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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  October 3, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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until then enjoy a very balmy start to october. >> pull the shorts back out, if you're able to wear them to work. some lucky people get to be able to. >> it's amazing how many people are have more casual address. >> you can see 60s generally across the mid-atlantic and all the way up to chicago. not a lot of cool air in place at the moment. it will take a few more days before it starts to move frommo the north and west. i want to mention cloud cover. we will have more of that, you u can see the clouds and moisture to the north and west. we we are thinking the cloud cover will spill to the west. some of the that cloud coverver will spill through the region, and we will be looking at partly to mostly sunny conditions,condt these temperatures 10-15 degrees above 87 this afternoon, ple plenty of sunshine. >> it will be a warm one, one, tucker. >> yes. >> good morning, julie.
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>> jm, guys, wgood morning, guy, >> reporter: skyfox has the th better bird's show of this crash, involving a motorcyclist, the lane of two, delays are starting to creep up on you leaving lorton, headedaded northbound on i-95.i-95. the main lane ofic will continue to do as well. northbound leaving wood bridgebe but again it is the middlemi section, the hov lanes that are gridlocked with wall-to-wall traffic this morning headed inin from lorton all the way to the t accident scene.t main line of traffic starting tg slow as well. heavy bail out over on route one leaving from the plaza and let's continue with the cameras, wera, will show you what wells w elsee on the roads this morning. the roads are coming in from manassas with no spots to repore from centreville, there's a portion that remains south of
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234. if you are traveling in maryland, southbound 270, lanesa are open out of germantown, headed toward rockville, no accidents, just volume that is starting to accumulate.mulate. from new hampshire avenue triesr to get past georgia avenue, will you find that the lanes are open, inbound 50 is quiet, headed cheverly, and new york yo avenue without incident, leaving northeast to northwest. no that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you, julie. day three and counting, despite a meeting with congressional leaders at the white house, lawmakers appear t be no closer to a budget deal. >> meanwhile, president obamaprd will head to maryland to highlight the impact the shutdown has on a local business. melanie alnwick is live with this story. >> reporter: yeah, we're herere at m louis construction at rockville. they are been in business for 25 years, they do road construction, and the white house says they have been ablee
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to grow because of low interest rates. they have been doing a lot of resurfacing work, today the white house and president obama coming here to use this company to make its case why the the shutdown must end. >> last night president obama met with congressional leaders at the white house trying to puo an end to the budget battle tha sparked the govern.n. shutdown. >> i'm exasperated with the ided that unless i say that 20 million people, you can't have health insurance these th folks will not reopen the government. >> reporter: the meetingr: t ended without a resolution and afterwards the finger pointing continues. >> we sent four different propose allegations to the democracy colleagues in the senate. they rejected all of them. >> i can only conclude that they wanted to shutdown thee government. >> reporter: republicans and an democrats alike say the shutdown could last for two weeks or more. and one financial analysts sayss
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the failure of both sides comins to terms, will leave an impact on the u.s. economy. >> you may see rising interestst rates, the value of the dollar o may depo down, and this is not a gutted time igood time in the uc which is struggling to regain growth after the financialcial crisis. >> reporter: the republicanrepu strategy is to sars parcel out different government functionsfu and fund those separately. they passed mini spending bills one for the national parks and smithsonian, and a third that would open up funds for the d.c government to continue to function. today they will embark one for the department of veterans affairs and another for theth national guard, however democrats are resisting that tactic. harry reid, said all of those spending bills would be dead on
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arrival. back to you. >> melanie alnwick reporting. thank you, melanie inside for m. for the second day, veterans did not a allow them to stop th from entering the memorial. me it's part of their first amendment rights to free speechh and peaceful assembly. >> anyone who needs help navigating the new health insurance marketplace can get help this afternoon. they are teaming up with public libraries to hold a series of informational sessions. first begins this afternoon, the library on benning road in northeast. these are free, and in person sessions for individuals, families and small business owners. >> now to an update on the deadly police involved shooting that he with we brought you as breaking news yesterday.
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>> the suspect was not armed, we are told the officer who firedid the shot is a 7-year-old vat ra of the force. he made -- veteran of the force. he made several commands for the suspect to stop. the suspect's name has not been released. the officer is on routine administrative leave during thee investigation. still ahead, highway tragedy after a church bus bursts into n flames. the latest on that story. pope francis is about to make history once again, more on his trip out of the vatican city next. 
