> well the bands, they came to us for most part. >> it's 36 different performers, right? >> yes. >> and we asked the people thatt if they would be interested in participating, and we asked ourr friends, and family, and we put out slip papers on e-mail lists and groups, so yeah, in fact, we still have one slot left ifft if there's any musician stillstill interested. >> there you go. go. >> we can probably get you in. >> thank you so much. mu >> i'm going to hop up on here on this porch, and check in with mr. marshal fibs of the marshals
7:54 am
fibs band. >> good morning to you. >> so natalie dressed thisthis morning. you are looking very handsome. >> tell me about yourself. >> we're a soul iron jazz group. we do all original music. musi we do a local band and we are going to be playing at the art 4 all dc festival. >> we did the lincoln memoriall this past weekend, between thess and the lincoln memorial this have been the most unique. >> you also have a solo project that you are working on it? it >> it's going to be out by december of this year. by the time december hits wer hs will have something for you all. >> let me have the porch over through the marshall tips band. +seuplz band. marshall simms band.
7:55 am
ha♪ ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ ♪ ♪ 36 performers, 12 houses four hours of live music absolutely free.tely it's taking place this saturday at adams morgan. go to our website, and we haveve the link to the gorgeous business improvement web side si and to cultural tourism d.c., there's a partnership betweentne the two of them and all the the specific information you need to know. and reaching cultural d.c. this. is a part of a bigger picture pi
7:56 am
called parks for all to see. se we are going to talk more aboute that in the 8:00 hour.8: you are watching fox 5 morning news. stay with us. (crowd cheering)
7:57 am
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back now at 8:00 a.m., the0m government shutdown hit hardt real quick, down at the world war ii memorial yesterday. initially veterans visiting on honor flights found the barricades denying them access to the site that is until members of congress stepped in. good morning, i'm tony perkins.. >> i'm allison seymour. quite a site, representatives moving to barricade the site so the veterans could enter. is this what will happen for veterans to visit until the shutdown is over. we will talk to ka a congressmam students have been in school for 40 minutes, but that may change in the i t we are talking with superintendent to see the futur it could change.
8:00 am
>> we are talking about the te jurisdictions here and across the country. >> we're not going start the news any later. late >> we don't know that. >> 4:25 for all of our early viewers. >> nobody is lobbying for latera >> all right. [ laughter ] >> i have no complaints. >> but if it happens. >> if it happens, it happens. >> let's get to the live shot, there is the sunshine. >> that's a pretty shot. >> it's going to be a beautiful day. we are expecting highs in the mid-80s, it's going to startg t to be hot for most us, it should be a beautiful day and notd expecting any rain thishis afternoon. 65 in washington, overnight low only 64 and so we're going to we warm it up pretty well. nice weather forecast, we willaw see clouds from time to time just like yesterday, not going to be a perfectly sunny day, bu generally sunny. as mentioned there's no weather feature that could drive any rainshowers later today. it should be nice and quiet for
8:01 am
the time being and again the temperatures in the forecast through the first part of the pr weekend.of afternoon, yesterday wewe hit 85, so sort of a repeat performance with a little more sun today. all right, very good, sir, thank you. let's check in with julie wright for a look at on time traffic. >> reporter: all right, starting off in virginia, along northbound 395, so far without incident as you travel north ofl the pentagon trying to getge across the 14 street bridge, some volume delays you have to, but lanes are open. we are still recovering from the early morning wreck on thek on southbound stretch which recovered south of duke street but before edsall road. road eastbound 66, delays continueue from fair oaks toward vienna, no accidents just volume delays, in fact, the inner loop of the beltway will remain slow tryingo to get through annandale this morning, but it's better than expected. will you find if you aref yoar traveling on the freeway, fr westbound, headed back into virginia, the lanes are open, eastbound, slow accident,
8:02 am
