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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 9, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> but you're at work and you'r trying to keep up with things. >> tharchgz for gettinthanks fon that. you out.ying to help >> we have tucker. we have big changes and fall-like conditions here toiti stay not only for today but the next several days. cool conditions, clouds and some rain as we get into this afternoon and into your daytime hours tomorrow.urs big changes on the way as for the better part of a month and a half, warm and a rain pattern. cool temperatures as mentioned. 58 this morning, at reagan national. 52 dulles, bwi marshall. storminess off to the south and east. you will see the clouds moving in shape here tonight.ght you might get a peek of sunshine, but most of the dayth will bee cloud-fill, eventually that rainshower activity will start to roll in here probably b by mid-to late afternoon. if your view along the easternn shore, southern maryland and
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natural virginia, you're goingau to get it sooner if you're in the mountains off to the west and north. you will get less, all of this is will get a good soaking rain if not here, into the daytime tomorrow. bring an umbrella and be ready for showers, late tomorrow afternoon. showers arriving by 4:00 p.m. lots more on the weather although we don't have many changes. we will talk about it coming up in traffic.botrf julie is >> reporter: it turned out to d be a busy day. the news is north of town at the washington parkway. this is wherewa we have the accident activity involving a fatal crash. at this point you can see the northbound and southbound of thh baltimore washington parkway,y, shutdown. from this angle you it's zoomed in tight, you can see investigative team doing their work. and traveling between jessup anu laurel this morning, your better bet is to stick with 95 and use
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that as the work around, and 20 and 1 are a good option for you. typical slow down on the outer loop, leaving new hampshirehire avenue ashed georgia avenue, trouble with the crash north the pins william parkway, that has over to the souledder.ledder traffic below speed at manassas, fair oaks at 123. near 17 marshal that has been cleared to the marshal, that ha, been cleared to the shoulder. that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. a brazen overnight theft at prince george's county.coty river dale police have been at scene of a atm robbery. the thieves ripped the atm along river dale road. no word on the suspect or how much money they might have gotten way with it.en w theay big story day nine of the budget standoff, lawmakers have less than nine days to reach a deal to raise the debt
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ceiling or the nation risks defaulting on its loans. >> while bogue sides say they won't surrender, they say a grace saving deal could be inde the works to fund the government.go doug luzader begins our team coverage with the latest from capitol hill this >> reporter: justis as the markets were headed for another sour close, the president obama walked into the briefing roomng and appeared to budge just a bit. >> i think democrats in the senate and the house arehouse prepared to talk about anything. i'm prepared to talk about anything. they can design whatever format to talk. >> reporter: and offered to talk but only if they passed stopgap funding and raised the debt ceiling for a few weeks or months. yet at the same time, democratsr in congress were talking about piling on $1 trillion on to thee national debt without anyany spending cuts.g cu
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>> we can't raise the debt ceiling without doing somethingn of what is driving us to borrow more money and live beyond ouror means. the idea that we should continud money that we don't have andha give the bill to our kids and our grands kids would be wrong. >> reporter: but if house hous speaker john boehner and president obama sit down face to face to hammer out a deal it will be the result of two political re republicans are taking a beating over the government shutdown, and the president is pushingis something even more politically unpopular driving the nationalvt debt to well over 18 trillions.l still both sides seem to be working for someway out here with next week's debt ceiling,cn debt line looming. wall street getting more anxious by the day. in washington doug luzader, fox melanie alnwick joining usg live with the consequences thes shutdown is having on the o district and what the mayor is doing about it. >> it's getting down to the wire in the district of columbia. mayor gray has asked for an immediate meeting with president
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obama, speaker boehner and harry reid. it's not conscionable that the capital city is getting draggedn down in thisg fight. figh that message is made quite well by eleanor norton. she said the city's residents contribute $8 billion to the local funds and $4 billion inli the federal taxes. they passed a bill to allow thety to spend its own money, but it has not been taken up by the senate. now dipping into contingency funds. the city has been forced to delay payments to medicaid, and mayor gray is furious with both republicans and democrats. >> what is a he has mag during the first few days of this we had one party voting against uss and one party voting for us. at the end of the day, if anyon wants to evaluate, both parties
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have voted for us and both both parties have voted against us. >> mayor gray told us there's a week's left worth of money left in the contingency fund.y after that, there won't bet be enough money left to make pay roll, and the payments to the charter schools. they will be joined by house republican darrell isa. and he has been supportive inin the past of d.c. ought o autonon even putting forward a bill tobl do that. it hasn't gone the way the citye has wanted it so far. the cdc is recalling some of its furloughed cast. in order to deal with the salmonella outbreak. outb they brame chickens fro blame ce plants from california.
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they are work stopping the effect of foodborne illness. we will have more shutdown coverage all morning long for you. ahead our bipartisan team of the political analysts, will take a look at the latest negotiations and then we will take a one the appalling side effects, thects, denial of death benefits to the families of military membersers killed in combat. one other quick note to pass along. yesterday we told you how a group of truckers planned to tid up the traffic at the parkway as a result of the shutdown. this is all a hoax. the man behind it wanted to ruffle some feathers when he made comments to world news about 3,000 truckers coming tocg our area, but there's no realno plans to take it over the highway. >> good. >> why put that out.t >> got a lot of people riled upd about it. >> stop it, you know. >> top. >> what is going on, wisdom? >> we got headlines to talk about tony and sarah. at least eight democraticcratic
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lawmakers now have a record after they were arrested after a massive immigration rally nearnr the capital yesterday.erday. ron lewis, and johnny wreckle. thewrangle.they have since been from police custody. two people dozen people were arrested. they are calling o n republicans to vote a stall bill. >> president obama is expected to nominate current vice chair to lead the nation's centralal bank. if confirmed, she replaces ben bernanke, and she would be the first woman to lead the federall reserve. another arrest related toart that case of a parent road rage in new york city. this time the suspect is an undercover police detective. his lawyer claimed he onlyhe witnessed the confrontation between the sufficient driving and a group of motorcyclists but
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he was caught on cam a pounding the on the suv windows. the department says the officerr was off-duty at the time. now is in court today. let's talk about the series between the red sox and the tampa rays. tampa came in facing elimination. >> the red sox to the american r championship league series. now you know who won. boston beat the rays 3-1. victorino had what turn out to be the game winning hit. the sox will face the tigers. the tigers were able to avoidd elimination in detroitt yesterday, the 5th and deciding game is tomorrow in oakland. so it's interesting how baseball season ramps down and football season continues it coi depo up. >> [ laughter ]
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>> right. >> we're hoping for a winninga season for the skins and moving on. >> we will see, we will see. >> thank you, wisdom. sd >> speaking of football, we knoe approximate thabout the nfl meen place here in washington d.c.n it wrapped up. >> but the issue dominated a question and answer session afterwards.terwards commissioner roger goodell wouldn't say if the redskins should change the name, but said the league, quote, make sure weu are doing what is right ." dan snyder did not speak to reporters. that is the man that they would have to change the mind of. he said he will not do it. >> we will see what happens. hap a celebrity split is trending today. one of the stars of the kardashians is now single, tucker, hurry. >> one of the kardashians is available. >> which couple has call it quits. >> first though, get your smartt phone, wait until you hear how manhowmany times a day a persons
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in their unlock code. i don't want to know. >> it's going a lot. >> we are sharing more of your sunset pictures, look at this! oh my goodness. an incredible sight, this one ie from one of our facebook fans, she posted this picture from solomon's island, maryland.ld. janet, beautiful. >> love it.ove >> the focus is on the sunrise this morning. that isn't too bad. not shall be bee coming ove sha. >> and time now 7:12. coming back after this. really special. it's like you want to tell the world.
