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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  October 4, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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i'm wisdom martin. thank you for join us this morning. let's talk about the weather. there's going to be a little fog. >> it looks like it's right between the trees. >> probably along the river. >> there's going to be a little fog some spots. we are going to deal summary temperature, it's hard tos ha complain about it, i guess. >> is that what is creating the fog. >> what is we have water in the atmosphere, and when the temperatures cools we get the t fog in the morning on the river. we hit 59 out of dulles, it will be a difference from july and august, is we will be able to cool off at night. it will be a warm and humid afternoon, generally sunny conditions expected, no rain fo the friday and no rain for thete week. perhaps late sunday and as we turn the corner earlier nextne week beneficial rain, sunshine
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warm, humid 86 your daytime high. >> all right, beautiful, thanki you, tucker. time to see what is happening on the roads with julie wright and the morninge commute. >> reporter: all right, guys. we will start talking about the good news and that is eastbound on route 50, the longstanding crash, coming inbound from chantilly has has all the lanes are now open. nor thbound i-95, no problems to report, in fact, you are at speed leaving stafford continuing northbound up toward dale city.. it's pretty good in newington, headed toward the express line, in spots to report betweenn annandale, and maryfield and downtown. that is it and one lane is able to get by there. so it's not a permanent closure or a standing closure at this point. outer loop of the park looks great between college park and 270. that's a check of fox 5 on timei traffic. there's new details emergin
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that may shed some light of whyy a mother from connecticut may g on ama shooting rampage in d.c. >> the 34-year-old woman was-y shot and killed after a chase. sherri. om and sarahsarahd that chase started at the white house and ended over here in gunfire near the capitol and the senate office buildings. this morning the search is on for answers as the policee officers are trying to figure out what led to the woman's wild and deadly ride. research identified myriam carya officials said she had tried to get through a perimeter barricade near the white house where she struck a secret service officer who was not seriously injured. tape shot by alhurra, and a
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capital police officer was hurt when his car struck a metal barrier. the woman's car struck and her one-year-old child was in thelds back seat of the fbi. executed a search warrant on the woman's connecticut home. neighbors were told to evacuate that condo building. according to the associated press, the woman's mother said she suffered from post pa trum m depression after the birth of her child and she had never been violent. she has no idea why she would have been in d.c. investigators are trying to figure out what led to the high-speed chase and it's accident. >> they had the car whipped around and, you hear gunshots,ot when you duck for cover near the wall. >> everything was kind panic for a while. >> we heard the gunshots and a black infinity driving by, andba
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then we heard huge fire, and like a huge explosion. >> reporter: the capital at and the white house were briefly on lockdown while this all unfolded. that child in the back seat was not hurt.. the u.s. capital police officerf was taken to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. he is a 23-year-old veteran of department. police say at one point as the t woman sped away from the white w house toward the capital that she reached speeds up to 80 miles per hour. that's the latest on capitol hill, that's back to you. you. >> sherri ly is reporting. president obama is canceling a trip to asia, the trip had had been shortened, instead he will remain in washington to pressing for a budget that will reopen the government. a vote is scheduled onduled giving furlough workers back pa
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once the shutdown ends, but economists who are expecting th job support at 8:30 are out oftf luck. no september unemployment reporn because oft the government shutdown. you know, it's been a rough week in the nation's capital, wi don't have to tell you that. so this morning we figured fi people needed a little pick me up. coming up what fox 5 an 5 and u. what we're doing to try to help you out here.ou o a thriller at the verizon center, a little bit later. the sports junkies join us live to breakdown the cats and the home opener. and when you get up -- can i play?
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look, are you trying to take my job? maybe. technology that lets you play with the big boys. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's powerful. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. welcome back. a bail hearing today footer accused master behind a website where users could shop anonymously for drugs like heroin and lsd. 29-year-old ross had been operating the website since 2011. he is charged in maryland with arranging to pay someone to kill an employee.