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february, , 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." too small.
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the quarterback is going to have a long night. is that your sister? look, are you trying to take my job? maybe. technology that lets you play with the big boys. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's powerful. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. welcome back. time is 6:10, a tragic scene on a tennessee highway, eightway, people are dead after a bus carrying a church group off senior citizens burst intoin flames. the bus was on its way back hom to north carolina afterina af attending an event in tennessee.
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what happened, the bus blew a tire, crashing into an suv, and a tractor temporarily. local and nationalna transportation officials are onn the scene investigating that accident. michaelfamily of jackson says they are considering their legal actions now that their lawsuit against agg live has been rejected. a judge decided that thethe promoter was not negligent inigt hiring the doctor who was killed with a drug overdose. catherine jackson, michael's mother was seeking $85 million for each of sethinks children ad another $35 million paid to her. pope francis is about to make history once again. preparations are underway at italy for the pope's visit tomorrow. the feast day of st. francis. the italian saint who inspired his pap papal name, and preach
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gospel of poverty. will he start off his meeting with sick and disabled children. he is first pope to take francis' the government shutdown has metro making some changes to ito rail service. we will explain that. as we head to break, we are taking a look at this thursdayiu morning. is there another warm day on tap? tucker barnes is back with the forecast.  why choose lanand o' lakes buttr in half sticks?
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it's pre-measured. fresh tasting. and it's only from land o' lakes.
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♪ ♪ ♪ all right, time 6:15,, welcome back to fox 5 morning5 news at 6:15, a warm thursday morning. >> yes. >> live goes this monday morning, day three of theree of shutdown, and we are still here. we have warm weather that we'ret dealing with, too. >> at least the weather is cooperating, so you know, people can go for a bike ride. >> yes. >> or take a long walk, thatlk, kind of thing. >> yes. >> we where going to be back ino
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the mid-80s later today. you will notice that things havs been dry, in fact, have been very dry for a better part ofetr the a month. we are going to go back to mid-august, last time we had a decent rain table here. >> that long.. >> yes. >> almost a three inch deficit at reagan national, and about 2.5 at both dulles and bwi marshall. i mentioned this to you, becausa there's hints that we may get moisture early neck week along with tropical moisture that might put a big dent on thosee numbers. 65 in washington, and 61 in leonardtown, and 64 in4 in annapolis, and out to fredericksburg, 58 for you guys, 59 for winchester and culpeper this temperatures are certainly up. c they are going to be up againn today. yesterday we got into the upperr 80s, today mid-to upper 80s yiewft like yesterday. yesterday. and more of the same before the patten is set up. more cloud cover than yesterday.
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we got, high, thin clouds to the west and what is happening we'r pulling up moisture from the northern gulf. you can see the rainshowers in kentucky and illinois, and, illinois out we areoi not expecting the rainshowers as things -- high pressure is going to keep things nice and dry, and the high pressure will roll back in here. we will be partly sunny this afternoon. these are unseasonably warm conditions, we can officially go with heatwave as this is dayy number three. plenty ofmb sunshine, winds out the east at 5, later tonight, overnight low, that so the one side as well for this time of the year. there's the seven-day forecast.a it looks like things change up for the rest of the week. 80s through the weekend, look at both saturday and sunday mid-80s with cloud cover and ard chance of showers and coolerd temperatures early next week. we could pull in tropical moisture, there might be a tropical storm developing to the west of cuba early this mornings if that happens, we might get
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some rain enhancement earlynt around here next week. let's find out what is happening with julie.wi are the roadsth busy or what is going on? >> reporter: it depends onn which road you are on. tucker, right now we have our hands full here in virginia. the crash blocking the left lane of two involving a motorcyclist, there's an ongoing investigation that is happening right now in northbound i-95, now tied up with big delays from wood bridge head toward the accident scene. even our hov lanes are feeling the heat because of that wreck. the main line of travel will slow headed north from route one toward the francona springfieldd parkway. now we are checking for a stalled vehicle near duke street. traveling northbound on 270, all lanes are open, continuing southbound toward rockville, will you find that your lanes are open if you are continuing t your drive on the top stretch op the beltway, headed toward 270,d
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that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. all right, julie, thank youa very much. metro ridership is at 22%, thanks to the government shutdown. the transit agency will continue the regular weekday schedule bul only with six car trains until further notice. a metro manager says that the longer the shutdown goes, the more pressure it will put on the agency's budget.s the walk was supposed tosu held on the nationalpp mall this sunday, it will now take place at six flags america in upper marlboro. up to 6,000 walkers are expected to take part in the honor of the national breas cancer awarenesst then next thursday, the sailboat show kicks off.f. the show brings in $50 million to the city each year.
