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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 15, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> how's everyone doing? [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ >> i am so glad everyone could join us. you know, thank you for being with us. i have to confess, we have a big, big show for all of you today! when i say big, i really mean ... small, actually. [ laughter ] >> we're slimming down deserving couples with a "lose it for love" boot camp today. we have big surprises in store. first we will reveal 6 things making you fat, tired and ugly ! >> we will fix you up in one segment. >> 6 clues in the big vault will help us reveal the 6 thingings making us fat, ugly and tired. á >> things we want to avoid. raid to help us out -- ready to help us out? [ applause ] >> listen to the first clue.
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>> i have your back every day on the job but when it comes to eating healthy you are on your own, who am i? >> >> audience: your boss! >> let's see what the answer is? [ ding ] co-workers! [ applause ] >> all right, all right, that was pretty close. >> a boss is not really a co-worker, but i will tell you this, there's something known in the work place known as a health saboteur. they kinda make fun of you when you bring a healthy lunch to work. they're like "oh, how's the whole wheat bread with hummus"? [ laughter ] >> co-workers who belittle your attempts to be healthy can affect your psyche. and so the important take away here is, be careful when it comes to co-workers. >> moving on to the next clue. something else that could be making you gain weight:
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>> announcer: i cause you to break a sweat, but when i am finished you might start moving towards the frige. what am i? >> that could be your boss, also. [ laughter ] >> audience: work out! >> working out? >> let's see if the answer is that, indeed? [ ding ] exercise! >> i have to take this one, i know i am not alone here on the couch. we all like to get our fitness on; but people do complain that the more exercise they do, what does exercise do? revs up the metabolic rate, and it makes you tired, and you need to "fill the tank" to replenish what you burned off. but not that, but with a good carbohydrate/protein mix. exercise does, it's a stress on the body, even if it's a good stress. it stimulates the stress hormones and can make you want to -- >> after i exercise i feel dizzy, depleted. the last thing i want to do -- >> what's the matter with you?
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>> there is -- there are two major groups of people. people who need to eat before they exercise, they neat the energy to get going. and -- need the energy to get going. and others have a huge craving after the work out, because they expended energy. i personally like to have maybe a piece of fruit before i work out, nothing more, i like to be as empty as possible. >> that's how athletes do it. >> in training for tithe -- triathalons, there's an important 30 minute window of time after you work out, get loy-- low-fat chocolate milk. >> do not exercise for 10 minutes and reward yourself with 10 must have -- muffins. >> food #3 -- clue #3. let's check the next clue >> announcer: i am filled with love and warmth every year, but also can give you a bit of a chill, what am i?
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>> your boss. [ laughter ] >> no. >> you are sticking with the boss thing. >> let's see the answer. >> the fall. >> this is interesting, during the fall and winter your appetite increases. and one of the reasons why it increases is because when your body is full, when your stomach is full, you radiate 10% more body heat. so, it's a natural survival mechanism, you obviously wannabe warmer in the winter and fall. you eat more, you get more heat. here's the key. do everything, of course, in moderation. and during the winter, by the way, it's tough for people to want to work out, they don't want to traipse in and out the door. gelt a work-- get a workout partner. you don't want to let them down. >> i don't like using the word "ugly" but if you are not looking your best, let's see
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what the next clue is ... >> announcer: i am hot and refreshing, the perfect cure for a long day, what am i? >> audience: sex! >> my wife! [ laughter ] >> let's see if it is your wife. [ ding ] it's called shower power! come on. showering is not gonna make you ugly. but the point being, there's a right and wrong way to take a shower. especially this time of year as it's getting colder. if you are really taking hot-hot showers, a lot of pressure on the shower it's like a power wash. and you will dry out the skin, you overly dry out the skin and start a cycle where the skin topts produce more -- skin wants to produce more oils and that produces more breakouts. get the right showerhead. preferably one with a filter to remove chlorine. we know how drying chlorine
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is. as far as washing yourself, find a shower jell that moist -- gel that moisturizes. use an emolliient, humectant. >> that's a big word, humectant. >> i just learned it this morning. [ laughter ] >> this could be making you feel ugly. >> announcer: when we're shopping, going out, or just having dinner, i tend to watch a wandering eye or two; who am i? >> drew ordon! [ laughter ] >> let's see who you are. >> 50 shades of gray, kind of. >> it is a little bit. >> [ audience oohs ] >> you know, that's interesting, who you are with, when you are around attractive people, it affects your self-esteem >> dr. phil: feel that what >> i feel that way when dr. rachel is on, she's 6 feet
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tall, gorgeous. but i am short , and yaknow. >> cute, little, and blond i can deal with. but hot, you know -- >> we all have something to deal with. these guys are 15 years younger than me. i have botox and spanks, so it's all good. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> so ... bring it on you two young bucks. [ laughter ] >> again, you can't sit around and be intimidated. if you are hanging around a good-looking person, you are gonna potentially feel a little self-conscious about it; but hey, everyone has weaknesses. >> everyone. >> and now the final clue, this maybe making you tired: ♪ >> i am big and baggy. and you just love to lay around with me. what am i? >> audience: your dog? >> your dog, or pajamas?
