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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 15, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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system-- a machine that spies on you every hour of every day. i designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything... violent crimes involving ordinary people. the government considers these people irrelevant. we don't. hunted by the authorities, we work in secret. you will never find us. but victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you. [bear panting] he won't eat. he sleeps all day. when he's not throwing up. have you changed his food? just the same high-performance kibble, plus the occasional table scrap. i never feed him from the table. lethargy, vomiting, and lack of appetite could indicate a more serious underlying cause. i'd like to order some additional tests.
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whatever he needs. in the meantime, i have some anti-nausea medicine that should ease his symptoms. i'll be right back. i'm sorry, you can't be in here. neither can they. give us the ketamine, the doctor lives. aah! [gunshots] you shouldn't have done that. [bear barking, growling] aah! [screaming] [finch whistles] who are you? we're merely a couple of concerned dog owners, dr. jensen. i don't know how to thank you. one of those expensive chew toys you have for sale at reception would help.
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bear likes his new vet. he's due for vaccinations in a month. it might be nice to visit dr. jensen when he's not participating in a covert operation. [bear barks] (woman) please, help me. i've lost my husband. i'm out on our boat, on long island sound. (man) and where is your husband? (woman) he was here when i fell asleep. (finch) we have a new number, mr. reese. vanessa watkins. former prosecutor with the district attorney's office. she's put away some of the city's worst violent offenders, rapists, murderers, drug traffickers. married to jeremy watkins, the defense attorney. a prosecutor married to a defense attorney? cats and dogs, mr. reese. jeremy's helped countless alleged criminals walk on technicalities, but it appears now he's the one in trouble. he's been missing at sea for two days. coast guard's still looking for him.
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maybe an unhappy client came back to haunt him. got eyes on vanessa, finch. has a friend with her. everything is gonna be all right. you don't know that, nicole. nicole spencer, vanessa's best friend since college. she's consoling her. finch, vanessa's got another problem. [siren chirps] ms. watkins. nypd. you're under arrest for the murder of your husband, jeremy watkins. (reese) guess jeremy's not missing anymore. cops think she killed him. oh, dear. hands behind your back. did the machine give us her number too late? no. the machine generated vanessa's number after jeremy's disappearance. the threat is new and imminent. in that case, we need to get ears on her interrogation. let's go. vanessa watkins.
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never thought i'd see you on that side of the table. you were tough. i liked you. hell, i even respected you, till you married that silver-tongued slimeball in the $5,000 suit. i would have thought a seasoned prosecutor like ms. watkins would invoke her right to an attorney. it's okay, keep quiet. your sos call will do the talking for you. (vanessa) please, help me. i've lost my husband. i'm out on our boat, on long island sound. (man) and where is your husband? (vanessa) he was here when i fell asleep, but i heard a noise, and when i got to the deck, i saw his body floating away. please, help me. i almost bought your whole "damsel in distress" act. your husband's blood. you were the only other person on board, so we tested the statement you signed for the coast guard, the one where you swore your husband fell overboard. know what we found?
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gunshot residue. yeah. you forgot to wash your hands. money makes people careless. with your husband gone, you got a lot more of it. 5 mil life insurance, vacation home in, uh, wha--what was it again, tuscany, hmm? doesn't matter, you're never gonna see it again. why? 'cause we found the gun, the gun you used to kill jeremy. witness saw you toss it into the long island sound, so we dragged it. took a while, but we fished it out. ask me, you did the world a favor, ridding it of that scumbag husband of yours. tell us what really happened. we'll hammer out a deal. such a damning list of circumstantial evidence. so why are you pressing me for a confession, detective cameron? you don't have a body, do you?
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you can show my attorney in now. thanks for coming. i was surprised you asked for me, considering you once told my boss i was "a unique combination of lazy and ineffectual." the conversation my attorney and i are about to have will be privileged. i want all cameras removed. the judges are all home with their brandy and cigars, which means you get to spend the night in lockup. sorry, detective, we gotta clear the room. sounds like vanessa shot her husband. she's innocent until proven guilty. or until her lawyer finds a loophole. ms. watkins was smart enough not to ask for her attorney until she'd heard
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detective cameron's entire case against her. she knows that, without a body, he needs a confession to bolster his case to the jury. cameron's trying to keep her in custody until she talks. for a prosecutor, a single night in lockup could be life-threatening. we need to get her out of there. [phone rings] yeah? (finch) detective, is vanessa still speaking with her attorney? vanessa's attorney just left. we need you to get ms. watkins out of custody. a little late for that. vanessa knocked her attorney out cold, took her clothes, and walked right out of here. (finch) no wonder she requested sarah ellis. i'd be willing to wager they're similar in age, height, and build. so vanessa's escaped, and she's an alleged murderer. [gun cocks] maybe the machine gave us her number because she isn't finished.
