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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 9, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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shutdown day nine.nine. will there be more listening to one another concerning theco president and congress? cong in the last hour the administration announced thatnc president obama will host a a group of house democrats at thes white house. the white house added that the president intends to invite house republicans as well as as members the senate in the next few days. >> this comes as president obama yesterday offered republicans aa way out of budget standoff. the president declared he will sit for negotiations but if only house speaker john boehnerbo passes a bill to end thed shutdown and extend the debtde ceiling even if it's only for a few weeks. >> meanwhile, vincent gray is holding a meeting to ask congress to hold stand alone legislation, giving theiring ability to use their own tax dollars during the shutdown. the district is using the reserve funds to pay the bills, but that money will run out in 7-10 days. the rally is being held on the h senate swamp side on the east t lawn of the capital beginning at
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11:00 a.m. well, it turns out a planned protest on this weekend, may ala be a hoax. the man mind it, -- behind it, says he wanted to ruffle some feathers when he made comments o to world news reports about 3,000 truckers coming to our ou area, but there's no real plansl to take over the highway. >> i don't think people thought it wasnk too funny. >> no. >> hope. >> he is lying. >> the nfl fall meeting wrapped up in the district today. the owners are discussing a a variety of topics, too, mind closed doors. doors. >> the most hotly debated issueu was not formally addressed, we're talking about the redskinn team name, dan snyder emerged from meetings. me so far there's no word whetherwh snyder will attend the meeting with oneida indian nation next .
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>> big money. >> whenever you have a situatioi like this, you have to listenlie and recognize that some other people may have different perspectives. cleaclearly there are are cases where that is true, that is what i have suggested and open about it that we need to listen. >> some prominent leaders of several native americann organizations say the name is offensive. it'seaking of the skins, dallas week in the nation's capital. it doesn't quite feel like that, but it we saw how well the cowboys played on sunday, so can the redskins pull out a win? for a preview of the big rivalri we turn to the sport junkies, at 106.7fm the fan. hello, gentlemen n hello, hi, sarah. >> they beat them twice last la year. >> they did beat them twice, but the cowboys despite the hiccup
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at the end of the day against denver, they are playing better their record is not great, but it's better than ours, they arer playing better, so to go into dallas, i think had is going to beha a tough task. >> what the redskins need a lot of first half production by robert griffin iii. still hasn't thrown the pass ini the first half,s that to changeh against dallas.llas. they can't depo in an go go in t griffin iii has to perform in the first half.ha even in the oakland game that they first won, they came out sluggish and slow. >> and it will be >> that is -- if you are down 14-0 to dallas or 17-3. that is hurt. >> it's going to be difficult t keep up with them in a shootout situation. i think had he ar they are goina to take chances defensively, ane go after romo, and pressure him, if you pressure him in a
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critical moment, he is liable ti make aab mistake. last week in week 17 when we got him and robert didn't have a prolific game this, he turned the football three times. >> lastier yolast year he was an the they were able to pound the ball against the dallas defense. dallas' defense is 28th in in the league. yesterday they looked impressivm dependence denver but they have given 325 yards per game througa the air, another 82 on the ground, this isn't a good team. that is why they're 2-3. he hasn't had more than 16 carries, he was knocked out early in the open game with a a rib energy. he has to keep the ball off from the dallas offense. >> that is because the redskins got down early. that will be the key, don't get down early in the first half, because of a sudden we are one dimentional, and that would be devastating.
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>> i'm going to post color, weco are going to talk something other than washington sports, just this one time, because webe want tcao get your whole take on this whole thing. >> in kentucky they are banning the after game shake hand team because of fights. what do you think of these withhold things. >> what are these kids doing fighting after games. >> expel the kids.ti if any kid fights e after , expl them. >> obviously, the parent are horrible. it's a learned thing, theedhi parents are idiots, too. they can solve this by expellinx the kids that start the fight. i >> we all have kids, but you'reo at an age, if you're a parent oa the side line,re you have to sin a code of conduct, while you will comport yourself.yourse some the behavior has gotten out of control. c there was an incident where a 17-year-old kid in a soccer game
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punched a referee after the game, and he wound up dyingd after the game. some of these post game celebrations look at them if it's not a situation where violence escalates. >> it's still a sport and you kn get rid of the sportsmanshipip aspect of you have to be able to put itput all aside, despite all theth tension and shake hands after af the game. i think it's a bad decision. >> i like it, fired up. >> sports junkies,106.7fm sports junkies. good to talk to you. >> we were talking about sports, and we're togging abou talking . a new york school is banning games like tag. what is going on with this. >> it's at weber middle school c in long island in new york. they're getting rid of wil lacra soccer ball, any other equipment that could cause harm to to children playing.