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♪ give it to me. girl give it to me ♪ why not, give it to me. i love that sunrise.sunrise.
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>> is that robin thicke in. >> no. >> i'm quite certain you like the sunrise. >> of course. >> 7:16. >> that's enough of that song. >> 7:16. >> sarah knows the words.h >> i don't knowe any of the th words.s. >> you seem to know some of them. >> no, i don't. >> okay. >> not a bad thing if you do. >> all right. let's go weather forecast. foc we got clouds rolling in and showers back in the forecast along with cooler temperatures,l the highser only 65 degrees. >> what.>> >> yes. >> wow. >> i was looking at some numbers. >> 38 in binghamton.mton. >> 38 in binghamton. right now we are ten degrees above normal for the month of october because of the 80s and 90s. >> that is pretty remarkable.reb >> yes. to balance balaart out. >> this is pay-back time. >> the next couple of days,
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definitely pay-back time. we are goingly to struggle in te 60s, and a northeast windt starting to take place here, ann we are expecting it to continue as we watch the storm systemorm it's the remnant of karen, and tropical moisture working up the cove. it's going to be a very, very slow mover, we're going to be sick and tired of it, by the time it gets here, toward the end of the weekend. lower eastern shore, those ofof you along the eastern shore, southern maryland, you're goingo to get it first. and eventually, look at all of l the rain along the outer banks, we will start to pinwheel back, and spot mountains later tonight. all of us will eventually get rainshower activity, it depends on where you are watching from,, that will determine the time yoe get the rain.. the system, slow mover, going tr be with us, today, tomorrow,tomw friday, saturday, fingers crossed it's out of here by sunday, but it's possible we could be mostly cloudy on sunday way few showers around.around
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eventually pack in the 70s at this time insuring that is where wwe should be, right? >> no, we should be in the low 70s. >> a little bit of robin thicke, and -- it bumped me up. >> reporter: unfortunately ifif we can get people going, it would be a lot better, but it's not going to happen right now. you notice a lot of red in had area. i feel like tucker p a loer. a lot of red in this area which means trouble. closing the bw parkway in each direction. big tie-ups headed northbound out of laurel at this point. southbound traffic being diverted off at route 100. now we're seeing the delay eastbound at route 32. and starting to head, westbounde traffic backed up from telegrapp road, a big mess there. on outer loop of the beltway, a crash and the left side thee roadway is blocked here at the
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bw parkway. now we're toalgd by police that altold i by police thatall lane. southbound all lanes are open continuing out of college park back around land over. we will show you what else we have on the roads. lanes are open if you are traveling inner loop of the beltway, coming southboundsouthb toward land over, from 50s 50s stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, i think fox 5 is overis the scene, there's the trash truck, outer loop, here at beltway, some traffic squeezing by to all the contents all over thethe highway, but the outer loop of the highway, out of landover headed northbound toward the washington pallet mor baltimore. guys, drive safe this morning. it's been a doozy. 7:19, coming up on 7:20. up next your smart phone habitse by the numbers.
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>> turning others trash into a treasure. we're talking about yard sales, flea market, and even trash day hunting. >> we will meet a woman who wilo help you turn your things into a treasure. 
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february, 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan.
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but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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i can't wait to hear thet answer to this. annie is here. the question is how many times a day do you check your mart sphoan. smart phone. 50, 75. >> more? >> i wouldn't doubt it that it't 75. >> i don't think it's quite 75,e i would say, 50. i'm less than most people. >> that would be twice an hour. >> how about you? >> i check in enough. >> i sometimes do it without even thinking about it.ut you know, it's on my bedside at
7:23 am
night, ta instead of watching television i resort to the phone, because it's so much more entertaining. >> you're not supposed to doppod that because it affects yourfecs sleep but that is another topicc >> but the answer is, 110 times a day. da in some cases, some people are check their phone up to 900 times. >> i think that is like a business person.persn. >> like a quick glans. >> every time you unlock yourlo phone n that isc where the data. >> it depends on where you have it set. you can set your phone to locklk up every two minutes, every ten minutes. >> every time they punch their password to check their phone.. the peak time for people were between 5:00 to 8:00 so in evening. at night.nit. >> where they check the phone ph the most time n that is whenwh you're having dinner. giving the kids a bath, kind of
7:24 am
winding down for some people. >> it's interesting, because irt have noticed it is completelycoe changed our culture, and seeand this video that we're seeing. you see that all the time. people not looking up, not n connecting with people, but looking down. >> how many times have i looked at somebody, because they didn't even pay attention. >> what? >> how many times, because theyy weren't paying attention, they h were walking along and check ch their phone.ei >> we thought you werer checkine your phone. >> no, no. >> sometimes you do it without i thinking about it. when i'm talking to someone, ise check my phone. >> do you look at your phone and you're looking for a reason to be on there sometimes. i mean -- >> 110 times a day. >> sometimes if you're killing time, like you're waiting at the doctor's office. >> i don't have a smart phone yet, i'm about to get one, but t
7:25 am
you have one, how many times doy you check one in. >> maybe ten times a day. >> and you got to understand,dea i'm from an era, before thefoe smart phones. >> and i remember a time -- >> i do, too.too. >> you're doing stuff. st >> now you're better than us all a sudden?sudden >> no, no, i'm not saying that. but so many people. >> that is what tony per perkins saying --sayi >> i didn't say that. so many people are spending allg of their time looking at the phone.e. any adventure, a historic event, a concert instead of people taking in the event, they're --- >> and then they're i'm ad at te brad paisley concert. >> and we would laugh becauseug you pull up. >> i was saying. i was >> threat the time that we live in. when at the do it in concerts, is because they're trying to capture the moment. >> put it on facebook. >> i check mine a lot. i do agree with tony in some
7:26 am
regards. when we're out and i'm doing things, and i have to look at my husband, put that thing a way, really. what are you doing? we are trying to enjoy. >> the football scores all day constantly. >> yeah. >> i think mine is a flop on the phone. >> thank you.yo >> you're welcome. >> don't put words in my mouth. >> you have been gambling a lot. >> we will be back with more ine just a couple of moments. this is a big problem. pr another problem on the roadways, on the bw parkway, we alreadywe have one problem, there's another one. we will have julie tell us about it. there's a truck overturned. look at that backup.. julie has all the details. 
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a lot of music this morningi >> yes. >> that is producer who puts it altogether.altoge >> thanks, chris. i'm watching the our politico guys walk this and i'm realizing that a week has passed, and nothing n they were >> they were here. he >> last week they almost came to blows n it wa.