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[ tires screech ] [ woman ] whoo! [ laughter ] [ screaming ] we're going backwards! whoo! [ screaming ] [ tires screech ] [ screaming ] [ laughter ] [ man ] more power than any hybrid in its class. i'm really impressed. can we get back in line? [ man ] the toyota camry hybrid. let's go places. all right, listen up. domain awareness captured footage of the suspect, vanessa watkins, buying a bus ticket to philadelphia.
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the file should be in your inbox now. our fugitive's bus leaves in less than an hour. she will not be on it because we will stop her! i received the footage. thank you, detective. come on. [indistinct chatter] you got the coordinates? five-block radius on the southwest side of the station. i made a note of every pay phone and atm. nice work. thanks. no, you're not listening to me. like i told you before... that's what i tried to tell you. detective terney seems a little, uh, intense. and advice on how to get along with him? some people on the force, you're better off keeping your distance. not sure i get what you mean. you will. finch, no sign of vanessa at the bus station. i think i might know why. as a prosecutor, ms. watkins would know
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the extent of the city's surveillance network. she could have avoided the cameras altogether? that's just it, she doesn't. she looks right at them. [mouse clicks] she got caught on camera on purpose. she has no intention of getting on that bus. (finch) ms. watkins has already proven herself practiced at the art of deception. she's beginning to remind me of you, mr. reese. hmm. i'll have ms. shaw retrace vanessa's steps. vanessa seems to have picked the pocket of an old man in an orange jacket before she left the station. have you seen anything that would give you an indication where she was going? nope. but the old man from the footage is back. i'm gonna ask him. excuse me. did you lose something? a wallet maybe? no. but i did misplace my cell phone.
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well, if you give me the number, i know somebody who can track it. there you go. finch, drug dealers are the only traffic we're seeing out here. you might want to have another look. [laughter] [indistinct chatter] i'm here to see reverb. reverb's got a prior engagement. i suggest you move along. reginald! can you hear me? only two people allowed to call me reginald. my moms and the courts. [shutter clicks] (reese) finch, i'm sending you a photo. guy's first name is reginald. [typing]
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reginald "reverb" marshall. recently released after serving part of a 20-year sentence for murder and drug trafficking. vanessa put him away. so why is she visiting him now? thanks for talking to that judge for me, getting me out. (carter) finch, wanted to let you know. tip came through. someone spotted vanessa at a dealer's building in washington heights. i appreciate that update, detective. detective cameron's instructed us to consider the suspect armed and dangerous. is that standard operating procedure? not when there's no evidence the suspect has a weapon. i knew vanessa. worked a couple cases together. she was tough. don't know why, but cameron's determined to bring her in, dead or alive.
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[indistinct chatter] reginald just gave vanessa a brick of coke. what's a former prosecutor planning to do with a kilogram of cocaine? something illegal. mr. reese, police are on the way. you and ms. shaw need to vacate the premises. i'll ask detective carter to run interference. you need me to take care of someone for you, just call me. thank you. [sirens wailing] [overlapping chatter] [tires screeching] i want that building cleared, floor by floor, now! yes, sir! [phone rings] yeah? i've accessed the provider system for the cellular phone ms. watkins acquired. cameron's already spotted her. he's searching the building now. let me save you some trouble. i was able to turn on the carrier phase tracking
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and determine the phone's position to within 6 inches. she's at the southwest corner of the roof. the rest of you check the roof! [helicopter flying overhead] come with me. i can help you. no one can help me. but i swear, i did not kill my husband. no! wait! [sighs]
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meet the windows phone nokia lumia 925. vanessa told me she didn't kill her husband. do you think she's innocent? i don't know. but in that moment, i thought she was telling the truth. i guess the former prosecutor doesn't trust the system, then. think i'd be standing here in a uniform if the system always worked? detective cameron ordered us to consider vanessa armed and dangerous. is cameron h.r.? i wondered the same thing, but i asked around, and turns out, jeremy watkins had a client, alleged murderer. jeremy made cameron out to be a racist liar on the stand. the defendant walked, and the prosecutor who let cameron get hung out to dry? vanessa watkins. cameron isn't h.r. catching vanessa and making her pay--it's personal. thanks.
