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tv   Teen Kids News  FOX  October 26, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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bureau. jeff, good morning. >> good morning, benita. there are rumbles in the ranks with somelines. but the administration believes the website will be working better be i the end of november. jeffr jeffr jeffrey zients announced on friday they have pinpointed a punch list of preparis. once fixed it the site will run faster. it's having an adverse effect on the enrollment numb berps, calling on whether the plan to have it ready by march is realistic. they're urging the administration to push back the deadline. finally a company called quality software services will manage the website repairs. it's a promotion for them because they're also one of the companies that did some of the work on the troubled site.
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vinita, anthony? >> thank you. thousands are marching to the capitol today in what organizers call yet the demanding reform. they're still fuming over regulations they were targeted by spy agencies. kelly cobiella with the latest on that. >> good morning, anthony and vinita. they'll summons the u.s. ambassador. german chancellor angela merkel said trust between her country and the u.s. has been shot erd after allegations that the u.n. listened in on her cell tone as long with other records. all of this comes from leaker edward snowden who handed over
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documents to senior administr e administrat administrators. they have a better idea of what snowden has and they're giving allies a heads-up of what may come next. president obama is trying to smooth things over. he's make your sure agencies are collecting the right information because they need it. nouts but the u.s. with friends and try to address their trarcy concernses. the u.s. already has a spying agreement with britain, canada, and new zealand. the white house is open to talking about adding them and france.
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the two sailors remain missing but now there's word they contacted a nigerian rebel group who can help ensure the pair gets home safely. >> reporter: it's now three days since pirates attacked a ship in guinea off the coast of nigeria. on wednesday. 11 other crew members were relea released. the fbi is investigating. >> we're working closely with our counter parts with the american government and the niger yans i can't sayattacks. it's currently a blockbuster at the box office. thanks to coordinated international efforts, that's
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been a decrease in piracy along africa's aek. so mali pirate attacks are down by 80% in the past two years but along the west coast, they've increased. john huggins saying these supply ships can be easy targets. >> they operated at slower speeds and they have predicted courses. >> some companies are putting water cannons on their ships as a way to defend themselves. they're not lethal but it will wash someone off the side of a the attack. >> it means there could be more
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of these attacks. >> north korean leader jkim jong-il has a new title. doctor. he suggested it was given to build a bridge between malaysia and north korea. one year ago tuesday the northeast was blasted by hurricane sandy. it devastated towns along the jersey shore. to mark that grim time, a new show. sean corcoran. good morning. tell us about this exhibition. well, what were you going for. we received 10,000 admissions
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an. and want weed to see was only of the pictures. the relief and recovery efforts and where we are today. >> there's something so beautiful. we wanted to start with this well. a police man whose van was already ee midtermed. this is a photograph from the lower east side of manhattan. it's what we ceremonily known as alphabet city, east of subpoenath and the only reason is there's illumination is because police cars are this. >> thekt we have a firefighter who actually looked leak he was kojed the snow. >> most people think that because there was a storm but
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it's actually a foamed sand. it made the sand light and fluffy. >> there were so many images of homes destroyed. how did you guys take the next one we're about to see? >> the photographer is very well known. its really conveys it, the front is still intact, the back is gone. he says if you look around you can see the dining room table still set for breck raft. this a is a freef be seaside heights new jersey. what happeningly is the roller coaster was on a pear.
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the pier was underneath. >> what's great about this exhibition. there's coping, there's relief. as soon as i saw it, i wondering if the photographer saw the little girl. >> basically the story is he with resident. they're basically taking anise back home. thayer ooh basically bringing to children back. the title of the photography is lost. the next one shows someone pouring our trats themselves. >> this is a volunteer who came
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from lebanon, pennsylvania. they're helping someone recover their personal memories. if you look close le, there are waning froefs if. >> the exhibition is "rising wtser ts" at the tim. they your having me. >> it's about 10 minute after a hour and now hum a look at the weekend for were foul . up next, the teddy bear named for teddy roosevelt. one of smithsonian's 101 objects that made america. you're watching "cbs this morning" saturday. ♪ music
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that, of course, is woody guthrie, "this land is your land." the 1944 recording is among the smithsonian magazine's 101 objects. they selected them from 137 million artifacts resulting in a special edition of the magazine on tuesday. joining us is richard kurren, secretary under history of art and culture. now, that's a title. he's the author of history in america, 101 objects. good morning to you.