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>> has there been a big issue? s n what prompted the ban is a rash of injuries, the school officials are concerned thatncee this is getting out of hand, they want to protect the kids, but is anyone else find it strange that a middle school is having recess. >> this is a middle school in. >> it's a middle school and and they're having recess.recess when you're 12 or 13 you get a little aggressive. >> don't they have gym. maybe they don't have gym at at that school.that >> yeah, we had physical ph education. >> they call it recess. >> are these pictures from therr middle school? >> i see some problems there. [ laughter ] >> it looks like -- [ laughter ] >> annie, you make a good point. why is this in the middle school? from a parental perspective,pe tony, you have a 10-year-old? 10 >> yes, i do. >> does it comfort you that balls are being eliminated because of trips to theus hospital. >> if they're having ae problem, then they need to put
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supervisors. >> yes. handshakeke the story. they're taking these things away. >> we have all seen dodge ball matches that could get out off hand, that can get out of hand. >> donneldodge ball. >> that can get out of hand and kids who have it out for anothen kid, by the way -- and really. >> just put somebody out there to watch what is going on. on >> this is one the ones with the bad behavior, right.ght. >> remove the trouble makers from the situation. >> all right, this next story got me feeling a little somewhat comforted, because there's aners official title for this experience. looking up your illness online, like googling your symptoms, apparently it's creating a lot anxiety among americans, and they're dubbing it cyber chondria. >> i like that. >> i can see that. >> the good thing, the good sidi of this is that you are monitoring your body and you maa even visit the doctor, but thee bad side is, you may lose sleepo
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because you are freaking out, you have some disease or illness. >> the doctor is like you are in here again?here , you got a good doctor which ih have. i love my doctor, you talk about the doctor -- the doctor talksor to you about things reasonably. if there's a chance that there'h something really wrong. they couch you a certain the problem with the internetin you go and the thing you key on is i could have this. >> exactly. >> i have headaches i must -- >> i don't do it. >> you don't. >> i do not look up symptoms orr anything online m good fo. >> good for you.d for >> i always go to dr. google. >> dr. google. >> my are doctor is an md. here is the thing. i will depo, an go, and i don'te anything to worry about. i'm going to get better. >> because the least possible thing. >> but a lot of symptoms you see on the site are pretty vague. va they are pretty vague symptoms.
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it's like you almost think you have -- like ten illnessesillne because all the symptoms are a vague. >> you have a real concern, you gote to go to a >> yeah, yeah. >> i think it's a nice way to to start sort of -- >> sure. >> think about how much more mu information is available now no than it was 10, 15, years ago. >> it's a good start to go to the >> don't go every week. >> that's the lesson for today. >> thank you, annie. >> thank you, tucker. >> still ahead, a surprising arrest in the new york road rage case. why an nypd officer is behind bars this morning. it makes the story more interesting. later calling it quits, one of the most popular reality families is about to go through another divorce. >> we are checking with tmz for the latest on kris jenner and
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bruce's split inside until they get back together again. they are mocking international walk to school day. >> a good reminder for us todero watch out in school zones this afternoon. be careful out there. and when you get up -- can i play?
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foxes 5 morning news, you are looking a ths e5 cb cvs stn maryland. this was the scene of a bold rob rear. thieves sto stole the atm from t of the store. stor river park police have not said how much money they may havehave gotten away with. >> always surprised at that kind of crime. it takes a lot of work. >> it does, planning. >> meanwhile, a 6th arrest has been made in connection wit last week's road rage incident with a group of motorcycle riders. >> melanie alnwick is back with this controversial case.
