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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 1, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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believes that that officer had just transferred to l.a.x. from montana and that to the best of his knowledge this is the first time that a tsa officer has ever been killed in the line of duty. the man i spoke to is the president of the american federation of government employees. he just released a statement. i want to read it to you. he says, "we are sickened by reports of today's shooting at the los angeles international airport. our sincerest thoughts and prayer goes out to our passengers and the tsa officers killed or injured in this heinous act. thank you to all of our brave tsa's who put their lives on the line every day to keep the flying public safe." remember tsa officers are unarmed, so when this gunman approached them at l.a.x. and just started shooting at them, they had no way of defending themselves. they were entirely reliant on the airport police and the lapd. those are the officers that ultimately took this shooter down. it will be interesting to see in the weeks to come whether or
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not the security surrounding the tsa check points at airports around the country are going to be beefed up after what just happened at l.a.x. now one more thing i want to talk about, flight delays and cancellations. there are, of course, lots and lots of delays right now in and out of l.a.x. here at reagan and at the other washington area airports, dulles, bwi, all these airports at the moment are operating normally, no major delays or cancellations to report, but remember the longer l.a.x. is closed the greater the ripple effect will be at airports across the country. so if you're planning on traveling tonight, even if you're not going to l.a.x., if you're traveling, you'll want to check your flight status before heading to the airport. >> of course, we are continuing to follow all the latest developments as we learn more about the gunman. let's go to derek now who is with our security expert. >> ed clark is here with me now. we've within getting to be very close friends because -- been
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getting to be very close friends because this seems to be happening over and over again, here we go again, tsa agent killed for the very first time. they are not armed. does that suggest there needs to be some change in that security situation at airports? >> we've got to look at all these situations, review what was the cause? what could we do to be more preventive, proactive if we can? some people may call for that, but i think we have to be very careful with who we are arming in our public institutions and modes of transportation. >> in other words, a lot of tsa agents may not be prepared or ready to be the guy with the gun? >> very real possibility. law enforcement is specifically trained to respond in a quick manner and we saw that today. they were able to neutralize that threat in a quick moment. >> what about the fact airport security is set up the way it is? this guy walked in with a gun in a bag, gets to the security check point, pulls it out and opens fire? is there some need to change how air forces set up altogether? >> we have to look to that in
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the totality. maybe look to overseas like our partners in israel. what are they doing over there? we can always learn. >> i remember right after 9/11 there were armed soldiers carrying automatic weapons at every gate in a lot of airports. is there some need to go back to that sort of thing or would that be an overreaction? >> i think that was based on the 9/11 terrorist threat, but i think we have to balance our civil liberties and try to identify these individuals who are on a pathway of targeting violence and intervene prior to the act being taken. >> i'm glad you brought that up, a 23-year-old suspect described as someone carrying some sort of papers, anti- government writings gives a sense somebody somewhere must have known this guy and perhaps knew that he was trouble. >> that's what the investigators are going to do, what i call a social autopsy, look who he was affiliated with, learn that we can identify these individuals in advance if we can.