reported at d street. no accidents to report on south capital street, headed across the douglas bridge, all lawns are open continuing toward the freeway, inbound new york avenue. and at route 4, pennsylvania avenue, minor fender bender,, quickly pulled over to thee shoulder, now lanes are open, that is a check of fox 5 on time traffic. all right, julie, thank you. breaking news overnight maryland, a prince george's geor county police officer shot andfr killed a man in calverton. lv police were responding to a call of reports that a woman was w screaming for help on twin lakea drive. when they got there, officers found the woman and found thefon man running away, they went after him and that is when the shooting happened. investigators are not saying wh the officer opened fire or fi whether or not the man was armed. another big story this morning, day two of the th dorchmengovernment shutdown, ner republicans nor democrats are
8:03 am
willing to compromise. >> the republicans attempted to open several areas, but several puts they put forward last nighi failed. part because they the t used rules that called for a two-thirds majority, instead ofi the symle majority. they will continue the attempts today. they want to find a solution to stop the shutdown, no one wants the shutdown it seems, bu our friends on the side of the aisle. >> we need to open the, it's a senate passed clean bill for the whole government, republicans were serious, they would pass that bill, if there's anything, doing anything else is just sour grapes. >> in the meantime congress hass not even begun to deal with the debt ceiling. lawmakers must reach a deal onal
8:04 am
that in two weeks. some members of congress took in an unscheduled tripheded yesterday morning on behalf of military veterans, they went to the world war ii memorial toal make sure that the vets were allowed to visit the locationtin despite the government shutdown here is video of what happeneded yesterday. now one of those congressman is joining us from capitol hill,, representative of knew general f florida. we often talk about you and your colleagues inside of the capital build being, but we sawe you walking down to that pellial anmemorial and assisting these veterans, some who this might be the last chance to see that memorial in their honor. tell us about it yesterday. >> absolutely, honor. they reached out to our office r as regarding to the fact that the veterans or the world war i memorial was closed. now it's an outdoor memorial,
8:05 am
it's not an indoor memorial, i r understand why those would beld closed but this is an outdoorou one. when we heard that, a number of members went down to the memorial, because, here is what i believe is that this is the greatest generation. they served us. they put their lives on the li line. so we could have opportunities like this of free press, of fref opportunity to exchange ideas, and so i was not going to let this stand in the a couple of gates not a big deal. myself and louie gomer moved thh gates away. louie brought a pair of scissors to cut the tape away. that's the first act of civil dis obedience i have been involved and i have been in-law enforcement 38 years before int3 came up to8 this crazy place.e. >> they plan to do the sameame thing as a contingent is coming in of veterans coming in today. what is the plan for today. do we see this repeat.
8:06 am
>> i would suspect that youect h will. i mean we have veterans coming up from my district on saturday. we're not going to deny them, at least went not going to allow this government to deny them th opportunity to visit a memorial that they have every right to see. there's an outdoor memorial. there's no reason to put up barricades to keep americans ou from property they own. th if it's an indoor facility, i get it, but it's an outdoor fa tilfacility. i talked to a gentleman, he is 98 years old, most of these veterans if they don't see it today, they're never going to see in their lifetime. >> did you hear any monthly ticl rumbling that why is this happening 91s in the first plac. >> mostly they were overjoyed over the fact that they would get to see their memorial thattt
8:07 am
they were here to see. see. you didn't hear a whole lot of political banter on it, because it was more about the moment, t and thehe moment was they actuay get to go into the memorial that was erected for them, and for their brothers and sisters that perished in world war ii. >> let me ask you, sir, with all due respect, this seems to be a wonderful as this act was yesterday a band-aid on a bigger problem here. and we enjoy seeing these men and women that yes, they built, as one said as a representative with their blood, sweat andand tears. how do we justify picking andand choosing what we ole low we all to go in these troubling times. >> i heard some of that from the fact that the folks were critical that we even did this.. i will suggest that i will do this every day of the week for this particular generation. those that have actually sacrificed for this country.
