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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  October 7, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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now across the area and aheadnd of a frontal system that is fairly strong out there that. system coming into this very warm humid air mass is going to set us up for a chance of some storms so be prepared. keep the umbrella happenedy. right now 74 degrees at reagan national. 72 at dulles, today we're talking a high of about 79 degrees. being looking at some showersme that will move in a little later on this morning and by this afternoon some isolated storms. some pockets of heavy rainfall with that as well sowel do be prepared. we have a coastal flood advisory for the tidal potomac and the chesapeake bay so things could get a little dicy. things are going to deteriorate. we're talking an unsettled mopped but wait until you see my seven-day >> can't wait for thank you.r right. julie, what is going on? >> the pressure. >> yeah. >> all right. >> say something
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>>g oh, boy. >> no. >> gwen, hi. gw >> there you go. >>ou god way to start. >> this is not a god way to start. this is jason smith, our scene of the crash. this is the inner loop ofof beltway the ramp that wouldhat take you to northbound i-95 where traffic is beingeing diverted so the accident occurred under neath i-95. as you continue around to route 1 collect park. that is where the wreckck occurred but all traffic is being diverted to theto northbound side of i-95. you can stay to the right andigt exit into the parking ride. rid ride the ramp there and that will reconnect you to theto exit for the inner loop of the bellway but the two-cartwo- accident investigationesti continues. the inner loop of the beltwayway remains closed at i-95 and college the outer loop is open. quick peak at the maps. map if you pop that up, if youp, are traveling southbound on i-95 and coming out to the capital beltway make your exit on to both the inner and
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outer loop of the beltway but it is the inner loop that remains closed at 95 and college park.lle lanes are open on the southbound stretch of the beltway leaving 414 headed for the wilson bridge. no problems reported. 395 out of virginia. across the 14th street bridge frasks-- traffic flowing freely.eely continuing northbound out to newing-to-be this.n is a check of the fox 5 traffic, back to >> in thefi news the government shutdown continues but no sign of compromise and now the clock is ticking toward another budget crisis raisingg the debt ceiling. >> as far as the shutdownhutd republicans are criticizing the president for not talking while the white house says the crisis could have been avoided. >> these manufactured crisis that is bad for the economy. we're the world leader. we are the strongest, deepest economy in the world. our currency is the world's
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reserve >> my goal is to have a serious conversation aboutbout those things that are drivingrii the debt up and the president's refusal to sit sit down and have a conversation about this is -- is >> are you saying -- >> defense secretary chuck hagel has ordered hundreds ofun thousands of defense department employees back tok t work today, but a majority of o the federal work force isce still off the job. >> the supreme court is beginning its new term thiss morning and will be hearinging arguments on important cases about campaign contribution, housing scrim nation government-sanctioned prayer-s and the president's recess appointments.nt the first major thing on the calendar is campaign financenc argument it deals with ah challenge to the overall limit of what individuals can c give campaigns.mpai libya is calling a capture of an al-qaeda member an
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abduction. secretary of state john kerryjon calls the case unfounded. >> al-libi was captured in triply. his family says he was nabbed. officials plan to prosecute him in in the u.s. meanwhile the u.s. reports also another raid this weekend targeting members of the group al-shabab. they claim for last month'sth's attack at a kenyan mall. the controversy over the red skins nickname rages on. r >> the oneida indian nation will holding a symposium today. mel any is life. i >> reporter: the nfl meeting, they begin tomorrow tom and team openers are expected to arrive sometime later today. we don't know if those two groups will actually cross paths, but it is no