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>> what you seem to be saying overall is cautious but no overreaction. >> have to find that sense of balance. we have to live in a free democracy, but we have to be safe. the other thing is for the people in these places had that mental game plan. that happened to us, where would we be? what would we do? >> thank you. some other news we're following tonight, starting today one in seven americans will have less money for food. that's because billions of dollars are being cut from the federal food assistance. >> i have to tell my 13-year- old sorry, hold off on that peanut butter and jelly sandwich. we've got to make that loaf of bread last, you know? you don't want to tell these kids that. >> you're talking about families having to maybe decide whether we pay the light bill, all the rent and would end up facing homelessness -- and could end up facing
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homelessness. >> the 2009 stimulus bill keck pier which means a $5 billion cut -- bill which did expire which means a $5 billion cut in food stamps, a $36 a month cut to people in need. for people just getting to sign up for insurance one month ago at, some states might be reporting higher numbers. a lot of places are not. nielle nottingham has the story from washington. >> reporter: notes turned over to a congressional committee show in the 48 hours after launched just 248 people successfully signed up for insurance. the white house says those numbers aren't news. >> we know and acknowledge that the website has been a problem. >> reporter: the administration also says it expected low numbers in the beginning and a surge closer to the march 31st deadline, but frustration with the affordable care act goes beyond the website for as many as 3
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million americans who are learning they will lose their current policy because it does not meet the standards of the new healthcare law. many consumers who have successfully signed up for new insurance policies in the last month have done so on state run exchanges where streamlined operations allow for a quicker response to problems. washington d.c. is running its own exchange with mila coffman at the helm. >> we were able to design marketplaces that work for our citizens, for our businesses, for our consumers. >> reporter: coffman says there have been no major problems with the d.c. site where 1,800 people were able to complete applications in the first three weeks. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> washington d.c. and 16 states are running their own exchanges. that means the majority of americans live in places relying on the federal exchange and here's something some may find a bit surprising. that jury in the sean taylor
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murder case has gone home for the weekend and still no verdict. eric rivera is accused of shooting the former redskins safety to death in his southern florida home. the videotaped confession is the key piece of ed, but the defense argued it -- evidence, but the defense argued it was coerced. the verdict is guilty in the case of a gaithersburg man accused of having sex with a minor to pay off a debt. his name is vaharney revis and he was found guilty of human trafficking and other charges. nobody really knows where he is. prosecutors say in exchange for sex with the girl he forgave the money owed to him by the girl's mom. the mother of that victim was also convicted on 10 counts including sex abuse of a commune. commit a violent crime? don't expect the police to ever forget about it. -- abuse of a minor. commit a violent crime? don't expect the police to ever forget about it.
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this man was part of a group who stabbed two people back in december of 2012. the victims did survive, but if you recognize that face, the police would love to hear from you. wusa9 was the first to show you this video of maryland attorney general and gubernatorial candidate doug gansler at a beach party in delaware where there appeared to be some underage drinking. gansler says he was there briefly to find his son but did nothing to stop that party with this illegal drinking taking place. we caught up with gansler at maryland's emancipation day this afternoon to ask him about this new video uncovered by our bruce leshan. gansler says nothing to see here. >> but my understanding from people is it's not a new video. it's the same video that's been shown over and over by the press and if there's nothing on it that's new or different than anything else that's been discussed, i acknowledge
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territory way. >> there are many issues that will be decided based on who else is elected on tuesday. peggy fox takes a look at the roles education, contraception and abortion could be playing in the election. >> reporter: here are some issues you might be concerned about. last year virginia lawmakers required that women seeking abortions get abdominal ultra sounds first, made some critical funding decisions and made some decisions that brought jobs to the state. volunteers worked tirelessly telling voters about comstock's no. 1 priority, jobs. >> i've passed legislation which kept this growing industry. >> reporter: at her democratic opponent headquarters first time candidate democrat kathleen murphy gives us her view on growing jocks. >> i think it is how we can -- jobs. >> i think it is how we can make virginia a welcoming place so that people want to come
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here to work. that is by funding transportation solutions. >> reporter: murphy criticizes comstock for her vote to require abdominal ultra sounds for women seeking abortions and to require strict new regulations on clinics performing abortions. >> we are talking about health and safety regulations and that's something that we've done on a bipartisan basis. >> the efforts made in this last session were egregious. they're aimed amount denying women basic rights to -- at denying women basic rights to make healthcare choices with their doctors. >> reporter: murphy also criticizes comstock for education. >> priorities for us should be our children and barbara voted against the budget that funds our schools. >> we have increased the funding to our schools, gotten the costs to increase money and creped the in state spots for our -- increased the in state spots for our colleges every year. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 we'll talk about taxes and
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guns. here's a look at what's coming up on wusa9. >> can a victim legally identify an attack are by blinking? that is part of a high profile murder trial going on right now in prince george's county. scott broom will bring us that story around 5:30. >> right after the break a high priced sports car goes up in flames on the gw parkway. >> rough this morning, very nice this evening. it's still unbelievably warm, 69 downtown but 77 in leesburg, 75 manassas, 81 in culpeper. we'll talk about tracking another cold obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad.