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let's see. [ ding ] >> comfy clothes. >> that's my workclothes, my scrubs for me. but we're talking about big, baggy pajamas, cotton. that cotton inspires you to feel tired and want to go to sleep. right? and the otherire ronny is, if increases melatonin production, and that makes you want to to go to sleep. if you want to work out, bright colors. it will wake you up as opposed to the cotton stuff. >> comfy clothes, work so well, right? the runners drop off our blue cards before the shows, right? and trust me, this is not way i dress at home. i am literally in rags. >> really . >> drew doesn't dress at home. he walks around naked. trust me.
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[ laughter ] >> when the runners bring the cards down, they're like, is that you? am i in the right place? yeah. >> two couples go head-to-head in the "lose it for love" boot camp. and later we have big celebrity surprises in the house. you don't wanna miss it. so tick around! [ crowd cheering ] -- so stick around! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> coming up next, time to meet contestants of the first "lose it for love" boot camp. >> two married couples are gonna go head-to-head to lose weight in order to help rekindle their love and romance. >> we're ready, it's been so long since we've been "ourselves". >> and later. >> you are not doing it alone, we will give you a bit of help. >> two celebrity coaches that will lead the way to weight loss. that's later. >> coming tomorrow. all new on the doctors. >> before you comb, style, spritz, or spray your hair. >> there's a leading cause of hysterectomies, in the country.
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>> is your hair product on the list. >> then a debilitating diagnosis. >> someone help me. >> that lead to a 250 pound weight-gain. >> announcer: now ... >> the secret of her amazing transformation. >> new doctors! that's tomorrow! and then on thursday ... 175,000 audience members! >> who has a question? >> i have a question. >> after the show. >> aren't you glad you got to see the doctor today
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♪ ♪ [ applause ] ♪ >> we're doing something fun, today we kick off the first ever doctors "lose it for love" boot camp! as two married couples are gonna go head-to-head to lose weight in order to help rekindle their love and romance and get their sexy back. so, let's meet our first couple! >> hi, i am amber marie. >> i am marvin. >> i am excited to do weight-loss challenge. >> i am ready to kick some butt. >> yeah. >> we have been trying to get our sexy back! >> the biggest thing i am hoping to regain is fitting in my smaller clothes and looking slamming! >> i want to regain the physique i when i played football and ran track.
