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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  November 1, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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and it's past berkeley springs but cross junction knocking on the doorstep. temperatures significantly warmer than yesterday morning. we're up 12 in d.c. with the actual readings right now 60s and low 70s. we're down to 69 from 72 this last hour but boy a balmy start. we'll be tracking the storms all morning. monika? you know, overall i would say that we're in fairly good shape. we have had a couple of incidents and one is long- standing. in fact i was just speaking to curtis brody out in prince william and he tells me it was two tractor-trailers involved. one was rear ended and there was a fuel spill. it. happened at -- it happened at 2:40 this morning although we believe the tractor-trailers are gone and they're just waiting for help to clean it up. and the left lane is getting through. so hopefully, not too much of a delay betting through there. 66 on the other hand has been incident-free. in from gainesville to
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manassas. centreville fairfax. all of those corridors look great. a live look outside and first show you what it looks like here in springfield. it looks like it may be a little windy with the camera here shaking. but in the meantime, just a little bit of a delay as you head down from dale city to wood bridge and then again here in springfield. back over to the maps, this time inside the beltway all of your bridges look good across the potomac and anacostia river. and if you're planning to head outside one more time, if you're planning to head to oxon hill, 210 to the wilson bridge in good shape. back to you guys. thanks monika. depends on what polls you look at because there used to be a wide margin in the race for governor in virginia but now more and more polls are shrinking the lead mcauliffe has over cuccinelli. >> delia goncalves is in our satellite center with more on this aspect of the story and who's coming to town this weekend to stump for the candidates? >> reporter: very big hitters and we know that many of the polls as you said show varying
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degrees of a lead for mcauliffe but we know he is still according to the polls leading the race. but many of them show that cuccinelli is gaining momentum. not only has the race gained national attention, of course we know that many of the national politics certainly playing a huge part in voters' decisions. the government shutdown hit virginia very hard and while some ann uses say that could -- analysts say that could hurt the republican cuccinelli. he is rallying with rand paul and ted cruz. mcauliffe reports background checks at gun shows, cuccinelli doesn't. cuccinelli wants less government and thinks the health care plan is a failure and while mcauliffe has in the laid out specific -- not laid out specifics he said he wants to fund education with federal money through possibly expanding medicare. both candidates agrow however they want to create jobs and grow the economy. >> my tax cut plan which will
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grow 58,000 new jobs and reduce the personal income tax the 5%. and the business income tax to 4%. >> my opponent proposes $1.4 billion tax cut and resoundly criticized. it will come right out of education. early childhood development, reform in the sols. teacher pay. investing in community colleges. financial aid at higher ed. i think that's the prudent way to do budgeting. >> i like those too. i like education. i like puppies. but i don't bring a puppy home. i don't bring a puppy home if i don't have a plan for how i'm going to deal with that puppy. or guess what my house is going to look like. and he's all puppy and no plan. >> reporter: so how are voters feeling four days out? we talked to some of them coming up in the next half hour. andrea and mike back to you. thank you. >> the woman accused of vandalizing the washington national cathedral and possibly the lincoln memorial with paint
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is mentally incompetent to stand trial. a judge issued that ruling based on a psychologist's evaluation of jiamel tian. she could though become competent to strand style in the near future. -- stand trial in the near future. jess is in the newsroom with how many people have been signing up for healthcare coverage through obamacare and you can almost count them on your fingers. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. the new health care insurance website is moving into a second month today. the white house isn't telling the public that millions of americans have been visiting the site. but now we have a clearer picture of why and just how big a failure this launch was. newly obtained documents show that in the first two days only 248 people across the nation were able to sign up for health insurance direct enrollment wasn't working and the site wasn't equipped to handle heavy traffic. in the meantime, cbs news has confirmed that insurance companies are telling more than
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three million americans they're going to lose their current policies. the plans are being phased out because they don't meet minimum standards set by the health care act. the irs is warning americans about a scary new phone scam. someone could call your house impersonating an irs agent and demand you pay taxes you don't owe. now this is happening all over the country right now. the caller demand payment immediately. either by you, loading money onto a prepaid card or sending it via wire transfer. they threaten your arrest if you hang up. you can get another call right away from someone saying they're with the police or an agent at the dmv. you need to know the irs would never ask for your credit card number. a prepaid debit payment or through wire transfer. and is giving back in a big way. if you shop al the company will donate .5% of your purchase through charity.
