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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  October 9, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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high temperatures will strugglel only the mid-60s. i mentioned showers moving in late this afternoon. af >> like late afternoon.ternoo >> earlier if you are at the at shore, approximate the 95 corridor kind of mid afternoon.o so showers back in the forecaste later this afternoon. we definitely want to dress the kids for a fall-like at a, too. i haven't done the bus stop >> it's time for the sweater weather. >> i got clothes i got to wash. >> i got to do that, too. >> are they from last fall in n i'm a man, sarah, what are you expecting. thank you. you ought to tell your husband that. it is nice and cool start toart your day. cloud cover on the increase, an, a pretty good storm system. the left overs and remnants of f karen and tropical moisture working up the eastern seaboarde it's in the area of boston and t it's going to hole the storm in
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place, -- hold the storm place,c a good chance of showers, rain tonight, rain tomorrow and coolo conditions here to stay for thee next several days.ys. get ready for a big change in cn the forecast pattern as we get in toward the end of the week. 64 today, showers arriving mid-afternoon, 4:00 p.m. let's say good morning, again with julie wried an wrighe what happening with the morning commute. >> reporter: a pedestrian has shutdown a portion of the bw parkway. the traffic is being diverted off atve route 100.ute it would be nice if could get the live pictures from skyfox. k traffic is being diverted off at route within hundred. northbound, some traffic is abl to get by single-file to the lef. let's cub on the cameras and and
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show what else we have. on the left, no issues to report here. light traffic volume out of verge, eastbound 66, coming out of manassas, so far no problems to report out of dumfries,, headed north toward newington. traffic flowing freely headed through silver springs. that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. we begin this morning, this hour with breaking news from prince george's kaine.e geor that icounty. that is where thieves pulled off a robbery in just an hour ago. police got the call for this right around 5:00 a.m., right a, now it's unclear how many cl suspects were involved or how they took off with the money moe machine. we will continue to follow that. is this maryland police aree investigating a home invasion. it was reported after 11:30 last night, in the 300 flock of d drive in hyattsville. hy three people force their way th into a home and one of them hadm
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a gun and fired it during the robbery but no one was hit. one person was assaulted by the suspect but was not seriously hurt.hurt. they have decided to run out the clock until there's a a govern. shutdown for the possibility of default thinking it will give ve them more leverage. >> all we are asking to sit dowt and have this conversation. there's no reason to make itke more difficult to bring peoplebn to theg table. bl >> democrats and republicans, they are not bulging on who is s to plame fo blame for this govet shutdown. failure to reach a deal on raising the ceiling on the debt could be a devastating impact og the country. congress should take one simple vote granting the district the ability to spend its own money. >> without the vote, the money h will run out soon. d.c. leaders are holing a rally
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at the capital this morning. explain what is going on here. >> reporter: a lot of us don't remember, but during the last shutdown, president bill clinton and speaker newt gingrich did allow d.c. to be be exempted from all of this, and d this time it's very differently. the house took at autonomy vote and it did pass and the president has threatened to veto any spending bills and that is what has leaders furious withou both parties. she says that the city's 860,000 residents have contributed moree than more states. prior to the shutdown, the mayor gray declared all workers essential and now those funds running low. last week norton said lawmakers have no right to pull a defenseless city into their
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federal boxing match smrk the >> the strategy of each side, seems to pull the crisis. the republicans cherry pick, and cherry pick. the democrats see that the th publicat is on their side so neither has an incentive it i move. it's the district of columbia that is hurting. >> reporter: there will be a a rally at 11:00 at the senate at the corner of constitutiontitut southwest. the mayor told us last night it's about a weekend until there's contingency funds are depleted. no word yet whether he will gete a meeting with the president,nt, and marr harry reid. in the middle of the talks, an immigration rally was held.
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representatives keith ellison of minnesota and a congressman of new york was among those. they posted the photos on twit twitter. remember the road rage attack. a high school is canceling their tribute to trayvon martin. it's what they had planned. it's 6:07 is the time. okay, i need a better pizza.
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welcome back. it's 6:10. new this morning, the white house is aboutmo to slash hundrl of millions ofas dollars in in military and economic assistance toy gist. answer announc-- to egypt. john kerry will continue to fill in for president obama.