10:20 pm
sorry. next time, i'll wait in the car. [bear panting] vanessa would rather jump off a building than have cameron take her in. bad guys always run. as do the so-called good guys, when the detective pursuing them wants them dead or alive. i wonder, could ms. watkins be a victim after all? [door closes, bear whines] [bear whines] off. good boy. carter thinks she could be innocent. my money's still on vanessa killing her husband. you want to put it to a bet? how about 100 bucks? we really don't wager on whether our numbers are victims or perpetrators. you guys have been doing this for how long,
10:21 pm
and not once did you think to bet on the outcome? regardless of your rather louche take on what we do here, ms. shaw, the question remains, if vanessa didn't kill her husband, who did, and what has that to do with her present jeopardy? i don't know, but we need to find her. [computer beeping] she's disposed of the cell phone we were tracking. nypd must have frozen her accounts by now. she'll need money. brick of coke she has could help with that. do you think ms. watkins plans to traffic cocaine? if she does, she'll need help. people on the run always make the same mistake, contact someone they know. vanessa was with a friend when she was arrested. [typing] nicole spencer. and nicole is hosting a book club today, in spite of vanessa's predicament. any of these ladies not gonna make it? this mindy is a maybe. (shaw) maybe means no. i'll go as her friend. are you sure you'll fit in?
10:22 pm
of course. i have a secret weapon. [doorbell rings] i'm here for book club. i'm mindy's friend, carmen. uh, mindy couldn't make it this week. and we actually have a friend who's going through a rough time. oh, that's a shame. i don't know what i'll do with all this chardonnay. jeremy was a pit bull in court, but he doted on vanessa, gave her anything she wanted. who would have thought she was so unhappy? wealthy, charismatic, good looks to match? a man like that is hard to pin down. olivia, please. [chuckles] let's not make mindy's friend think we're just here to gossip. where's your powder room? oh.
10:23 pm
(finch) do i dare ask how the book club is going? bunch of pseudo-intellectual glorified trophy wives. okay, so i ducked out, logged in to nicole's bank account. she is not sneaking money to vanessa. has vanessa made contact? take a look. we're up on nicole's phone. doesn't appear that ms. watkins has reached out to her best friend. the majority of the texts i see are from a male friend, and they're of rather a graphic nature. nicole's got a boyfriend? yes, named "hot stuff." oh, dear. nabokov faced some unique challenges
10:24 pm
writing so honestly about forbidden love. speaking of forbidden love, did you frame vanessa for jeremy's murder because you were sleeping with him? uh-- sorry. not jeremy. "hot stuff." i didn't--i-- [gasps] up to me, i'd shoot your sorry ass. unfortunately, it's not, so i have to protect you, because your best friend might be on her way here to kill you. now... what's this book about? (fusco) i took another look at vanessa's file. the evidence just wasn't sitting right with me. how so? the g.s.r. on vanessa's hands. forensics found trace amounts all over the deck, but the largest concentration? on vanessa's cosmetics. so either vanessa shot her husband and then put on eye shadow... or the gunshot residue was planted. what's the name of the witness who helped the police find the gun? scott rawlins.
10:25 pm
he works at the marina where the watkins kept their yacht. i'll have a talk with him. nice boat. even for people with a place in tuscany. [typing] who was that man in washington heights, in the suit? look, we're adults. i don't have to know everything about you, you don't have to know everything about me. well, i think it's good you're moving on. excuse me? from beecher. good for you for seeing someone new. yeah. thanks. i got a fiancee myself. course, she'd rather elope. well, me, i want the blow-out party, all my friends and family there. your fiancee, she from a big family? no, she's not real close to her folks.
10:26 pm
probably why she doesn't want the big party. huh. thanks, carter. no problem. did you talk to your contact at interpol? the yacht the watkins owned-- valued at 5 mil, but get this. it's leveraged to the hilt and about to be repossessed by the lender, a shell corporation that belongs to a mobster. jeremy watkins owed a mobster $5 million? at least. all of jeremy's accounts were in the red, except for one, a charity by the name of "innocence now." (finch) where is this account based, detective? (fusco) greenwich, connecticut. i guess i'm going to greenwich. if you wouldn't mind. i'm sure ms. shaw has had enough chardonnay and nabokov for one afternoon. i'll have her join you. mr. reese, jeremy watkins was deeply in debt to an organized crime affiliate. it's entirely possible that they killed jeremy.