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he feared the employee would expose the alias used on that website. the pope hasy riffed i has e italian village of assisi it's the same of francis of assisi. today they celebrate the feast of st. francis. all eyes on tropical storm i karen this weekend.this it's expected to blast the gulff coast from louisiana to the florida panhandle and could cod reach hurricane force today n alabama safety workers areer putting up double red flags at the both shores because of the rip currents.ent and mississippi governor has declared a state of emergency in his state. an early autumn storm brings heavy snow to oregon, more than 17-inches blanketed. the weather is expected to warmo up in the coming days. it looks so much fun. >> yeah, you could get away fro
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it and drive to it and it's warm. around here it's been warm n all week, but will it last intot the weekend? tuck certify back with the the answer. yes, plus fox 5 is teaming up with caribu coffee, and hollywoohollyhas all the detailt coming up. [ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday. and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury crescent dogs. with just a few ingredients, you have an easy dinner. pillsbury crescents. make dinner pop! [ pop ] but press them flat, add sauce... and some pepperoni and cheese... and school nights turn into grands mini pizza nights.
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all right, time now is ticks 14:00 on this friday morning as i start live outside with a live look. as we say welcome back to fox 5 morning this morning, we are helping d.c. area workers wrapping upinp the week with a smile, we are trying,. >> we're doing our best and holly morris joins us from dupont circle. >> reporter: every little bit helps and a cup of coffee. so we thought it might be fun on this friday morning to give away a couple of joe to those of you
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who have been furloughed. all you have to do is and down to our location, we're live at the dupont circle, live side, at connecticut and q is the intersection closest to us, show us your federal id and you will be able to get a free cup of coffee, and i'm so happy to telo you that the coffee is arriving as we speak. it's a breaking news moment here on our free furloughed workers coffee let meff say good morning to my caribu crew. >> hi, tina and michael. so i love you all, and it's great but i want to know what you are serving up today. >> we are serving up our amy's blend. it's something that we do every october to celebrate amy, and 10% of that all of that goes to cancer care so it's somethingsoh that we will give everyone a ev taste of. it's a light roast, vibrant, more caffeine than light roast.
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>> that's all you have to say is caffeine for caribu why is it important for you to get in on this and help our furloughed workers. >> we want to say thank you for everything that you do, we are still here for you and trying t ride it out and everything. just giving a complimentary cupc of coffee, and also in all of our caribus we are going to be doing buy one get one free. >> i'm inhibiting them from getting set up.gettg so let me get them to go ahead and come on over here. it's brewed and it's in those containers. we will get the cups out and all we need is you to come and visit us. we're at dupont circle. there's a metro right here. you can metro to come and see
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us, connecticut and q is thee intersection. >> as if coffee is not enough.g we have another local business that has come to spend some time and they are offering a good deal for furloughed workers,worr since you have time off right now with taking some time to get fit. we will tell you about that the next timeat you check in with u back to you in the sometimes i need the coffee before i do the workout. >> are you kidding, i do dumb bells with my cup of coffee. >> i understand, holly, it is necessary. >> thanks so much. >> you're welcome.'r >> sure she is happy to get a cup, too. >> it's nice on a friday morning. >> nice, absolutely showing up and handing that out. a lot of people get out there. let's do the weather.s do the weather t is cooperating ifp you head out to dupont as we are expecting more summertime temperatures and even a little humidity out there as well. again the august in october continues for a few more days.
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67 this morning. >> my movie.. >> your movie. >> august in october. >> starring sarah simmons. [ laughter ] >> 50s north and west, 57 manassas, 59 in morning out at dulles, we're going to warm it up quickly. might be a little fog, look at the live shot we might bet getting some fog at the potomac. there might be little fog to start the day. weather pattern continues, front that was hanging out, and out, brought us the cloud cover yesterday pushed to the north tr and there's cloud cover up to the pennsylvania and southern new york. rk we will be dealing with clouds from time to time today. i can't promise it will be perfectly sunny, but generally sunny conditions are expected for today and if you have have weekend plans, saturday and sunday featuring summertime, upper 80s, and we will cool it more down, as we watch a cold front and perhaps, karen or the remnants of karen move in. this is the latest of tropical storm karen, winds down 50 miles
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per hour and that is down overnight and moving north and west at 10:00. we call this the spaghetti ploti this is the computer model showing all the places that it could move and western new orleans and florida, and mississippi, and alle by early sundaalabama albyearly sunday ml track toward the north and east. by monday we will be getting good soaking rains associated with karen. 87 today. winds north and west at 5, later tonight 66 the overnight low,nih keep the model conditions goings and this weekend forecast upper 80s on saturday, are youy, are kidding me, it's october, 85 on sunday and there's the rains with a cold front and the weapo nants of kareremnants of karen.. cooler next week.coo >> reporter: right now on the outer loop of the beltte approximater way, here is where we have problems, the accidentnt occurred before 29, just after
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the over pass, this is where we had the accident activity tyingi up the twov left lanes, i should say west of 29, new hampshire avenue as you continue toward 270. inner loop of the beltway, leaving the robinson terminal so far without incident, continuing 66. you willui find traffic northbo 95, leaving newington, no problems reporting out ofg out manassas, and leaving toward the capital beltway. southbound 270, we had reports that police were in pursuit coming southbound through thendr rockville interchanges, we are r looking at 28 and falls road.s so far no flashing lights, butt, we are keeping an eye for folks coming inbound off ought out of gaithersburg. that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. 