9:15 am
>> reporter: it keeps getting more interesting or a little a more strange, i don't know. last month's incident which was caught on tape has stirredd emotion across the country for both sides of the case. now the latest chapter has the nypd taking one of their own into custody. new york city police officersce have arrested one of their own in connection with an assault on a moretisa motorist by a group f motorcyclists. the officer was undercover and off-duty. the ten year veteran of theran f force was seen punching an already damaged back window and kicking the side of the suv before leaving the scene.e. >> we want to continue the investigation with internal affairs. they are looking at this, and, continue to do so. >> reporter: so far four bikers aside from the undercove officer have been criminally charged. craig wright made his first appearance on court on thursday. wright punched the driver of the suv through the window and joined and stomping him in the
9:16 am
street. >> mr. wright is a long time new york resident and has no no criminal record, and like anything else there should be ne rush to action with regard to his actions. >> reporter: leann, inned up running over edward, breakina his spine and both of his legs. >> he had a surgery and the prognosis is 99% that he won't walk again. >> he was in the right lane sel miles before, decided to moveto over to the center lane, hit a biker on -- hit the motorcycle,, kept going, and then several miles later, hit a second biker. >> now that undercover officer faces riot and criminal misfit charges much he is expected to make a court appearance later today. i think the question is going to come up whether this officer took those actions because heuse was trying not to blow his cover. his attorney has said that hed
9:17 am
did not have a gun with him. he did not have a badge with him, and he fled the scene t because he felt like he had no other choice. >> one of the things that youyou think is, well, if you're going to blow your cover at some point, this might be the time to do it. >> right. >> it's a different twist.a ff >> we don't know what the ruless are for when they can or can't blow their cover. some officers have been -- they have faced disciplinary actionly for doing that. >> thanks, mel. coming up surprising news up from actor tom hanks. >> first, though, let's check in with holly morris who is getting down and dirty this morning decorating. hi, ho holly. >> reporter: good morning,g, sarah. you know what? prijt tolbridgett told me to stt from the sanders. that is the name of her show li gloss and a sander. she actually practices what she preaches, because see all of this furniture, not only does
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she transform it for others buts she uses it to decorate her own home. we will take a look at her masterpieces and take get a few more tips ourselves. stay with us. all the pumpkins?
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this afternoon, president obama is going to nominate theno first woman too head the federl reserve. janet yalen is the number two person in at the fed. she will take over for her boss ben bernanke after he steps down at the end of the she will take over at a critical time. with the program expected to be phased out in the next few few months. when twitter depose on sale next -- goes on sale the next t month, it will be the biggest media company since facebook.ok. is the ipo worth buying into. in we are joined from new york to k explain that you may want to bee cautious on this one. good morning, jerry, so you saya
9:22 am
it's not an automatic buy. you shouldn't just jump out and do it. it >> it's ant not an automatic buy, not, n if you are one of those people who wants to get on a first day. it could be a nightmare. nigh that is because ipos typicallypl trade higher the first day and d then fall off.en fal so you could end up buying at a high, look the ipo is for insiders. that is who benefits, people who founded the company, helped help build it. they're wall street bankers and the clients of those bankers, they're the people who make the big dough, what you are ar investing in stocks, what you pay for that stock is critical. if you look at twitter fundamentals and earnings and en sales, they don't have profits, not yet. they lost $69 million in then ih first half of this year. ye so the devil here tony really in the details. >> that is interesting. in >> shall we learn something froe what has happened with other
9:23 am
tech ipos? ip >> well, you know, you mentioned face book.ce book that was a debacle, right? ri they came out and had all kind d of technical issues. the stock barely budged and fell for weeks at a time. finally started to rally again,i but so many people got in on on that facebook stock, they were e so excited about t lots of excitement over it, and ultimately not a great deal for individual investors. you know, keep in mind, there'sh a lot of hype around these ips on, particularly the big named e ones like twitter and facebook.e you might want to keep your yo powderur right, see how it depoe and how it's price -- it goes, and how it's going to be pricedr >> i gave you the bear case, ifa you are interested in buying, we will tell you reasons you might want to consider it.consid >> we look forward to that, gerri willis, thank you. you can catch the willis report on the fox business network week
9:24 am
nights at 6:00. the salmonella outbreak is spreading across the country, but where is the cdc on this, is because it's close. we got another live look outside. >> that's not a bad look there.r >> we're going to get the latesa weather and traffic -- no, weather, no traffic, get the latest weather from tucker coming up in a bit. >> ki do traffic, it's moving. i >> yeah. we all have our little tricks.