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i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women. so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ... ... even in cases of rape and incest. ... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia? a prized sports car goes up in flames on the gw parkway. this is video from arlington now, the car up in flames, a red ferrari. the driver apparently lost control underneath interstate 66. this is all that's left of it. good thing no one was injured in that, miraculous.
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a legendary d.c. area blues guitarist has passed away. the owner of the bar madam jordan tells us bobby parker died last night after an asthma attack. he had a big hit watch your step which is often quoted as the source of a beatles hit i feel fine. he was 76. from the website fiasco and secretary sebelius on the congressional hot seat it was a pretty rough week for the obama administration and face the nation bob schieffer is here to tell us what to expect this sunday. obviously obamacare or what's left of it will be your main subject matter, bob. >> i would think, so derek, but the problem we have this coming sunday is where do you start? the whole world is kind off news overload here. we not only have this obamacare controversy, but we also got the nsa and the latest revelations there, the drone strike that took out the taliban leader.
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we want to touch on that and then today, of course, this guy walks into the los angeles airport with an assault rifle and starts shooting. as it turns out, we have two officials who know something about all of those things and are following them and in some cases investigating them. senator dianne feinstein, senator of the intelligence committee and representative mike rogers, chairman of the house intelligence committee. plus we're going to talk to the former nsa cia director general michael hayden. some of this phone tapping was going on under his watch. so we've just got plenty to talk about. we'll try to get to all of it. we'll do our best sunday on face the nation. >> you mentioned the democrats joining you on sunday, senator feinstein. i'm wondering if you've had any sense at all this democrats are abandoning the president all over the affordable care act. >> i'll tell you this.
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they're not happy with it and they're raising a lot of questions. you have senator gene shaheen from new hampshire who started circulating that resolution in the senate to delay the start of this thing. i think she's now got 10 norms on board with her on that thing. -- 10 senators on board with her on that thing. i don't think there's any question. you can't put and into effect and tell people they're going to be fined by a certain date if they don't have the insurance and then prevent them from getting it because right now they're not able to do that because this website is going down. i think we'll wind up seeing this at least this deadline post ponied and for how long i don't know -- postponed and for how long i don't know. this thing is broken. they've got to fix it. we've run through all the talking points and all the excuses. we've run through who was responsible and all that stuff. now we've got to get this thing
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fixed. >> thank you, bob, as always. oprah is holding one of the largest yard sales of its kind. the items come from several of her homes. she is remodeling her california estate and downsizing, so she has decided to auction off paintings, sculptures, antiques, furniture and some other personal treasures. >> could be anything as little as maybe a little coffee mug to maybe a personal picture favorite of hers. >> online bids have poured in from as far away as india and australia. the proceeds will benefit oprah's leadership academy foundation. daylight savings time ends this weekend. that means we all get an extra hour of sleep saturday night into sunday morning. then it's about four months of standard time. by the way, if we did not september our clocks back every fall, some places would not see sunrise until 8:30 in the morning. some parts of the country like arizona and hawaii don't even bother with daylight saving time and they don't have to. it's not required by law.