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♪ >> we have been together since 2007. we are going on 6 years. he works at a clothing store. >> she came in. >> i saw him. >> me. >> he looked a little mean. >> she looked a little sexy. >> and we have officially been together ever since. >> because we're in transition, and moving, we have been eating out more than usual. >> we like pizza. >> mexican. >> italian. >> chinese. [ laughter ] >> right. [ laughter ] >> we like snacks. >> we are snackers. >> it's so easy to grab a bag of chips and just snack on them. >> it's probably the last bag of chips i will have for a long tame. so i am gonna emjoy it. >> we can do this. á >> we're gonna lose, and we're gonna win! ♪ >> amber and marvin, let's meet the blue team, come on out, guys! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ]
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♪ >> all right! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] yes! >> come on over here. because, i already like what i am seeing. high energy, excitement. you have already said goodbye to the chips. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> you guys have the same motivation in doing this, losing weight . >> yes, we do. >> to be able to be healthy and to be able to play with our kids and be active. >> are you ready for the challenge? >> yes, yes we are. >> excited to have you be part of it. >> yay. >> and you have competitors, they have been married 8 years and they're bringing it out. they are saying their binging is out of control. have a look. >> i am laurie. >>i am oscar. >> we are ready to lose weight and begin this challenge. >> i was the high school prom queen, and now i am the high school prom queen that gained 50. ♪ >> we didn't meet until after high school, we were both out
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in the work force, she put the moves on me. >> i am a woman of action. eating is something we enjoy doing together. we like to go to the restaurants together. we are big movie people. with popcorn, and a diet soda. >> first time i noticed i had a weight problem was after our second child, i looked down and couldn't see my toes. >> i am 41, a cancer survivor and i want to be a healthy, teaching them to eat right. my kids eat like us right now. probably not so great. >> the pizza delivery guy knows us by name. >> true. >> we eat more than we eat at home. >> so, beer and football, it's what sundays are all about. >> along with chips and salsa, tortillas, and a bunch of other foods. >> i hate working out, i hate working out. hate working out. ♪ >> i have done diets before. and this is the first time that we're gonna do it together. >> yeah. >> that's what i am excited about. [ applause ]
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>> whoo - hoo! >> let's meet from the red team, laurie and oscar! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] all right! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ >> all right! so, why this challenge? why now? what's different? >> it's just, we're ready. it's been so long since we have been "ourselves" it seems like, with the kids it seems like, everything goes to the kids. all of the energy goes to the kids and work, and we looked at ourselves in the mirror and said, we gotta do this together, we need to be for the kids, we had kids later in life so we need to do this for them. >> i had thyroid cancer, had the thyroid removed and it took me a while to get the thyroid levels back on check so i could begin this process; i am ready to go! [ applause ] >> i love that you brought up the thyroid cancer issue. before you start a weight-loss
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regimen, make sure that medically, you are ready for it, and that there's not something else going on. fustart having thyroid problems, you can do everything right and still not lose the weight that hopefully you-all are going to lose during this competition. are you ready for the weigh-in to see the starting point when we come back? >> yeah. yeah; i guess. >> and the big pre-boot-camp weigh in. you are not alone when it comes to the weight-loss challenge. you will meet your celebrity team leaders who know how hard it can be to lose weight. get excited. we will reveal who the celebrities are, after the break! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ >> coming up next. >> red team, your coach is known as one of the greatest quarterbacks in american football history. >> blue team, your coach is a world renowned singer, actress
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and mother. >> find out who the celebrity coaches are, and hour they can help you. >> you have this your own personal journey? >> absolutely. >> and later, an emergency you wouldn't expect. >> i know my body, this is not right, i have never been sick but my body's telling me something. >> announcer: that's later. >> coming tomorrow. all new on the doctors. before you comb, style, spritz, or spray your hair. >> the leading cause of hysterectomies. >> is your hair product on