7:30 am
>> it was colorful. >> let's get to the forecast soe we can see that and guess, what? we have turned cloudy or mostly cloudy. we will be cloudy today with a good chance of some rainshowersa by late afternoon as we watch the storm system moving from thh south and east. this storm system is going to be a very slow mover, cool and cloudy for the foreseeable future. leonardtown fine degrees 59 degn lot of kids are walking this morning, and i think it's walk to we should be dry this morning, but i can't guarantee walking home, but getting to school itsc should be try conditions. south and east, soon enough, lower eastern shore to the ocean city, bethany, and you will geti the showers first and then it will pinwheel up and into the
7:31 am
immediate washington area alongg the 95 corridor by mid-afternoon and then the rain will get toge you if you are out to the weste in the mountains by this evening. an area of low pressure here, sort of the remnants of karen teaming up with tropical moisture and sliding up the coast. we got high pressure to the north and that is locking theckn storm for the time and pressure grid yen grade yend it's not going to feel that wart with the showers expected by the afternoon. cool examine cloudy an and clou very cool. and by tonight, the areawide ar here we are getting rain. 55, maybe an inch or two of rain in the next 36 hours. we keep the rain chances in thee forecast right through the end of the week. eventually we will clear it out of here. he not sure on exactly when thee storms exit trai strategy, but e think, by sunday, perhaps monday we will have temperatures back
7:32 am
to the 70s. >> now we got clean up, julie n ili know, it keeps on coming, unfortunately. >> reporter: tucker this happens to be the wreck near the bw parkway, the overturned trash truck. it's turned on its side. traffic is getting by using the left lane and the lowest shoulder, but boy is it slow? delays are creepin creeping up m route 50 from the john hansen highway all the way toward the h accident scene. it's bumper to bumper slow, andn anticipate a rubberneckingecking delay, that is going to slowsl your ride out of college park pa and greenville. know that the ramp from the outside side of the wash whacker parkway twashingtonparkway, is . the outer loop is closed. they're blocking that ramp from northbound to head to the outer loop of the beltway. the bw parkway remains shutdown
7:33 am
each way on i-75. northbound traffic diverted offf at 32. that is a check of your fox 5 oo time traffic. julie, thank you very much.u the big stories on capitol hill continue to be the shutdown, of course, and the debt ceiling debate, but there won't be action on one without a deal on the for more we turn to our by part bipartisan political strategist. >> thank you.yo let's keep it as colorful as last week. this is great.this i let's do >> we didn't bring our boxing gloves. >> all right, maybe next time. >> let talk yesterday, the t president i wanted to get your guys' takes on' this.this. he was saying at a press conference, i'm prepared to tal about anything, the democrats de are prepared to talk about anything, do we see a window off opportunity or do you think that
7:34 am
people are reading too much. >> no. she is asking if there's a window of opportunity. >> the answer is no.r is no >> you don't see that as an opening. >> if you listen to the presspr conference, he call everybodyboy names, he called hostages and terrorists and on and on, i on mean, this was a man who was going to stop all of this. >> jim, jim. >> i'm sorry. when having an adult conversation, i think --ink >> i have heard conversation a lot, boehner said that. >> and this is all a game, right. >> i want to talk?talk? no, i want to talk. >> here is where we're headed, i hope we're headed and i hope you agree? >> okay. >> if we had serious talks aboua the budget and a grand bargainrn the way we had two years ago started at, if we put everything on the table as some people have said, although we are getting from boehner, we will put some o
7:35 am
stuff on the table, but there's some other things, everybody ev starts off on the table, andand that begins, that processpr begins, if they want a super committee. whatever the republicans want,ls if they say, okay, we will openp the government, and extend, and not default on our debt, i thinh you will have people at the table by end of november. but, but, if there's some precondition, i mean, first of all, the sand is shifting. at first we're going to d delaye obama care. now we want to start talking about the budget. i think that iths a good thing. >> a gree with you on thii agre. this is all about spending. >> i didn't say. i did >> what is the budget. >> budget includes revenue andad it includes spending. >> i understand that. so this is u about spending. we clearly don't have the
7:36 am
revenue which is why theth president wants to raise the debt ceiling so this is about spending. a gray witagree with thank you,n sit down where this country is $17 trillion into debt then youo can have. >> that should be a revenuenue discussion. the reason we are in this bind is two fold, number one the bush tax cuts turned out to be a disaster, they did not help the economy and we spent money on two wars. >> let's talk more about the th debt ceiling issue. i thought it was interesting. i don't think a lot of people realized this, house leader, nancy pelosi, saying that he made a big mistake on pledging l not to raise the debt ceiling without congressional approval. we could have avoided this by taking the debt ceiling out of equation. >> depdepogo ahead, peter.
7:37 am
>> whenever we get to that th witching hour. we don't default on anything an because we can pay our debts. it's not like we don't haveve money coming in.ney we are getting $200 million off income. we can pay the interest on the debts. we can do a lost things, theth debtin ceiling is so we can sped more money.more that is a situation we have raya problem with. >> what does the debt ceiling do? of your question isonis that the 14 amendment which wasa written specifically part of it to deal with the debt question. there's a lot of legal analysts and a former president of theesd united states, bill clinton who said you can do this. i think what the president doess not want to do in this case is s to act unilaterally. i think he wants the responsibility to be spread about. the debt ceiling increase is is because the congress passes legislation, bills that appropriate money and, then theh
7:38 am
have to pay the money. now jim is not quite accurate oe this in that some things won't o get paid right away. contractors won't get their money. small businesses will be in some trouble. 80% of it is already in the pipelines, but 20% of it -- -- >> this is all about spending then. >> jim. >> it goes back to the biggerbi question.ques >> if congress wants to not appropriate certain appears of moofney for certain things, they can do >> they're allowed to do that. >> right now we're in a situation where the ehtconomy is started to move forward, we're -- where unemployment rates wer coming down, where we were doing better internationally. we just unfortunately because the president couldn't go on thh asian summit. now china is filling ta void. it's not helping our economy. we're losing $300 million a daya because of the shutdown. it's going to cost $2 billion. 2 and physical conservist like
7:39 am
republicans should be concerned about it. >> this is a spending problem. we're $17 trillion in debt. >> real quickly. qu who do you think out of this, who is going to be to plame outl of this whole -- blame out ofof this whole shutdown. i know you said it's the other side. a lot of us are thinking we elected these folks, they're're here, but here it's different in washington we look at differently than the folks fo outside of the beltway. but they see that their representatives are doing what they want. >> it's hard to say a year from november.nove jim and i have been playing an attorney in politics. they're mad at everything. they're furious at everybody, but if you look at the one racen right now where the government shutdown in its physical crisis is playing, that race is virginia, cuccinelli is in deep trouble. my prediction is cuccinelli loses this race for a number ofe reasons, he was so far away being with ted cruz the other day. there's a problem right now for the republicans of virginia.
7:40 am
>> what was the question again? >> who is going to be to plame out of this. >> i -- blame out of this. >> peter is right, there's going to go to both the senate is not going to agree. there's as much to blame as as everybody else, but peter is right, next november is a longlo time from now. hopefully we can remind folks that harry >> always appreciate seeing you. >> all right. r >> back after this. ig
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kim kardashian's mom is nown the single one in the family. kris jenner split with husband pry'pry'sbruce jenner after twet years. they will keep -- bruce will appear in the show keeping up can the kardashians. pry's said thapry's said ifbruce
7:44 am
would have allowed him, he woull should shed a tear n they're separated but they're not getting divorced.g >> they have apparently. the marriage is pretty muchty over, but they're not filing for divorce papers, but they do not want to wreck their show. >> so they're going to be separated and hang out. >> yeah, i guess.>> >> is there any chance, like that big this is all for -- >> of course, it's the kardashians. >> i would say there's a good >> although, it does -- i suspect this is true. >> you do? >> yeah. >> it's been talked about for how long speculation that they were separated.e this is not, oh, no. n >> yeah, it is true. >> sad to hear it. >> oh, whatever. [ laughter ] >> they seem like -- i don't want to talk about the fact that i i have never watched had a show . >> let's go to the. >> at least the housewives.