8:08 am
this isn't about anything else. it's about their sacrifice for this country, and their comrade and arms that sacrificed andand didn't come back from world warr ii. so you know, i don't care about all of that stuff. just one thing, and i -- i hear it and see it on the news, you know, just saying no is not the answer to anything. it really is about sitting downi and talking with each other, and that is, i guess, where i'm disappointed. i come from the sheriff in a sh county in florida. if we ever just said to every opportunity that came forward, even if we disagreed what was being put forward, that is not an answer. the answer is sit down with folks and discuss the issue. is. there's nothing to be fearfulful of, because at the end of the day, i truly believe that thet t members who would be appointed in a conference committee wouldm have thei best interest the american people at heart and would come out with something t vote
8:09 am
now would it be everything thaty i would want, probably not, but that is okay. at the end of the day, let's open up this government and the way you do that is by sitting down and talking to each other and not standing there and just saying no. >> representative, let me askmek you one more thing before i let you go and i know are you busy. for the thousands of federal workers that are watching this and ares wonderful, and it is right and just that th these -- the greatest generatio got through yesterday, and they might be thinking, though, what about us? we have sacrificed for thehe federal government, what is youm answer foren them as they work no payor at home today? >> listen, i look at my staff, and in -- i'm their employer an my heart goes out. i want to see this resolved so e no one goes without any additional heartache as it relates to pay. but the only way to do that is by sitting down and talking with each other.r. all i can keep saying is they have to sit down and talk andta there's nothing to be fearful,
8:10 am
and for those federal employees, i want to make sure that they get their fair justice in regards to us sitting down asas adults and talking. just because you don't like wha we put forward doesn't mean youa turn off, you flip the switch and say we're not going to talko at all. l. that is not answer.swer. if marry rei march harry reid c federal employees, you would pull together your conference, your folks and sit down with republicans in the senate andan the house, and come to some agreement. it may not be an agreement thate i would like, but at least come up witha something for those people that you say that you are outraged that you are hurting or that we're hurting. hur there's enough blame to go around on both sides, but at the end of the day, at the end of the day, you know, we need to realize there are real people ae the end of this that are getting hurt.rt. >> right. congressman thank you for joining us this morning. this that is congressman nugent,
8:11 am
republican from florida. thank you so much. >> thank you, i appreciate it. >> it's 12 minutes after 8:00 o this wednesday wed still ahead obama care is off t a rocky start. websites sanfu, and made signing up for the plan nearly impossible for some yesterday. coming up what the president hah to say about it. i posture, is your cell phone making you slouch. according to a new study, the answer is probably yes.ably we are going to take a look at the real effects that is having on the backs of young adults. we will be right bac back. mom? did nana ever give you cheerios when you were a little kid?
8:12 am
yeah, she did. were cheerios the same back then? cheerios has pretty much been the same forever. so...when we have cheerios, it's kind of like we are having breakfast with nana... yeah... ♪ yeah. you're so smart.
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8:15 am
>> who gets paid and congress people. i believe this amendment was w passed during ta time. >> it actually goes way back. it's been renewed over the the years. we will go to ask tony and tucker, and you will see the explanation. >> hey, tony, i was here in '94, wasn't the govern the shutdown during the holidays. >> it was '95 to '96, and december into january. >> somehow less painful thanl this time around. >> i recall people being very vy concerned because it was the hol days, hey, i got christmas presents to buy. >> we were younger, so it would have been less painful for us, right?righ no mortgage. so that is -- >> let's go to the forecast, ann before that, of course, our favorite days, my first photo of the day. >> look at the happy baby. >> this is jordan, everybody.
