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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 3, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> not it's not going to feel like hockey weather. >> reporter: mid-80s, thed-80s heat, the october heat is hereer to stay for the weekend, get ready are o for several more daf these. the bus stop fairly comfortablef at the reagan national. 55, 57 dulles, bwi marshall, 61 degrees this morning. and these temperatures have a good chance to jump pretty quicr as we are going to have plenty of sunshine in the next few hours, a few more clouds, youou, can see all the clouds out on to the west and we're tappingin moisture in the northern gulf,re that is bringing clouds and cl showers to the west, not concerned about rain aroundnd here, but we will be dealingillb with partly sunny to mostly cloudy conditions, and temperatures 10-15 degrees above normal. 83 quantico, 87 manassas, several more days of 80s, and
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then it changes early next weeke i will have details on that in just a few minutes. julie.julie. we're look ago the cameras eastbound on 66. this is where we had reports of crash blocking the right lane at business coming out of manassas. slow for folks coming eastbound. once you get past 28, the pace returns continuing eastbound ea toward fair oaks, northbound on i-95, that has been the soree spot all morning long, delays are with you out of wood bridge, continuing toward the capital beltway, longstanding crash inan the hov lanes cleared, and headed north forlorn ton, and headed on the beltway, also gone. southbound 270 out of hyattstown, below speed before and after 1 yo 109, seeing the s stapping the brakes, and at the d.c. line, traffic is headed out headed toward pennsylvania avenue with all lanes open. op
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that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. thanks, julie, thanksks tucker. heads up for metro riders. the transit agency will continul the regular weekday schedules during the shutdown, but with only six car trains untiltr furtheair notice. now that is because ridership as you can probably imagine is down to tune of 22% since tuesday.tu. a metro spokesperson says the ss longer the government shutdownvr continues thenm more pressure ie will put on the agency's budget. >> it's true for many. now to the latest on the shutdown stalemate.. congressional leaders met with the president obama at white house yesterday, but it appearst they are no closer to reaching n bucket deal. budget deal. >> the commander-in-chief ismmae headed to a company to show how the shutdown can hurt small businesses. >> reporter: good morning, tony andorte allison.d take a look behind me. there's quite a production going on here to get ready for the president's visit and media event. you're looking at m louis
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construction. it's a small woman owned business, they have several million in contract, some with federal funds. today the white house is usingi this company to make the case te why the shutdown must end. a wednesday the house of representatives pushed throughsd bills that would reopen parts of the government, especially thosh that have received high negative attention for being shutdown. the parks, smithsonian, and the allowing the d.c. to function.. and they went to sit down for first meeting since the impasses they won't negotiate anotherhe fordable care and they agreed to accept republicans reduce budget numbers. the meeting ended without a a resolution and then it was backt to the dueling microphone.crope >> we got divided government. democrats control the white thew house and the senate. republicans control the house.ol we have four different proposalt to our democrat colleagues in ll the senate.
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they rejected all of them.em. we asked foye for a conference t down and try to resolve our differences, they won't negotiate. >> we went through a litany of a thing that we would be happy to talk about. we have to talk about discretio of spending,ab we will talk abot agriculture, we will talk about parks, we will talk aboutt healthcare, we will talk about anything that you want to talk about. >> well, they will talk about anything, except changes to the affordable care act.t. now today the house is also going to consider these so-called mini spending billings, one to fund the department offu veterans affaire and ara new one that cropped up yesterday to fund the national guard. now the senate is going to meet at 10:30 this morning and so fao what we're hearing from senate a leaders is that those ideas sort of piece meal fund parts of the government one at a time pretty much will be dead on arrival. it just remains to be seen tonyn
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in allison, because they willey have to hear from their constituents, whether they, whee think, perhaps as we have seen e some the public, democrats and republicans supporting things like trying to bet the outdoortr memorials open to the that is whate is happening on te hill. the president is supposed to be speaking at 10:30 this morning.s >> it really is quite aquit production going on behind you.e >> reporter: hi oh, my gosh,, yes. >> thank you, melanie.melaie the director of national intelligence says each day that goes by during the shutdown, thh jeopardy of a terror attack increases. >> his comments came during a senate hearing yesterday,y, worried lawmakers and undoubtedly worried manydote americans as well. sarah is back with more on his warning. >> this is pretty major.ty >> this is one way to get congress' attention, perhaps, tony and allison. clapper says the shutdown is a dream land for foreign intellence judge to recruit u.s. intelligence employees currently furloughed and possibly strappeb for cash as spies. sp
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he indicated that the 70% of intelligence employees are currently furloughed, including over 960 with ph.des, 4,00000 computers scientists and 1,000 mathematicians.m clapper also said the budget stalemate was having a serious impact on u.s. intelligence agencies, ability to guard against threats to national security. >> does america remain safe evea with the shutdown? >> i have to qualify that, sir, i don't, i don't feel that i cae make such a guarantee to the american it would be much more difficult to make such a guarantee as each day of the shutdown goes by. by i'm very concerned about the jeopardy of the country because of this.this >> the commander-in-chief -- >> the commander-in-chief believes that we ought to openwu the government and there's bad impacts. the ranking republican onlin yesterday's panel, senator
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brassily of iowa was puzzled with reports that 70% of intelligence workers have beenen furloughed as nonessential. but clapper, said it only applied to civilian workers if they work addresses on of -- top officials are trying to put the pressure congress to end theoen shutdown. it says a lot of people are paying attention when you talkiw about national security. >> it would only make sense that we are more vulnerable to theblo world. >> absolutely, see what we're wh going here.go >> in many ways. >> yeah, right.>> >> all right, sarah, thank you. all right, sarah. veterans of the generationfh known as the greatest generation once again defied the government shutdown so they could tour the world war ii memorial. many national landmarks are close during the shutdown. but yesterday the barriers werer pulled back for venne veterans.
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>> once again, several lawmakers were there to take part in an act of civil disobedience. can if you lowed worker furl for other >> a major cancer walk is movedo because of the shutdown. we will share the details.s. speaking of sharing, many of you are sharing your feelings about the shutdown.the we asked to you sum it up in three words. here is a look at facebook.cebo. >> fire congress now. >> childish, elitist, clowns. and care oli car care owe lien r day. in other news, a horrific multicar accident on tennessee highway has left eight people dead. some the deceased were part of
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senior citizens group of a north carolina the bus they were on blew a tira causing it to go into the mediae hitting an suv and a tractor trailer. the driver of the tractor trailer also died. at least 14 other people were taken to the hospital. horrible scene.horrible meantime the captain of thee southwest plane that landed nose first in new york over the summer is off the job this job morning. the plane landed so hard that tt its nose gear collapsed at la guardia airport. this happened in july. southwest it fired the pilot after a review the incident. he took the controls just minutes before landing and the number twobe in command firstand officer has to get additional training. 16 people were hurt in that hard landing. well, natural fox 5 collusive, a potentially dangerous situation in princen george's county, school buses filled with kids running stopi signs and it'sng all caught onut camera by a parent near oxenar hill high school.
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at elkins school, and they complained about the problem fol months and they hope the video will help stop it. audrey barnes has the story rowrs were parked right here. troy lucas was parked on elkins avenue waiting to ping his picks daughter from the school. >> after the school attendanttet released the buses, right wheree the second police car was, theya came around and went through straight through the stop sign here without stopping. >> reporter: lucas says heys and other parents reported it tt school officials, but it kept happening, so he recorded it.cod this is the video he shot on his cell phone, bus after bus, after bus blowing past the stop signop at crawford street.rd and the drivers on crawford havo the right of way making this intersection even more dangerous. >> you're in a community and then you have students walking from schools, you have parents walking to school to pick the kids up and then you have students driving themselves to school and from school.