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are >> welcome back to the doctors. we talked about the weight-loss challenge, we vour red team, laurie and oscar here. and the blue team, amber and marvin. [ applause ] >> these couples have a lot of energy and as i mentioned before the break, they are going to be facing off to lose weight, and get what we are calling their sexy back. >> you are not doing it alone, we will give you help with the help of two big celebrity coaches who know a thing or 2 about weight-loss. >> okay. >> red team, your coach is known as one of the greatest quarterbacks in american football history. >> wow. >> blue team, your coach is a world renowned single, actress and mother currently performing in las vegas at the flami thinko -- flamingo hotel. >> please welcome dan marino
9:23 am
and marie osmond to the show! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> good to have you. >> good to see you. [ cheers and applause ] whoo! >> you look wonderful. >> we are gonna kick marino's butt. >> we're gonna win/lose. >> i am excited, this is the world premiere of danny and marie. [ laughter ] >> you two, you are here for a number of reasons. we love your energy and expertise, and you have had your own personal journey. >> absolutely. i have been -- i lost 50 pounds on nutri-system. [ applause ] >> fantastic plause -- [ applause ] >>i kept it off for 7 years. i became a wide receiver >> [ laughter ] >> and i decided i needed nuti-system to get a tight end. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> there you go. there you go. >> marie, this is love,
9:24 am
they're losing weight because they're in love with each other. you rekindled your romance with your ex, after 25 years. >> 25 years, i remarried my first husband. you know what? you wanna look sexy, you wanna feel good about your body. to me, dieting is not about being skinny; it's about being healthy. >> indeed. >> i could never do my show in flamingo, and fly here and do all of the things that i do and have the energy, if i didn't have the health and the weight off. >> mire >> dr. phil: will be your >> marie, i will be your coach. >> trust me, danny boy. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> whoo ! >> we can -- >> be careful. >> we could credit you for putting men's weight-loss on the map. it used to be something men didn't talk about or worry about. >> nutri-system, i got on it, and lost 22 pounds. marie is exactly right. it makes you feel great. i kept it off. the thing about it, is, it
9:25 am
makes you feel good about yourself, and the things you can accomplish. >> it's not just about the nutrition element, you mentioned wanting to be more active. we will set you up with celebrity trainers, barry's boot camp, joel rush, arb-- arbton mcguire. >> and you can't have a competition without knowing where you are starting. let's move back over to the brave weigh-in scale. >> we will start with the red team. let's hug while we're up here. [ audience oohs ] >> there we go. they are weighing in together at a strong 444. we got this red team. >> all right. >> let's see where we are at. >> and so, we are starting on the blue team 477. [ applause ] >> all right, blue team! [ applause ] >> so, this is all about the 4 of you, you know, having fun
9:26 am
on this journey. >> yes. >> learning how portion control can improve your health, how activity can improve not only the way you feel throughout the day, but it can prove it in your sex life, as well. today is the first day. ready? >> marie, danny, you ready >> we are ready. >> we got the nutrition part down. i know what we are doing nutrition-wise. but tell us what they will be doing during physical activity. team dan, go first . >> the stress you have had from raising the kids, we will transfer that into family building activities based around physical fitness. we want efficient, effective and affordable workplans, you don't have to be a gym rat to get fit. and third, we will get your sexy back. [ applause ] >> blue team, you are getting cardio, miles under your belt, endurance running, strength training, core, and we will make it fun to work out on a daily basis. it will not be miserable.
9:27 am
[ applause ] [ applause ] >> what you just said is crucial, when you are overweight, activity is a "pain". when you start to lose weight, your knees feel better, your joints feel better. you want to be more active. i feel better now than i did at 30, which is amazing since i am 29. [ laughter ] >> you will learn a lot along the way. check it out on the website. and follow our couples and learn more weight-loss tips. we will check in with them in the new year to reveal their big weight-loss. [ applause ] >> thank you so much. >> a pleasure. >> god bless! [ applause ] whoo! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ >> coming up next! >> how your hormones can get out of control! >> she probably feels like she's the only one dealing with it, but it's almost an epidemic. >> an easy natural fix.