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snowplow drivers were out in full force in the district today even without a drop of snow. the mayor kicked off the annual drive for the wintery weather. speaking of salt domes, the city says one of the biggest improvements is the new fort reno salt dome that can hold 73% more salt than the old one. >> it is a great winter if you don't touch it. don't hit the salt dome at all unless you're hitting a margarita. >> let's see if we can test how much it will hold. >> there is a difference of opinion. >> we like the snow but not when it sticks on the road. we are looking at one cold front this morning and another comes through tomorrow. we'll take you back in time. this is from our tower looking north toward bethesda. the clouds gave way to sunshine this afternoon and despite the fact the cold front is about to
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go through temperatures warmed ahead of the front. this is just gorgeous. also you can see pretty good color even in bethesda now and parts of northwest d.c. now we're going to get treated to the near peak color around the immediate metro area for the next week or so. 69, relative humidity 73%, winds out of the south at 11, so the front is not quite through just yet, pressure falling a little bit. here's a look at radar. most of the showers are clipping southern maryland moving to the delmarva. we'll give you the latest image now and zoom in. right now everything is dry in southern maryland. i think later tonight you folks in southern st. mary's county, parts of northern neck around reedville might see more showers before midnight. look at the temps, 70 in bethesda, 77 rockville, 72 fairfax. our average high temperature is only 64. 73 in college park, 71 in
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waldorf. so a nice night for high school football and high school soccer games. game time temperatures 60 to 70. that's kind. rare for early november. the good news, still warm on saturday. the bad news, some afternoon showers, not enough to change your plans and a reality check rolls in on sunday because this cold front will usher in pretty chilly air. for tonight partly cloudy, cooler, early showers south and east, 48 to 56, winds out of the west at 10. we'll break it down. cooler but nice in the morning, 50s, some showers in the afternoon, but again i wouldn't change your plans. then we're looking at 506 to 62 by evening -- 56 to 62, by evening showers ending. jan mentioned earlier the weekend is 49 hours old. we fall back to standard time and very important. remember to change the batteries in your smoke detectors, your carbon monoxide detectors, so we get a 49 hour weekend. we'll break it down, some showers tomorrow, 67 but not
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until the afternoon. we'll see you out at the mall for the walk. it starts at 10:00. get there at 9:00. if 5 on sunday and 52 on monday -- 55 on sunday and 52 on monday. some 40s if you're tailgating early on sunday. you can watch that game and the ravens game here on channel 9. you'll see temps go back up on tuesday, upper 60s wednesday. next chance for rain showers and perhaps a thunderstorm on thursday, back in the low 70s and sharply cooler next friday, temperatures going back to the 50s with lows in the 30s. so this front tomorrow, not a lot of punch in terms of precip, but it will give us a reality check. >> what time does the rain start tomorrow, sir? >> i'd say 3:00 to 6:00 your best chance. >> there's going to be a story, also, not to change on the subject on your button there. >> this is the autism puzzle piece. we'll see you tomorrow on the mall. it's a very important cause to
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get behind. it's a very easy walk 10:00. get there at 9:00. they are restaurants shut down by the health department. coming up at 5:45 investigative reporter russ ptacek shows you the restaurants defying the orders and getting away with it. >> right after the break why the cops worry about a free i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad for me, family is everything- as attorney general, i'll put politics aside and put families first. mark herring: endorsed by the washington post he'll crack down on sexual predators, go after scam artists who prey on seniors and military families, and protect the rights of women to make their own health care decisisions but senator obenshain has the wrong agenda. he voted to ban birth control pills
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and outlaw abortion, even for rape and incest victims. he's wrong for virginia.
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it used to be that you would need a special radio to pick up police scanner traffic and now anyone can listen in thanks to free iphone apps. a crook in kalamazoo did just that to get info that police were closing in on him. >> during the fact we were talking about the approach of the residence, the layout of the home when we were coming up, it tipped off these people enough time where they were able to -- a 30 second window they were able to flee out the backdoor. >> although cops caught the bad guy this time around, investigators worry the app could give crooks a chance to grab a weapon or barricade a home. it is an intriguing final match-up in the tellwusa9 frustration madness bracket. >> last night the affordable care act knocked out the speed cameras as the most frustrating issue. so now in the grand finale we've got president obama
5:26 pm
versus the healthcare law he created. interesting match-up. log on and cast your vote on tellwusa9 and the winner comes your way next friday. coming up we'll introduce you to the new manager leading your washington nationals. >> plus was president obama secretly planning to give joe biden the boot in favor of hillary clinton? press secretary jay carney weighs in. >> is blinking good enough to identify a killer? it's fascinating and it's a case that co obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad.