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all right, welcome back tot, fiesks morning news, twitter iss one step closer to going public, but first we want to get a check of the markets as day four offoo the shutdown begins, adam shapiro with fox business
6:23 am
network joins us this morning. good morning, and happy friday, adam. >> happy friday, we're talkingng about happy friday but how isis day four of the shutdown having an impact on the markets? >> we saw a bit of a sell out, we saw a triple-digit sell out, s&p was down 15, and nasdaq was down 14. right now the futures arees indicating a positive open onon eastern when we start trading. we saw positive futures the the other day, and of course, we reversed the trajectory, europeu is mixed, the other big paris pa and london is trading up. the nikkei tokyo, has to do witi the government shutdown, and the people concerned with the united states, with the world's reserve currency. if we don't come up with a plan to pay our bills, a lot of investors are really worried. twittetwitter is a step cloo
6:24 am
going public? >> yes, yesterday afternoon we got their official filing, the i public information, how does $253 million in revenue in the first sixth months of the yearye sound to it's doubled what they did the h year before. in all of 2012, they did 53 million. they are on target.. you might become one of those investors, they are hoping on make $1 billion.m a lot of people say it's going to be at the new york stock exchange, not nasdaq. the symbol will be twtr, it's 250 million daily users monthly users on average, with 500 million tweets a day. the problem with that figure ist how many of those are real livei human beings and how many are computers from differentfr companies which are trying toar get yoeu to buy that stuff. that is what investors have to o die yesterday.
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>> adam sha pir ro shap pir shat weekend. >> thank you. no redskins this week, but u hockey is back. we're talking about the capitals with the sports junkies after the break. (crowd c cheering)
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never be far from the game. download nfl mobile and watch live nfl games exclusively from verizon. every thursday, sunday and monday night. never being with out football. that's powerful. verizon.
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welcome back right now. coming up hereco on 6:30, a livi look at the u.s. capital dome.a we will check in with sherri lyl she has been talking about of course, the police chase andan shooting and yesterday, just one of the many things that has kept washington d.c. very busy this week. welcome back, let's check in with tucker and get the latest on our forecast. good morning, more of the t same, we got summer-likelike temperatures here to stay notay just for friday but the for the weekend, make arrangements to dine outdoors later today. >> i like that. >> i saw people.saweo >> i'm going to fire up the grill since you said that.