8:16 am
>> hi, jordan. jord >> jordan is just five months old. what a beautiful smile. her mom says she enjoys watching, she en enjoys watching the fox 5 weather forecast. >> i hear that a lot. i think it's the bright colorsig on theh map. >> she is a doll, she is aa living doll.ll. >> yes, she is.>> y >> i think i had a doll that looked just like that when i i was baby. >> whenever i forecast sunny, it makes her smile. she is going to have a huge smile >> you thinkil it's when i sing the sunny song that goes with it. >> sunny ♪ >> it's not that. [ laughter ]r ] >> all right. go to and click onon -- thank you joy, and thank youy for your family. i love your family, and i like your smile. 65 in washington, boston 65 degrees, nice and warm, in the 70s, it's early in the morning, 76, 72, little rock, 75
8:17 am
in new orleans, warm temperatures off to the souths and the west.he we are going tock baskin to be n unseasonably warm here. today 86, 87 degrees later this afternoon.te nice quiet forecast, it looks like toward the end of the weekend, a big storm across the northern plains and tropical moisture will get together, ande things will will get more interesting, more active with a better chance toward some rain around here. had that is next real queue that we are going to get some rain. plenty of sunshine so a nice streak of a bit oakf heat. that's weather, let's get traffic and weather from julie wright. >> reporter: i have ai hav question for allison, what to wear. it's so warm, you want to wear warm clothes, but it's so warm. >> you are doing the right thing, tank top with a little
8:18 am
cardi. >> reporter: lighter than usual, headed into d.c., southbound 270, stop and depo trafficgotraffic, and no incideo report on the top stretch of the beltway, headed out toward the exit for 270, 395 on the brick headed to duke street, and headed across the 14 street bridge. and on the bridge proafn approar 123, and crash involving a dump truck and a vehicle on 125. that's a check of fox 5 on timei traffic. it's called i posture, and it's being blamed for surging back pain in young people. annie is back with more on this and other thing.ot i want tohe make sure our postu is right. >> yeah, it makes us think about it. i posture, it's because thee young people are watching -- i shouldn't say the young kids, 18 to 24.4. 84% of young adults in this particular survey said that they
8:19 am
experience back pain, specifically lower back pain ana it's because they are slouching, they are sitting like this, like that photo.oto. so i'm surprised it wasn't neck pain, because usually you are looking down like this. this >> it will probably become. >> that is what it's becoming, o more and more people they are reporting a back pain. the survey was conducted by simply health, it's a health provider in the uk. it showed that young adults are missing out on work because of f this. they are losing out about half, 1.5 more days than older people, and i'm not surprised. i mean, it's becoming a big problem. >> i have to tell you, my son doesn't havemy an iphone but he has other electronic devices, and games, and i frequently tell him to sit down. for some reason the tendency is to slouch down. >> eye strain. >> i do, too. >> i get older, and i'm going t have to make the letters biggerg >> i found my zooming in more
8:20 am
and more. >> we need to create a chair that you can sit in and do your smart >> right. >> or you can >> an i chair. chai >> an i chair, that would be fantastic. >> can i cop copyright right no. >> how about an i girdle. you to hold you like this. >> you are going to have to goin change the name if you want young men to wear it. >> i cannot cannot even believe you know what a girdle is. >> it's to hold in the suck it up. >> a corset. >> isn't that spanx. >> that's a new word for girdle. we have to move on i'm told. >> with the government shutdownd thousands of federal employees are furloughed and it's hard to have a sense of humor in all off this. yesterday we talked abouted discounts and things thats that businesses are doing to step up to sort of enkurn encourage peo. >> twitter is injecting a littla bit of humor, there were some
8:21 am
officer trending on twitter and we decided to feature some of them. this one makes a popular song, y'all, with like, hey i just left you ♪ ♪ and this is crazy ♪ but i ♪ so call me baby ♪. okay, sorry, audience. all other one is the closed -- the library is closing, mind if i catch you out instead. and the last one, you are essential -- >> that one is is >> you know. ow >> that is sweet. >> that's a nice way to greetgrt your significant other.ifi >> weca did one other, don't woy thet nsa won't be watching us tonight. >> i like that, too. >> boy, people came up with these lines awfully fast. >> a lot of clever people out there. >> thanks annie.nks >> thanks very much. >> sit up straight.
8:22 am
>> it's 8:22, we will be back. a! pumpkin is back at dunkin' donuts. hurry in for delicious pumpkin coffees and lattes today. america runs on dunkin'. [ mom ] in my family, so we just look for this g.. 'cause general mills makes over 40 yummy flavors that are 130 calories or less per serving.