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we're still monitoring some breaking news out of california where one tsa agent is dead, several others injured after a gunman opened fire at los angeles international airport. the shooting prompted a massive police response and evacuation. that suspect identified as paul ciancia was wounded and is in custody tonight. we'll have a full update at the top of the hour. is the blinking of a paralyzed man who cannot talk enough to send an accused killer to prison? today defense lawyers in prince george's county said no and they're trying to get the judge in this landmark murder case to throw out a video that police made of a remarkable interview done at the bedside of the victim before he died. scott broom is in upper marlboro after a dramatic day in court. >> reporter: a neurotrauma nurse testified here today that often the only way to
5:30 pm
communicate with fully paralyzed people who can't talk is by getting them to answer simple yes/no questions by blinking which is what police got shooting victim melvin pate to do on video before he died at university of maryland shock trauma center. now the lawyers for murder suspect jermaine hale say there's no way a prince george's county jury should ever see the tape. viewed in court today the video shows pate squeezing his eyes shut when he's shown a person of hale when asked is this the person who shot you? pate had no reaction when shown photos of other people. to his mother her son was clearly identifying his own murderer. >> he was alert and oriented. >> the shock trauma nurse said she had no doubt, but the public defender said the police identification was unconstitutional. the questions were leading and the blinking is something we involuntarily do to keep our
5:31 pm
eyes from drying it. that's it he said. prosecutor christine murphy fired back at no point did the detective tell him who to pick. if the tape is allowed, it will only be the fourth time in u.s. history that blinking by a profoundly disabled person would be accepted as testimony in a murder case. >> normally in a homicide we don't have the opportunity to hear from the victim. >> i want justice for my son. my son is gone. >> reporter: judge leo green jr. said there are significant constitutional questions in this case and he's going to need two weeks to decide. in upper marlboro, maryland, scott broom, wusa9. the leader of the pakistani taliban, one of the three people killed in what we suspect was a u.s. drone strike. intelligence officials say that person's name hakimula massoud. the attack happened in a tribal area a bit earlier today. this was the second missile
5:32 pm
attack in pakistan since that country's prime minister came to this country last month to ask for an end to the drone strikes. officers took no chances when -- officers will take no chances when it comes to new york city's marathon. they plan to have cameras taking 360 degrees worth of pictures and have choppers in the air. >> we're feeling secure and looking forward to an event everyone will enjoy. >> the cops will pay special attention to the finish line in central park. obama and hillary in 2012? according to a new book the president's closest advisors considered secretly replacing vice president joe biden with clinton. white house spokesperson jay carney says it was never going to happen. >> i know for a fact that president obama never considered about this, never thought about it, never entertained it. the vice president has been a partner of his from the 2008
5:33 pm
campaign on. he's within an excellent governing partner and an ex -- been an excellent govern partner and an excellent campaign partner. as the book itself says, this was never considered by the president. >> bill daley who was obama's chief of staff said the same. there -- snowden asked for international support to stop persecution of him. snow deny now says he will testify about the wiretapping if germany grants him asylum. the washington nationals officially named matt williams as their new manager this afternoon. dave owens was in the room and davey johnson, big shoes to fill. >> you're talking about davey and we know how veteranship and sage davey was.
5:34 pm
matt williams referenced davey during his press conference calling johnson a hall of fame skimmer in his mind. williams has a long -- skipper in his mind. williams has a long way to go to reach that status, but the journey began today. there you have the old classic welcome aboard photo op there, matt williams on the right holding up his new uniform with his favorite number 9 on the back. williams became the fifth field manager in nats history. williams spent the last couple years in arizona as a base coach. williams predecessor johnson was a cool customer, so what is williams? >> i think it's aggressive in every aspect. i think we're going to try to take advantage. you can't score unless you touch the plate, man, so we got to go and we got to defend that plate with everything we've got as well. >> i remember the player as a kid watching him play.
5:35 pm
so the relationship hasn't really -- you know, we haven't really gotten too far into that, but the guy, the matt williams i know, is the roughneck that played third base for all those years. >> he's an intense guy. coming up some interesting tidbits with the story including what must williams do to succeed as a first time field manager? it ain't easy. we'll talk about that. back to you guys. so what's the best time you've ever made on your cross- country trip? chances are you've got nothing on this team. details on their incredible journey from new york to california next. >> i did it 10 days once, not exactly a record. we're looking at a beautiful evening. let me show you temperatures. the front is still to our west. it's still 71 in hagerstown, 70 in cumberland and 81 in culpeper. we'll come back and talk about another cold front tomorrow, what that means for obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad.