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coincidence that the oneida nation is here. the change tt campaign is getting more traction. it wasn't too longing a ox that roger godle softened hits position saying that more attention should be paid to those offended by the red skin name. today members of the oneida nation in new york will be in washington holding an h conference on their push toh change the names.. over the weekend they have unexpected help from president obama during an interview with the associated press. the washington red skins organization responded quickly. >> i've got to say if i werere the owner of the team and i knew that there was a name off my team, even if it had a storied history, that was offending a sizeable group of people, i would think about changing it. >> this is about an 81-year-old tradition andd tr history and legacy. a sports team that we love. lov nine out of ten native
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americans polled by anennberg institute said they don't want the team changed. >> oneida nation spokesperson says there is more at stake.tak he told fox 5 the use ofof appear offensive term has negative consequences for the native american communityeric when it comes to self-identity and imagery. this is about doing right pu our children who are especially impressionable. those are some of i the things they'll focus on in thisin conversation today. the team attorney toldor 2350bgs that the president's remarks are not likely tokely sway the team owner who has held fast to his position that he is not interested in talking about a name change which. we don't expect that to beo part of the agenda for the nfl team owners fall meetings this year. the nfl says a team's name is solely an owner's decision to make. wisdom and sara. as you mentioned he made ite clear where he stands on it. it
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so, thank you. coming up a big vote in newtown to help residents move off at last year'syear tragedy at sandy hook. >> flames threaten a military base as another wildfire breaks out in california. the latest efforts to put outut the foyer ahead.oy >>er a motorcyclist involved in the confrontation with an a s.u.v. in new york appearsrs before a judge. how much he is being held behind bars when we come back. >> this is a live picture of an accident on the inner looplop of 495 near college park. julie is going to tell us how to knave gait and give -- navigate and gave us the latest information of what is going on. fox 5 morning news continues after the break. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out.
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february, 2013.. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health. >> welcome back. sandy hook elementary schoolhool in newtown, connecticut willnect soon have a new home. h northeasterly after one year o -- >> a $50 million grant fromrant the state has been approved by residents to build a new school. it will be built at the site of the existing school. the grant will some in self payments. demolition of the old school will begin and officials hopeffc
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to have the new school finished by early 2016.016 let's go to california wherewhe hundreds of firefighters are battling a wildfire. >> the fire gap on saturday at the came pendleton marine bairks more than 200 families have been ewhack vaited as well as dozens of patients. pa officials say the fire is about 20% contained. the cause of the fire is still under investigation.nd >> coming up next tracking fall's wild weather, tearingtear fall apart in the gulf. that is good news.s >> g not good news in nebraska where people are picking upicki the pieces after the tornadoes there. >> your umbrellas is what you are going to need today. we've wet weather headed ourour way and a chance of seeing storms as well. wel details after the break. here is a live look near college park at 495 andnd showing you what is happening there. the do be careful on then roads this morning.
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once a day xarelto® means no regular blood monitoring -- no known dietary restrictions. for more information and savings options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit >> welcome back to fox 5co morning time is 5:15. people along the gulf coast are cautiously optimisticptim they dodged a pretty powerful storm. tropical storm karen continues to weaken and break apart as it moves to the tip of louisiana.
