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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  October 28, 2013 12:00am-12:15am EDT

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annual showdown. you can see it right here. stay with us as we will wrap up the preview, week nine of the nfl. besides football this week,
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isc] ♪ what you got to say? ♪ hollywood
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gideon: diane arbus once said: "a photograph is a secret about a secret. the more it tells you, the less you know." spencer! spencer reid! dude! look at you! you look just the same. ha ha! look at you, dude. nothing's changed. spencer was the only 12-year-old in our graduating class. just the same. thanks. this is special agent jason gideon. this is parker dunley. we went to high school together, as you can probably gather. how you doing? hey. it's a beautiful gallery. thank you. thank you. jason's a big contemporary art enthusiast. well, we're exhibiting 4 up-and-coming artists in this show. everything's for sale, and i can definitely swing a nice discount for a friend. lila. hey. guys, come on. do i look 12 years old to you? 14.
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spencer, i'd like you to meet a real movie star. movie star? please. she has a supporting role on a television series about beach volleyball. totally blue-collar. i'm lila. hi. i'm, uh, i'm doctor spencer reid. uh--i'm spencer. you don't have to... call me doctor. i won't. excuse me. hey! i told you! no photos in the gallery! out! and who are you? i'm jason gideon. i'm a friend of-- have you seen my work? no. thanks. so, you're not from around here, are you? me? no. no. i'm, uh... we're running a training service about profiling for the los angeles police department. profiling? yeah, i'm with the behavioral analysis unit of the fbi. we psychoanalyze crime scenes
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in order to gain a better understanding of the criminal who might have committed the crime. psychoanalyze, huh? are you doing that to me right now? what? no. i'm not psychoanalyzing you. spencer, i'm kidding. one of my earliest works. totally boring. oh, i don't think so. nothing's just a picture. if viewed correctly-- whatever that means-- one can see world views, obsessions, manifestations of the subconscious. if i weren't a lesbian, i'd jump your bones. i've always had this thing for middle-aged men. you have these piercing, discerning eyes which remind me of my father who was a shrink. and i'm like, god, i am so hot. parker: pinky, some guy from artnews wants to talk to you.
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don't go away. does it make you feel anything? like what? i can't tell you how to feel. right now, i feel pretty good. we're leaving. we're still looking at the exhibit. now. now. now. yeah, i guess we're leaving. reid, now. nice to meet you. on the way. bye, spencer. sorry. [disco music playing[ today, we thought we'd focus on what is probably the most important component of profiling, or for that matter, any investigative technique: victimology. the word victim stems from the latin word victima which means "sacrifice." no, i can't go to the gym. i'm waiting for my shooting script. [doorbell rings] i think it just came. uh, yeah. ok.
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i'll see you at the gym, babe, bye. reid: victims of violent crimes are brutalized by a subject who takes upon him or her self to decide life and death over a fellow human being. hi. are you gonna give it to me? aah! there are around 16 million people in the los angeles metropolitan area. every time a person is killed, robbed, or raped, the most important question you will ask yourself is why? why did your unsub choose this victim-- hello? gideon: at this time. natalie? gideon: is there anything done which provoked the criminal to act? or was the target available or weak, a causality of circumstance? natalie? natalie. oh, my god! oh, my god! no! natalie! no! oh, my god!
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great. yeah, i'll be there as soon as i drop the fbi agents at l.a.x. everything all right? double murder at a hollywood bungalow. a celebrity. young movie star natalie ryan and her fiancé apparently shot to death. it's gonna be a major pain in the ass. you guys care to take a quick look before i drive you to the airport? it's on the way. absolutely. [police radio chatter] no sign of forced entry. gideon: same weapon. reid: the girl was shot execution style. once in the head. the male 3 times in the torso. so you have 2 different m.o.s. we have an image on the video surveillance camera.
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looks like a messenger of some kind wearing a motorcycle helmet. he's unidentifiable. there's no sign of struggle between the girl and the unsub from the door to the couch. he most likely forced her at gunpoint. he told her to trust him. "do what i say. i won't hurt you." fatal mistake. mm-hmm. he asked her to sit on the couch and then shot her in the head. the fiancé wasn't expected. his killing's messier. it's less controlled. it's less organized. what do you think? i've had a couple other cases recently. past few months. same type of weapon, .22 caliber handgun. both shot in the head. the first was an established film producer, wally melman. and the second was chloe harris, another young actress... but not as well known as natalie here. any forensic evidence? no. and the guys have been going through this place all morning and haven't come up with anything. so he clearly knows how to cover his tracks. like a professional hit man? maybe. gideon,


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