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quite a bit of money there.ney the holiday shopping season, speaking of money, you well, you know, it could be in jeopardy. next we are going to go live to fox business news to new york to explain. houston's quarter man was minutes away from beatingin seattle on sunday, but he threw an intersection, that led to a seattle victory. now one restaurant is offering the mad shot special, that is a insult, that is not a reward for doing something good. not good for him 
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important videoconference we knof the day.our most hi! hi, buddy! that's why the free wifi and hot breakfast are something to smile about. feel the hamptonality. welcome back. obervous global market this morning, and the holiday shopping season is looking good, but that could soon change. let's head over to lauren simonetti with the business network live in new york.
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hi, there, good morning. like the rest of us it appears that uninvestors areveso growing more and more concerned the longer this shutdown goes gs on. >> we had the dow down 58 points, the s&p lower, and the nasdaq coming off the 13 year high. and this morning, we had arrows across the we had minor sell-off in the past couple of days, mirroring at what is happening around thet world and as people are looking at u.s. markets and wa we're going to do when we face the debt ceiling limit that happens mid month. >> another thing we got to think about. also the holiday shoppingday sho season, just around the cornerer here, and the national retail federation had good predictions for the shopping season but thee shutdown may change all of that. >> absolutely.bsolu they expect a rise of 3.9% for9 november and december sales to $6.2 billion, that's a good
6:24 am
number. however, they caution if the impasse in washington continuesn it could make or break the holiday season, because if shoppers lose confidence becauso ofse it, which is expected, you won't see that 3.9% growth, you will see something much lower. if you remember back at height of the crisis in 2008, retail 2 sales fo00r the holidays fell me than 4%, we could, perhaps, see something like that happen allhn over again, sarah. sara >> let's hope not, let's hope they negotiate and get somethin figured out. lauren, thank you so much. we will see you tomorrow. >> okay, sounds good. coming up confusion about a mountain lion sighting in the district. >>it's time to rock the red in the nation if you areti going to the game, something new at the verizon center you have to check out. and when you get up -- can i i play?
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no! you don't even get football. [ male announcer ] when you've got 100% fiber optic fios, you get it. america's fastest, most reliable internet. it's the ultimate for downloading, streaming, and chatting. -- that guy all over the football field. thanks, joe. if the running backs don't start picking up the blitz, the quarterback is going to have a long night. is that your sister? look, are you trying to take my job? maybe. technology that lets you play with the big boys. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's powerful. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. back now with a live look at the u.s. capitol building day d
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three of the government shutdowh and still no deal. today republicans in the house o plan to pass through anotherth billro to restart some popular programs such as funds for veterans, but democrats, theyey are demanding the entire government be re-opened. okay, now to this. there's reports of a 99 lion sighting on southeast d.c. ond. the highc. wood drive, pop up on mayor vincent gray's account just before 5:00.5:00. it could not be confirmed by the animal control or the washington society. >> the wild cat was seen at an developed track of land and deer. mountain lions are known for fo stalking and killing deer, so we don't know.don't >> we go to you for the answer, apparently. >> tucker. >> i'm not hemming with tha helt one. >> has there been mountain lion sightings here before.. we did bears earlier in the
6:29 am
summertime. >> we did bears. >> i have never heard of this. >> i know there's mountain lions in california. >> in places, like follow the certain areas, the wooded areas, so who knows, i guess it's it possible. >> there's a possibility. >> or it's a really fat house cat. >> that's a possibility as well, i guess.i >> let's go to the weather forecast. we look great.ok if you're going to be out sightseeing or looking for a mountain lion. >> d.c.5 at reagan national, 56 dulles, and bwi marshall, we're going to be in the mid-80s,0s, cloud cover more of it than yesterday, but it could generally be a sun-filled day, a and with high pressure just toe the east, we're going to remain dry. we're not worried about any rain. temperatures 10-15 degrees above normal. heatwave going on here in earlyy october. 86, 87 by 4:00 p.m., and we're just going officially warm all day. because even this morning withrn temperatures in the upper 50s
6:30 am
is warm for this time of day. d. >> yeah, it is 87. >> time for on time traffic and julie wright. >> reporter: all right, you ri guys, well, it looks, there we go, there's skyfox as we are having picture problems, northbound i-95, this is where we have the accident involvingct the motorcyclist that was tying up left lane of two, the ongoinn investigation continues here inn the hov lanes, traffic coming northbound, gets by single fileg to the right but it's very slowl to say the least for folkslks headed northbound out of wood bridge. once you commit to the hovov lanes, you know you are stuck i it until you get around the accident for the main lines all the laneh are open, it's a rubberneckingri delay that is causing the tie-up. some people can bail out and use route 1 as the work around, hov traffic, both on the main line and the work around h continuin