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you can pick your charity through new website. the idea includes all products with the exception of digital media products including kindle e-books. easy easy way to give back. >> all right we like it. >> and probably going to raise a ton o dough. today the nats will introduce the team's new manager. >> the redskins got to get ready for a high octane
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it is 6:10 here on this very warm friday morning. temps in the 60s and70s. watching a line of heavy rain approaching i-81 potentially with some gusts toward 50 and 60. we've gop sot watches and -- got some watches and some warnings. temperatures topping out in the mid 70s. good morning monika. good morning howard. here's the beltway on the north side of town at new hampshire avenue. we're in good shape between 95
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and georgia avenue right now. it's friday morning light. work continue osen a crash though out in gainesville on the inbound side of route 29 after route 15 with only the left lane getting by. ready set row. it's november 1st and that's the time for men to grow their mustaches in honor of movember. you probably seen it people around your office probably do it. that's when men pay special attention to their health issues and the money raised is to fight certain illnesses. joining me this morning is lee teen mobro. he's already bring his plus -- growing his mustache. tell people about this. a lot of the friends around work get a chance to do this. often times not too many tv people do it but maybe we should. what's it about? >> it's a men's health movement. you grow a mustache for the month of november and you register on and you can raise awareness about men's health issues and raise some money for cancer research as well. >> so when you do that do you try get pledges or just get people to pledge or how do you
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try to solicit donations? >> it's really what you want to make it. a traditional fundraiser you can do that. you can also take a picture of your beautiful mo and post it on social media. and people will you know pledge their support that way. >> all right so i've had some friend that do this. and i've also had some wives that have complained about it. however you are saying there's a group of women that are supporters and they're called what? >> mo -- and often times they're as important if not more important than the mo bros. you know, you'll have a wife or a girlfriend who says eh i'm not so sure about the mustache. but part of the men's health movement and part of the month is that you're also making healthy decisions. so -- put down the cheese steak, eat a salad. go to the doctor. and get your annual checkup if you're of the age where you should be getting checked for cancer. so you know often times in our culture, you have women who really are pressuring men when
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they're sick even to go to the doctor. >> right. >> this is you know -- if you go to the doctor -- >> they're saying why do you have a mustache? you know what? here's why and it's a conversation starter i guess. >> exactly. and the registration is on the website as well. and often times they're some of the biggest fundraisers. they show their support and encourage the men in their lives to make healthy decisions and encourage them if they're growing a mo as well. >> do they have any numbers on how much money it's raised over the years? has it been significant? >> i don't know the total numbers but last year in d.c. we had 5,000 people participate over 5,000. >> oh wow. >> and raise over -- $900,000. in the u.s. that's 200,000 participants and $21 million. >> no kidding. >> yeah. >> and nowadays with social media you can put all the mustache photos all over place and get people to you know kind of go ahead and be a part of it too. >> exactly. is linked up with facebook and twitter and with linkedin. they have an app which makes it
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really easy to post. and it's a great way to use social media. >> hysterical. hopefully bring up some conversations and save some lives in the long run with a lot of doctors' payments and the -- appointments and the discussions that really need to take place because the guys really blow off health care more than they should. >> exactly and that's what it's all about. is men growing a mo and making healthy decisions. >> lee. >> thank you so much. >> howard? >> we have a busy morning weather wise. a better afternoon and a windy day today. we're going to have some showers around even into the afternoon but the worst of it is going to be between probably now. 9:00, 10:00. some sunny breaks as well and we'll be in the mid 70s for highs and still mild and breezy this evening but the wind will be dying down certainly. the problem this morning is a front is coming and the winds with them could be gusting 50, 60 miles an hour. right now the severe thunderstorm watch north and west of us until 10:00 a.m. this line is going to blow past this here i think by 8:00. if not earlier. so this is not going to last until 10:00 but potentially closer to the metro we may get
