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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  October 3, 2013 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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60s in the city and even 50s north and west.t. we're looking at fine conditions today. more sunshine. more of the same with this sort of early october heat hea wave intact. temperature 66 at reagan national.nat 63 b.w.i.marshal.l. we'll see the numbers jump.ump we'll go 87 today at reagan national. more on the weather, a look at the weekend, guy, back to ba you. >> thank you very much. our big story day three of the government shutdown.ow congressional leaders met at a the white house with president obama in hopes of coming to some sort of agreement, but the efforts of reaching a deal are at a stalemate. >> house speaker john boehner lest the meeting sayingying mr. obama will not negotiate while harry reid said s democrats refuse to use the affordable healthcare air as ransom. the house passed multipleple
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provisions to fund theund government but all of them would infringe on obama's o healthcare law. hundreds of thousands of tourist visit washington and the monuments but the government shutdown shuted down many popularr attractions. >> many tourists are visiting national park sites anyway.anyw cirn gray houston went out to check out the shutdown's impact on tourism. >> reporter: make nos -- no mistakes. >> we traveled across country from san diego hoping to see our national parks and sure enough, everything shutdown. >> reporter: that didn't stop him and his wife fromom trying to see the sites. they've been ridinging motorcycles and have been riding bikes to get >> you went back to link on memorial so that is disappointing. >> reporter: not disappointing enough from keepingth rongs of tourist from getting as close as they
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possible do. the barricades deliberately pitched aside. >> you don't -- you know the park is closed. >> i think it's wonderful. i think it's the people being upset with our elected officials. >> reporter: there wasre w something seerine about the scenery along the mall. >> it's, we have this lovely woman here to be your lawful wife. >> reporter: it was aor perfect setting forte a wedding. >> you saved my life. you know, i promised to always love you and be devoted. >> reporter: dedoe and ken came from goalsboro, north carolina to be married. when their wedding venue,theue, office yaint arranged an outdoor solution albeit in a different space.d >> a lot of people are being effected by our government's use or ms. use of the -- miss
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use of the powers. >> reporter: ask this street vendor how business isssi and she has a two-wordo-wo accident. >> reporter: very slow. >> thete vendor who normally works next door to here took the day o. karen gray houston, fox 5 morning news. m >> the national park service says its monuments are closed. >> it shuttered about 400 national parks including the grand canyon and the statueatue of liberty. a lot of places you don't think about.thi you take your vacations, those are shutdown as well.ell we've plenty ahead. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. >> announcer: this is fox 5 morning news. >> live look outside at 4:29 on this thursday morning.orni rather warm start to your day. it was a little warm yesterday. we're going to call it warm, not hot of the we can call it hot or warm and hospital what
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are way you want to go with that. so we're going to see how things are going to shake out today. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sara simmons. tucker -- >> hi. >> been pretty nice. >>ty it has been. has >> how would you describe it, yesterday? >> very warm. very warm. >> ok. not quite crossing to hot but very warm. >> all right.igh we'll go with it. >> i agree. it's not hot. >> when it gets hot i'll turn on the air. yesterday i didn't turn on the >> i'm impressed you've been holding back.ack mine is on an automatic. now we know that our air-conditioning situation. let's get right to the temperatures. don't need thehe air-conditioning early mornings. open windows, let a lot of the nice air in. 58 out at dulles. 63 b.w.i.marshal so we've gotten more comfortable overnight. more of the same. there will be more cloud than yesterday. we've moisture, tropical
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moisture steaming up from theom gulf of mexico. that bringing cloud cover outer to the west. some of that will get in here h although with high pressure pr right overhead it's not going to be by any means a terribly cloudy day. partly sunny and hot once again. 87. of sunshine. very warm, 87 degrees. >> getting closer to 90. >> yes. >> i almost think we're going to hit it. it's >> getting close. >> thanks, tuck., >> we begin today with day three of the government shutdown. president obama did meet withidm congressional leaders but it seems there was little progressit made. >> today the president heads he to rocksville, maryland to a construction company to talkpa about an how extended shutdown will hurt small businesses. we've more. >> reporter: republican house speaker john boehner b spoke first after the white house meeting. >> in times like this the t american people expect theirthe leaders to come together andgeth
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to try toed find ways to resolve their differences. the president reiterated one more time tonight that he h will not fee -- negotiate. >> reporter: house republicans proposed a conference on a c.r. c but the senate led by democrats voted against it tuesday. the idea of a conference up again during the white housewhi talks. >> we have appointed conferees to work with our o senate colleagues. it's time for them to appoint conferees. all we're asking for here is a discussion and fairness foress the american people under obamacare. >> reporter: then top democrats in it both theh house and the senate appeared before the cameras. the senate majority leader m says he offered to go to conference, but got a no from boehner. >> he said, if you have to talk about discretionaryetio spending, we'll talk about agriculture, we'll talk about parks.rks. we'll talk about healthcare.heal we'll talk about anything youut want to talk about.