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today he will meet with the barnai and a small southeast neighbor. an undercover detective tolt police he didn't arrive at the scene after the driver of the th suv was beaten, but he was seen in the video punching the backba window of the suv. hernandez was indicted in augusu in the killing of 27-year-old odin lloyd who was dating thedai sister of his girlfriend. last month, hernandez pleaded not guilty to murder and five weapons related charges insidese today was supposed to be trayvon martin day, but it was canceled after their students were being encouraged to wear hoodies to school.
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instead they will wear high school gear, as they get ready for a game tonight. we will find out what iswhat going to take to beat the dallas cowboys in dallas. it's going to be fun talking ta with those boys. if you are going to travel in theto next few months, we wie tell you why it's time to booko that flight. there's huge back-ups at tht washington parkway, skyfox is over an accident there. julie wright will have the latest coming up.  i'm a conservative. i've always voted conservative. i'm gonna vote for terry mcauliffe this time. he's a successful businessman and knows business inside and out and can lead virginia.
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i don't want a politician who wants to be inside my home.
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 for the first time ever, i am supporting a a democrat for governor. i am proud to support terry mcauliffe because he's focused on creating jobs for the commonwealth. i hope you'll join me and vote for terry mcauliffe for governor. all right, welcome back to fox 5 morning news. we start with a live look live outside right now at 6:15 of this wednesday morning.da it'sy an international walka to school day and thousands of students, parents and teachers joined by community leaders wil take part locally. it's all to promote exercise examine healthy living. >> it's great, i used to walk to school. >> me, too, walking from may not
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be as fun. >> there will be a few showers w later this afternoon, some going to school, cool this morning bug we're not picking rain. >> put on the little jacket net yes, definitely, the jacket is here to stay.. >> yeah. >> okay. school.sed to walk to >> you guys are like way out. >> it was a way. >> we would not by the afternoon. >> let's go to the temperatures. 58 at reagan national. 59 at leonardtown and cambridgee a few 40s off to the we have. 45 degrees for you, 48 in hagerstown. we do have 40s where you havee had more in the way of clear skies overnight. big changes and it's here to stay, cloud cover moving in, and the threat of showers this the forecast, a good steady rain arriving late tonight into the late time hours tomorrow.rrow. as we watch the storm starting to take shape here. the coastal storm off to thethe northeast, it's the remnants of
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karen trying to workup, it's, going to get stuck. when is going to happen here is this storm system, at the outer banks is not going to be able t budge a whole lot. the systems push off the coast, high pressure to the north locking it down.init it's not going to be able to move anytime soon. we are going to have a persistent northeast wind.. cooler temperatures, mid-60s, for highs and eventually sometuy the rainshowers will pinwheel back in the area by mid-afternoon, showers late this afternoon, and as well. low pressure to the south.h. notice over the next 24 hours, the area of low pressure isure going to move slightly and the cool flow from the north and east for next cupel o couple of, cool and showers a possibility. winds north and east, 10-15 gusting to 20.20. that is combination is going to be fall-like later today.y. rain likely overnight, prettyni, much a sure thing later tonight
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and for the daytime hourss tomorrow, with cool conditionss expected to continue right into the warm up once the storm is out, the warm up in the 90s, no n 90s in the forecast, much more fall-like this week.week. not on much the case this hour. >> reporter: you are rightare about that.about we have our hands full with an accident active, a pedestrian a fatal crash occurred southbound on the washington baltimore balt parkway, everything is being diverted where the accident occurred. find southbound traffic on the brakes between route 100 and arundel mills. we were told that the traffic is going to be divert add the route 100. you want to bail out early. take on the 95 as a work around or route 1. you do not want to commit to the southbound stretch of the washington baltimore parkway. some traffic is able to get by northbound single file on thethe left. the folks coming southbound, bu,
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from this particular angle weane can't see if that is 75, or if that is going to be route 100. i believe that is going to be route 100. no problems to report at the wilson bridge, traffic is flowing freely between oxen hill and alexandria. alex northbound 95, out of wood bridge, on the brakes, headed toward newington, continuing inbound from landover toward the kenilworth baltimore split. that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. southwest airlines has kicked off a 72 hour sale basedd on how far you are traveling. tv the shorter the distance thece cheaper the flight. flig some round trip tickets are under $100, pretty good. the offer is good for travel between december 4th and4th a 18th and between january 7th and 12th, a12th, lot of time when the people aree not traveling and right before the holidays and after.