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if you get behind sided by a bus with kids on the bus, that can be a serious problem, not onlyt for those walking but on the bue as well. >> reporter: another thing that makeste the better sectiono dangerous, is these tall hedgesg a car coming on elkins couldn't see the traffic, until it wastit too late. lucas posted his video on youtube last night and withinan hours wed got this statement frm the school system.t we are currently investigatingly this situation.tuatio all prince george's countys public school bus drivers areiv required toar follow and practie all maryland state traffic laws. lucas was back out with his his camera phone today. and what a difference a day makes. every bus stopped at the stop sp sign. we're told one of the two people standing on the corner monitoring them is a drivingg instructor. the other from the school system's department of transportation. >> so after we recorded the footage, then something was done. >> reporter: the schoolorte system actually encourages people to keep their eyes on its 1215 buses on its web page.
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lucas says he, for one, will keep his eyes open. >> i will be keeping my eye on it, just for the concern theern neighborhood and the community. >> reporter: audrey barnes,ss fox 5 news. wow. >> it's amazing. >> yeah. >> we used to be the press only, now everybody is the press, so the power of the press. >> and affecting change. >> effecting change. effec also on that video shot by mr. lucas, there were cars that blew through that stop sign, too. >> he is watching. 7:13 on this thursdayis morning. if you are a furloughed federal worker, if so, it's time for yor to start applying forfo unemployment. we have what you need to know aw our shutdown coverage continues. we have details on a frightening attack on a new york city street that was caught on camera, the one involving dozeng of motorcyclists. who police just let go free. as we head to the break, wee have a live look outside, julie
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wright will have the latest traffic, and tucker barnes the latest weather. coming up on severn 14:00. we wil7:14.we will be right bac. o february, 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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♪ ♪ ♪ a lot of people asking thish question with day three. today is day three. >> t day three of the government shutdown.down. marvin gay, one of the best songs ever, and one of the best albums ever, it's in the top 3 in my book. >> marvin gays. >> and that is one of my favorite stars. >> our sun. >> the sun that warms up and keeps us alive. >> yes, a agree. >> high ranking star
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>> what other things do you havo to tell us about, tucker barnes. >> it's a great shot. >> a little bit of cloudiness. d we are going to be dealing withl more than cloudsi today. very warm, mid-80s, yesterday ye we hit 88 or 87. >> it was picture day. >> the hash tag head band, thath is whatat our hash tag is, thats trending in my house. >> it is. >> yeah, it is picture day. >> because of the picture theyte are going to wear head bands. >> we got to control it, becaus i birthed three with the same. >> they didn't wear head band ia the picture. >> they can take it off if they want to. >> head bands are very stylish. >> no, they are back. they are >> no, they are back. >> can i do the weather. >> depo ahead. >> okay, is the weather -- >> see, what tucker does. >> he is trying to pull me back, and then he will say, i have six
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minutes, i mean, six seconds. >> 65 in washington, look at all the warm temperatures to thetur south and east, and we willwill continue to get the southwesterly flow so they flow temperatures will remain a good, 10, 15 degrees above normal. there are changes and you see cooler changes in wyoming, andg, the parts of idaho, and mo monta in the 30s and 40s, there's a winter storm that is going too be wrapping there, we will take a look at it in a there's plenty of moisture outmo to thise with the gulf moisture workup to the west. some of that cloudiness will spill into our area.ou we will be dealing more in the way of clouds today than yesterday. generally speaking a nicesp afternoon, and of course,ea very warm for this time of year. winter storm, they got winterwi storm watches for northern plains and parts of iowa and wyoming, and tropical moisturemr southwest of miami.t that i os a storm that looks lio it will develop into a tropical depression later today.
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perhaps tropical storm karenka later this afternoon over ther h next couple of day, not expecting to become a powerful storm be, but some of its moisture could get pulled intoin our region later this week.week. we will talk about it in the next couple of days, 80s right s through the weekend. >> you are talking about storms. it seems so summertime?mmertime >> yeah. >> well, those can go into november. >> early november. >> all right. >> it's been a quiet year. that storm wouldn't hit us a tropical storm but maybe some the moisture will get in here. >> julie, are you going to the caps home opener tonight? >> no. n >> rocking the red anyway. >> reporter: it's hard toer stay away. i stay home on the couch. i get to see more of but i'm rocking the red, girl, and tony. northbound on i-95, you are yo going to find the lanes are open as you travel northbound out oft wood bridge.wo we had serious tie-ups to repore early on because of a crash on the hov lanes which is clear. in fact the hov commute is
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looking better. we are still quite slow in newington.ton. and newington out toward springfield with 395 traffic flowing from the beltway to the duke street with a wreck on the shoulder, eastbound 66, on business 254 and manassas, the, accident pulled to the shoulder, lanes are open. traffic from business 234, headed eastbound 238, tapping the brakes in vienna,en, approaching 123.ap the beltway so far without incident, leaving annandaledale toward maryfield, here we are at the inner loop, all lanes are ar threafg ain't b, b a cro theleaa outer loop nothing changes here, outer loop remains slow, continuing west from new hampshire avenue through silver springs, that's a check off fox 5 on time traffic. all right, julie. stick around, i might need yourr help with the pronouncation of
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these games names in sports. tonight they host the calgary flames. fl one of the centerpiece is mikal, and he is take over the departee mike river owe. river oweri vexervero.and he ma, and he impressed his coach inc front of the net.. >> every guy i have ever heard,e let's go stand in front, depo ahead. it's not that easy, because what if a puck goes in the corner, you got to help the guy then yoo went all wait to the corner andn now you got to get in front the net. and there's big guys out there, how do you get through them? everything matters and every cliche is right but you got to factor in the play during the th
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game. >> i like him. >> coming up this hour, the verdict is in for the concert promoter sued by michael jackson's family.fal what jurors decide. later, it's a fair that takes you back i int' time. holly morris has a preview of the waterford tell you all about it. we will be right back. i got you white chocolate pumpkin. oh, please don't call me "pumpkin." no, white chocolate and pumpkin. oh! pumpkin. ha-ha!
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back with an update on the motorcycle road rage incident that has a lot talking. prosecutors decided not toor charge a mans who surrendered td police on tuesday. tu so far the only person chargedch is the man accused of of intentionaller intelly cuttin intentionally cutting off the suv. alexilalexi sped off with the sd some bikers damaged the suv, and
7:26 am
beat that driver up when he wass caught up several miles a vigil was held at the hospitah for the most injured biker. is has two broken legs and is said to be in a medically induced coma and paralyzed forr life. >> it's a messy business. >> as you said there's a lot of chatter about this.atte we will talk about it later. >> all right. after five months of of testimony, the jury has rejected the wrongful death lawsuit filed by michael jackson's family dependence promoter. yesterday the jurors decided ju that the promoter was not negligent in hiring the doctor,, who killed or unintentionally killed the superstar with a drug overdose.over catherine jackson, michael's mother was seeking $85 millionse for each ofek think his childred another $35 million paid to herl the familyli is considering othr legal option. 7:37. it's a tuesday morning, coming up next on fox 5 morning news, e it attracted thousands every ev
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year, but now the shutdown is forcing a walk to move. what the participants of the against breast cancer need to know this morning.. employees furloughed, facin, tough times as they enter a third day without work. that is coming up at 7:28.  why choose land o' lakes butter in half sticks?