9:28 am
>> i found something that's simple. >> a small problem turned into a big emergency. >> i had problems with reflux, we found out it was more than acid reflux and it was something that would change my life forever. something that would change my life forever. >> announ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around barbara ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪
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>> it's just us ladies, we will talk about something that every woman experiences, michelle is no exception. she is a morth of two who -- mother of two who works on the show, and she suffers from issues that could be related to hormones. >> come on, come on. there you go. >> i am michelle, 35. the teleprompter operator on the doctors. when i am not at work, i spend most of the day chasing after my children, and caring for all of our animals. i go to the gym 5-6 dace a week. -- days a week. i cook most of our meals. i know that we are eating healthy. >> there's nothing in here that's bad for you. i did do high interval intensity training and everything else, but over the last couple of years, i have been having a lot of fatigue, and weight-gain, 45 pounds. i am having difficulty sleeping. low sex drive, and i am
9:32 am
constantly stressed between work and my children. my hair used to be really thick. and it's just gotten thin and dry, and i am not exactly sure why, but i think it might be my hormones. >> i went to an endocrinologist. she said melatonin and tea may solve my problems. >> the tea is nice at night, but it's not doing the trick. and i have been to several doctors, i have done the testing, i believe needs to be done, and it's just not getting me the answers i need. it's so utterly frustrating! ♪ >> so, this is such an important problem, and it affects so many women! so, joining us is dawn, you have made this really your life's work, you deal with this all the time. tell us what your first impressions are when you hear about michelle's symptoms? >> i feel for michelle, she
9:33 am
feels like she's the only one, but i work with thousands of women, and it's one basic hormone imbalance that gets slid under the rug. >> you are a holistic health care practitioner and author of "the hormone shift". >> i wrote it to talk about the results you can get when you balance your hormones. >> what is your approach? >> actually, i know it sounds complicated but i found something that works that's very, very simple. >> if there's an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone, when progesterone gets drained, that's the hormone that keeps you slim and happy, and prevents female related cancers, it gets drained from a high cortisollevel. the progesterone gets converted to cortisol, and it goes to hormone imbalance j. this is a 2-hour nap in 20 minutes taking your brain
9:34 am
waves down. i use aroma therapy. you go into a cocon, she's in a better mood when she comes out. >> we have an animation, it gives you an idea how the hormones work in the body. the ovaries we think in terms of babies but the ovaries are a major sex producing hormonal site, they're making estrogen, projest -- progesterone, and testosterone. and these are linked to hot flashes and when disrupted it causes you to gain weight and around the internal organs. >> specifically around the -- >> right, where none of us want to gain it. and it can cause fatigue. >> one thing she needs to get is the hormone levels checked. a full, comprehensive work up is warranted. >> i asked for that. and the doctor said that i was at an age, it wasn't necessary. and because i take birth control pills to, um, maintain
9:35 am
and regulate my, my grains, she said the -- my grains, that my levels wouldn't be able to be read. >> you need to get properly evaluated and there's a component, i believe, of prevention, you know, if we can address the issues now with weight-gain, fatigue and hormone imbalance, it can delay the onset of later symptoms. >> it's so important, dawn, thank you for joining us. and michelle, we want you to feel better, we are sending you to one of the top board certified endocrinologists, to get evaluated properly. >> thank you dawn and michelle for sharing your story with us. >> when we come back, we will meet pay woman who thought she was having severe heart burn, acid reflux, and found out she was having a much more serious problem! ♪ [ applause ] ♪ >> you have your whole life planned out.
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you found the woman of your dreams and you have a beautiful daughter. all of a sudden, our life got flipped upside down. >> i know my body, i have never been sick before but >> i know my body, i have never been sick before but nigh mybody introducing cardioviva: the first probiotic to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels without a prescription. cardioviva. to find you a great deal, even if it's not with us. [ ding ] oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too. actually, we invented that. it's like a sauna in here. helping you save, even if it's not with us -- now, that's progressive! call or click today. no mas pantalones! your bristles are so slim!
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> when our next guest started experiencing the all-too common symptoms of acid reflux, she never expected the emergency that came next. >> i am casey, and i am 34 years old. i am married to my college sweetheart. and we have a three-year-old daughter. last september 2012, i started having symptoms of acid
9:39 am
reflux. i didn't feel right, i kept telling him, i eat right and exercise, i could feel the lump in the stomach to the right of my bellybutton. i went to 4 separate hospitals, saw three separate medical oncologists and three surgeons and found out it was more than acid reflux, it would be something that would change my life forever. within 30 minutes of the ct-sca mass was found. i lost thought, thinking: wow, this could be cancer. we went for a second opinion, and the results were that we found out i was pregnant and then we found out it was not lymphoma. when we found out i was pregnant we needed to see a parinatal doctor, and he put the ulttrasound on the tumor, not the child. and it was inoperable. it was supplying my bowel and