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back with our video of ther day. with the balloon in hand he is going to walk past him.hi stops where it is, the camera. clearly mesmerized by the balloon. here he depos goes again, it's e and balloon. ll it's sort of a perfect comedic timing. you couldn't teach a human there.
9:28 am
>> either way, he is just cute.e >> really, that is the >> shouldn't that guy have one of these shirts on before he is walk down the hallway. >> why? are you saying he is a bully. bu >> no, no. no >> just saying. sa >> i'm just surprised that video maded -- -- >> cats are much cuter, they can do -- >> it's just super cute, but there wasn't much to it. . >> can we see it one more time?i maybe tuck and i missed something. >> it's called requeue it. it. >> we will watch carefully. ca >> the catwalks down the hallway.ha >> he stops -- i like the look.. >> he looks at the camera. ca it's like what is that balloon n all right, it's cute. >> have you ever noticed that ii a lot of these videos, a lot of people don't have much stuff onn their walls. [ laughter ] >> that's what you got out of it. >> apparently some clothes on.
9:29 am
>> where is the shirt less guy going with the balloon. >> i just now noticed. no they never showed that before. >> i was looking at the cat. the >> he was probably taking the balloon into the kitchen to surprise his girlfriend. rl >> obviously, we didn't get much out of the video. vide >> it doesn't get much better than that. we have to talk about abou something i have toin say, i didn't know w this about october 9th, otherwise i have some orange wear that i would have worn.wo we will show you. you're supposed to wear orange today, today is unite dependencn bully day october 9th. what is this all, sarah. >> actually, sony, it's bully -- tony, it's bully prevention month. today is unity day. da like the day came around first,s they want to bring awareness too bullying and the issue that we e talked about. for a while we're raising thehe awareness for it.wa thisre is the pacers national
9:30 am
bullying prevention >> you can see their website,,/bullying.or it's a topic that has gotten a lot of attention. te >> it continues to be a problem. >> apparently some of the stafft out there, every seven minutes a child is bullied. 80% of the time there's no intervention. >> a third of all kidsin will be bullied at some point. in that is startling. >> i know. >> even some adults get bullied. >> that is true, too. >> you see what path he is goinn now. >> he is playing the victim. >> sorry about the mention. me >> you mention the bus driver that we had video that we we showed. >> that is so true, you're right, you're right.u' >> you had the bright smile on l your face, i knew where you wer going. >> try to add a little bit to it. >> you sure can, and you dou every time. can you add a little bit in the weather world? worl n julie never believed me. me >> we knew he got the name in there. >> all right, let's go to the weather. we got temperatures in the upper
9:31 am
50s.s. 59 degrees at reagan national. a we're in for a cool day. da there's no doubt about it. we got a big pattern change and it's here to stay for the next severalth days, fo 52 in frederk and these temperatures are goinr to be slow to budge, maybe mid-60s for daytime highs, that is going to be it.. here come the rainshowers soon enough. wind north and east, they will they be gusting to about 20, right out in wind north and east at 15, you are going to feel the te chilly breeze, 12 at quantico and 13 at baltimore, and chillyl breeze off the ocean. oc there's the cloud cover on the increase, more tha morning sunst even actually the clouds will ll win out.nou some of those rainshowers, are touching, and showers in in southern maryland and thear eastern shore. all of this activity is going to win wheel up into the washingtoh area during the course of the afternoon, and the southernn maryland, central virginia, you guys get the rain here. we will get it here mid-to latee afternoon, locally around the te middle corridor and guys out to
9:32 am
the west, you get it last. the rain will be lifting to theo north and the west here during the course of our wednesday. futurecast, there we are atat 1:00. notice the rainshower activityr ac south and east of the 95 corridor.rror 8:00 tonight, the rain getting up into the region and pushing through, the chances for showers here to stay on thursday as we keep it chilly and cloudy conditions highs tomorrow will be in the wl lolw to mid-50s. guess what, friday, more of thee same. the storm system is going to be stuck off the southeast with it not bulging a lot, we're going to keep the pattern in the cloudy and cool realm here for the time 65 is certainly on the cool side, wind northeast, gusting t 20. cool and cloudy, showers show possible this afternoon andrnoon likely by this evening, most ofo the region getting in on the rain, 55 and maybe an inch or two of rape by tomorrow night -- rain by tomorrow night as the te system passes to the east very lowly oveslowly over next coupl,