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itit's pre-measured. fresh tasting. and it's only from land o' lakes.
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it is 7:31, there's anothere beautiful view of this morning's sunrise. >> i love that song.. >> there's several versions of it. >> i love that one. >> doov you? >> love it.. >> yeah. >> love the weather, too. >> yes. >> it's good.. >> no, no., >> getting closer to me. >> it's a little too -- getting a little warm. >> yeah.>> >> it won't last.. >> another beautiful day, aday,a little more in the way of cloudiness yesterday, but the pattern is intact for 80s through the end of the week and thee weekend. enjoy t because long our average daytime highs are in the 60s,e and we got cooler temperatures on the way by next week.
7:31 am
55 in washington, 65 in quantico, 50s for much the region, 55 leonardtown, and 58 in fredericksburg, and mid-50s here in winchester and cumberland. the dry pattern continues, our deficit is closing in on three inches here, since early september and we haven't seen se much rain at all in the past month and that will continue today, not expecting any rain.ny we are expecting more in the way of cloudiness, not going to be e cloudy day, but it will be part of a mostly sunny day, a lot of cloudiness is the thin variety. what is happening is we're tapping into moisture here alone with the more than gulf and it's getting pulled up and around thd area of high pressure, and this is like a bermuda area of highhh pressure, keeping the easterng third of the country, nice and quiet with plenty of warm temperatures, not just washington, and new york, for yk the time being. all right changes, winter storm out to the west, and a cold front which will start pushing closer to our region toward the end of the weekend. we will team up with some of
7:32 am
this tropical moisture to theurt south. there's a closer look, not yet a tropical depression, a tropical storm but it could become so, a any hour here, and this is expected to track north of thete western florida and then perhap get pulled up and along a frontt early neck week into the mid at -- next week into thethe mid-atlantic and perhaps prettyy good rains if we are able to tap into the moisture by monday and tuesday. lots of sun a warm afternoon, wind out of the east at 5, no issues 66, and comfortable with a few clouds, there's the seven-day forecast, 80s, friday, saturday and sunday, thy only changes arrive with a coldd front and tropical moisture into early next week.arly n temperatures will only be in the low 70s by next wednesday.wees that is close to where it should be by the way.e that is the latest weather, anda traffic and the latest with julie. >> reporter: we have our hands full with delays on the outer loop of the beltway, leaving new hampshire avenue, leaving toward silver spring. the lanes are open, southbound
7:33 am
295 so far without issue.e. tractraveling from laurel, boind 50, and as you work your way w toward river dale. the crash that we had reported business 234 in manassas has cleared. the lanes are open, folks continuing toward centerfield. the latest at florida avenue all lanes are open getting past the wind headed toward the exit for the third street tunnel, no problems to report, northbound i-95, still a tough commute for motorists coming out of wood bridge it morning. delays continue northbound out of newington and 395 below spee leaving the beltway, and a brief tapping the brakes at 14 streett bridge. that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. juljulie, thank you. tha a whole lotnk of government workers are asking if they can take another job while on furlough or on if they can get unemployment?un >> sarah simmons joins us with those questions. and answers. >> reporter: this a package,
7:34 am
this is the guidance for shutdown furloughs. we are going to put a link to io at our website at it's answers to all kinds of questions. people can get answers to thethe questions. we found a couple of these that we thought were interestingsting would apply to a lot of people. first on take another job, workers are still employees of the federal govern. while they're on furlough. and the rules on outside employment continues to applyins for this.for that means they can't take another job, but it depends on n which agency they work for. there's specific supplemental rules that require prior approval for outside jobs and some prohibit ofe course, check with your agency rules, it's going to depend agency to agencies. now on getting unemployment benefits. some states require a one week waiting period for furloughed workers to be eligible as for unemployment, and one expert
7:35 am
told fox 5 news, it really depends on the state that youta are in. take a listen. >> should you apply for unemployment? absolutely. the rules of unemployment is the furlough has to last at leastt seven days and then you canu start applying. i would recommend you start looking into the process now figuring out how to do it. unemployment is state specific. it's a federal program, but it is defined in the rules and thee rules are defined by the state. i would check with your local state. >> that was financial analysts,l she took your questions lastons night on fox 5 news at 5:00. her entire report is full of all kinds of great information, than isfo posted at our website at as well.. just search unemployment. bottom line here, while furloughed workers probably cannot take an extra job, they should be able to get unemployment compensation. so they will be able to compensated in someway, instead, of just being feeling as though their hands are tied and they have to sit at home which isn't
7:36 am
right. >> you wonder if a worker, let's say is a guy who happens to be good at being a handyman, doingo stuff around the house, canca build a cabinet, i wonder if he can take an unofficial job. i'm good at this and i can make money at this. >> i'm sure they can find. >> the handyman claus is in the opm. >> we got a link to it. >> it's a great resource, sarah, thank you so much. mu >> yeah. >> all right, thank you. now to a bit of what is i happening behind the scenes in congress. during the shutdown, anger among senate republicans aimed at colleagues reportedly boiled over yesterday. >> poll ic owpolitico is report. several gop senators asked cruzz to explain how he would end the shutdown.
7:37 am
nor he could apparently explainl how he would defund obama care as he did during that the speech. it really got hot when cruz would denounce attacks on some senators being waged bit senator conservative fund. cruz reportedly said that he would not.uld the shutdown has forced the american cancer society to move its making strides against breast cancer walk. that walk was supposed to beset held on the national mall on sunday.unday. prince george's county, 2,000 walkers are expected to take to part in the national event int honor of national breast cancer awareness month. the walk is going to begin atat minute in the morning, going to wrap at 11:00, and participants are going to be awarded a ticke for six flags after the walk. that's a pretty nice incentive. >> a lot of people taking partk in that. she signed up for a mile 1/e
7:38 am
marathon so why was a teen still running nearly 12 miles we will tell you about in marathon mishap. >> taking a live look over our area this morning, looking real good out there. we will be right back. all the pumpkins? pumpkin's back at dunkin'? now you tell me. try the new pumpkin pie donut or any of our other many pumpkin treats today. america runs on dunkin'. oh, no, i got to go. oh, can you make that to go? these days, nobody has time to get sick. but minuteclinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for everything
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take a look at this, aa 14-year-old girl completed a half marathon by accident. nita abasi signed up to run in the 1.5-mile robin hood fun run. a 1.5-mile run. she started but there was s confusion and the car leading the run stalled.stalle >> she and a number of other kids, kids got directed off course, and ended up running the 13-mile marathon. ma she is smiling. she realized the mistake when wn she saw the four mile mark but u decided to keep on going, finishing with her mother and father.