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>> you don't have any money. here is another, i guess it's a vacation idea.acatn it may be cheaper to book abo cruise than stay in a motel six. deals on cruises, and some carnival cruises are going for $35 per person per night. you can board the royal caribbean for $39 a night. they are not the ones who have the problem. >> maybe thinking about getting away for thanksgiving n maybe. >> i will stay home. $400 will get you a nine-stay at sea. >> that is around thanksgiving.s >> yes, if you just want to get away. >> a little turkey at sea. >> i know. >> vacation. it's going to save you some so money if you are into that. >> another down day at wall street. coming up next, we will go live to fox business network at new york. another swim challenge for
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diana nyad. she is attempting to swim 48 hours, in a 40-yard pool in a pool set outside of macy's. she could do this. she swam in you know the ocean. if you can swim from cuba, she , can do this. this is compared to what she did. >> the 64-year-old made that history-making swim just last in or so.or as of this morning, she has raised over $54,000, amazing. we will be right back. what are you doing?
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welcome back.> lc it's 6:24 right now. now. does your job require a lot of out of town business trips.trs. interesting data of where you're using that corporate creditcredi card. for the check of the markets we
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turn to lauren simonetti livemo from new york hi, lauren. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the market first. investors don't like congressss meddling with the debt ceiling e if you take a look at yesterday's numbers we saw theth dow down 160 points. i think that was bad, take atake look at the nasdaq, a 2% with some the big heavy hitters like facebook, and netflix diving 5-6% yesterday, it was so ugly. some relief and that is because janet is expected to be nominated as the head of the the federal reserve. >> she is stepping into quite aa mess. van etjanet, what do we know abt her? >> she is a pro bernanke kind of, she would be that kind of fed. she head of the san francisco federal, and she is known as
6:25 am
being right on, and easy toto work, a pleasant person, andon, later this afternoon, president obama is expected to nominate na her, she will be the first womas ever to head a major natural mao bank examine the and the first r since paul roker. >> let's talk about thek abou corporate traveling thing. i'm surprised people are even traveling corporate traveling these days, but of those who are, interesting toy travelerser opting for cheaper food options where they're out there moving around. >> yes, starbucks, mcdonald's,a, subway and panera bread. about $9.51 on frappucinos, $7.45 on big macs. and more on subway at panera. when i'm armed with a corporate credit card, i would want to got to roots but a lot of people
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like the convince and the quickness of some the fast food places. >> and this could be also at your airports, too.o. >> that's true.. >> lauren, thank you so much, wk will see you tomorrow. yesterday we talked about a proset of planned for friday ono ther beltway. this morning new details why itt most likely won't be happening.p the redskins coming off of a by week, looking to get a second win of the season. but can they win in dallas. the sports junkies doing a slide after the break.
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. a live> look from skyfox over a traffic nightmare for drivers or the baltimore washington parkway. this is a deadly accident thatct we're talking about julie wright is coming up withnp what you need to know to get arr this, but look at that line of traffic, not something you likeu to see on any given morning, that is for sure. su >> yeah, it's tough arn here.