6:29 am
>> it was almost too hot to be e outside yesterday, in the mid many of the >> i washed my car yesterday. >> i went running and i didn't think it was bad. >> we were all outside. >> let's go to the temperatures, 667 at reagan national, and 55 n out at dulles, and 56 degrees, a few clouds to start the morning, rainshowers up into southern canada and pushing into new york and new england, some of the clouds, and sunshine yesterdayye when we turned mostly cloudy, generally sunny conditions withs highs in the mid-to upper 80s, humidity as well, very warm andn humid today. >> all right. >> warm, and humid. >> uh-huh. [ laughter ] >> i can't believe that it's october. it's october 4th. >> and we're talking about these temperatures so far above ab normal. >> the average daytime high isda in the low 70s, and we're we
6:30 am
talking about temperaturesrature 15 degrees above normal. year, a little unusual. unus >> and uanot unusual that juliei wright is out of here and is going to be warm. i think she skipped out for thee day. >> you think she is out of here. >> i think possibly. >> she would be outside basking in the sun. >> putting on the oil right now. >> how about doing traffic for her. >> we're going to do traffic for her. >> yeah. >> all right, julie, are you we're ready to roll. >> time for traffic. >> this is some good t.v. >> this is how i do traffic, tr here is julie wright. >> reporter: i was waiting for the animation, too. unfortunately we're having technical difficulties so we'res trying to get it right for you. southbound 270, coming out of of rockville, so far without issue, we were checking for a police chase that was reported on 270,7 so far the traffic cameras
6:31 am
weren't finding anything. trouble on virginia along northbound 395 as you approachch edsall road that is where we had the crash stay to the right ingh order to get by and look for delays as you travel on the beltway. no issues to report, those traveling out of wood bridge, headed boind towar inbound 495. we have new details this morning about the connecticut woman who led police on a wild i car chase putting the capital ol a lockdown. myriam carey says her 34-year-old daughter had postpartum depression. that little girl is protectivepr custody this morning. for the race for governor go ever virginia, a new poll give terry mcauliffe a five point lead. he has 38% compared to 34%,.
6:32 am
couples left scar scrambliny are receiving a generouss officer. an episcopal church bishop saysa they can use the garden, at no charge. couples affected by the shutdown, can contact sharyl sh wall burn at the bishop's office. we will post that information ai our website at go right ahead. let's talk sports. it's been a big week for the the sports in the nation's capital. >> the caps hit the ice for first time this season. >> let's go to the 106.7 the fan. >> i saw wisdom doing the traffic a little bit, whatt happened, did julie get stuck in the bedroom?oom? >> can -- bathroom.
6:33 am
>> can i say that sarah looks sexy in blue. >> what did you say. >> you look wonderful in blue. >>bl she says you were s's sexyn blue. >> what have you been drinkingdr this >> always water in the morning.t >> the redskins got the first win against the pitiful raiders. how impressed were you. >> not impressed because the quarter back, that they beat was thrown to the third spot. a rookie is in the second spot p for ratedders. it gave the redskins a littleina tad of credit. >> i'm not that impressed. >> it's the first win going on the road, it's not always the th best place to play. on the first couple of weeks they gave up 71 points last weeks they have given somethingg
6:34 am
like 74, and they have dramatically improved the lastd two weeks? i think you buy into it more mo after the next week. they have this by week, and the dallas plays the denver broncos, they're going to lose to the pae ton manning and the broncos, iff that defense we were talking about, steps up against dallas,a then we will be impressed. can we talk about the capitals. we on so super excited about that, and we have been talking about the new guy grobosky. he. >> he signs a deal, and paysys instant dividends against chicago. for a guy to have a hat trick and an assist for the capitals i think that is a look at good things to come.come. >> everyone was killing ovi thei first two months of the season last year, and then he came on strong and won heart, correct,co
6:35 am
now he is out on fire out of the gate, three goals. he picked up where he left off. a little nervous of the goaltending situation, they had to pull him, but adam says putpu him back out there on saturday, going to give him another shot and redeems him.him. and ovi comes out and plays well, and that's nice to see a a guy coming out of the bench ande has a nice performance.perfo >> their powerplay and hummingd and that is what adam came ascae the coach to kind of lead that powerplay back to where it was a couple of years ago, right now they are converting 55% of their chances on powerplay, which is a chances. >> a nice come back win last night. >> i want to leave you with this note, the redskins won lastn week, and the caps won last night. >> she is more impressed with sarahwi simmons. >> he can't help himself.lf.
6:36 am
>> listen, sarah is sexy, but wisdom, i think you are sexy. >> thank you, thank you, the romance continues.manc >> i got to try to keep up with him. i try to do my best. >> and tucker barnes is sittingg over here what about me.. >> if the rains he might be >> guys. >> thank you. >> thank you.>> >> all right coming up, after the break, w tehat co are headee london. >> that's right. >> to london, that is where wh movie reviewer kevin mccarthy ke is there and why he says gravity is one of the best movies of the year. that is coming up next. 