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>> good morning to you. i wonder how you get 137 million items down to 101. >> not easily. and at the smithsonian, they're very passionate about what they're dealing with. everybody wanted their objects in. we get 30 million people a year to the smithsonian. certain objects, they gravitate toward that. i think of "the star-spangled banner." my ons around the country sing it. we have it in the smithsonian. >> i love barbie and the singer sewing machine and yours was neil armstrong's spacesuit. why was that? >> it's almost mythic. it alieus human being to walk on the moon.
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now who would malk it was even possible. it was designed by engineers. it was supplying bowesed to who won the design competition? international latex corporation otherwise known as play tex neil armstrong took a hard stance on his space suit but helping women's lingerie along the way. >> god bless him. >> and lincoln's top hat. >> it gave him a kind of respectability and standing. this is the top hat he wore when he went to the play on april 14th, 1965.
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he took off the top hat, sat down. of course, after that the rest is history. the blad band on it is very distinctive. the black bland and on his hat him mourning the loss of his son. >> is this the same portrait in the white house? >> this is interesting. there are three copies of this, one in philadelphia, one at the white house. the one at the white house was not painted. there's a good debate about how original this one is. >> we want to run through the
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list quickly if we can. muhammad ali's fight from the film "rumble in the jungle." >> props from rtdh. >> are those the originalings? >> several originals. actors got in these and wore them as costumes. >> coming up next, "jerusalem," the city. jooir f e. a place holy to billions around the world like you have never seen it in imax 3-d. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." google, what is glossophobia? glossophobia, is the fear of public speaking.
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the scene of an an slept tragedy in a desert not far from the city that's been called the closest place on earth to god. jerusalem. a film that takes you inside the holy city in giant imax 3-d. here's a clip. >> it's place once believed to be the center of the world. jerusalem. >> joining us is one of the film's producers, taryn davis. taryn, thanks for being here. >> good morning. >> i watched it last night. it's breath taking. there are some truly beautiful shots of the city and i understand why it took you guys five years to make it. >> jerusalem over its 4,000-year history, it's the most fought over place. conquered 44 tiemts and destroyed completely twice.
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>> wow. >> but yet to this day it is sacred to over half the world's population. >> it's epic just that you were able to make this film because there's a no-fly zone over jerusalem, isn't there? so how did you make this happen? >> i don't think imax has ever had a shot of the ancient city of the holy land so this is really a first. these images have never been filmed before. when we showed our script to them they laughed at us and said we'll never get half of what we're asking for. over a million couplups of tea, met with everyone. the air force, government of jerusal jerusalem, religious orders of
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jordan. >> you obviously chose three women, christian women. when i watched the film, i wondering how did they cast these three films? >> it's a ma jess tech area in the corner of civilization but we wanted something that would communicate on a human level, so we cast -- we set out to find three young, you know, people from jer use hem who could tell wait's tliek live in the city and wait meant to them. >> we should say in the same city but different worlds. >> that's exactly right. they look similar, have similar
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looks. they live footsteps from each other. part of the mysterynd a. you will be able to see how may march they celebration and how they get their inches from jerusalem. >> yes. this is part of the wonder. within its walls lives the very spot where jews believe god found the earth. if we want to unravel the mystery of the past, we need to go to junior use lem. after having all those cups of tea and talking to all those people, did film gog smoothly or did it collapse a number of times? >> you know, every day was a knew problem. but the wonder of the experience of making the film and the fact
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of brings this giant screen experience back to audiences here and the united states as we presented it here is something worth fighting for ef day for evan cumberbatch. he's done such a good job. he turned to us during the recording and said why didn't never anyone teach me this stuck when i was in school. >> it's boot, thank u ow organization an
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somebody get that guy a gps. that car is going down the steps. a crowd gathered to watch this. they even cheered the driver on. >> police, however, were not amuse. the driver said his brakes failed at the top of the steps. police seized the car and are investigating whether that's true. >> the brakes failed but how did he end up there anyway. so many loops in that story. welcome back to "cbs this morning saturday." i'm vinita nair. >> and i'm anthony mason. henry ford introduced one of his great inventions, the academiciab assembly line. >> he created the line for


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