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in on a watch. the yellow counties to the west all severe thunderstorm warnings until 6:30 with the thin line of heavy rain that's coming through. we have lighter showers in spots southwest you see it around culpeper and also up in toward anne arundel county and here in d.c.. montgomery, a few light sprinkles but this is this line of heavy showers extending in toward ear sections of west virginia and came through cross junction without too much fanfare. you look at the doppler. a little hole there but then look at the intense line right here. just west of martinsburg right now. hagerstown in about 15 minutes or so as it's raising east at about 50 miles per hour and that's the concern. near the i-81 corridor or east there. get ready into loudoun county and jefferson county, west virginia first and then in toward washington county. frederick all see this line in the next hour or so as it comes from the i-81 area marching east. look at the temperatures though. upper 60s and low 70s at this
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hour. average high is 64 degrees. now we're going to blow past that in the mid 70s. not going to see much change in temps and we get the sunshine and even upper 70s not out of the question because we're start stock warm. some wind out there. also wind advisory until noon from the blue ridge west gusting to 31 right now at national with a south wind sustained at 20. cloudy skies and 69 degrees and muggy out there. you can see what's happening, we've got the deepening storm system in the great lakes. see that area open low pressure spinning around from michigan moving toward ontario? trailing a cold front through. and some pretty impressive upper level winds. and what happens when you get the heavy showers they can get into the upper level winds and transport that down to the surface and that's why that line is really the greatest concern for us over the next few hours. then we're going to see temperatures drop off but the cooldown will be a gradual one starting tonight. in fact tonight will be down in the 40s and 50s here. 56 for the low. and tomorrow, well, we won't be in the 70s -- got in late. got hit on the way to work.
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the car's probably gone. but this is what the map has not updated like i would like. we've got 50s and 60s on saturday for highs. and it will all be in the upper 60s in culpeper. all right here's your forecast. yellow alert today. mainly for the morning. for the rain, the wind, temperatures will be in the mid 70s though. and we drop into the 50s tonight in town. some 40s in the suburbs. less wind. tomorrow breezy and isolated shower. there will be a few showers though in the higher elevations. 65 in d.c.. and then 30s and 40s tomorrow night leading to a chilly couple of days. sunday and monday, 54. by the way there's a partial solar eclipse if you're up early. 6:30 standard time on sunday. because we turn the clocks back saturday night. go by the daylight saving time. chilly monday 53 and then look temperatures turn around to 70 with showers by thursday. monika samtani, stepping in. volumes billing it's friday. -- building it's friday. how's it looking? we have a serious crash inside
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the beltway in adele fie east of takoma park. off of rigs roads at drexel. that makes it south of university boulevard and we're just getting word in about this crash. i'll have details for you i'm sure in the next few moments. but in the meantime rigs road at drexel south of university boulevard, for what i believe is a serious two car crash. and again i'll keep you posted. on the beltway itself though, coming out of college park into silver spring it's still friday morning light. i'm happy to say. there are 340 problems on route -- no problems on route 21 or i- 95 headed to the beltway. here's what it looks like at the american legion bridge west side of town between bethesda and tysons corner. we're going back to the maps many this time we're heading over actually to another live picture. planning to head northbound on i-95 you're going to be okay coming into springfield. and the beltway north of town here near new hampshire avenue. still no big deals heading to georgia avenue. back to you guys. thanks monika. 6:19. question of the morning time now --
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>> i like this one. facebook friend sue mcgraw wrote c. cooking and with a little bacon grease behind the ears he's all mine. >> oh you got that right. that is a great secret. more responses in 30 minutes. the correct answer too. happy friday. you're watching wusa9. >> thank you sue. obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad.