7:42 am
>> that is cute. >> it's a small difference, itc, would take 15 minutes to run a mile 1/2, but you get the runners. >> 2 1/2 hours to run the marathon. >> but she had to, you know at t mile three or as she is is approaching the four mile mark, she has to be wondering, this ih a mile 1/2, it seems like it's taking forever. fore >> she is 14. she because you know, anybody older. >> i couldn't -- >> i couldn't run the half marathon. >> you're a marathon runner. >> i have run it twice. tw >> give yourself some credit. >> but you have done it. >> i don't care to do it. it. you did it and you finished. >> thank you.nk yo >> you guys are welcome to joino me next year. year >> no, thank you. [ laughter ] >> what have you got for us inin weather. >> it's noter going to happen. a we're fine, nice weather if you want to go out for a run, and
7:43 am
workup a sweat.wor it'sp easier to run with when it's warm out. ou it's got to be just right. >> 75s is the ideal. id >> maybe 60s, probably. >> again i'm not an expert runner, because your body warms up, you know. >> got it. >> tony is like, i don't know. >> 52 in binghamton this morning, we're back in the 80scn this morning, we got a front right on over us, but there's not much attached to it other than cloud cover. co that the it the only differencef more in the way of cloudiness and the high pressure to the south pumping the winds out ofhe the south and west, and there's a lot of warm air to tap into,o, with a little more moisture, wee are going to be on the warm sidd of things, 80s through the weekend, anoud then changes arre early next week. 87 today, plenty of sun, a warm afternoon, temperatures once again, 10-15 degrees aboveov normal. we are start offing the month of october with, you know, unofficial heatwave here. >> wow. >> it will become official whenh the weather service is back at
7:44 am
work. >> oh, nevermind. nerm >> it's 78.s 78 >> right, right. rig >> but you're right, this is a heatwave. >> yes, this time of year. year >> hi, julie wright. >> reporter: it's kind of odd to think it's 90 degrees, and the caps skate today. high of 63,. >> you tell me.ll >> it was in the 60s there. >> i think it's going to be interesting. >> it's going to be supervised. >> yeah. [ laughter ]hter >> they got their methods of meh keeping it frozen. >> on the roads, they're going'o to use a bunch of slurpee machines. minor fender bender over the bridge cleared over to the shoulder, headed into virginia,g the inner loop of the beltway, not so bad right now leaving the toll road continuing northbound up to 270 spur.
7:45 am
coming out of germ tune headed d toward the split. still having a slow ride in the hov lanes, fender bender, still in the clearing stages to the left shoulder.r. 66 the wreck remains at business 234 on the shoulder, that is slowing down your ride out of manassas. so far so good no spots to report. trying to get past floridaid avenue headed toward the tunnel, that iswar a check of fox 5 on e traffic. julie we want to remind you we want toe are mind you that you can donate suits for for success drive which will benefit lift d.c., you can go to our website to findd out the 20 zips locations that are taking donations. do this will go on until mid-december, and we invite you to tweet about donating. can do that at use
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the hash tag suit number 4number success. it brings history to live in a fun way for families. fa holly has more from the water we foowaterford fair. >> reporter: good morning, wego are having fun this morning. if you are looking for something fun for the kids to do for this weekend. rides are only just the e beginning when we're talking about the waterford fair. it's celebrating its 70th it anniversary this year, and we're going to show you firsthand how much family fun you can have iff you come out. it's all live next on fox 5x 5 morning news. stay with us. >> can i hitch a ride with you guys. >> all right. behal ♪
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7:50 am
>> she does, is she a model. she looks like a model. >> she certainly does. susi woodard. >> the song of susi queue. >> i hope you are having a grea day. for your chance to be the fan oe the day, go to facebook page, and post a comment. >> i like all of the facebook fan pictures, not just susi. a commony in loudoun county virginia, is des mig i designate history district. >> reporter: this is a funis a fair, and let say, youryo kiedz might just enjoy this, more than other festivals out there, because they get to do things that are differenterent courtesy of people lick slim --e slim harrison.
7:51 am
>> i know are you a part of the waterford fare that starts tomorrow. what is going on here. >> we are getting ready to playa some tunes here and take a heyhy ride. >> reporter: now what is point of all oforte this. >> just for fun. i love it. life is meant to be fun. you made these instruments.ts. >> yeah, i put these together. >> reporter: the kind of music that comes out of the sunny land band. >> bluegrass. >> jog band. >> reporter: and this special piece right here is called the? >> the kasusa phone. >> reporter: you are going to be doing this participatory mew psycmusic at the fair. >> just saturday and sunday. >> reporter: you look like pretty accomplishe accomplished.
7:52 am
>> coming round the mountain. ♪ ♪ she'll be coming round the mountain ♪ ♪ she be coming co ♪. >> reporter: the next stopter: might be the kennedy center. that is pretty impressive and it's the perfect backdrop for uo on to talk about what is going to be going on nerm terms. fair. we have the executive foundation non-profit that puts on the fair. >> good morning, thank you for k coming out here. >> for people who are not familiar with this, give us an overview of this. >> it's not the average fair. the actual name is the wearfordd had home tower and crafts exhibit. we have a lot of going on here. it's the oldest craft show in virginia. we have 160 people of the beste crafts people, and teachinghing people about american crafts. it's a great chance to see some
7:53 am
the historic homes, some the villagers graciously opened their doors. we will have local food and an local virginia winery set up here. there's an art exhibit of local paintings. there's a photography exhibit. you can stay busy all day for three days, we have all of that going on in this tiny little tt village. >> and the town of waterford itself is a gem and worth comint toh see. >> it's absolutely right. we got a spectacular history,y, really. it's very cold.. this village was settled in 1703. iyou see it wait it was 2 or 300 years ago. the entire village has been preserved as a historic landmark.ndmark we are not far from leesburg, a couple of miles away, a good chance to see something really special that doesn't exist anywheranyanywhere else.
7:54 am
>> i think he is going to putg out a cd pretty soon. >> it's all about getting thee kids involved out here the and other the thing they do is let l them run around and play on this old farm equipment. ui and that is where my man rt llegard comes in. i >> how are you doing here. >> very good, holly. >> tell me about the special spc farm equipment you got here. >> i'm going to be doing traction demonstration with theh traction machine here.ti we are will be sewing wood using the doodlebug. >> doing what. what >> with this little doodlebug. >> i love that. >> of course, it looks like a doodlebug should.dood >> and i see you have wrapped up special over here. >> yes, we have a pulling universal since 199 1919.
7:55 am
>> 1919. >> it was one of the original tractors on the farm just west here. >> reporter: this is something we canor actually ride on. >> you can and i will walk along behind. >> reporter: he said you can he ride on it, i will walk along behind it. i >> not room for two. >> reporter: not room for two, it's a single passengerger vehicle. let me tie it up here. is it hard to drive. >> not really. >> yep, sit down and put your feet here. >> and we have had here, pull this back. and -- all right, we're going t go forward. take the steering wheel. >> okay, here we go.kay, h watch out. is our website. we have a link to the waterford fair.
7:56 am
hard right, hard right. hard right. r it actually opens tomorrowow friday, saturday and sunday. we're going to have more old time fun in our next hour. back to you in the studio. >> everybody out of the way, please. [ laughter ] >> she said please, just do it. >> clear out, clear out on. >> it's going to be fun. >> fox 5 morning news continues after the break. 