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welcome back. you know it's already being called one of the best movies os the year andt now is your chancr to weigh in on gravity. it is just one of the new movie that is opening today. toda movie reviewer, kevin mccarthyn joins us live from london this h morning. good morning, kevin. i love that you are there. >> good morning, sarah, by the
6:40 am
way tucker and tony, you canan hear me, you both are sexy as well. [ laughter ][ >> i just wanted to tell you. >> right now, the love is between you and me. >> it is.> >> it is. i >> so let's start talking about movie graphty. yogravity.g >> but this movie it scares me the idea of floating around in space. >> gravity is a cinematic masterpiece for many, many reasons. i have seen the movie three times, for two reasons, i wanted to keep watching it over and over again and i wanted to tell the viewers what format theyth need to see it. when you go to the movies you have 2d, 3-d, and imax. this is a film worth seeing in 3-d imax. you feel like you are actually in space with sandra bullock and george clooney, they are floating around after a huge
6:41 am
accident, they are left adrift. it's a film that i consider a game changing film of ourr generation.gera if you look over the course of the history of cinema, you find films, like 2001, hitchcock, you have george lucas star wars, and james cameron, avatar all technical achievements, and alfonso has hit one of those milestones. graphty is ongravity has reachef those, unlike avatar hits you on a technical standpoint. this is a technical and emotional achievement.acev she delivers, and she is so physically demanding in film. everything about this movie works.rk again, i have seen it three times, it gets better every single time. i gave it a 5 out of 5. i have yet to give a 5 this year. if you tweet me at kevinke mccarthy, i will tell you you
6:42 am
which the best 3 imax theaters are in the area. runner, runner, timberlake, >> this movie is a disaster, it's one the worst scripts i have seen on camera but timberlake is very deep in thene film. you are dealing with a guy who g is going to college and deposed to princeton and is gambling with his tuition money. ne and affleck, owns a site and cheats him out of that money. m. timberlake goes to costa rica ti con not front him, and they up h workingey together. it's all of these terrible poker metaphors, they keep saying, this is your one chance, you gog to get all in here. that is so cheesy. metaphors are so cheesy, but the movie some intensity. i say skip it, a give it a 1.5 out of 5. affleck looked like he was bore the whole movie.
6:43 am
he better be for batman. >> if he is bored, i can entertain him, not that way. >> first in london, why the heck are you there? we need to talk about that, i love the fact that you are there, because london is one of my favorite cities, but why are you there. i'm here for the premier for a movie. i was on the carpet, i interviewed penelope cruz, michael fact bender, we will have the interviews, coming up for. you. i'm going to do this fox 5 fan question, we're we're going to o bring the questionin to any celebrity i interview and today we are going to sit down with, javi er. the next one i'm talking to is harrison ford. all you have to do is tweet and
6:44 am
any question you want to ask harrison ford, i will pick the best one and we will air it exclusive. >> and javier, you said it was today. >> i'm going to sit with him,m, andim other egg go to ask first fan question ever, he wants to knowwa if he kept the coin thate flipped in old countr country f. >> awesome, i can't wait to hear >> kevin, take care. >> tucker and tony you're sexy.y >> so are you. >> that was the best like ever. >> he just -- he has the best job ever.b he is going everywhere. he has the red carpets.rpets. hanging out with the stars. >> my best trip is hang hanging out at the pink palace with julie. we are looking great, mid-to upper 70s, warm and humid conditions here to stay for the next several days.