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i'and i sponsored this adte for attorney general, for me, family is everything- as attorney general,
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i'll put politics aside and put families first. mark herring: endorsed by the washington post he'll crack down on sexual predators, go after scam artists who prey on seniors and military families, and protect the rights of women to make their own health care decisisions but senator obenshain has the wrong agenda. he voted to ban birth control pills and outlaw abortion, even for rape and incest victims. he's wrong for virginia. 6:22. watching a severe thunderstorm watch box to our northwest and that line from hagerstown to west of winchester now a severe thunderstorm warning until 7:00 a.m. frederick county, maryland, washington county, maryland. frederick county, virginia. jefferson county, and berkeley county in the panhandle. these tours are moving east at -- showers are moving east at 45 and could contain gusty
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winds in excess of 60 miles an hour. it's cooler over the weekend. well, if you believe in paper the next three games on paper are winnable and could help the redskins get back in the hunt. first up? san diego. but hey, who cares about the super charges? if the redskins don't get their act together on offense they're not going to beat maryland. terrapins. i'm joking but seriously they have to get better. the redskins' offense and namely robert griffin has to get better. taking a lot of heat this week after his performance in the rockies. just 14 points. maybe it was the high altitude. the winds, sun in their eyes who knows? either way they were ineffective. robert griffin says he knows what's up but he ain't telling. >> oh i think everybody has an opinion about it. but we're the only ones that know what's going on. and it's not -- you know my job is not to come up here and tell everybody everything that goes on in you know in this organization. so our job is to keep that stuff in-house. and make sure that we get better from it because it takes
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all of us. we shall see. little war of words between mike shanahan and albert haynesworth. remember they didn't get along when big al was here. a couple of days ago haynesworth called shanahan conniving and all about himself. shanahan shot back yesterday saying the only people i haven't gotten along with were those that were lazy that had no character. all right. later today the nationals will formally name matt williams manager. he has never managed and he was first and third base coach in arizona the last few years, a 2:00 press conference is scheduled. and the game of the week high school-wise is set. it's a good one. sherwood and paint branch. 26,000 votes, highlights will lead our coverage later on tonight. that's going to do it for morning sports, have a great friday everybody. thank you so much dave and here's the beltway on the knot side of town -- north side of town. outer loop is the right side of the screen. after new hampshire avenue some brake lights at georgia. there's a serious crash inside
6:24 am
the beltway in adelphi on rigs road at drexel and that's south of university boulevard. we'll be back with more coming up after the break. you're watching wusa9. ♪
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terry mcauliffe will make an outstanding governor. it's mcauliffe who's more capable of governing effectively under mcauliffe virginia will remain open, tolerant and pragmatic, friendly to business and committed to job growth. mcauliffe has sensible business-friendly policies. he will work to bridge party divides and find common ground to move our state forward. and that's what virginia needs. for us the decision is clear: terry mcauliffe. good morning and welcome to wusa9 at 6:30 a.m.. i was hoping we'd see the washington monument because it's going to be the last time we see it in its beautiful
6:28 am
scaffolding in there. it's the lights come down. the scaffolding comes down on sunday. but in the foreground, the -- white house. it is friday. november 1st. happy new month. >> yeah. >> i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck, it's hard to believe it's november. it is thick outside. it's warm and soupy. monika is going to have traffic momentarily but howard on the weather terrace. it's warm and muggy and windy and we have a line of heavy showers and maybe a rumble of thunder. but it's the winds which have prompted a severe thunderstorm watch and even some warnings and i know you can hear the wind buffeting and we have a little wind screen on the microphone. here's a look at the forecast and the low clouds over d.c.. that's an angry looking sky on this friday morning. the heavy stuff i think will come through in the next couple, three hours. some breaks this afternoon. and those winds, boy they are strong. they can gust 40, maybe 50 miles an hour. the severe thunderstorm watch
6:29 am