6:31 am
with the cameras, northbound on 395 that, is where we have reports of the stalled vehicle,d that is before duke street in st the main line, tying up the right side of the road on the brick on edsall road. out of manassas starting to seeo a slow down approaching the visitor's center.en southbound on 270 with lanes la open at hyattstown, volume increasing just a bit headed toward the truck scale south of 109, no problems to report through gaithersville and rockville.rock police hope this surveillance video will lead to the arrest of two vandals. va here it shows two suspects who police say toppled the 10 commandment monument. m it sits in front of the headquarters of faith and action a christian out reach ministry. the group mans to repair and an reinstall that monument. d.c.'s training facility is open for business, it's going to help train local and federal fer officers in the entire dmv
6:32 am
region.n. chief and kathy lanier were on hand for the opening of the tactical academy them.ti call itca a village because itet actually has a handful of streets as well as the school, a bank, a generic office building and an empty convince store. the facility will have house aa variety of demonstrations totras help train officers deal with de the emergency situations. >> it's important to know thattn we go out to our communities, and strain, and realign the environments, real communities, real office buildings, and reall school buildings. it doesn't always provide the opportunity we need to do some of the more tactical training. this building now does. we will be able to do differenti types of training that we were e not able to do before. >> tactical village cost taxpayers $5 million and it took six years to build. and meanwhile, they will wi celebrate the one-year anniversary of the forensic's
6:33 am
lab in southwest. in 2009, the national academynaa recommended the lab be separatee from law enforcement. ground breaking began on e street. there's an open house thisthis morning beginning at 11:00 a.m. time for some sports breakfast.ast. hockey fever around d.c. as the caps get set for their first home game of the season. the caps looked pretty good in chicago, especially their new customer, mikal. >> the first game with the caps he marked the occasion by registering his first car herehe rear hat trick and by doing so,o he becomes the first of caps with a hat trick season opener.p >> it's just red spots where i'' supposed to be. and. >> i think getting a hat trick his first time ever and helping, a little bit over what we
6:34 am
expected. [ laughter ] >> but you know, he is a good hockey player and we expect him to fit into the system and we're going to give him a lot of opportunities to succeed. he is going to play with good players. i'm glad he got off and had some success. sometime guys got going which last year we didn't throw out. >> if you happen to be at at tonight's game, stop by section 104, and that is because the th outfit that the alexanderal ovechkin wore during the lighting of the winter olympic games is going to be on display. caps traveled to participate ini the relay. he was the first russian toto carry the torch in 2000 -- trophy, in 2014 torch that th they're going to use for that. yeah, cool. basketball season is rightl around the corner as well. the wizards training camp continues from the campus of george mason, university. the expectations are high for fo the wiz, with a return of a
6:35 am
fully wealthy, and may 98, wall says the playoffs are mostmo certainly the goal. >> the white house is, everybody warranted to win, and it hasn't been like, and you ever had it going for a while.wh we had a great one, antoine, ann those guys coming up. that is the main thing. when the playoffs get to it. all white, i want to see it raining all white. wh >> we have like a lot of flares and you know, all, and the younh guys, you know, so we are goinge to make it noise, i don't want ' to talk, but we are going to make a noise. no >> a noise from the wizards would be good.go good news to pass along as well. saturday's navy-air force game a is back on, and so is the boston, navy football game. those games will be paid for by non-appropriated funds. the navy athletic director said
6:36 am
that the midshipman games generate $4 million from ticketm to t.v. to concessions. future navy games will be be evaluated on a week to week basis. if you had to describe thee government shutdown in three words, what would those three words be? we hit the streets of d.c. to find out. and we asked you to keep itt clean. he was known for his clam tick novels. coming up -- dramatic novels, how tom clancy is being remembered this morning. ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around barbara
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welcome back. author whoelling wrote the hundred for red hund october and on novels has died. tom clancy was known for his expert military novels.mi p of themli were adapted to for the big screen and hunt for red october, he wrote patriot gamest and clearir and present danger g i loved both of those the publisher said that clancy died in baltimore at the age of 66, but is not releasing theasig cause of death.