6:30 am
>> i know,. >> but this seems like it's been 95 north out of virginia, and vg you know, now it's the bw mark k way this morning. we will get details on that in a bit. at least we got a bright spot in your weather this morning, this morning just this morning. >> we do.. >> it's not raining yet. t. >> that's what i'm saying. >> it's not raining yet but it't going to be raining later tonight as the corm pushes up cm the coast. the rain in the storm is not a bad thing, it's just that s's going to linger for a few days, maybe bit end of the week, you will be -- by the eno the end oh week you will be tired of it. >> end of the week.ek >> let's go to the radar, you taking time off and those are my days. >> let's take a look at the satellite-radar. the storm is moving n and you sein and yousee the convective,l
6:31 am
and pretty good rains there as s well. clouds overnight, and we will bl dealing with a potential for showers by mid-afternoon, the farther south and east you get u the sooner you will see the rainshowers, the further northst and west you are, i if you are t in the mountains, you will get l it last, you won't see it untili later this effect. northeast wind, at times gusting into 20s, and mid-60s. it's in the 50s locally, 58 in richmond, 40s to the north and west. pittsburgh is 46 degrees, coolol temperatures are here to stay, rainshowers by mid-to late arch, anafternoon. and probably in time for the mid-to late commute. >> just in time. >> just in time. >> here is julie with the on time traffic. >> reporter: this is the situation that keeps developingg we keep learning more about what
6:32 am
is happening at the washington h baltimore parkway. what we learned is there's one fatality involve.ty southbound traffic blocked at 175. in fact, northbound alsorthbo shutdown at 175 for this ongoing investigation. what we have since learned is that police are checking yet for another accident, not sure if it's related to the original accident or not, but a second accident reported within this area and there's awi search fora missing person involve in that t crash. again, the parkway is shutdown each way at 175. traffic coming southbound is being diverted at route 100. if you're northbound you are are being diverted a the route 32. traveling between laurel, and jessup, the bw parkway is not what you want to commit to. there's also the option of 29 and route 1 depending on wherenn you are traveling to. let's continue with the cameras and show what you else we have on the roads this morning. inbound on route by, your lanes are open, no problems to report,
6:33 am
traveling 202, you will find that heavy volume here to accompany the drive northeast. southbound kenilworth avenue onn the brake approaching pennsylvania there's a delay forming on 295 headed for the 11th street bridge. this is northbound i-95, at thee prince william parkway.llia we hamd accident activity on the ramp, now on the shoulder heavy volume out of wood bridge headee northbound toward lorton. lo that is check of fox 5 on time traffic. julie, thank you. it turns out a planned plan protest may all be a hoax. the man behind it toll the washington post he wanted to ruffle some feathers when hewh made comments about 3,000 truckers coming to our area, bua there's no real plans to taketo over the highway, apparently. he is like, ha-ha just kidding, not funny. truckers we spoke with, saidid such protest wouldn't accomplish much besides police giving out a few ticket. >> probably not a good idea.ea.
6:34 am
a northern virginia teen under arrest are accused of stabbing another teen. police are charged faruc can malicious wounding.alic it happened on tuesday at north morgan street. the victim suffered ff life-threatening injuries. official believe that some sortt of argument occurred between two large groups of people. montgomery and prince and george's county are uniting, un lawmakers are expected to announce a proposal to create a regional minimum wage of $3.15 an hour..15 an it would raise the minimum wage by $3.15 and $4.50 in the two maryland counties.unties the montgomery county school board has begun discussions for push back the starting of the school. supporters of the plan say thisy it will help improve academic ad performance. if approved, high schoolhool
6:35 am
students would start 50 minutes later at at 8:15 a.m. 8: if the school does approve a later start it won't take effect until the 2015 school year >> it's time to talk football and washington is getting ready. what are the odds they come away with a win? that is most important question. for more on this match up with between redskins and dallas, wea turn to the sports junkies at 106.7 the fan. hi, guys. >> are you going to stay up for this game, this is a late one? >> i don't know.>> >> we are try. >> that is kind of wimpy, wisdom. >> some last minute, but we're here until 4:00 a.m. >> what time does game start? 8:25. >> we could do part of >> wisdom, i follow you on on twitter. there's a lot of sports twitting
6:36 am