until 10:00 carroll, frederick, loudoun west. the bright yellow counties you see in eastern west virginia, and maryland, those are severe thunderstorm warnings with this thin line of showers which is raying east at about 45, 50 miles per hour and approaching i-81 and hagerstown and watch out for that. we'll be tracking it all morning long. monika samtani let's get inside where it looks calmer. okay if you are planning to head over onto the inside of the beltway you want to know there's a crash the adelphi on rigs road at drexel street south of university boulevard. we're hearing it's a two car crash and it could be pretty serious. police are there and they're investigating. we're just waiting to hear on word on what it involves. so be aware of that again inside the beltway and adelphi. sort of east of takoma park. the beltway is good on the north side of town. here's what it looks like at new hampshire avenue. and past new hampshire is where it's going to slow down closer to georgia avenue. back over to the maps, this time we're heading over to 66. that's in good shape
6:30 am
gainesville to manassas and centreville but in gainesville work continues on a crash that happened early this morning. two tractor-trailers on the inbound side of route 29 after route 15. we'll take a live look here in springfield. back to you guys. it is time to see what our partners at "cbs this morning" are covering. >> it is friday. boy that sounds nice does it not norah? [ laughter ] >> oh -- i love fridays. here comes the weekend. yay. good morning to you mike and andrea. ahead we're going to be talking about whether vice president joe biden almost lost his number two spot to hillary clinton. we're going to talk to former obama chief of staff bill daily. plus leslie stahl gained access to guantanamo bay where the terrorists will face trial. she'll be here in studio 57 with a look at her sunday "60 minutes" report. and oprah winfrey is auctioning off some of huh favorite things and she's giving us a preview of what personal treasures will
6:31 am
be up for sale. the news is back in the mornings. so we'll see you right at 7:00. >> all right. are we going to see new washington next week -- you in washington next week norah? >> i think so. yes. in a couple of weekends yes. for "face the nation" i'm filling in for bob on november 10th. >> we'll definitely be watching for that. enjoy the weekend. >> okay. take care. >> thank you. charges are pending against a man arrested in connection with a shooting and barricade in fredericksburg, virginia. around 9:00 last night, police responded to a shooting at an apartment complex on cowan boulevard. they found a man who had been shot multiple times. he was taken to the hospital and he is expected to survive. police say the shooting suspect this man, michael bailey locked himself inside one of the apartments for several hours. around 2:20 this morning, he surrendered and was taken to the hospital with just minor injuries. well, the governor's race in virginia is really starting to come down to the wire now. and in fact, many analysts say
6:32 am
that tuesday's election could indicate how the nationwide elections are going to go next year. >> delia goncalves is in our satellite center with more on this part of the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning andrea, mike, all eyes are on virginia and time is winding down. the election just four days away. and a whole lot of campaigning over the weekend to try to sway those last-minute undecided voters. if you take a look at the polls lots of them vary by degrees and margins, however. most show that cuccinelli is gaining momentum. terry mcauliffe though still holding on to a pretty strong lead. mcauliffe is trying for a second time to lead the state. the democrat is running against former state senator and attorney general ken cuccinelli. some say mcauliffe is short on specifics but according to the virginia public access project the democrat has raised more than $35 million. that's nearly double cuccinelli's total. but ken couch nell low is
6:33 am
hoping to realdy -- cuccinelli is hoping to rally conservatives by campaigning against the president's health care plan and forgun rights. >> bringing obama into the state -- although the president is widely regarded by a lot of people. he's a polarizing figure. >> the fact that cuccinelli is making this the focus of his campaign tells me he is concerned about his ability to ratchet up a strong turnout among the conservative core. >> the anonymous sources that we had to choose between a kook and coo crook. >> there it is. the lesser of the two evils. >> reporter: well, that is what's on the mind of some voters in virginia. and it seems like terry mcauliffe really pulling out all the stops and a big gun. president obama will campaign with the democrat this sunday in arlington at lee high school. andrea, mike back to you. >> they're also saying this could be a watershed moment for
6:34 am
third party candidates because of the race as well. >> reporter: that's right. >> no shortage of really interesting soundbytes, people are stepping up to the microphone without even blinking. it's neat. thank you. it is 6:35. time for our final your money segment of the morning. >> let's talk dollars and cents with the lovely jessica doyle. good morning jess. >> good morning to both of you. let's do it. starting today though it's going to get harder for millions of americans to put food on the table every single month. food stamp benefits have been cut for more than 47 million people. as assess dance put in place -- assistance put in place during the recession has expired. the cuts add up to $5 billion of savings for the government. about 15% of population paid for their groceries using food stamps every single month. here's a good change for your money. you no longer have to use it or lose it with the flexible spending account. the treasury is relaxing the year end rule. fsas allow you to put pretax