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
there's a live look at thee capital building. a beautiful morning shaping up if only the workings of congress. >> that is what was written in the script. >> many g, i'script. >> good morning, i'm tony perkins. i'm allison seymour. some the more shameful fallout this the shutdown. we will share stories of some special feds who were going to be honored. a man who saved the air forceth one billion dollars instead ofdf being honored he is sitting at home. he is furloughed. >> it's quite a story. coming up scams related to the new obama care insurance
8:00 am
plans are already out there. what you should be aware of. >> and fans of the mindymi project, no shame here. some guilt free t.v. you will want to stay tune, because actor ed reed who plays the jerry reid on the show will with us on the show. >> we are looking forward toto that. >> that is great. >> very good. >> tucker barnes is here with a look at the weather. go free weather. >> guilt free. >> all right, weather, too.too. >> let's hear it, guilt free weather. i was saying it was kind of of nice. >> do you want credit for it. >> as allison >> you don't understand, these n are the two guys that tell me i have takenning the lightning round from tony and tucker.tu >> you have.>> >> and you invited me on one time. so let's share it. >> the weekend, very warm wa temperatures around here, with highs in the mid-80s later this afternoon, now 68 at reagan
8:01 am
national. hanging on to the 50s, and 52 at bw marshall. that hold the temperatures backs a degree or two, but the sameeam theme is in place with a rathera warm weather pattern. we are going to keep 40s in the next several days.da 86, yerch late yerch, 87 later y it should be dry either way. we will look athth at the weeked forecast in just a couple of minutes. >> thank you, sir. now let's go to julie for aa look at the on time traffic. >> reporter: all right, lanesi, are open, travel is flowing inin each direct albeit a little biti below speed on the beltway outee loop at the american legionn bridge traveling from maryland, minor fender bender before thee bridge on the should e and ifshu you are traveling a -- theth
8:02 am
shoulder and if you are ar traveling at 270, headed toward thead split. northbound. this is where they were checking for a car fire. so far nothing on the cameras. and we had tmz turn the camera a around. northbound it looks like the l commute is at speed continuing o from rockville headed in the the direction of germantown. 108 at ashton. they are busy clearing anring accident. so they had to temporarily blockri the roadway in order to maneuver the tow trucks on the scene. tonight typically at this hourth in maryland woob backed ou woult of laurel we are at speed, headed toward the capital beltway. that is what we find at the baltimore washington parkway. traffic flowing out of laurel. 395 at virginia, below speed, and coming across the 14 street bridge, not a bad ride headed to the potomac. we have had problems there thisr morning. traffic is backed up at centreville and leaving vienna headed east toward the beltway. that's a check of fox 5 to 5 one
8:03 am
traffic. our big story day three of f government shutdown.own. congressional leaders met with the president at white house yesterday with hopes of coming ton a agreementto an agreement. >> speaker boehner left the meeting saying that presidentpr won't negotiat negotiate. >> democrats refuse to budge on changing the care act and refuse to opening the government.go >> the republican have passed severalpa provisions but all of them would infringe on the governor's healthcare law. >> all we are asking is for a fr discussion and fairness for the american people under obama care. i was hoping that the presidentn and the my democrat colleaguesmo incr the senate would listen to the american people and sit dowo and have a serious discussion about resolving these
8:04 am
differences.erens. >> in any event, very optimistip because so much is at stake, i'm hopeful that in the conversation we heard each other, and that wh will beat able to find a place o go. >> it was worthwhile leaving, i'm glad it was -- >> president obama will be in rockville, maryland this morning visiting a construction company that shows the impact the whitee house says will have on small al business. >> well, the shutdown, of coursf is affecting thousands of of federal workers, it may sting st just a little bit for two federal employees in particulari that is because this week, while furloughed, they are set to receive prestigious awards forr their work which includes saving the air force more than $1 billion last year. >> joining us with more on thiss is robert mccarthy, he writes about this on today's paper. >> to be fair, there's 16 people
8:05 am
being honored and four of themuf are on furlough. and you focus on two in particular from our area. tell us what the story is first of all. what was supposed to happen today? >> it's going to happen, the th partnership for public service,e every year honors people in thee civil service, people who work for the federal government who have done great things, really positive things, what are called sammy awards and they're pretty prestigious. a lot of people want them. it's a real honor to get them, h and this year, of course, it's happening tonight at this gala dinner while a lot of civil service is locked out, basically, because of the t partial shutdown. and four of the people getting the awards are on furlough andhd unable to go to work. i interviewed a couple of them who i thought had made particularly valuable contributions and had won the awards for those things, one ofe them is the energy expert kevin
8:06 am
guise with the air force, who in fiscal 2012, found ways toto achieve energy savings, andgs, saved the government more than $1 billion. he probably saved another an billion in the fiscal year thatt just ended and he is veryry frustrated that he can't go back to work and find ways to save even more money. >> this is his mission. >> this is his job. >> and i do want to make sure ww make it clear, because i think we misstated earlier. they do still receive thinker awards. >> they do get the honor, because the partnership forship public service is not part of the government. >> right. >> it's nonpartisan group that honors, tries to promote excellence and call attention. >> right. >> to the accomplishments.ents. government workforce, which ofif course is widely criticized andd much >> sure. >> and this group tries to calla attention to the good thingso e that our government workforcewo does and these awards are a big part of it, and they will go ahead and have this dinner andan honor them, even though peoplepe
8:07 am
can't work.can >> it turns out four of them caa stay later. >> they can sleep in late tomorrow.tom >> mr. guise it says in youryo article, that you know, every day that i'm not at work, i'mi' not helping to find money that -- >> ways to save money.e he is basically -- he oversees a team of people. he is the equivalent of a two a star general, although he is a civilian, and he just wants toto serve. he is very committed to serving. he volunteered -- he tried to volunteer for the marines when he was 16. he spends 20 hours a week with i the civil air patrol doing volunteer work, so he really is committed to service, and theyty found ways using alternative fuels, and reducing excess fuel loads and stuff to save all of this money. mone many, many, times the cost ofco theirst salary. >> important work, that needs to continue. >> also tell us about mad. >> he is a fire protection pr engineer at the nationaltial institute of standards and technology in mont go montgomero
8:08 am
and is he leading international expert on how to fight firesfi using science studying how to h fight fires and thus, especially protect firefighters, andnd improve their safety and he on wednesday, he was supposed to be in fairfax at a meeting of thee international association of fire chiefs where they wereey going to talk about launching aa new initiative to spread the word about the latest research that he and others have done and how to protect firefighters lives. he couldn't go to that meeting h in fairfax, because he is on furlough. >> and he is prevented by the rules of the furlough from going as much as he would like to go.o >> and he gets e-mails at all at hours of the day and night fromh aroundt the country, fromfrom firefighters around the country, and around the world, that ishat how prestigious this grou group asking, is this the right way ta do it? is this best way to do it. he his blackberry is turned off.