going on. you better be watching that game. >> if you wore -- red bull. >> fired me up. >> you will be up for 24 hours. >> i will be up for the next e couple of days, let's not writet do this. the chances of the washington winning game, we saw what the te dallas cowboys did last week, tony romo choking at the end, dn they have a shot at this >> of course, they are a shot, they beat them twice last year, but clearly the cowboys are thee favorite. the odd makers have them as the six-point favorite right now. >> i do not know what the chances are. e. dallas is click offensively. the defense wasn't that great. that he gave up a four-pointur-o lead, and lost that game 30-21. yes, the redskins have a shot, but what redskins team is going to show up, that is the question. >> hopefully the team in week 17 of last year that kept the
6:37 am
low-scoring affair forced romo o in three, and they relied on on alfred morris. >> yeah, alfred mor morris aver, and the redskins will be smartsl to lean on him again, but the passing game should flourish as well.well. rgiii averaging 300 yards passing per game?game? if you read, you know thee redskins and you are going afteo these guys, there's been a lot o of problems defensively, but yo lookde at that denver, don't do whatever they did.d. don't copy that. >> the redskins actually get a t couple of key players back.ers they had two guys who were suspended jarvis jenkins who a starter defensive line, andne, jackson who was a key there's a couple of guys who aro going to help that defense. >> guys, i wonder if you like to
6:38 am
gamble. the irish pub is serving up a shot of whic whiskey for every. >> i love gambling but i hate i shots of hard alcohol. >> i'm going to be walking arnig in my underwear.un >> if it was last year he wouldl have been hammered. >> i don't want to goo gam to g. >> we don't drink or gamble, sarah. >> yeah. >> not a thing.>> >> by the way, n get on twitter. get on twitter? >> okay. >> tony perkins who has a flip phone is on twitter. >> you may want to think about it. >> because of you sarah. >> two different conversations.. >> jason just wants sarah's phone number. >> you all know that she is is married, right? m we're both married. it's a friendly thing. >> i got you. >> it's a little thing. >> i got you. >> the redskins --
6:39 am
>> the marriage. >> thanks. the sports junkies 106.7 the fan, thank you very much. ch it's a day to unite against bullying, coming up what you cau do to help raise awareness.arens no more post game handshakes, why one state is is banning this tradition. [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, we know in the cyber world, threats are always evolving. at first, we were protecting networks. then, we were protecting the transfer of data. and today it's evolved to infrastructure... ♪ and military missions. we're constantly innovating to advance the front line in the cyber battle, wherever it takes us.
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that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. that's the value of performance. february, 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first.
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"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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it's 6:43, it's a post's honored tradition in sports. but in kentucky high schoolol there's been so many fights that schools have ordered not to do o the handshake. a message at the website of the kentucky athletic association, does not mention specific fight or conflicts, but there were some incidents, so they're saying stop it, don't do itit anymore. you know, it's ridiculous thatcu it's come to this. >> yeah, it's ridiculous thatuls
6:43 am
it's come to this. but it's such a huge problem over the past couple of years, i certainly don't see anything wrong with it. >> if you remove a tradition, that symbolizes one of our ou country's greatest signs of sportsmanship. where will sportsmanship bebe taught if it's not at the sporting games. >> make each player responsiblee >> the problem is, it sound soun like, and we would have to reado more approximate th about the st turns out that after the gaimgzs it turned into something more oe a brawl. so cut it out, and make one team go this way and the other team e go that way. >> where is the adult supervision you know what ihai mean. they're high school kids, but ii think, when you're in highre in school, you have someone what of a maturity level. >> somewhat. >> you should. >> so i'm with sarah, make each player responsible. maybe they should sign something
6:44 am
that has serious consequences if they get into a fight. >> some the serious consequencen we are talking about this morning. bullying big problem across thee country. thousands of students wake-upwau afraid to attend school apparently. >> the good news is there areer things that are being done to help raise awareness and hopefully put an end to this. >> it's a big issue, but there'' progress being made, and there's ade, lot of groups coming togetr today, on october 9th, 2013. and folks are encouraged to wear orange. >> you have orange. >> it can be anything orange, ribbon, hat, socks. sock a band. >> my coat. >> yes. >> the coat.>> t >> just wear that. >> it's anything orange to show your sign of support. and folks are encouraged to enco share that on social media using the hash tag unity day, andda folks are doing that this
6:45 am