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in tonight's consumer alert the thinlier and lighter ipad went on sale today. the starting price for the latest version of the tablet starts just under $500. the updated ipad mini will go on sale later this month. wal-mart kicks off its online holiday shopping season today with deals on tvs and tablets. many of these items would normally be slated for sale on black friday and cyber monday.
5:39 pm
this holiday shopping season is six days shorter than last year, so retailers are feeling the pressure to lure in customers. i've done a lot of that online shopping as well. kraft foods announced it's removing artificial dyes from some of its kid friendly products. kraft is making the change to attract shoppers who want to buy foods with more natural ingredients. most of us love to make good time on our road trips. >> but you can't compete with these guys. ed bolian and his two copilots made it from new york to l.a. last month 28 hours plus. the previous cannonball run was a record of 31 hours. the team traveled in that mercedes-benz, had extra gas, top speed 158. >> i got to see their route. where's the cops? >> we don't know. >> that speeding ticket would
5:40 pm
have hurt about 30 minutes of their time at least. look at this dramatic leap of faith. a colombian daredevil making a bold jump in a specialized wing suit. jonathan flores had shattered four world records. this time he threw himself from a helicopter above a 17th century shrine. there he flies right by. reached speeds over 100 miles an hour. his heart racing jump was captured by cameras attached to flores and his jumping partner who is also pretty brave, i guess. >> i always hold my breath when they do that stuff. tonight amount 6:00 making the most of it, we'll -- at 6:00 making the most of it, we'll look at what you can buy when you're on a limited budgets that just took a hit with the food stamp cuts. >> but first when will they learn?
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vo: "wrong" "too extreme" "senseless" meet the tea party ticket. together waging "ideological crusades" to ban abortion even in the case of rape and incest. cuccinelli and obenshain even sponsored legislation the post says could ban birth control pills. and all three oppose comprehensive background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the dangerously mentally ill. a tea party ticket - wrong for virginia families. independence usa pac sponsored this ad. caught on camera, a wusa9 investigation documents d.c. restaurants defying orders to shut down that are supposed to help keep you safe. >> whether it's rats or no hot water or no one trained in food safety, health suspensions are a safety net of last resort, but investigative reporter russ ptacek found restaurants flat
5:44 pm
out ignoring it and pretty much getting away with it. >> reporter: paul bakery at 20th and pennsylvania, it is french and highly rated, one of the last places you would expect to see a placard warning of an imminent health hazard, but inspectors say they placed it here, yet the bakery says it never closed its doors. here images from paul bakery's 2011 grand opening for its first washington store documented by georgetown dish with the mayor and the french ambassador there himself. compare that to this ugly health hazard placard. inspectors say they posted one like this at the 2000 penn store in september, but reported it was removed by an unknown unauthorized person. >> they post the note on our door but we never close. >> reporter: the restaurant's chief operating officer acknowledges despite that suspension the cafe remained open saying he didn't consider the violations critical. >> you didn't close your doors?
5:45 pm
>> no, never. >> even though the notice was posted '. >> but when i arrived, the notice -- posted? >> but when i arrived, the notice was not in the door. i couldn't know who took the notice out, maybe a customer that wanted to eat with us that day. >> reporter: when you closed the place down, do you think that's a dangerous place to eat? >> it presents an imminent danger to the public, yes, sir. >> reporter: d.c. health officials agreed to talk with us but declined to discuss specific restaurants. we found suspended food businesses operating all over d.c. in october our undercover producer bought milk and ice cream at a suspended valero on bladensburg road. the imminent health hazard sign was on their window. we caught them twice at this 14th street bakery in may suspended but operating with the sign ripped down. did you get everything cleaned up with the health department? when we asked d.c. health, officials said no and an inspector shut them down again.