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at new york la guardiaa airport, the appea captain behis plane has been fired. 50 people were hurt. after a resue th review of the , the captain terminated -- the airline terminated the captain. take a look at this stunning picture from alaska, 10,000 cal rus10,000walruses.walru >> these are walruses crammed o to a tuny stretch of beach 700 miles north of the anchorage. global warming is melt ago way their usual habitat. >> that is amazing, all walruses, all due to global glob warming. now to our continuing coverage of the governmentgo shutdown. with so much at stake we are getting more reaction.
6:41 am
we took an ipad and put anan image on it, related to theted o shutdown, and asked people ond the street to give us three words when they looked at that picture that showed them. we revealed what the picture ise at end. take a listen. >> ridiculous, crazy and selfish. >> broken, intolerance, bullheadedness. >> imep used to, shame and disgust. >> ineffective, heavy. i >> three words about thatne incident, dysfunctional, and inconsiderate, frustrated. >> a terrible >> looking at that image what are three words that come to mind. disappointing, crumbling infuriate being. >> can you show us the image. >> very descriptive people, a
6:42 am
lot of people frustrated for tha lack of progress and how it got to this point. let's get it done. in this now, sick of it. >> do you have three words tucker barnes? >> are we going to talk about lk it. >> no, i wasn't pay attention. [ laughter ] >> i wasn't pay attention, oh,n, that is -- [ laughter ] >> pay attention now. >> and i i want to thank melissk because you are the my 2000 follower. i like to treat my twitter account like red carpet. it's like a special club. >> you don't even have it private so anybody can followow you. we need a tutorial. >> it's like a special club. thank you melissa for following me. >> anybody can get in, by the way. >> everybody can get in. >> special club. >> let's go to the weather.
6:43 am
okay. you erknow, what i got a new follower as well. a little more on that, i wasi ws shocked he is following me this morning. 65 this morning reagan national, right, tony. >> 64 in annapolis, 55 leonardtown. off to the west we go. 54 in annapolis. and thank you, sir. >> look at who is following him? >> are you going to keep following me. m >> we are going to be on the warm side, very warm, 10-15 degrees above normal latem thisa afternoon. there's the cloud cover, it will be, we will have more clouds tha n yesterday, butbe but we'rt expecting any rain.any you can see it up and around our area of high pressure. again, we are not expecting raii anytime soon.anyt the pattern above normall temperatures, kind of our mini heatwave for early october will continue through the weekend. i think the pattern wouldn'tn' breakdown until late sunday to early monday. down to the tropics, still not a
6:44 am
tropical depression, but it will become any hour, the hurricane center, into the storm here a couple of times in past 24 hours, if it becomes tropical storm karen, it won't likelyt become a very strong storm, but, it could push into western florida and then get pulled up along with a cold front that will arrive here early nexty week, and give us moisture. and maybe some relief in the form of tropical rains early next week. there's at cu the accuweather seven-day check out theve temperatures ins the next couple of days and cooler with the rain next week. at this point we could use some rain. es, es, we could. it's dry, dry. >> hello. >> tony perk in.ype >> how are you? >> thank you for that clue. >> you know, it's -- for me it's a big deal. >> it is a big deal. de >> tony has joined twitter for all of you out there. who have been asking. we had people saying when is tony going to join twitter. >> i signed up yesterdayp afternoon and that is all i did
6:45 am
for a few hours, i will go back and start. when i came back i had 12 followers, and someone said, welcome tony perkins to twitter. and then the next person wrote, can we really welcome him if he hadn't tweeted yet? i have now tweeted.ted. i'm at tony perkins t.v. please join in the fun. now tucker how long have you log been on twitter. >> a couple of weeks. >> and you just welcome your 200 followers. >> don't tell me you have. >> i have 226. 226. >> again i play to the private club. >> the story. >> so i will tweet as much as i can. i actually had fun with it last night. my son helped me. >> wait until the redskins start playing. >> at tony perkins t.v. >> how have you had more thanth me, you have been on it 12 hours. >> you know what it's time for too-too doo-doo. >> if you come to mine, we have