7:45 am
>> i've seen a few of those, either that or i look at my phone 110 times a day.10 tim it will be a mostly cloudy day. the activity you see in souther virginia will start to sneak into our area.into we will see showers mid-to late afternoon right around the 95 corridor and if you're viewer out to the west, will you get the rainshowers this evening. en this rain storm is going to be o with us the next couple of days, i think many of us will be sick and tired of it, by the time it leaves. there you go, it's kind stuck. with the emotion, it will be slow within the next few days, we're doing on keep it cool and persistent flow out of the nort and east. this future cap, 4:00, notice the shower activity, generally washington south and east.uth ad that is where the heaviest of the rain will be today. as you get into the nighttime hours and overnight, you can se the rainshower activity acti spreading to the we have. you can seeea thedi area, and t you tomorrow morning, org, tomorrow afternoon at noon.
7:46 am
you can see we have widespread showers, it's not going to raib every minute, and then scattered showers in the forecast foror thursday, friday, into saturday and sunday as well denning ong howell, depending onhow soon wee out of here. what is happening is our computer models are not telling us when the storm will end. >> it's an open-ended invitation. 7:47, julie wright is here with still more problems on the roads. >> reporter: it's like you can't get ahead of this, it started at the washingtonington baltimore parkway, a fatal crasl continues to flock the road in each direction -- block the road in each direction at 175. southbound traffic lie verted off at route 100. and then there's the overturnedd trash truck.
7:47 am
quick peek at the cameras, here is the outer loop headed out to the baltimore washington parkway. coming out of virginia, they will leave volume delays, headed inbound toward the belt away. that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. 7:48 on this wednesday on morning. coming up next, finding the best for less.. >> holly, good morning. >> good morning, to you. >> reporter: this is about finding best for less, making the most out of least, we are spending the morning with a hosh of a local show called lip gloss and a sander. what one woman can do for you, live next on fox 5 morning newss stay with us. . i'm gonna vote for terry mcauliffe this time. he's a successful businessman and knows business inside and out and can lead virginia. i don't want a politician who wants to be inside my home.
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pumpkin's back at dunkin'? now you tell me. try the new pumpkin pie donut or any of our other many pumpkin treats today. america runs on dunkin'.
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7:51 am
sander. go hand in hand. >> hi, holly.>> this is not about-turning trash into treasure. it's about an inspirational story of one woman turning herig ability and her passion into a a local t.v. show. this is bridgett adele, she is the host of lip gloss and a a sander which is one of the most catch hey nimy names of a show e heard. thank you for letting us be in your garage.ou >> i was trying to come up withi an idea for something to do for a job to add-on to what i am currently doing. i wanted to depo pack and us go0 college degree which was in communication. i decided to go to the local media and pitch a show to them, and the show idea was to take people on -- to local fleal markets and yard sales and come back and have them come to my
7:52 am
studio and do the work here. >> we have clips from the show. this is people who have an area, and they have a budget of $100,, right? n yes. >> you can't find a lot for under $100, or you can if you have somebody like you with you? n yes, we try to do $50 and under. >> so $100 is splurging. >> for under $50, you can do a whirlwind of things with that money with things you can do.oun you just have to go out and try. so the lip gloss and the sander. >> the idea for it. >> yes. >> there's two things i don'tgs leave home without. >> she is not kidding. >> you can go ahead, it's rightr here in her pocket. the lip gloss. >> which one is that. >> the fashion scoop by mac. >> and the sander is the mousee sander, there it is. >> it's one thing, to go andand shop at garage sales and flea markets and stuff, but to
7:53 am
knowing what you're looking for. i think the challenge for me is seeing the potential in an item >> absolutely true. these are samples of things that i have purchased or have been given at different types of venues. for example, mind yo behind youa neighbor that was leaving and, he sold me three pieces, thises, was one of them and i redid thi one. the idea is friends who are a moving looking to get rid of things. >> depo through your neighbor's trash. >> but bulk trash day is one of your tips. >> so bulk trash is one day a month in most neighborhoods. neg these chairs are ones that were thrown out, they had good bonese there was nothing wrong with them except that the color was bad. last summer i painted them pain orange, and now it's fall, i decided to spray paint them brown. you can see a for a cup of
7:54 am
dollars of cushions at target, they are brand >> look for structure. that is what stood out to me to when you said good bones. >> this is another idea. >> i went recently to an auction. i was competing against some dealers in d.c., but don't get nervous about that, because beus sometimes the dealers don'tle always win. for $70 i got this beautiful italian arm or. or. along that line. at the auction i got this $5 cable for my workshop. i needed a table for my workshop, i bid on this, it wasa $5. nobody wanted it to. wan what i did was put the kass ter on it so it can move in the workshop. >> make it useful. >> and i put a shelf down. >> great, you're going to yard stables, and flesales, and auct bulk trash day. in the paper when you see a lis of yard sales, how do you know which one to go to, which one is
7:55 am
going to be good. >> i would immediately get rid of any one that has children'sd' items or clothes, typically, they don't have a lot of furniture. sometimes they do, but i immediately skip those, right away. >> skip the children's stuff. any other tips.r >> would i also give a tip to ti skip the multifamily yard sales. >> really. >> a lot of times -- sometimes hit well with those, but most o the time i don't. because it seems to be a lot of household items of things that i really don't need. >> a lot of junk is that what you're' >> you can say that. >> when is your show on? >> my show airs on sunday nights at 5:30 and wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. on the montgomery community media t.v. channel 21. >> channel 21. we have only just begun. we have already gotten great tips. coming up in next hour she is going to put us to work. work she has got some items, we are going to throw our lip gloss on and pull the sander out, and sed
7:56 am
how we can start turning these things from trash to treasure. the shocking toll on then military families, why the casualties of war, and thethe families they leave behind are the latest casualties of the federal government shutdown. you hear about a lot of cures, but they know a type of soda that can shake off of the headache fastest. we will share that with you. 