5:46 pm
in june at janet kabob they kept operating with the closure notice still pasted on their door. this says the establish is ordered closed until further notice. >> that doesn't -- you can't open this. >> i fixed most of the problems. >> reporter: we called d.c. health again. >> please don't open up again. >> reporter: besides those placards d.c. law says restaurants must post the most recent inspection reports in a conspicuous place, but in october back at paul bakery. hi. i've looked all over and i can't see your most recent health department inspection. the manager e-mailed calling it a bit unfair because other restaurants in the report had violations for roaches or rodents while paul bakery wasn't cited for vermin. instead 10 violations including a hand washing violation and food temperatures like ham at 43 degrees and chicken at 52
5:47 pm
and no certified food manager. they asked for a followup but didn't respond to our questions. don't get in the way of the camera. >> are you filming now? >> reporter: yes. >> he says that he's calling the police. i'm sorry. >> reporter: that paul bakery e-mail stated they wanted to shut us down, but we're never closed. >> i can't imagine any operational or manager that would want to just ignore the public health risk that has been raised by the health department and the action taken did i the d.o.h. >> reporter: -- taken by the d.o.h. >> reporter: 26 inspectors are expected to reach 5,100 establishments. i think a lot of people would want you to shaw ensure these places ordered -- somehow ensure these places ordered closed stay closed. >> i would love to do that, but i o one given day i have maybe -- on one given day i have maybe four inspectors. >> reporter: the restaurant responded saying we have put
5:48 pm
new procedures in place so this will never happen again. lesson one, if you see a placard warning of an emend in health hazard, experts say -- imminent health hazard, experts say it's unwise to eat there even if the doors are open. no. 2, if yo don't see it, ask why. if -- you don't see it, ask why. if they don't give you a good explanation, call the health department. >> all the restaurants in question have since passed their reinspections and remain open. keeping your family safe wusa9 first alert weather. >> another fairly warm day i thought. >> yeah. we had a rough morning, some showers, a few thunderstorms but wow, temperatures still around 70 at this hour. now we're tracking another cold front for tomorrow. the wake of that front, we'll notice a big temperature change by sunday. still the weekend looks pretty, pretty good.
5:49 pm
let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, what a gorgeous shot, still 69. our average high is 64. relative humidity 73%. the winds are still out of the south at 11, the front not quite through and some of the computer models are trying to hint another round of showers south and east of town tonight. look at the temps, 75 in rockville, 72 in fairfax, 70 old town, 72 in college park, 68 by the water. a nice night for high school football and high school soccer, the big game tonight in wooten. i think bcc is taking on churchill for a big, big game. game time temps between 60 and 70s, still warm on saturday and then afternoon showers. not everybody will see showers. we left it a green day and a reality check on sunday, much cooler air rolling in sunday. tonight partly cloudy and cooler. we'll hang onto a couple showers from the south and east of town, st. mary's county,
5:50 pm
calvert county, maybe anne arundel, winds out of west at 10. by morning partly sunny, mild, 50s and 60s, very nice saturday morning and by afternoon still okay, partly sunny, breezy and warm, a few showers, high 64 to 68, winds turning and become northwest 10 to 15 behind that front. still warm in oakland 54, 60 in cumberland, 67 in culpeper, 64 manassas and fairfax, again a few showers late but still not a bad day, 67 downtown, 65 in frederick, 68 in annapolis, small craft advisory between noon and 6 p.m. some showers in the afternoon, showers ending in the evening, 56 to 62. the next three days we're pretty good shape still, a few showers, 67 tomorrow, seattle the mall 10:00, get there at 9:00 and chilly at sunday 55
5:51 pm
and low 50s monday. football weather, if you're tailgating it will be in the 40s early, but mostly sunny, breezy and chilly, highs near 55. you can watch the ravens game here on channel 9. chilly monday, upper 50s by tuesday, upper 60s by wednesday, more rain showers, maybe a thunderstorm thursday, highs in the low 70s and sharply cooler again next friday. in tonight's high school sports report there were four different meetings for different people and what it means for a teen athlete might differ slightly from what his parents might think it means. diane roberts introduces us to a daring young man who hopes to make a name for himself using his feet and his bravado. >> reporter: don't be fooled by what looks like a leisurely stroll in the park for maciah thomas. he's drawn interest from a half dozen colleges, but baseball is not where he hopes to grab your attention.