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he says, no, if all i want to do is go to confers on a short-term c.r. we have the debt ceilingng staring us in the face.he >> reporter: the presidentre made it clear he won't makeke concessions on his healthcareis law if it is attached to my spending plan. democrats are demanding ading clean bill. woe heard from the president earlier. >> president obama: we have a situation right now whereba it's john boehner, the speaker of the house puts a bil hl on the floor to reopen the government at current funding lesms so we can thenen negotiate on a real budgetal that allows us to stop governing from crisis to crisis, it'll pass.l >> reporter: will thomas, fox 5 morning news.x >>5 earlier the house of representatives voted to let the d.c.government functionment during the shutdown. lawmakers approved the bill.
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the senate passed a bill to to fund the national institutes of health. it allows cancer research to continue. the head of the agency ag estimates the n.i. h.'s h hospital of last resort will be turning away 200 patients a week, 30 of them children. senator harry reid under foyer after comments he made about the funding. >> a reporter asked why the senate won't approve a mini spending bill. here is part of his response. >> if you can help one child who has cancer why won't you y do it? >> why would we want to do that? it i have 1,100 people at the air force base that aree staying home. this they have a few problems pr of their own. to have someone of your intelligence suggest a thing -- >> i'm asking a question. >> the senator's remarks ig knighted a social media
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frenzy and mostly all of the comments were negative.egat one person wrote children with cancer do harry. >> the moment harry reid lost the budget battle. >> senator reed responded tweeting republicans are in in such desperate straits they've resorted to accusing me of not carrying about kids with cancer. shameful, period.erio veterans of the greatest generation defied the government shutdown to tow the world war 2 memorial. >> many national landmarks l are closed during the government shutdown, but onun, b wednesday the bar yirs werere pulled back for veterans who boarded honor flights for a second straight day. a lat of lawmakers taking t nart what really tooments a boisterous act of civil dises obedience. >> why can't they get together and do something?thin stef, -- instead of fighting. >> this country isn't used to individuals, you know,w,
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shutting things down.own we're used to lifting things thi up. >> the world war ii memorial remains closed to the general public but the national park service veterans will be allowed to enter as part of their first amendment rights.en >>dm the shutdown is not stopping people from going to other memorials. one veteran said he wasn't't going to be denied and pushedhed aside a barrier to see the vietnam wall. a number of other tourists are doing the same thing. people are fed up. i'm here. i'm going to see that monument. >> our government of theov government shutdown continues allt morning but next we're talking about anotherr monument and local policecal hope you will be able to identify two vandals who knocked it over. the new video straight >>ai ag church trip turns deadly when a bus crashes. find out what happens hereppen
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coming up. >> his suspence novels had former presidents talking about author tom clancy who passed away this week. you will get a chance to check out his final work.or details later this hour. time now is 4:37. [ phone ringing ] [ daughter ] hi mom. hey honey, the trip's great, very relaxing. are you sure you can't make it? but you come every year! you could be playing bingo right now! woooo! and there's movie night -- you love movies! [ laughs ] sorry honey, can't hear you -- bad connection. love you! [ laughs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] bold flavors for the bold hearted --
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>> welcome back, 4:39. we have an update on the deadly police involvedolve shooting that we brought you yesterday morning. prince george's county policeo say the suspect was not armed. we're told the officer who fired the shot is a seven-year veteran of the force. he made multiple commands for the ran to stop running before he opened fire. the officer is on routine administrative leave during thisra investigation. two people are under arrestarre this morning in connection with a stun gun robbery in northwest d.c. michael moofer and david arbton are accused of using a stun gun to rob two people ofope their bikes.the this happened early yesterdayy morning. police are searching for a
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third suspect and trying to anything out if they'rehey' connected to previous stun gun robberies that we've reported. >> also in the district twowo vandals are on the run and police hope surveillance video will help find them. the suspects toppled a large stone monument back in september. it's just behind the supreme court. the 850 pound granite monument sits in front of a christian outreach ministry. if you think you know whow these two men are givee d.c.police a call. >> the game will go on. o we're going to tell you whatyou change could make this big weekend's rivalry in annapolis take place. >> imagine seeing this in your neighborhood. school buses rolling through stop signs in maryland. hear from the man who shot the video and how the schoole is responding. first we want to talk to tucker barnes. >> for everybody going to school going to feel more like summertime.ime.