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parts of alabama and florida f could still see heavy rainn and strong rip currents this week. >> people in parts of the mid west deal with a tornado. the twister tore through the town of wayne, nebraska. at least 15 people were hurt. the national weather servicevice says it was an e. f. had, the send most powerful tornado. ef-4. spring-like weather hitting. more summer-like weather here. deall don't have to with any major storms. sto we've had the heat. but we do have storms in therms forecast for this afternoont sofo let's get to it.t. we're going to tell you what to expect and a big change inchn our temperatures. the heat was on t this weekend. it felt like august in october. we were hitting into the upper 80s, into the 90's record-breaking highs. unprecedented for this time of year.te we're now getting back to t reality, folks, but todaybut will be another day where it will be fairly warm. 74es great at national airport. woaf a 72 at annapolis, not
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anis police, baltimore,timo annapolis is not even showingng up. look at the national temperatures, it's a real telling story about what is happening with us, because weus, have a very strong cold front headed our way. way ahead of the cold front youou can see up and down the mid-atlantic temperatures to the 70s here. on the backside of the cold front cooler air is shufflingufl in. look at this 40s and 50s, a very dramatic change andhang that is what is going to happen to us. us. we're going to see our temperatures drop back to where they should be into the 70s, let's being lo at radar. the frontal system produced a lot of storms. you can see here all wait to the south a fair amount ofount pongts of heavy rainfall withfal it. that is something we have to watch. weather maps, that's going to push through to the east and we're going to see a chance of some pockets of heavyhea rainfall and a chance of some isolated thunderstorms. into the morning, late you can see showers then by this afternoon, some stormstor
5:17 am
picking up. isolated in nature, but i can't rule out some of themof won't be strong because that cold front is strong comingng into the warm humid air massair that we have in place and we could see localized floodingoodi as well there, is a coastal flood advisory currently inin effect. future cast, this particularticu model showing that by the 10:00 hour we're just down toown the leading edge of that for d.c. but behind it counties to the west see pockets of heavy rainfall. sticks around through the midday. en this evening the front will be to the east of the bay and we'll get a bit of a clearing. in the meantime 79 degrees today. showers in the morning hours. storms through into thehe course of the afternoon. your seven-day forecast being very indicative of the cooler air behind that front. you can see our temperatures dropping back to the 70s leaving the 90s well in thein dust and a break in terms of
5:18 am
the wet active weatherve because we have the ridge of high pressure behind thatessu that gives us some sunshine into the course of the week and there is the reality check for us. 70s are making a comeback. >> i'm ready to leave thehe 90s in the dust. >> i'm ready to move on. i want to see the brown leaves, little bit of a breeze. we're ready. >> i think so. t >> ready to check in with julie. >> this is not what you wantwa to see first thing on a monday, morning, this is a two-car accident. ittw occurred late in the 2:00 hour. it occurred right under the i-95. the triple bridges is what wewe call it but this is where itre occurred over in collegege park. all traffic over the inner loop of the beltway is beingeing diverted over to 95. from there you can ride the ramp at the park and ride to reconnect with the inner looper of beltway. but at least two cars involved in this crash. we have a tow truck on the scene but again the reconstruction team is still t near on the inner loop so
5:19 am
traveling eastbound from silver springs it's going to be complicated until we can clear this up. right now there is a delayay starting to form east of 650 new hampshire avenue aroundre a to the scene. pull up the maps. if you are on the inner loop i of the beltway coming out off silver springs towards college park that is wheres the inner loop is closed. for you off of i-95. you can continue on the outer loop to silver springs or head south around to landover. hat we'vew you w working in virginia. quiet. 395 across the shallth street bridge -- 14th street bridge. 59 -- 95 moving nicely. that is a check of your y traffic. >> julie, thank you. in principles georgeing county 11 people are recovering following a major crash involving six cars.
5:20 am
>> police say the 23-year-old driver of the car that wentent airborne and his 1-year-old passenger -- 17-year-old-yea passenger were air lifted tod the hospital. nine others including twoclud whirn were -- children werere taken by ambulance. >>ken hit and knocked me into the shoulder and then from there,d everybody, you know, they hit everybody else.ou >> traumatic, it's the worstic thing i've ever been involved in. >> police are looking into weather drag racing was theas cause of the crash but sayay charges are pending. to scary moments at the grand prix in huston. dario franchitti crashed his car sending debris flying into the stands. 13 fans were injured. two taken to the hospital. the other 11 were treated at the scene.