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8:24 am
a surprise announcement to start school layer. la he presented the it squalls forr
8:25 am
starting middle school, 10 sc minutes later, bu hig but high r will start at 8:15. 8: teen will benefit from getting more sleep.ore >> there's a clear link between student health and being and sleep, and if kids can start a t day later, we expect they will i get more sleep, it's related too safer roads and related to kids being more alert. >> we have reported on that right here. star's plan would cost $12 million a year. and the newmi start times won't' start until the 2015-2016 school year. >> parents have to way in. >> it's out there. >> howard university president r is leaving. le he will officially leave at the end of this year. ye the howard university board of trustee appointed dr. wayne frederick as intermittent
8:26 am
appointee. and the national search for a a permanent president for howard university. and the affordable care act goes live but it's website goes off-line. >> coming up a look at the hiccups the exchange site endured. they had a lot of traffic. tr we see sites crash all the time. reaction from the president on r the glitches. 8:27. we will be right back. ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
8:27 am
8:28 am
because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them
8:29 am
♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter. healthy never tasted so sweet. we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ♪ o's can help lower cholesterol ♪ ♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! still beautiful despite its limited access this morning; the mall is beautiful. >> is it closed. cl >> you see the barricade. >> there's the sign. >> you can't walk on the grass, i guess.i >> there you go. >> it is now 8:30, tucker barne
8:30 am
istu here. >> and i was going to say, it affects in small different waysy i'm going home or to see my my parents through rock view park yesterday, you can only get so far, because some of it is closed. >> you know what is affecting me, many the weather sites is government sites, many of themtm are closed. cl big sign post when you go. >> and we said that nasa, like, most of their, 90% isis nonessential.ssenti >> yeah, it was over 90% i which was very surprised to hear.he >> is that true in different dir ways.wa i wonder like, in springfield, illinois, are they feeling it at much? that the capital, so maybe springfield.el >> the bulk of it is here, but t certainly in other places asas well. there's federal offices in many states. we have a beautiful start to the day, gorgeous afternoon, mid-80s, it will be a littlea warm for this time of the year. we should enjoy it while we can. we sink deeper into fall
8:31 am
shortly. >> things will get more stormy r and a little cooler, enjoy it. 16 in quantico, leonardtown,ardo still 50s north and west, 59 in hagerstown, culpeper, 59 degrees as well. beautiful day, beautiful day expected. it should be pleasant. pl a few clouds moving from then north and the west, there's er another weak cold front out there that will bring us cloud cover but it will be widelywidey scattered. you can see it in central pennsylvania and west virginia. let's talk about when the cloudu could change up a little bit. that will be into early next weekend. big winter weather over the next couple of days, that will be the big story. we want to focus down here in he the tropics n the caribbean. this system is not yet a tropical but i got to be honest, it's looking impressive in the last t couple of frames and the hurricane center is still il active. they are going tike a look at this. this could become tropical storm karen. tropical storm karen over the next 4 hours or so, and the
8:32 am
forecast models want to lift it north up to the northern gulf lf and perhaps pull it up and across the mid-atlantic and it might interact with the storm st system off to the north and west. bottom line it's only a possibility but we want to watch it early next week as we might i get significantly more active by monday and tuesday timeframe. there's the forecast, 86 todayfo and you canre see 80s right gh through saturday and even into o sunday things will be on the mild side.mild that is the weather forecast, tony, i will toss it back to you.yo tucker, thank you very much. the government may benment shutdown but yesterday the affordable care act -- >> is the air still affordable.f >> that will be another storyy another day.nother >> it's working. wo >> the affordable care act exchanges opened for business or at least they tried to. to >> wisdom is with us with more on first day for the protectiont and affordable daycare act.t. >> when it first started, star