6:46 am
exclusive dance party and give a ways. >> we do not want to go to your dance parties. >> the ask tony and tucker, the segment where tucker and i put our heads together to answer your questions weather related or otherwise. great questions it comes from jamie atkinson. she wants to know has any one person has ever won a multi-million dollar lotteryll more thanar once. if so, how can i do that? >> we have answers to both of those questions.ions. answer number one, yes, there's people who have won the lottery. >> more than once, there's, several reports of people who won multiple times. >> i have a woman named joan mingter. >> she is mobilely the most famous multi winners. >> she has won million dollarar lotteries four times. >> what? >> she won a million dollar lottery in texas in 2010. she won a $10 million prize on a
6:47 am
$50 scratch or lottery ticket in texas. she has all told, she has won over $20 million through her four winnings. yeah, sho she is there in the te middle. there's a lottery official. the woman on the left side of the screen is the lottery official. i don know whi don't know who tn is. but not a lot is known about joan. she prefers to keep private. she wants as little publicit pus possible. she lived in texas started buying the tickets there, moved to las vegas but would travel back to texas to visit her dying father and would buy a lottery ticket and even after he passedd away she continues to go back tt the small town and buy tickets.k >> she has some sort of strategy. >> she hasn't said what strategy it is. >> is the strategy legal, i
6:48 am
wonder. >> so she is one of the most famous. there's another gentleman named richard, who has won the lottery seven times. seven times expr and this gentln has written a book on increasin your odds of winning the lottery. he has some suggestions, do you want me to read them. >> i remember that he says, pick your own numbers, don't let the computer pick it, choose your numbers and stick with them. >> don't change them. >> just always stay the same. >> research and see if your your numbers have won befor before, have don't use them. >> really. >> some people say the opposite you know like, the virginiavirgi lottery, if you go to the website, it shows you what the most popular numbers. numb >> some people haven't won the lottery seven times. he says what you want to do isis select ten sets of numbers and keep those if you continually buy tickets and continue buyingg
6:49 am
those over and over. i'm not giving this piece of of advice. buy as many tickets as you can afford. obviously, within your budget. >> don't go crazy.go >> the chances of winning the lottery aren't great. grea >> the one other tip, helps if you your brother works in the lottery office.fice. >> oh, right. [ laughter ] >> so apparently there are some ways that you can increase your odds of inwithing. there's no guarantee you are yo going to win. >> the remember the basketball player for the washingtonwashin bullets. i think she won a million dollar lottery. >> really. >> when he was a player and later he won a maybe somebody at home remembers this better than this. e won playing a slot machine, another $1 million. >> would you, i didn't know about that. >> but i did hear, i didn't know if it was a million dollars but it was a lot of money, henderson. he won two lotteries in texas as well. >> why are they playing the
6:50 am
lottery. >> he had some other issues, bu after he got cleaned up he won the lottery a couple of times. hollywood henderson, like afterr his carry. cay. this was tenor 15 years ago. >> by the way, the person who won in maryland i don't thinki n they have come forward yet. >> i do not know. >> we don't know who the winner is. >> good luck to you.o hope you can be a winner. the most i have ever won is $20. >> i have never won a dime. di >> i won 15.>> i if you have a question thata you woulved like to have answerd depo to, and click on the weather tab. i see julie over there, i was very excited.exte >> that is not julie, that is like a beauty pic of julie. we will talk to her. >> reporter: i ducked forduck that pic, by -- doubled for thar pic by the way. >> can i say thank you, julie,ju was one of the first people tole follow me.