5:52 pm
>> i really like the concept of it and just like the freedom. it's not really structured as much as like something like a football sport or baseball would be. >> reporter: this free runner wants to take you on a parcor rides which turns streets and parks into gyms and obstacle courses. >> physically i know i can do it, but it's more of the mental aspect. >> reporter: he pushes through the fear. he's never broken a bone and only has some muscle strains and ankle injuries. >> i don't think like the worst can happen like breaking something. i only think about what it feels like to land it. >> reporter: his parents were thinking about that and more. >> from that standpoint it was very difficult especially the level of risk and danger that could be there. >> reporter: clearly this is dangerous stuff. maciah has a professional trainer and says interested youngsters should ask their parents first, but he loves this sport and hopes one day to join the red bull team as a
5:53 pm
paid parcor professional. >> future stuntman perhaps. he started by jumping off the back deck at home until his mom banned that move. he was a youtube sensation last year for a front flip basketball shot he made that garnered attention on sports center and the ellen degeneres show. that's on our website. just go to tonight's high school sports game of the week is sherwood at paint branch. dave owens will have extended highlights from that game and several others around our area tonight at 11:00. tonight at 6:00 a big honor for the man who just took the helm of prince george's county schools. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in purcellville, virginia, where one school is facing allegations of cheating and bullying. >> but first local firefighters
5:54 pm
ready to obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad.
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5:56 pm
i'm an independent republican and former member of the virginia house of delegates. i believe in being fiscally responsible and the right to privacy. that's why i can't support ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to ban abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. but terry mcauliffe trusts women to make reproductive healthcare decisions. he'll focus on jobs and the economy. that's why i'm supporting terry mcauliffe. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." members of the howard county fire and rescue service are headed across the atlantic to liberia trying to help firefighter rebuild their fire departments there. liberia is emerging from years of devastating civil war. the volunteers from howard county traveled there last year to get a handle on the sort of help they need. >> this year we're following up
5:57 pm
on a promise. last year we told them we'd be back. we're going to come back with a lot of others to help and we'll bring some equipment. >> like it when you're a man of your word. the photos of the trip, here are a few from last year. this time the howard county group will provide the liberian firefighters with a used fire engine and ambulance, a lot of used but still useful gear. they're working in conjunction with other fire departments from across the country. we are on top of some breaking news tonight as los angeles international airport still closed right now after a shooting this afternoon. >> one tsa agent dead, six people at least including the gunman hurt. our bruce leshan is monitoring the situation and joins us now live with the latest. >> police say it now looks like 23-year-old paul ciancia was going through the terminal targeting tsa agents. he left most passengers alone but opened fire on tsa officers
5:58 pm
in the terminal and at check a checkpoint and down toward the gates. in the aftermath shaken passengers grab pictures of the rifles, bloody clothes. outside victims were wheeled into medic units, some badly hurt. >> my back was turned to the gunman, so i was walking away. so right when i heard the shots, i looked over my shoulder and everybody was running towards me saying run, you know, run! >> the only thing i could do was keep my eyes down the hallway to make sure he wasn't going down and try to keep calm. everybody was just going crazy. >> reporter: >> police say ciancia came into terminal 3 with an assault rifle in a bag, pulled out and opened fire and then just kept moving toward the gates. >> we got pulled into a room. they pulled the copy machine in front of a door and it was under a desk.
5:59 pm
we weren't allowed to leave. you can hear shouting and more gunshots. >> reporter: stuffed into ciancia's bag was a paper that said he wanted to kill tsa agents and pigs. he appears to have ignored passengers and gone after the tsa screeners. airport police did not wait for a text cal team to engage him. -- a tactical team to engage him. >> they engaged him in gunfire in terminal 3 and were able to successfully take him into custody. >> the police chief in ciancia's hometown says that ciancia texted one of his siblings today that he was considering suicide. ciancia is from pensville, new york, the other side of the delaware memorial bridge. the police chief called the lapd and ciancia's roommates apparently told the cops he was fine, then this shooting at l.a.x. >> obvioly


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