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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  November 3, 2013 11:15pm-11:30pm EST

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how come this place is neutral ground? well, i started this place about two years ago with one rule--no gangs. i was in gang life as a kid. i had to get shot and go to prison to knock some sense into me, but, uh, i don't know. i figure this is a better way. were you an overton or a low-rider? neither. i was a cobra. ancient history. andy was on low-rider turf when he died. you think they would have shot him just for being there? you know, back in the day when those guys were tearing the town apart, i'd say yeah. but now it doesn't make much sense. unless the low-riders are looking to start the war up again. you know, the overtons have better customers, they got better turf, less trouble. low-riders may want it all. hmm. i hate the smell of hospitals. everybody does. bad smells, bad memories. that's because the memory is right next to the smell box inside your brain. nothing makes you remember like a smell.
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how does a man in his condition walk out of a hospital without being noticed? he grabbed some clothes from the man in the next room and he walked out the door. that's my dad. and so lisbon invited you back on the case? no, she didn't invite me. she was reluctant, but i insisted, and she warned me to be very careful. i-i want that clear. go on. i took cho, and we went to look for him. i talked to some biker buddies and an old girlfriend. ah, yes. that would be the woman called "rocket"? yes. she had heard from him. dad wanted to see her. he was waiting for her in a bar in carson springs, but she was scared, so i went instead. you went? where was cho? we-- i thought it was more likely
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that he would come quietly if i was alone. he doesn't like cops. doesn't like anyone much. (blaze foley's "cold, cold world" playing) ♪ outside it was hot but inside i was cold ♪ (door closes) (pool balls clatter) hey. let's go. i'm taking you back to the hospital. damn. you can never trust a woman. let's go. look, you can sit down or you can get out, but i'm good here. listen, you need to be in a hospital. i don't believe i need to be doing a damn thing. you have a shotgun pellet lodged in your heart. it could come loose at any time. (snickers) you're just like your mother. worry, worry, worry. i thought you'd be out there looking for the guy who shot you. i'd rather sit here and have another beer. that's my choice. now you make your choice. but i'm telling you i'm not leaving here without a fight. yeah, well, i ain't fighting you anymore. miss, i'll take a beer.
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(birds chirping) (knock on door) (ringing) hi. whatever it is, we're not buying. we're not selling. i'm agent lisbon, cbi. this is patrick jane. (clicks tongue) i said we're not interested. well, i'd love to hear that from your boss. that is a very nice suit on you. very sharp. whoa. hello. what's his name? brutus. brutus.
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i'm sue. can i help you? we wanted to talk to you about andy huff. and who says i'm your gal? well, you're the boss, aren't you? dogs and humans protect the alpha. don't worry, rawson. it's fine. come on. this is my son kyle. very nice to meet you, ma'am. sir. hey, kyle. strapping lad. your brother tom, he never claimed huff as his son. did you have any contact with him? nope. did you kill him? now why would i do that? he was my brother's... he was my brother's blood. i think the word you're struggling not to say is "bastard." he was my brother's bastard. and he never wanted anything to do with me. i didn't kill him.
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and you don't care that he's dead, but you do care that he was murdered. appearances are a big thing in your line of business. my line of business? (laughs) we own some dry cleaners. no, i'm not talking about that. (laughs) i'm talking about the drug dealing. drug dealing? i don't--drug... huff was killed on low-rider turf. now are you involved in some sort of dispute with the low-riders? i--low-riders? i'm... i... you remember them. they killed your husband. (spits) i'm a businesswoman. dry cleaning. i don't know who killed huff, and i don't know why. your rug to dry clean, i guess. (laughs) (moss) all right, listen up. you're going for a knockout every time, all right? but the punch that hurts the most is the one that lands. you gotta hit 'em more, not harder.
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it's called the stockton slap. the detective's right. it's called the stockton slap. all right, give me some pushups. as many as you can do plus 10. that's not bad. you watch the fights? i've been watching some. i like how it gets to the point. yeah, well, you know, with gloves and a ref, it's not a real fight. in a real fight... yeah, i know. i've been in a real fight. what are you here for, detective? my boss is on her way to meet the low-riders. i was hoping you could help me out. they're led by a guy named beltran, right? that's a bad dude. overtons, uh, ran this town for a long time, you know, and then little gangs would pop up here and there, no threat to them. but beltran stood up to them. so he killed sue overton's husband? well, i don't know who pulled the trigger, but yeah. and the overtons killed his little brother. that last war was brutal. you don't want a sequel. (equipment whirring) (balls clatter)
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we're looking for beltran. i didn't do it. (video game gunfire on tv) do what? whatever it is you think i did. somebody killed a relative of the overtons. i sure didn't do that. he was on your turf. maybe you saw andy huff, you wanted to send a message to the overtons? a message? (scoffs) i don't know what you're talking about. when the overtons beat him up, that was a message. question is, what was it saying? those bruises are only a few days old. before the murder. was huff payback for the beating? let's get 'em out of here. calm down, joey. i made a mistake. i trusted the overtons. my guy paid for it. but we didn't kill huff for any payback. what does that mean? we're just talking here? yeah, i think. yeah, well, there's a new park in town. a good place to maybe set up a market. you know, maybe we had a little disagreement about it. so the overtons beat up your guy over the new turf? i said what i gotta say.
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we didn't kill anybody. not last night. you ever thought about just sitting down with sue overton? having a cup of tea, little chat? look, in the last war, the overtons killed my little brother. i heard that woman sue ordered the hit, so, no, i am not interested in sitting down with her, ever. i don't want anything to do with those people. but if the overtons go to war with you, then you're--you're ready to jump right in there? hell, man... can't be no punk. (laughs) right? all right. i'm... down. he doesn't want to. somebody killed huff to start the feud back up. we better do something or this town's gonna get real bloody real fast. what do you think? did beltran kill huff to provoke the overtons, or did sue do it to have an excuse to attack the low-riders? neither. what do you mean, "neither"? well, sue doesn't want to fight this war. neither does beltran, but they both will fight it. the question is, why? no, it's, who?
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(blaze foley's "cold, cold world" playing) again? really? you don't like it, put your own damn quarter in the machine. so you're not going after the guy who shot you? maybe i'm waiting for him here. or maybe you don't know who he is. don't i? no. you don't. you'd already be out there hunting him down. that's your code. i don't know anything. all i saw were flashes in the dark. why were you there? eh, somebody called huff. said they were gonna burn down his barbershop if he didn't come. kid got scared, so i went to help him. that's all i know. thank you.
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let's see some pictures. mm. ♪ the eyes of the young met the eyes of the old ♪ (laughs) who's the mom? we're split up. team was working a case. i faked my own death. she got mad. it's... it's complicated. there's more pictures if you wanna just... i know how to use it. it's a hell of a thing. yeah, it is. i look at him and i feel like the-- well... don't go too easy on him. no parenting advice. thanks. what do you got to complain about? i did my job. (scoffs) you did your job? that's right. you're still here. you're a man of respect. you walk around all over the place with a legit weapon. you got a handsome son. i did a good job.


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