6:35 am
dollars into an account to pay for medical expenses. it used to be you'd have to pend the money by -- spend the money by the end of the year or you'd forfeit your dollars. and fewer college grads are buying homes nowadays, a pew study finds that the number of folks 18 to 32 buying homes is dropping. the new york federal reserve also reports the home ownership rate for college grads is now lower than for nongrads. that's the first time that's ever happened and the worry is the trend could cause the housing market to drag for years to come. you can blame high debt levels, weak job prospects and you know you really can't discount the lessons learned after the bubble burst for the housing market. so many of these people saw what their parents went through and just saying gosh i don't want to get myself in that boat. >> still scary too. >> it will be scary for a while. the boy scouts of america possibly getting an eagle
6:36 am
scout. former defense secretary to be its new leader. >> and blurred lines stevie wonder told him don't do it but the family of d.c.'s marvin gaye is still going to file suit against robin thicke. >> don't forget we are always on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. the wusa9 app is obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad.
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howard is here. thank goodness after his little accident this morning. left a bump on his head poor baby but not mess up the rein. he's here to tell you about the forecast. >> i'm going to be checked out later on. i'm okay and car is probably a goner but you know? life goes on. and so does the weather. and this n morning we've got some heavy showers we're watching potentially with some strong gusty winds. that's why we've got some warnings out there. and a severe thunderstorm watch as well. angry looking sky wow low clouds right now as we gothart morning, temperatures will -- go through the morning temperatures will kind of stay in the low 60s and upper 70s. topping out in the upper 70s. 40 plus range for winds and with the line of showers maybe 50 plus.
6:41 am
what i'm talking about? severe thunderstorm warnings in southern pennsylvania. and also now in frederick and washington counties down in toward i think -- if it's not jefferson just north of there coming in toward the frederick and maryland area. this -- mustard color if you will from loudoun town coy up through -- county up through carroll west into the valley, that's a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 a.m. we're watching a thin line of heavy rain. it's moving quickly. and you'll see the yellows and oranges here. losing a little punch down south and we're most concerned with the areas for the most part along the i-66 corridor and north. locally we've got a couple of light showers manassas up towards chantilly and centreville and there's a little shower there east of 301. southern prince george's county northern charles county but it's this area, i mean this thing -- yellows, the oranges the reds. the very heavy rains and the potentially damaging wind gusts with this. as this is racing east. couple of sprinkles over toward point o rocks out ahead of it but this line from winchester now it's moving into winchester. just west of charlestown. cabletown up there in west
6:42 am
virginia. it is through hagerstown, myersville it's getting to you. this is going to be on top of you in about 10, 15 minutes racing east at 45 miles an hour. once this passes, this really is the worst of the weather. that we're going to have to track for the next couple of hours and i think it could be here in the metro between 8:00 and 9:00 maybe as late as 9:30. temperatures, look how warm they are. upper 60s can low 70s at this hour? the average high is 64. we do have some 40s in davis, west virginia but even cumberland right now at 63. outside on our michael & son weather camera got a ways to go but another hour and maybe 45 minutes until sunrise. lots of clouds out there. and they're moving quickly with very strong winds. south of 20 gusting to 31. some gusts with that line 40, 50 miles an hour plus. dew points have risen into the 60s so it is muggy this morning. and you can see all the warmth up towards new york. they're 69. but behind the system. indianapolis and chicago in the 40s this morning and that cooler air is on the way. here we go we're watching this
6:43 am