8:33 am
there's glitches here and therer always with new cars, whatever it is, there's always a couple of glitches here and there.ere. >> the, a federal marketplace was jammed for mostm of the day, people logging on on were inundated with error messages with applications in process. district and others set up theih own marketplaces. maryland harold as one of the best prepared states, was delayed until noon and after that it was slow and sometimes inaccessible.acce >> technological glitches are gh significant, it's difficult for consumers, agents, brokers, navigators and all of those using the system to actually use it. >> even though ross bolt, expece the glitches to be resolved. many agents were advising their clients to wait several weeks to sign up to avoid the chaos. >> the call centers are long waits, i have had a couple of of agents and brokers tell me todaa that if you like dealing withngi
8:34 am
the dmv or the irs, you will ll love dealing obama care. >> there were similarar experiences in the atlanta at library trying to sign people up. >> president obama explained thd problems by saying it was because so many people wanted coverage, then compared it to aa new proct product roll out on. n >> consider the just a couple of weeks ago apple rolled out a new mobile operating system. and within days they found a glitch. so they fixed it. i don't remember anybody suggesting apple should stop stp selling i phones or ipads. >> of course unlike insurance no one is fine for not having an iphone, while obama care will help the veryca poor and sick americans, it does so by by increasing rates on others, speechly the younespecially they without whom the law will face difficulties. >> they will have the sharpestt increases because they will be subsidizing, the sicker and older hoosiers that are going tn
8:35 am
be integrated into that pool. >> in fact, indiana officials are expecting insurance costs t rise by 72% in neighboring states are just as bad. bad. >> according to the insurancece commissioners office, in madison, wisconsin a a 63-year-old is going to see increase of 70%, and a 21-year-old is going to see an astonishing 125% increase incrse their health insurance costs. and the ohio department of insurance estimates an average v increase of 41% in premiums. prm one reason is that obama care requires a long list of essential plans. pl >> just because they should have all sorts of bells and whistless that people don't want. want >> the young will be paying morr than they would. wo as insurance prices rise, that h encourages more and more young o people to drop out. >> all right, the bottom line the computer glitches will evenl actual wileventually be fixed.
8:36 am
the big problem is whether the divisions of the law will work,k and how much it would cost. you have until december 15 to sign up if you want coverage too begin in january. in ja >> the best advice would be wait a little while before you.u. >> and clearly, there's a demand because people jumped on andd jammed the system a little bit. >> yeah. >> thank you. we will stay on top>> of it. >> thank you, sir. 8:37, now check your ur megamillions ticket, wisdom, especially if you bought one in anne arundel county. there was one ticket sold at the dash inn at quarter field road o at severn. >> that is a very specific spec information. >> the prize is worth $189 million.$189 now the ticket had all the winning numbers from last night's drawing. here they are, just in case that exactly location isn't enough.
8:37 am
here they are. 7, 10, 30, 37, 53. 53 that didn't sound the way its. >> 7, 10, 30, 37, 53, and the megaball.gaball >> one. >> it's so easy. >> we want to remind you thatu h you can gently donate suits fort men and women for folks in the h region who are working toward employment. fox 5 has teamed up with zip dry cleaners and capital one for thr suits for success dlie drive to benefit lift d.c. d.c. you can go to the website to find out the 20 zip locations that are taking donations, they are all over the place, this will go on into mid-deerks wmid-december.m we will invite you on to tweet about it. coming up next, find out how
8:38 am
the capitals did on their firstt game of the season. one quarter of the season it in thehe books. yep, believe it or not, we'ree going to hear from kile shanahan about the progress of our pran franchise player, robert grirchh throbert griffiniii. he is a franchise. you could be playing bingo right now! woooo! and there's movie night -- you love movies! [ laughs ] sorry honey, can't hear you -- bad connection. love you! [ laughs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] bold flavors for the bold hearted -- progresso heart healthy soup.