9:33 am
fingers cross it had will be partly sunny near 70 by sunday s and things should include earlyl next week highs in the low low 70s. that is where we should be this time of year. in fact, that is the weather forecast, tony and sarah, backra toh you. tucker, thanks so we have some warnings this is coming from the cdc, not that you shouldn't do this anyway, a you need to cook the food food properly, especially the chicken because this is a major salmonella outbreak. >> whicwisdom joins us right no. and as if it couldn't have come at a worst time. >> there's seven strains of of almon el asalmonella. what is worst, many people that worked to pinpoint the source ur are locked out of their officess >> as outbreaks go, it's a bad d one.on 278 people ill in 18 states, most of them in california,
9:34 am
oregon and washington.wa the culprit, salmonella in raw ching. the source, three foster farmsrs plants in natural california. ca the packages may contain, w76327 and beyond that, public health officials have little to go on.. >> when one of these outbreaks occurs it's like a sherlock holmes you need all of your best medical detectives ready to rdy figure out where this came from and what to do about it. >> but the world's best detectives at the center for for disease control in atlanta aree not available furloughed by thee government the cdc director says he is frustrated with quote, two-thirds. cdc staff unable to work. we less likely to find outbreaks, stop them quickly and determine ways to prevent future outbreaks.outbre georgia's congressman shares sh that concern which is why he plans to introar does introducd
9:35 am
friendly bill to reopen the cdc. >> the work done at the cdc is not just important to america but all over the world. i think we should be able to reopen it, and i'm hopeful that we can move legislation from ths house to the senate to do just that. >> democrats who issued dire re warnings of what they call the e gop shutdown on the cdc have little appetite for piece meal reopenings. preferring to keep everything closed until republicans cave, which in the case of the cdc may be bad medicine. >> now under the rules of the th shutdown, the cdc can call back some personnel in the face of a public health threat which it is doing at this but that is still a long way away from the 24-7 responsee capability that the nation and o the world have come to rely on. so depend, yet another result of this shutdown, need i say that t they need to hurry up and get this taken care of so we can gen back to >> for many reasons. re >> day after day we hear one one
9:36 am
more thing. >> it's a domino effect.ef >> earlier this morning wernin talked about military families not getting the death benefits that they are supposed to get. . >> that is $100,000 to pay for all of this stuff. this is unbelievable. we need to get this solved so we can move on to fight about something else. >> thank you, sir. appreciate it. it >> speaking of discussions of of various things. the montgomery county school ho board has begun discussions forc pushing back the start time for high school students. ud supporters of the move includinu school superintendent dr. joshur starr says it will help to improve academic per for answerw if approved, high school students will start at 8:15. >> they're exhausted.d. the bags under their eyes startr appearing on the first week ofre school ask do not disappear until the first -- and do not disappear in the first week of summer. >> the hours of school, and
9:37 am
starting so rea early is unreal. >> if the school approves a later start it would not takeke effect until the 2015 school sco year. we have surprising health news from academy award actor tom hanks. ha he reveals that he had type two diabetes. he made that revelation duringou an interview while promoting his latest film captain phillips.ils his doctor broke the news by telling him that his high bloodo sugar had graduated into type te two diabetes. he is known for taking on rolese that requir to gain and and lose weight, there's been a yo-yo effect for him. and some believe that the extreme weight fluctuations fl could have played a role in his diagnosis. >> what does that say a lot ofy us are on the yo-yo diet seasone >> they talked about this this before. it could be a problem foroblem anybody who goes through that ut and down, up and down with their weight, but now contributing to the type two possibly, they can't say fort sy
9:38 am
sure, but you know. ow >> well, still to come, bruce and kris jenner split. sp >> stunning news. >> surprise. >> what drove the two apart after 22 years together. to and will their famous family reality show continue?conti hum. >> i wonder, an. >> we need the drama. >> this just adds to it.t >> has the breakup news spurred a reunion between chloé and lamar. pictures show the couple together we are sharing all the answers when we check in with tmz live coming up next. 