10:27 pm
if they knew he would never pay, they could have killed him to send a message to vanessa. yes, "pay up or else!" ms. watkins is beginning to look more and more like a victim, although i can't explain why a victim would procure such a large amount of cocaine. i think i can. i just found the witness against vanessa. [typing] (finch) scott rawlins. perhaps he dumped the gun that killed jeremy. were you able to ask him about the planted evidence? no, because someone just planted evidence on him. [camera clicks] finch, the cops just arrested scott rawlins for possession with intent to sell. had a brick of cocaine identical to the one reginald gave vanessa. she planted drugs on the witness against her to discredit him. exactly what i would have done. in that case, i still can't speak to whether she's a victim or a perpetrator. but vanessa can. she stuck around to admire her own work. [car alarm chirping] [alarm chirps]
10:28 pm
frame a man up, then steal his car to get away. you're good, vanessa. we need to talk. ♪ because an empty pan is a blank canvas.
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i just spoke to mr. reese. they're 15 minutes away. are you sure this is a good idea? it seems to me, the best way to start
10:33 pm
would be to ascertain ms. watkins' guilt or innocence in the death of her husband. from there, we can attempt to figure out the current situation. ms. shaw were here, she'd be willing to wager double or nothing that vanessa's the threat. so vanessa's guilty, we turn her over to a corrupt cop who might be trying to kill her? and if she's innocent, we let her go free, at which point, she may still be trying to kill somebody. we need to figure out which flawed plan is best. i can help with that. [panting] oh! what the hell is going on? who are you people? as of this moment, ms. watkins, we are your judge and jury. you're here to make your argument. i can name at least three felonies you're committing. kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, coercion! why should i make my argument to you? because if we decide that you're innocent of your husband's murder, we can provide you with an alternate identity
10:34 pm
and a fresh start in a new city. if you're guilty, we turn you over to the nypd. [sighs] i remember you. you worked homicide. nypd is full of dirty cops. don't have to tell me that. but i don't think you're one of them. [sighs] so this trial you want to have... i'm game. surveillance footage clocked our fugitive getting into this suv approximately 80 minutes ago. she's got a friend, male. appears to be wearing a suit. plate readers are on the lookout for the car. set up a perimeter around the marina. close off the bridges. find anyone who's seen them, talked to them, thought about them, now! your husband's blood on the deck, g.s.r. on your hands-- and on my cosmetics. you read the police report. i swiped a copy from cameron's desk on my way out of the station.
10:35 pm
wouldn't you? probably. my husband wasn't murdered. he drowned. someone planted that evidence and framed me. prove it. i'm the defense. burden of proof lies with you. you can object. fine, i object. overruled. [sighs] i found this in scott rawlins' locker. when you planted the drugs? yes. $50,000. a marina guard doesn't make that in a year. someone paid him to plant the evidence, tell the police where to find that gun. the same person who is framing me. you have no chain of custody for that money. it could have come from anywhere. wh-- you used to put bad guys away. then you married a defense attorney, one notorious for helping murderers walk.
10:36 pm
why'd you switch sides like that? was it the money? [sighs] my first murder trial, i was a wreck. rehearsing every night in the mirror, picturing the jury in their underwear, all the old tricks. i was winning... until the defendant hired new counsel. jeremy. he trounced me. [chuckles] but he was kind afterwards. told me i had grit. he wouldn't have let cameron hunt me down like this. jeremy would have protected me. he wasn't protecting you when he ran up all that debt to a mobster. but now that he's dead, that life insurance policy will wipe out all his debt, and you'll finally be in the black. jeremy and i had a living trust. that agreement stipulates that
10:37 pm
if he died under suspicious circumstances, i wouldn't see a penny, and i won't. everything is going to our charity. innocence now. are you a cosigner on that account, ms. watkins? i might be. i-i don't know. jeremy took care of all the paperwork. if jeremy took care of all the paperwork, how did you know about the debt? [sighs] i found a threatening note on my car, a few nights before jeremy died. we were supposed to be having a romantic dinner, but i confronted jeremy on the yacht. we argued. i went below deck to just clear my head. when i came back up, jeremy was gone. the last thing i said to my husband was i was sorry that we ever got married. [cries] but i didn't mean it,
10:38 pm
and i didn't kill him. you have to believe me. uh, what was the account name again? innocence now. [mutters] [computer beeps] oh. that's not my password, now is it? [sighs] [phone rings] yeah. detective, would you be able to tell me if ms. watkins is a cosigner on the innocence now account? not yet. they do things a little slow here in greenwich. oh, that's not good. the little wheel's spinning.