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
right now at 8:00, benefit backlash, the realization that the government shutdown is causing a delay on the paying those who are lost in the military. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm tony perkins. lawmakers are do announcing the death benefitty lay, even though the shutdown they allowe is bind it. behind it. we will sit down with the iraq veterans of america. smart phone, find out where it's not so expensive to control
8:00 am
function in your home with yourr phone or text. later, the best cure for a hangover, may already be in youo refrigerator. we will tell you what it is. >> i wasn't going to say, too, but now i am. >> don't get drunk. >> that's not a cure, that is a prevention. >> you're right. >> all right. >> tucker barnes. >> good morning. >> got some rain on the way?e n yes, we do. do. later this afternoon, not so much this morning. i think it's walk to school day. >> i think we in the cased that earlier n we should b.. >> we should be nice and cool, l we are here to stay, we are going to remain cooler than normal for a day for the next several days and a pretty goodpt chance of vain for nex rain fort several days, and clouds movings in if you are getting any sun a all at the moment t won't last, as you will see the cloud coverd
8:01 am
fill in the next couple ofle hours, even actually the rainshower activity you see in southeast virginia will start t roll in here mid-to late mid- afternoon locally. if you are watching in central virginia or southern maryland, or the lower eastern shore, you, are going to get it first. if you are in the mountains, yoo will get it last. it we will get to the mountains later this evening. all us will get a good soaking later tonight into the daytime hours tomorrow. the storm that we got up the coast is kind of stuck. this pattern is going to looklok very familiar here for next couple of days. >> 65 that will be the daytime high, showers by 4:00 p.m. >> all right. >> thank you very much. >> now we want to check in with julie wright for a look at on time traffic. >> all right, you guys, very vey busy on the roads with the accident investigationde continuing to block the baltimore washington parkway, each way near 175. northbound traffic is being diverted here at 32 with big tie-ups leaving laurel. laur
8:02 am
southbound traffic diverted off route 100.rout to complicate things, we were telling everyone to use 95, so a big mess coming to and from baltimore this morning, 29 is still a viable option as well a route one, on the outer loop of the beltway, the crash is on the overturned tractor trailer, some traffic squeezing by to the left, delays headed north from below ritchie marlboro from the accident scene. pull up the cameras, the outer loop of the beltway, delays, an headed around toward the scene. the inner loop headed from saint barnabas road to the wilsonn bridge. a better picture.tter eastbound on 66, no issues to report out of manassas, trafficf will flow east of fair oaks toward vienna, and headed annandale toward mariefield. coming from germantown to the lane divide. that's a check of fox 5 to time traffic. all right, julie, thank you very much inside it's day nine of the federal government shutdown, and still there's no end in sight.
8:03 am
>> but there could be a short-term solution on the horizon. both president obama, and john boehner held dueling news conferences. there's a site that they might be ready to end the shutdown, and in the president said speaker boehner, side stepped with supporters but didn't rule it out. the u.s. defaulting on its debte is just eight days away. >> probably putting us back into the recession, quite possibly if it were to continue for any a length of time, a return to double-digit unemployment. >> meantime d.c. mayor vincentvi gray, and other city leaders ar holding a meeting to demand dend congress allow the city to fund itself during the federal fe shutdown. they are asking d.c. residents to come out to rally. it's at the swamp side on the oh east lawn of the capitaltal beginning at 11:00 a.m. the latest real life
8:04 am
casualty of the federal shutdowr are the casualties of war and o the families left behind.nd. the veterans administration is denying death benefits to the fames lez of fallefamilies of fs is not going well with anyone. we are here with a veteran and legislative associate with the iraq and veterans of america. thank you for coming in. >> thank you.>> >> thank you for your service to the country. >> thank you. this, and heard about we were pretty appalled and shocked. is this directly related to the shutdown? n it is, because congress couldn't come to an agreement o octoberag first, and pass a budt or a spending resolution, the funds weren't there to pay for the death gra gratuities, we are seeing this now. >> tell us what happens when one of our family members is killed.
8:05 am
within a couple of days, they receive benefits, it's called a debt gradeath gratuity. it's wired, $100,000 it allows them to recover and the pay for the funeral. >> i wasn't aware that that happened so quickly. now it's not happening.ning. >> correct. it's not there. t the fund are not there, becausee of the, shutdown. t and thhee instances over the pa weekend, it garnered a lost lo attention, and hopefully we wily get the congress to act this onn this much sooner and reach a solution. is there a possibility that congress, because they're doing things piece meal right now. has some attention come to this, that congressmen are saying, we, got to fix this? >> it's a gut-wrenchingrenchi incident, we are hopeful that congress as a whole will come together, and pass a bill, and make sure that the funds are there for the grieving family
8:06 am
members. >> what do you know about the compensation checks that are due to go out on november 1st to the families? >> this is more of a tricky issue. the october paychecks are fine, depending how long the shutdown lasts, it's believed that the dispensing of the checks of november 1st. >> the november check is for october. >> for november. >> the october paychecks arere out. there's a lot of lingering doubt and lack of clarity on any sortt o deadlines as respect with what the va can dispense, depending on what congressress reaches, and with respect tie budget. >> my understanding is thatis tt veterans also are not able to g to their veterans service centers across the country, i think some 56 or so. >> are closed.ed. >> correct. >> because of the shutdown as o it's gonef on and on, we're ine the 9th day.h a lot of these regional officesa have had to close a lot of services available to thele to veterans. the ability to conduct typical day-to-day a services, is at a
8:07 am
stand still. as far as veterans being able to follow-up with a lot of their issues via related claims, it makes it much more difficult. it isn't there, like it was whee the fund are there. >> i would imagine, youou i personally and your organization and many other veterans andand veteran groups have to be outraged? >> we are, it's simply unacceptable. it october deadline is no surprise. every year the budget has to be passed but the predictability o not passing a budget year after year is what is disappointing. unfor opportunitily these gut-wrenching incidents, we are hopeful, that they will get g congress to get on board with something and get th up and rung so veterans can take care of of them. >> how serious could this become forrest rains and thfor veteran of those lost in action?on
8:08 am
>> this could be horrendous. the compensation checks depo too family members, and it servings as a substantial amount of their income, depending on their situation. it makes living one's life that much more difficult. it's something we don't want to see. >> going back to the death benefit, briefly. it's not being paid now. >> correct. >> when won gues congress gets s there's an expectation that it will be paid retroactively. >> there's some hope, the idea has been floated around in congress, as early to date congress can pass a bill, you know, to -- and sent to the president's desk make sure that the funds get to the family members sooner rather than late in that particular place, and talking today retroactively. >> there's a a >> it's just a matter of time. obviously, congress when theyesw learn about these gut-wrenching incidents, taking in all the details, and making the
8:09 am
appropriate and dispense funds as best they see appropriate. >> i hope and many other people hope that this resolves quickly. it's awn unfair thing to do. >> it's a terrible time in our country to see these sort of things happen. >> nick mccormick, is a representative of the militaryry veterans and families, and he himself is a veteran. beware of breast cancer charity scams. we are checking in with the consumer team for details about that. and more details of the last week's mayhem at capitol hill. what the suspect was carrying in her car at the time and chase of the shooting. the time is 8:10 a.m. 
8:10 am
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all right. coming up on 8:14, now. pretty view out there. what is going on.n.