6:51 am
>> julie is always on twitter. >> reporter: i was so excited. i was am i awake? [ laughter ] >> reporter: i love it, tony perkins on twitter. >> you knitow, it has already bn fun, i mean, you know, oneow evening of it so far. >> reporter: can i tweet youyo what i'm doing this weekend, an what i'm having for breakfast and where i'm going to be that h afternoon. >> here we go.we >> 24 hours a day. >> just tweet me the highlights. [ laughter ] >> at tony perkins t.v., there you go. >> reporter: e here going to be at club. [ laughter ] northbound on 395, virginiai is supposed to be for lovers bus not this morning, it's for accidents, multiple accidents ac unfortunately. we have had our share of them, on the hov lanes approaching the fairfax county parkway.rkway. the crash cleared over to the tollway exprkt and the hov lanee accident did clearing from ther left lane as folks traveltravel northbound approaching dukeappra
6:52 am
street in the main line. not only do we have delays from the wood bridge to the beltway, traffic remains slow continuing toward landmark with the accident now cleared, lanes area now open. continuing on the trip, lanes are open between annandale and maryfield, eastbound 66 nowea starting to see that backup leaving the virginia visitor'sts center, in centreville, no problems to report on thece beltway as you continue across the american legion bridge. southbound 270 with lanes open out of hyattstown, we are bogge down with delays at the scale. still at speed out at germantown. no trouble spots there. outer loop looking good, and there's a slow down traveling tr westbound leaving university boulevard to georgia avenue.ia that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. thank you, julie. have you ever sent out an e viet, the possible ula popular l company. customers can create invitation
6:53 am
and print them, and send them. they are going to cost $2 a piece, plus postage fees.e the website started digital invitations 15 years ago.years there's still some people that like that hard copy. just think it's a little bit nicer to get it in the mail. >> it's an idea. >> i stick with the digital. >> it's sometimes easier. >> it's a lot easier and handy. >> an internet sensation knowni for scary pranks in fact at it again aheadat of halloween. >> the man known as the magic of rahad. had another skeleton, check this out. [ laughter ] >> oh, oh. >> all right, so you just saw there, he hid under the skeleton in the front seat of a car and pulled up to a fast food drive through time after time, you, could see workers run for cover. look at this guy, he is taking a picture, and then he runs away. some people were clearly scared of it, and snapped pictures.
6:54 am
the magic of rahad has raked up to -- racked up millions of hits online for some the pranks like these. >> i can't remember, now -- how is he able to pull up under theh skeleton and see where he is going? i think about it. either way, it's funny.fu >> and he is pulling off. >> this is dangerous, i don't know. l be rightfran w wil back. pumpkin's back at dunkin'? now you tell me. try the new pumpkin pie donut or any of our other many pumpkin treats today. america runs on dunkin'.
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good morning, everybody, i'm holly morris. this morning i'm going to inspire you to take a fieldtrip to waterford, virginia, we are a live, if you haven't been hereen it's as lovely as quaint as it gets. water fort virginia is one the villages that is designate in all the united states as a national historic district. each time that year they have an
6:58 am
amazing craft fair.zing they have the oldest craft fair? the state of virginia.stat this year they are celebrating an a great anniversary, and to bee keeping to furniture making to quilt making. we got it all plus the information you need to know to make time to get out here, sarah and wisdom. >> and now we are going to send it over to tony and allison. good morning to both of you, and thank you so much. coming up on fox 5 morningig news, no end in sight, day three of the budget battle and it rages on. >> exasperated with the idea unless 20 million people youion can't have health insurance these folks will not reopen the government. >> we have sent four different prop als to our democrat colleagues, they were all rejected. a glimmer of find out where things standgs right now in a will you haveyou
6:59 am
report. security concerns, nationaln intelligence officials say the a shutdown could putting our country at risk even warning that furloughed workers could become spies. >> plus, can you go out and get another job during the shutdown? also, can you collect unemployment? what we need to know fox 5 morning news starts right now. this is thursday, october third. now let's brighten things up a little bit. you're looking at a live picture, not from the capital, not from the white house but from the verizon center where tonight the capital's homepi opener will take place.e they will hope the calgary flames tonight at severn looking for the -- 7:00, looking for the first win of the season. >> oim toni'm tony perkins.ns. >> i'm allison seymour. >> and first let's swh


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