low pressure. see this thing spinning up through michigan into ontario? trailing the cold fronts back here into west virginia with a line of storms ahead of it. this is all going to pass and in the afternoon we're actually going to head into some sunshine. and kind of breezy. today though we're looking at highs which will be in the 70s and then tonight we're dipping into the 40s and 50s. and a slow cooldown on the way. yellow alert day today. especially for the morning showers 75. 56 tonight with a 40s in the suburbs. tomorrow still a little breezy. 65. chillier saturday night. 30s and 40s. by the way, this weekend clocks back saturday night. a brisk couple of days sunday and monday. skins and chargers. good football weather. highs sunday 54. monika samtani. >> yes. >> tgif. yes, definitely and in terms of volume, that's what it is. but you know what? inside the beltway, there is a crash on rigs road it's at drexel street south of university boulevard. there are two cars involved and we're hearing it's serious in nature inside the beltway. so i suggest that you go ahead
6:44 am
and use maybe university boulevard as your alternate route to rigs road right now and i'll keep you posted on that. and plus now you're seeing all these delays college park into silver spring. on the beltway, let's take a live look on 270 where we're just getting word of a crash near montgomery village avenue southbound 270 and look at this. it's affecting traffic in germantown trying to get into gaithersburg. i believe that crash is along the right side of the road. back over to the maps, this time inside the beltway we're fine on 66 at 50 miles an hour. 395 at 46. outbound southeast southwest freeway after second street a disabled vehicle in the road. and we're going to end with a live look here in springfield. you can see the camera shaking. it's a bit windy outside. and some volumes here as well. andrea back to you. all right thanks monika. well, this weekend you can sample some good eats, learn some new recipes and meet celebrity chefs. all at the metro d.c. cooking show. we're with one of the celebrity chefs the morning. extreme chef winner terry french. thank you very much for being here with us. a great person to learn from
6:45 am
because one of the reasons he has that title is because he can cook anything, anytime anywhere. >> that's not extreme? i don't know what is. >> so what are you doing today? it doesn't look too difficult or too weird for the rest of us. >> i was asked to make a simple recipe for the summertime and i like crab. crab came to mind. in a way to make something really simple, i grabbed some crab and made a crab salad and i kicked it up a little bit with cayenne pepper and the ability to throw some bing cherries into it. avocados and crab go well together with the lemon juice and some creme fraiche. put more spice to it and some bing cherries in it. >> it looks pretty good too and we have the recipe on our website. but chef, when did you start cooking and where did this passion come from? >> when i was a little kid about this much snow and ice fishing and i left the can
6:46 am
opener in the car with the cab of beans. that was my first time cooking. and then i progressed and i'm able to get here today. >> wow. and -- again, an extreme conditions. >> in extreme conditions. >> and why do you like to be in those extreme conditions? what are you trying to show that you can do or tell us what we can do? >> the ability for me to catch my own crabs and my own wild game. ability to cook it for me makes it taste that much better. i appreciate it a lot more being out in the wilderness. i draw my -- culinary imagination from nature itself. so in-between the wind blowing through the trees and the water rippling through, and where the creatures live it gets me a better appreciation for the ingredients which makes its taste all that much better. >> again he's going to be at metro cooking tomorrow at the convention center. and you are there at 11:00 a.m. >> 11:00 a.m. will people just be able to watch you or can they get interactive? >> i try to -- i always try to interact with the crowd. i'll grab somebody out of the crowd. one or two to come and help me
6:47 am
do some stuff. and get their fingers in there so they can get first on and get their little fife minutes of rock star fame with a celebrity up there. just explain to them what it is. that way they feel effort comfortable with it. you just said you were afraid of knives. >> was i cut off the top -- >> you hold a knife just like this and you hold your knuckles right this. don't put your knuckles out here. i can talk to you all day long and i know where the knife is. >> whoa okay. >> once you become comfortable with the knife is how you hold the knife is what makes it safe for. >> the tools of the trade. >> a sharp knife is one of them as a chef. >> basically the ingredients are all mixed up right here and again -- here's the finished product. and the avocados for nice decoration. and that's what you're going to see tomorrow when you meet celebrity chef terry french. 11:00 a.m. washington convention center. chef thank you for coming in. spending time with us. >> always my pleasure. >> we love fresh food and we
6:48 am
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terry mcauliffe will make an outstanding governor. it's mcauliffe who's more capable of governing effectively under mcauliffe virginia will remain open, tolerant and pragmatic, friendly to business and committed to job growth. mcauliffe has sensible business-friendly policies. he will work to bridge party divides and find common ground to move our state forward. and that's what virginia needs. for us the decision is clear: terry mcauliffe.
