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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  October 28, 2013 12:15am-12:30am EDT

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phs of us from the next yard. welcome to l.a. .22's are small but efficient. they bounce around inside a person like a pinball. preferred weapon of the mafia. you know, there's no obvious sexual component to these crimes which is usually the case with serial murders. so are are thinking this is a serial killer? well, it's certainly a series of murders. we don't know enough yet to call them serial. would you consider hanging out in l.a. a little while, let me lean on your expertise until we do figure out what we've got? yeah. just cancelled our flights. we'll have the rest of our team out here asap. morgan: first 2 victims: wally melman and chloe harris. both killed in public places. chloe was killed while walking her dog on the beach in santa monica which she did every morning. and wally was killed outside of a massage parlor. in culver city. which he went to every tuesday. well, if he knows their schedules, maybe that means he follows his victims for a while. and not a single witness. so we know this unsub can blend in. regardless of the location, he has the ability to hide in plain sight. he's meticulous.
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the media's calling natalie ryan's murder the biggest celebrity homicide since sharon tate. what does that mean for us? that everybody will be watching. this guy is an assassin? when you look at the victimolgy, there's no obvious links. all the kills are clean except in the instance of the last victim, jeremy collins. there's absolutely no evidence left at the crime scene. there's no dna, no manifestation of psycho-sexual release, and there's no detectable signature of any kind. remember, our profiles are formulated not just by what's present at the scene, but also what's absent. from all the evidence that we've gathered, we believe that you're looking for a type-4 assassin. type 4? type one's are political assassins, like john wilkes booth. type 2's are egocentrics looking for simple recognition type 3's are psychopaths, cold-blooded killers who leave far messier scenes. and type 4, our unsub, suffers from a major mental disorder and is frequently delusional. the closer we come to figuring out that delusion, the closer we'll get to finding the unsub. what's he going to be doing until we do?
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finding other victims. excuse me. [knocks on door] hi. is there a detective kim here? right here. you're heading the investigation into the natalie ryan murder? yes. um... my--i have a client. she's, uh... is there another place we can be private? we're all working this murder. well, um... she received a note, my client did, and she freaked out. i told her not to worry about it. where is the note? where's your client? she's waiting in the other room. reid, let's go. lila. hi. hotch: how well did you know natalie ryan? we spoke when we saw each other in public, but we were never friends. how about wally melman?
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what? wally melman. he's a producer who was killed a couple months ago. the paper said that was a robbery the paper was wrong. did you know him? we met a few times about a project, but... i didn't get the part. they went a different way. which way? he cast, um, another act. oh, my god. what is it? he cast natalie ryan. "you owe me." i guess that's one way to ice out the competition. don't look at me. i brought her to the police station. have you ever had a sense that someone is watching you, following you? from the moment i get to work, i have hair and make-up and wardrobe people, producers, writers, my agent, my manager, publicist. not to mention the photographers. it's part of the life. anything seem out of the ordinary? happens on a regular basis or semi-regular basis? what do you mean? repetitive phone calls with hang ups. gifts left anonymously.
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i receive flowers on the seventh of each month. they just appear in my trailer. never a note. just a plain glass bowl. red anemones. my favorite. and you don't want to know who they're from? celebrities get anonymous gifts all the time. she has fans, you know. you remember meeting anyone on the seventh day of the month? or in july, the seventh month of the year? no. wally melman was a producer who considered hiring you, but didn't. and natalie was a rival. and chloe harris? she looks a lot like you, don't you think? who? a potential rival. she was murdered, too. so all these... people are being killed because of me? it's possible. i'm sorry... i can't. i--i have to go.
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technology that lets you play with the big boys. call the verizon center forhotch: with this unsub,ities we're looking at a compound profile: a type-4 delusional assassin with an erotomanic fixation on the actress lila archer. erotomanics are a form of stalker who posses the delusional belief that another person, usually of a higher social status, is in love with them. in the united states, at any given time, there are over 200,000 people being stalked. our unsub is having a fantasy love affair with lila archer the way john hinkley did with jodie foster. ms. archer was not aware of her stalker until yesterday. he wasn't trying to impress her. he was more like an unwanted, very violent guardian angel.
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when the stalker feels as if they've been in some way betrayed by their love object, this often leads to violence against the target. reid: in the case of john robert bardo when actress rebecca schaeffer took a role where she had to have a sexual relationship with another character, it was enough to force him to snap and seek her out to kill her. though stalkers can be either male or female, it's most likely we're looking for a single male, a loner, in his late twenties to early forties, very intelligent, with ample time to follow his victim and study her habits. as of yet, the unsub has not directed any violence towards ms. archer. but he has shifted his focus from those around her to her directly. this doesn't preclude the fact that anyone who has the vaguest association with ms. archer is a potential target. [bell rings] i love you. you're my favorite client. no. i haven't asked you anything yet. i'm not stopping my life.
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you can stay with me. no. a hotel? just until the police say you're safe? michael-- you know i worry. good-bye, michael. ok. call me...lots. kisses. hello. good-bye. i'm leaving. hey, mags. he's an odd guy. yeah, but who isn't a little odd out here? well, that's for sure. look, we're ready to rehearse scene 43 and... this was taped to your trailer door. thanks, hon. i'm intrigued by this particular version of the verb "to be." past participle. steady state of being. preceding adverb. "always." in english?
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that is english, actually. we're discussing the verb tenses-- reid. our stalker sounds like someone she knows. reid: based on the tense of the verb. maybe it's time to get her off the street. there's been no physical threat to her. she might be safe just staying put as opposed to anywhere else. i'm standing right here, guys. if we did remove you, we'd have to take you to an undisclosed location i'm sure your stalker knows where you live. i'm not having the whole show close down. i only need one more scene to shoot. look, last night i decided i wasn't gonna be afraid of this lunatic. am i safe here? the set's cleared of everyone except essential personnel, and we have increased security at the gate. lila, they're ready for you. i'm staying at work, gentlemen. [trailer door closes] morgan: well, she's one tough girl. yeah. i didn't want to say anything in front of her, but his anger about her going to the police suggests he might alter his agenda. morgan: typical for a stalker.
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she didn't go alone to the police. her manager took her. you and reid stay here. keep an eye on her. i'll hang back, too. where you going? to talk to her manager. ahem. sorry if i was, um, insensitive last night. you were only doing your job, right? yeah. then there's no need to apologize. eww. you don't mind sharing with me, do ya? no. [mocking lila] you don't mind sharing with me, do ya? shut up. go get 'em, lover.
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