8:09 am
he can't answer these questionsu of how to protect firefightersfi lives because of this shutdown. >> wow. >> that is pretty -- that is amazing. >> so it's great, you highlight this in the article. these are just some the people who some the good people who arr being prevented from doing very good and very important work. exactly. >> it's in the column, thank yok for coming in and highlighting i these folks. aliy son back tallison back to t >> reporter: as the health care comes out, scam artists come out on. 25 years ago the food network launched and now a book is spilling the secret of its biggest is that paula deen. old file video. look at her.he now most famous chefs don't really want this publicationatin out, but we are going find outfi why and all of about it when the
8:10 am
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you too, want. the music this morning has been great. >> yes, it is. >> have you ever heard mary jayy blige. >> yes, i have. and it's time to get the latest on weather. >> it's not just weather. >> the cuteness factor of the of day as well. let's do it. my time for first photo of theot day, and we're going to be awfully cute this morning with -- some kind of joke, what do you think of that. of >> it's the funniest thing ever. >> so cute. >> this is nor a, she is just a wincey two months old. >> how can she be only two
8:14 am
months old with that much personality and character. >> you are born with everything you need, that is what i wh believe.bel >> really. >> it's all inside. >> sometimes we forget. >> we do? >> it's not a sermon. >> i got it. >> she is so happy, and you knoo what, nora, she is so happy because she has had perfect weather her whole life. [ laughter ] >> that is true around here.nd >> for two months, that's right. >> two months of perfect weather. we haven't had much rain at all. >> that is great. >> she is in a good mod abou mot it. >> thanks for th to to the famir sending it in. stormy weather.ehe >> let me give you a few cities, 68 in washington this morning. we're going to have a perfect weather kind of day with temperatures a little on the warm side for us, mid-to upper 80s, nashville 70 in st.0 louis, and that warm air out to
8:15 am
the north and west will continue to stream into the mid-atlantic more like fall or even winter off to the we have. great falls 35, winter storm taking shape, well off to the north and west.rth and we will take a look at that 988 moment. yesterday. than a partly sunny day. a partly to mostly sunny day for us. either way we will remain dry this moisture that we tap into the northern gulf. want to mention that winter storm up in the northern plainsl that will move in our region as a cold front, and it may tap some of that tropical moisture.. there's a moisture, and south and west of miami. might become a tropicalical depression, if it does it will be karen. some that moisture will be pulled up north with the front early next week.ext the bottom line the pattern changes early next week. 80s through the weekend, and the 70s with the potential for rain by monday and tuesday by next week. that is weather, we will see traffic and find out who is i going to work this morning. julie, good morning. there's still people whole
8:16 am
have to make it to the job. 395 coming across the 14 streett bridge, tapping the brakes but better thanak expected at this hour for folks across the potomac the southeast and southwest freeway. northbound i-95, below speed, lingering delays out of wood bridge. traffic slows again in springfield. will you find lanes are open atp 66.en theat heaviest volume is between business approximate 234 and th4 res2 -- 234and the rest area. beltway running in better shapee at this hour traveling between annandale and mariefield. the inner loop tapping the brakes approaching connecticut avenue and at beltway at route one in maryland no problems tom report as you continuert southbound toward the green bel metro and work toward landover. all lanes open with traffic tr flowing freely at the wilson wi bridge. that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. thanks so much julie. people can begin enrolling in affordable healthcare he
8:17 am
program. since the program is so new,w, it's open season for con artists as well. >> it didn't take long, wisdom joins us in the studio with tips on how to avoid the scammers. >> already. >> already, i'm sure that as soon as they start talking about there's a new healthcare plan. the scammers were are, oh, really. >> the federal government tells insurance marketplace opened fop business with a few snagsnags online, and that is exactly they type of confusion the scammers are counting on. >> you go on this web site andit then you put your information in. >> tuesday was first day that people could enroll for government healthcare coverage.o >> no way i would give thatgi information on theve phone. >> scammers are out to get yourr money. >> i wouldn't give out anyve ou information. >> just hang up, don't give any information. >> ran hoax from the better business bureau, because this program is so new, it's an opportunity for con partist arta it begins with a phone call
8:18 am
saying you. >> you have been selected as th initial group of americans on t receive insurance cards under the affordable healthcare. >> reporter: it will ask for personal information, banking and social security numbers, an in retursen the new insurance cn will besu sent to you. >> total scam.otal >> there are no new healthcare cards being issued. the insurance exchanges have no even been set up yet. >> reporter: the program doesn't officially begin until january first of next year. federal trade commission has already received hundreds ofhu complaints ofnd this nature, buu the better business bureau alsoo stresses to watch out for this classic con line. line >> they're telling me they're t from theel u.s. government for a grant of $9,000. >> total scam. don't give any personal information, bank account or credit card information. >> reporter: just some the red flags to watch out for. >> all the people watching t.v., and talk about scams.s. be aware. >> reporter: now keep in mind you don't get a new obama carea
8:19 am
or medicare there's no such thing as an obama care card. there's no such thing as a card. you don't get a card with this, you keep your old stuff. you are not required to get a new insurance card for medicaree card. if anyone threats en threatens u could go to jail for not having health insurance, that is notnot true. it never seize to amaze, when something rolls out, especiallyy when you're talking about being on the internet, scam artists come out of the woodwork and start targeting people, and people become victims of this. >> it's a shame. >> it is. >> and in particular, when it'sn -- you know this is brand newd and there's confusion about it. you know, it's going to take a while for everyone to get used d to it. it. they are jumping on it. >> the confusion is because becu people can't go online. they are going online. when they can't find the fi information online, the scam artists call them and take
8:20 am
advantage, they become victimsm and lose personal information and some money, possibly, too. >>>> >> you don't need new cards, don't give anybody personal information or money over the phone. >> no social security numbers. >> none of that stuff. coming up at 8:00, could to much texting during the day lead to less sleep at night? >> well if your fingers flyfi throughout the day oern your device, stay tuned to find out what a new study suggests.ests. later, there's something for everyone, holly morris is live at the wearford fair. 61 degrees. [ yodeleling plays ] [ hans ] toaster strudel! [ angelic music plays ] don't overthink it. [ hans ] warm, flakey, gooey.
8:21 am
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i just swapped him out for tyler. 'sup girl. mom never questioned bobby again. two can play at this game. [ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good. welcome back, everybody. ev back with health news. ne a study finds women expecting twins may not necessarily have a to undergo a c section to deliver those babies. some experts say women can give birth to both babies without going under the knife. studies have suggested because twins are at higher risk for complications a c-section mayay lower that risk, but new studies show when there's complicationsp the manner of birth often had no
8:24 am
impact. tired college students and d others might want a to scale to back their smart phone use. a new study from washington andn university of virginia found that first year students who who sent the most text had the poorest sleep habits, and high etburn out level.el. the problem mostly affected people who sent at least 100 as text messages a day. researchers suggest stress students should take breaks from texting during their downtime in order on to rejuvenate themselves. i don't know why it struckhy me as funny. [ laughter ] >> rejuvenate. you plug back and then you are back. >> rejuvenated.>> r still ahead, books and blockbuster hits, a look at the life and legacy of tom clancy, best-selling author and master of military thrillers. it was a break out hit in its premier season, now the mindy project is back for another round. ro one of the stars of the show actor ed what's will join us live in studio to look at thehe
8:25 am
new c's, looking forward to that.  february, 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan.
8:26 am
but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
8:27 am
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8:28 am
thank you, shannon.ank yo >> we should give a shout out to our producer. earlier today tony and i were laughing of our twitter account. >> i'm at twitter. twit at tony perkins t.v. >> i just tweeted a minute ago. >> i gave out exclusive information on my twitter tw account just a few moments ago.