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8:41 am
some in sports, whenever ths hockey season starts, it seems to be starting so early. >> because it's 80 something. the caps kicked off the of regular season in chicago. >> before the action started the black hawks unveiled their new championship banner. the caps on the travel play, alex ovechkin would bury the t first goal of the team. it would be tied in first in regulation. johnny oduya shoots one off the glove, and the caps fall, and the opener 6-4, another home opener at the verizon center is tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. i predict a better outcome.ome. >> me, too. >> all right, redskins head coach mike shanahan is spending the by week evaluating his team, that includes the quarter back. the coaching staff says robert e
8:42 am
grirch the thirrobertgriffin is. here is the offensive coordinator on griffin's progress. >> just all around, there's no exact one thing. i think he has done better job on the last two games, extending some plays, and making some plays with his arm, i don't think we have done as good as we did last year, i think we need to get better. i have seen him week by week, fairly better, i hope we come back after this by week, better. >> all righty. to soccer we go. d.c. united plays westernn conference leader real salt likt with the u.s. open cup championship on the line withne the big break came in the 45th minute.minu lewis neil would score on the rebound. that would be all the often needed. d.c. united gets the nail theth third u.s. open championship anp first since 2008, yay.
8:43 am
>> i love it. it. >> that is good news. >> that is huge. >> all the players are cute. >> once you score a point in soccer, it's hard for the teamth toe overcome on that. >> you have a comment on my comment. >> no.o. >> at 8:00, dr. oz and others, you remember they helped to sav a tourist live, now the woman comes face to face with her hero inside an emotional reunion. >> reporter: holly morris from my favorite part of town. >> reporter: adam's morgan.'s this is the best event our city has to offer. it's called art 4dc, one city, all quadrants, how you can get in on the fun. ♪
8:44 am
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 february, 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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8:47 am
>> yesterday she met the men whe helped to save her life fe including dr. oz. fox's joe waldman with the story. it was just horrific. horrific. the pain just -- i didn't feel my legs at first. i was so confused about what wat going on. >> i thought, you know, fearfulr that we were going to lose you o right there. >> when you see a few biffle ff youna bu a beautifulyoung womanh with her leg and blood gushing how did you get that belt. >> i have seen guys hurt so bad. >> i just remember lots of people, and a lady, to the right side, and she was constantly asking me questions just to keep me from slipping, basically outa of -- i was trying to go to sleep and she was having none of
8:48 am
it. >> the only thing i heard was dr. oz was here. i said i'm not moving until i ui see a doctor. do >> and there, he was right there, closer than this. >> and then i felt like my responsibility is now to pass it to the doc, there had been so so much blood loss already. you were just -- you were like a little bird having been crushed by this car, i don't know how you were going to put the pieces together. it speaks to the resilience of f you and your family, and the wonderful doctors at bellevue. l >> it's like i said. i wasn't going to be there, it's that tant that constant that ie died. you need to work through this, because you are alive, someone e has given you a second chance. >> angels for her. >> right. >> that was joel waltman reporting.portin get ready for dance, music i
8:49 am
and more as art for all takes over d.c. d. >> holly fills us in live fromm the adam's inn in northwest. holly, good >> reporter: , this is a three week festival. it's a time when art comes alive in the city. we are talking about all four quadrants of city hosting something.somein and it wouldn't be something without cultural tourism d.c. d. and we have the executive ec director of joy and motion, whoo is taking part. good morning to both of you. >> good morning.oo >> this has beend a great celebration in the past couple weeks. >> it has, we are in a thirdn week of three week festival here in adams morgan on a gorgeous morning getting prepared for the porch fest. fe. >> and porch fest is one of example of a variety of events that have been going on. on why is something like this needed, you think? >> i think it's a showcase, especially this time of year, a lot of organizations are coming out of their summer hibernationi
8:50 am
or in other places they are e giving back and seasons are seas starting up. it's a great time to showcase all of the art and help people e make decisions of how they want to be audience members, whethere it's for a museum or performinge arts organization. what do you want to do and how do you want to when you're an audience member, you are participating. >> do you find that people are sampling a lot of things firstif to time? >> i >> i'm running into people. i'm out there, doing a lot of things, i'm back in d.c. for six months and this past weekend, ek six or 7 events and i saw some e people at more than one of those events. the family festival, you know, there's all sorts of things going on, there's a salon for fr jazz that i went to one eveningn and then a discussion on d.c. murals. it's a variety of performing arts and visual arts and things that are readily available to
8:51 am
people. just get away from the t.v. screens. >> i'm kidding you. even though it's last week, we there's still plenty for you to part take.ta >> as part of the art for all, this weekend, we're having our new improve workshop which will be an improve workshop of improvisationnal dance, future of imizationna improvisationnal. >> i think what you do is create certain perimeter rs and or cern directives, and within those th perimeters and you go with the flow. >> we all have to learn how toa go with the flow. >> it's a great lesson in life. >> it's a great lesson in life and what an outlet to be able to do it via dance.e. for in motion, you are involved with all of the great art festivals, for this one, what do you think it's really giving. >> as far as art for all.