8:13 am
>> very nice, very nice. we got weather to talk about.ab. and before, tucker, here you go. it's your favorite type of installment of -- >> and it's "the perfect storm" has"t arrived. ar we got a cute picture and we got wisdom. >> all right, let's do it, timee for the my fox photo of the day this is parker, everybody. parker, wow parker is really. he will be two months old next saturday. >> wow. newester is one of our arrivals. >> since his arrival, he has been a great big joy to his momo dad, and big producer, an brothd assume that is all in the picture there. >> wisdom, are you ready to taky it away. wisdom, if parker were youryo child would you be doing this. >> what's ap up parker, i had t
8:14 am
it slow, i didn't want to scare parker. >> did you do this for your three children. >> i did. >> i still do it? >> do they love it? i >> not so much anymore. >> especially not at school. they're not fans. >> that will show up.p. you should be able to get to class. >> depgo to >> tony want to add anything. >> just very cute. 58 at reagan national. na cool conditions, parker, i noticed you weren't wearing aene lot of clothing.loof you will need it today as theth highs are expected in mid-60s. we are going to be stuck in theh cool and cloudy pattern. 38 degrees in upstate new york. clouds moving in overnight. it will be a mostly cloudy day today. eventually the rainshowers you will see down across southernso and virginia and along outer banks will start to sneak into n
8:15 am
our area. those of you on the lower eastern shore in southern maryland, central virginia, you get it first by late morning. the rest of us closer to to washington along the 95 corridoo mid-to late afternoon.-t if you're ino mountains it wono arrive until later this evening as with will slowly make this ma track here. this storm will be the weather e maker for the next several days. cloudy and cool weather pattern to end of next week. and the threat of rain will be a in our forecast, right throughgh friday, perhaps saturday afternoon we will have scattered showers in the forecast.s here is the accuweather 65 today. that is below normal. only 63 tomorrow and we will start to turn brighter by the end of the weekend, and next week highs at 70 degrees.70 threat the weather and let's doe traffic, and the latest with julie wright. >> reporter: it's the boy's club. >> yes, it is. is and you're breaking it up. >> reporter: last one. somebody has got to bring the heels and the skirts in on this. this is what i learned, on the northbound side of the baltimora
8:16 am
washington parkway, the lanes have been re-opened. it still has traffic diverted o the southbound side of the highway onsi route 100, but agan the northbound side, headed from laurel, headed toward jessup, je the lanes are been re-opened, but it's still quite slow headee north from 198. 32, traffic westbound, below speed before telegraph road,ad eastbound from 29, before 29,29 head toward 95, everybody is trying to figure out anan alternative to the parkway beine shutdown. the northbound lanes have been route 100 also a mess. i'm gettin getting a lot of twer at arundel mills, that is because of the accident, and the southbound lanes are still st blocked. and the accident ak after the baltimore washington parkway. the left side of the roadway was able to get by, but headed north. and college park, headed south out toward gene belt. green belt. we are learning more about o the connecticut woman who wastiu shot and killed it n the deadlye
8:17 am
police chase at capitol hill. >> there was a locked box inside myriam carr carey's. investigators belief tha believy suffered from a mental illness. the family of a new jersey man who set himself on fire on the national mall says he was w mentally ill. 64-year-old, john cons tino, died after dousing himself on gasoline and setting himself on fire. the suicide was not a political statement but was the result of a long fight with mental illness. they say he was quote, a loving father, and husband. they are asking for privacy. two ambulances have caughtht fire, including two in one day.a >> now a police d.c.d. investigation have found theyuny were not intentionally set and the firefighters union wants ann
8:18 am
apology. paul wagner explains why. >> reporter: an ambulance am fire on any given day may not catch the attention of many people but on august 13,13, somebody snapped a picture of this one going up in flames on benning road northeast and gave it to the firefighters union un which promptly published ond o twitter. to the union it was an example of broken down equipmentt firefighters, medics and paramedics were forced to use. especially when a second ambulance caught fire later atat ththe washington center. but top city officials weren't so sure and said so. >> how many instances are you aware where two fire apparatus have caught fire on the same day within a three hour period. any? >> reporter: the union was furious. >> we have been demoralized for the last two years, and it's it another example of what the firefighters are going throughrg to serve the city. >> reporter: now that
8:19 am
investigators have concluded the fires were accidental, the union wants an explanation. >> we were quite confident before they called into question these fires that you know, our u members had nothing to do with them, but fatal mechanical errors with the department's fleet seemed to be more of the norm. it's food to finally claret members and it'scl time for the mayor to apologize for the incideninsinuation. >> instead saying that the investigation was justified. >> i think the investigation waa responsibility to do, because there was people that were suspected in these highly incidents, now that it's clear. we can move on. >> reporter: it's not theit's first time that the someone suggested that firefighters are sabotaging their own equipment. but to date, no one has ha delivered any proof. one ambulance sustained $500,00 worth ofsu damage, the other waa
8:20 am
total loss.tol since then the city has added 13 new ambulances and the response times have in the fox 5 newsroom, i'm paul wagner. and it is now 8:21 on this wednesday morning. coming up next what popular soda might be the peiv the perfg over cure. [ female announcer ] now you can turn pillsbury crescents
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welcome back. star imuks istarbucks is using h government shutdown to encourage someone to do something. the company's ceo wants wa americans to connect with one on another, something that congress apparently is incapable of doing. all right, get ready to pay more for yourpa heat this winte experts say natural gas, electricity and propane costsane are going up, because of increased global demand. the energy department says thath natural gas is expected to rise 15%, the average bill from october to the end of march could be as much as $679. the good news here, heating oill is expected to drop 2%. >> some pretty old piles that we have there.
8:24 am
i haven't seen those controls. >> we went old school sc programming on this video. >> all right.>> here is the story you have been waiting for. finally scientists have found aa cure for a heavy night of drinking. it seems sprite can cure a hang over. a team of chinese scientists researched 57 different drinks, they tested everything from herbal drinks to coffee and soda. lemon ask lime ar and lime are recovering from you drinkingg alcohol, it's due to an enzyme released from the liver. the enzyme breaks down the alcohol that causes headaches he and nausea. it to decrease the amount of the enzymes stay in the body. >> all of a sudden i'm seeing se college students picking up sprite. >> cases and cases. >> tucker, you think sprite will work? >> he is going to try. >> i i am not surprised.
8:25 am
>> still ahead in our next half hour, the pics for products andn promotions that make grade whene it comes to earning your presetr cancer charity donation. do we will check in with the consumer team. there's no surprise that the congress ranks low on people'si lists, but wait until you seei' how low it ranked. it's going home. it's seeing her friends. [ dog barks ] it's just being a kid again. with aetna, we have the tools to find the right specialist, save money on our hospital bills, even call a nurse anytime. no matter what your healthy is,
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aetna can help you get there. what's your healthy?
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into an easy dinner with crescent dogs. just separate, add hot dogs, cheese, roll 'em up, and bake. lookin' hot, c-dog. pillsbury crescents. make dinner pop. but press them flat, add sauce... and some pepperoni and cheese... and school nights turn into grands mini pizza nights. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop!
8:28 am
and school nights turn into grands mini pizza nights. for the first time ever, i am supporting a democrat for governor. i am proud to support terry mcauliffe because he's focused on creating jobs for the commonwealth. i hope you'll join me and vote for terry mcauliffe for governor. welcome back to fox 5 mornin> g news. this one is no secret. congress doesn't have the greatest approval rating right now. what do americans think is better than congress? we are going to tell you right now. congress has an 8% approval rating, means voters have arsav higher approval of the dmv, all right, jury duty. >> hemorrhoids.
8:29 am
>> what. what. >> hemorrhoids, how coulduld hemorrhoids have any approval rating n that shows you how bad it is right now. >> cockroaches. >> okay. >> the irs. >> wow? >> that's a pretty bad list. >> zombies. [ laughter ] >> so, yeah, however, there'sve good news. we're always about finding goodg news when we do these kind of stories. the good news is they are viewew higher than anthony weiner, remember him. and your favorite, tucker, miley cyrus. not to worry, because there's still room for anthony weiner and miley cyrus to go up. >> and mr. weiner outdoor to bee one o--used to be one of >> how can hemorrhoids have any rating at all? n yoall.