5:21 am
the driver fractured hisctur spine but he is expected tox be ok. >> the man accused of triggering a violent roadt rage incident in new york hasnew been arraigned on gang assault charges. he is being held on $75,000 bail. police say dozens of bikers stopped an s.u.v. on the highway. 33-year-old sped off with hisith wife and young daughter inaugh the voke and his two bikers.ike bikers chased him down andnd beat him. the lawyer admit his client broke the window of theof s.u.v. but he didn'tn't participate in the beating. pour people have been aest ared but one of them was not charged. >> wow. yeah. our wrap-up of what went onent is coming up next in ourur talkers of the day. >> that's right.that stay with us. time is 5:22. the arteries of your dishwasher are constantly clogging up
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♪ >> boy, isn't that true. manic monday already. good craziness happening on ha the roadway, julie will talkill about that in a bit but weit want to talk about the weekend. >> the weekend. >> always a good time. >> events and activities of the weekend. let's start off with a littlele martin household action.ld >> told the kids what to doo in the yard. >> made them work. t >> the kids did have can go
5:25 am
something to do. i'm not a mean dad. >> aww. >> we're out bike riding up in clarksburg, everything hasing a bike now. >> where is you ares? >> do you see mom, mom mo doesn't have a bike.t >> youha made her walk. h >> i departments make her walk, she didn't -- i offered her my bike. she didn't want to do the bike thing. >> why doesn't she have her own bike. >> she wants to keep up with the young ones so she is better if she walks. >> i get it. that makes sense. >> that makes >> helmets. >> i amie a ignoring you, i y heard you talking about the helmet. we didn't ride that far. the road was closed. you know what -- >> back in my days when i rode a bike -- >> that's right. >> they've helmets. >> they don't have them on because -- >> that is a long story, we s don't have -- >> wisdom is like, maybe i
5:26 am
shouldn't be showingowin pictures. >> we don't have enough time. e >> what did you do? >> i relaxed and soaked up the rays. r i did. >> warm enough? >> it was' 90 degrees but i wanted to show you because you mentioned being -- >> [laughter] >> i did grocery shopping. i did grocery shopping. i made an attempt to make pumpkin ravioli. there is --re i >> pumpkin ravioli. >> you made it from sketch? >> i was trying. i used spring role wraps. r >> iol like to cook and that is more work than i want to do. >> this came off of my twitter. the official elf said 79 days until christmas. >> tell the elf to go back to bed.bed. we're not even at halloween yet. >> he is the official elf. >> 79 days to figure out what you are going to buy me. >> we don't have time. [laughter] >> just for the record i was
5:27 am
here working. >> i was watching movies, you know. >> what did you see? >> the great gatsby. >> test a all good.ll >> it's all good. >> we'll continue to hang out and be right back. the latest on the government shutdown and the red skins name debate as well resurfacing again.rfac time is 5:28. we're back after this. [ female announcer ] why do we clean? to help keep our homes healthy. but not all cleaners are equal. at lysol, we go beyond cleaning, we call it healthing. healthing is killing germs... and having more cleaning power than bleach without the harshness. it's being the #1 pediatrician recommended brand. and sharing healthy habits in 65,000 schools.
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♪ so, stop just cleaning. start healthing.
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♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around barbara ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ try new fiber one cinnamon coffee cake. >> welcome back, 5:30 right
5:30 am the inner loop. we've julie who is going tong give us appear update on the traffic accident. not good news. >> we've recently learnedent this is a deadly crash which occur around 2:50. shortly before 3:00. inner loop of the beltway under the triple bridges here in the traffic lingo if you will. triple bridges so right thererig in college park.k. the traffic coming towardsowa you along the left side ofside the screen is being diverted off at i-95 where you canre y ride the ramp to reconnect with the inner loop of thehe beltway but a deadly crash closing the inner loop of thethe beltway at i-95 and collegeege park. a. when the rampthe will be reopened or theor roadway will be. so if you are traveling from silver spring headed to green belt and college park, thinkpar about your alternate routes. 410 is an option. show you what else we have out here, the outer lane of the beltway your lanes are open. f a map?