8:29 am
>> i'm going to tell you that. >> perkins just flew inthurricae found 60-mile per hour winds so we have a new tropical storm in the next few minutes. >> it will be karen.n. >> it will be karen. kare >> where is it going to go. go. >> it will track up to florida.r >> it will be up toward our neighborhood next week. it won't be a tropical storm but some of that moisture will come our region. >> we need it. mid-to upper 80s, 68 at reagan national this morning. 63 in leonardtown, and off to of the west we go, dulles ands and manassas in the 50s, 69 degrees this morning at both dulles and manassas. mana another beautiful, another warm day, we are expecting highs as i mentioned 10-15 degrees above normal later this afternoon. satellite raid a nice and quiet we do have cloud cover off to the south and west pushing into
8:30 am
west virginia and southwesternso virginia, some of that will spill into our area today, not a perfectly sunny day.y day we are tapping into moisture on the northern gulf, and that has rainshowers to the west. this is the storm system i mentioned, they flew in a plane 60-mile per hour winds and we're looking for the advisory packagy shortly. this will become tropical storm karen, and allison it's going to track north up into western florida and it may strengthen over the next 24 hours, it will track likely track for the recommenremnants will track up eastern we may get rain early next week as that storm perks through the region. there's at cue weather seven-dae forecast. 87 this afternoon, and we willwe keep the 80s in the forecast through the end of the weekend, yes,of through the end of thehen weekend, and there are the rain chances next that is the weather forecast,t, allison, now i'm going to toss it over to you and a very special guest? >> gather round, it seems rathe silly to me that we walk the
8:31 am
place sherman a and associates when there's no place called sherman. >> and with the addition of -- >> even the clips are reallyally funny. but the fox hit show the mindy project is back for a second season. the comedy created by and starring emmy award nominated actress, should be a winner, mindy kay ling. tried to balance her personal and professional life.ession and we are joined by that guy, one of the actors in the show. he plays the lady's man, dr. jeromy reed in the show. >> the show is so funny. >> thank you, i take full credit n. >> why do you think it has been such a hit besides the funny. >> i think people like mindy. she is flawed, sometimes she dlirchgz todrinkstoo much and ke men. and not good things can happen
8:32 am
at a network prime time t.v. shows. >> your character, is as we would say here, he has it going on. >> yes. >> a terrible human. >> but he lives a pretty good go life. >> he is a smart guy but things come forgety easily t pretty ea. >> where would you like your character to go in the second season. >> i would like jeromy to be in a relationship. i think that would be something to see. >> mindy is single. >> we started off by having aha fling, and that moved on from that. i think jeromy is such as and we see him being cabbage, i thinktk it would be nice to interest to meet a woman who challenges whas he thinks about the world. >> we don't want you to give to much away, but without doingg that, what can we look forwardd to season two. >> well, jeromy has put a lot o weight on over the hiatus. >> really. >> he has been left in charge of the practice. >> and he has been stress
8:33 am
eating, eating too many sneaker doodles, so they put me a fat suit. >> i was going to say, did youi have to gain and lose a bunch of weight. >> no, they asked me if i wantee to gain 15 pounds. i can gain it but losing it si might be a different thing. so they put me in a rather uncomfortable kos actual. uncomfortable costume.stume and there's a teenage boyage busting to get out. and which as you know is very comedic. >> we can relate to that, strese and food is a huge, huge correlation. >> the cast, when we saw the writing is tight and funny, it seems like you guys have a good time. tell us what it's like behind the scenes. >> it's the best.t'th the writers are fantastic, and mindy and ike barron plays morgan are always strutting out alternative jokes for us try.
8:34 am
they collaborate an improvisation on set so we get to be creative. it's like being at work. >> it's very cool. let's talk about you a little bit. this is first sort of ta-da i'm in an american situation comedy. >> that is what i said. ta-da. >> how has it been? you're already a star overseas and across the pond. >> i mean that is very sweet off you. i never think of myself that way, a lotth of exgirlfriends he gotten in touch on facebook. that has been a side effect.fec. >> walking down the street. it's interesting. i think that the bridge is beinn built with bbc american, and a lot of shows, the office havece had roots overseas. >> yes. >> where mindy came from.e but it all strikes me very odd that you could be a establisheds face and name you know, right in england and then here, you havee to sort of start again, if you will.will >> interestingly for me, it wast the opposite of the i had about
8:35 am
ten years in london whereon nothing real he really happened. >> so i did a lot of parts in shows that never hit off. then i hit 30, i thought, something needs to happen. i went to l.a. as the last shot really in my career. if it doesn't workout, i will go open a beach bar in barbadoss and hit married women. thankfully it worked out. i'm more successful here than in was in my homeland.and. weird. i think the british accent helped. >> a lot of actors, when we hear them speak out, i didn't realizi that they were not american. would you like to do an american accent.. >> it's that, is that american. >> yes, it is. >> thank you, madam.dam. >> yes, it is. >> i just raised the pitch. >> lots more roles out there. i like the accent.
8:36 am
>> thank you so much. much >> hope you see it, stay with me. >> you have been wonderful. have you ever done stand up. up. >> i did for five years. >> the show on is a hit. are you enjoying washington. >> i'm loving it, everything is really quiet. >> we will talk about what is going on.i of course, the mindy project ist all new and you can see it heret on fox 5. thank >> thankk you. >> tony over to you.o oh, no, we will be right back blast. 
8:37 am
february, , 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first.
8:38 am
"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
8:39 am
stunning news yesterday, thn fans and colleagues are mourninr the death of tom clancy. cl he passed away after a brief illness. he is best known nor writing military thrillers like "the"t hunt for red october," and "patriot games." many of the books were inspiration for video games and movies. he was 66 years old. >> how young, what a talent. the family of casey case sum is in a big feud. his three kids, brother and a crowd of friends held a protesta
8:40 am
outside ofs his estate in los angeles. he is 81 years old. he suffers from advanced parkinson's disease. se his children says that his wife gene has not let them see -- jean has not let them see him in three months.nths. they know they are locked out od the will already. they want to see him is what is they >> you showed up -- >> hollywood legend mia ferrell is opening up about her son's ronan father. he says that the father may be frank sinatra.tra. sinatra is possibly the th 25-year-old ferrell and sinatra married in 1966, when he shoves 1 he was 5 they called the statement
8:41 am
fictitious. >> why wouldn't she have a paternity test, it seems hurtfut that she would come out on and not have evidence. >> there's a long history there >> with woody allen. >> i would say that the son has a look of frank sinatra. are you a food network addict? a new book could fill your curiosity. the author of from scratch inside of food network will joi us live and he is filling more just recipes. first we will check in with holly who is having a lot of fu this morning. hi, holly. >> reporter: it's a fun year at waterford virginia, becauseue they are not just geared up for their annual and are celebrating the anniversary. a part of the fair is particularly sweet. it might have something to doto with these guys, the bee keeping, honey making, furniture
8:42 am
making. we have a live preview continuing after the break. stay with us. it started with first crush... ...quickly followed by skydive.. ...and paris romance. there was a quick interlude... ...then mighty aphrodite. but then the day came: marry me. and she thought and thought and then she chose: freedom trail. there's a deep, rich, enduring color for everything,
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a historic village washi founded in 1733. 1733 and since then the village hasas playebeen a host to craft maker. >> reporter: this is a threethe day event. it goes on friday, saturday andy sunday, and you're going to wan to come spend some time. not just taking in the craftse people that are here, but enjoying the village itself, because it's charming and very quaint. you will want to take time to talk with the people. peop people like jeffery who is a beekeeper. good morning to you. morni >> something they did for the past 200 years, did i read that right. >> yes, phillips farm, which is property they bought to preserve, that man, so i'm privileged to keep bees there now to continue that. >> to continue the tradition. >> this week we're going to be doing honey tasting and talking about >> what do we have. have >> there's three types of honey
8:46 am
here and we would like to give people a taste of them. >> maybe this is a silly question, but they all come fro the same hive. >> they come from the same hive but they are harvested at at different times. you will notice a different taste because the flowers and nectar are blooming at aat different time. >> you can see the difference ih the color, too. >> when we talk of bees, it seems like everybody talks about the colony collapse which is a >> yes. >> serious thing. >> yes. particularly bee keepers, part of it is the stress that is involved. >> i like number three n it's the strongest sweetest taste. that is why i like it. >> you were saying about the colony collapse.colo >> a lot of researchers workings on that and they have yet to figure out a cause. there's half a dozen major factors going into that. there's a lot of stresses,
8:47 am
pesticide exposure, nutritional problems. my bees stay in one play, and a usually give a lot of attentiont and most hoblyist or people that keep their bees stationary stati haven't been experiencing that situation. >> which is good. >> real quickly before i move on. tell me one thing about bees that people would be surprisedle to know. >> it might be priced to knowd that the queen comes in the sam fertilized egg as a worker. >> really. >> i don't know where to seew wr this, she is down there. >> right down there, she has go the red dot on her. that is the queen. which jeff put on there. >> she didn't come like that. >> so the kids could pick herd out on. >> thanks for being here as part of the fair. >> you are welcome. this is a craft fair.raft you will find some of the finest crafts around and we got two craftsmen here with us. us. this is thomas wesle, and this is jeff, and thomas i'm going t start with you.t with i understand that your son is demonstrating your windsor chairs perfectly.