10:39 pm
i'll just, uh, restart. i gotta go. even for you, stabbing a senior would be a new low. you don't know that. oh, uh... the innocence now account had a balance of just over $20 million yesterday, but it was transferred into an external account this morning, by the cosigner. you got a copy of this cosigner's id? your husband was having an affair. even without the money, you had motive. in most cases, i'd agree with you. why not in this one? because i had an affair too. ms. watkins, we found no evidence that would confirm that statement. i have a second email. [sighs] his name was colin. he was a doctor. [typing] but i-i broke it off with him.
10:40 pm
email correspondence appears to corroborate your story. [sighs] jeremy and i were struggling this past year. he was busy with work, he had a purpose, and i was lost. i wasn't the person he married. i knew he'd found... other women, but enough was enough. i-i broke it off with the doctor. jeremy swore he was through with his indiscretions. we--we were on the yacht to rekindle our relationship. so you thought one romantic dinner on a yacht would fix your problems? no, but... [scoffs] we had to start somewhere. look me in the eye, and tell me you loved him.
10:41 pm
tell me you didn't want to tear his face off. do i look angry to you? i loved jeremy. i still do. even though we has having an affair with your best friend? he--what? even i might consider that justifiable homicide. i-i don't understand. i-- nicole would never do that. jeremy would never do that. i'm sorry, vanessa, but he did. [siren wails]
10:42 pm
plate readers caught the 10-16. give me a ten-block radius. show any potential witness the bolos. we found the vehicle, let's find the suspects, now! (woman) all units, all units. suspect vehicle found at 58th and 8th. they found the car. we need to decide what to do with ms. watkins, soon. the evidence against her was planted. she dismissed any financial motive. and nicole and jeremy's affair was news to her. i don't think she killed her husband. i'm inclined to agree. reasonable doubt in this case abounds. should we put it to a final vote? [phone rings] go ahead. innocence now account was cleaned out this morning. by vanessa? no, the cosigner, henry shain. we're sending a photo now. henry shain is jeremy watkins. vanessa didn't kill jeremy.
10:43 pm
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no! you don't even get football. [ male announcer ] when you've got 100% fiber optic fios, you get it. america's fastest, most reliable internet. it's the ultimate for downloading, streaming, and chatting. you have that guy all over the football field. thanks, joe! if the running backs don't start picking up the blitz, the quarterback is going to have a long night. is that your sister? look, are you trying to take my job? maybe. technology that lets you play with the big boys. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's powerful. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. how can jeremy be alive? i saw his body in the water! it's easy to make that mistake at night. he faked his death. he...framed me. despite the unfortunate circumstances, it does prove your innocence, but you're also the only person standing between your husband and his new life.
10:48 pm
i could put jeremy behind bars. you're a loose end, and we believe jeremy might come after you next. we need to get you out of town. [radio static] all units, proceed to the southeast corner of 56th and 6th. they're entering the building. nypd! open up! vanessa, time to go. come on. [all gasping, screaming] hands up! nobody move! yo, keep 'em up. what the hell? who gave us this intel? someone called in a tip. a mr. swan. 10-2, report back to base, now. any idea how the police ended up on the wrong side of town?
10:49 pm
ms. morgan gave me a tip regarding an underground gambling ring. i just wanted to make sure the police discovered and stopped it. so you left the suv they were looking for near the building. of course i didn't. mr. reese took care of that. i was merely doing my civic duty. [chuckles] are you okay? i don't know. you're leaving your life behind. that's a scary thing. have you ever had to start over because someone was trying to kill you? you could say that. come here. jeremy wants me dead. he'll find me. vanessa, you're smart. you're strong. if i were jeremy, i'd know better than to come after you. i don't know if i'll ever feel safe.