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
today's buzz the marital mai bliz is over for the may tree mf the kardashians.rdsh >> and we got the latest from te the tmz, good morning?
9:42 am
>> good morning. >> all right, let's get down too business, shocking as it may be. sounds like it is over for bruce and kris or is this all an act.c >> yes, so they announced yesterday that they have separated as of right now. no they are living in separate sepa homes. we got kris living in the calabasas home and bruce has moved to malibu, and we talk tie bunch of people, it seems he has been down there since june, thee haven't said anything to anyonen and they're going to keep ke filming the show. the divorce is not exactly on the table. they're just separated. that she is kind of focused onsd the hollywood career, everything that she has going with the casr dashians, and he wants to play y with his remote car, it sounds like they're not mad at each ate other. they have moved separate wayse a
9:43 am
and for right now living separately is working for them. they are going to keep filming i the show, because the show brings in $40 million for the caskardashian family. i think that the drama sells as well. doing this whole new season of them separated and the drama going on behind the scenes for r them. that is good for them. that means big syndication money for thend future. >> i feel bad for kris. is >> for kris. >> i mean for bruce. >> for kris. >> i guess he is happy in a more simpler life and is happy that he is getting closer for the kids. >> don't feel bad for pry's brue jenner. he gets to golf and race carsenn and joy his life. one of the reasons he has been hanging out with brody and brandon jenner, because he be wasn't really if their lives a lot when they were growing up. p
9:44 am
they were living with their with mother. now he has connected with them,h now that they're adults. he is enjoying that as well. >> all right,dex move on. more ca kardashians because we never get along, chloe and lamar, are they together. to >> they were spotted yesterday together. they were in the car headed to kris jenner's house. it's interesting, chloe is done with this relationship. la we want to pull the trig oater h the divorce of the everything is lined out.lined they are trying to separate se everything up, it's done and up, she is nervous about pulling the trigger, because once she does, he could od, slip really hard ha into drugs or potentially kill himself. she doesn't want that on her conscience, but we will see. >> any chance you w we can get e
9:45 am
and lamar in the same house together and film that. >> that would be a mess. >> a mess is an understatement.n >> just a reminder, you can ca catch tmz on fox 5 at 6:00. those two, that is what you came up with. >> they are separated from the kardashian why not? that could be a great reality show. >> tony. >> you could call it separated from the kardashians. i think it's a good idea for a >> he would be there at no time. >> tucker has missed his calling. >> as a t.v. producer. coming up next, decorating your home with great flea market finds.s. holly morris is live with the host ofs a new show, lip gloss and a sander, that's right, theh show is called lip gloss and a sander. we are learning how to refurbis those find coming up in a bit.