6:45 am
>> what are you laughing at, summer.mmer. >> pink palace. >> 63 this morning in leonardtown. 64 in annapolis, we got 50s north and west, 59 in gaithersburg, 57 in manassas, so a few 50s, might be a little fog for you in a little spot north and west, but you know, the theme remains here for the next several days, we're going'e to be rather warm, rather humid, too. you will notice humidityc creeping upe and generally sunnr for your friday and for your weekend as well. a few clouds north and west, no rain expected today. the warm front that brought thet clouds yesterday is listed further north and we will see clouds from time to time. otherwise a quiet weather pattern for the start of your week here. as mentioned we continue to see the flounce of the high area temperature. here is karen, maximum winds 60 miles per hour this, weekend, a little bit overnight. forecast to you make landfall,lf perhaps western florida and alabama, mississippi, and late saturday night and early sunday morning. likely to make landfall, a
6:46 am
tropical storm or perhaps a weae category one hurricane. and get pulled north with a cold front. we will likely see the remnants early next week, and that will likely enhance some of our rain by monday and thursday, it'ssda, been very dry in past month and a half.d the 7 dave forecast,cast, enjoy a warm, and summary mm weekend. maybe we have 90 tomorrow, mid-80s on sunday, and there'sda the rain monday and tuesday. >> thank you, tuck.ou, had with look who is here. >> hello. >> i don't know what you all are drinking out here this morning, but there's a whole lot of -- - it's the weekend, yeah. >> something. >> good morning, hi, there, ther everybody. you know what it's time for, of course, too-too doo-doo. ♪ >> beautiful.ul. >> ask tony and tucker, the of segment where tucky -- tucky -- tucker barnes. i haven't done that in a long time. that's supposed to be private. >> tucker barnes and i put ore
6:47 am
heads together to answer your questions, whatsoever. first of all, can i say i love ou sr viewers.viewer >> yeah. >> this is a great question here: before we get to this person's actual question, got to tell you a little bit. his name is let's see, jeff je gates. >> yes. >> silver spring, maryland. i'm going to read first part of what he wrote. first i have to say that the fox morning news is my anchor.anchor i watch you around 6:30-7:00, as i get ready to work. now that i'm a furloughed federal employee, watching youwa at the sametc time, provides me with some conituity. thank you for that. >> of he sent a picture. he took a picture on his way toa woryk on day one on the day of furlough. had i to do something in an instance where he had no contro or input. there he is on the day one of the day one of shutdown. it's hard to see us bashed in
6:48 am
congress or elsewhere. i love what i do, i usuallyy everyone on metro, tuesday wearing the sign, people gave m fist bumps, and likes of encouragement. >> here is jeff's question, hows is julie wright able a to talk so seamlessly when given theiven traffic reports. traffic conditions change so fast, she is able to talk as if she has the latest info memorized. she is also impressed with tucker, but weather changes not as affidavit. >>so we go to the source for the answer to this. julie wright, how do you dodo this. >> reporter: jeff, federal employee and now my new agent. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i don't actually have it memorized. when you have been doing this, have been a part of this team th for 15 years, but when you doo it, you start to see it in youro mind' eyes, you drive the roadso and you make notes. i don't make notes while i'm
6:49 am
driving. when i first started i was too young to be on the company insurance, so i had a mobile that drove me around the beltway, and i would wright notes down.not it's important that you can relate to the driver, so that i why a lost times you will hearhe me say something like, over herr at the exxon or by the kfc, by the mall, a lot of things are be the mall so i can help relate and give you a bird's eye view for your idea of where you need to go.o a lot of people know their way to work, they don't know back routes. they don't know other ways to ds what you do. a lot of times when you drive into work, you don't see one thing, you don't see otherother things that go on around you. i travel a lovment tha a lot. that is what we do. as traffic reporters we get out and we drive the beltway andnd look around for things. if there's a new stretch of roah that is open, you travel it.
6:50 am
>> have you ever been in aen in traffic jam? >> yes, i have. i have, yesterday afternoon, in the midday after the president's spoke in rockville, i took 355 home just to see, because i think it's important that we as trafficwe reporters realize what it's like. like >> you intentionally put inte yourself in the middle of a traffic jam. >> reporter: yes, you want to a understand the frustration of fr what peopleus are dealing with. >> so if you are ever in a ever traffic jam, does someone in the car next to you beep the horn, and roll down the window and said, shouldn't you have known about this? >> that happened the other day e on the way home. home i was at the stoplight and i wa drinking my soda and this lady, rolled down the window and saysd i watch you every morning. >> she scared me and i spilledld soda all over me. [ laughter ] >> all right, there you go. >> you know, people ask me sometimes how does she know alla that stuff.t you know your stuff. >> i try, i try.