8:30 am
>> you got me n it's a great >> it's a great list. >> it's pretty funny. >> the approval rating on the forecast is going to be falling in the next couple of days. i think initially people willlly like the change you know, because many of us like to have it change up a little bit. >> a light jacket. >> by friday or saturday peoplea will probably give a low rate of approval. >> it's still going on congress. >> that's hard thing to do. >> i don't think they can getnkt the wrong family members. >> 58 this morning in washington, 5 at quantico, 40sac north and west, and chilly in winchester, 45 degrees, 45 in cumberland. we have a couple of thingsgs working on the warm day today. it's a breezy day, we're going to feel that breeze, and high gh temperatures expected in the mid-60s, expect a cool one with an increasing chance ofg cn rainshowers, you can see those starting to push to the northsho and to west. as we watch our storm system continue to kind of meander here
8:31 am
off the carolina coast. what can we expect later today. this rain shield is going to pinwheel into the washington area very slowly, central virginia you get the rain first. the corridor, we will get it by mid-afternoon and later tonight if you are to the mountains off to the north and west. once it arrives it's going to be a slow mover.ow we are going to keep the threate of showers in the forecast later tonight, later tomorrow, and into friday and saturday before we get the storm out of here. here we are at 4:00. notice north and west, you're not yet getting the rain but right along the corridor, starting the showers south and east. a better chance for showers thi evening for alshl of us, and th, threat of showers continues into the daytime hours, here we are at 1:00 with scattered showerses around. scattered showers here to stay for the neck couple of days, and this pattern or the storm won'tt get out of here until some time toward the enof the weekend. until then we are going to be persistently cool and cloudy for
8:32 am
the next couple of days, 63 tomorrow, big chance of showers later this afternoon, intoterno daytime hours, tomorrow. the chances for rainfall offfall here by friday and saturday, we keep the clouds in the forecast with highs only about 70. that is the forecast, wisdom and tony, back to you at the desk. all right, tucker. we start to appreciate it. >> a lot of people start tot think pink. >> before you buy a product that appears to pack the heftyfty donation to breast cancernce research, take a close look where your money is going. he is live in dallas with a looh at it, good morning, >> reporter: goodrn morning to you, both.yo a lot of folks seeing those pink products assume that if you're purchasing pink that a portion o of that purchase price will depo toward our breast cancer recovery -- will go toward our presebreast cancer research. i want you to take note on some of the amounts. companies are stepping it up.
8:33 am
starting with these we got different categories, startingie with folks who ares, actively fighting the battle againstnst breast cancer.ncer these are quasi drugs, they are drug free, doctor recommended, about $5.50 per package and a portion of that purchase pricehs goes toward the breast cancereat research fund. and we got the big susan g komen race for the cure here in dallas. get decked out.cked the folks want to make sure tha you got beautifully, and mismatched pink shoes to get out there with the 10% of the proceeds of the cheetah printt set will be donated to the cure. here in texas we got a couple o things going on. this product from pure attitude, if i percen50%, that is a huge n from the essentials kit, and and fountain of youth will go toward
8:34 am
the breast cancer foundation. and our paul mitchell has a new line of styling tools called the girls are all right. that part of their campaign. they are printed with inspirational messages, styling tools and also hair care products will go to cancer research. let's crank it up for folks who want to pie somethinwant to buyg this is their embossed neck class, 50% of the neck class goes to susan g komen toward the cure. and they have a line of anne taylor lost o loft of beautiful jewelry. 50% of the purchase price is donated toward the, and a percentage of the net proceeds, so when we're talking 60% of the purchase price, it's dollar per dollar, 60% is going toward charity.
8:35 am
if you want to do good and get a good deal. these pink ponies at macy's aree a good deal. they are 3-point if i from evero toward the fund.nd. not only do you get a pin but a coupon for 20% off for the shopping trip at macy's, not only are you doing good, and raising money, and get a great deal. back to you guys in d.c. >> there you go. >> great idea. spend money wisely. thank you, steve. fox 5 morning news back after the leak. break.
8:36 am
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8:37 am
 "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." these are birth control pills. more than half of american women use them at some point in their lives but ken cuccinelli sponsored a bill that could have made common forms of birth control illegal, including the pill. cuccinelli was one of only five senators to support this "potentially radical intrusion into domestic, family and individual decision-making" why is ken cuccinelli interfering in our private lives? he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
8:38 am
this next video may have yo wondering if it's real or fake.. it shows pink paddle, knives, and very brave -- take a look at this. >> there it is. he is doing that? take a look at this. >> he is doing. >> oh. >> yeah. >> i will need to explain what is going on. you can see what is going on. on he is using the pink paddle anda
8:39 am
throwing knives at her. look at this, she is just standing there. >> it looks real. >> i'm kind of -- i don't know!w >> i don't know if it's real or not. >> this is crazy. >> she is not even flinching. >> if it is real and she watches a ping-pong ball in her mouth. >> i don't know about this.. >> the video was shot by a grou known as the ping-pong show. >> i would have to see that live. t is pretty remarkable. >> a big flag -- this looks real, too. >> okay. >> all right. >> hopefully that woman is a wax figure. >> hopefully.opefully >> we didn't see the next clipe ofne the video, some bad things may happen.en. >> hope not. >> the time is 8:40 on this wednesday morning. coming up next, how to create aa smart phone using the technolog
8:40 am
on your smart phone? >> but first we go pack to holly.lly. hi, holly. >> reporter: i'm hanging outg with one shar smart lady. she is at work and she is looking good because that is her philosophy. lip gloss in one hand and a sander on the other. othe the philosophy of her show, and what you can learn from it coming up next.  we all have our little tricks.
8:41 am
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using high-tech gear to create a smartg homes could coo you tens of thousands of of dollars, but the latest issue of kiplingers personal financeerna shows us how to use whitewater leswirelesstechnology to duplice smart features for just a couple of hundred bucks. joining us is janet jackson, ja always food to have you andyou talking with us. tell us how this all works, howo you can do this for not -- for a reasonable price. >> a reasonable price, value. >> value. >> okay. >> you as you said, it used to s be it cost you thousands ofof
8:44 am
dollars plus a lot unsightlyun wires throughout your house. now you can do it with wire lease technology and you can use your tablet or smart phone to control things, the systems tha we priced for the november issue of the magazine cost anywhere $200, roughly around $200 to $400 for the system. sometimes there's a monthly mo charge as well, because you hav to have internet link and ongoing wireless technology set up. so anyway, but it's rather affordable if it does what you want it to do? >> what kind of protection do you have when you are dealing ar with this kind of stuff, you yo know with technology, you know?? >> exactly. the basic system can give you a little bit of security. they use motion sensors to to detect motion, or it turns the appliances off and on, the thirh thing they can do is regulate is temperature, and heat and thinn like those are the basic systems tha can you get. get. now there are more sophisticateo
8:45 am
things that give you, dampnessda or even carbon monoxide, or something else, a better security system which gives you actually a lock system where yo use a key bad, you know at the h door so that serious -- various members of family can punch in their own code. >> it has a variety of things. anything else that you left out it runs the gamut but what itit can do. >> what people should know iskns the cost differences. one of the systems that we likei a lot, is called iris, it's it's something that lowes sells, they each cost $170, one of them is the safe and secure system anden that is the one that has the motion detectors, and there's another one that is called comfort examine control. co that iand that is the one that controlsco the heat and the temperature. but you can get smart kits for $200 or $299, that is if you you
8:46 am
want the whole system. here is the kicker, you pay a $10 a month extra fee, what youo can do is program, do more sophisticated programming from afar. every night the system will turn down the temperature, activate the alarm system and turn offof all the lights. it depends on how many bells ann whistles you want.nt. >> and that varies be that woulo change the cost of it? >> yes. >> you said in some cases, if you have the internet, you have to buy their internet service? >> no. you don't have to pi buy their service, but you have to able to connect the system, you have to have a high enough internet system that it will work. with theism sris system they have a starter system that you u can install it yourself. >> a man like me has to pay pa somebody to do that kind work. >> let's talk about discounts. are there any kind of discounts that are available that people e with get. >> that's a food point.