8:52 am
it's great, it's a great way to bring focus to arts and all the diversity of arts happening ton the events and creativity that t is taking place in the district of columbia. it's an intimidating thatin you are to go out there that yoo are not sure if you like it or not. >> i think it's great that in the district of columbia there' so manyco things happening fromn artistic perspective, and art ad for all is the way to see all of those people encased and one one particular festival and to havee an opportunity experiencing ther may notie have a chance to experience before. >> all right, always great to to see you, thank you so much. >> you have heard steve reference forever fest.ce that i porch fest. fest and those are one of the things that we are highlighting.hting. and robert who is serenading uss >> i'm an emerging musician. i took some time off, and have e an album coming out in november i look at porch fest as a way to
8:53 am
launch new songs, they're all original. i can't wait to see what the e market is. >> i have said to this, the mane that played before, it's a unique and different venue forr an art it. maybe it provides a different venue. and we plan it there, and peopld like to hang out. there's not a lot ofof expectations on both parties and i think it would be great. gr >> it creates a wonderfulul relationship that is. >> thank you so much. much >> continue to sing.on ourti dancers are continuing to dance. and both of those take part in d.c. this weekend. that is the joy in motion workshop improve workshop, thatt you find yourself involved in, this saturday from 2:00 to 6:00 is the the porch fest here in adam's morgan. coming up we will talk more about the porch fest and have another group sing live for us s this morning. back to you.
8:54 am
thanks, holly, you didn't see it, tony wasll doing his own interpretive dance. >> what a joyful way to start st the morning.he >> why not, yes. >> thank you, holly. coming up at 9:00. anger is growing. gr >> i'm fine. >> coming up at 9:00, anger is growing among americans over the enact in what will it take to end the shutdown. >> back to reality, tony. tony >> yeah. >> we are going to have a live report with the latest of what f is expected on the hill today. plus how it's now affecting morf than federal it's affecting all of us speechly near thespecially near. it's 8:55.  [ wind howling ]
8:55 am
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8:58 am
i'm allison seymour. 24 hours later, no closer to a deal. we will take a look at the back and forth between the two chambers of congress.ress. as the white house, and as they watch and look forward to going back to work and get paid for. >> members of congress say they won't allow world war ii veterans to be shut out of their memorial. i will tell you what could happen before another group comes to visit today and why ith could be a first sign of a little bipartisan a freement. >> annie has here to go back to freud.eud. >> if it goes all back to freud. >> the shocking video that proves how dangerous distracted riding can be. >> from the classics of the pas to the must haves of the future when he talk about toys.
8:59 am
>> what was my favorite toy as a child. >> i know. i had it was called the sunshine family and i had a big dualg house for -- doll house for it.i >> were they like littledolls.ds >> mine was captain action. >> i think it was board gamesd hike risk and monopoly. >> you know, you are a shrewd businessman, that is what that t tells me.. >> boy, i lost that ability early in live life apparently. >> no you didn't. >> candy game. >> is that a game? >> that is what you play when pl you first start out. >> yeah, that's right. >> anyway, too nice to stay indoors and play board games today, perhaps. >> you saw the live shot, it's going to be a beautiful shot.tiu you want to take a pass on candy land. >> clue, i like clue. >> shoots and ladders --


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