6:51 am
watching a line of heavy showers from just east of winchester. up toward northern frederick county. maryland now. this thing is moving east at 45. potentially with some winds gusting 50 plus. we'll have those showers and high winds this morning. less wind and some sunny breaks this afternoon. very warm for this time of year. highs nit mid 70s. andrea? thanks howard. in the news right now. robert gates is getting ready for a new job. the former defense secretary was elected to the national executive board of the boy scouts of america. gates is a distinguished eagle scout. he'll serve as president-elect and then take the reigns for a two year term starting next may. he's credited his longtime involvement with the scouts for
6:52 am
giving him the skills and courage to succeed. singer robin thicke is being sued by the family of marvin gaye. his children say thick's hit "blurred lines" is a ripoff of the 1977 hit "got to give it up." for his 2011 record "love after war." "blurred lines" was at the top of the charts for 16 weeks and sold more than six million copies. all right take a good look at it right now. this is the last sunday is the last day the scaffolding around the washington monument will be lit up. the national park service says after the lights are turned off, the three month process of removing the scaffolding will begin. crews are still working to repair damage caused by the august 2011 earthquake. 6:54. time to answer the question of the morning now --
6:53 am
>> facebook friend jean wrote c., the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. my nana always said that. >> oh nana. >> but i thought this one would be that. >> you did? the answer is a. just being there. >> can you believe that? isn't that sweet. >> aww. obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad.
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6:57. we're watching a line of heavy showers with some gusty winds maybe over 50 up in frederick county, maryland back to virginia. racing east. some showers and storms this morning. windy this morning. that will diminish some still mild with some sunny breaks this afternoon and much cooler by sunday. don't forget the clocks and the smoke detector batteries, monika? southbound 270 a crash near route 124 with delays here. if you're planning to head into
6:57 am
adelphi a crash on rigs road near drexel south of university boulevard. it's a fatal crash. and southbound 395 an accident after edsall road. so a lot to consider right now. "cbs this morning" is next with the story you won't believe from billionaire to bankruptcy. >> one of the wealthiest people in the world lost billions in a year and a half. anthony mason has the story. >> and howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with traffic and weather. >> don't forget or visit us on facebook at the wusa9 page. >> let's take a look back at the week that was. have a great weekend everybody. take care. >> see you monday. ♪ >> hello friends. >> 250 new friends. >> all right. good morning thanks for waking up with us. >> 41 in minneapolis -- >> what is your favorite halloween candy? >> candy corn. bar none. >> really? >> nestle crunch. >> nestle crunch? >> got to have a nut in it. >> nice looking panties, all kinds of colors, thongs bikinis and the whole routine. >> umbrella. or umbrella as rihanna says. ♪
6:58 am
>> it hasn't happened at fenway park for 95 years. >> good morning, i'm so happy i know you're watching ♪ [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ñ
6:59 am
good morning. it is friday, november 1st, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." inside the obama care debacle, cbs news reveals just how rough the health care rollout really was and this morning what the white house is doing to turn it around. did vice president joe biden nearly lose his spot on the ticket to hillary clinton? bill daley was there and he takes us inside the oval office. and this is not your normal yard sale. oprah -- that would be winfrey -- tells us why she's selling part of her estate. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> there was water rushing in front of our driveway. >> we lost everything. >> deadly storms sweep across the nation. >> pow


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