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because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter. healthy never tasted so sweet. we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ♪ o's can help lower cholesterol ♪ ♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! >> welcome back, fox 5we morning news, time is 4:43. good news. military academy footballacad teams will be allowed to play
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this weekend despite the government government includes saturday's's navy air force game and the matchup between army and boston college. the defense department temporarily suspended the game but allowed them to go on since they're paid withwith for independence funds. the decision only affects this weekend's games and future games will depend onepen the duration of the shutdown. i didn't know there was --as - >> i didn't realize that either. the caps, we know they're playing. the caps face the flames in their home opener. it will be a chance for fans to get up close and personal look at one of the new members of the team. his team, he is a center named mikeally grabovski. the puck drops at the verizon vr center at 7:00 pm. also the ideal torch that the
4:44 am
captains carried the other day in greece, going to be on display aswell as the olympicic outfit as well. won't it be nice to get a picture of both of them that.thm would be nice. >> that would be great. i was thinking about that, heat, has to be thinking this is pretty cool.p i know he is like a superstar -- >> he flew halfway around thelf world to do it.d >> he is wearing like a heavy outfit but it's winter time. everybody else is running around in shorts. they probably had it picked out for him. >> maybe he had extra padding. >> he is a hockey player. he is used to having a lot of excess materials on. mat >> no doubt about t. you are sweating today if you are headed down to pes have -- to verizon center, anywhere. highs back in the mid to upper 80's no sign of any changes here. it is be early next week and back to fall.
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warmth through the weekend. there is your headline. 80s through the weekend. both saturday and sunday high temperatures well into the 80s so the warm temperatures is here to stay for the time being. 59 this morning. you are one of the cooler spots. lots of 60s parked acrosspark the area. 66 in washington, d.c. . 56 in annapolis, 63 baltimore. 50s north and west. 59 gaithersburg, more of the same. we've high pressure overheadress and that will keep things quiet. any changes from yesterday? a little more in the way of cloudiness. we do have clouds out to the west. a lot of moisture streaming north here from the northernthe gulf of mexico. some of these clouds will spill out no our region lateron today so you know partly to mostly sunny.os i think it will be morere clouds than sun but more clouds than yesterday when wehen had pretty much a cloud-free day. we have a cold front. same one we've been talking about and still looking atin the tropical moisture,
4:46 am
perhaps tropical development dev this weekend down in the northern gulf. it will bring us a good chance of some rain. 87 today. tod plenty of sup. s another very warm afternoon. a temperatures a good 10 to 155 degrees above normal. 56 tonight. few clouds, that is mild for this time of year. there is your seven-dayy forecast. [laughter.] u doing overer there? >> having some issues. we'll go 80s back to 70s with shom showers around early next week. >> could be a good soaking rain if you get the tropicalr moisture pulled up into the frontal system. >> that is a good reminder, my plants are starting toting look sorry again. [laughter] ok.ok thanks. >> let's say good morning to julie. hello. >> he has had a wardrobe malfunction, we're having computer problems.pu >> they implement a fire wallir and i can't pull up cameras.
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>> we know the fire wall isis working then. >> we do. the we're doing our best this. is the beltway at 214, central avenue this.nt is where they had overnightight construction. all of that is cleared now.d lanes are open. op traffic now flowing freely in i each direction between andrews, college park andand green belt. you will find lanes are open right now.ow. quiet drive on the beltwaybelt traveling between collegeen park and bethesda. this happens to be southbound 270. no issues to report for folks continuing out to rockville.ockv light traffic volume. leaving new hampshire avenue through silver springs, both 95 and 295 at speed. 50 quiet. no problems to report here on the beltway traveling to and from 50 headed over to 95. this is a check of your traffic. >> thank you. yo julie. look at this horrific multicar accident on a tennessee highway. it has left at least eight
4:48 am
people dead. de officials say some of the deceased are part of a senior citizens group from a group on a bus trip. the bus they were on blew a tire causing it to go into g the immediaten hitting a s.u.v. and a tractor trailer.ra the drive ofct the tractorve trailer also o died. at least 14 our people were taken -- other people were tape to hospital. a potentially dangerous situation in prince georges counting. school buses filled w running stop signs. >> irt was' caught on camera at elk avenue and crawford street. parent say they hope video evidence will help this stop. here is audrey barns. >> reporter: tory was waiting to pick up his daughter when the sight of a caravan of buses caught his attention. >> after the attendant released the buses where the second police car was, they came around. ar and went straight through
4:49 am