morning. there is a recent study where they asked children ages 9 to 12. and progress is being made. made 52% say they do do something too stop bullying by telling a trusted adult. adul >> there's more awareness if they're likely to speak outspeak about it.t i i'm sure the number would beer l much lower, not too long >> right. >> it seems within the last five to 7 years people have been talking about the problem. >> i watch the children's channels and stuff like that with the kids, some the commercials are targeting antibullying campaigns, they have scenarios and how to respond. it's a big deal. >> definitely an a depressive dr campaign going -- an a depressivaggressivepam cane goig campaign going on. >> make an orange raincoat or
6:46 am
orange umbrella. >> i have an orange raincoat, i should have brought it out, i'm' supporting you. you. kids going to the bus stop not expecting showers, later this afternoon we will see the showers moving in, maybe in timn when you are headed home from the bus stop and certainly the evening rush will have showerss around. cool temperatures here to stay, 59, cambridge, and fredericksburg, 5 degrees, nort, and west, hagerstown, and 46 inn winchester. you had more in the way of clear skies overnight, north and west and that allowed to you clear up more than the ref of us. of you can see -- the rest of us. and you can see the push from the south and east. the clouds are here to stay not only today but for next several days. this stormal system unfortunatet we are going to be sick and sick tired by the time it gets out of here. it's going to be a slow-mover, and the good coastal storml developing and we are going to n have winds out of the north and east today.east what is happening is the storm is not going to be able to move. typically the storms move up an
6:47 am
down the eastern seaboard and up and out of here. this one is kind of stuck. it's going to be a slow mover with high pressure to the north keep a threat of shower, traps a good steady rain, into the daytime hours on thursday and perhaps friday as well. futurecast, take a look at.ok that there's the showerr activity.acti at 3:00, if you are north andh west, are you still dry, butdry, north and east you are getting pretty good rain. southern maryland and northern virginia, you are getting good rain. and overnight the rain you gets down into the mown taibz ou moun the west and showers tomorrow morning for much of youryr thursday, and coolercoer temperatures here to stay ase ts well.ta we won't be out of the 60s for the next several days. check out the wind, breezy and cool showers get in later this afternoon. rain likely 5 the overnight lowr and there's the seven-dayn-day forecast, yes, this storm will be a part of our lives rightlis through the beginning of the weekend, it may be sunday when a
6:48 am
we tar start to get partial sune and return to sun next week. fall is here. >> i'm glad, too. too. and tony is here. >> i'm happy, good to see you, tucker. >> thank you. don't do ask tony and tucker for the last couple of days. >> you didn't do it. >> and we heard from people. i heard from two people who said that they were thrown off time wise because they didn't hear the to too-too doo-doo ♪ doo- ♪, you know what it's time ask tony and tucker. sorry for those who were late because of that. this is time to ask a question weather related and otherwise.s. great question today. it's been talk about e-mails and twitter.itter. and today's question comes from wendy price.we i havend noticed that last weekr so, has featured spectacular
6:49 am
sunsets. did you see yesterday. >> yes. >> as i was discussing the recent sunsets with my dad, i mentioned sar kass trickcally sa maybe the decrease of the commute has cleared the atmosphere and this is what a sunset should look like. there's the picture she sent. laura evans had pictures on twitter. >> i had them sent to my facebook page and twitterr account. >> two nights ago, i think itth was as i was washing dishesshes looking out my kitchen window and saw these spectacular. >> you were washing dishes?? >> yes. >> that was the headline there. you heardhe it. it. >> you wash dishes. >> yes, of course i do. >> you help out around the the house. >> you're missing the point. >> i saw and there's trees if my backyard so i got my son and myd wife and we jump in the car and drove someplace where we cane have a clearer view. it was beautiful. >> i was out of town for a few
6:50 am
days. flew in last night and theth sunset was unbeliefabl unbelievn west, it was just incredible. >> has she hit on something? n maybe indirectly. i can't tie it into, you know, less cars being on the road one or one, but typically there are several sort of criteria youeri need for vibrant sunsets and sunrises for that matter. why don't we walk through those. first of all, it's sort of i'mim looking to the right word. >> misunderstood. >> misunderstood n thank you,yo, tony that pollutants enhancence sunsets and sunrises. >> yeah, many people do. >> they actually subdue it. in the summer months when we gee the humid air in place. we get the smog that develops, we get the mist and the clouds that holds back our sunrises and sunsets. the best time of year in mid latitudes, that includes us is s fall and winter.