6:51 am
>> jeff gates, thank you for the question. we hope you get to work soon, you and all of the furlough federal workers. if you have a question you want answered, go to, ano click on the weather tab. what do we do now. >> we gobbing ba t back to juli. >> reporter: it's my showdown. >> reporter: northbound 395, this is what we learned. four vehicles involved in this crash, right side of the road is getting by. northbound on 395 with a big backup leaving the capital backup, in fact, northbound 95, is starting to see a backup, leaving newington, and starting to, inner loop looks greatt between annandale and maryfield. eastbound 66, without issue out of manassas, and southbound 270 in the clear, toward the split. we heard from marc rail, they are saying train 898 is outside of the martinsburg, it's 28, bu it could last up to an hour.
6:52 am
that's a check of fox 5 on timee traffic. two things here to getto friday off to a good start, coffee and a good workout. >> i like both of those. here best is part this is all free that we're talking about. >> i like that part. >> i know you do. let's check back in with holly morris from dupont circle.cile holly, are you getting visitors out there. >> reporter: we haven't seen anybody yet. we having are our own party. furlough workers we are inviting you to the dupont circle. we know you not working is not t good thing, it wasn't yourr choice, but you can choose tose come down here, and get perked up a little. we can't do this alone so first part comes from caribu coffee,e, and my caribu coffee crew. here we are, tina, and mike, ho is this working, tell me what ih going on?
6:53 am
>> we got free coffee few you. come down, we can talk aboutabt what you are doing now that you are furlough, and talking abouti it and getting through it. >> i need somebody to pour me a cup of coffee. pour it up. we are going to have the boss man do it right here. and we are serving up amy's blend. >> amy's blend, and it's has a lot of caffeine which is good.. >> caffeine is always good. >> caffeine is always good. >> and this is actually, what we're doing for the month of october is breast cancer awareness month. this is dedicated to the amy wh was one of the first of for caribu i want a little cream.m. >> the second part of our deal has to do with washington sport club and here is my favorite trainer libby working out. you guys are helping people as well. got going on.ou >> we are so sorry that the
6:54 am
government workers are furloughed, but we are opening our doors, a free pass for all a of our facilities up the east coast, philadelphia, new york,y, boston and we want to 5 them a free pass, just like we're so so community-based. we help with hurricane sandy. sd we're coming to our doors, show your govern. id and take classes, yoga, release the stress. maybe use a machine, just come in, and just relax because wewe are there for you.yo >> you can go there to get a free pass or you can come down here this morning, they will bee here through 8:00, and libby and her team will put you through the paces as well. it's all about making live a little easier. we will be here throughout the morning, come visit us, dupont circle, meanwhile we got nor news on fox 5 morning news after the break. stay with us. f
6:55 am
"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." these are birth control pills. more than half of american women use them at some point in their lives but ken cuccinelli sponsored a bill that could have made common forms of birth control illegal, including the pill. cuccinelli was one of only five senators to support this "potentially radical intrusion into domestic, family and individual decision-making" why is ken cuccinelli interfering in our private lives? he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
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live back now with the face book fan of the day.k andok it's samantha reed. we make her mornings here at fox 5. we appreciate that.ate >> look at her. her. >> everybody takes such great pictures when they're the fan oh the day.eye >> they do.heyo. >> it's awesome. that does it for the 6:00 hour. >> now let's send it tony and allison to take uls the rest oft the day. >> happy friday. >> chaos on the hill, why did a woman lead police on a wild chase in the district that ultimately led to her death. sherri ly is live where it all ended in the capital. capi we are hearing what her family and friends are saying this morning. those tense hours put the t capital on lockdown, stalling any efforts of congress to reacs a deal. day four of government shutdown. a day which could see lawmakers on decide whether to 5 furlough workers their back pay. >> and we are hoping to put
6:59 am
smiles on faces of folks who are affected, and holly is live in dupont circle with details on free deals. fox 5 morning news at severn 7:00 starts right now. now. here is your live look outside, a little bit ofle bit moisture in the air makes for a nice picture, not a bad looking start to the day, different tha wa we have seen many other days this week. it's friday october 4th. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm allison seymour, happyr, you are ending the week it us. >> absolutely. >> i mentioned the weather, tucker has details with what we can expect to see through the t course of the day today. >> good morning, tony and allison, it's more warmth, ith,i know it's october, but itber, bu doesn't feel like it. how about mid-80s, and it feels like august here for the r time being. let's get to the maps, warm through the weekend, not only today but both saturday anday sunda


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