stop sign here without stopping. >> reporter: he said he and other parents reported it to school officials but it keptep happening so he recorded it. this is the video he shot on his cell phone. of the bus after bus blowing past the stop sign at crawford street and the the drivers on crawford streetwfo have the right of way. w making this intersection even more dangerous. >> the community then you have students walking from school. you've parents walking toal school to pick their kids up then you have students drivingth selves to andves from school. if you get blind sided by ay bus with kid on the bus that can be a serious problem notrobl only for those walking butking those on the bus as well. >> reporter: another thing that makes the intersection i so dangerous a tall hedges. luke posted his video on youtube and within hoursth we got this statement from the school system. we're currently investigating
4:50 am
this situation.on. all prince george's public school bus drivers are required to follow andto practice all maryland state traffic law. luke was back out with his camera phone today. and what a difference a day makes. ef bus stopped at the stopp sign. we're told one of the two people monitoring them is a driving instructor. in the other from the school system's department oftme transportation. >> after we recorded the footage something was >> reporter: the school system encourages people to keep their eyes on their 1250 buses.s lucas can keep his eyes >> i will be keeping an eye on it for the concern of the o neighborhood and the community. >> reporter: audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> that is a wild stuff that he caught. >> things that you wouldou never expect to happen period of time, happening right there. >> also on the video shot by mr. lucas there were cars
4:51 am
that blew through the same stop sign. >> something about the stop sign. >> it's right around a school, drives got to slow down. stop.t to stop at the stop sign. s >> when we come back remember best-selling author tom clancy? >> you know the name. na the month long trial pitting michael jackson's family against a. e. go. the jury's ruling and we'llll have reaction right after the break. time now is 4:52. very relaxing. are you sure you can't make it? but you come every year! you could be playing bingo right now! woooo! and there's movie night -- you love movies! [ laughs ] sorry honey, can't hear you -- bad connection. love you! [ laughs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] bold flavors for the bold hearted -- progresso heart healthy soup.
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too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant >> 4:54. out in los angeles a jury rejects claims michael jackson's concert promoter was neglect in hiring theg doctor. >> the jury said dr. murray was hired by a. e. g. but was not unable to do his job. >> question number one, dide, a. e. g. lie -- answer, yes.
4:54 am
yes number two. was conwas dr. conrad murrayay unfit or income pent to perform the work for which he was hired. hi answer, no. >> the jackson family was seeking almost $2 billion but b the verdict means they'rethey getting no money from a. e. g. also this morning best-selling author tom clancy has died. the publisher said he passeda away at a hospital in baltimore tuesday night. "the hunt for red october," oct and "patriot games" made him the most widely read and military novelist of his time. the latest novel "command authority" is slated to be released in the cause of death hasn'tath been released. he was 66 years old. >> you know it's interesting. i didn't read any of thef books but i did see those movies. >> i saw those movies as
4:55 am
well. >> loved them. i still have a lot of them on dvd. >> when you walk in storesn you will see some of the books that he has written and see his name, tom clancy. >> he is a household name. h >> ao big deal. a group of high schoolf students are trying to geto one of hollywood's hottest pop stars to perform at their home coming. ♪ this is a video adaptation of katy perry's new song "roar." >> the school is just one of of self schools nationwide whoho entered the competition. perry will perform at the winning school's homecoming. student tried to include ass many kids as possible in the video. >> tried to incorporate the the whole student body and we've a specialized parts for the drumline and sign languagegn club but the lip singer is
4:56 am
madison who is an incredible dancer. she was' the perfect choice for the performance in this. >> very cool. whitman high school winsins perry will purchase as their october 25th home comcelebration. this isco exciting. >> can't wait to see who wins. see how the schools try to outdo each other.o >> i can't imagine how many schools are entering. >> a lot. >> straight ahead in in three words how would you describe the government shutdown? >> this is going to be interesting, our coverage continues and the house passes bills for temporarytemp funding but it's just not enough. harsh words coming from bothrom sides when we come back. hey lena, what ya looking for?
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>> announcer: this is fox 5 morning news. >> good morning.orn we're coming up here on 5:00n
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on this thursday morning. it's october 3, we're goingoin into another day of the government shutdown, the partial government shutdown.gove we're going to take a being look at that a little closerit this morning as we continue throughout the morning hours. good morning, i'm sara simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin, time to t talk about the traffic.traf we're going to talk about weather and tucker barnes.tuck >> going to be very warm. >> keep talking. >> am i allowed to talk yesterday? it will be a radio version.adio >> yes. >> ok. >> there i am. hi. good morning. very warm today. mid to upper 80s later this afternoon. >> is that owl you got? >> that is all you need. yeah. >> we waited to get you on camera. to show you ahow lot of maps and numbers, but but let's go to the newspapers currently at reagan national. the temperature is 65 now. back to 65 so you know, these temperatures more typical of late august, early se


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