9:40 am
feeding the placenta, so it was life threatening. in the course of three months it went from the side of a tennis ball to a size of a water melon. he felt we needed to terminate the pregnancy as soon as possible and start chemotherapy! >> we started chemo, the day after christmas. i did 6 rounds of chemo. >> everything's going along, you have your life planned out, you have your life flipped upside down. >> i never thought i would have to say the word "cancer" in my body. you are still a mom and wife, so you need to be there for both of them so you need to do what the doctor's telling you, you need to did in order to save your own life. >> and casey and her husband, jeff, join us now. thank you both so very much. [ applause ] >> first of all, how are you doing now? >> i mean, i feel fantastic. life has slowly but surely
9:41 am
gotten back to normal. i still have the tumor in my stomach, but other than that, i feel great. >> when you found out the reflux wasn't reflux, but a tumor, and knowing you had to terminate your pregnancy, what were the emotions, going through your mind at that time? >> the hardest night was the night of the ct-scan, and we had to wait an entire day to see the oncologist, it was close to the pancreas, you have all of these horrific things going through your do i have pancreatic cancer, because that's incurable. and then, is it lymphoma? and 4 months later, it would then turn out to be something else that's incurable. there's no cure for it right now. >> casey, you said to me during the taped piece, you said you knew something was wrong. talk about that. that intuition, that feeling
9:42 am
you were having listening to your body; trusting your body; and what it was telling you. >> well, um, i mean i am so glad i went september 20th to the second doctor. i saw one, and he said i maybe had back up bowel, i should eat more vegetables and drink more water, and my friend was like, you know your body, right? and i was like, i know my body and i know this is not right, i have never been sick, and my body's saying: seek help. >> you are in many ways your own best doctor. we are blessed because we have casey's doctor in houston texas, dr. samia, and first and foremost, we haven't spent much time talks about desmoid tumors, can you explain what it is and how common it is? >> sure. so, desmoid tumors known as aggressive fibromitosis, is a
9:43 am
soft tissue, that arises and is a solitary slow-growing mass. it can pop up anywhere in the body. it was present intraabdominal, or it can be in the abdomen or in any extremity. it appears benign on histologist and lacks the ability to metasticize, it can cut off blood supply, invade other organs, grow big and cause pain. it has a tendency to recur, repeatedly. it's a rare tumor, i mean, we have 2-4 new cases per million people, per year in the u.s.. >> doctor, thank you so much for joining us! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> casey, jeff, you have been through so very much. and we want to give you
9:44 am
something special. we will send you on a full day of relaxation, massages and facials and mani's, and pedi's. jeff, known if you are into those. >> that's why they're called mani's. >> the posh spa in atlanta. and we will send you to the manderin hotel for a two-night stay. >> there you go. >> if you want more information on casey's desmoid tumor foundation, we will have a link at thank you both and best of luck to you! [ applause ] >> thank you very much, thank you very much. >> and find pout what innovative new á products tackle three key signs of aging! [ applause ] ♪ >> ever wonder how you can protect your skin from ravages of time? the doctors bar is serving up across america people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®.
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for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® is different than pills. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once-a-day, any time, and comes in a pen. and the needle is thin. victoza® is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. victoza® is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first medication to treat diabetes and should not be used in people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. victoza® has not been studied with mealtime insulin. victoza® is not insulin. do not take victoza® if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid cancer, multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if you are allergic to victoza® or any of its ingredients. symptoms of a serious allergic reaction may include: swelling of face, lips, tongue, or throat, fainting
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or dizziness, very rapid heartbeat, problems breathing or swallowing, severe rash or itching. tell your doctor if you get a lump or swelling in your neck. serious side effects may happen in people who take victoza®, including inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis), which may be fatal. stop taking victoza® and call your doctor right away if you have signs of pancreatitis, such as severe pain that will not go away in your abdomen or from your abdomen to your back, with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> doctor glennis ablon has dropped by with some friends who want to freshen up their faces for fall. we opened up the boots beauty bar, i will be serving up solution for your skin. >> the skin is an organ, so everything that we eat or drink, affects it. our skin needs hydration, the appearance of wrinkles is more prominent. can you serve these lovely ladies something? >> janea, what is your issue with your skin? >> i live in southern it california, i love the skin but it's making my skin look older. >> exposure to sunlight is the single biggest cause. >> what am i serving you? carrot juice, loaded with vitamin a, what is that? beta carotine, repairing directly the skin. >> my face feels dry. do you have something for that?