10:50 pm
all right. maybe this will help. it's loaded. thank you. for everything. you're welcome. your, um, bus leaves soon. yeah. don't want to miss it. i appreciate you letting me eavesdrop. no problem. my lunch hour is over, though. better get back before cameron turns the troops...on me. something wrong, detective?
10:51 pm
most people think that sweaty palms or an increased heart rate are the only involuntary responses your body gives when you lie. they would be wrong. her husband tried to frame her for his murder. can't blame her for being angry. except she tore that picture before she knew he was still alive and before she knew about the affair with nicole, when she told me she loved him. maybe she did love him. i've taken the liberty of revisiting the h-said database. henry shain didn't obtain his own passport to leave the country. his wife did it for him, and she procured one for herself too. jeremy wasn't the only one with a false passport. vanessa made that sos call to the coast guard. she helped jeremy fake his death. vanessa's been in on the plot from the beginning. she and jeremy planned to empty out the accounts of their so-called charity and run away with the spoils.
10:52 pm
until he double-crossed her and framed her for his own murder. jeremy deceived vanessa, and vanessa deceived us. [dialing] mr. reese, vanessa was lying when she said she loved her husband. she helped him fake his death. are you still with her? she's boarding her bus. are you sure? vanessa's not on the bus, finch. she's gone. she knows her husband is still alive and that he framed her for his murder. she despises him. she's gonna kill him. vanessa's been the perpetrator all along. she's been plotting her husband's murder since he framed her. which means her crime is premeditated. and i gave her a weapon. you what? seemed like a good idea at the time. we find jeremy, we find her. he needs to get out of new york. i know one mode of transportation no one's checking.
10:53 pm
anything to report? i think my new partner is starting to trust me. and i saw her boyfriend. maybe you know him. nicole, i'm home! expecting someone else? no, no, no, i just, um-- hey, what took you so long? you were supposed to meet me yesterday. but today's better. cops just released the crime scene. we are free to go. you duplicitous son of a bitch. this is all a misunderstanding. i mean, you know i still love you, right, angel? now, come on. we can make this work.
10:54 pm
get out of new york. ditch the boat. make a new life. (reese) hard to save your marriage after you frame your wife for murder. who the hell are you? a concerned third party. [laughs] well, so happy that you found someone else, angel. truly. good for you. he's not my "someone else." he's just someone i can't get rid of. oh, come on, we both knew that our marriage was just a contract. not to me it wasn't. i thought you meant it when you told me we could disappear, get out from under the debt, make a new home, make a new life for us. just us. i helped you fake your death, swore to the coast guard i'd seen your body disappear so they could declare you dead, just like we planned. until you framed me and robbed our charity. to what? run off with nicole?
10:55 pm
maybe you're right, that our marriage is just a contract, but if that's true, you owe me. well, look at you. so angry, bitter. and you used to be so beautiful. [gun cocks] you led the police to believe i shot you on a yacht, then threw your body overboard. who can blame me for doing what everyone says i already did? do something. you framed your own wife for murder. you deceived me to kill your own husband. i'm in the business of stopping bad things from happening. i'm not so sure what's about to happen is a bad thing.
10:56 pm
mr. reese, how's ms. watkins? don't know. but you might want to call the coast guard. and you owe shaw 100 bucks. [gunshots]
10:57 pm
>> another attack on cal ripken's mom. ripken's mom. >> how are things with the new guy? all we do is go out to dinner. that's it? i mean, he picks up the tab every time, which is great...what? he's using you. he probably has a citi thankyou card and gets 2x the points at restaurants. so he's just racking up points with me. some people... ugh! no, i've got it. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points on dining out and entertainment, with no annual apply, go to [ male announcer ] take amazing low-light photos.
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better than iphone. better than galaxy. meet the windows phone nokia lumia 925. ♪ >> hard to believe, but it has happened again. >> the mother of baseball great cal ripken held at gunpoint today. >> and here is the story every parent needs to see.
10:59 pm
there is a video craze called i'm shmacked and they are making money on students partying too hard and perhaps starring your college could co- ed. >> and tonight lawmakers leaving capitol hill say they are frustrated. >> and others are cautiously optimistic and there is reason to hope. >> i'm derek mcginty. >> and i'm johnson johnson. >> the credit rating agency f i.p.s. is reviewing the america's stellar grading and may downgrade it because of the budget siege in washington which is only -- which is only deepening tonight. >> to continue to find a way to provide fairness


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