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this morning we're takingor find fromni local flea markets d transforming them to great finda for yourt home. >> holly morris is joining usjon from the new show lip gloss andd a sander. i think they confiscated the sander from holly's hands. are you tried your hand at the drill. >> reporter: , no, because ii want to keep both of my hand. my favorite line of the day is s when bridgett's hospital, tells, me every time she tells me she is stripping at the garage ii come on down. she is stripping paint off the furniture. >> love it [ laughter ] >> reporter: i do love it, it depose to show you the kind of feel that this family and this show has. thank you, bridgett so much for allowing us to spend the morning with you. yo >> you're welcome.'re it's been a great day. >> reporter: how long has has
9:50 am
your show been running. ru >> it's been running since june. >> we taped six and 3 are on air. >> and you're feeling great. >> feeling great.great. >> it's easy to do a show, when a, your studio is a damager andn your home is set -- is a garagea and your home is the set. you have done it time and time again. come and show us the things and how to decorate with your own home. n here is a table and a mantle that i redid. it's a distressed theme. >> where did you find the table >> the table is my mother-in-law's dining room table that shen-la didn't want anymore. >> that was zero dollars, you just distressed. >> the thing is it's not matchy, matchy. >> each of these pieces are chairs that i got separate.sepaa >> i got these two together, and the other is separate ale. >> what isale.s
9:51 am
>> what is the key to blend n it all seems to work by comfort oft the chair, and the height. it's about the same. same style, typically, but not perfect. >> and this? >> this is a veneer i made. it's a sample of things that i got at yard sales and flea markets. from architectural salvage and an old toolbox. >> the thing that i like it's all different but it does folloo a theme. >> i guess that would be a tip. >> this would not be on my my kitchen table, but this could be in the middle of my dining roomg table as a decoration. >> reporter: how much would hw you say you spent to do all of f this. >> probably $35. >> reporter: $35, wow, amazing. you were talking about blending the table with the mantle. this when you moved in was like the builder's white mantle.e. >> yes, it was very boring and i didn't like it. we had the stone redone, i decided to go with somethingso different that nobody else in my
9:52 am
neighborhood had.neig when we got the floor redone, i planned everything together and i did this like three dimensional theme here with a very, very heavy distresseded look. >> had is the three colors paint, and distressed. >> how long did it take you toto do this. >> this took me the weekend. >> i let my kids take a broombr and hit it with a broom. >> i also love the shutters on n either side n this also came >> this also came from a yard sale. >> this was $15 each. $1 >> so it's like $30. $3 it looks like a vignette out of a magazine. when you're trying to decorate, what are the things that you tro to keepu in mind. >> try to keep in mind, colors, and height, and things that wil blend with the rest of my house. for example, this table, i just recently picked up at a yard sale. it's a $5 table that had rickety
9:53 am
legs. i was able to fix that all okay, and i did a theme with a light h distressed. if you come in, you can see that i painted it black first, andan then i painted it pro brown. i distressed it to make it looko like someone working on the table. >> and you made a theme here. >> here is a question we haveon for you. we have clips from your showur that i want to share with everyone. >> it's on maryland community media t.v. and you can watch all the episodes on your website n n how do you find the people thate you help. >> it's word of mouth. peep who know i'm doing the the show. they call me and ask if they caf be a part of the show. you can also go to my website is send me an e-mail and i can see if you want to be on the show, too.too. >> so if you're someone in neede of aon particular piece, you'rea good person to contact. >> the last vignette we wanted to show you is this. >> this is one of my favorites.r >> while i was in pennsylvania,e
9:54 am
the flea market, i found this orb, i had been looking at a orb, i had seen for 4 to $500. i found this at a flea marketet for $ $ actually this was $35 and with a the supplies to hang it, it was $45. >> it was a splurge. >> so since it's fall, i put this little decoration lightly to kind of decorate with the rest of my display here. i have a fan and move this around and everything on this cart is something i got at at yard sale. >> i tell you. i love your creative mind. when you blowup and go really big, just remember me., you got it in your pocket. >> i do. >> reporter: ready. >> here we go. >> i'm giving up the sander, buu let's go with the lip gloss, babely. >> here we go.e we >> she is doing a good job. >> perfect. >> stay with us, tucker has one final check of the forecast.
9:55 am
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oh, look at it.>> right now with our pet of thetho day, and today it's marty. still in summer mode with the sunglasses. >> i like the music to go along with it. >> we like to see your pet photos, send them at pet pics. >> marty will not need the sun n glasses. we have clouds rolling in and rainshowers. going to be cool mid-60s, bring the jacket and be readily for afternoon rainshowers. they are a guarantee by late afternoon. >> there you go. >> a live look at the. >> we thank you for watching fox 5 morning tcnews n remember ther news is always on at fox 5. 
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