8:48 am
>> yes, he is.>> yes >> these are both side chairs, the one noah is sitting in is a stand backside chair and this is a high comb. both of are painted in 18 century milk paint. >> oh.>> >> the paint is used on the is s chairs as well. >> how many hours goes into any one >> a piece like this, being tha they are side chairs, they are quicker, so they will take about a week to do each of those. >> beautiful, it's absolutely amazing work. i want to make sure i get this other jeff in here, too., what are you offering thisofferi weekend, too. >> we copy pieces of furniture 1800 and earlier. these are all hand cut dove tails, that's a way a drawer would fit together like that.tht >> there's no glue or anythingr that holds it together on.ther >> there will be. >> there will be. >> but right now this is i demonstration piece that he witn take around. it shows the dove tails, and th construction here on this.
8:49 am
these are more tisz that go instead of dowels. >> you can see the attention to beautiful, beautiful work.beau we have a link to the water ford fair, it costs $16 for you to get in. we will talk more about it in the 9:00 hour. right now throw it back to sarah. it's been 20 years since thh debut of the food network. the channel that changed the wae many of us think about foodabou these days, but have you ever wondered what it was like behind the scenes and if the rumors ofs cat fights in the kitchen could all be true? this morning we're getting that answer. journalist allen sulkin issu joining us live, he is the author of the new book, from scratch inside of the food network, allen, thank you for joining us. >> sarah, thrilled, thank you. >> i have been reading thisng book. it's been 20 years that it hasat been in the making.
8:50 am
as i'm reading it realize that z lot ofe it is parallel with t.v industry in general. it's ain very cutthroat busines. specifically looking back at what is arguably the biggest star starring network, emril agassi. talk about how he was let go. >> it wasn't easy. >> first of all the book is is mauler than smallerthan a bread. >> i know as somebody who is on t.v. it's a brutal business.nes. emril had a ten year run that was first show that put the food network on the map when it started in '97.'97. and as his demographics, as his viewers got older, the network started losing little interest,e and also that show was on every night at prime time and scriptst the corporate owner is not the biggest fan of a lot of spendin on programming.
8:51 am
so with half the budget going t hibus show, even though he was man who put the network on the map, and spam and let's take ita up a notch, they knew his time was coming to a close. as they explained that to him, he refused to believe it. in the scene i have to open thee book. night when on the the show was over, still thinking he was about to be rescued. it's kind of like benching an ancient quarter bafnlg it was b. it was difficult to watch, and he deserved better. >> you could feel the tension reading the book and as i read those passages you could feel >> most of the chefs spoke for this book.. >> sandra lee who the governor of new york girlfriend only gav me a little bit. the prim a donna's of the network didn't give me, but most people gave me long, honest interviews. there's a confusion betweension
8:52 am
chefs and cooks, because the network in the 90s was about chefs, and that is what emril used to be and people like bobby flay and mario batali came from that tradition. basically 9/11 created a hunger for comfort food that you got g more cooks, more professional amateurs. >> which brought about the rachael rays, i was reading tha portion of the book, how she came along after 9/11 and looking behind the scenes at what was going on. she was really a natural that came on board and really is very business savvy, just that kind of her second nature. that is just the way she is. >> she is also a real hard worker. she seems really sweet on television, but she is a fierce worker. there was a time in new yorkew when she had to leave the city because she endured two brutal muggings, and it's when she left
8:53 am
the city and went back to live with her mother that she once overturned a car on her way to work and was covered in gasolin and showed up to work. she found her way on to locall television, quick meals and people recipes and finally wasly discovered basically on a radio show, and then di did a quick st on the "today" show and found her way back to new york. it focus fierce little stories and touching things of peopleof like that. >> i wanted to make sure to re touch on this, the paula deen controversy that occurred backe in june and food network having to let her go.. i'm assuming that book went to print before this all happened, or did it? is there portions of it that ar in there that you get the back story here. >> luckily i'm such a slow writer and typical journalist that i didn't get the book done in time which alleyed m allowed
8:54 am
a good portion of it stuff. i had a week as that was going on. i had a stuff there.ff the back story is her show wasws getting less ratings, the network was not taking a cut of her profits because she had a sharp agent. and the the diabetes deal she had, the queen of butter and sugar was taking $6 million toi endorse a diabetes drug. which she had never made publici that she had a diabetes. that made the food network of not being thrilled of being in business with her. when the network controversy happened, it was the biggest surprise peoplel who think are the network fans will find out of this? >> some of the best shows of the network were developed -- were developed before the script -- the company who bought it. it's sad to see, but hopefully they will find some new formulas that we can fall in love again
8:55 am
with this network which so many people love. >> absolutely. >> as someone who watches as well. i will continue to watch and continue to read this book. it's very interesting so far.g o >> the author from scratch inside of the food network. thank you for talking with us today. we appreciate it. >> thanks, sarah. sanctionthanks for loving the b. (crowd cheering)
8:56 am
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pumpkin coffees and lattes today. america runs on dunkin'. well, welcome back to fox 5c morningom news, it's 8:55, i'm tony perkins. i'm ali souther allison sey the temperature keeps raising in washington, take a ta look at the latest failed negotiations and the fallout fou thousands of people furloughed across the d.c. region and an
8:59 am
beyond inside a real life miracle man.miracl how a carpenter survivess shooting himself right in the heart with a nail gun. >> that is painful.painful turning back the hands of ha time. you could spend hundreds of dollars on all kinds of screams trying to find the fountain of youth. don't get me started on injections and other things, buu the best way to fight father fa time might be free. i bet i know what one of -- >> shall i say. i say. >> sleep. >> you are going to say that. >> sleep and water, drink a loto of water. >> which is not free, funny enough. unless you want to do the tap. a >> it's 91ny when you thin funnf water, it's not free. >> and you turned out just fine. >> walking and texting could be as simple as daydreaming. i get this.i ge >> for me it's to do lists, what i got to do when i get off, there's the kitchen, could i do that, i pay that bill, i get


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