9:49 am
>> i defer to you on that one. >> excess alcohol dehydrates your skin. but, the anti-oxidants in red wine, provide increased oxygenation and moisture to the skin. so my treat here is a glass of red wine, but remember it's just one glass of red wine a day. >> sounds good, thank you. >> my issue is, i feel like my skin is --losing its glow. >> when i hear "glow" i think there may be a change in circulation, soy-- so what have i prepared for you? this is hot, dark chocolate. dark chocolate, we know it has caffeine, has an effect on the sirksulation. >> fu-- circulation. >> if you don't like chocolate, pineapple juice is high in vitamin c. you will get more collagen production and vitamin c is the building block for collagen. >> i will consume vitamin c, daily! [ laughter ] >> last but not least, we
9:50 am
can't talk about hydrating your skin without talking about our good friend, h2o. what does drinking water do? it helps cells take up nutrients and eliminate some of those toxins that we wanna get rid of. you see that i have loaded this up with cucumber, it contains sillica, and silica, in the system of help you retain water, so you hydrate within. >> we have given you stuff for the inside. now let's talk about what you can do on the outside, the surface of the skin. this is a new product, this is boots #7 lift and luminate, day and night serum, which works immediately to improve the appearance of skin. >> i see there are two tubes, do they do two separate things? >> yes, they tackle different key signs of aging in just 4 weeks. during the day you can put on the serum, and that will have the skin brightening complex, diminishing the age spots and
9:51 am
the firming complex helps provide smoother, firmer skin. and in the evening you have ingredients to exfoliate and revitalize an even skin tone. this is less than a night of drinks with the girls. [ laughter ] >> where do we find that? >> the day and night serums are sold together at target. >> and no one in this audience is leaving this bar alone! [ laughter ] >> everyone's going home with boots #7! [ cheers and applause ] [ applause ] >> those of you at home, visit for an exclusive offer from boots, and more information on how to fight the signs of aging! >> don't go away, we will be right back! [ applause ] ♪ >> coming up, breaking health news you can't afford to miss! ♪ closed captioning provided by:
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♪ >> hey, everyone if you are heading to hollywood, california, and would like to be in our studio audience, log on at or call 323-the-docs to get your show tickets! >> depo >> do we have a good time? [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ [ applause ] ♪ >> let's take a look at what's happening right now in the doctors news in 90: >> a new book released today claims sheryl crow may have known more than thought when it came to lance armstrong's illegal drug use, the doping scandal and attempted cover-up.
9:55 am
crow knew about the secret blood transfusions, end quote. armstrong's reps decline comment on the book, who claim crow didn't comment to avoid prosecution. >> and on tonight's season 15 premiere of the biggest loser, american iloll -- idol winner weighs in at 462 pounds. >> i will be the next biggest lose are. >> the singer is the first celebrity contestant on the weight-loss reality show. >> the doctors told me i was borderline diabetic. this is an eye opener. i am ready to get my life together and get in shape. >> we are rooting for you, ruben! >> according to a study out of oxford university, a kiss is more than just a kiss. locking lips might transmit pheramoneys about a hormones
9:56 am
and women's menstrual cycles play a role in how they feel about puckering up. >> that's today's news in 90! ♪ >> you know, i think casey said it best in this show: we know our bodies. so, doctor's orders are: always, always listen to your body. if something isn't quite right, you know, when we get a cold we know we are not quite right. but we know if it's reflux, but it doesn't feel quite like reflux. fufeel or -- if you feel or notice abnormalities, goy got it checked out. á >> if you want more information on anything you saw today, go to see you next time! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪
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wayne: we are "let's make a deal." jonathan: it's a trip to puerto rico!
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wayne: aw! (gibberish) go get your car! - yeah! - i've always wanted a scooter! wayne: you got one! - this is so great, and i met wayne brady! whoo! jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady. wayne: hey, everybody, welcome to "let's make a deal," i'm wayne brady. thank you so much for tuning in. big money week, y'all. later today one of our traders will get to play big shot for up to $30,000 in cash. who else does that? who else says, "here's $30,000, play for it"? no one. let's make a deal. (cheers and applause) everybody else, sit down, sit down, how are you doing? - hi, good, thank you. wayne: you are... - chelsea. wayne: nice to meet you, chelsea. - nice to meet you. wayne: you are a snow woman.


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