8:47 am
if you -- a good point. if you have a wireless systemes you casn get up to 20% discounto on your homeowners insurance iff you have it tied in to the police department or firefire department that kind thing.nd it helps with the process,pr especially if you are pagan ongoing monthly service. $10 seems to be a fairlya standard amount. one system that wared found that was steep, an at&t system which was kind ofm cool, because it detected moisture, in the basement if you're worried about flooding or carbon monoxide. it was a $200 system so it's fairly reasonable, but it had a $45 a month charge for monitoring >> got it.>> >> it depend on how much youw m want to pay, how safe you want o to be, what your concerns are. >> janet, always good to talk to you. the magazine hits the shelves, the stores.the >> it's there today. >> yeah. >> all right if you want to go out and get it, a lot of usefuls information about how to be smart with your smart phone and
8:48 am
your smart home. >> and everything else else financial. >> and everything elsese financial. >> if you for coming in and talking. >> my pleasure, enjoy it. thank you very much. have you ever wanted to learn how to turn flea marketmak finds into grand designs? this morning we are learning th tricks of the trade from a host of the show from lip gloss and sander. >> do you like mity sig my design? >> what is it. i >> it's some kind of a necklace. >> i did show up with lip gloss. i didn't have a sander but thatu is where this lovely lady comess in. she is a t.v. show celebrity.cer on c t.v. as well. and she is right here in gaithersburg and you help local residents, right? >> absolutely. >> they come and want to find something, your real element is not only finding it but then transforming it. it >> right. >> you're going to give us a us
8:49 am
little lesson. >> a quick lesson. >> what are we doing? >> you're going to use your mouse sander. and then we are going to paint it. >> take your mouse sanders and turn iter on and depo wit go wir back and forth. fo >> is this where i use my mask. >> always remember safety first. >> put this on. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> all right. >> okay. >> first we go with the green.g. put your hand here, and go witho the grain. >> now you try it. >> now i try it, stand back. >> i didn't realize it was going to be so , you know..
8:50 am
>> and do the math -- through the magic of television it's sanded. >> we're going sand it all. >> how long does it take to sand. >> about a half an hour to an hour. >> how did you learn all of of this, by the way? , i was lucky, growing up, my dad did a lot of work in thenth garage at home. she taught me over the years. >> so the importance of sanding is. >> to make it smooth before you put the paint on. you always want to make sure that your piece is smooth and it adheres to paint better.r. >> so we sand it and now we're going move on to painting. >> i want to tell everybody, yo, can go and we poured some paibto into a co container. you can go to the local store and pie these containers andand they're really nice, but you can depo around thgo around the houe containers like brinkles, you yo can put your gloves on. on. >> this is your damager, not no your husband's garage?
8:51 am
>> no, this is absolutely my garage. >> this is one of the few where the wife tells the husband to get out of the garage.e. >> there's different brushes. be since this project is something that we're going to use outsideu around the table in my backyard. can you use cheap. cheap. >> you can say cheap. >> cheap price. >> don't worry about investing n in an expensive brush if you're going to use it outside. >> you want to buy the brush ann dip it in the paint, and dab it on the side so you don't drip. >> i'm not dripping. >> and depo just like yo go lika and forth with the grain.grain. >> my intent with it, because i like this blue color, but itt it doesn't go with the décor of my backyard. what i do is paint it red and slightly distress this blue-green color through. >> how do you lightly distress. >> what you do while you'rewh
8:52 am
doing that, youil take theseth little block sanders. >> you wait for the paint to dry.dry. >> okay. >> take the flock sanders. sa >> after the paibt dries, you pd you take, the sanders where it t would naturally be distressed. i >> you are painting it and and taking the paint off. >> since it's outside, it's going to get distressedesse naturally. we are going to help it to get the blue color. >> i will show you down theth front while the paint. you would take on the corners like this. when your paint is all dry, your will see. >> the key to distressing is you would distress it where it would naturally rub like on the corners, distress in the middle wouldn't be best way to go. >> if you are doing a table, the distressing in the middle wouldl be, because that is where youwhe would put your plates and pots. >> i got you, where it would get wear. >> yes. >> through the magic of television if we were all done,
8:53 am
it would look like? >> ta-da-da. >> how cut on is that.n >> we finished it in red, and an always remember, a tip, too. always do the under side of youo project, because you never known when someone turns it over or you want to see it on the othert side. you can see, i distressed theth blue green slightly. slig and i topped it with some wax.x. >> very good. >> is our website. we have a link to theirs, andth all o of her episodes are on her website. >> she practices what heyt hey preaches. she preaches, we will go in her home and see the things she refinishes. we will talk about how you can end up on her show. maybe i need a few lessons on on refinishing the part. >> you are good at many, many things, holly. >> it was fun to watch. >> all right, before we head to the break, he want to say hellol
8:54 am
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there's a live look outside on this wednesdaa yli morning. halfway through the workweek,wo maybe with some rain on the way. good morning to you, i'm tony perkins. i'm sarah simmons in for allison seymour. straight ahead at 9:00, the debe ceiling is rapidly approaching,g but could there be a deal in the works? what the president has agreed to. and buyer beware is poised o
8:58 am
to have a big poise, but it mate not be a good idea to get on the twitter train. the redskins coming off of by week and opening the score the second week of the season,a, can they win in dallas? the sportsda junkies will join live in just a and banning ball at recess. one school is cracking down ongo the free time with some new rules. is it a smart move or going too far? we are going to talk about thath >> what else do you do at recess. >> right. >> you need a ball to play. >> theball t big rubber balls. >> right. >> i guess they still haveill h those. >> of course, it's a basic. >> they're on the >> they are playing video games >> the all-important recessal might bel- held indoors for some the kids today, because it's raining. >> uh-huh. >> oh, well. we >> i hated indoor recess.
8:59 am
>> i did, too. to >> it's like 800 kids and you're like -- -- >> you needed your outside time. >> it's good for everybody.ev big changes on the way. next few days, cool ask cloudy,l we mentioned rainshowers, i think it will hold until noon locally. no doubt about it, we're allwe going to'r get rain and good steady rain, 59 at reagann national, fee, bwi marshall, i mentioned cool be how about 65 b for daytime high. that is plenty cool. cloud cover is moving in and in rain is approaching not yet here locally, although it will be soon. got a call from a gentleman whon is with her paving company inco southern maryland, and says he needs several dry ours inin southern maryland. i think you will get rain thereh sooner than we will here. i think before the noon hour iff you are on the once it moves in it's here toe stay.ta cool, cloudy, afternoon showers, likely 65 daytime high. >> all right, thank you,


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