6:51 am
>> fewer pollutants in the air. >> the air is moving along with the clearer atmosphere, clear skies actual wil actually enhans and sunsets, threat the most important ingredient. in >> the first spectacular wasspea right after the cold front came through that had all the rain and everything, and the air wasa clearer ask cooler. >> yes. >> i guess it wasn't a question, right? >> that was an observation, right in. >> in fact, that is true. >> most importantly, clean air. so in the summer months, you know -- and it plays to what she mentioned being about less carss on the roads. >> now may i ask you another question? you can ask as many as you want. >> it's ask tony and tucker not tony ask tucker. >> the other one.on >> especially if you go out on n saturday night.
6:52 am
>> the clouds, the clouds factos into this as well, right? rit? >> yes, absolutely. in>> y fact, tony, you need higi clouds. to enhance the sunset and you can see, you can really see in that picture nicely the e way that the sun rays get scattered, we can see different wave lengths and you get the red hughes in the last couple of days. you need the high cloudiness for that. the cloud are lower in the sky,, it tends to have a sunlight so i you don't get the vibrant colors that you see there. let me mention the sun angle, the sun is low in the sky, and next couple of weeks, we shouldl get spectacular sunsets and sunrises, it's been magnificent. >> it has been. >> i love this time. >> thank you, everybody who seny in pictures, we got dozens of pictures. >> keep them coming. >> yeah, fantastic and a lot of tweets, remember you can tweet me now at tony perkins t.v. what is your twitter handle.
6:53 am
>> he never remembers.remem >> you can tweet me, too, tucker fox 5, yes tweet me. >> if you have a question depoqi to the and click onc the weather tab. there you go.. julie wright very active on twitter and also very active on the it has been. >> reporter: it's been crazy. it started off kind of quiet and then unfortunately this started. this is accident involving a pedestrian along the washington pallet more parkway, a fatalfatl crash under investigation atr this the information isis coming into us, but we are hearing this may involve more than one accidentae roadway shutdown, both north and southbound. can we get that in the teleprompters, please.le we are that shutdown for folks traveling to and from columbia. we will put it on the map to puu it in better perspective. as we pull up the map, you will see that the southbound stretch. driveway is flocked off at route 100, and blocked off at 32.
6:54 am
the better bet is stick with 95h use that traveling between d.c. and baltimore. that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. more on that accident and more on this news with fox 5 news after the preak. break. and when you get up -- can i play? no! you don'n't evn get football. [ male announcer ] when you've got 100% fiber optic fios,
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good morning, everybody.or i'm holly morris on this wednesday. on this wednesday, i am going ty be empowering women. i'm doing it with help of one woman, whose name is bring the edil. and her philosophy is that all woman needs is her lip gloss an a good sander. that is why she has a show thatt is title just that, lip gloss and a sander.sander the concept is simple. someone needs a piece of furniture, they got a bucket of lesbudget ofless than $100. she going to teach us how to shop damager sales, and flea markets, and even trash day, and paint them, and turn them into
6:58 am
something that people will lovel when they come into our home. so wisdom, tell that to youro yu wife, all she needs is herher favorite lip gloss and a sander. >> it sound good coming out of your mouth. i don't think i'm taking thattht philosophy to my house. >> i will tweet her. >> do that. >> holly morris, good to see, withto you look forward to thath that is going to do it for the 6:00, now we will send it to tony is sarah who will carry usy for next hour and then i shall return. >> thanks, wisdom. thank you, sarah. it's been a rough commute for some of you on this wednesday morning. >> a fatal pedestrian accident has snarled both directions onn baltimore washington parkway. we are going to show you whereou this is and julie is going tois help you get around it, too juso ahead. , speaking of traffic tie-ups, do hear about the planned protest by truckers the ideas to drive slowly on the highway this friday. it may have been a trucker trick. we will fill you in on that..
6:59 am
meantime the gover governmet shutdown is going to focus on tf the district. they say that the district almost out of cash to keep running. what they want you to do today. have you already checked your smart phone, how many times? >> several.everal >> the new findings that sound crazy but many of you will likely admit, they're right on. fox 5 at 7:00 starts right now. there you go, a shot of capital building this morning.i. where work continues, kind, i suppose on trying to resolve tho shutdown and deal with the debt ceiling. this is wednesday, october 9th, good morning,mornin i'm tony perkins inside i'm sarah simmons, allison has day off. i was counting in my head as you were talking. i think it's been ten times that i have checked my phone this


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