5:31 am
there we go. lanes are open there. for those traveling southbound on i-95 no reportno out to the beltway. we'll see if this works for us. if you are traveling inng virginia light traffic volumeume right now along northboundboun 95. here we are eastbound 66. no trouble spots to report headed inbound to centerville. this is a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. >> let's check with gwen and and talk about weather. >>lk going to be a wet day. conditions deteriorate to theto course of the afternoon. a keeping an eye on a strong frontal system but a beingstem look at the map.. we'll show you what is goingng on. we've temperatures on the mild side considering that we were in the 90s yesterday.ay. cloud are rolling in ahead of the frontal system. it won't be long before weefor see the showers hitting especially into the western countries but we'll talk where we're going to see some storms is a possibility. po
5:32 am
let's look at the temperatures. can we get the map up there on -- not coming up. ok. there we go. 74 gross at reagan national. 72 dullette and 72 at b.w.i. our high today is 79 degrees.egr flirting with the 80 degrees mark. a changes of storms by the course of the afternoon.on. looking at some pockets of heavy rainfall as well. we do have a coastal flood advisory in effect for the chess pee bayh and that is until 11:00 this morning. before that is all said and done. small craft advisories as well. winds will pick up into thento course of the afternoon, but unsettled. don't leave home without the umbrella. >> thank you, gwen. we're one week into the partial government shutdown,shut and feert-- neither side is budging. >> on saturday the house did vote to give federal pay. 407-0 but democrats in the senate have rejected any peace meal approach, defense secretary chuck hagel orderedrdr
5:33 am
hundreds of thousands of defense department employees back to work today. the shutdown and the next budget battle of raising the debt ceiling dominated the the sunday talk shows. >> i told the president thererei is no way we're going to -- the votes are not in thehe house to pass a clean debt limit president is risking default i by not having a conversation with us. >> democrats say they president is willing too negotiate but not al after the shutdown has ended. >> the shutdown closed dozens do of parks and monuments but now everyone is letting, note everyone is letting that stop so them from enjoying the landmarks. despite the closed signs we saw people playing volleyey ball at haynes point and someome tourists are willing to risk to a $50 fine to see a part of
5:34 am
history. park police are not aware of anyone being fined oror ticketed so far. >> the supreme court willll open on a normal schedule atch least for this week. >> also on the docket, housing scrim naitionz, government sanctioned prayer and the president's recess appointments. >> the impact can be seen in the race for virginia's new governor. >> the "washington post" reports he showed no intentions of responding to the request at his campaignn event this week in annandale. mccallive was on hand for the event. the campaign team says the candidate distanced himself him from cruz during the shutdown. group that operates a
5:35 am
campaign to get the red skins to change its name is holding a symposium >> it's being held at the same hotel where nfl owners are holding their meeting. >> good morning once again. the oneida nation has been trying for many years, campaigning to get the red skins to change its name.ame. they've even tried to get the trademark of the team canceled. o luck on there.. their conference begins at 11:00 this morning. tomorrow is when the. th fall meeting begins here. team owners' fall meeting. the owners are supposed to be arriving sometime later today. we don't know if the twono groups are going to cross paths. but the change the name campaign is getting more traction. it wasn't too long ago nfl commissioner goodle said more taxi should be paidor to those offended by the red skin name. today members of the oneida on
5:36 am
nation in narc will hold aho conference on their push topus change the name, and over the week they got unexpected help from president obama duringa an interview with the associated >> president obama: i've got to say if i were thewere owner of the team, and i knew that there was a name of my team, even if it had a storied history, that was offending a sizeable group of people, i would think about changing it. >> i happen to think the president should be probablyy focused on different thingsngs like now, but i do agrow that it should be changed. >> when you talking aboutng tribes who are being offended, then it's something to consider. >> a spokesperson says theres is so much more at stake even if it's a small group ofup people that are at offended telling such a term has negative consequences to the native american communitys when it comes to se imamry
5:37 am
and identitiment we'll continue to push our cause because that is about doing right pi our children who are especially impressionable. the washington red skins organization responded very quickly to president obama's comments once they were released over the weekendeken noting in many polls of native americans an also the the general public there is lots of support for the name and also adding that the red skins fans think hail to the red skins every weekend every sunday at an expression of hon ooh not disparagement. >> thank you. >> coming up this hour, professional athletes awardedwad visas but their sport mayspo surprise you, find out whatt they're here for just ahead. j >> a lot of stories about generous tips but this next one might be one of the best. don't miss how one bartender became nearly $20,000 richer. we will be right back. 
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>> welcome back, 5:41. the nobel prize for medicine was just announced. we do have the winners toners share with you. they're james rothman from yale evidence, randy schekman and thoms hudof of the stanford university of
5:41 am
california. what you are looking at rightt now is a live look at the announcements going on in stockholm, sweden. a good deed in oregon has ore some people talking.king a bartend irjust got the tip t of a life time. >> i'll say. she was' working behind the t bar when one of her regulars gave her two keno tickets. one was worth $5. trying to give her even more money. the other was worth $17 >> don't ever expect anythingec like that. it's fantastic. it's teared up and got misty eyed. >> that is interesting. the man who gave her the ticket wishes to remain anonymous. >> ok. >> he asked her to pick two of his tickets as her tip. the customer won't take backack the ticket. but she did share the winnings. that was' nice. n everybody is happy.
5:42 am
>> wow, what are the odds, you know? >> i know.>> >> take i one of these. >> yes, i willy a take these two. she wins, she shared it so it it was a great story. everybody is happy as you said. >> yes. coming up we have a busy weekend at the box office. and a new release blows the competition out of space.tion the movie that brought millions out straight ahead. >> we want to take a live look outside this morning. hope you've enjoyed the warm weekend because the fall t weather is moving pack in. gwen has the forecast. plus we'll check in on the roads and the accident on 495 with julie wright when wehen come back. the time now is 5:43. 
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>> welcome back, 5:46.46. live look eve roslyn. we'll check in. in. we're checking in with gwen in a bit. first, though, we need tod talk about traffic. >> we have issues out therees on the road.d. bad situation on 495. >> absolutely. this is the inner loop of the beltway from clem parka continuing around to green belt. crash occurred shortly before bf 3:00 a. a. it's a fatal crash involving two vehicles. one ever the vehicles has been pulled out ohef the of roadway but here is the second car still there with another rollback on the scene. looking through the glare of the lights there is a lot of debris that needs to be swepte
5:46 am
up here at the sween. police are -- scene. police are still there. inner loop of beltway trafficbet is being diverted off at 95. from that point you can ride the ramp at the park and ride to reconnect with the innerthe loop of the beltway. be we're seeing an inner loop delay forming events of new hampshire if you are coming showb on i-95 not to worry. you can make the exit to thehe inner loop continuing around ar to green belt and also thehe outer loop to continue to silver spring. this is the inner loop that remains closed until further notice. quick peek.ick you will find your lanes are open. no problems to report along 66 coming in out of manassas,a northbound i-95 light volume. that is a check of the traffic. >> meanwhile let's talk about weather. it's not quite as bumpy of a ride as it is on the roadways right now. >> so far it's pretty nicerett out there. the
5:47 am
let's look at what is going on in terms of our numbers. n temperatures are a big story today. we were into the upper 80ss and 90s on the weekend. records were set and so things are changing now. 74 degrees this morning at d.c. a mild start to the day. 72 baltimore. we have 70 at hagerstown. that is the same att winchester and cumberland but look at the national map. a telling on the back side of a frontal system that is moving our way we're getting a real influxl of cooler air. that is indicative rightht here. midcan see into the atlantic temperatures to the 70s behind that front thethe cooler air dropping temperatures right into the t 40s and into the 50s.0s. we're going to see a big b temperature chaing as well. w let's look at radar because the frontal system is strong. yesterday it us caused a lot of strong storms into partsin of illinois. this is going to move to east in the course of the day. day
5:48 am
it's going to be our weather maker. back to the weather maps. showers in the course of these morning a little later, but heavier rainfall into the course of the afternoon with wi storms. coastalstalaf a flood advisory in effect andct that is affecting areas along the tidal potomac as well as the chesapeake bay.ay. it's going to be cooler on the back side of it. stormy conditions expected in the afternoon. af we're going to see our temperatures drop back toback where they should be into the 70s. here is a look at futureu cast. but this model is saying bying the time that the 11 hourr we're going to be to be in the thick of things. the storms will pick up. up. by this evening that front will have cleared the area and be east of the bay. behind a ridge of high rid pressure is building in,g that's going to set us up for sunshine. storms today, 9 degrees.. the rest -- 79 degrees. the rest of the week dry conditions until aboutil saturday then we have a chance of showers but look ato the temperatures staying
5:49 am
close to seasonal. a far cry from where we've been over the course of the weekend when twrps in the 90's from 20 degrees warmer from where they should be, it's a reality check, fall is back in the picture for us, sara, wisdom. >> thank you very much. d.c.native who was one of thehe greats of keeping the jazz beat alive. ali we're talked about butch bu warren who passed away from lung cancer. he played with the greats. you see him when he toured the world with felonious monk in 1963. more on what the house basee player can be herd on album with herbie hancock and myles davis. he was 74. let's talk movies. the space drama "gravity"grav launched to the top of theh box office. the film day buyed with $5 million in its opening day weekend making it the biggest october opening of all time. last week's top movie "cloudy
5:50 am
with a chance of meat balls" fell to second spot. the new film "runner runner" opened in this third. still can't bring myself to see the sandra bulloch movie. it freaks me out.ks >> we're going to talk about a big championship game as professional athletes makeke history. >> we're recognized for theirh work on a popular video game. we'll explain come up after the break.
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>> welcome back to fox 5co morning news. time 5:54 on this monday morning. immigration officials often o grant special visas to athletes. >> this time it's different. the athletes are professional video gamers. beings dominic denatali has more. >> reporter: crowd cheer ch the win team but these are video gamers and to bring the international teams to the championship finals of the world's most played on-lineline games legal legend it took some convincing of the u.s. government to get them visas. >> it was a double take whenh we first said we have this t video game sport. that was initial reaction, once we back it up with viewership numbers and whatt exactly we're doing. >> the person from vancouver
5:54 am
was one of the first gamers to be appointed the visa. >> i have to show my popularity, show that i was a popular person, show figures of people that follow me. and i also have to show video, articles written about me. >> reporter: 16 million people watch league of legendegn played on time, that is tief times as many as view a typical national hockey league game and with one in 20 americans playing its popularity dwarfs baseball. d >> this is a sport in every sense of the word. wo these athletes are true to form just like any other athletes. they're living in gaming houses with their team mates practicing 10 to 12 hours a day to compete on the big scale. >> reporter: the prize money was $1 million. progameers earn up to $200,000 a year with endorsements. that helped convincee
5:55 am
immigration official this ison is a career career path even though it seemed just a video game. >> it shows that the government, once you haveent, that bloind your back, you really are on top of it. >> reporter: video gaming gam is no it's a $70 billion industryon there a attracts regions ofof fans an big-name sponsors. now that progamers can get celebrity athlete visas thehe doors are open to thousands of others of foreign sport players who were previouslyviou denied taking home competition prize money. fox news. >> straight ahead at 6:00 major problems on beltway bel this >> this is a live picture of an accident on the inner loop near 95 and college park. unfortunately we learned this is a fatal accident. julie wright is tracking your alternative routes. >> you are going to node yourour -- need your patience today. to don't forget the umbrella,
5:56 am
gwen has a check of yourour rainy forecast when we come back. ♪
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